'F1' movie teaser trailer

First look at ‘F1’ movie teaser trailer

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Formula 1 fans have been given their first look at the upcoming Apple Films movie entitled ‘F1’, based on the world championship series.

Due to be released in theatres next summer, ‘F1’ will chronicle the story of fictional F1 team APXGP and their drivers Sonny Hayes – played by Brad Pitt – and rookie Joshua Pearce – played by Damson Idris.

The picture will also star Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem and BAFTA-winning actor Kerry Condon alongside a supporting cast of Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia and Samson Kayo.

To coincide with today’s British Grand Prix, Apple Studios has released the first teaser trailer for the Joseph Kosinski-directed feature.

The film, which Lewis Hamilton is also working as a producer of, has received unprecedented access to the F1 paddock and events over the last two seasons. Specially modified Formula 2 cars painted in fictional ‘APXGP’ liveries have been running around the Silverstone circuit during dedicated filming slots in between sessions over the British Grand Prix weekend, as they also did during last year’s event.

Film crews have been allowed to set up a mock team motorhome and hospitality suite alongside those of the real teams in the Silverstone paddock. Pitt and Pearce were permitted to be present in the Formula 1 drivers’ briefing on Friday evening.

There will continue to be more filming for the F1 movie taking place over the remainder of the 2024 season. Shooting will continue at the next grand prix in Hungary and during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. Crews will also be given the opportunity to film in Mexico City, during the Las Vegas Grand Prix and also during the season-ending round in Abu Dhabi.

The completed movie is set to be released in cinemas worldwide from June 25th 2025, but will open in North America two days later.

‘F1’ teaser trailer

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27 comments on “First look at ‘F1’ movie teaser trailer”

  1. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    7th July 2024, 14:44

    Well fingers crossed it’s an enjoyable movie. Probably going to have to suspend belief for a fair bit of it, but that’s ok, it’s a movie not an accuracy based documentary.

    1. Except some of the scenes in the trailer seem horribly distorted. I think because they are squeezing IMAX width down to something more traditional?

      1. I think it’s just an unconventionally wide-angle lens.

  2. I like T-cam onboard view.

    For the rest, let’s wait for the whole movie.

    1. I’m sure they’ll win by the time honored Hollywood technique of down shifting and pitting their foot down more.

      1. the time honored Hollywood technique of down shifting and pitting their foot down more.

        Comment made me smile.

        Though when I see it in – almost every fast car related – movies, it makes me angry!

        1. It’s infuriating.

      2. That’s what inspired the 2026 power units!

  3. I hope that “who said anything about safe?” is just for the trailer because jeeeez.

    But I will go and watch it. The racing scenes seem very cool.

    1. Tuff guy talk: “who said anything about safe?” Well how about FIA?

    2. Seriously. F1 is safer than basketball now let alone American football, Tour de France and probably competitive unicycling.

  4. If only Gunther was Brad Pitt’s team boss.

  5. Fook smash himself!

    1. lol

      Here’s a fidget spinner Brad Mazepitt!

  6. Pitt says “We need to build our car for combat” and she says “are we going to war” and he says “Don’t be daft woman it’s F1” followed by the main title – F1 – end of teaser (followed by a lot of disclaimers about following FIA rules and not violating the track limits).

    1. I am guessing these aren’t real lines. LMAO

  7. Isn’t part of the story line about the old guy doing well? Isn’t that what happened in today’s race?
    Life imitating art!

  8. I suppose this trailer is for people who aren’t currently watching F1 because that was rather underwhelming.

    That said, the wide angle T-cam is really cool.

    Given the previous work of the people involved this will probably be good fun if not taken too seriously. And that’s fine.

  9. Jason Rawsterne
    8th July 2024, 0:10

    This looks really good actually. I thought it would be a pile of ****. remember when they used to use the 180 degree cameras on F1 cars but used to turn them at ridiculous moments when nothing was happening? they soon stopped that off haha. Professional camera crews giving the full Hollywood treatment on the shots? you feel the speed! looks pretty amazing and the sound is great. maybe they can pull this off?

    This is not the type of thing you can do in a live F1 race with low res and all the dropped frames onboard etc and I am pretty hopeful after watching that trailer, will even go the cinema to watch it as it does seem quite an experience!

    1. Only thing that looked good was the camera work. F1’s camera work is said now. For a while, they used to have angles that captured the speed (as much as is possible on camera anyway) and now I rarely see a shot that shows the speed.

  10. Didnt particularly like the trailer. If that is the best this movie has to offer i will skil it

    1. Skip it.

  11. I perhaps should watch the trailer again, but when I saw it last night I had mixed thoughts. The racing actually seemed okay. Made dramatic by the camera cuts and angles of course, but potentially realistic(ish).

    My concern is that this type of film only seems to thrive when things are elevated beyond the realistic, so it may not ultimately appeal to the high octane action seekers they are hoping will go see it. And a further caveat is I am not yet sure to what extent the film is story driven. (Of course there ‘is’ a story as evidenced in the trailer, however the story/action balance makes a big difference).

    The only other thing that I cam e away thinking was that there seemed to be a lack of other cars in some of the scenes (and perhaps a lack of people in others). I can’t swear this was the case for certain, but it was the impression it left me with.

  12. They went to enormous lengths for technical and racing verisimilitude, even participating in race weekends, sort of, and consulting closely with real F1 drivers. So would have expected a “hard” racing movie that hews closely to reality and less of an F1 fast and furious. Im getting that vibe from the trailer though. I’m expecting some huge Michael Bay style gasoline explosions.

  13. Chris (@austin-healey)
    8th July 2024, 15:16

    Should have called the movie Pitt Stop. Or Brad Stop.

    1. I’ve got the perfect title: We Race As One.

  14. It’s a plum role for Damson Idris.

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