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Rate the race: 2024 British Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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66 comments on “Rate the race: 2024 British Grand Prix”

  1. 10/10. Absolute classic

    The last few races have been amazing by and large. The F1 I love is back.

    1. Yep
      Good days for F1!
      AND LW

      1. Can’t remember a run of races so good as Canada-Silverstone this year since before covid (even Catalonia was good, it suffered a bit from following Miami and Montreal). I’m loving it

    2. Here here!

      Formula 1 is great again.

      And Hamilton to win after so long..

      To bad FIA will clamp this down with a regulation change soon.

      1. The last two times F1 had 3 constructors this evenly matched were the start of 2018 and then 2012, and they were two of the best periods of F1 racing in recent years.

        I think we’re in for an epic season. Max might not even win the WDC and I doubt RB take the WCC

        1. Think it’s very very early to say that, it’s very hard to recover points from verstappen when each weekend there’s a different car winning, and even in terms of constructor’s, assuming perez keeps not scoring, they’re recovering points slowly as long as verstappen comes 2nd or 1st.

  2. An exciting race.

  3. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    7th July 2024, 16:32

    Had it all, changing weather, changing leader, a chasing finish to the race.

    More please!

  4. I never vote the highest or the lowest just in case, so I have to go with a 9 ….. but this was a 9.9

    So good that it was a pure, genuine, win with no hope of accusations of luck or nepotism.

    1. Voted 10/10 to even it out, don’t worry

  5. I thought it wouldn’t get better than Montreal this season. But then we get this.

    1. They were definitely two of the top five best races in the last 3 years (alongside Silverstone 22, Jeddah 22 and Brazil 22). But I think they were equally as good. Silverstone’s good bits were more thrilling but Montreal didn’t let up with the action. Protect both tracks at all costs

  6. Not a Lewis fan, but this was 10/10.
    Congrats Lewis, nice to see you back on top again.

  7. Decent enough race. Certainly better than the average F1 race nowadays, so a 7.5/10 from me. Please remember Canada 11 or Brazil 08 before telling me that this was 10.

    1. Lots of races are 10, some are more 10 than others

    2. Brazil 08 was a boring race until 5 laps to go.

    3. Or silverstone 2008, spa 1998, monaco 1997, spain 1996, fuji 2007, brazil 2016, nowhere near enough rain here, I gave it 8 and it seemed generous.

    4. Dutch 2023 also seemed better.

  8. Instant classic.

    Silverstone gets over hyped by TV commentators every year and this time it delivered.

    1. Great event …

  9. It was a decent 7.
    There weren’t that many fights really. First half of the race was a procession. The end of the race was also underwhelming, with the only meaningful event being the awefu, silly DRS pass by Verstappen on Norris.
    But after 2 years worth of boring, predictable races, just a bit of uncertainty about the eventual winner as entertaining a bit.

  10. 10/10
    A perfect race. This is why I see F1.
    It had everything, 3 cars, 3 teams, 3 top drivers, changeable weather, strategies, mistakes, DNFs and most importantly no red flags.

  11. Not enough crashes 8/10

  12. If you didn’t enjoy this then you’ll never enjoy an F1 race. Had it all, weather, changes for the lead, different tyres at the end, my goodness if we had this ever weekend I think my head would exploded. This is why I watch F1, this is why I come back week after week despite being bored to sleep some weekends. When it’s good there’s just nothing like it. Drink it in, watch the highlights because we don’t get many classics like this a year.

    1. Coventry Climax
      7th July 2024, 20:00

      I enjoyed it alright. Deserved win for Hamilton and a genuinely lovely podium ceremony.
      Genuinely feel for Russel though, and for Piastri. Neither deserved what they got.

      But to temper your first sentence a bit: Way, way, way too many DRS passes for it to be truly top of the bill.

      1. Exactly, was very disappointing to me too to see so many drs passes, they’re just predictable and no fun.

  13. David (@davidjwest)
    7th July 2024, 16:46

    10/10 great to see close racing in changeable conditions with 3 cars being fastest at various stages.

  14. 10/10 no doubt. Amazing race. Not a Lewis or Merc fan, but man that felt great.

  15. It’s so great to have a properly competitive F1 back! A shame McLaren fluffed Piastri’s race and then Norris’. So happy for Lewis! What a brilliant drive. One of those days where experience counted for quite a bit. We’ve had quite a few thrilling races this year. I think this one is at the top of the pile! Gave it a 9.

  16. From a purely impartial perspective that was a solid race worth an 8 or 9. But emotionally that’s a 10. A brilliant end to a brilliant week for Britain

  17. 10/10

    Though, lacked, at the end “Bono these tires are shot”.

    1. That would indeed have been the cream on the cake.

      “These tyres aren’t going to make it man”

      Right on the last lap :)

  18. Something I thiught was worth mentioning is that I cannot recall any incidents or drivers under investigation or drivers being warned for track limits. Races are always better when they are being decided on the track, not in the stewards committee room.

    1. Well, the “wrong” drivers didn’t have any incidents. The “right” ones are much less likely to be investigated. I am surprised they opened an investigation for Hulkenberg on lap 1 for what was clearly not investigation let alone penalty worthy even at first glance.

  19. A decent 6 or 7.
    First half was a procession. Then a bit of reshuffling during the rain, it got dry again, a lame DRS overtake by Verstappen on Norris and that was it.

    1. Yes, the DRS was over the top again. DRS works well when it simulates slipstreaming and puts drivers in a position to contest the next corner, where it comes down to who is going to be better on the brakes, who has more tyre left to make the turn,… but today it looked like crazily easy DRS passes were being completed half way down the straight.

    2. DRS should not be enabled across multiple zones during the entire race and probably shouldn’t be available for basically every single lap. This much is clear.

      It also can’t be overly complicated to see how much speed DRS is gaining the cars on average depending on where it starts and ends (though the ending is always just when you hit the brakes). They should adjust based on that to ensure it doesn’t allow you to easily cruise by in a straight line.

      1. Exactly, it just worries me that they don’t seem to give this any consideration, it seems to be so obvious that drs is killing racing.

  20. Thank goodness for the rain otherwise it was looking like a procession.

    Excellent races from all formulae this Sunday.

  21. A great watch, as was today’s MotoGP.

  22. 11/10

  23. The competitiveness at the head of the field, the changing conditions and the chase to the end made it one of the best races for a VERY long time, I’m talking many years.

    It’s a shame that Lando faded, or it would have been an epic finish, but still a 9.

  24. I imagine the live event was pretty fun, but the highlights can’t capture that uncertainty about the weather and strategies. None of the moves were memorable, and the battles as they were seemed pretty dull DRS moves.

    Nice to see multiple teams be competitive though, a solid 7/10.

    1. Sandwhichands
      8th July 2024, 11:33

      You cannot be rating races based on highlights mate, watch the full race for gods sake.

    2. Yes, you should watch a replay imo, there’s at least 2 websites nowadays that upload replays pretty quickly in english, now I wasn’t as impressed by this race, but something like canada this year was really worth seeing in full.

      Doesn’t change what you said though, drs passes are drs passes and boring.

    3. Another examples where the highlights are meh is the dutch gp 2023, instead during the race they were talking about a massive bit of rain incoming towards the end and then you see the weather getting worse, hardly ever saw that much rain, and ocon going for the full wets, even red bull had started pitting both verstappen and perez for full wets when the race was interrupted cause zhou had the good idea to crash, you miss a lot of these details with highlights.

  25. It does not get much better than this. Solid 10

  26. Exceptional race, had it all. Congrats to Lewis, he’s a legend. If this happens to be his last win with Mercedes, it’s definitely a great one to end his legacy with the silver arrows.

  27. Neil (@neilosjames)
    7th July 2024, 19:52

    A rare 10 – doesn’t get much better than that. Good racing, variable weather and not much settled until the very final few laps.

    But most of all, for my TV-watching self, a close and unpredictable battle for the leading positions, and it could have been won by a driver from any of three different, well-matched teams.

  28. Personally i think people have got a little carried away. I’d put it around a 7.5. Yes, it had a few moments of excitement & unpredictability but it didn’t exactly deliver decent racing. Most moves were from overpowered DRS. We’ve seen much better ‘racing’ in previous years at Silverstone.

    1. Exactly, 7,5 sounds about right, I gave it 8 cause 7 seemed too little with the big amount of cars fighting for the lead positions, but drs and the very limited amount of rain made it a little meh.

  29. Solid 9 but only WDC deciding races can be classified as a 10

    1. Unusual take, I don’t know how many people would rate abu dhabi 2021 as a 10!

  30. A really really good race (especially as an LH fan) and rated accordingly. But I have to be true to comments I have made in the past, and as such I couldn’t possibly consider a 10.

    Of course true perfection is unobtainable, so I realize that a 10 will incorporate a range meaning one race rated a 10 can be better / worse than another rated a 10. I would also agree that I would be a very happy man if most races were as good as this but never better. Nonetheless, I can still envision – within the realms of reality – races that could be even more entertaining, and by some margin. Indeed, such races have occurred.

    Not that I particularly need to justify my vote, as the comments suggest there are a wide range of different reasons people coted as they did. Still, maybe I did rate slightly too low, as I didn’t even go a 9 (Though I am very very tired having stayed up to watch the race and being in work early this morning (Australia).

    1. Well, as a recent example, canada looked better than this to me, rain was much more prominent and hence a more interesting aspect, and in terms of changeable conditions dutch 2023 was great.

  31. Stick that in yer movie, Brad Boxx. Classic wet/dry racing and a happy ending to a story of redemption. It felt like one last triumph for driver & team, but if they find themselves just behind a McLaren with one stop to go, they’ll fancy their chances…
    The comment above is spot on about too many DRS passes. Silverstone doesn’t need it.

  32. 9/10. Almost perfect. Changing conditions, several competitive cars, changing leader and excitement at the end. DRS overly effective and early on it was quite average. The rain makes a lot of difference.

  33. Now THAT was a race.

  34. Gave it a solid 9. the best race of the year so far.. the only thing that could have made it more exciting would have been some better calls by McLaren for Piastri, so that we would have 2 of them battle Max… as well as better calls for Leclerc. It would have been great to have him mix it up with the top 5

    1. I would say more rain would also make it more exciting, they barely needed intermediates and it lasted very little.

    2. And the first shower there was so little water on track that being on intermediates even made you lose time compared to slicks.

  35. Just goes to show what a real track delivers as against some of the street tracks. And to think they were talking about replacing Silverstone with a street race in London.

  36. Sandwhichands
    8th July 2024, 11:31

    You can try and sterilise the emotion from it but with Lewis and the home win, it was 10/10.

  37. A popular race defined by three things – changes in weather, strategic depth and reasonably equal performance amongst multiple cars at the front of the pack for a decent length of time.
    All things which can be replicated using ‘artificial’ means and some tweaks to the rules…. But won’t, because of principles….
    So we’ll just have to make do with the rare/odd decent GP standing out amongst all the beige monotony.

    1. Very good point, the sprinkler idea and balance of performance would achieve 2 of them.

  38. A very solid 9 – I’d cancelled my Sky sub in the off season and had largely used the Channel 4 highlights, the wife had stopped watching altogether.

    But the last round was a good watch and the race this weekend we both agreed was the sport we loved, and if every race was more lke this we’d be right back there at tracks.

    I hope this is a sign of the regulations convergence finally happening where 3-4 drivers have the option to win each race – it does make for a more interesting watch.

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