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Alonso filmed scene for F1 movie in media pen after British Grand Prix

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso filmed a scene for the upcoming Formula 1 movie after the British Grand Prix.

In brief

Alonso films scene for F1 movie

A filming crew for the movie, titled F1, was present in the media pen after the British Grand Prix and captured a scene involving Alonso. The Aston Martin driver said he didn’t have to rehearse beforehand.

“I didn’t practice,” said Alonso. “It was it was not too difficult so I hope it comes good on the screen.”

The scene was originally due to be filmed on Friday, he indicated. “After qualifying, I was in the pit lane, so when I came here, they were not ready. So it was today.”

Out of the current roster of drivers, 42-year-old Alonso is the closest in age to the film’s star Brad Pitt, 60, who plays an ex-driver who returns to the sport from retirement. The first trailer for the film was revealed last week.

Pirelli confirms tyres for next three races

Pirelli has confirmed its tyre selections for the next three rounds of the championship. It will bring its softest rubber to Hungary – C3, C4 and C5 – then go one stage harder for Belgium and use its hardest selection for the Dutch Grand Prix.

Tsunoda to drive 60-year-old F1 car at Goodwood

All four Red Bull-backed drivers currently racing in Formula 1 will participate in the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. Yuki Tsunoda will drive a Honda RA272 which the manufacturer entered in its first season of F1 in 1964.

His team mate Daniel Ricciardo, and Red Bull duo Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, will be part of Red Bull’s demonstration runs marking their 20th year in the championship.

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Comment of the day

After failing to score three times in the last five rounds, are Sergio Perez’s poor performance hurting morale at Red Bull?

It’s not just the fact that he is costing them points in the constructors’ championship though is it.

What must the atmosphere be like in the Red Bull pits on race days? and then back at base the next week?

You’ve got one half of your team pushing to the limits and fighting hard for both championships whilst the other half, with the same car, just seem to be catching a free ride for the heck of it thanks to an incompetent joke of a driver.

I, for one, would feel embarrassed to be on Checo’s crew these days.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Huzeifa!

On this day in motorsport

  • 35 years ago today Alain Prost won the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard while Jean Alesi finished fourth on his debut

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8 comments on “Alonso filmed scene for F1 movie in media pen after British Grand Prix”

  1. Jak Crawford is on quite a roll after crossing the line 1st in both Spain and Silverstone (albeit dropping to 3rd with the penalty). It’ll be interesting to see his trajectory from here. Is he the American talent that Williams hoped they were getting with Logan Sargeant?

  2. I’m looking forward to the film & what the scene involving him looks like.

    This year’s Goodwood event won’t be Tsunoda’s first time driving the RA272, as iirc he’s either driven it once on a Honda Thanks Day event, once in the build-up to a Japanese GP, or both.
    I assume at least RB1 will also make an appearance, as well as RB7 & 8, & hopefully, also the other two V8-era championship-winning cars alongside RB16B & RB18.

    I like how Keith’s tweet is formed.

    COTD couldn’t be more spot-on.

    Reply moderated
  3. Curious and serious weakness exposed by Albon there, doesn’t it? No vision, anything will suit him and he won’t develop the car. Not even trying.

    1. @spoutnik That’s a curious interpretation. My take away is that he would like to be alongside an established talent for a change, another driver who can also win points for the team. Openness is a strength, not a weakness, in a team sport. Albon has been pushing as hard as driver on the grid, although he is not as arrogant or whingy as many (maybe that is why you haven’t noticed his qualities?) Also, the Williams car has been developing nicely this year compared to many on the grid, and certainly compared to their own cars over the last few years. I guess that there is just something that you don’t like about him.

  4. I found it highly amusing watching the post race interviews with different drivers in the media pen on Sky only to see Brad Pitt repeatedly storm out of the media pen in the background.

    Clearly doing multiple takes of the same scene, but funny seeing the same behaviour repeated multiple times behind different drivers. Surprised the drivers weren’t more distracted by it to be honest.

  5. Ah, CotD…
    The team members all know exactly what’s going on.
    Red Bull are focusing all their development efforts towards one of their drivers. It should come as no surprise at all that the other driver appears to be ‘under-performing’ as a result.
    The team have operated this way for a long time. When they have the best car, it works great – but when they don’t, it does more harm than good.

    I can’t imagine why you’d feel embarrassed to be a part of the (still) current no.1 team in F1 – especially knowing how the team works politically and operationally.

    Reply moderated
  6. Ooo – a COTD – thanks :)

    I’m betting that with make-up and CGI, Pitt will look much younger than Fernando.

    Regarding the low level of trouble at the event, I worked Security for many years and the one Silverstone GP that I worked was the easiest money I ever made in that job.
    I still think it was because the tickets were so expensive that no one dared get thrown out.
    Cricket matches were the worst strangely enough. At least the football troublemakers could hold their drink ;)

  7. Regarding the tweet about Grosjean using the hybrid system as a starter in Indycar.

    It’s the realisation of something the series has tried to introduce before. Champcar tried to implement an onboard starter when they switched to the Panoz DP01 chassis in 2007 but never got it to work reliably and I think they had looked at using them before that without success. And i’m pretty sure it’s something post merger Indycar also looked at when they introduced the DW12 but again found they weren’t reliable enough.

    I think the biggest problem using actual onboard starters in the past was that they overheated easily which caused them to jam and the various solutions that were tested to remedy the issue never worked.

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