Advertising formats and restrictions

F1 Fanatic currently offers advertisers the following formats:

  • Leaderboard (above the fold)
  • MPU (above the fold)
  • Wide skyscraper
  • 125px square
  • Sponsorship of pages or sections
  • Page takeover (restrictions apply)

Other formats may be available on application. Restrictions apply on advertising content.

F1 Fanatic does not permit the following:

  • Flashing, vibrating or otherwise distracting ads
  • Auto-playing sound
  • ‘Pop-ups’ which open new browser windows or tabs
  • Text link ads
  • Advertorials

If you see an advert which does not comply with these restrictions, please let us know:

Information for advertisers

Would you like to advertise on F1 Fanatic?

Please get in touch via the contact form: