F1 Fanatic on Twitter

Twitter allows you to get updates directly from F1 people including drivers and team members.

F1 Fanatic offers the following ways to help you get the most out of Twitter:

Follow F1 Fanatic on Twitter

F1 Fanatic has three Twitter accounts you can follow:

You can also follow F1 Fanatic editor Keith Collantine on Twitter.

F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app

F1 Fanatic offers a simple means of following F1 people on Twitter without needing a Twitter account.

The F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app includes the official accounts of drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Mark Webber, and updates from all of the teams.

Give it a try here now:

F1 Fanatic Twitter Directory

If you’re already on Twitter and are looking for F1 people to follow you can find them in the F1 Fanatic Twitter Directory.

Only genuine F1 Twitter accounts feature in the list: