The first race on the 2024 F1 calendar was in Bahrain

F1 Calendar by RaceFans

The RaceFans Formula 1 calendar includes all the dates and times for the upcoming season which have been announced so far.

The FIA has confirmed the dates of every round on the 2024 F1 calendar. The starting times of each grand prix and the other sessions for every race weekend have also been announced. F1 has confirmed which rounds will be sprint events and therefore have a different weekend format with fewer practice sessions.

All these details have been added to the RaceFans Formula 1 Calendar. You can add our calendar to your mobile device to see all the grand prix session times at a glance. It will automatically adjust to whatever time zone you are in to help you ensure you never miss live F1 action wherever you are.

Use the following link to add the dates and times to your device. The calendar is available in a selection of different formats which you can choose from below:

Keep up-to-date with future F1 races, test sessions and other events using the RaceFans F1 Calendar for Google Calendars.

You can also add the calendar to your own website (click the Google button on the calendar for more) and you can use it in Microsoft Outlook as well.

Get the RaceFans F1 calendar in your preferred format:

F1 calendar news

The F1 calendar has more than triple in length since the world championship began in 1950. That first season consisted of just seven races and one of those, the Indianapolis 500, was not run to F1 rules. The 2024 season has a record 24 rounds.

Slots on the schedule are in high demand. New venues seeking races frequently emerge. Here are the latest developments on the schedule of races for future seasons:

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331 comments on “F1 Calendar by RaceFans”

  1. Thanks, just what I have been looking for.

    1. Tip to add it to your personal Google Calendar:

      – In “Add a friend’s calendar” (other calendars) insert the e-mail:

      Thank you F1 Fantastic Blog!

      1. I’ve been trying to find a calendar I can just add for the last two seasons – just stumbled across this one and it’s perfect! So much detail included and just, well, perfect!

        Thank you for your time and effort :) much appreciated!

      2. @Ricardo – BR: or, alternatively, you do it the easy way and click the “+ Google Agenda” button in the lower right corner of the above calendar, which takes you to Google Calendar and simply asks you for confirmation to add it to your calendar list ;)

        1. Hi. I can’t add the calendar with the e-mail adress or with the “+Google Agenda” Button. Tried both, but does add nothing…

          1. Try clicking the +Google calendar button at the bottom left of the calendar at the top of this page, just below the pic.

          2. Try signing into your Google account of the same browser you viewing the F1 Fanatic Calendar page

        2. You are a star. Thanks for your help, it took nearly 7 seconds to set up. Good luck and may all the races be great competitions.

          1. Does this work on iPhones ?

    2. Yet another Steve
      31st December 2017, 22:16

      Would it be possible to add the words “Formula One” in front of “Testing” days? I was scanning through my Google Calendar and thought that was a test calendar entry I made long ago and deleted it, only to wonder where all of the F1 race dates went. It may help others as well. Thanks in advance.

    3. Perfect, what I have been needing for the past 15 years watching F1!

    4. The official FIA calendar has the wrong times for GMT what a joke!

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      1. It doesn’t update automatically as well, I guess.

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    5. when you wrote this I wasn’t even born🤯

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  2. That is very cool. Thank you!

  3. wow, nice one! fits perfectly on my site, corrected with swedish time and week starting with mondays. thanks for this gem!

  4. This really is just plain fantastic. A perfect use of this Google Calendar feature. This really is the best F1 site. Thanks again!

  5. Glad you like it guys :-)

    1. It’s excellent to know early precisely when tests and launches are going to be. Fantastic!

    2. Stewart McMickan
      25th January 2014, 20:08

      Will you be updating test times for test days or will they be just left as allay events?

      1. @keithcollantine is there a way to get the calendar to upload onto my iPhone calendar please? I managed to do it from the site last year but can’t remember how I did it?

        1. Use the iCal version. It worked for me!

    3. I don’t like it… I love it!

  6. no race of champions? (maybe not 100% f1 though, but i see goodwood in there) anyway, thanks again for the cal!

  7. Wow, I just signed up for Google Calendar and added your’s to mine first thing.
    However, isn’t it odd that your F1 Calendar does not include the, ahem, F1 Calendar (of races) on it. Can this be added? Or am I doing something wrong?

  8. Dave – I’d hesitated on adding them because of the uncertainty over the French and Canadian rounds. I’ll get them added in soon.

    1. Dave – They’re all on there now.

  9. Whoo hoo! Life doesn’t get any better than this!
    Thanks! You’ve got a great site here….

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you like it.

      1. iCal! Genius… That’s Proper Bo

  10. Keith, i think the tests in Catalunya have been changed to Jerez and will run from the 9th to the 15th. At least Renault have done this, according to Spanish news!

    Hope it helps!

    P.S. BRILL SITE!!!!!

  11. Hi Keith,

    I really appreciate the effort you have put into thi calendar, but there is something technical that has always bugged me about it…

    You mark the full race weekends as full day events in the calendar… I know it’s going to be a lot of effort, but, I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session. This way, you will also be able to add your live blog details to each session, and this would in turn make your calendar really PRICELESS…

    have some more thoughts on the same, but I guess I need to research myself a bit before recommending any of them…


    1. I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session.

      Will do that with the 2010 races, coming soon…

  12. Time to update this Keith please!?

  13. Like this a lot and will probably add the calendar to my website. I’ve been looking everywhere for the dates of the testing sessions – where do you get them?

  14. Does anyone know if you can echo a Google Calander onto an iPhone?

  15. That’s a great idea there Keith. Brilliant stuff.

  16. Have the dates/times of the actual races and practise sessions etc. been removed?

      1. These haven’t been added yet for 2018 because they haven’t been announced yet.

  17. Great work – I didn’t even know you can implement google calendar on website.

  18. Thanks Keith – this is excellent!

    I use google calendar for everything so this fits into my life perfectly!

  19. It’s great, thanks Keith !

  20. This is perfect, thank you!

  21. Great work Keith!
    Anyone knows if it is possible to watch the F1 Testing @ Barcelona? I want to go there (it’s cheap by plane from Rome), but I want to be sure I can watch F1!

  22. Excellent work! Cheers!

  23. TJ

    I assume you’re wanting to the F1 calendar to show on your iphone calendar app? If so, instructions here:

    and here:

    (Assumes you have a google account)

  24. To add this calendar to iCal (and thus through sync, to iPhone) if on a mac, you’ll need to add it to your (own) Google calendar, on your (own) Google account. (In other words, if you have a google email, then you have a Google account.)
    Once added to your own personal account, you can export it to iCal through the little “down arrow” button, next to the “other calendars” icon, on the left hand side of the Google page. Click on calendar settings tab, and then the green ICAL tab. Click on the pop-up link, F1Fanatic .ics file will download and add itself automatically to iCal.
    Hope this helps, and hope you all understand, as it took me a while to work out how to add the F1F calendar to (my) Google account. Adding to iCal was easy once I’d figured out how to add it to my Google account.

    1. Just download the file and open it in iCal or similar program.

  25. any idea how to export this to an Outlook useable format?

  26. It’s fantastic. Thank you, Keith!

  27. Great, added it to my calendar. You forgot about Toro Rosso launch on February 1 (

  28. Thank you very much for this – it’s a great resource and saves me a lot of effort and time.

  29. Hi, isn’t Williams also unveiling their car on 1st Feb? I know it’s not a proper launch but Mercedes is up there so I thought Williams should be. Great calender, tis very useful.

  30. I think you have missed out on Force India’s launch date…. it was supposed to be on Feb 10th. I don’t see it on the calendar….

  31. This is great – but as someone who uses Google Apps with my own domain I needed the XML link, which I got from a fellow user who uses a standard Google account – if you wish to “Add by URL” then use :

    Perhaps that link could also be put in the main section as the standard “+Google Calendar” doesn’t seem to work for Google Apps users. Cheers !

    1. Thanks @Matt, I was fighting the same problem!

    2. +1 same problem – fixed now, thanks :)

  32. brilliant resource! thankyou. love the blog!

  33. Cha-Ching!! Just what I needed- and works on the iPhone too!! Brilliant!!!

  34. That is truly awesome. From down here in New Zealand it has adjusted to the right time which means I still get no sleep but at least I can plan for it!

    1. Ah, excellent I’m glad the times are converting correctly!

  35. Woo, iCal on my Mac and iPhone will now get used slightly more then it did before because of the new calendars, Loverly.

  36. Will the iCal version auto-update itself or will I have to download it again every time there is an update? Thanks :)

    1. I’m not sure I’m afraid – I don’t use iCal for anything myself and I’m not familiar with the standard.

      Usually when a new item has been added to the calendar I mention it in an article on the site, so the next time that happens check your calendar and see if it’s been updated automatically.

    2. Jackie Qualle
      20th June 2023, 21:03

      Did this work for you? Thanks!

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  37. What a great feature! Thank you Keith! :D

  38. Good work Keith, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to modifiy the times to different time zones (yours are in GMT, while many readers are in CET)? Thanks!

    1. When you add it to your Google calendar it should adjust to your time zone automatically.

  39. Hey,

    Is there any way to import this into Windows Live Calendar? Apparently it only import *.ics files…



    1. Ignore me, I just figured it out, haha :)

  40. Keith,
    There is a site where you can publish calendars in all formats. Might be useful as a link, and also for maximum coverage – I think it is a US site, and at the moment there is no F1 stuff included in the calendars already posted. Have a look : – it works for all formats (though I’d guess you’d need to publish the calendar yourself in all the formats, rather than the site format them for you in windows/mac/other formats.

  41. jose arellano
    9th March 2010, 17:34

    does this can be seen on my time zone ??

  42. this is a great sync to my phone just as easy many thanks

  43. Thanks, I added the events to my Google Calendar. Great Stuff!

  44. Hi Keith… great work as per normal! Can I be cheeky and ask when you get a spare 10 mins could you add the provisional 2011 calendar? Not that important but would be really useful.

    Really appreciate your hard work, keep it up!

  45. Nice, no more typing the skeds on my phone :)

  46. For those wanting to get a synched version into iCal, I think the following method works:

    1.Right click on the ICAL link underneath the calendar (at the top of this page) and select Copy Link
    2. Open iCal
    3. From the Calendar menu select Subscribe
    4. Paste the URL you just copied into the Calendar URL box and click Subscribe
    5. Set any options you want for the calendar and click OK

    All should now be working. I’ve not seen an update to the calendar yet so not 100% sure this works, but this is what I did with last years and that seemed to work OK.

    1. Stewart McMickan
      25th January 2014, 19:59

      IT works THX.

  47. The calendar is great – really useful. Only one problem… is it possible to correct the duplicate entries for the Bahrain race weekend because they knock my other entries for those days out of view?


    1. Same here!

      Keep up the good work with the site Keith!

  48. Hey Keith, Maldonado’s run will be on Jan not May 14th,

    many tx for this calendar

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I entered it wrongly. Fixed it now.

  49. I would like to add your calender but I don’t see the download link or any instructions. Can you help?

  50. Hi Keith,

    thank you very much for this, I just added the calendar to my smartphone, syncing with my google account. I won’t miss any of the action now ;). One thing which would make it even more epic is if you would add the start and end times from each session of a race weekend ;)

    1. I will do but they haven’t all been confirmed yet.

      1. Thank you so much. As a big user of Google Calendar I’m so grateful.

  51. Is there a change of a 2nd less dramatic calendar? Like: 2011 Practices and Races only? ;)

    1. That wouldn’t be very fanatic now would it? haha

  52. Where can I find a calendar with qualifying and race times only? no testing and all that jazz

    1. normally makes one every year once they confirm all the times. It includes practice sessions as well.

  53. Thanks! Brilliant!

  54. Thank you
    dates all added
    roll on the 1st race:P

  55. how do i get this to work in outlook, i saved it to my google calender then ran a sync with outlook and it doesnt go in :(

  56. Oh my god, thank you so much for adding the times for each session, brilliant… THANKS!

  57. This is just what I was looking for, thanks so much for doing this for us racing nuts!

  58. This is brilliant. Perfect, even. Thanks!

  59. I started to add “by hand” all the dates to my Google Calendar from the official F1 site, and after two races I thught: “Maybe there’s one ready on the net?”… And I found this one! :)
    It’s great – thanks! :)

    Regards from Poland!

    1. That describes every experience I’ve ever had with Google calendar.

  60. Thanks a good fine deal solely meant for all!

  61. Next year’s Australian Grand Prix race “weekend” will start on Thursday, perhaps the calendar could be updated to reflect that?

    1. That’s been the case for a while at Melbourne. But there are no F1 sessions on the Thursday, so no.

  62. Indo Saarelaht
    8th December 2011, 21:22

    Just found this site and am a bit disappointed that the F1 schedule in the calendar is not Brazilian GP?

  63. WOW!!! How good is this! :)
    Nothing can be better than this can it? Haha. The only thing I can think of is an electronic calendar that you can hang on your wall, that connects to the internet via WiFi, and has live updates, and scrolls though small F1 images, with each month having its own large F1 image :) Could be called the iCalendar? Oh crap, maybe I should paten that? Haha!

  64. I may be being a bit blond here, but I have my google calander synced with my I Phone and even though I have been to google and added the F1 to my calander it’s not showing up on my phone ;-(

    1. Yes, i am having the same issue. Gmail syncing fine. Any help appreciayed

  65. Great! I’ve been using this since 2009. But shouldn’t there be two more races after Abu Dhabi? (US GP and Brazil)

  66. Apologies in advance for reporting a technical issue in the comment area but I did not get a response when I submitted a support ticket. I receive a 404 Error when I try to download the Outlook Calendar version. BTW: I thoroughly enjoy F1 Fanatic and the new look. Keep up the great work and please do let me know how I can download the Outlook version of the 2012 Calendar! Thanks!

  67. Thanks so much for doing this! Saved me tons of time :)

  68. Thanks for this, added it to my google calender, so it shows up on my phone.

  69. Keith.

    March the 9th “SKY” launch their new F1 Channel…

  70. Never realised this was available. Google Calender is great as it shows up on my Android phone and I now know when all the F1 events are when I’m not near my PC. Thanks Keith.

  71. James Scantlebury
    23rd January 2012, 23:22

    Are you sure that second practice for the Australian Grand Prix takes place at “Sepang International Circuit”?


  72. how do i add this to my gmail calendar?

  73. Hi, I noticed there are some inconsistencies with the Australian GP, specifically the location of FP1 is unknown and the location of Q is different from that of other sessions. Is it possible to fix it?

    1. Looks fine to me – have you still got this problem?

      1. I can confirm these two issues.

        For qualifying I see
        “2012 Australian Grand Prix qualifying
        Sat, March 17, 08:00 – 09:00
        Where Sepang International Circuit”

        For the first practice I see
        “2012 Australian Grand Prix first practice
        Fri, March 16, 03:30 – 05:00”, no circuit.

        1. Inconsistencies are still present 28/2

  74. @Keith – Are all lanuch times for the teams in GMT?

  75. Thank you so much. Fantastic detail, just what I need for the 2012 season!!!

  76. Great website.
    An other great F1-calendar can be found at
    See description:
    F1 Pre-Season Practice, Jerez de la Frontera 2012.
    Photographer: Steve Hux.
    Unique Calendar with pictures of six F1 drivers and six F1 Champions: Heikki Kovalainen, Kamui Kobayashi, Felipe Massa, Bruno Senna, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel.
    Included are all the Test and GP dates and unique pictures of the new Formula 1 cars for the 2012 season: Red Bull Racing, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Lotus F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Williams F1 Team and Caterham F1 Team.
    This Calendar is a collector’s item for the real F1 fan.
    Calendar details: 11″ x 8.5″, coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-colour interior ink.

  77. Dimitris Athanasiou
    22nd February 2012, 11:56

    how can I add it to my google calendar?

  78. hi
    you add it to google calendar by clicking Other Calendars -> “Add a friends calendar”
    then paste this

    keith I think you have a few sessions in at the wrong times.
    I was comparing them to the times on

    (all times are CET, I’m in barcelona!)

    Qualifying 08:00 F1Fanatic: 08:00
    Race 09:00 F1Fanatic: 10:00

    Qualifying 13:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00
    Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00

    Qualifying 14:00 F1Fanatic: 14:00
    Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 15:00


    1. Love the calendar, had it on my google calendar for a month or two now, but just recently I’ve got a bunch of repeat entries in the calendar, even when I re-add the calendar. The repeats have little arrows next to them with “not yet responded” when I hover over the arrow. Any ideas what this is as it’s polluting my calendar horribly. Cheers

      1. Someone reported this the other day. I haven’t been able to replicate it at all, but they told me it went away again after 24 hours. So I’m at a bit of a loss – perhaps it’s an error at Google’s end?

        1. Thanks, I have a colleague who also uses the calendar and he doesn’t have the odd replication issue. I’ll have a google around, cheers.

      2. I’m also seeing duplicates today.

    2. Hey Keith
      Still seeing this error with the race times between your calendar and
      Australia and Malaysia are correct but the ones after them are out by an hour.
      I wonder does this have something to do with daylight savings time – One thing for sure is that the Spanish GP is on at 14:00 not 15:00 as you have it….

      (all my times are CET)

      China Race 09:00 F1Fanatic: 10:00

      Bahrain Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00

      Malaysia Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 15:00

  79. thank you for the calendar like – love that i can keep so up to date!

  80. I’m not seeing a qualy session for China. But other than that awesome calendar.

  81. Brilliant, just what i needed and integrated perfectly with my own Google calendar. Hopefully by the end of the season there will be a big space for adding “Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes” World Champions :-)

  82. For some reason Google displayed an old version of this calendar for me, which has the Chinese race starting at 09:00 instead of 08:00. I know it’s not a daylight savings issue because the qualifying time was correct. Incredibly annoying, as I set my alarm for 08:50 only to find out I’d already missed nearly an hour of it :( Now I’m going to have to avoid seeing the results until it’s available on the iPlayer later.

    Deleting and re-adding the calendar seems to have fixed it. I just hope it doesn’t happen again!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what could have happened there. I check the calendar on several devices and all are showing the correct time. I will have a look into it.

  83. Keith, is the Bahrain race starts at 12pm or 1pm? I saw in autosport that the Bahrain race starts 1 hour later (at the next day of course) compared to qualifying. I’m counting on F1 Fanatic Calendar (integrated into my Google Calendar of course) for all my F1 scheduling needs.

    1. Mark (@canadianf1fan)
      22nd April 2012, 13:21

      The Bahrain race time is wrong. I’ve deleted and re-added it, without success. Caught me out this morning.

  84. For some reason Google Calendar is displaying schedule an hour later than it’s actually is.
    For example, Spain’s race starts 13:00 GMT+0, but in calendar it is 14:00 GMT+0

    1. I think that’s because of the calendar’s default timezone being without DST – “(GMT+00:00) GMT (no daylight saving)”.

      1. i think @thecorium is right

        Could you please change the default timezone of your Google calendar to “UK GMT+00:00, London” so Google will convert the times correctly for people living in other timezones. ATM Google adds an extra hour when your living in a timezone with daylight saving.

        1. @keithcollantine indeed there seems to be a problem with the timings.
          It’s an hour late probably because as mentioned above because of the daylight saving.
          Other than that love the calandre, been using it for a long time!


  85. I found this calendar from the article

    my question is, where is the direct link to the google-calendar? I just cannot see one from the home-page.

    1. You can click on the button(+GoogleCalendar) in the bottom right corner of the embedded calendar.

  86. Hi,

    could you sort the times for the British GP, all are wrong except FP1, thanks.

  87. the time is not ok on the calendar, it has an 1h offset.
    please solve it, otherwise is misguiding and almost useles, I lost a race start because I was using it

  88. Thank you for the 2012 calendar. Can the 2013 one be added to our own google calendars yet, or am I too keen for the next season to start? :)

    1. The dates haven’t been officially confirmed by the FIA yet. Once that happens the calendar will be updated.

  89. I recently bought a new tablet with the Google Calendar and have just added the F1 Fanatic Calendar. Fantastic …. Many thanks, any idea when the 2013 will be added?
    Great F1 site too.

    1. @scouserpc You’re welcome Paul! Still waiting for the FIA to decide how many races there will be next year, though…

  90. Thanks to Keith for making sure we never miss a session.

    Happy New Year to all!

  91. Cheers Keith. Was just about to add race and testing dates to my own Google calendar but you’ve saved me the trouble. Top man :)

  92. Has anyone tried to add the calendar to their iphone? I have added it to my gmail account calendar but its not showing up on my phone. Any suggestions appreciated – if not – no worries!

  93. Dave will any of the formats work on the ipad? I have a Google calendar but can’t sync it with my ipad!!

  94. Keith I just wanted to thank you a lot!! This calendar is awesome, it has all relevant F1 events and you keep it updated quite frequently. And now that you’ve added the exact time in which the car launch events are starting… well done ;)
    I got this calendar added to my Google Calendar, and it’s a pleasure to see how it updates with new info/events everytime I check my calendar on the phone :D

  95. Fantastic ! Thanks for the calendar guys, it’s much appreciated.

  96. Awesomesauce guys, love the site and the F1 Calendar is superb!

    Don’t know about you but I cannot wait to get this season started… :)

  97. Only thing i miss in this calendar is the “broadcast times” of the races, quali and FP sessions. This way i knew when to tune in.

    Would it be possible to put these in here, or would it offend a lot of people?

    1. @bazzek As always these will be added before the start of the season but at present the final calendar hasn’t officially been confirmed by the FIA yet.

      1. Okay, sorry, must have missed that info in the comments somewhere. Patiently waiting :)

      2. All the times are under each race in their calendar, on the official Formula 1 website…

        1. Formula One Management do not ratify the calendar, the FIA does. All things being equal it should happen today and then I can get this year’s calendar finished. It’s ridiculous that it’s dragged on so long this year.

  98. I’m not a frequent visitor at your site, but I did just get to this page from a link on NBCU’s F1 Twitter feed. Thanks for providing more help to F1 fans than the licensed media outlet in America!

  99. I’ve just bought an smartphone and this was one of the first things I have to make. Awesome work. Thanks

  100. hello, i am looking for a calendar with all races as a whole day event. any ideas where to get that or how to change the cal? THX

  101. Sarah, a few months ago, when the races were known only as “race weekends”, and Keith had them marked as “whole day events”, people were asking, if he would make exact hours events… You’re the first to ask for “a step back thing”. ;)
    The way I get it – you cannot edit the calendar, because it is “write protected” – but, when you have it in your callendar, you can copy the event or create your own for “a whole day event”… That’s the only way I guess.


    And… by the way, Keith… I’m using the callendar for a third year now and I’m very happy with it. There were some bugs on the way (double events, or “daylight saving time shift”), but it doesnt’ change the fact, that you’re doing a great job, and we all appreciate it! :)

  102. Great calendar! Just one question, is it possible to add it to the Google calendar on an Android phone? If so, how do I go about this? If not, all good :)

    1. @fango85, that’s the general idea of “the google calendar” – that you can add whatever you want! :)
      It’s simple – you just have to be logged in onto your google account in your browser, then click the ADD button (“+ GOOGLE” near the down-right corner of the “F1 Fanatic Calendar” you see above) and it will be automaticly added to your google calendars… and, it should automaticly appear in your android phone, after syncing the calendars. If not, just jeck the options in your phone calendar – “settings > calendars” (in every phone it’s a bit different), and turn the F1 Fanatic calendar “ON”, to be visible on your phone. :)

  103. Keith I think there’s a duplicated event for the 2013 Abu Dhabi GP, if you could fix it then it would still be the most awesome calendar in the world :D

  104. Yay! Back to back this time!

  105. The 2014 race dates have been added. As usual the session times will be too once they’re all announced.

    1. Thank you! I was just about to manually enter them, and saw they’d magically appeared.

  106. Great job , 2014 published already,


  107. Slartibartfast
    4th January 2014, 7:45

    My apologies if this has already been covered but is it possible to show only the races (i.e. hide the practice and testing sessions).

    Perhaps I’m just not fanatical enough to be part of “F1 Fanatic” but I am only interested in the actual race times and find the non-race events distracting. Is there a way to only display races or must I remove the non-race events myself in my own copy of the calendar.


  108. Great work, will the times of the different sessions and races be added?

  109. Excellent just added it to my Google Calendar, just what I wanted and no need to change anything perfectly happy to accept your choices and if not do my own. Thanks!

  110. Stewart McMickan
    25th January 2014, 19:36

    I can’t upload your cal on to my mac computer or iCloud it comes back with URL invalid!!! When i try and use gmail it is on my gmail calendar but it does not show up on my mac. Can you provide me with a URL that i can copy direct into my Calendar app on Mac book? or how can i sort this??

  111. yep – typical – another great site ruined because it doesn’t support Mac – get with it!!!!!!

    BTW why does this page load oldest first? I’m not interested in what happened in 2008! reverse it!

    1. The calendar is available in open formats (XML and HTML) which are not device-specific.

    2. john … if you’re not happy with the FREE calendar that Keith has so kindly provided for us, why don’t you enter the dates manually onto your Mac? Or pay someone to give you exactly what you want?
      Then, to save us all from having to read your ungrateful comments, perhaps you could find a forum where your behaviour is the norm, not the exception.

    3. In what precise way does it not “support Mac”?

  112. Just what i have been looking for – thank you for taking the time and effort for providing this.

  113. Thank you great work.

  114. Can you please tell me how I stop receiving this calendar?

  115. Succesfully synchonised this with my Google Calnder on my smartphone, thanks :)

  116. Truly Amazing, I was just looking for this. This calendar takes care of the Local and Race timings as well. Thanks a ton, you made my day!

  117. Thanks for this! Now all I need to do is add which races are covered by the BBC! ;)

  118. avtogradovich
    30th March 2014, 14:47

    Sirs, that’s very good action! +100points to yours good karma!

    from Russia with love!

  119. Hi,

    Will you be adding the Formula E dates to your calendar?

    Btw. This is an awesome calendar that I have been using for the last two seasons. Thanks for all the hard work.


      1. Any news on a Formula E calendar @keithcollantine ?

  120. I’ve been using this for a couple of seasons now. It’s a great calendar. Thanks you @keithcollantine!

  121. The calendar is great. Thank you! I’m using the ics for Outlook. The only problem is that there are lots of old entries that trigger error messages for missing end times etc. I wouldn’t mind if entries older than one or two years were deleted.

  122. awesome, download, import to outlook, sync outlook with iTunes and phone, sorted. Many many thanks!

  123. Love this calendar but never successfully got it working on iOS.

    As I understand (see link below) should be possible to add it as a ‘Subscribed calendar’ but it’s not clear to me what the .ics address is. Can anyone help?

  124. Super !!

    Many thanks for the hard work. You make me happy.

  125. Perfect!

    Much love for this site – come to it 2x a day

    Great Calendar

    Thanks Keith!

  126. How about the in-season testing?

  127. The ‘F1 Fanatic Calendar – iCal format for Microsoft Outlook’ for 2015 appears to be empty, anyone else? :(

  128. Thanks guy! nice work

  129. How about a FE calendar? :)

  130. Keith, I know you must be itching for the new season to start but you have both winter tests down a month too early!

  131. Great work again Keith, only issue is Monza is not showing on my calendars, all other events are fine.

  132. How do I subscribe on OS X’s Calendar?

  133. Thanks for the F1 calendar, I’ve added it to the browser version in my Google account. However, when I do it from my Android phone I get a warning that this is a desktop version and will not work on mobile Google Calendar.

    Any ideas on how to make it work on a phone?

    1. Not sure why you’re getting that – I also use it on an Android phone with no problems at all.

  134. Great to have this – many thanks!

  135. Just wanted to post, saying thanks for this! I’ve used it for years now!

  136. Why there is so much duplicates? can anyone delete them?
    But thank you for this….you make my life soo much easier :)

  137. Luca Garofalo
    17th May 2016, 1:43

    June and July are messed up.

  138. Luca Garofalo
    12th June 2016, 14:53

    This thing is still a mess, fix it please.

  139. Great job with this calendar however there are many duplicates showing up. Is it possible you can rectify this.


  140. Hi @keithcollantine, just wondering if the duplicates for some of the sessions will be fixed up? Cheers :)

  141. Am I the only one seeing multiple entries for the same time for some races?

    1. I’m seeing them too starting w/ the Malaysian GP itself on October 2. Duplicates for every session from that date forward.

  142. José María Agüero
    1st December 2016, 14:34

    Thank you!

  143. Hello

    Just wondering if the GP dates for 2017 are going to be added to the F1 Fanatic Calendar.
    They aren’t showing up on the iCal feed yet.

    Kind Regards


    1. @csp5 The dates have been added and will be replaced with session times when the FIA announces those.

  144. Calendar appears to be broken.

    Keith – any plans to update for 2017?

    1. You should see it’s been updated however you will have to add the new calendar for 2017 as the old one is not being updated any more. The new one works exactly the same as the old one.

      1. I cant seem to attach the new calendar in my google calendar like I used to with the previous one though

        1. I can’t seem to add it either.:( Any ideas?

          1. Sign into your Google calendar and view it. Then in the same browser (same tab or new tab) browse to this page (, click on the link that says “+Google Calendar” at the bottom right of the embedded calendar (currently showing January empty of any events) and confirm you want to add the calendar. Don’t forget to remove (or hide as Google calls it) the old 2016 calendar if you have it. Hope this helps (this is the way I did).

          2. Thanks Craig, that worked, but it’s worth adding that I could not do this from my mobile, and had to use a desktop computer.

  145. Guys, I’m taking a break for the moment.
    HOW do I remove this from my Google diary?
    PLEASE help.

  146. Richard W. Cooper
    2nd January 2017, 5:18

    I need to remove f1 fanatic stuff from my scedule. How do I do that?

  147. Great thanks. Good idea to update the old with the address to find the new one.

  148. This calendar only shows up as a day event on days where an F1 event takes place. It doesn’t actually show me the time frame (recalculated to my own timezone) with start and end time so my calendar is actually blocked in that period and I know right away what time a race starts taking in account time differences. Did I implement the calendar wrong or is this calendar just not as accurate and detailed as the one I used to have?

    1. No, you’ve done nothing wrong. The FIA hasn’t confirmed the start times for all this year’s sessions which is why they aren’t in there. When they are announced they will be added in.

      1. Trevor Hutchison
        19th January 2017, 0:02

        Thanks Keith – really appreciate this service

      2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        4th March 2017, 13:11

        Do you know if the times have been confirmed by the FIA yet? I’ve seen several places that seem to look like they may have been.
        Here on Sky’s site, all the practice qualifying and race times are listed.

        This site here also lists them all:

        If so, you could update your calender so people that use it can see the times. But it could be the case the you haven’t updated it because the times still haven’t actually been confirmed.


  149. Thanks! I got more than I asked for. Great that you implemented the testing and reveal dates as well!

  150. Just wondering how the multiple duplicates keep showing up. And if you guys can please clean up the multiple invites that people have been posting on the calendar..?

    thanks for the calendar btw great work! :)

  151. Will this be expanded to session times for the races once they are known? It’s always nice not actively having to figure out when to wake up to watch the Q/R.

    1. @wvdhouten Yes it will but the FIA hasn’t published them yet. I asked earlier this week and they said they should appear within a few days. Which they really need to as the first practice session is in two weeks’ time!

  152. Hmmm, are these already the official times?

    I am at least super stoked already. And @keithcollantine, so many thanks for providing all these services. You’re running an absolutely great website!

    1. FOM have had times wrong before, I prefer to get the official stuff from FIA and check the time conversions myself.

      1. Ah, understood.

  153. This is awesome Keith! Thanks!!

  154. Hi Keith,

    Thanks *again* for the calendars. Will you be adding more of the IndyCar races to that calendar?

  155. Guybrush Threepwood
    14th March 2017, 20:29

    2 questions:

    How do I update to my local time?
    Can you please include the V8 Supercars?

    Thanks :)

    1. Mine’s already synced to my local time.

    2. And many of us don’t have any interest in tintops, so I sure hope he doesn’t add V8’s to this specific calendar.

  156. This is mega, thanks!

  157. Hello Keith

    I think I speak on everyones behalf when I say a big thank you for the work you do on maintaining such a good website, especially the invaluable F1 calendar!

    Thanks for all the continued hard work, much appreciated.
    Have a great 2018.

    Finally, I just wondered when the 2018 calendar for ical will be available please?

    Kind Regards

    Chris Porada

    1. @csp5 The 2018 session times have just been added today so you can put them in iCal via the link above.

  158. I just downloaded the 2018 calendar for iCal. Thank you sooooo much, such an easy way to get the dates on my calendar.

  159. Useful, with the caveat that “Testing” is in our world is called T09 & T10 (2018 week numbers) and Events run Frid (P1,P2), Sat (P3,Q) & Sun (Race)
    Would we handy to be able to rename them to these ?

  160. Bwembya Alan
    23rd May 2018, 13:17

    Hello @keithcollantine, i tried to set this up for my Android but in reverse-that is i added the calendar before i downloaded the google calendar. Somehow i thought it could sync with my Samsung Calendar. When this failed, i then downloaded the google calendar. It automatically synced all my appointments. I then tried to add your app using by the ADD Google Calendar sign at the bottom of the calendar. My Google calendar then opened but i got an error message “Calendar couldn’t be added”. What could i be doing wrong.

  161. Bwembya Alan
    23rd May 2018, 13:26

    Hello Keith. I figured it out. Thank you so much! It’s brilliant!

  162. Greate as always.. but.
    for the netherlands.. the start of the australian GP is one our to late..
    the race wil start at 06.10 (local time) but in my calendar it shows at 07.10
    timezone issue????

  163. Hello, I have a problem, my local time is -03: 00 GMT and the calendar does not adjust it to my time zone in Google Calendar, how do I have to do it?

  164. Haas, 7th Feb, and RedBull, 13th Feb, car launches are missing. And Sauber team name has changed. Please update accordingly.

  165. This is a great calendar, complete with car launches, etc. However, the time zone conversation is faulty (at least for iCal and in North America) and you have several incorrect times as well. I respect the effort but it’s not useful if it is not reliable.

  166. Thank You so Much for the Calendar. I downloaded it last year but forgot to save the site. It took me forever this year to find it. Bookmarked it this time. You guys are the best.

  167. Hi Keith,
    The other calendars including the Formula 2 calendar seem to be broken?

  168. Thanks a million … Exactly what I needed.

  169. Hi, are the times for this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix sessions correct? Friday and Saturday times Look to be one hour behind to me.

  170. Is there a way to just see the Qualifying and Races only.
    I don’t need to see info on when Cars are announced.

  171. Keith, I have downloaded this calendar the last few years. It is the best thing ever. Thank you so much for the time and work that you put into it. I used to load the race weekends in manually and that was a lot of work and I still didnt have the practice rounds and qualifying times correct. This tool is amazing for any real Formula 1 Fan.

  172. Any chance we can update this year’s dates with the new covid-19 adjusted 2020 calendar? Thanks again for the service!

    1. This please. We’re so close to the start of the season but the ical is unusable!

      1. Ditto – I’ve used this for years.

  173. Great service! But I hope there soon will be an update to the calendar including all the new races and dates.

    1. Yes, waiting for the six new announced races to be added.

  174. This is partly great I can view all the dates and info online in my Google calendar but it will not update my android Google calendar app. I’ve been working through all the apps and online settings and can’t find anything that should stop it working. I noticed if I open the entry in online Google tap the three dots and then save to my my name it then appears on my Google app. But I’d have to do that for all dates. Kind of defeats the usefulness.

    1. I take it back. It must have taken a week or so to update but all the dates have now appeared on my phone app, so all is good and thank you for doing this list.

  175. Well done, just what was needed.

  176. Still awaiting the last calender updates for September, October and November. New races in Europe not added and cancelled races in America and Asia are not updated yet. Would be nice if fixed.

    1. Any news on an update? I’ve used this for years and told loads of people about it – it’s been brilliant!

    2. Ditto! Trying to make plans for the Autumn, but needed to search for the schedule, as the races weren’t on my calendar!

  177. When will the Calendar be updated with the new information?

  178. Any way we can get the newly-confirmed rest of the F1 calendar updated? It’s race week and we don’t have this weekend’s timing in yet. Thanks!

  179. Hi,

    Can you please update the calender with the confirmed races in 2020? I’m missing a lot of entries…


  180. Many thanks for your (interim?) 2021 google F1-GP calendar. Even though there are probably still moveable feasts, it is very much appreciated!

    1. You’re welcome!

  181. Does anyone know if I can download it to apple calendar?

  182. Why do I get the races in my iCal going back to the 2017 season? I don’t live in the past.

  183. Syncs perfectly to iCal on Mac OS thanks.

  184. Perfect! Thank you so much for spending the time to do this. Very much appreciated!

    Reply moderated
  185. It would be great if the calendar could be updated with the latest alterations. It’s a much appreciated feature of the site. Thanks

    Reply moderated
  186. Any plans to update this calendar in face of the recent cancelations and date changes?

  187. Hi @keithcollantine, there seems to be a stray all-day event with no name in the calendar feed on 31st July. Might have been a placeholder or something, but thought you might want to know so you could remove that. Thanks again for the helpful calendar feed!

  188. Hi

    Thank you for this great calendarservice.

    There seems to be a fault in location for the Turkish Grand Prix. All sessions are labeled to be in Singapore and labeled with “*** for the 2021 Singapore Grand Prix at Singapore”

    Best Sune

    Reply moderated
  189. Hi, bad schedule for Italian Gran Prix.

  190. @keithcollantine the times for the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend are wrong, they don’t have the sprint format weekend times
    Thanks 😀

    1. @harrisf1 @keithcollantine Yeah, they seem to be 1hr out, or 1½ in the case of the Sprint that is shown as Qualifying.

      Also, looking ahead, all the Saudi Arabia times are 1hr out too, except the race which is 1½ out. At least compared to the F1TV app.

      Spoiled my planning for dinner 😀

      1. Yes, can these dates/times be updated by someone please.

        Reply moderated
  191. +1 for the Brazilian times+format. Thanks for creating this!

    Reply moderated
  192. The times for Brazil GP are not up to date, what a shame. It seems as if the calendar is not updated during the year.

  193. Have been able to rely on this calender for this year, now I see that this weekends schedule, brasil with sprint is wrong, please fix, would be nice if I could keep relying on this calendar.

    Reply moderated
  194. Great calendar. An update would be appreciated. Brazil and Saudi Arabia seem to be wrong. Thanks!

    Reply moderated
  195. It’s possible add free practice and qualify?

    Reply moderated
    1. It usually indicates. At least it was for 2021 season.

      Reply moderated
      1. 2022 no.. the best would be adding the f2 as well

  196. I only have the 2022 races as a full-day event, without the times, is that correct or am I doing something wrong?

    Reply moderated
  197. Is it possible to add session times?
    Currently it’s only as full day event


    Reply moderated
    1. When they are announced they will be.

      1. Han Bartholomeus
        23rd April 2022, 7:09

        Good Morning from NL,

        Question please: is there a way of deleting all calendar items from before 2022?

        Otherwise: how to delete the total F1 calender from my iOs?

        Thank you Han

        Reply moderated
  198. excellent! great work on the calendar. Thank you.

    Reply moderated
  199. I know it’s mid season but do you think you’ll be able to change it to incorporate the new sprint format? No worries if not but would be good to have the new timings.

    Reply moderated
  200. Why do I keep getting a “Time for a New F1 Calendar” reminder every day in Google calendar in IOS and on my Apple Watch? Unchecking the calendar doesn’t work!
    I’m not the only one.

    Reply moderated
    1. We’ve not put anything like that in RaceFans F1 calendar so I don’t believe that’s anything to do with us.

  201. Thanks for this calendar. Always so useful.

    Reply moderated
  202. This years calender didnt include the Free Practice or sprint races, it only added the sunday races to my google calendar. Is there a way to update it so it adds the FP and SR times as well?
    The calendar had those for the last 2 years. Maybe i did something wrong?

    Reply moderated
    1. Those times have not yet been published by the FIA. Once they are we will add them.

      Normally this happens fairly early in the season. There may be a hold-up as they’re discussing yet another change to the sprint race format. However experience indicates they’d probably just issue one set of times under the current rules and then revise them if the regulations are changed.

    2. The majority of the session times have been added today and the calendar has been updated. We’re still awaiting times from the FIA on some sessions at some events.

  203. Thanks for the calendar, always handy! We seem to be missing the Haas launch on 2/2/24 :-/

  204. Hi Keith,
    Any reason for the iCal calendar not working for this year?
    I’ve re-added the calendar file, but no joy.
    Any ideas please?

    Reply moderated
  205. Hey @keithcollantine, is the 2024 calendar shifted by a day for the first few races? Practices are Thu, quali Fri, race Sat is what I see on the calendar until Miami. (Thanks for providing this service, by the way! I live by it.)

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