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We’re always looking for talented writers to contribute to the site. If you’ve got an idea for an article and would like to share it with the thousands of people who read F1 Fanatic every day, here’s what to do:

1. Agree on a topic

The vast majority of articles that are sent in without first pitching an idea don’t get used. This is usually because they are too similar to something else already on the site, or planned for the future.

If you’ve got an idea for an article you would like to write for F1 Fanatic, please suggest it first by emailling the editor using the contact form below.

Example guest article topics

See the guest articles which have already been published on F1 Fanatic.

Articles we will not publish

  • Opinion pieces are not accepted.
  • Articles must be the original work of the contributor.
  • Articles may not be published elsewhere in whole or in part.

2. Write your article

Please observe the following guidelines when writing your article:

  • Articles must be original work written in British English and a minimum of 400 words long
  • Articles must be submitted via the contact form below
  • Articles may be edited prior to publication.
  • Articles must be published using the contributor’s real name. Articles may only be published anonymously in exceptional circumstances.
  • Published articles may only be amended or removed at the editor’s discretion.
  • No plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Please note it is not possible to use all the articles that are submitted.

Contact form for guest writers

If you wish to offer to write a guest article for F1 Fanatic, please get in touch using this contact form.

Note to PR agencies: This is not a means of getting free advertising for your clients. Any emails to this effect will be ignored.

Please note, due to the high volume of correspondence received F1 Fanatic is not currently accepting new submissions from guest writers.