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2010 Australian Grand Prix

41 comments on “2010 Australian Grand Prix discussion”

  1. Any other F1 Fanatics attending the 2010 Melbourne GP? I’m flying in from London the week before, though this is will be my third time attending so I should know my way around.

    I’m also interested in meeting up with anyone keen on taking high-quality race photography. I’ll have my Canon 400d and Sigma 150-500 OS lens with me, and hope to do the F1 Fanatics proud :D

  2. That’s great Pope, I’ll be going all 4 days and also taking my camera. Maybe I will see you there.

  3. I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do. Not sure the point of Thursday… but Friday could be a good, quiet option.


    The cost quickly adds up, and the 4-day pass makes sense for Quali + Race Day ie you get Thursday & Friday for “free”.

    Have to see how it goes. The exchange rate to GBP is SOOO bad right now :-(

  4. Hey The_Pope,

    Not sure how strongly they enforce this but the Australian F1 GP terms and conditions state:

    “Section 5: Patrons must not, without the prior written consent of AGPC, have in their possession at the Event, or bring into the Event, any of the following items:

    (q) any photographic, video or audio recording equipment AGPC deems unacceptable for the purposes of condition 16 below, which may include (without limitation) audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal
    strength of greater than 300mm and digital video equipment.”

    from… http://www.grandprix.com.au/site/_content/document/00000724-source.pdf

    Not sure how this works with your Sigma lens.


    1. Woah – that’s gonna make a big dent in my plans! I think I’ll give zerogee’s trick a shot, and the worst that can happen is a trip back to the carpark :(

    2. I’ve been thinking more about this, since Keith mentioned it on the front page today.

      1) If one has to argue your case with Security, you’ve probably already lost :(


      if you’re feeling lucky and / or persuasive, here’s my angle on their T&Cs:

      (paraphrase) “you can’t bring in camera gear that AGPC deems unacceptable for the purposes of Condition 16… which **MAY** include blah blah 300mm lens”

      OK, so what ARE the purposes of Condition 16? Again, to paraphrase “you can’t take pics or video with intent to sell them” duh “except for the private enjoyment of the person taking the photos”

      Also “you agree to fork over the copyright to any image to AGPC / Bernie if they ask”.


      I plan to attend with all my gear, with printed copies of these T&Cs. I will claim they are for non-commercial use, for my own personal enjoyment. And if they decide they don’t like that angle, I’ll produce a signed letter which gives them copyright for it all, addressed to FOM / FOA et al.

      It might escalate to a Supervisor, but I’d hope to get away with that.


      1. Jarred Walmsley
        6th February 2010, 23:56

        Based on what is written there I would imagine that you would be fine as you are sticking to the letter of the law (maybe not the spirit but hey)but I would imagine that it would escalate to a superior so turn up early! and make sure that you get written verification on the first day so you don’t have to go through the same mess every day.

      2. I went last year and some of the people hardly check your bags, depending on who you get and what gate it is they will probably just ask you to open it, have a quick look at the top, ask if you have any alcohol and that should be it. Hope you have a good time :D

  5. That’s shocking!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if that is down to the official approved media photographers putting pressure on the organisers as these days even amateurs can get some cracking shots and publish them themselves.

    1. I agree, though we don’t have Pitlane access, and we don’t get to sit in FRONT of the safety fences in the juiciest designated snapper dugouts.

      Plus they have skills and we don’t. Are they really threatened by me and my 70-200mm? :)

  6. Just take it and tape over the lens’ stats like the pros do. AGP security aren’t really that interested in that sort of hair splitting. As long as it’s not massive, you’ll be okay.

    1. OK, now that I’ve looked at my lens with this trick in mind, I’m not sure how practical that will be. There’s a clear “500” on the barrel, and “150-500mm” label on the top.

      I’ll consider it, but I’ll also have to try and sneak it in at the bottom of a bag.

  7. Im flying in from Singapore on the thursday before, and have already booked the general admission ticket. Any recommendations on where is best to go? surely somewhere with a big screen so i can see whats going on elsewhere

    1. Theres a good GA hill on the run up from turn 10 towards the awesome turns 11 and 12 – also normally a screen there for the public to see.

  8. I’ll be there again this year. Pope – with the lense – just stick it at the bottom of the bag so it’s hard to get at – the ‘security’ guys aren’t going to get you to pull everything out of your bag

    brouard – over the eastern side of the track if you are early, you should be able to get a good position on the grass along Lakeside Drive (eastern side of track between Clark and Waite Stands).

    Otherwise, you can still line the western side of the track but this is more restrictive and they are along the straights.

    And agree with the comment about the sun – sit on the western side and look east, otherwise you will have the sun on your face all afternoon!

  9. Pope- i’m in exactly the same position. same lens, just a 500d. i bought the camera and lens pretty well for the grand prix. i went last year with a canon S3IS and was simply disappointed by most of the photos. i think i’ll first seek approval from race organisers but if that fails, i’ll just stick the lens in the bottom of my bag (which will contain my lunch and jacket and whatever else) and just have my camera seperate in a carry bag with the smaller lenses which came with the camera. if that fails, i’ll just have to make do with the 250mm.

  10. pope- i think we’ll be fine. this is section 16:
    16. Without limiting any action available to AGPC pursuant to the Act or any amendment thereof, it is a condition of entry to the Event that:
    (a) a person cannot make, create, record, transmit, reproduce or use any Recording, Data or Image for any form of public advertisement, transmission, display, or for profit or commercial gain, or for any other purpose (except for the private enjoyment of the person making the Recording, Data or Image) without the prior written consent of AGPC, FOM and / or FOA; and
    (b) if a person makes, creates, records, transmits, reproduces or uses any Recording or Image of, at, or in relation to the Event or any part of it with or without the consent of AGPC, FOM and / or FOA, that person shall, on request by AGPC, FOM and / or FOA, assign in writing all copyright and all other intellectual property in any such Image or Recording to either AGPC, FOM and / or FOA or its or their assignees as directed by AGPC.

  11. i know i’m sure not going to use my photos for public advertisement or display and certainly not for profit. i’ll just make sure that any photos i upload here are with my 250mm lens.

    my interpretation is that if you’re proffessional, pay for a media pass. if you’re amatuer, who cares.

  12. Hi again pope, i’ve just emailed the grand prix organisers to clarify condition 16 and asked them how to get approval if necessary. i should have an answer for you tomorrow (hopefully).

    1. Nice one, Tom. We’re all just fans and want to have fun!

      – Geoff

  13. Hi Geoff, the race organisers finally responded to my email and just asked me to give them the specific details of the camera, lenses and any accessories and to accept the terms and conditions (ie: personal use only). I’m assuming they’ll send me an email with formal consent to print out and take to the track. Hopefully that helps. we should be sweet.

    the email address is [email protected]. just tell them what you intend to and with what and you shan’t have any problems.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Outstanding, my friend!

      I shall do just that, and we should organise a trackside Canon Meet-up to celebrate :)

      1. indeedily. i found last year that turn 6 (?) is pretty super cause you can stand on the outside of the corner looking straight down the track as the cars drive towards you. i found the fence wasn’t so much of an issue as well.

        1. Hi Tom,

          Did you receive a consent form in the end? I have to admit I haven’t emailed them (yet)…


          1. I emailed a week or two ago and go no reply.

    1. turn 9 would have been good if there weren’t so many people in the way! if i get there early on friday it should be good though. and it was turn 6 that i meant.

      it might be worth going to turn 1 and looking down the straight. didn’t work too well last year but the extra zoom should help this year. you can see down the pitlane to an extent.

      also when i booked my grandstand seats for friday and saturday i made sure i was at the back of the grandstand in the hope that i’ll be able to get photos over the top of the fence so i’ll see how that goes.

      1. I assume that’s Schumacher Stand Turns 15/16 for Friday & Sat? That’s more than I want to pay, given the terrible exchange rate to sterling right now.

        I’ll be going GA all the way; just deciding how may days :-)

        1. i got the 4 grandstand jones pakage (so i’ll be in brabham for friday, clark for saturday and jones sunday). for friday and saturday morning i’ll just walk around to different corners for photos and really just sit in the grandstand for qualifying and the race.

          1. Hey Tom, That is the same as my plan. I got the four corner Fangio package and will be walking around the GA areas looking for great photo ops.

          2. Terry Fabulous
            22nd March 2010, 20:29

            Tom, Macca, The Pope!!!!

            I’m at the race too, Sitting in Jones Stand on Sunday.

            Want to meet up and have a beer/coffee/soft drink? There is a two hour break between Prac 3 and Qually and we could meet up 4pm under the Golf Course Giant Screen?

            That way, everyone can get there if they are grandstand or general admission entry?

            Let me know!

  14. I can only make Practice 1 (Friday 12:30-14:00), and will be going GA.

    Anybody else going to this session?

    1. Yep, I’m GA-ing from dawn to dusk on Friday and Saturday. The former should be best for zoom photography :)

      1. Terry Fabulous
        25th March 2010, 22:05

        Pope, can you make it to the get together tomorrow under the beig tv at the golf course????

        I have a big Yellow sign that says F1FANATIC!
        I will be wearing a big red SUPER AGURI hat.

        4pm Tomorrow under the big TV at the golf course.

        See you then!!!!

        Email me on [email protected] if you want to contact me.

        1. 4pm on Saturday, before Quali, yeah?

          Check your email for contact details

  15. Ok. I plan on getting in around 11am on Friday, leaving after the session… say 2:30pm (have to get to work!).

    1. Terry Fabulous
      25th March 2010, 22:06

      Travis can you make it tomorrow???

      I have a big Yellow sign that says F1FANATIC!
      I will be wearing a big red SUPER AGURI hat.

      4pm Tomorrow under the big TV at the golf course.

      See you then!!!!

      Email me on [email protected] if you want to contact me.

  16. For those of you who are on Twitter you can now follow F1 Fans who are at the 2010 Australian Grand Prix. Details here:


    1. Keith – how can we send you photos of the trackside action?

      1. Thanks Pope – you can upload them here: http://drop.io/f1fanatic

  17. Hi guys!

    I’m from Singapore and will like to go to Melbourne F1 race next year in 2011.

    My questions:

    1) Accomodation: any value-for-money places? I prefer somewhere near University of Melbourne so that I can visit my friends studying there

    2) Race days: any heads up on roughly when will the race days be? any possibility of it being pushed to early April?

    3) Tickets: any recommendations?


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