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2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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  1. Hey Carol, I have sent an email to [email protected] asking for their address cause i couldnt find it on the website. Is it Michael who gets those emails? Anyway im going to book grandstand tickets on Eau Rouge, just need to find out where to get them delivered. Even though it would of been good to watch with you guys, hopefully we can meet up when were there. Not too sure how we’ll be camping, will let you know on our progress. Thanks for your quick reply and your help.

    1. carol treurnicht
      9th December 2009, 21:11

      send me a mail please and I can give you the street address:
      [email protected]

    2. hi … i will pass no far from Spa on Saturday 28 (i have a fly on 29 early) … so there is a big incentive to go see qualifing at the most beautiful circuit i remember …
      are there tickets good and no expensive for saturday only, available at the circuit on the same day … ??
      it’s interesting for me to know it in advance as the circuit implies 150km deplacement … (for me it’s not problem but my girlfriend will kill me if we make the move and there are no tickets :-) )
      will be nice if someone knows in advance availaibility of tickets on circuit for only saturday …

      thanks … (excuses for my english)

      Juan Luis – Madrid
      [email protected]

      1. Hi Juan-Luis
        they do not have tickets for each of the days- only Sunday or weekend. Bronze weekend will cost you €160 and yes they will definitely be available still.

  2. Anthony_Ferrari
    9th December 2009, 11:23

    Hellooo! Am I first to post? Joe and I have booked our GA tickets for 2010. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

  3. Hi all
    I am looking to take my boyfriend to his first full F1 weekend this year at Spa – Christmas surprise – but am struggling to sort accommodation.
    The plan, if you can call it that, is to drive over on weds night / thurs morning and stay…somewhere… the drive back on the sun/mon after the race. The problem is that we have a 2 seater car lacking in boot space so bringing a tent along is not a simple task, although camping at or within walking distance of the track would be ideal. So, my questions are:
    * Do you know of any decent ish campsites that have tents already there?
    * Alternatively, are there any BB’s that offer similar fun and location as the campsites?
    Sorry, and thank you all in advance!

    1. there ar no campsites with tents already. But I can arrange a tent (tent only). Up to today I still can arrange some B&B.

  4. Richard Warren
    9th December 2009, 14:17

    Very tempted to go to Spa again. I broke my F1 cherry at Spa in 2008 and loved it.

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips for Spa? Particularly camping and any inclusive packages.

    In 2008 we stayed in a picturesque small town just across the border in Germany called Monschau. It was lovely if a little expensive. I would highly recommend it if you like good food and a beautiful setting to chill out in after a day of motor sport. It took about 40 minutes to drive to the track in the morning – a drive mostly through forests and hills which was great fun.

    Also toying with getting a grandstand seat. GA was great for a first visit as we got to walk the whole track and watch from several places over the weekend. Les Combes was a great place to watch but so crowded on race day (we got there too late).
    Eau Rouge is a unique spectacle but not sure I would want to watch the whole race from there – not much overtaking.

    So much to consider!

    1. carol treurnicht
      9th December 2009, 21:08

      if you want to camp and have some fun then come and join us at the Elephant- we had a ball last year and there are loads from this thread going again next year.
      Its quieter than the huge main sites, 20 minute walk to the track (shuttle bus also available) and we’d love to meet you!

      1. Richard Warren
        10th December 2009, 9:02

        I haven’t camped since I was about 5! Still, I’m looking into it. I have e-mailed Elephant and asked if there are any B&B vacancies – if not then I’d better buy a tent ;)
        What are the facilities like at Elephant?

        1. carol treurnicht
          10th December 2009, 19:02

          there are B&B possibilities there so keep me posted if you don’t hear anything in the next few days and I’ll get my folks there to do some digiing for you.
          If you were there 2008 you must have enjoyed the “fantastic” weather! I have never seen so much mud but a pal of mine told me Monza was even worse that year! Even we in our camper (like most others) had to be towed out by the neighbouring farmer with his tractor- he thought it was hysterically funny and kept muttering in French about these crazy F1 people…..
          More later as got to sort a couple of things right now.

  5. The address is Société de Promotion du Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, 4970 Stavelot4970, Belgique

    You can get it in two secs going a Google search.

    Any other recommendations on where to watch the race from, and where to stay?

  6. Has anyone gone to Spa without taking their car? What is the best way of going about doing that? Flights, getting to the track on race day, accommodation? Any help is much appreciated.

    And what tickets are best to buy? General admission, or a reserved seat? Where are the best seats for the most reasonable price?

    Many Thanks!

  7. carol treurnicht
    9th December 2009, 21:04

    Heh? How did that old post of mine get here? Hi guys welcome to the new thread as I guess we bust the old one from last year! We got to 655 posts so I guess Keith had to start us off again!
    Let me introduce myself- I am Carol and am a total Spa addict and go every year.
    @ Adam- yes the mails go to Michael personally so don’t worry- I know he is travelling and away at the moment but you will get a response!
    @ Anthony- great news- looks like quite a few of us will be back again this year so looking forward to it- I am also all booked up- just need to sort the camper out but not till after Christmas on that one as got all the “other” stuff going on at the moment!
    As for the rest of you- I am sure we’ll get some helpful hints.
    Cheers for now

  8. carol treurnicht
    9th December 2009, 21:06

    thanks for the new thread but promise you won’t delete the old one yet please…….
    Also here it says its for people attending the Bahrain Grand Prix……………??

  9. carol treurnicht
    9th December 2009, 21:10

    sorry to bother you again but what on earth is this strange post of mine from September from the old thread doing here- it looks kinda odd now!

  10. Hi again
    So, my tickets are booked and I’m totally giddy with excitement (and it’s not even my present!). Now I just need accommodation tips…see previous post. Can anyone out there help?
    If I can squeeze the smallest tent in the world into my car, what is the elephant like? Should we look to stay there? Any half decent places to eat nearby?
    Thank you :o)

    1. If you want a site that specialises in pre-erected tents the link at the bottom may be useful. It is a good site considering it is temporary, with decent toilets and washing facilities and plenty of entertainment in the evening. Also if you like your sleep it is quiet from midnight.

      Only downside is it is 9km from site and if you drive yourself it can be almost an hour from campsite to track; mainly due to the length of walk from track car parks.

      Stunning scenery too. Not saying it is better or worse than The Elephant just that it does specialise in pre-erected tents.

      1. Sorry couldn’t attach link correctly in the post above the url is as per here.


        1. http://www.campingf1.com Formula 1 Campsites and they do most of the European race tracks

  11. August 29 is my lovely wife’s birthday and we want to celebrate at the Spa GP this year. We’ve wanted to attend Spa for years, but this will be our first time.
    Coming over from California, we’re into a pretty pricey trip, but it’s her birthday so we’re going for it – first class flight, fast car (rental), fancy hotels. And for the race, we would like to get covered grandstand tickets.
    I’m looking for any suggestions for the best spots. We prefer race viewing to pit viewing.
    How about Gold 3 at Eau Rouge? Is this a good choice? Someone told me there is a grandstand from which you can see the cars for nearly 20 seconds. Is that true? Which one?
    Any guidance would be really appreciated.

    1. Tribunes – the best place is Gold 2

  12. Thanks Michael! We’re booked! We’re going! We’re stoked!

    I’ll keep checking this board for tips (routes in and out, services on the circuit grounds and in the area, and so on). What a great resource!


  13. Hi everyone

    I’ve just booked The Elephant (I hope the email reaches Michael…) and am pretty excited! It will be our first year at Spa and the forujm posts make it sound like an absolute ball.

    Hope to see you all there

  14. carol treurnicht
    22nd December 2009, 20:23

    Hi peeps
    taking shape for 2010 slowly- great stuff.
    We got a few things planned for this year to make your trip memorable!
    More news later but till then- everyone have a fantastic christmas and an even merrier New Year and look forward to chatting/making plans then!

  15. Hi All! We’re coming over to Spa from the US. I’m ready to buy seats and I’m torn as to which. I’m debating between Gold 8 at La Source of Gold 2, since apparently, you can see the cars for quite a while. We’d like to see some pit action, race action and the podium, so I was thinking Gold 8, but I’d love to hear some reviews! Thanks and see you all there!

    1. carol treurnicht
      23rd December 2009, 21:52

      Hi Andrea
      great- you won’t regret it- according to our resident expert Michael Gold 2 is your best bet.
      I’m a poor GA person so can’t help you on grandstand tips I’m afraid!

    2. Gold 8 you see only La Source for a few seconds. Gold 2 you can see from La Source to Le Raidillon.

        1. the number of the tribune I mean changed – now it’s Gold 3!

  16. Claire & Rob Neal
    23rd December 2009, 11:18

    Whoop Whoop its been confirmed that Schumacher is to race for Mercedes in 2010. OMG im sooooooo excited for spa next yr :) Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and an even merrier new year and look forward to chatting and making plans in the new year xxxx

  17. All booked… can anyone give me an idea of what we will need at the site to make our camping stay a little more luxurious?!?!? Thanks

    1. carol treurnicht
      23rd December 2009, 21:57

      Hi AJ
      great news!
      Depends on what you mean- are you tenting it or coming with a camper? If you have a car your are mobile if in a camper then you are pretty much fixed. Most of us bring everything bar the kitchen sink so we can usually help out if you forgot the teabags/need a hot coffee or whatever. Nice thing about the site everybody just mucks in and shares. Let us know what you are thinking of and we can probably give you a few more hints or tips!

  18. Thanks Carol — I pulled the trigger at got Gold 8 seats at La Source this morning!! So excited!! It’s one of my favourite corners in F1, and I figure we’ll see some overtaking action, as well as the start, and some pit action (though less with no refueling for next year), and we can still make it to the podium. It came down to Gold 2 or Gold 8, and I just went 8.

    I’m a HUGE Schumi fan, so I’m just over the moon about being able to see him at Spa! I’m going to keep up with this thread and we’d love to meet up with some people, if you don’t mind some Yanks joining in on the fun!

    Now…off to find hotels in Spa. Recommendations welcome!


  19. christopher (sennaboy3)
    24th December 2009, 9:27

    Carol: We are going to need a detailed account of Rolf’s reaction to the Schumi news! Counting down the days to SPA already…Merry Xmas.

  20. Oh crap! Well, too late now, I suppose. I’m sure we’ll have a great time in Gold 8, nonetheless. I wanted to also see some of the pits and grid, so hopefully Gold 8 will come through. Just the experience of being there will be fabulous, though!

  21. All our friend a Merry Christmas – 247 days!
    The Elephant® Camping

  22. Hi, I’m planning on going to the Belgian GP next year. I plan to camp but I don’t drive, so I need a campsite that is either close to the track or offers a shuttle service. Once I sort this out I can book all the tickets :)

    1. carol treurnicht
      28th December 2009, 9:25

      where we are at the elephant its about 20 minute walk to Eau Rouge entrance and there is also a shuttle service (only time it does not run is directly after the race as the roads are closed!)Also if you need help getting there form wherever in the first place get in touch with Michael and I am sure he can sort you out. They are all more than helpful there.

      1. That sounds great, thanks for replying. I’ll have a look on your site.

  23. happy new year everyone!!! Hope 2010 is great for you all lotsa love

  24. carol treurnicht
    2nd January 2010, 17:58

    Happy New Year peeps- bring on the season!

  25. My Son and I have GA tickets booked. Will be our first GP although been F1 fans for years. Just e-mailed Michael @ The Elephant as all you hardy Spa goers seem to recommend it. Hope to see you all there. Can’t wait for August!!

  26. Does anyone have advice for where to book at this stage (both accom & race tickets)?

    I’d really appreciate any up to date hints and tips you may have since this will be our first ever trip to a F1 race! :)

    1. to buy tickets pls got to http://www.spagrandprix.com/
      for booking parking or camping:


  27. We’ve got G3 booked – does that allow us to watch some practice / qualifying anywhere else, I wonder (GA spots for example)? We could in Monaco and Silverstone.

    1. Gold 3 – you have your fixed seat. So u watch from G3 – not from any other tribunes. But u can walk in the Bronze aerea … if the organisation don’t change the system …

      1. Thank you – very useful. We’d like to watch some practice at Pouhon, which looks good. Hope we can get there! thanks again.

        1. carol treurnicht
          3rd January 2010, 23:44

          normally if you got grandstand tickets you have access to your grandstand and all other bronze (GA) areas- so you have access to most of the track. Hope to see you there.

          1. Perfect – thank you, Carol.

  28. christopher (sennaboy3)
    6th January 2010, 9:46

    Gareth: We sat in G3 last year. Great tickets! Wait till you get your first look! Spa hasn’t adopted the “Roving Grandstand” theory on Friday/Saturday so your confined to your particular stand & General Admission. Spa is a bit strict on letting you in & out of certain areas; They literally scan you in/out of your Grandstand, but you can work your way fully around the track for some excellent views. cheers

    1. Thanks, Christopher! Looking forward to it all! If it’s fine weather for a practice session we’ll try to find our way to Pouhon – if it’s wet, we’ll stay put under cover!!! My 13 year old can’t believe we’re going!!! It’ll be his second F1 GP – it was Silverstone last time. We also went to the IOM TTs two years ago – or should I not mention that?!?!?!? Cheers for being so helpful everyone!

  29. carol treurnicht
    9th January 2010, 10:49

    Hi all
    looks like the Darrens are also joining us- great!

  30. SeanPendlebury
    11th January 2010, 15:17

    Hi all, A few mates and I are all looking to see our first European F1 event at Spa 2010. We will be camping at the circuit, mainly for the ease of getting about and generally not wanting to walk miles to the circuit!


    Ive looked on the website: http://www.spa-tickets.be/spa-francorchamps/f1-tickets.asp

    this tells me that camping is 168 Euros + fees etc

    Now my questions are:

    1. Where is the camping in relation to the circuit, anyone care to point it out on a map or something? or in relation to a specfic corner?

    2. Does that price indicated include camping and general admission to the race weekend.

    3. Do i need to pay for extra parking or can i park next to my tent?

    4. When ordering the tickets from the above website, do i order tickets person or per tent pitch, id imagine per person, which makes sense, but how do they know we 6 tickets and only 3 tent pitches?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


  31. carol treurnicht
    12th January 2010, 20:48

    Hi Sean
    thanks for the mail- think I maybe answered most of your questions- hope you join us!

  32. Jamie preston
    16th January 2010, 15:14

    Just booked tickets, but cant email the elephant place, there website is down always?

    Any help please!

    1. carol treurnicht
      16th January 2010, 15:59

      Hi Jamie
      no panic. What did you try and send? Drop me a line
      [email protected]
      and if I can help I will. Or if you have questions etc.

  33. Jamie preston
    16th January 2010, 19:16

    Thanks I see it now, do you 2 work there or are you campers, fans? Sounds like a good atmosphere, mini glasto! I’m coming from brussels on thursday train to liege and fervier, any advice on the next bit from train to elephant site?

    1. I’m the owner.
      If you don’t find a bus from Verviers to FRANCORCHAMPS (not Spa!) call me an I will send the shuttle to pick u up.

    2. carol treurnicht
      16th January 2010, 21:13

      Hi Jamie
      as you can see you got a response from the man himself!
      I am not involved but have stayed there many times now and again this year……if Michael lets us in! Lol!

  34. Jamie preston
    17th January 2010, 11:18

    Kool, Michael lets cut to the chase…where’s all the real nightlife around Francorchamps..There’s a casino in Spa I see, any good late bars? It’s my brothers birthday so were trying to put together and near death experience for him!!

  35. Hi All
    We are totally booked up already,
    Michael has confirmed the site,
    Gold 3 tickets sorted, just the tunnel to go !
    That’l be Little Darren, Ross, big Darren & Mark arriving on the Thursday lunchtime, look forward to meeting you all there !!!

    1. carol treurnicht
      18th January 2010, 20:08

      Fantastic Darren- looking forward to seeing you and Big Darren again and meeting your other buddies!
      We’ll be there from Weds afternoon onwards.

      please drop me a line as I need to talk to you! Grrrrrrr!

  36. Jamie preston
    18th January 2010, 13:31

    PraxisTent will be providing the latest style spacious tents, erected and fully equipped, creating the Grand Prix Village just 20 minutes travel from the Belgian Grand Prix Circuit at Spa-Francorchamps in 2010. The Tented Village is conveniently located with transport available to and from the circuit and we can accommodate up to 500 people on site at Camping Polleur.

    Has anyone booked here?

    1. – not authorized for the F1!
      Polleur is far from the cirquit (~20km), u have to drive by car, us the traffic jam and pay the parking fees of 10 Euro/Day

      1. Jamie preston
        20th January 2010, 0:10

        Sorry to bother you all again, getting out after the gp to get to verviar? Is it like silverstone – grid lock – how many hours?

  37. Michael, I’ve booked my race tickets and would like to book a spot at your campsite. How do I go about doing that? Thanks in advance :)

    1. Oh – it’s easy – pls go to my web and fill out the form … http://francorchamps-parking.com

    2. carol treurnicht
      18th January 2010, 20:05

      Hi Andrew
      would be great to welcome you.
      Here’s the link

    3. Thank you both for your replies

  38. I’ve e-mailed Michael twice trying to confirm camping costs, but haven’t had a reply. Can anybody confirm the price for camping would be €135 for a four night stay – Thursday 26th August to Sunday 29th August (leaving AM Monday 30th), please. Is parking included in the camping price? Also, can anybody confirm a €20 deposit is required. I just want to make sure that I’m interpreting the web-site correctly.

    1. Hi Dave,
      welcome to Francorchamps.
      I didn’t get any mail from you. The Server of the reservation form send me each reservation by email and I ceck it dayly.
      I checked the mail server – no mail from you…

      The Prices you will find on the web side (prices are fixed by the community of Francorchamps, count by DAY). Parking is included.
      Deposit you refund if you take back home your rubbish. (to much rubbish for the small village of Francorchamps)
      Fees für shower an toilett service not incl.
      (permanently clean toilett and incl. shower)

      [email protected]

  39. Is stavelot a different commune to francorchamps? When you say the price is set do you mean stavelot too? I’m interested because I might have been overcharged!

  40. Panic over is the same stavelot-francochamps same place…

    1. Hi liamj,
      have a look to a map – Stavelot is in the south, Francorchamps (with the main entry) in the north of the circuit

      1. Yeah all clear now thankyou. turned out that Spa is completely new again and I BOOKED there. Now I will be further away nearer paris! – i love Belge – SPA grand prix not at Spa @ Francochamps! hehehe??

  41. Prices fixed! A forum myth that’s been floating around the forums for a few years now. The tax is set, not the camping price? On good authority!

  42. Hi everyone. I’m new to F1 but want to buy my husband tickets for Spa this year for his 40th birthday and wondered if I could ask your advice please. From what you’ve said so far, it sounds like tickets for Gold 3 would be best to see action on corners etc, is this right? I know he is not keen on pit seats and wants to see all the action.

    Also, I had a question about accommodation: I am not very keen on camping (too many family camping holidays as a child!) – are there any B&Bs nearby or are they all going to booked up by now? Or would they be difficult to get to/from from the circuit?


  43. http://www.stavelot.be/files/gallery/terrainsdecamping1193329189.pdf

    Superficie de Type d’abris Taux
    Type 1 – de 50 à 79 m² Tentes 50 €
    Type 2 – de 80 à 99 m² Caravanes motorhomes (2,5m /8 m) 70 €
    Type 3 – de 100 à 119 m² Caravanes résidentielles et chalets …..
    (art 1 ;20, alinéa 2 du décret)
    (superficie au sol jusque 30 m²) 85 €
    Type 4 – 120 m² et plus Idem 3 ci-avant
    (superficie au sol de plus de 30 m²) 100 €

    some kind of reduction also it appears, french is not my first language, I readily apologise.

    Camping Polluer is authorised.

    1. Yep – it is in french …
      This are the TAX of the Community of Staverlot for a permanent camping place for a year. Polleur is a permenent camping, not only for F1. 17 km from Francorchamps. In the Ardennes you can find some more permanent camping places – maybe cheaper as Polleur.
      The Community of Francorchamps Fix the prices for the Parking and Camping of Race Events and take a special “Event Tax” from this prices.
      More questions? Ask me, I am leaving for 25 years in Francorchamps …

      1. Thats the point

        Camping polleur is authorized – and its price is not set because its permanent camping.

        It has a different tax to you because it’s outside the price fixing durastiction 17km away?

        Its price is not set and it can have campers for whatever event they wish too??

        Perhaps lost in translation, but authorized is quite a strong word to use for people trying to book accomodation in a foreign country?


        1. Polleur is not a circuit campsite I think would be a more suitable description, you are free to book if you wish if you have no travel issues, it wont be raided!

        2. right – that’s the point – Camping Polleur is a permanent Camping Place out of the dictation of the community of Francorchamps. And don’t need their special event authorisation.
          If you use google map – router – you see: 17 km to Francorchamps.

  44. Hi folks
    been offline due to virus attack last few days.
    Interesting discussion going on which is great- I mean we all have different requirements and expectations from a GP weekend – the main thing is that whatefver ticket or accommodation people choose that they have a weekend of a lifetime!

  45. Michael, I sent you a form last week but made a mistake and sent another with the same details but amended length of stay. I sent you an email but you haven’t replied! Sorry to complicate things but could you replace my original form (in the name Andrew White, postcode beginning BN16) with the new one? Thanks. :)

  46. Hey Everyone

    Been reading this site for a while now after being sent it as a link when I created a new discussion about visiting spa on planetf1.com. Me and a friend (22 and 23) are wanting to get to Spa this year, we were gonna try Silverstone first but we’re both away in Ibiza at the time and Spa is on my birthday weekend so we thought we’d give it a go. There’s so many posts on here I think i’m beginning to get confused with all of the information so I was wondering if anyone could hit the nail on the head with a few questions. We’re going to travel from Newcastle through Calais etc and up (first time driving abroad, uh oh…), we’re going to buy the GA tickets and get ourselves a good spectacting spot but its the whole logistical camping banter that is confusing me. We’re looking to have a good time and enjoy the partying and booze but I can’t decide

    Where to stay? Buy camping tickets off the official site?
    To buy tickets now or on the door? Buy parking tickets off the official site??

    Are the campsites at the circuit good or bad?

    Done a lot of research but it would be nice if someone could just show me the light, haha. Cheers everyone

    1. Hi Harry- firstly great to see someone from my neck of the woods if you are coming from Newcastle! Missed Xmas one year due to Newcy Brown but that’s another story!
      Lets get to basics- GA tickets you can buy on site and to be recommended now the discount season is over so you’ll pay more if you order in advance.
      Then as to where to stay it depends on what you want- if you want a reasonbably secure place withing staggering distance of the track and a good time then the elephant is a good bet. If you want more peace and swimming pools and activities for kids etc then there are places a bit farhter away.
      If you want all night discos to meet the birds or whatever then maybe one of the nearby towns is what you are looking for.
      Have a think and give us a few more details on wishes then we can probably help a bit more!

    2. PS- if you camp with elephant then you don’t need parking as you can either walk or take the shuttle.
      The official sites are huge, crammed in and in my opinion chaotic- but if that is what you are looking for then fine!
      As for entertainment we make our own and barbie together (if it doesn’t work then sod it we’ll share the crisps or whatever!)then take it from there- I can only say it took us forever to get home last year because after the race no-one wanted to go home!
      The local pub is also a fun hangout with F1 fans from all over……beer is excellent!

      1. Thanks Carol, the official sites are whats confusing me, seems like an absolute logistical nightmare to sort it, but we wanna enjoy a full weekend of partying as well as finding a good spot and watching the race, happy to buy the tickets there and then, but as far as everything else goes its just getting on my nerves.

        Is the elephant a good base for heading to local bars and exploring the local towns??


  47. Hi Michael. Me again. Thank you for your email. Don’t worry about the delay it was my fault anyway, but the new bill wasn’t attached!

      1. Ahh- we thought you were old! Do you still have that mad hairdo?

        1. grrrrrr …. looks as you like to stay in the corner of 3rd aerea ….

          1. Oh dear- so I am banned to the cowshed again?

    1. Thank you very much Michael :D

      As I said, it was my fault for getting the original form wrong!

  48. Andrea Frederick
    31st January 2010, 4:26

    Hi All! We’re still looking for hotels in Spa or Francorchamps and they are all completely booked from what I can find! I’ve found two that have space, but they are just a smidge out of budget and only have triples and suites left (which we don’t need for two people)

    So, I’m thinking of staying in Liege and taking the train in. Any thoughts on whether that’s a bad/good idea, or any other suggestions? We’re coming from the USA, so camping isn’t really an option for us and I’m starting to get concerned!


    1. To get a Hotel room it’s a little late.
      why not camping? A tent ist not the problem …

  49. Andrea Frederick
    31st January 2010, 15:13

    I think I’m misunderstanding the camping thing! Where I’m from, camping means a tent, sleeping bags, no WCs or showers — and we cannot bring that stuff with us from the States. What’s the camping you mean? (Sorry for the dumb questions…I’m a Spa noobie!) I looked at The Elephant’s Web site, but I think I’m still missing something.


    1. Andrea
      if you have no success in finding a hotel then think about the camping stuff. A tent and sorting you with chairs to sit on, blow up mattress to sleep on is non problem- in fact we did this withn a few guys from USA last year and we all had a super time. The site has proper toilets and showers- and you only need to sleep in your tent as most people hang out with the neighbours…..last year we all just barbecued together and those of us in campers had no problem at all making tea and coffee etc or grilling the food……up to you but think about it.
      Where are you flying into and when and will you have transport at all or reliant on trains etc when you arrive?
      Let us know what we can do to help get you guys sorted.

  50. Hello,

    I am looking at attending the Grand Prix this year with my partner. Is there anymore B&B rooms left at the Elephant?

    Thanks in Advance


    1. yes – still rooms. pls email me.

  51. Tickets bought, camping paid for and only the ferry booking to do. Can’t wait and looking forward to seeing you all there. First time to Spa but always wanted to go.

  52. Going to be looking at booking tickets next weekend, and seems the elephant is the place to be for camping….if here are still places left. Is the site mainly brits or is there a huge cross section of nationalities?

    1. Hi Rick,
      we are international. Not only German and Brits … USA, Australia … everybody is wellcome

  53. Hi Rick
    nice to see your interest. Most of the people that come through here are Brits but last year we have peeps from Germany, US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand so I think you can say we are a pretty mixed bunch!

    1. Thanks Carol and Michael.

      Tickets are now booked. Camping reservation from has been filled in and sent. Cant wait for August now. Are there any shops or local pubs near the camp site?

  54. Hi Michael�are you there?!?!?

    I have sent a couple of emails on both of your email addresses with regard to paying for my camping space that I booked before Christmas for this years GP, but have not received a response. Are we still booked in, and how can I pay you?!?!?



    1. grrrr … still problems with the spam filter? please try [email protected]
      I will send a mail up to you.

  55. Etienne Peters
    8th February 2010, 20:33

    Hey guys,

    New here. My name is Etienne Peters(Dutch) Going for the second time to a f1 race, second time belgian. First time oh man. friday morning walking to the grandstand seeing the hils of the ardennes still covered in mist then suddenly a f1 car is being started. Pure goosebumbs. Then it hit me. F1 in its purest form.

    I sat at silver 1 then and this year. wich is not a bad spot at all. you can see from exit la source and the pit exit all the way up kemmel corner. Plus a big video screen dead in front of you and you can see into the paddock from there.

    Anyone sitting on silver 1 this year? Let me know.

    Im seeing that a few people have problems by finding a place to stay during the grand prix. For this year its maybe a litle to late but if you are sure that your gonna be here next year and if your willing to pay somewhat more then i would definetly recommend booking one of the houses in one of the landal green parks in belgium not far from the track

    Im lucky enough that my parents own one of the houses at one of those landal greenparks 20 min of the track. usually 2 or 3 houses are booked the rest is rented by an f1 team. So again be quick!!! Last year toyota was there. on the saturday evening they’d celebrated that trulli was starting second, welll… let we just say they celebrated a litle too hard, me too actually :P No wonder they’d kinda sucked on the sunday:) This year another team stays here. Dont know wich one yet but try to find out and will return with pics for you to enjoy

    You all have a good one at Spa..

  56. Etienne Peters
    8th February 2010, 20:41

    Etienne here again,

    For those interested:


    here’s my youtube channel. I have video’s from the thursday pitwalk to the sunday race from last year.



  57. Hi all me and my brother are wanting to come to spa in august and im looking for any tips, ive been before about 10 years ago and camped in the village but facilites where crap no toilet and the only water we had was a pipe out of the ground. so i would like to camp again but want toilets and a shower and electric hookup if possible any ideas would be great

    many thanks


    1. Hi Nicola,
      we have CLEAN toilets (WC), we have warm showers.
      Okay – fresh water only a tap near the showers … But everythin clean.
      If you like to book soon you can get electric hookup too.
      Please have a look to our web …

  58. Well just emailed Michael for camping prices, gonna book the F1 tickets soon, looking at the gold 4 seats. its a wedge of cash but I think the views would be awesome. Anyone sat there before? Now to figure out the eurostar costs.

  59. Claire & Rob Neal
    10th February 2010, 12:11

    Carol,Harry… we are from Middlesbrough, how are you both getting to Spa? are you taking the euro tunnel, ferry from dover or ferry from Hull? we think we are taking the euro but not sure yet, thats the only thing we need to book now.We are also planning a stop over in Bastogne to see the “battle of the bulge” museum. We are both on countdown to the start of the season and getting more excited as it gets closer, im predicting a hell of a season though i am kinda disappointed with the “new” points system.

    1. Hi to you Claire and Rob
      I’m originally form costa del Darlington (yeah well!) but lived in Dresden for yonks now so will be coming from the totally opposite direction to you guys!
      Totally excited about start of new season now!

    2. Michelle from Newcastle
      3rd March 2010, 20:24

      Claire & Rob,
      We’re coming from Newcastle, have just booked tickets and waiting to hear from Michael about camping. Might be worth us getting in contact to compare journeys – we plan to take the tunnel across.

      If you’re interested post here then we can exchange contact details.


      1. Claire & Rob Neal
        5th March 2010, 12:37

        Hi Michelle, yeah it sounds like a plan, we plan to take the tunnel across too(not too keen on the ferry)What day are you planning on traveling over to Belgium?


  60. ARGH! Looks like i won�t be at Spa for the third year this year. Normally me and my dad go, we stayed in the elephant last year (highly recommended) but will be off to Silverstone with a few friends, Just wishing you guys a great race, hopefully it will be a good one! (Although I�ll be gutted I�ll miss it if it is) Not long now to the new season! 30 days until Bahrain, with 4 new teams, that�s if they all make it, its going to be amazing. I�m sure all the Schumacher fans who were at Spa last year are ecstatic. Elephant is, by far, the best campsite, just to back Michaels point, yes the facilities are good, better than any other campsite, and the walk, is nothing. Or just take the shuttle, but it is a nice walk.

  61. Hi Carol,

    You seem to be the font of all knowledge re Spa! I assume that the Elephant has good loo’s etc as you seem to highly recommend it. The phot’s make it look huge; are you allocated somewhere when you arrive or should you request an area?

    Re the Race F1 weekend itself; what would you suggest is the best ticket to go for?

    Thanks for your advise an great reading your posts!

  62. Hi guys,

    I’m coming with some friends to the Spa GP, and we’re just looking into camping. Everything seems to be pointing towards the Elephant (loving the fact that it’s only a walk away from the circuit) but I was just wondering what facilities there are. I suppose the big question is, is there any food available there, or is it near to places to get food?

    Would appreciate any info like that about the campsite :)


  63. We’re in Gold 3 – we’d also like to do some viewing from Pouhon. What’s the best route to walk from G3 to Pouhon? Thanks!

  64. Hi all
    great to see the interest.
    Elephant is not huge- in fact its quite small and friendly- big enough to say you won’t get to know everyone there but small enough to say you probably met up with most at some stage of the weekend!
    Food? Most of us grill and if you can contribute a bottle of beer or a crisp i am sure most of us are happy to have you join us! None of us starved yet! There is a pub or two around the village and they do serve food but to be honest not many of us made it that far to try it ( we had Andy next door last year barbecuing all sorts of stuff so we just ate his!)
    The baker also comes daily bring fresh croissants, baguettes etc so breakfast is also no problem!
    As for viewing Gareth- if you got G3 tickets you get to your grandstand but also access to all the bronze (GA) areas which at Spa are great so you can get to Pouhon or wherever you like really. You can either walk round the whole track ( a must for us Fridays) or there are walkways through the middle of the track. You will love every bit of the place wherever you stop and watch from.
    And put it in your diaries please- beer on the Eau Rouge after the race is a MUST BE THERE!

  65. Just for the record so you all know.
    1. i am not a travel agent
    2. Have only ever been GA to Spa as am poor…. (lol)
    3. Have stayed at Elephant 3 times now and it gets better every year.
    4. No I don’t own the Elephant- the chief there is Michael who posts here now and again when his hair allows…..
    5. And yes I love the place and go every year!
    If that makes me an expert- well yeah!
    Just want you peeps to enjoy as much as i do and have a weekend to remember!

  66. hello everyone
    all booked for spa G.M all the way,have been on to michael
    about the camping cheers for the quick reply to,as im a spa havin a clue about paypal lol so will get someone else to do it for me,,can anyone tell me please is their a train nearer to the track then liege,,im kind of lost after Liège

    from ireland

    1. Hi Antony,

      Liege than to VERVIERS. From Verviers are busses to FRANCORCHAMPS (NOT Spa!). When you are in Francorchamps call me someone will pick you up. If you don’t find a bus in Verviers – call me I will send a car.

      1. ok michael thats cool,thanks very much,,,sorting out the paypal monday or tueday

        thanks again

  67. Phillip from Denmark
    20th February 2010, 13:03

    Hi,Is The Elephant campsite which seems to have rave reviews on this forum,a fairly level campsite or on a slope? Its just that from some of the photos on their website it looks like some parts of it have quite a slope to it.
    I only ask because we once had a bad experience camping on a sloping hill and the tent blew/fell down around 2 am !!

    1. Hi Philip,

      Francorchamps is in the mountains of the Ardennes/Eifel.
      You can be sure that I don’t make a camp near rocks and near an abyss.
      Have a look here and you will see: no one fall down from my camp …. ;-)

      >> http://francorchamps-camping.com/gallery/campside/album/index.html


  68. Phillip from Denmark
    21st February 2010, 18:20

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the photos,looks like we will be staying with you for the GP weekend then !!;)

  69. Claire Parsons
    23rd February 2010, 9:41

    Hi Everyone

    I think I have managed to persuade hubbie that saving up to go to SPa is a great idea. I’ve never been to a Grand Prix before but have always wanted to go to Spa.

    A question for the experts;
    Which Grandstands are best?

    Michael from Elephant – do you have availability for a caravan with electric?


    1. Hi Claire
      the best Grandstands are G3. And if you make it there you certainly won’t regret it! Spa was my first live GP too and I loved the place since!
      I am sure Michael will have space for you with electric.Just either go to his site or mail him on:
      [email protected]
      Good luck and looking forward to seeing you there.

    2. Hi Claire,
      place for you and your caravan is no problem. Electic hook – you have to hury up with your reservation. Electric is not possible for every one. The electric is limited and quickly sold out.

  70. Hi everyone,

    Just been reading through this thread after I finally bit the bullet and bought GA tickets for this years Belgium GP – my first GP abroad after seeing 4 at Silverstone across the years.

    Coming over with a mate, and having read a number of threads elsewhere that were not very complimentary about official campsites I have been brought back to the camping idea by this thread!! So hopefully we’ll be able to stay at the elephant, and have a cracking weekend!

    The next 6 months can actually not go quick enough!!


  71. Adam
    we’ll look forward to seeing you there- am sure we’ll all have a ball!

  72. ‘lo all,

    To anyone thinking of going to Spa for the 1st time.. DO IT!! You won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone at Spa, from the fancy-pants Gold ticket holders we read of on this excellent forum (I’ll join u one day) to the General admission loving types like myself.

    I’ll admit that my experiences of Spa have been bitter sweet. I’ve been there in ‘08 and ‘09 and intend to go again this year. The trip didn’t exactly go to plan in ‘08. Someone posted earlier in the thread that they were concerned about the late despatch of their tickets, this is a fair concern. What if you’re leaving a few days prior to the race weekend to do a bit of travelling in Europe before heading for Spa, as I do? It can be a bit tight.

    Last year it wasn’t a problem, our tickets arrived a couple of weeks before the race, happy days, ‘08 wasn’t so good. The biggest ticket distributor for the Belgian GP seems to be Tellus Tickets, now renamed.. I forget what they’re named now.. tells you something about how you remember bad service much clearer than good service.
    In ‘08 we raised our concerns with Tellus that our tickets would arrive so close to our departure date, on the Wednesday of the week before the race. We were assured they’d be with us by then. Two days before departure we didnt have them, we were told that if they weren’t gonna make it to us by early Wed morn they’d go to the track for collection. They didnt turn up so we left, only to recieve a call as we travelled South from Brussels to say ur tickets were back in Scotland! As it dawned on Tellus they’d screwed up in a big way they had the presence of mind to tell us it was our problem, hang up and stop answering calls. So there we were-close to Spa with no tickets. Refusing to admit defeat we managed to book my mate on the early flight back to Scotland the next day (Friday), returning Saturday. He got back to our campsite late on Saturday, but at least we saw the race.

    Interesting postscipt to that one, when I heard that Tellus had setup an office at the track and went to it on Friday for a rant of great proportions I found that they had reprinted our tickets and had them there, just didn’t tell us that. We were not alone in not recieving our tickets in time, they had big problems that year.

    After many threatening emails Tellus gave us a couple of free tickets to the ‘09 race.

    I’ll reiterate.. we had no problems getting our ‘09 tickets and I think that after the fiasco in ‘08 they’re unlikely to repeat the same mistake.

    We camped both years at Eau Rouge campsite, a permanent site between the town of Stavelot and the southern end of the track. I think its a great site with good facilities and a good team of staff who allow everyone to have a good time, but wont let anyone away with really loud music through the night. Eau Rouge site will take your booking but pay in cash on arrival. It’s around a half hr walk maybe 40 mins slower walk to the entrances around Les Combes. I cant comment on the much mentioned Elephant campsite, probably just as good.

    Regarding good places to view.. In ‘08 we got tickets for Silver 3 grandstand, dont make the same mistake. I mistakenly thought you’d see the cars through Les Combes, maybe if you’re in the 1st couple of rows on the right of the stand you’d see them bear left in the second part of the corner and through Malmedy. Almost all the stand only see them exit Malmedy and accelerate away towards Bruxelles. We gave up on the grandstand and looked for a decent GA spot to stand at, deciding on standing above Liege. From there you get a decent view of them exiting Bruxelles, through Liege, into Pouhon and again at the top of the straight into the bus stop chicane, down the pit straight (binoculars needed at this point) into La Source and on the La Source exit. You are also opposite a big screen. Took this spot again last year with our GA tickets and debating whether to move to Les Combes GA viewing this year with a Kangaroo TV rental (no big screen there, but more likely to see some overtaking into Les Combes) If its a grandstand seat you’re after I’d listen to some of the the good advice offered by others on this forum on the Gold stands.

    On practice day have a good walk around the track and enjoy watching them from a lot of spots. If rains I’d advise enjoying watching someone overcook it at Pouhon, into the tyres (Alguersuari) and then see the magnificent Vettel find the absolute limit (as he tends to do in any practice)and go straight across Les Combes.

    Spa.. greatest track in the world, you’ll just love it.


    1. ‘lo again

      reading so much about the Elephant campsite tempts me to go there this year.. it will be on the agenda as me my mates finalise our plans soon.

      The Eau Rouge site has a wee bar of its own, but no pubs nearby. It’s not far from Stavelot for buying food, I take it there are stores near the Elephant site?

      I wouldn’t like to think what time I’d have to leave that site on Sunday morn to get all the way down to Les Combes though.


  73. Michelle from Newcastle
    2nd March 2010, 20:18

    Well just managed to get the time confirmed off work, we usually go to Silverstone, but after reading this thread are going to aim to do Spa, so going to book tickets for G3 and also the campsite in a wee while, then the channel tunnel, so will check back in once all that is done.

  74. Hi all,

    okay – everybody who have problems with tickets: I am leaving in Francorchamps and you can let send the tickets to my address and can pick it up on the campsite.

    1. Michelle from Newcastle
      4th March 2010, 20:39

      Can anyone help please. On the http://francorchamps-parking.com/ website I cannot find anywhere to book the camping online. I’m not sure if it’s just my limited German or I’m just being a bit thick – I have emailed Michael but not heard back yet…

      or is booking just done by email.

      I’d be grateful for any input as I’ve booked the tickets and am desperate to get this confirmed so I can relax a bit!

      1. Hi Michele,

        On the web-site (http://www.francorchamps-camping.com/) click on the Elephant drawing towards the bottom of the page, just under where it says “New form for Reservation” and you’ll see what to do. Once completed and sent Michael will contact you and give details of how to pay.

        See you on Belgium!!


        1. Michelle from Newcastle
          5th March 2010, 0:39

          Ahhhhh the elephant – now I didn’t spot that at all lol. Booking form sent off, so all that’s to work out now is when to come over from the UK as we have the week either side off, so will probs have a few more days somewhere in the area.

          I can start getting excited now!


          1. Michelle
            great to see another from my original neck of the woods is coming! Look forward to meeting you guys! If you got time before/after the race weekend then you must definitely take in Kerpen and visit the Schumacher track/museum and there are some lovely places around and about to visit/see depending on what you want to do!

          2. Claire & Rob Neal
            6th March 2010, 9:36

            We have booked a lovly little B&B in Bastogne and we are going to visit “The Battle of the Bulge” museum and the forest where they filmed “Band of Brothers” before we get to Spa. I would have loved to have had a wk off either side of the race but we are only going to be in belgium for 5 days but , BOY am i excited. A wk on sunday for the start of a season that promises to be a corker whoop whoop :) xxx

          3. Hi Michelle,

            yep – reservation form received well. Thanks.
            But at this time I am travelling a little, means I’m not at home and not in the office. Answer comes end of next week.
            Have a nice we

  75. can anyone tell me plese are campers aloud use disposable barbeques or wee gas cookers for the fry up?,,im all booked,race tickets flights, camping ,..cant wait. im like cartman waiting for his Nintendo Wii to come out lol..will be taking it handy in amsterdam for a day or two before the race weekend then il be on a train to the nearest town to the track..

  76. Hi all
    great to see Spa is taking shape. If anyone has problems/worried about their tickets arriving on time then take up Michael’s offer- I have done this a couple of times and no problems. I know the GA tickets are the last to be sent out- so if you want to go GA then buy at the gate as it will actually cost less now as you will save the admin and postage costs if you have not booked already.
    As for facilities- you can go shopping nearby but the baker comes and brings bread and drinks and certain other things to order and the local pub is a must- great place and a museum of racing history to boot.
    Also we’ll be having a FOFA party sometime over the weekend (need to catch up with Michael about venue etc so more later)- our site is under construction but note this for the future.
    http://www.fofassociation.com and get involved folks!
    As for barbecues- just about anything goes within reason.
    Looking forward to next week when we finally get some action again!

    1. Hi Carol

      We have two 50th and one 21st birthday to celebrate in our family this year so have decided to do the Belgium GP.
      Thank goodness I found you and all your mates because at first it was a nightmare and I nearly gave up!
      We will be travelling in a 6 berth camper. I have e mailled Michael on [email protected] to see if he allows campers and to check for availability. Is this the correct address?
      Also we will be buying GA Tickets. Is it ok to buy at the track. Don’t they run out?
      Sorry if that sounds silly.
      Really enjoyed reading all the posts.
      Hopefully we will get sorted soon!

  77. Cool, well I’ve got my race tickets booked and my Kangaroo TV reserved. Have sent the form to Michael, will hopefully hear from him soon to confirm the price so I can get the money across to him. Catching up with my friends tomorrow and we’re gonna plan ferries (or whatever) and stuff. Whoop! And also what to go visit en route back home… we fancy extending the trip by a day or two and going to see some sights. Can’t wait!

  78. Hi all.I’m just looking for some information on camping at the Belgiun Grand Prix.I’ve come across two sites that interest me – ‘ the elephant ‘ which I know is well liked on here and recommended – Camping de l’Eau Rouge, which from a quote they gave me seems a lot cheaper.
    Could anyone give me some insight on why it is cheaper , the pros and cons of the two sites and any other information that could help me in my decision.

    1. Hey Fan,

      I’ve stayed at Eau Rouge the last 2 years and can tell you a little about it.

      The site is permanent, meaning decent shower and toilet facilities and is large, meaning no problems with space if you’re arriving late.

      The settings around the site are beautiful, though I expect thats true of the Elephant site too. Its easily accessible by the bus from Verviers, just a ten min walk from the bus stop. It takes around a half hour to forty mins to walk from the site to the entrances around Les Combes.

      The site is run by an excellent team of staff, who will allow everyone to have a good time but won’t stand for any nonsense. Usual rules apply – no loud music through the small hours, no open fires I think.

      There is some food on offer on-site (burgers, sausage, frites) and some breakfast options too I think. There is also a small bar, which can get pretty lively.

      Its about a half hr walk from the site into Stavelot where you can pick up anything you need like groceries and camping gas, or get a meal or have a drink out. I did read in a previous post though that there’s not exactly a party atmosphere in Stavelot, incase thats what you’re looking for.. wouldnt know myself because I’ve never been out there after the race, too damn tired tbh.

      Not sure there’s much more to say. I dont know why it’s cheaper than Elephant. I’m thinking of giving Elephant a try this year.. I like the sound of a local pub and a bit more atmosphere nearby, but I expect you’d be happy at either site. Perhaps the proximity to wherever you want to be at the track could decide it.

      Anything else you want to know, just get in touch, all the best,


    2. Hi F1Fan,

      Camping de l’Eau Rouge is a permanent camping in Francorchamps and not under the price dictation of the community of Francorchamps. They olso don’t have to pay the Event Tax.

  79. Hi all,

    I am travelling for a few days.
    All mails and reservations I will answer end of next week.


  80. supernicebob
    10th March 2010, 11:33

    Hi there,
    Myself and two friends have got three-day general admission tickets for this year’s race – really looking forward to it!

    Can anyone confirm if there is such a thing as a pitlane walkabout session on the Thursday or if that is just something I’ve made up? We’d like to know so we can plan our accommodation and travel arrangements around it.

    Also, do any previous visitors to the Elephant know whether it is possible to also stay there on the Sunday night after the race so we can head back on Monday?


    1. Hi supernicebob
      There is a pitlane walkabout on the Thursday afternoon- usually about 3 or 4pm (depending on how quick they open the gates up- Spa is not noted for being punctual on that score!).
      As for the Elephant- have stayed there personally each year since 2005 now and we usually arrive Wednesday (no problem) and staying sunday night and leaving Monday is no problem- do it myself as do loads of others (800km drive after the race would be just insane!)
      Look forward to meeting up!

      1. supernicebob
        10th March 2010, 23:53

        Hi Carol
        Thanks for the info – very much appreciated. Looking forward to being there and meeting everyone (Sunday comes first though!)

  81. A bunch of us are planning on riding motorbikes to Spa this year. Does anyone know how easy/close the bike parking is? We’ll be staying about 15 miles away

    1. Hi Marie,
      some years ago there was a special bikes parking – last year not. But you can park your bike at The Elephant – security! (A police man and me are allways nearby)

    1. It will! No worries!

      1. have a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41jKVZLQ4_E

        But no problem – they are strong working …
        If the work is not finished … speed limited 30 km/h …. lol

  82. The track will be fixed by Easter although its costing a lot of dosh! So no worries for all of us by August!

  83. Hi guys,
    A few of us have decided to make it to Belguim this year for the race – our first GP since 2004. We’re looking at camping, is there still space available at the Elephant? Can I assume it’s within walking distance?

    1. Andy
      it is about 15 minute walk to the track and I am sure Michael still has space available.
      Also they do have a shuttle service (if you are feeling weak!) all weekend except Sunday after the race.
      Look forward to seeing you there.

    2. Hi AndyB,
      yep – there is still space available if you make your reservation


      1. That’s great, I’ll be sending an e-mail as soon as I get the lads sorted. Looking forward to it!

  84. Michael dear!
    Please respond to my last mail!

  85. best way to buy tickets for the Belgian GP Formel 1 >>

  86. Hi Carol

    Without wanting to sound harsh on the Elephant I think we may go for one of the official camping sites, the green zone near Silver 3 seems to be the one. We’re sacking off going to creamfields to instead come to Spa so we kind of want the slightly chaotic atmosphere you say the official sites are! haha. One question though, is this really a good idea or is it a nightmare with parking etc?

    Cheers, i’ll bring plenty Newcy Broon.

  87. Harry
    I know the one you mean so its up to you. The place is pretty huge and you do end up getting crammed in. To me it looks pretty chaotic but maybe it is not as bad as it looks!
    Wave a Newcy Broon so we know who you are!

  88. Janine & Shane
    19th April 2010, 6:48

    Hey Carol, Michael & all other F1 Fanatics. Shane & I are booked for Eau Rouge tix, flights from Oz and now camping at The legendary Elephant campsite. Yes I’m normally the princess, but I actually had to convince Shane that camping there was a great idea rather than spending lots and lots of Euro’s on a hotel. It just sounds like so much fun and the atmosphere is as important as the race I think. Now our problem is that we can’t hire a camper from Germany on a one-way hire (ie if we hire from Berlin have to take it back there which we really don’t have the time for) and we obviously can’t bring camping equipment all the way from Oz on the planes etc. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of anywhere we can hire camping equipment in Germany (pref Dusseldorf or somewhere close to Belgium) or in Belgium or nearby??? Otherwise we’re going to have to buy stuff and it doesn’t really seem a very economical thing to do considering we can’t bring any of it back with us. If we do have to buy stuff, does anyone know of a cheap camping store around those parts? After Spa, we’re off to see a wee bit of Europe and then turning up at Milan for the F1 there as well – anyone going there and any tips on accom etc???

    1. Adam n Melissa
      21st April 2010, 11:25

      Hey Janine and Shane, were travelling from OZ as well, we’ll be there at Spa and also at Monza. We booked hotel in Milan Starhotels Slendido, never stayed there before but hopefully will be ok.

  89. Janine & Shane
    19th April 2010, 6:53

    By the way Supernicebob, yu made me giggle, I also have to check if I have made things up, I take these weird pills for migraines and they give me the most lucid dreams and I have trouble working out if I have actually had certain conversations etc or if they were part of one of my weirdly realistic dreams.

  90. http://www.rentmobil.de/
    a company near Cologne who have still campers to hire for the last week of August.

    1. Janine & Shane
      20th April 2010, 1:18

      thanks so much michael, will have a look.

      1. Hi Janine and Shane
        good luck with the camper- they usually also hire out stuff like tables, chairs etc with the camper if you need so that may be a solution. Have a look at what they offer you and then send me a list by mail of what you atill need/are missing and we can see what we can provide you with (we are also in a camper so have room for extra stuff)- would seem silly for you to spend your hard cash on stuff you can’t transport back.
        Have a think and let us know!
        Look forward to seeing you there- you’ll love it!

        1. Janine & Shane
          21st May 2010, 2:36

          Hi all, I know this is a dorky question but coming from Australia & trying to pack the bare minimum. Does anyone know what the weather will be like – coming mid august to mid sept and going to Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium of course and Italy (yay going to Monza as well as Spa? Wondering whether we should be packing warm coats & boots, wet weather gear that kind of thing or whether its really gonna be more shorts & tshirts? Any advice much appreciated… Thanks

  91. hi does anyone know if the offical campsites at spa allow campervans? It does not say on spa f1 site?

    1. Hi will m,

      yes, we do – see my web


  92. Hi does anyone know if the offical campsites at spa allow campervans? It does not say on offical spa f1 site?

  93. Adam n Melissa
    21st April 2010, 11:29

    Any advice on where to pick up a campervan from Belgium.

    1. Hi Adam n Melissa,

      I have some some addresses to rent a Motorhome:
      but this site sees the listing as spammy.
      Please send me an eMail so I can tranfer the listing directly.


  94. Janine & Shane
    22nd April 2010, 6:32

    Hi Adam & Melissa,I have found some in Dusseldorf that hire for minimum 7 days – everyone else seems to be min 14 days. I’m just in the process of booking one now but had same quotes from 5th gear & drive europe for just a bit over 800 euros. Are you staying at The Elephant in Spa?? We haven’t booked Milan yet but will be doing shortly. Look forward to meeting up with you. We’ll be the aussie & the kiwi with a Red Bull flag, a McLaren flag and a Sauber flag to boot…

    1. Adam n Melissa
      26th April 2010, 3:42

      Yer were staying at the Elephant, were from perth, Mclaren fans.

      1. Janine & Shane
        27th April 2010, 4:37

        hey we’re from Perth too – in Darch up near Wanneroo… what seats you got at Spa & Monza? We’re in Gold GP2 for Spa & in Ascari One for Monza.

        1. Adam n Melissa
          28th April 2010, 13:52

          Hey Janine & Shane, Spa we have seats gold 3 eau rouge, and Monza Alta Velocita C, were in Mt Lawley. How u going with campervan hire cause were having bit of trouble.

          1. Janine & Shane
            29th April 2010, 1:25

            Mine has just been confirmed overnight. Contact Shalini at [email protected] – very helpful, she’s based in London and did heaps for us. Allow 7 day hire whereas most are 14 days. We have a Family Standard Camper with a camping set for 884 euro. Booked from Tues 24/8 to Tues 31/8 picking up and return to Dusseldorf. We’ll prob stay the first night in Dusseldorf and then heading to Brussels the next day – Shane heard about a campground with rollercoasters & rides nearby so he wants to stay there. Heading to Elephant Thurs 26/8, leave Monday morning 30/8 for drive back to Dusseldorf. We’re gonna drop camper off the day earlier and then flying to Munich that evening. Love to catch up if you guys are gonna be by yourselves too. My email is [email protected].

  95. Janine & Shane
    22nd April 2010, 6:33

    Carol, thanks so much for all your help, I’m about to book the camper and I think we’ll just pay the 35 Euro for the table & chairs and try to pick up some cheap sheets & towels rather than paying the crazy rental on those. Everything else seems to be included…So excited now!

    1. Hey Janine and Shane
      let me know please what the camper has and what you still need.
      Sheets, towels and pillows etc we can certainly bring for you no probs- so as I said- just have a thunk and send me a list!We will be there from Weds onwards so no need to sleep on the grass for you!
      As for barbecues etc there are loads of us that will burn your food for you or whatever so don’t worry about that sort of stuff!
      Great to hear/read you are joining us at Elephant- am sure you’ll have a super time!
      Been there every year they had a race since 2005 and always had a super time with super peeps.
      Look forward to it- just booked my camper……..yeah!

      1. Janine & Shane
        27th April 2010, 4:30

        Oh my gosh Carol, you truly are the nicest person in the world… We’ve just booked the camper so we should be right but thanks so much for your offer anyway. We will def take up the bbq offer tho, so looking forward to meeting you..So looking forward to August!

  96. I am going to my 1st GP outside of Silverstone this year and am staying in the centre of Brussels. Does anyone know if I can book seats or a transfer to the track for each day or what the best way is to get to the track?


  97. Adam n Melissa
    28th April 2010, 13:56

    Hi Michael, can u please send the addresses for motorhome, [email protected]

  98. Hi All

    Did everyone else get the email today about the tickets not being delivered until early July for a “technical reason”? Not really a prob for me but I really do want to feel those tickets in my hand! :-)

    Interstingly Gold 8 (La Source) and Silver 3 (Malmedy) have already sold out. I’ve got Gold 4 (Eau Rouge) but did toy with Gold 8 so am going to try and see if I can see what the view is like from there.

    Just 4 months to go!

  99. Michelle from Newcastle
    3rd May 2010, 18:39

    yups I got that too, the email

    “Tickets delivery 2010 Belgian Grand Prix

    Dear Madam, dear Sir,
    Following a technical problem for a reason behind our control the expedition of your tickets will be delayed of a month time. That’s why you will receive them beginning of July and not beginning of June as it was planned.
    If you need to change your delivery address, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]
    Best Regards
    Spa GP Staff”

  100. Hi Everyone,

    Im interested in going to SPA this year, and im probably going to camp. I will probably get general admission tickets with a kangaroo TV as I have heard they are quite neat! I have not been to a race before, and although I am new here, I would like to meet some of you if possible at a camp site if that makes sense. Does anyone have any suggestions where to camp, do any of them have any pre-erected tents I could use? and general travel help (I will fly to brussels, and get a bus or something to verveirs I think its called?!). Any feedback or help will be much appreciated! :)


    1. Oh and also if Darren White (earlier in this post) reads this, you said a booking from postcode BN16, I live in postcode BN12 so maybe not too far if you wanted to compare journeys or something like other people have done!

      1. Andrew White
        18th May 2010, 15:01

        Hi, did you mean me? I’m probably going to get the train to London and then get the Eurostar to Brussels. I haven’t booked it yet though.

    2. Hi Kingsley
      got your mail and tried to answer all your questions- hope you join us but let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with!

      1. I wouldnt use a Kangeroo. Very expensive for what it is, and actually really quite crap. Poor & very small LCD (very hard to see in sunshine/bright conditions). Earphones are too quiet (cant hear over the cars) – and usually long queues to get them/take them back.

        I will be looking for a better solution this year at the british GP. Probably a combination of the live timing app from F1.com on my phone + maybe a portable DVB TV (if I can find a good one with a decent LCD in bright light) + the screens around the circuit.

        1. I’d say if you’re going for all three days and you’re not near a screen then do consider a Kangaroo. You do need to wear ear protectors over the earphones, though.

          As NJW says the queues to return them can be nasty.

  101. Hi,

    I’m lucky enough to be going to the Belgium Grand Prix this year. We’ve got tickets for grandstand opposite the pit lane and have a hotel booked in Liege. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to get from Liege to the circuit, I’ve heard it’s a bit of nightmare getting there by car so was wondering what the alternatives are.

    Thanks alot.


    1. Hi Sue,
      it’s very easy. From Liege Highway No. 40 direction Aachen > cross Battice No. 42 direction Spa. Don’t go out at Spa > go to Exit No. 10 Francorchamps.
      If you bock Parking at The Elephant you follow the green line to the Parking. If you book your parking at The Elephant you will get a special (free) pass to follow this (green) way without traffic jam. You will enjoy the race.

  102. Hi all

    Well I took the plunge and booked a patch in Elephant. From reading comments here it sounds like a great spot. Coming from Ireland & plan on doing a 2 week road trip around France, Netherlands & Belgium. Spa seems like the perfect way to wrap it up!

    Question; would it be better to buy GA tickets online or at the gate? Do they ever sell out?


    1. Hi Ronan,

      If you like to buy Tribune Tickets – do it online. Bronce Tickets you can do it online or infront of the gate – same price. Bronce Tickets you can have every time.

      Tickets here: http://www.spagrandprix.com/


  103. Hi Carol (or anyone else that can help),

    I’ve been pouring over this great website as we are visiting Spa for the first time this year. Only thing is we will have our kids with us (8 & 6) and I’m after any suggestions for the best place to go with the kids. We’ve got GA and so was thinking of Pouhon or Fagnes (we want to be neaqr a screen) but am worried as to exactly how packed they get – don’t particularly want to lose the kids! If you or anyione can offer any suggestions about being at Spa with kids (where’s best to watch, how to entertain them if we are there really early etc.) I’d be really grateful.


    1. Can’t be that helpful with your specific questions, sorry – but I will say make sure their ears are well protected! It is VERY loud. After witnessing parents take kids (some younger than yours) and not thinking about ear protection, I was horrified.

      One couple didnt think about it at all! after the cars first pass the kids were in tears (and probably pain). They had to borrow ear protectors from someone with a spare set!

    2. I’ll second njw’s comments regarding ear protection, it’s important for all to be aware that F1 cars are loud enough to cause permanent damage to anyone’s hearing and because childrens hearing is a lot more sensitive than adults, it WILL cause them pain and spoil the experience for all concerned. Not protecting a childs hearing at any motorsport event is imho a form of child abuse.

      As for entertaining them, my memory of SPA 2007 was the lack of entertainment for children outside of the race and the “merchandising area” at eu-rouge, which to be fair had a lot of thing’s for the younger fans, think racing games/simulators and interactive safety demonstrations (crash and roll over simulators) but all in, this would only keep the average child entertained for an hour or 2 at most and if your going GA then bring a well charged handheld entertainment device of some sort to keep them occupied in between the exciting stuff.

      We were in a stand in 2007 and away from most of the GA area’s so I can’t really comment on the crowds, but I do remember cueing in the traffic from Mastricht for 2-3 hours to get to the circuit on race day and almost missing the start as a result so make sure to leave plenty of time on race morning, to get to the circuit.

      1. Thanks njw and George for your comments. Do you think foam ear plugs are enough or do we need ‘proper’ ear defenders? I think you are right about hand held gadgets – we shall pack the DS. We are coming up from France on the saturday and staying half an hour away (in theory) so only there for race day. Plenty of snacks in the car for the traffic jams I think.

        1. I’d think full defenders for your kids (they do kids sized ones at the track usually? – atleast I saw some last time). The small inserts are fine (I use little rubber ones) but I dont think kids would cope well with them (they can get uncomfortable), and you probably wouldnt know if they’re in right – unless they sit perfect, they dont do the job).

        2. Myself and my wife would both use the in-ear foam type.

          We don’t have kids as yet, but the only happy looking children I’ve seen at any GP are the ones with the over-ear type defenders and some I suspect may even have in-ear foam ones as well.

          If we did have our own children I’d be doing my utmost to try and get them to wear both types simultaneously.

          I have great memories of Motorsport events as a child in the 1970’s but almost all of them are tinged by bad memories of the noise/headaches and I didn’t make it to a GP until 2006.

          1. Thanks guys – will probably go for both foam and full ear defenders. Now just need to resolve where to stand – what have we got ourselves in to, attempting this with kids?!!

    3. Hi Kate,

      We had a discussion on this at the start of the year you might find some helpful comments in:

      What age is too young for an F1 race?

      Enjoy the race!

      1. Hi Keith

        Thanks for the link. I’ve had a good read and I think what comes out of it is that they’re all different! My 6 (nearly 7) year old boy watches every race from start to finish, remembers who came in what position, crashes etc. It is expensive but we were driving back from France to Belgium that weekend anyway and so are taking the chance to fulfil a dream. The ear defenders are ordered and we shall just have to be imaginative as to how to entertain them!

        Thanks again,

        1. Kate
          just read all your posts. If yourm kids got ear defenders and are happy that is the main thing. Also about where to sit/stand if you are GA- then join the most of us on top of the long straight- not too loud for the kids………you see plenty of action, big screen is there and if you are with us crazy bunch your kiddies won’t be bored either-because someone always needs to go look at something…….look forward to seeing you and the family
          C x

          1. Hi Carol

            Thanks for your reply. I think we may head for the straight as you suggest – looks like everything we will need will be there, plus possibility for some overtaking action. See you there!


  104. Claire & Rob Neal
    10th May 2010, 12:13

    Hi guys, what is the traffic like on the monday morning after the race to get back to the euro tunnel? what are the rules of bringing gas with you (for camping stove) ? Any suggestions as to traveling via eurotunnel v ferry and is it necessary to book in advance or just turn up? cheers guys I can wait :)
    Claire xxxx

  105. Hi Clare & Rob,
    When we left mid morning on the monday,there was hardly any trafic just the normal motorway traffic.
    As for the gas,no problems as long as you not thinking of taking a gas tanker !!
    We took the ferry as its cheaper than the tunnel,I think it was around £60 return for 4 + car with Norfolklines Dover-Dunkirk route.
    I would advise you book asap as it will be much cheaper than leaving it til last minute, also if you book you will have a guaranteed place just in case that pesky volcano starts to play up again !!
    Hope that helps and enjoy the weekend.

  106. I found this document:


    gives quite good directions if nobody has found this already!


    1. Thanks Kingsley. That’s great!

    2. Great document – thanks!


  107. How do I get from Gold 3 to Pouhon? Where do we cross the track?

    1. Under a tunnel at Eau Rouge and then walk the paths to the viewing on the infield at Pouhon. There’s normally a screen opposite too.

  108. Thanks for that – very useful..

  109. Hello F1 enthusiasts!
    i am going to Spa this year with my best friend Meghan, we decided to go as i had been to races before but she hadnt so i really had to take her! we are only 16 and are grateful that our parents are letting us go! we are soooooo excited but we really need advice on where to sit as we have general admission tickets for the weekend but want to sit somewhere with the best view and preferabley with a big screen in view! can anyone help us out?? we would really apreaciate it! thankyou!!!

    1. If you’re there for the weekend try out a few places on Friday / Saturday morning. There are great viewing areas at Spa on GA tickets. Pouhon is great with a huge bank and a screen opposite and you can get a good space fairly easy on during practice. Kemmel straight is good again has a screen in the middle of the straight you can even see down to start / finish from here although at a very long distance. There’s also good spots over by the chicane area. There is not much GA round Eau Rouge. take some good walking boots the walks between spots are quite long and very hilly. Once you have found your fav spot get there early on race day..before 7am.
      Most of all stay safe and enjoy!

  110. Hi All

    Oatsey here from Ireland going to spa this year cant wait. Would love to see a Ferrari one two. A friend and I will be staying at the Elephant campsite with our tent in hand, due to the excellent advertising by Carol on the previous threads which made the planning of this trip very easy indeed so thank you carol and associates. We will be arriving Thursday lunch time so we get to meet the drivers by flying into Brussels airport then getting on a train and finally a bus to Francorchamps. We have general admission tickets which is going to be awesome as were both keen walkers/hikers. I suppose we’ll buy loads of food in Brussels before we arrive at the track. looking forward to meeting other formula one enthusiasts on track and at the campsite no matter the weather.

  111. Hi Guys,

    I am now coming over from the UK via eurostar as its way cheaper through work and I can get first class woop.

    Found directions from the brussels station so all is good!

    cant wait.

  112. Hey everyone,

    Getting amped for the belgian GP. I was just wondering are there any people besides me staying on the Landal park: Villages les Gottales?


  113. Hey everybody

    so looking foward to the belgium gp, i am a massive F1 fan and have never been. it has been a dream of mine for a while. it just had to be spa for my first race its my fav track.
    i werent sure bout where to sit, i thought what they hey may not do it again so went for Gold 2 hope view is good

    booked through a motorsport travel company called select motor racing , go by coach on thur then come back on mon, staying in holland they take you to the track and back so thats all sorted

    cant wait till aug
    cool to hear peoples experiences

  114. Paul & Faith
    20th May 2010, 14:07

    We are visiting Spa this year for the first time. This will be my fourth GP having visited Silverstone 2008 & 2009 and Budapest 2008. This is Faiths first after becoming more interested in it during the 2009 season.
    We will be travelling from the Midlands and spending a week in Belgium, ending in Bruges for our Anniversary.

    Just sent the enquiry form for a spot at the Elephant for Sat and Sun (camping virgins so keep it to a minimum) and Hotels for the rest of the trip.

    Can we do the track walk on Thursday with GA tickets?
    If so can we buy GA tickets on Thursday and then be granted access to do the track walk?


  115. Hi Paul and Faith
    good choice and you will love the place. You can buy your GA tickets on the door Thursday- you can’t walk the track on that day but you can do the pitwalk- worth it!
    Walk the track Friday- it will take you all day and you can then also decided where you want to be on race day- it is amazing and when you see Eau Rouge in the flesh and hear the echoes around the valley you will be hooked!
    Don’t worry about camping- we are a friendly bunch and would love to see you!

    1. Hi Carol

      My wife and I will be coming up early on the thursday as well. Apart from walking the track what else do you recommend to spend Friday doing? Is there anything else within walking distance from the campsite that you would recommend for first timers? Is the museum at the Abbey any good?


      1. Hi Simon
        if you walk the track Friday and also take in the practices and other support practices etc you will be busy most of the day. Depends what you want to do/see. How early are you arriving Thursday? The pitwalk is usually around 3:30 (they are not punctual in opening the gates but we’ll see if we can persuade them to be on time this year……) but do spend some time in the local villages and enjoy the scenery- the area is really spectacular (we wanted to do this last year but got bogged down with Rosberg doing a TV- stint on the site so we never got far…….was a crazy morning!)
        I just hope the weather is kind to us (it certainly helps with the race weekend being end August now and not mid/late September- it makes a huge difference!)
        Also please don’t miss our meetup at Cafe Bertrand Friday evening!

        1. Thanks Carol

          We should get through the tunnel to Calais by 8am on thursday morning so planning to get to the circuit by lunchtime. Will probably head straight to the Elephant to park then walk down to the circuit for the first time and have a look around plus do the pit walk.

          Will be there at Cafe Bertrand on Friday evening!

  116. Hey all! Myself and a friend have booked two bronze tickets for the 2010 weekend. We are flying into Brussels from Dublin (thur-tues) and from there are a bit undecided. If anyone could point us in the right direction it would be a great help!! Firstly, should we get a car or train it?? I want a car but my mate reckons the train system in Belgium is brilliant. I went to France GP and if the location is anything like that, I think a car is the best bet! When we’re there we wanna camp …. any suggestions? Were looking for the perfect (possibly unattainable) combo!! …. i.e close to track/decent enough facilities and good craic/fun with other fans! camping de l’eau rouge looks nice but a little quiet!! and also which town tends to have the best atmosphere/entertainment and which nights!! thanks for any help!!

    1. Alright Paul

      Oatsey here from Newbridge. I’ll be flying into Brussels Thursday morning with Aer Lingus (flight departing at 6.50am). Then a friend and I are getting a train to Verviers Central (tickets are 35 euro return) then a bus to Francorchamps. We are staying at the Elephant which should meet all your requirements although i have not stayed there personally, thou there are plenty of people on this forum that will vouch for it (a 15 min walk to track entrance).

      1. Hi Paul and Oatsey
        would be great to see you and if you get probs in getting from bus/trains stations then buzz Michael and he will arrange a fetch no problem.
        We are a “quiet” site in that we don’t have German country music blaring till breakfast…..but if for example you take my partner he managed not to make it to bed to sleep for 5 days last year- we have music and folks and just party in our own way and you can join in as much or as little as you want to without missing out on your beauty sleep if you want to do that- on the other hand if you want to stay up all night you can do that too. Sure you guys will be fine and have a time to remember!

  117. We are from the US and are planning to attend the Belgian Grand Prix. Since so many rooms are already booked, we opted for a place in Aachen, that was in our price range. I plan to order the tickets this week from the circuit but am concerned about delivery of the tickets. Should I be concerned that they will not be delivered in time? We are leaving the US on August 24. I emailed the circuit for assistance but no response yet. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Connie
      you should be fine with delivery of your tickets but if you are unsure check with your hotel if they can be delivered to you there- then you will have peace of mind. Would be my suggestion as I have had panics myself in previous years………

    2. Hi Connie

      We had the same worries last year coming from the UK, but you should be fine if you order them from the official site (www.spagrandprix.com). Last year our tickets were delivered in June, and this year we have received an e-mail to say they are slightly delayed and will be dispatched in early July instead. Most people we spoke to who had ‘late’ ticket deliveries had ordered them from other ticket agencies.

      Hope that puts your mind at rest!


  118. Janine & Shane
    26th May 2010, 2:31

    Hi all, I know this is a dorky question but coming from Australia & trying to pack the bare minimum. Does anyone know what the weather will be like – coming mid august to mid sept and going to Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium of course and Italy (yay going to Monza as well as Spa? Wondering whether we should be packing warm coats & boots, wet weather gear that kind of thing or whether its really gonna be more shorts & tshirts? Any advice much appreciated… Thanks

    1. Hi Janine and Shane
      whilst August/September are still technically “summer” months the weather can be really hot (which is great) but it can also be chilly so you will definitely need the odd pullover or two and rain protection is a must in this part of Europe!
      So whilst you won’t need snow boots you do need the odd warm woolly and jacket and as I said rain gear you will dfinitely need (at Spa it will be guaranteed to rain sometime over the weekend).
      Hope this helps!

      1. “Technically” now we have spring – 28th May – 01:45 h – 2,8 °C …..
        Weather in Francorchamps is very special …

        1. tztztz – 18.06.2010 – Summer – dry , 14,6°C

          1. wonderful – also in Francorchamps we have summer and more than 30°C :-)

  119. Hello, myself and three friends are attending this years F1 race at Spa, none of us have been to watch F1 before so were all pretty excited!! We driving over via the channel tunnel and planning on staying somewhere in france or belgium on the thursday night, if anyone can recommend some great roads for us to sample that would be great. We have bought a 3day pass and camping at the circuit as we want to be in the thick of the atmosphere all weekend!! Any tips regarding the camping at the track would be great also!!

    1. Hi Nathaniel
      if you got three day tickets then try and make the pitwalk on the Thursday afternoon.
      Which campsite are you staying at? The one near the entrance just after Les Combes is huge and pretty busy so I expect you will have loads of action there.A load of us are at elephant which is just off the Eau rouge entrance.
      Whatever you do walk the track on the Friday- its great fun up and down the valleys and really awesome to hear the cars shooting past you literally a few feet away!
      Because the track is in a valley you get these terrific echoes which you don’t hear on TV. Sure you’ll have a great time!

  120. thanks oatsey and carol! just to be sure, carol, is the campsite you are talking about elephant??

  121. ok, lazy me has just been going through the old posts and see that it is elephant. have just filled in the reservation form! thanks again

  122. Darren Ward
    27th May 2010, 20:23

    Hi Carol
    how are we for power ???
    just thinking lights etc in our tent, if possible ???

    big gas BBQ coming with us, rough eta 1ish Thursday so far.

    Little Darren

    1. Hey Darren
      have you booked power? If you are next to us though sure you can sponge of us…..will sort with Michael as power sources are limited! Big BBQ sounds good!
      We arrive Weds and will be in the paddock sometime thursday- not sure quite when though- if we don’t catch up beforehand we’ll see you in the pitlane around 3:30pm!
      Will be making a list of those from here and FOFA site who are coming…..want a proper huge group photo this year !

      1. Darren Ward
        29th May 2010, 7:14

        Hi Carol,
        didnt think of booking power, sponging would be good, as long as Michael is ok.
        best sent Daz a photo of ur weekend home, so we know where we are going.
        3.30 sounds good
        see you there

        1. Darren Ward
          29th May 2010, 7:15

          (i meant send, not sent)

          1. Darren
            no probs! Talked to Michael and we sorted the power stuff and you guys parking next to us. No worries there!Don’t worry either- everyone knows me there (oh dear) so whoever is on duty at the time will point you guys in the right direction should we not be on site at the time you guys arrive!
            You can’t miss us with the huge FOFA sheet hanging out all over the place! Can’t send you a pic of the camper as not a clue exactly what we are getting yet…..
            Getting excited now but if the reds contiue so badly I am seriously thinking of getting a red bull shirt…………oof!

  123. For those of you not in Europe, how do you generally pay for the campsite/B&B at the Elephant? We normally book via credit card in the US…Money transfers are not commonplace when it comes to reserving campsite/rooms. Registered letter – would that be a euro money order (if we can get one) or a regular bank check? Maybe the easiest is Paypal – does that convert to euro automatically? Any help would be appreciated. I haven’t heard from Michael in a couple days. Can’t wait to join all you F1 fanatics!!!!

    1. Connie
      I think you sorted that one with paypal now as Michael confirmed he got your payment. You have my email addy if you have any other concerns so please let me know and we’ll get you fixed up!
      Looking forward to seeing you there.

    2. Connie,
      please email again. no mail received yet.

  124. Will be sending deposit to Michael shortly, it becomes real! looking forward to meeting all of you at elephant!

    P.S. What is FOFA? :)

    1. ignroe me, i just guessed Formula one fans association. do you guys have a proper website? the blogspot one hadnt bene updated in a while..

      btw is the shuttle service reccomended or not? :)

  125. Hi All,

    Fulfilling 2 ambitions this year. Spa F1 & taking my motorbike for a run into Europe!

    Have got our weekend GA tickets booked and waiting to hear back from Michael for our Elephant campsite booking (2 motorbikes from the UK for Thurs-Sunday nights).

    Anyone else heading to Spa from the UK via motorbike? Shortest route for us is about 500miles but we’re leaving on the Wednesday morning to take the (hopefully) more scenic route up to Dover then SouthEast from Calais before heading East into Belgium. Aiming to be at the Elephant on Thursday afternoon.

    Anyone with ideas on the best (or worst) routes to take just shout.

    Also, I take it there’s places not too far from the Elephant to grab some dinner? As we’re travelling on motorbikes we don’t want to carry too much!


    1. Hi RR
      sorry I can’t help you much with routes as we come from totally the opposite direction (Dresden) but sure you’ll be fine. There are places to eat round and about but if you feel you can’t be bothered after a hard day at the track then join us for a steak or sausage or whatever. Barbecues start off great but the last evening does usually produce some amazing concotions…….

  126. Hi RR
    We’re doing something similar, 3 or so of us on motorbikes and we’re going to stay en route taking in some nice roads. Not camping though – have found something not too far away.

    I’m at marie at musicademy dot com if you want to get in touch at all.

  127. I just hope Spa is as good as Canada today. What a cracking race. I really can’t wait for August now. This is shaping up to be a great year.

    Really looking forward to meeting everyone at The Elephant. We’re arriving midday’ish on Thursday so hpoe there will be a few others there then as well.

    1. Dave
      Montreal really showed why it should be on the calendar- great race! Spa will also be great I promise you- the sound in those valleys is awesome!
      We will be there from Wednesday and it seems quite a few are arriving Thursday- shoudl be a gas! Look forward to seeing you all there!

  128. Our tickets arrived this week and after watching the Canadian Grand Prix i am psyched and I’ll make sure to wear ear protection. Thanks for the reminder all

  129. Our tickets arrived this week and after watching the Canadian Grand Prix i am psyched and I’ll make sure to wear ear protection. Thanks for the reminder

  130. Carol
    Thanks for the food information. We may just gate-crash your BBQ!

    Looks like our route plans are still evolving. I’ll contact you when I know for sure. Looking now at a ferry to Cherbourg on Wednesday morning then riding through Normandy before heading over towards Belgium. We’d prefer to spend more time on French roads than UK. The Cherbourg to Caen coastal route is more interesting. Still aiming to be at the camp site for Thursday afternoon. It’s a longer route but should be worth it.

    What originally started as a 3-4 day weekend car trip has turned into a week-long motorbike mini-adventure! Race tickets are booked, camping at the Elephant is confirmed (arriving Thursday, leaving Monday morning) so just the ferry to sort now.

    10 weeks to go, and counting. Best get the bike serviced soon!

  131. Im still waiting for Michael to give me some money information about paying for my reservation.. havent heard from him in 2 weeks. Carol, know anything?

    bring on the spa!

  132. Kingsley
    will get onto him- do you have any details? Will drop you a mail. Spoke to Michael yesterday but will chase him up!
    Got my tickets today so am over excited at the moment!
    Will be checking your tent out over the weekend and seeing what we have/ need!
    Back to football now- France v Mexico……hmm

  133. Hi Carol,

    I’ve made the reservation at elephant, but I had a payment question for him, sent him a couple of emails but to no avail. I wnat to pay by paypal, but he wants an 8 euro charge on top of that, If I am to pay in installments, do I have to pay an 8 euros every time or just the once? that was my question! just booked flights and ticket so woop woop!

  134. Hi Kingsley
    just talked to Michael- no probs-send your deposit and the rest you can either send the same way or pay in cash on arrival. Up to you. Got my tickets today so am now totally excited- can’t wait!

  135. Claire & Rob Neal
    18th June 2010, 6:32

    Oh wow people are getting their tickets :) when do the General Admission tickets get sent out? im soooooo excited. We are stopping off at Bastogne on the thurday and have a B&B booked for that night so will be arriving at the elephant on friday morning, tent’s getting pitched and then off to see those beautiful cars in action :D. Cant wait to meet you guys xxxx

    1. Hi Claire and Rob
      it depends on where you bought them from- I got mine two days ago so expect you’ll get yours soon.

  136. Carol,
    Sorry to be bothering you with this but you seem to be point of contact for Michael at Elephant? He sent me the invoice for camping fee and I wanted to do a bank transfer but I need to know the country location of his bank account. The bank appears to be in Aachen which is in Germany. Ive tried that but the IBAN code he gave me is incorrect for both Germany and Belgium. I emailed him at the f1-reservation email address but no response! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Paul C

    1. Can’t you pay him using PayPal? That’s what I did.

  137. Paypal was an option but wanted to do it via bank transfer. Anyway, Michael has been in touch just now. Itll take more than an IBAN code to keep me from SPA!!! Thanks for the help, Paul

    1. Paul C,
      the IBAN code is from our Germany bank and it is correct. Not Belgian Bank!


  138. Michelle & Alan from Newcastle
    18th June 2010, 14:42

    Woo hoo, just had a call from home, our tickets have arrived :D Eau Rogue here we come!!

    Can’t wait – we’re staying overnight in Calais on weds night, and travelling to campsite on Thursday so hopefully get there on the pitlane walk to start off an amazing weekend.

  139. Yay! Tickets have arrived here as well. Other half and I are at the eau rouge as well in gold 4, block b , row 1. Not letting these tickets out of my sight til then!

    Will be there on thursday morning.

    Michael – can you fix the weather as well :-) Rain on saturday to throw up the qualifying slots and then lots of sunshine on sunday

    See you all at the elephant!

    1. Great stuff Simon!
      As for the weather- no-one can fix that!
      Look forward to meeting you there.

    2. Hi Simon,

      today in Francorchamps 32°C *yuhuuuu*
      Hope last week of August summer will stay also in Francorchamps.
      BTW: today at SPA — 35°C – 12 km from Francorchamps ….. ;-)


  140. Me too! Tickets arrived via FedEx at work this morning. They’re a bit boring (no hologram or fancy pictures and no wallet to put them in) but who cares, they’re here.

    As for the weather, all you can guarantee is that you always get some kind of weather at Spa! Sun would be great but I’ll be happy if it stays dry otherwise the long bike ride may not be as much fun as I’d hoped.


  141. Good to hear Bloggs! As for the fancy lanyards, wallets and ear plugs- who needs that! You can buy that sort of stuff dirt cheap at the track from your fave team at a fraction of the price! A ticket is a ticket!
    Can’t wait- hope to make Hockenheim this year too- will know next week if its a roll or not!

  142. Hi, I’m thinking of getting a Kangaroo TV and going to Les Combes for the race. I’ve read people complaining that Kangaroo TV doesn’t have 100% coverage around tracks, can anyone confirm they’ve used KTV at Les Combes before?
    2nd question – Obviously a good spot at Les Combes will involve being pretty much 1st through the gates in the morning, does anyone know when they’ve previously opened the gates in the morning and are there already hoardes of GA ticket holders?

    1. Hi Rob
      know a couple of people who used KTV last year and said it was great. No problems at Les Combes.
      Yes you do have to get to the track early if you want to grab a good spot on raceday as last year it got pretty full! Gates open 7am. No coffee etc though till 8 am! Also it is damned cold till the sun comes up (if it does) so dress warmly for the early start or you will be miserable (you get very cold legs esepcially so a rug or something is highly recommended!)

      1. Thanks Carol,

        I’ll go ahead and book my KTV now, looking fwd to watching from Les Combes as I expect a good bit of overtaking there this year with the F-duct effect.

        So thats gonna mean something like a 5.30am wake up.. Maybe I’ll pack my sleeping bag and grab a snooze once I’ve claimed a good spot!

        Thanks again,

  143. did anyone get there GA tickets yet?

    1. Hi Anthony,

      aome of our guest let send their tickes to me. It received well. This year the ticket office send ist quickly. Means the ticket office of spagrandprix.com from the circuit Spa-Francorchamps.


  144. Claire & Rob Neal
    4th July 2010, 18:01

    We haven’t yet though i think some people have on here it depends on where you bought them from, apparently ours will be here 1 wk before the race… eeekk …thats cutting it a bit fine for my liking, but we dont leave to travel to Belgium till the wednesday night so should be here in plenty of time, fingers crossed
    Looking forward to watching the British Grand prix this weekend :) come on JB xxx

    1. Should you find that your tickets havent arrived with time to spare I would try to arrange with your ticket supplier to pick them up at the track. I’m also a little nervous as I leave on the Tuesday.

      2 years ago I had a near disaster with tickets not arriving before leaving, only to be compounded by our company not telling us on the phone (as we travelled south from Brussels) that they would reprint them and hold them at the track for us. They wrongly told us someone would have to return to Scotland to pick them up! Which we just managed with a Herculean effort.

      I doubt the company (then Tellus Tickets, now called the Ticket Enterprise I think) would repeat the same mistake, just if there’s any doubt, arrange a track pick-up. No such problems last year.

  145. We ordered ours from the track. We received them a couple weeks ago, fedx’d to the USA. We can’t wait. The tour de france is going to Spa tomorrow so we’ll be able to see some of the countryside around the track.

    1. First time at Spa?

      If it is you’re in for a real treat, there is no better racetrack.. so dramatic to walk up through the hills then see the track revealed before you, its just so perfect especially as the morning sun breaks over it.. you’ll realise you’re in motorsport heaven. The way the weather changes is great too, often reminds me of the Scottish Highlands. Man I’m getting too excited now..

      Hope you have a great time, Rob

    2. Connie,

      tztztztz … the circuit is NOT in SPA! The name of the circuir is Spa-Francorchamps. Paddock and main entrance are in Francorchamps. If you stopp in Spa to see the race … 14 km walk … ;-)

      Some pix:


  146. I’m hoping to do my tickets soon, but our supplier cant do individual orders, so I have to wait until the company does them for spa too. but flights booked and so is camping at elephant. all set for a good weekend!!

  147. Hi all- great taking shape.
    Great to hear you got sorted Kingsley- we aired and checked your tent at the weekend- its fine so you’ll be ok with it!
    As for those who are getting panicky with tickets- if they don’t arrive in the next week get them redirected to Michael’s office and he’ll hand them to you on arrival- its what I did last year and worked fine.
    If anyone needs/wants the address then send me a quick mail and I’ll forward on to you.
    Can’t wait- Silverstone this weekend- then off to Hockenheim- and then its SPA!

  148. i ordered them from spa tickets.be

    found the email from them ,it says 2 weeks before the race,

    ferrari 1 2 for sliverstone ;)

    1. Hi Anthony,

      a guy from Argentinia ordert from spagrandprix.com, also direktly fro´m the circuit, 3 day later the ickets reiceved to me. If u worry redirect your tickets to me. Address u have.


      1. im not sure about your address could you email me it ples

  149. Janine & Shane
    6th July 2010, 3:41

    Woohoo – 44 days til we leave for beautiful Europe. Got Spa & Monza tix now…most stuff booked, hopefully enuf money saved and excitement level is up thru the roof! So excited and can’t wait to meet as many of you as we can! Go Webber!!!

  150. Carol, Are you going to Silverstone?

    1. Hi Anthony
      sadly not. Spa is my annual pilgrimage but we are doing Hockenheim this year too. Can’t wait!

  151. Hi, I’m planning a trip to Spa this year and we’re looking at Bronze tickets. Apparently its cheaper to buy these at the race which would be a plus as some of my friends are coming from Andorra and the postal system is not to be relied on. My main concern is that tickets will be sold out – is this a possibility? We’re arriving Friday morning and I suppose we’d ideally prefer to buy in advance and pick up when we get there – is there a site that allows you to do this?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Paul,
      Bronze Tickets are never sold out. U can buy it from the office infront of the main entrance. But I don’t know how the price will be this year.
      The site to order directly from the circuir: http://www.spagrandprix.com

  152. We got our tickets direct from http://www.spagrandprix.com and they arrived in the UK via FedEx a couple of weeks back. They do allow delivery to an address other than your credit card billing address.

    Reading the previous posts from Carol & Michael, it’s possible to get them delivered to Michael’s office then pick them up from the campsite when you arrive (assuming you’re staying at The Elephant). Maybe worth contacting him?

  153. Claire & Rob Neal
    7th July 2010, 15:45

    Micheal or Carol
    please could we get our F1 tickets sent to the elephant cause they are not getting sent out till 7-10 days before the race and i think we will be cutting it a bit fine as we leave on the wed before the race.
    Claire x

    1. Claire
      please drop me an email to
      [email protected] and I’ll send you details of Michael’s address so you can redirect.
      Don’t panic!
      Look forward to seeing you there!

  154. Thanks Bloggs, unfortunately we’re not staying at the Elephant although it sounds fantastic and we’ll pencil it in for next year. I’ll order from the website you recommended unless anyone knows of a site that allows pick up at the race?


    1. Paul
      do that!
      I had a panic a year or so ago as the agency sent their tickets out via Bahrain…..from Belgium to Germany via Bahrain/Paris and god knows where……hairy tracking this shipment….
      Best is- if you are travelling from afar to get them delivered to your place of stay. Or order direct fromd the tracksite as they send out 1-2 months earlier.
      Also got ripped off 2 years ago as they charged me GBP for €………just watch out folks!

  155. Hi All!

    Hope everyone is well! Tickets arrived here in the US about three weeks ago. Happyhappy!

    We’re making our plans for our big Europe trip (in addition to Spa, we’re doing Brussels, Brugge, Amsterdam, Paris and London) and I’m trying to figure out what events happen on Thursday before the race? Is there a pit walkabout, and if so, does anyone have any idea on time? We’re in Brussels leading up to Thu, when we move to our hotel in Liege, so I’m planning train travel/timing, etc.

    Thanks a ton!! Can’t wait for the race!

    1. Hi Andrea
      pitwalk is usually Thursday afternoon around 3:30pm (they are however not that punctual in opening up the gates so it gets quite crazy!) But well worth it.

  156. hi, was wondering where the best place to meet drivers outside the track is? i.e where they stay etc as would really like to meet one!

  157. CharlieAndSuzie
    15th July 2010, 22:41

    I’ve just ordered my tickets (Bronze weekend) from spagrandprix.com, instructed my bank to send payment for a stay in the Elephant campsite and booked my Eurotunnel ticket – Spa 2010 will be our first GP ever and we’re VERY excited!

    After reading the many great tips on this forum, we’re planning to arrive on the Thursday morning and take things from there. Woohoo!

    1. Hey Charlie and Suzie
      great to hear- we look forward to meeting you there. You will love Spa- whatever the weather does! Will be offline for a few days as we are off to Hockenheim on Wendesday………

  158. Darren Ward
    15th July 2010, 22:45

    Yae !!! tickets have arrived !!!!

    1. Great stuff Darren- tell little Darren my baguette is getting nicely dried out……..

  159. CharlieAndSuzie
    16th July 2010, 23:19

    Is there any need to book a Kangaroo TV in advance, or is it possible to just pick one up at the circuit?

    1. Hi Charlie and Suzy
      no need to book in advance- you can get these at the track. I am not sure what methods of payment they accept though and its a bit hairy giving them back after the rqace (long queues so I am told).

  160. Just booked 2 bronze for the 3 days and camping (on the main site – we can cope with loud Germans!) all via spagrandprix.com! First time to a GP!

    Plan to travel from the UK on Eurostar. Anyone done this before? Whats the connection like in Brussels and getting from Verviers to the circuit on the Thursday afternoon?

    1. I was considering getting the eurostar from the UK, with an onward connection to verviers. I think its then a bus ride about 45 mins fro verviers to francorchamps..

      1. Verviers to the circuit is a short bus trip. Buses leave from right outside the station. My friend deals with trains / buses while I do flights, so let me know if u want more info and I could get it from him. Verviers is a beautiful town, spare it a little time if you can.

        1. Hi hovis,

          if you booked the camping also from spagrandprix the camping will be at Les Combes. the south side of the circuit near Malmedy. Means you have to go to from Verviers Gare Central to Malmedy by bus and than find a was to Les Combes.
          Take care – very dirty toilets …

  161. Andrea Frederick
    17th July 2010, 17:29

    We’re staying in Liege and plan on doing the Verviers to francorchamps, as well, for Thursday. Perhaps we’ll see you!

    We’re a little bit stung about having to do an hour ride back and forth each day for four days of race week end, but the way our trip sorted out, camping just wasn’t an option for us, and Liege was the closest we could get a hotel in that didn’t leave us poor!

    (we’re going to be in Europe for 15 days from the States.)

  162. Travel plans are coming together..just got 1st class rail tickets Amsterdam to Verviers for less than 40 Euros.. gotta love European rail services.

    Have a great time in Germany Carol!

    1. hi rob did you book it online,im flyin in to amsterdam thursday before the race.


    2. Hi Rob

      Can you send me a link to where you bought the train tickets.

      Cheers Oatsey

      1. Sorry Oatsey, Anthony,

        my mate who books the trains is away on a beach hol, I can get the link from him soon as he’s back but that won’t be til the end of this week.

        1. Thats no problem man, talk to you soon.

          1. Anthony / Oatsey,

            My mate booked our tickets on the Belgian Rail Service website..


  163. Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to join in by saying I’ve booked my tickets to Spa today, Gold 4. Not sure where we’re staying yet, camping sounds like a blast. Have I left it too late ?
    Planning on putting an air bed in our people carrier and sleeping in that.
    Any help or tips would be a god send please.

    1. it’s not to late for booking a camping.

  164. Me and my friends are all sorted! Our tickets have arrived, we’re booked in to The Elephant, and we’ve got our ferry crossing sorted. Now we just need to figure out where to visit on the Wednesday as we casually work our way across Europe. Fun :)

  165. Time is ticking on and I’m getting more excited by the day. Finally decided what vehicle were taking, and it looks like an underpowered VW camper van. Should make for plenty of entertainment. however i’ve just realised when I booked the campsite we were taking a car and camping, now its the van and camping. i think i’ll get intouch with Michael to make sure this is ok

    1. Sounds great peeps- looking forward to meeting you all.
      Also good news- in the village there the pubs are all closed on Wednesdays but due to pressure from me and Michael Mr. Bertrand will be open for those of us who arrive Wednesday.
      Will look back in next week- till then enjoy the race this weekend and think of me being very soggy in my tent- but I’ll be there! Off tomorrow morning!

    2. Hi Rick,
      there is no problem … ;-)

  166. Steve Hobby
    21st July 2010, 13:29

    Hi Everyone,

    We are attending Spa this year (4 of us) and were wondering if anyone who has been before from UK can give us some advice on electric hook ups? We are camping at the Elephant site and would like to know what kind of converters we will need to power our stuff?

    If any one can give us some advice/ideas where to get the power converters from it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    1. ‘lo Steve,

      I’ve been looking into exactly that. I found a guy who sells a lot of stuff on ebay from his extensive range of products he produces himself.

      he has his own advice page on conversion..


      I had a good look through all his products and decided this would be best for my needs.

      a conversion set..


      and a 16A Caravan/Tent Hookup adapter..


      As for a lead, my plan is pick one up at the site I’m staying at (I know they lend them) because I’m flying and need to think about weight, also I cant be sure if the plug in the conversion set is weather-proofed.

  167. hi michael

    is this the right address to get my tickets forwarded to you?

    Michael G. Gaber / Michael Defourny
    198/A, Route de Sart
    B-4970 FRANCORCHAMPS / Belgium

  168. thank you.just wanted 2 make sure

  169. Hi

    Could anybody please advise me i would like to go to spa for the first time this year,how close is the nearest accomodation,

    Thankyou dave

    1. Dave
      if you are looking for hotel or B&B then forget it now- most have been fully booked since the beginning of the year unless you stay quite a way away now -either Liege or Aachen.Otherwise to be near the track camping is an alternative.

  170. YeeHaa! GA tickets arrived yesterday. Bought them from Spa-Tickets.be who said they would arrived 7-10 days before the Grand Prix, which didn’t leave much time if there was a problem, but they’re here so that’s one less thing to worry about! Ferry and camping already booked. Just got to check over our camping gear next week-end and buy whatever we need and we’re good to go!!!.

    Looking forward to 2 week-ends of GP’s and then we can think about our trip. Can’t wait!

  171. Hi,

    Never been to Spa but looking at coming from U.K can anyone tell me what routes they took (Trains/Plane/car)and any hotels nearby? Not sure of camping (will have kids with me) are the camps provided or do people bring their own?

    Also which is best stand to view all action?


    1. Hi CH,

      Hotel end of July? no way. Camping with kids is no problem, yes, you have to bring your own. So better by car.
      Info you fint at http://francorchamps-camping.com – the place is safety and quiet.


  172. Michelle from Newcastle
    25th July 2010, 9:57

    We’re booked up for camping, and just have a tent – are we able to order electric hookup or:
    1) is that not possible because we are in tent and not caravan
    2) are we too late?

    If you could let me know and if it is possible I’ll send payment.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      no, also tents can have electric hook. But it’s to late – fully booked. But I am sure that we can help you.


      1. Michelle from Newcastle
        25th July 2010, 23:58

        If you get any drop outs, put us on reserve if you don’t mind please!

        it’s mainly for charging up camera battery etc, and the odd kettle boil, quite a bit quicker than the ole stove!!

        1. I think at my caravan you find a hook for you ;-)

          1. Michelle from Newcastle
            26th July 2010, 20:32

            Thank you :D I think in our car we might find some beeers for you :D

          2. Michael don’t drink any alc … like Coke and Red Bull ;-)

  173. Does anyone know where we might be able to pick up some inexpensive fold up chairs for the race..nearby the circuit or on the way from Frankfurt to the circuit? We don’t want to bring our from home – the airlines will charge $50 as checked luggage while flying within the States. Thought it might be cheaper to buy some cheap ones and then donate them to the campsite or a needy camper when we leave???

    1. Hi Connie

      If it’s anything like the UK there’s a good chance you’ll pick them up at service stations on the motorways or at large super/hyper-markets etc, assuming you’re driving to Spa of course.

      You often see them at the race circuits but they’re usually more expensive there. Best to try to find them en-route from Franfurt.

      1. Thanks, Bloggs. We are driving to the circuit and staying at the Elephant B&B. We are looking forward to meeting everyone who posts on this blog and is staying at the Elephant.

    2. Hi Connie,

      I don’t understand your question. B&B you don’t need some chairs ;-)
      If you need chairs cuz you like to sit together with our folks at the campsite – no problem, we will have some for you ….

      But don’t forgett: you go not to Spa – it’s Francorchamps (for your GPS) ;-)))


  174. michael ,can you confirm you got my email yesterday about paying my balabnce for camping?


  175. Hi all ,I will be driving to the circuit daily as staying away from circuit ,can anyone advise that getting a parking pass is a must ? or will i be able to park with relative ease ?

    Thanks in advance .


    1. Scott
      booking a spot is to be recommended. Whereabouts are you staying? Take a look because you can also book just parking with us if you want.Let me know if I can help here.

      1. Hi Carol ,thanks for your reply ,we are staying at Aachen ,where exactly are you ? would be interested in parking .



  176. Oh please Michael help me out.. just sent res form off to you after finding usual site full, please tell me your not full. 1 tent, 2 persons. Good guys.

    1. Rob
      no panic- we’ll find a spot for you!

    2. Hi Rob,

      who said it’s full? Electric hook is fully booked – there is enough space for tents, caravan and Mobilehomes ….
      So pls send the res.

  177. Hi Guys

    3 bronze tickets booked through BookF1 (very good service and very very helpful when answering queries. Used them last year for my first live GP in Spain).
    Campsite booked at Elephant after thankfully finding this site before I booked the main campsite that sounds horrendous.

    Firstly just like to thank Carol and Michael for all of their advice on these pages. Michael has been brilliant with my booking and has responded so quickyl to all of my questions.

    General question to all- as the track is 6+ miles long, is it a possibility to bring bicycles over and ride into the circuit and then around the general admission area (paths) then lock up the bikes out of the way, or should we just use the shuttle from Elephant (paid for already) and walk??

    Any advice welcome

    Cant wait to see you all at the campsite when we arrive on the Friday!!!


    1. Simon
      glad to hear you are joining us- having just survived a horrendous Hockenheim campsite i can’t wait for the civilisation of Elephant (here we do not get bands of robbers going about slitting tents and stealing, nor 23 different kinds of music blasting you till 5 am……one hour peace then it all starts again……uff never again!)
      As for bikes- not sure I would recommend that. Parts of the paths are a bit erm tricky and it does get a bit crowded on Saturday and Sunday so would not be much fun. If I were you I would enjoy the walk around the track- if you have had enough you can always cut through the middle in places. The layout is breathtaking and I am sure you will be suitably amazed. Spa was my first ever live race 2005 and been hooked on the place ever since!

      1. Thanks Carol

        i will take your advice and look forward to having a beer with you 4 weeks tomorrow

  178. Hi all
    back from a very soggy Hockenheim and our phone/internet has been offline (stupid Vodafone can’t seem to get us fixed) so as on company mobile at the moment will keep this short!
    Michelle- if you ever meed to boil a kettle or charge a battery- no probs- just look us up and am sure we can help out.
    Connie- no need to buy a fold up chair for the race- we can lend you a couple if you want no hassle.
    Kingsley- I am pleased to tell you your tent held up to the torrents and storms of Hockenheim so you should be fine!
    Cheers and not long now!

    1. Yay thats great news! only a few weeks until I leave for Belgium, so so excited.. just waiting for michael to confirm bank details to pay off my res, and then all done.

      Just a bit worried he hasnt got back to me and I’ve lost my spot.. :<

      1. tztztz .. look your mail box

        1. i have not got anything from you michael?

          1. oh it was in spam.. let me try agian.

  179. Michael
    our pal Micha John and his girlfriend also want to join us – small Womo or car/tent so please reserve them a space- I can only send themm the link to you when I get back online (seufz Vodafone……)

  180. Claire & Rob Neal
    29th July 2010, 9:33

    When is everyone arriving at the elephant? We were going to arrive on fri morn after a night in Bastogne but changed our minds and are now arriving the thurs morn instead :D . Im on countdown already, only 28 days till we set off ;) im sad i know lol

    1. Good decision arriving Thursday, as there is a pit lane walkabout I believe in the afternoon!

      I fly into Brussels Wed Morning, so hopefully will be there wed afternoon. considering changing my return date to sunday night or keep with monday! hmm :D

      1. Hi all
        we and quite a few others will arrive Wednesday afternoon/evening.
        Kingsley- up to you- we leave Monday as 800km after the race excitement is not something we think sensible!
        Pitwalk is usually around 3-4pm Thursday depending on the track’s punctuality!

        1. Hi Carol,
          Is the pitwalk open to everybody, or only for certain ticket holders?

          We’ll be arriving at The Elephant early afternoon, I hope, so should be able to do the pitwalk if our tickets allow.

          1. Hi Dave
            pitwalk is open to all who have a weekend ticket no matter what class. It is usually around 3:30 pm in the afternoon (but it usually takes them about half an hour to get organised and the gates opened).
            It is also during this time that the drivers do their aitpgraph sessions so listen out to the loudspeakers if you don’t want to miss your fave driver (they each have 15 minute slot so you can end up charging up and down the pitlane like a maniac)…….

  181. Hello F1Fanatics, I want to bring my dad to this year GP, I’m leaving not far from the belgium border (in France) so I will make it only sunday.

    I’m thinking about taking G4 tickets, it’s already very expensive but come on, I will not go there every day!

    I was wondering if this G4 is really a good place considering the price of tickets. All I want is to feel the speed of the cars and possibly take some good pictures of it.

    Would you recommend it or do you think it’s better to take a bronze pass and walk around?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    1. Pigmer
      if you really only want to spend one day and see the real speed of the cars then go bronze and walk about.
      You will be amazed on the long straight and then the chicane to les combes-

    2. Hi Pigmer

      We had G4 tickets last year and they were great – great view of the cars coming down from La Source and through Eau Rouge and up the hill – they are practically at your eyelevel as they drive past, and watching the F1 drivers going flat out through there is great – and you can’t get good views of Eau Rouge from the bronze areas. Only downside is if you’re in the front few rows on the left hand side as you enter the grandstand as there is debris netting in front of the seats (a bit annoying but we appreciated it when a GP2 crashed about 10 m from our seats!). The rest of the stand has truly incredible views – if you were ringing up to buy tickets I would ask where they are in the stand.

      Bronze has good places to watch – but will be very busy in the best places on sunday – with people getting there as soon as the gates open to bag their spot. Its a shame you can only make it for a single day – We normally walk the track on friday/saturday then enjoy the race from the grandstand on sunday……

      1. Thanks for your answers Carol & Catherine!

        As we come only for 1 day and that obviously bronze area will be full of people at good spots, I took a G3 Grandstand.

        I’ve read many good comments about it so I hope it will be memorable moment!

  182. The following message to was undeliverable.
    The reason for the problem:
    5.1.0 – Unknown address error 554-‘5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using ix.dnsbl.manitu.net; Spam sent to the mailhost mail.ixlab.de was detected by NiX Spam at Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:55:46 +0200, see http://www.dnsbl.manitu.net/lookup.php?value=

    Carol, kommt bei Dir nix an?

  183. Michael,

    I’ve e-mailled you a couple of times asking if I’ve got electric hook-up, but you haven’t replied. Just want to know so I can get a cable if I have.

    Dave Hall

  184. Carol-
    Thanks for the reply about chairs. I don’t know if you remember that we are the ones staying at the Elephant B&B. Don’t know how far it is from the campground or how accessible the campground will be to us.
    Question: Does the circuit allow chairs/small coolers to be brought in? Most circuits in the USA allow chairs and a cooler (about the size of a 6 pack of beer cans) filled with food and drinks.
    We are so excited to be attending this race and meeting all of you.

    1. Hi Connie
      no problem- we can get the chairs to you- sure one of Michael’s team will help us out on that one!
      Yes you can take chairs coolboxes whatever you want to the track. Just no bottles are allowed but cans or plastic or socalled tetra packs are fine.
      Your B&B can’t be far away- will check with Michael as it would be nice to meet up in the evenings!
      Can’t wait!

      1. you B&B is around 15 km from the campside. Don’t worry – we will guide …

        1. Hi Michael, I have a reservation at The Elephant for this year’s Spa F1 – on my booking sheet I had noted that we would be using a tent but can you please change that to a camper – electricity etc still required. Reservation is already paid. I have previously emailed to advise you but I didnt get a response, so thought I would msg you this way, can you pls reply so I know all is okay, thanks Janine Capenhurst & Shane Scobie, 8 Hellfire Drive, Darch, Western Australia 6065, [email protected] Tel +61404024044

          1. Might be a silly suggestion Janine however might be worth checking your junk mail box as this is where I found Michael’s email reply to me when I booked.

        2. In addition Michael, we are leaving Australia for Europe Thursday 19 Aug – are any documents we require for campsite likely to reach us before then – otherwise is it better if you hold for us and we collect from you on arrival?
          Thanks, Janine Capenhurst & Shane Scobie

  185. Is anyone travelling from Brussels over the 3 days and how is everyone planning to get to the track?

  186. I’m not sure yet probably get the train I think?

  187. Carol ,

    I would be intersted in just parking with you ,where are you exactly & how do i book ? We are staying at Aachen .


    1. Hi Scott,

      see the map here >> http://francorchamps-camping.com/map.htm
      The Elephant 112
      Better you make a reservation for Parking

      From Aachen don’t use the Highway – it’s faster


      1. Michael, I’m considering a trip to Spa for the F1 and was wondering do you have space for a tent Thursday to Monday?
        Many Thanks

        1. Hi Steven,
          yes, I have. Pls go to the web side and make your reservation.

          ;-) SPA is around 15 km from the race. But you find us near the circuit at Francorchamps … lol

          1. Thanks Michael and by the way……..I’ll do the jokes…..lol
            Sorry, should have said Francorchamps. I’ve been at the race on 2 previous occassions and know first hand how far they are apart. Glad I found this blog as I’ve camped elsewhere on my previous trips and the showers were poor and toilets really bad! Glad to hear that Elephant isn’t like that :-)

          2. Michael, just to confirm that I’ve been to the web site, completed the form and sent it back. A copy was sent to me email but no directions if I’ve to pay now or when I arrive. Can you advise?
            Sorry to be a pest!
            Many thanks.

      2. Hi Michael ,

        Thanks ,i have sent off form for parking :)

        Do you think i will be able to get away from site with ease after GP as we need to catch a flight from Luxembourg @ 7.30pm ?

      3. Michael – I beleive you operate a tent site? We are actually staying in a hotel in Liege and looking for parking… do you do parking to? Do they at the circuit to? What do you recommend? Cost etc? Thanks in advance for the advice.

  188. hi guys
    im going to Spa with my friend this year and wondered if you could help me, we have GA weekend tickets and wondered whether we are able to sit in grandstands for practice? plus have any of you received your tickets yet? thanks

    1. i dont think so, i think its only for ticket holders who have grandstand seats.. i might be wrong..

      1. that’s right, you wont get into a grandstand with a GA ticket at any point in the weekend.

        I’ve tried.

    2. Alannah ,

      We received our tickets about 3 weeks ago .

    3. Alanah
      up till 2005 you could sit in any grandstand Friday as it was only then that they closed the place off- since then its a nono and you can’t do that any more. Take Friday to walk around the track and see pratices/support series practices from different vantage points and then decide where you want to be on race day.Hope to see you on the walkabout- we are the two crazies in red…….

  189. Claire & Rob Neal
    3rd August 2010, 20:47

    Does anyone know if we are allowed to take a coolbox into the circuit with beer in and also disposable bbq’s for those brekky sausages? :) 3 wks tomorrow till we set off yipee, im so excited. Can you believe that the next time we watch free practice we will be there :D xxx

    1. Yes you can take chairs coolboxes whatever you want to the track. Just no bottles are allowed but cans or plastic or socalled tetra packs are fine.
      bbq – oh no …

      again some days ….


  190. Hi,

    After spending the last 10 years plus at Silverstone have finally decided to try another race, so have also brought tickets for Spa this year. Have got tickets in Gold 7 La Source for my son and I and we are camping at the circuit in the Green Zone.

    Can anybody tell me what the grandstand is like and is the camp site ok?

    We are driving over so would also like to hear from anyone who can tell me how long the drive is likely to take from Calais?

    Any info would be great.



    1. Stuart Bailey
      4th August 2010, 13:18

      We’re coming over from the UK by car, its a really easy drive Mick, took us about 4 hours from Calais (driving at night)



      1. Cheers,

        I am on the 08:30am ferry from Dover, so might be a bit more traffic but hopefully not too bad.

    2. Mi Mick,

      have a look on the map where Gold 7 is and than a look where is the Green Zone (Les Combes)!
      You have to walk a lot. Also the camside there has no showers, toiletts yes, but very very dirty (nobody clean ist). I’m not shure that you can sleep at night near 200 sound blasters … I think, it’s not a good choice.

      1. Michael,

        Thanks for your thoughts, and now i’m worried. If things are that bad I would not wish to stay there.

        I know you run the Elephant, if I came on Thursday would you have space for us. I have a big tent and need around 60m2.

        Want a nice clean, quiet weekend where we can have a drink, food, good company and be able to shower.

        If you could fit us in how much would it be?

        1. Mick
          I may be biased as a committed Elephant fan- depends what you want. There is not much difference in price between the green zone (and yes it is a madhouse but if you want round the clock boom boom type music, crap facilities and no sleep then its the place for you!) If however you are in Gold and are looking for civilised crazy fun (but get your beauty sleep if you want to) then come stay with us- and we are nearer to your grandstand than the green area that’s for sure.
          Elephant is a temporary site but has shower/toilet containers which are constantly cleaned and have loo rolls at all times. Also if you want a site that is manned 24 hours with no risk of theft or nastiness then you would be fine with us nutters.
          Prices here:
          Apologies- I did put Michael’s site into proper emglish but he has not got around to updating it yet….grrrrrr

          1. Thanks Carol

            I have asked Michael if he could fit us in we are coming Thursday morning and will leave Mon morning but as yet he hasn’t replied.

            Hopefully there’s room. I may give him a call tomorrow.


  191. Hi All,

    I’m trying to decide between Gold 4 (Eau Rouge) & Gold 7 (La Source) grandstands … G4 appears quite spectacular, but G7 seems to offer a little pit action, a longer viewing time of the cars overall, and of course turn 1 incidents.

    Would love to hear if people have opinions, especially if anyone’s had both and can compare.


    1. Just bought Gold 4 tix and yellow car parking.

      Does anyone know how parking works for Thursday? Just turn up and they’ll let me in with my weekend tix?

      1. Hi Buz
        parking should be no problem. Thursday you can only get in at the La Source entrance and only for the pitwalk in the afternoon. That is something else they have changed since 2005 when you could walk about all over the place…….shame but in view of the security issues they have had recently it is not surprising- like football a small stupid minority spoil it for the rest of us.

        1. That is a pity about the restricted access, but not surprising I guess.

          thx Carol. Feeling reassured now.

  192. Just thought id post this info as it might be helpful to a select few.

    Travel Itinerary

    Thursday 26/08/10
    Aer Lingus EI 630
    Dep Dublin Thu 26 Aug10 6.50am
    Arr Brussels Thu 26 Aug10 9.35am

    TRAIN: (Just under 40 euro for a return ticket)
    Includes 1 change over which is Louvain
    From: bruxelles-nat-aeroport departing at 10.39 am, 11.39, 12.39, and 13.39
    To: Verviers-central arriving at 12.25 am, 13.25, 14.25, and 15.25

    BUS: (4.20 euro single for 6+ zones)
    From: Verviers-central departing at 10.40, 12.40 am, 14.40 and 16.40
    To: Francorchamps route de Fagnou arriving at 11.19, 13.19 am, 15.19 and 17.19

    Monday 30/08/10
    From: Francorchamps route de Fagnou departing at 7.22, 9.37 am, 11.37, 13.37, and 15.37
    To Verviers-central arriving at 8.04, 10.18 am, 12.18, 14.18, and 16.19

    Includes 1 change over which is Louvain
    From: Verviers-central departing at 10:34 am, 11.34, 12.34 and 13.34
    To: bruxelles-nat-aeroport arriving at 12.21 am, 13.21, 14.21, and 15.21

    Aer Lingus EI 639
    Dep Brussels Mon 30 Aug 10 9.10pm
    Arr Dublin Mon 30 Aug 10 9.45pm

    1. Hey we may bump into one another! We (2 of us) are coming via the Eurostar & 1 local train and our itinerary gets us to Verviers at 16.25 on the Thursday.

      Where did you get the bus information from? We need to do a similar thing. We are also going back on the Monday!

      I won’t even say what the Eurostar tickets cost… nearly as much as the GA+Camping tickets! Should have driven!

        1. Many thanks for the buses.

          Alas not at the Elephant. First time to Spa so did not know about alternative camping sites. Camping at the circuit.

    2. can you buy your train tickets in advance?

        1. And will a standard ticket do? Do I need to pick a specific train or can i get a ticket for the day?

          1. Standard ticket will do or the go pass if your between 12 and 25. its not a specific train with regard to the time your paying for its the destination. So its the latter.

    3. think il be on that plane home .

    4. il be on that flight home cheers for the info very helpfull dude

  193. oh, I just bought a standard ticket for each day, a single at 16 euros each. not too bad I suppose. :D

  194. can you buy the bus ticket too or do you have to do that as you get on the bus?

    1. I think you get the bus ticket on the bus or maybe at Verviers-central train station ill try and find out for sure. I did hear the bus stop is just out side the train station, which is handy.

      any body listen to anotherF1podcast????? its awesome

      Go Ferrari….

  195. Calling all Spa travellers!!!

    Beleive it or not, off to my first Spa GP this month and just planning the trip. Done a number before but traditionally do a package rather than build your own. Now booked a hotel in Liege and tickets separately and just wondering the best way to transfer to the track. Have read a few comments on here saying don’t drive but really fancing booking a parking slot and driving in….

    Any thoughts / comments / tips folks?

  196. So is anyone flying over from heathrow on Wednesday Morning on the BA388? Hoping to do this trek with someone as not too sure on my own! :P

    1. Kingsley
      stop fretting you will be fine! You may even get there before us on Weds but no panic!Its about a 10 hour drive for us so we hope to be there around 4pm to get pitched and sorted.

  197. Here’s a real long shot.. does anyone know of anywhere to hire bikes in or around Malmedy? Last year I found one wee place in Stavelot, which was never open.

  198. Help,

    I’m booked in at the Green Zone camp site for the weekend. Michael paints a less than attractive picture of the place. I can’t really afford to waste money so before I find somewhere else to stay can anybody out there give me some information on what it’s like.

    Any comments would be really appreciated.


    1. http://www.spagrandprix.com/en/faqs/cat12-order.aspx

      Can I cancel my purchase ? If so, how ?
      Hide answer »

      Yes, you have 7 cadendar days (from the date of your order) to cancel the purchase of your your tickets. We must receive notification of cancellation by e-mail at the following address: “[email protected]”. You will receive confirmation of your cancellation by return e-mail. Administrative and banking fees are not reimbursed.

    2. Mick
      the green zone is a huge field directly at the Les Combes entrance. The facilities are pretty primitive, as its so gib it gets very loud and crowded- depends what you want. I also answered your previous post. I have been to Spa every year since 2005 and I would not stay in green but everyone is different in their preferences.

  199. Hi everyone,

    Me and my best mate are stopping at the elephant, arriving thursday morning.

    Has anybody recieved their yellow parking pass which allows you into the village of ster and comes as part of the camping package?

    How far are the tents from the electrical hook up point?

    We will be taking a spare plug, socket and cable so will be able to make up an adapter for anyone that doesn’t have one that is applicable.

    Thanks Mike

    1. We are booked on the 4am ferry from dover to calais also just wondering if anybody else is.

      1. I’ve booked the Elephant and am waiting to hear back from Michael. We are driving down from Edinburgh on Wednesday around 6pm to catch the Eurochunnel train at around 3am ish so will probably arrive before you. Looking forward to a sleep when we arrive!

    2. Hi Mike,
      I will send it out next week

      Electric hook – you need a cable, max 50 m

      Here you see the connection: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuko


  200. So, a rough idea of what I am doing:

    My flightS:

    1. BA 388 O 25AUG LHRBRU HK1 0655 0905
    2. BA 399 O 30AUG BRULHR HK1 1920 1930

    Aim to get the 10:39am bus and arrive at elephant mid afternoon. changin trains at louvain.


    1. Hi Kingsley,

      are you a little nervouse? ;-)

      Again 2 and a half week!

      1. yes i am nervous!!!!!!! first time like abroad on my own, and to somwhere i have never been before!! :D

  201. It’s great to see so many people going to this year’s race.

    If you’d like to contribute to an article on fans’ experiences at this year’s race please get in touch with me via the contact form:

    Contact F1 Fanatic

    Have a great time everyone!

    1. Keith
      we always have a great time- we got a great bunch together last year and this year is no different.
      Can’t wait to meet all the new peeps and all the great pals we made there last year!

      1. Hey Carol, four of us travelling over from Edinburgh and staying at The Elephant so hope we’ll get the chance to meet up over a beer or three! Wonder if you can help with the following………..can we buy Bronze tickets at the entrance on Thursday or should we buy them on the web?……..where would you suggest we sit ourselves on race day for some laughs and race action?…….are there any restaurants close to The Elephant?…….sorry for all the questions! Cheers, Steven

        1. Hi Steven
          tickets you can buy at the gate on your way in- no problems there. They accept cash and most credit cards. No point buying on the web now as you may not get them before you leave and also you will pay for admin charges and shipping- so forget that and buy at the gate.
          If you are also going bronze then joing a load of us at the top of the Kemmel straight- we are nuts- have a great time and walk casually down for a beer on the Eau rouge after the race!
          We can chat about all that when you get there!

          1. Thanks Carol and sounds like fun! We are 4 Scotsmen always up for a laugh however we’ll be leaving our kilts at home this year as Di Resta (good Scottish name…..) has yet to make his appearance! Quick question re race day, is the land flat enough where you guys sit for us to use green collapsable camping chairs? We like to relax and take in the surroundings……….

  202. Anyone worried about their traffic passes- no pnaic- Michael usually sends them out about 1-2 weeks before the race so you’ll be OK. It is also not a problem for anyone arriving before Friday as its Friday when the police close all the roads off. We have never had problems on Weds or Thurs in getting through.

  203. This will be my first F1 weekend and am really looking forward to it. Any tips for 1st timers?

    1. Take yer ear plugs!!!!

      1. Ear defenders; check :)

        I’ve been reading about being able to walk the track at some point on the Friday (well, at least I *think* I did). I’m a long-distance runner; is it at all possible to run the track at some point over the race weekend?

        1. Steve
          you can run around the outside of the track as much as you want to- once the race is over they open up the gates and you can run the track itself then (avoiding the crowds of course)- just look out for us- we are the crazies having a leisurely beer on the Eau Rouge after the race……..great view from there! Lol

          1. A beer at Eau Rouge after the race?

            Sounds like a damn good idea to me! We just might join you. :)

          2. and we will definitely join you… altho champagne for me if Webber wins or for shane if Lewis does…:)

          3. Great Bloggs and Janine
            I want Fonz to win but if not Webbo will do just fine!
            If you want to look at the “after race Eau Rouge beer pics” then take a look here- was crazy!
            The mad lot with all the blue flags were Alonso Fan Club from Tenerife……we got all their stools as a souvenir…crazy folks- the idiot in red is my other half- nuff said! Lol

          4. Great photos. That really is some hill at Eau Rouge..! I see Nico Rosberg at the Elephant in some of the pics. Do drivers often visit the Elephant or was that a special promo by his team?

            Anyone else got photos of the Elephant camp site & surrounding area?

        2. Steve I was also going to run round (did Silverstone half a while ago) but couldn’t leave the wife on her own so will walk round with her after the race.

          Will also be running around the local area near the campsite instead on the non-race days.

  204. A quick question about security for Michael or Carol…

    From what I’ve been reading the Elephant is a good secure site manned 24-hours, which is great news, but are there any secure lock-up facilities?

    I’m thinking of maybe wanting to secure fairly small items such as cameras. As we’re on motorbikes we don’t have the option to lock stuff in the boot of a car.

    1. That sounds like a good idea. I’m buying a small rucksack today to take any valuables with me to the circuit.

      1. Hi
        there are no secure lock up but either Michael can help out or if you are concerned with stuff then lock it in our camper- no problem there.
        I have however never heard of any thieving or stuff like that on the site as Michael and his boys are on site all the time.
        Also Ster really is a sleepy little village and the roads are closed off from Friday morning so strangers can’t just “get in” and directly over the road from the site is the village hall where all the police, fire brigade and other security personnel have their HQ and get fed so the place is yes pretty secure.
        Michael also patrols personally regularly (you can’t miss him in his huge jeep with flashing light………)His boys also sleep on site.
        Otherwise let me know- if you ask for Carol everyone knows me as I been part of the furniture for years now!
        Kingsley- as you are residing in our tent you can definitely lock your stuff in our van- no problem!

        As for the rest of you- a beer on the Eau Rouge after the race is tradition so join us please- its great to unwind and chat and discuss the race there- beautiful view and the slope is pretty damned awesome!

        1. So it is. This year I engage a prof. security in the night time. (also Michael need a little sleep) and sometimes police patrols.
          But I will say it again: DON’T let impotant things in your tent. (money, camera, mobile phones) – also nit by night!!! Put it in your car.

          1. Thanks Carol & Michael. That’s all I needed to know.

  205. Richard Harwood
    6th August 2010, 11:34

    Hi Michael

    I think (!) I have just booked my wife and I into The Elephant via the following website.


    I’m very excited!

    Should I receive confirmation of this booking? Will I receive anything from you?

    Sorry for the questions!

    Many Thanks in advance

    Richard & Bev Harwood

    1. Hi Richard
      we look forward to welcoming you there. The usual course of events is that you will receive a confirmation and invoice from Michael with instructions what to pay where.
      One-two weeks before the race you will get your security pass to get through the closed roads depending when you plan to arrive!

    2. Hi Richard,

      I have done! didn’t reiceived?


      1. Thanks M & C!!

        Invoice received – I’ll be paying tonight :)

        Thanks again!


        PS Add me and my wife (Bev) to the Eau-Rouge beer club!!

        1. I should add, we’re on the 6.40am ferry on Thursday from Dover, so hopefully we’ll be at The Elephant and with the tent up in plenty of time for the pit walk :)

  206. Carol ,

    what will traffic be like away from Elephant after the race ,will it be fairly easy to get to motorway ?



    1. Scott
      from wherever you are it will take a while to get the traffic sorted directly after the race- luckily from wherever you are it is not far to the motorway so the waits are usually not that bad.
      As we have a 500 mile drive we always leave Monday so can’t say I have ever tried it first hand on Sunday after the race.

  207. thats me ready to rock,GA tickets are here..geting the first plane out of ireland to amsterdam thursday morring.then a train to verviers,havin booked th train tickets looks to be plenty of trains going.its over a 4 hour spin to Verviers, if i leave amsterdam round 12am we should be at the campsite around 5 pm??? in time for the pit walk ?? hope so anyway

    thank you for all the help everybody

    1. Do you know your way around the dam or do you want a few recommendations?

      1. dam is my second home dude,,are you on the same flight as us

        1. that’s probably for the best cause now that I think about it we never stray outside a small area covering the station n our hotel, the Prix Dami pool hall (u know it?) and Mr Noodle. :)

          I fly out Tuesday as we like to head down to the track on the Wednesday.


          1. beside golden tulip?.maybe we should av went on a wednesday to.dont think we will make the pitwalk.by the time we get a few coffees in to us and a few bits and bobs for camping it will be noon sayin that have to find a camping store aswell ha.

  208. Hello all,
    I decided that since my birthday is August 29th, I’d go see my first ever Formula 1 race in the flesh. I’m coming over from the States and am staying in Brussels. What is the best way to get from Brussels to the track by train/bus? How long does it usually take? I have Bronze tickets for Sunday because I’m spending the other days in all different parts of Belgium. Also what are the usual costs for the buses? I’m guessing I should prepare for some pretty heavy crowds?

    I couldn’t be more excited for this race, if anybody has any tips or advice on where to stand or eat or any miscellaneous piece of advice I’d greatly appreciate it.
    I apologize for being overly inquisitive as I am still new to Formula 1 and its excitement. Please help!

    1. Well, you must be very brave to try to get to the circuit by train and bus, because it won’t be easy.

      First, you’ll have to know that the first train you can have will get you to Francorchamps by 10 A.M (so if you are a fan of Formula BMW, you will miss the race).

      The earliest TRAIN : you’ll have to go from the train station Brussels North (Brussel Noord), the train going to Eupen, leaving at 08:06 A.M. The train will stop at a big number of station, but yours will be VERVIERS-CENTRAL. You should get there by 09:25 A.M.

      There, you’ll have to look for the bus number 395, direction Malmedy Gare. The bus leaves at 09:40, and arrives at the circuit at 10:12.

      A one-way ticket to Verviers cost 16.70 euros, but I recommend to take “Billet week-end” : a return ticket that will cost you 17.4 euros. The price of the bus will cost you from 1.4 to 4.2 euros.

      If you have any question, you can send me an email : [email protected]

    2. DK
      if you are travelling in on race day only and bronze ticket you will not get a decent view! The only thing i can offer is we take a deck chair for you (sitting on the soggy grass is not recommended) and you then find us- top of long straight.
      Drop me an email so if you want to join up and share your birthday (we also want you to have a great time!) so i can give you my phone number so you can find us easily!
      [email protected]

    3. DK

      I’ve gotta agree with Carol, with GA you’ll really struggle to get a decent spot arriving at that time.. GA ticket holders have to be at the track early as possible, even before the gates open at 8am to bag a decent spot. I’m heading for Les Combes this year and could try to keep a wee space for you, if possible, but couldnt promise anything. Let me know if you want my contact details.

      1. Hi Rob

        We’re going on bronze GA tickets this year – plan is to get a spot as close to Les Combes as possible hoping for some overtaking there. What time should we get there – coming in from Monschau in Germany, but happy to get up super early if necessary. I was planning to arrive @7.30 – parking pre-booked in Green Zone. Good plan?

        1. I’ve previously been over Liege corner on GA tickets, arriving about 8.30am and been able to get a good spot. With Les Combes being a more popular spot I reckon a 7 – 7.30 arrival for the gates opening at 8 should be fine.

          1. thanks rob and carol for the invite, I appreciate that. Is it really that bad if I get there late? I don’t mind not having the perfect spot, but I at least like a spot. Where is it least crowded?

  209. Hi all

    Looking forward to my 1st Spa experience in a couple of weeks!

    We’re camping down in Bastogne from the 23rd to the 30th, has anyone had any experience driving in on raceday from the South? (seems like most people on here stay either in the immediate vicinity or Liege!)

    Played it safe and bought official parking (red zone) when I bought my bronze general admission ticket, only 16 euros, so not too more than people have paid previously to park in people’s fields etc.

    Does anyone know if it’s correct that you can get into grandstands with bronze tickets on the Friday?

    1. Hi Lee
      not sure about travel from the south as we come in from Germany- ie northeast so can’t help you much there I’m afraid.
      Sadly you cannot get into the grandstands any more with a bronze ticket- they changed this after 2005 (then you could).

      1. Hi Carol

        We’ll be coming in from Monschau in Germany – what’s the traffic like on Sunday morning? Was planning to get to circuit @ 7.30 as have only bronze GA tickets.


        1. Hi Gabriel
          coming that early you should not have a problem. Good luck and hope to see you there.

  210. Hi I am going to my 1st non British GP this year at Spa and am staying in Brussels for the 3 days. I was wondering if anyone else is planning to travel from Brussels each day and how they are getting there? I know there are trains but are there any coaches that go from Brussels straight to the track?

    1. Hi David
      take a look a Danil’s post a couple of posts up- great details about trains/buses for you.
      Thanks for that Danil.

  211. We’ll be on the 8:15 Sea France ferry on Thursday. Anybody else on that ferry?

    I’m expecting a 3 1/2 – 4 drive from Calais so should be at The Elephant with enough time to get the tent up and then go for teh Pitlane walk. If not, the tent will have to wait!

    Looking forward to seeing all you Elephant campers. Can’t wait!

    1. Great stuff Dave.
      Pitwalk is usually 3:30pm and you’ll need about 20 minutes to get to the entrance/pits.
      So if you get there late dump your tent and i’m sure you’ll get help on that when you get back!

  212. Is there any rules on bbq’s on the elephant site …. Apart from the obvious?

    And we should have a campsite bbq

    1. Hi Mike,

      yes, I know ;-)

      Of corse bbq is accept. Everybody do it.
      Only open fire is unauthorized by fire brigade.


    2. We all barbecue and often just pool our resources and get together.
      As Michael says anything goes as long as no open fires as we are in a beautiful rural setting and don’t want to burn the woods/track down! (Although the Dutch tried that on the path at the track a couple of years back- yeah it was pretty cold!)

  213. My tickets have been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow morning!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Only like 16 days until I leave.. so cant wait!!!

  214. Michael (or anyone else in the know),

    Do you know of anywhere in or around Malmedy to rent bicycles?

    I have a 6km walk / jog to the track, which doesnt bother me in terms of length and I expect to hitch a few lifts from my site, but on raceday I’m heading for the track very early, may not find a lift and thought bikes would be perfect.

    1. Hi Rob,

      I think my neighbour (near by ma house) do this. It’s a bike shop. I will ask him tomorrow.


      1. It’s alright Michael, after an afternoon of research I managed to find a couple of places in Malmedy that rent bikes, including one just a mile from my campsite called Claessen Sports Spinette, who have told me its not a problem, I can rent from them. Thanks for your offer of help though.

  215. supernicebob
    9th August 2010, 14:13

    Hi Everyone,

    With each day that passes I’m getting more and more excited about this – looks like there’ll be a really big group of us all at the Elephant.

    Myself and 3 friends are booked on the 6.20am Euro-Tunnel departure so should hopefully arrive in the early afternoon.

    Do any Belgian GP veterans have any advice on money? I’d prefer to avoid having to take out all my spending money for the weekend in one go before we get there. What are cash withdrawal facilities like? Both near the Elephant and at the track? Or do most places take card payments anyway?


    1. Hi supernicebob … :-)

      yes, in Francorchamps is a bank with a machine ….

      Card payments .. not realy

      1. Thanks Michael!

  216. Two things,

    Firstly do I understand right, that if you have grandstand tickets you have access to the pit lane at 3:30pm on Thursday. If this is right Is this the only day or is it open Fri, Sat? And jow do you get to the pit lane?

    Secondly is anyone out there on the 08:30am P & O from Dover Thursday morning? as would be nice to meet up for coffee.

    1. Mick
      you just need a weekend ticket of any sort to have access to the pitwalk on Thrusday afternoon. It is also the time when the drivers do their autograph sessions so listen to the loudspeakers when they suddenly announce that Hamilton or Webber or someone is on his way out……it gets pretty hectic but good fun! Also watching the guys do their practice pitstops is quite a gas.
      To get to the pitlane- just follow the people……

  217. Michelle from Newcastle
    9th August 2010, 21:48


    Found this is an earlier post from Kingsley (I think) – very useful information here.

  218. maddog martin
    10th August 2010, 21:08

    got camping sorted (thanks michael) got tickets (well they’re on their way) got the euro tunnel sorted, (10’30pm friday night) now cant wait, first time to a euro f1, done silverstone 5 in a row though, and a big thankyou to carol for reassuring my misses (emma)
    any lewis fans ???

  219. Hi All,

    yes, on the campside is still space.


  220. Hi :)

    This will be my first F1 race, and we are planning road trip from croatia through italy, switzerland, france to belgium…we were planning to arrive in francorchamps on friday and find place to stay…we dont belive in reservations and preplanning ;)…now i see the roads will be closed, and without pass u cant enter (enter where?)…what that exactly mean?…how big is closed area…can we buy passes there or what to do now?
    we plan to leave on 21st (next sat)..is it to late to book in elephant and get our passes in time?

    tnx :)

    1. Mario
      if you want to come and stay with us then you still have time- no problem and you will have a great time. We are people from all different countries so you will meet all sorts of people.
      so if you want a nice friendly time then come and join us- we’d love to meet you.
      If I can help with anything else then let me know- you are not visisting Germany at all on your travels?

      1. we will stay at elephant, I just booked a place, so well se u…in the end i guess we have to plan something ;)
        I found a lot of answers here, and for now i dont have nay new ones, but if ill have i know where to ask.
        Ofcrs well visit germany (berlin), thats on the way home, and also amsterdam and wien. We will be 2 weeks on the road through europe

  221. This might be a dumb question as I’ve never been to an F1 race, but is there any opportunity to actually walk ON the track at a weekend? Would be cool to walk up Eau Rouge! :-)


    1. If same no my previous visits Jonathan, they open the trackside gates after the race on Sunday so you can walk the track. First time I’ve used this blog and reading through it this certainly still seems to be the case as quite a few, led by a lady called Carol, will be gathering at Eu Rouge to enjoy a beer or three! All I can suggest is bring your hiking boots as it is steeper than any telly camera view will ever have you believe! Watching from the bottom as the cars go up it at 180-190mph is quite a spectacle. The guys that drive these motor cars are fearless as I’m sure you’ll agree once you see it for real. Enjoy losing your F1 viriginity, you certainly picked the best place to do it!

      1. Yep- the gates open after the race so you can walk all around the track! Eau rouge is awsome in the flesh so you should at least walk that part!
        And yes Steven- we do always enjoy our after race discussion beer on the Eau rouge after the race (we walk down a bit from the Kemmel straight)…….its a nice experience!

        1. Where should I be at what time to get this experience?…and I haven’t forgotten about your offer Carol!

          1. Hi DK, Just be at the track when the race ends. You’ll see people streaming onto the circuit. Grab a beer and maybe a chair and come to the kerbs at Eau Rouge for a beer and a photo!

          2. Hi DK
            offer still stands! When the race is over just meander down- you can’t miss all us crazies sitting about on top of Eau Rouge watching the more crazy trying to desperately get home…..Lol

        2. Jonathan Weighell
          11th August 2010, 22:42

          Rather than walk, any idea if it would be OK to cycle around the track?! Would be a good experience!


        3. Can’t wait Carol, really looking forward to it and to meeting all you crazies! Any requests for anything Scottish we should bring over? Haggis for breakfast???

          1. Haggis sounds like a great idea! I’ll be bringing some Yorkshire beer.

          2. dude bring you bagpipes;)

          3. Yeah Haggis would be great- love the stuff!
            Not too sure about bagpipes though……

  222. Final piece of the weekend jigsaw sorted…… we’ll be looking out 4 Supernice Bob, also booked on 6.20 Tunnel, eta Elephant @ lunchtime. (Grey Vito & silver cc Passat)
    Michael, we have no passes yet, but will be there by Thursday lunchtime.
    cant wait to see you all there !!!!!!!

    1. Great stuff Darren (hope you don’t forget my shopping list…Lol). Look forward to catching up when you guys arrive….Will you make it before 13:30 as that is when I will probably have to leave……..

      1. Hi Carol, should only take 3 1/2 hrs from Calais from memory, depends if i can get DA to drive over 70, so mid-day-ish is my aim, “baguette is being prepared” apparently (hope that means something to you !!)

        1. Haha Darren- just think Darren’s wedding an baguettes will be clear……
          Great- have a good trip over and see you when you get there.

          PS Michael- do I get a pass to or just arrested?

    2. Hi Darren,

      don’t worry. Pass will send nixt days by email. Hope your printer works. But if you don’t have it – Police know there will be a little traffic for The Elephant … ;-)


    3. Hey Darren,

      We’ll be travelling in style (if perhaps not comfort as 4 of us will be crammed in with all our stuff) in my mate’s silver Merc CL. We’ll keep an eye out for you guys.

      I think our plan will be to find somewhere in Calais to stock up on beer and other supplies, and then make our way there.


      1. Hey Nic
        look out for us, my van wont be empty but could defo help you out & make your journey more comfortable!
        not sure if you can get into the supermarkets before 9am over there so have a think about the beer b4 you leave,
        maybe beer & supplies around Brussels ?? (3 hrs later)
        Cheers, Darren

    4. Claire & Rob Neal
      18th August 2010, 17:44

      We are also booked on the 6:20 eurotunnel crossing on thurs morn(blue volvo v40 with a union jack in the boot)going to the elephant campsite. Give us a shout if you see us :) ill be the one who looks like a kid at christmas im so excited :D
      Cant wait to meet you all
      Claire x

      1. hi Claire, we’ll be looking out for you,
        see you there !!!

  223. As my girlfriend and I are first-rimers, I have a bit of a barrage of questions, if anyone could help with answers, would be most grateful!!!

    My girlfriend has a digital SLR camera, is this likely to be allowed in?

    As we’re in Belgium from Monday (apart from a day-trip to Frankfurt), we’re intending on going to the pit walk on Thursday, any idea what sort of time it starts and which area is best to park at for it? I can’t see any info anywhere on the net regarding it.

    We intend to move around the track a bit on Friday and Saturday (fully aware it’ll involve a lot of walking!), but on the Sunday is it wise to just pick one spot and stick to it?

    What sort of food is on offer in the Bronze area? (if there’s waffles and Jupiler, I’ll he happy!)



    1. Hi Lee,

      You can take whatever camera you want in to the track.

      I believe the pit walk is about 3.30pm. We’re hoping to get there in time for it. No idea about parking, but I can’t imagine it will be a problem on the Thursday.

      You are right that the best thing to do is spend Friday and Saturday wandering around and then pick a spot for Sunday.

      The food is the same in all areas (except the Paddock Club!). They have frites with mayo, hot-dogs, waffles, and beer – although I don’t think it’s Jupiler.

      1. no – no Jupiler – it’s Forster

        Parking is also avaible at The Elephant – have a look to my website
        The Parkings infront of the intrance are reservated for Busses and “VIP”.


        1. Michael
          Fosters stop sponsorship years ago!
          Last year it was Jupiler which is better! Hope so this year……
          Cheers! And everyone have a safe journey and see you there!

  224. Hi all

    Thought i would introduce myself, We are a party of 3 from Manchester staying at the elephant camp site. we are on the 11am Channel Tunnel crossing on Thursday.

    really looking forward to our 1st International F1 weekend and from the sounds of things we have picked a really good campsite.

    see you all on 26th for Beers and Burgers.
    Does anyone know what time the Thursday Pit walk is ?


    1. Thursday afternoon around 3:30 pm

    2. Great to say hi Paul.
      See you there!

  225. More northerners from blighty, excellent. There are 4 of us from Manchester and Liverpool catching the midday ferry from Dover in a VW transporter Van. Pit lane walk is at 3ish but think we will be missing it. Defo up for the Beers and burgers on Thurs and the Beer salute at Eau Rouge at end of the race.

    just wish I could do this every year!

    1. Michael drink coke and red bull ;-) – no beer!

      1. Gonna be a pretty thisty Michaal by the looks of things……

  226. Don’t worry Michael, Im sure we can drink your share of the beers.

    When I say from Manc , I mean I am. The other 2 are token Mancs as they live here now, One’s Welsh the others from Wolverhampton other than thay they are good guys.

    See you Thursday then Rick 1st one there gets the BBQ going.

  227. Well were all token mancs and scousers really! I’d best keep the welsh jokes under wraps then. See you in Spa! – like the BBQ’d steak medium rare please

    1. Hey wrong side of the pennines you lot! I am originally from Costa del Durham but am an Ossie (East German) now……
      Glad there are few from Newcastle also popping up……

  228. Kingsley Newman
    12th August 2010, 16:22

    oh dear..

    might have an issue here guys, BAA have decided to strike, and it could be over the bank holdiay weekend.. so might not be able to fly out / fly back..


    keep you all posted.

    1. should be ok now.. just panicing a bit haha :D

      1. Don’t fret Kingsley- you’ll make it there somehow!

        1. PS- you may even ba able to cadge a lift back as after all the beer has been drunk there will loads of space in the vehicles…..Lol
          We can check on the web whilst we there to make sure you can get back OK.

  229. Just wondering if it’s best to take all our food with us or buy when there. Is there anywhere near the Elephant to bet provisions?

    Seriously looking forward to it!!

    1. Dave
      there are supermarkets and shops in Francorchamps not far away and if you are in a car its no problem. it is difficult for those of us in campers as we are effectively fixed once parked.
      The baker comes daily with fresh bread rolls, baguettes etc and drinks otherwise up to you how you want to do things.

  230. For your sercurity:

    I engage a professional security man for nights!


    1. Hi Michael

      I booked place in your camp for two days and got your email with bill for three days that I need to pay. I’m trying to contact you for a couple of days now, to sort this out but I can’t. I send you 2 emails already, tried to call few times on all three numbers and no answer. Please contact me at mario(DOT)gjurek(AT)gmail.com.


      1. Hi Mario,

        I answered. 27th to 29th are 3 days. Sorry, prices are fixed by the community of Francorchamps per DAY (not stopover) and are beyond our control!


        1. Hi,

          we plan to sleep just for two days, but have to pay for three nights…it is a little bit illogical even for us, and we are coming from country where everything is illogical ;)…but if you say these are the rules ok, well pay…and c u there

        2. Hi again

          I finnaly managed to pay the bill. I hope it’s all ok :) and now i’m waiting for my pass…

          another question: When are check in and check out hours?

          tnx, c u soon

          1. yep – thanks. Everything is okay. You get the confirmation.
            check in / check out – as you like. No limit.


  231. Hi Michael (or any other spa resident)

    I have been following the weather forecast on the bbc website. It says it has been raining for days is this true?

    I know spa tends to have its own micro climate.

    Thanks Mike

    1. Mike just stole my question.

      The site forecasts either rain or nasty heavy rain for the next 5 days too.. Still two weeks for it to improve though. May I suggest an intercontinental sun prayer / wish by all those going to the race? Next Sunday at 1pm BST? (2pm Paris, 9.30pm Adelaide, 3pm Athens, 2pm Cape Town, 3pm Helsinki, 8am Indianapolis, 5am San Francisco, 8am Toronto, 4pm Moscow, 10pm Melbourne)

      A little rain on race day is good, but a total washout of a weekend wouldn’t be much fun.

      1. Hi Rob,

        this will be a good idea.
        Yea – the micro clima in Francorchamps is terrible. Today: rain rain rain … 14,7 °C grrrr
        Hope it will really change next Friday, but up to Friday forecast: rain rain rain ….
        Mike, the micro clima in Spa is different of Francorchamps ;-)

        Hmm, if its raining in 2 weeks … we can offer a fango bath ;-)


  232. Hi all together who comes to The Elephant campside!

    I suggest all who comes to Francorchamps put a flag of your country on the car. You can see on the highway everybody see who comes to the circuit.


    1. Michael
      can you please give me a clue as to just where i get a Brazil flag in Germany? Lol

      1. u r from Brazil?
        have a look in 1-euro-Shops … there I get an US flag ;-) hihi

        1. Michael
          I probably have more passports than you have credit cards- and yes one of them is Brazilian……

          1. Anthony Ferrari
            16th August 2010, 8:54

            I think this is a good idea. I’m sure there must be loads of cheap England flags around which are leftover from the World Cup!
            I’m going to try to get a Yorkshire flag though as I don’t want to be mistaken for a football fan!

          2. I’m sure I could dig out a Scottish Saltire! Do I need to bring a pole as well or is there somthing we can use at the Elephant?

    2. We have prepared a flag, and we even purchased the jerseys…So it will be almost impossible not to notice us in our red and white checkered shirts :)

  233. Hi’yall, have been reading this 2010 Belgian GP/Elephant appreciation thread with some interest :-)

    I’ve been to Spa several times before but haven’t visited the best F1 circuit since 2002, so I think some things may have changed.

    Before I’ve always camped in the woods behind Gold 2, never had a problem even with the loud music. After reading the forum and about the Green zone camping behind Les Combes, can anyone confirm that camping is still available behind Gold 2 or have they moved all that to an official site behind Les Combes?

    This year I’m taking my father, so although I’m prepared to rough it and sleep in chaos of Rammstein on “track repeat” at 4am, I’m thinking about The Elephant and relative calm… but the prices being per day not per night which when added up are making the Rammstein morning chorus more attractive. So really as I’ve not been for a few years, I’d like to know has the camping around the circuit (Gold 2) changed, is it still there, has it become more expensive?

    With the cost of a Gold ticket reflecting the name I’d rather try and keep costs down, but also provide an enjoyable weekend.

    1. Kev,

      Your right this does appear to be a site for the “Elephant campers fan club”. No problem with that as sounds a nice place but a bit biased no doubt.

      I’ve got seats in Gold 7 and have booked into the camping at the Green Zone behind Les Combes, and acording to reports on the forum not a good place to be. However I rang Spa and they have assured me there are toilets and showers and all facilities which are regularly cleaned. They have said there will be noise but would think that’s just a big camp site and won’t be any different to Silverstone which i’ve done for the last 10 years plus with no problems. This is the official campsite which can be pre-booked at 160 euros for the weekend.

      There is also camping in the Yellow zone around La Source but you can’t book it. Spa say it’s pay on the gate and sorry but don’t know the cost. They did say this was likely to be a quieter site but with less facilities.

      Hope this helps, but for sure you will not know what it’s like until after you’ve been. You can always join my son and I in the Green Zone, and hey after a few beers you won’t hear any noise.

      Whatever you do hope you Dad and you have a great weekend.


      1. Cheers Mick, from what you say it sounds like the “Yellow zone” is the one I’ve used on all my previous trips, although the website says the yellow zone is behind Gold1-9, on the other side of the circuit.

        When I used the campsites before noise was never really a great issue, actually put me in good training for the Euro festivals that I now goto instead. I like to wander the campsites and banter with what used to be the Dekra army and eventually ending up in the village of Francorchamps – IMO it is the best pre-race atmosphere on the calendar.

        The Elephant sounds like a good crowd too, and in a good location (despite that hill :-p), but having to pay 52 euro for a Friday when you don’t arrive until 11pm is a bit much considering I could sleep in a Hotel in Aachen for less and arrive early morning fed and refreshed, with money tight it is important to get value for money.

        1. A few non-elephant campers here too. Dunno how you are for transport but there are some good permanent sites a bit further from the track, though availablity would be a problem as it was for me a few weeks back.

          I’ve found a great looking site in a nice area 6km from the track and hired bikes, well looking forward to it!

          1. and it was just a third of the cost of Elephant, due to the Francorchamps policy of price fixing.

          2. Transport isn’t the problem, it is being sobre enough in the morning to use it :-p

            For me part of the whole Spa experience is the pre-race atmosphere that starts after Quali and continues through the night, so I wouldn’t want to go too far from Francorchamps. A 900m walk back up the hill would have made the Elephant just within range :-D

            But this question of pricing Rob, I wonder is it anything to do with the locals reportedly not happy with the race, afterall Francorchamps and the surrounding area is pretty trashed and I could understand why the locals would want to be compensated each year. Is this pricing system a new thing?

    2. Hi Kev,

      the prices are fixed by the community of Francorchamps per DAY (not stopover) and are beyond our control! Since 2002 prices are changed.

      The camp (P3)in the wood behind the tribunes is closed. P1 is for coaches, P2 and P4 for VIPs …
      The green area – pls read some treats before.
      Info you find also on my website.


      1. Hi Michael,

        thanks for that, I’ve looked at your site and I can see on the map the areas you mean. I used to stay in P3, but P5, P6, P7 etc are these and all the other Blue P areas open for general camping without reservation? Also do you know for how much?

        I know that considering you run The Elephant it is a bit cheeky me asking you the costs of those sites, but I’ve just forked out for Gold 8 grandstands and I don’t want to sell another kidney as I’ll need it for the pre-race party on Saturday night. Any help is much appreciated :-)

        1. So does anyone know the cost of camping in the yellow zone? Can’t find prices anywhere.

  234. I’m so glad I found this thread! It has been so useful and answered so many questions for me, with this being my first F1 experience! Many Thanks to Michael and Carol in particular for all your help to everyone!

    I look forward to seeing you all at The Elephant :)

    1. and it was a third of the cost of Elephant, due to the Francorchamps policy of price fixing.

  235. BOTH replies above misplaced (sorry – been a long day at work) 3rd time lucky.

  236. Kingsley Newman
    16th August 2010, 17:04

    Not long now guys, looking forward to it!

    Regards to alcohol, I don’t drink beer (as of yet), and I tend to only drink cider. What are the cider supplies like out in Belgium?

    Will probably end up drinking anything out there though..

    See you all out in elephant (for those that are going)

  237. I’m going to Spa this year and it will be my firs F1 race, I have bronze general admission tickets and I’ll be there Sauturday and Sunday. Can anyone tell me some good viewing spots around the track? Can you see Eau Rouge from any of the GA areas?

    1. Hi Lenny,

      here you can see where will be the Bronze places: http://www.spagrandprix.com/en/pages/tribune-bronze.aspx
      or here: http://francorchamps-camping.com/maprace.htm

      The map shows left the Paddock and Main Tribunes.
      So from Bronze you don’t see Eau Rouge but a lot of other interresant areas of the circuit.

    2. Hi Lenny, good thing about Spa is that it is BIG! So although very popular the GA crowd are spread over a greater distance. Good GA spots IMO are (in no particular order) Kemmel-Les Combes, Pouhon and the old Bus stop chicane. You can see Eau Rouge from the “Village” area behind the Silver 2 grandstand, not ideal for watching the race but perfectly ok for a free practice session.

  238. Hi all
    of course some of us are biased if we have stayed somewhere we like for ages but of course people have different needs and tastes and I am sure we all fully respect that!

    As for the pricing stuff- well the event makes a huge loss every year so the local councils try and capitalise and fix the prices.
    The locals want their track to be kept- in fact they have a whole movement going to keep the site going. The ones who are blocking this are a bunch of greens complaining about noise, devastation etc……
    If you want to keep this track on the calendar then have a look here:
    These local peeps are really trying to do something here.

    1. Hi Carol,

      nothing wrong in being biased, good to hear some great reviews, obviously many people like The Elephant for good reasons.

      As for pricing, yep I can well understand the reasons why the locals would want to make some money out of the misery that 100,000 fans bring, some of the mess I’ve seen left behind is pretty embarassing. Thanks for the link, as until now I thought the majority were the ones opposing the race being held.

  239. hey… but thought I’d say hi to everyone, there’s a group of 9 of us going to spa – getting there Thursday. We’re staying in the elephant (partly thanks to Carol’s reviews on the forums!) and I can’t wait!!

    think I just emailed this to Michael, but thought I’d stick it on the forum in case others have the same questions

    some of us are getting there by car, some by train.

    What’s the easiest way to get to the campsite by train? Is it getting the train to Vervier then bus to francorchamp?

    Also we were wondering, can we move the cars in and out of the campsite? (eg to go to a supermarket), Where is the nearest supermarket/food shop?(for top up supplies) And are there places to get a meal within walking distance of the campsite?

    Is anyone else getting the eurostar across? think we leave london at 8.30, should get to brussels 11.30.. hopefully give us enough time to set up before the pit lane walkabout.

    Really looking forward to it, see you in a couple of weeks!


    1. Hi Sara,

      I am coming over by plane to brussels and then a train onwards.

      I think a couple pages before someone outlines their journey, but to get a train you go from brussels to louvain. louvain to verviers. and then a bus from verviers to francorchamps. train tickets can be bought online, so that helps.


    2. Hi Sara,

      infos to comming by train and bus you can finde here: http://francorchamps-camping.com/train.htm
      Train to Verviers Central – Buss # 395
      or u call me to pick up.
      Of corse you can move your car in and out as you like – its a campside, not a prison ;-)
      Fresh Bred and Rolls and Eggs and some Drinks you find also at the camp. But supermarket are not far.
      Francorchamps have some Restaurants. But I think if you like to eat there better you are not hungry ;-) . Better you go to Spa or Malmedy.

      PitWalk will be arund 15:30

      cu in some days

    3. Hi Sara
      hope you have a trouble free and safe trip over.
      For details on busses and trains there is a post one or two pages back with loads of info so take a look.
      You can get in and out of the site no problems during your stay. The nearest shops are in Francorchamps a couple of minutes away for top ups and anything you need (not tried it myself so relying on feedback there).
      There are local pubs in the village where you can get a meal- seems pretty simple fare but looks OK!
      Look forward to seeing you all!


  241. Thanks Michael! I’d just heard a rumour the roads around the campsite were closed, it’s useful to know about breakfast as well, I don’t tend to function well in the morning!

    Really getting excited now! see you in a few days, can’t wait!! (and realised it’s less than 2 weeks, silly me :D )