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2010 British Grand Prix

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  1. Have you considered the power you have here Keith? I can’t imagine how many people who use F1 Fanatic want to go to silverstone! I am definitly one of them.

    Maybe we could set up a consortium and book it together for some sort of discount, plus being the fanatics we are we could all meet up and watch together.

    I just missed out on a ticket for 2009 british grand prix and i was going to make a combination hammy/button suit as well!

  2. Just booked for myself and son to go. I can’t believe the costs, £471 for the two of us for Sunday only. No child rates either in that Grandstand. I hope he enjoys his first live Grand Prix.

    1. exactly why I can’t go. these prices just keep fans away i swear.

      1. all i can say to that is when i booked and asked for earlybird prices they had all been sold , even though i booked the same day they were available for sale , look on the website now and see they are still offering earlybird prices! what a farce!!!!

    2. hey gary you and your son will love every minute at silverstone me and my family have been going for the last 5 years well mate hope you injoy your time

  3. Whats the latest on the track layout, I went to the 2009 GP and sat in the Luffield B bronze which was great but I would like a change this year. However I don’t want to book my ticket to find out the MotoGP track is being used and better seats become available!

  4. hi,
    booked silverstone.gone for cops terrace where we usually go ,taking a chance , i think looking at the proposals it may be even better, booked 3 day passes, got the early bird prices. bargin, Gary i am sure your son will enjoy his first Gp.

  5. PS ,if any one has not camped before recomend whittlebury golf course great site , you can book now.
    also whittlebury hall is where some of the drivers stay so you maybe lucky to see them.

  6. Am going to book tickets on monday some early bird bookings still for sell , So its Abbey or Farm which one is best will be grandstand seats

  7. Me and my girlfriend tried to get Pit Straight tickets but the had sold out on the first day of sale. So we had a look at the proposed track layout and got two grandstand sunday seats for Maggots/Becketts straight away. Even if the layout doesn’t change and include the new hairpin/infield section then it’s still gonna be a good view!

  8. Question, do you think a 5 and 6 year old would enjoy the race? Do you normally see children that young at races?

    1. seen llots of children at GP they all seem to enjoy themselves. tip make sure you get them ear deffenders . as its very loud.

      1. I’ve taken my son twice now, first when he was 4 but that was a little early, he enjoyed it better the next year and yes as Val rightly says ear defenders are a must. Look on the internet for “Kidzz” ear defenders, good quality and not too dear

  9. We’re going to be at Luffield, taking the whole family this year will be camping in silverstone and attanding all 3 days. Hiring a camper van so with that and the ticket prices it’s costing a fortune. Still, be worth it to see Lewis up against Shumey

  10. Oh almost forgot, camping at SRA silverstone. Google it to find out more. I’ts a great site with bar live music and food. Only 25 min walk from Luffield. COME ON LEWIS!!!

    1. totally agree Charlie will be great to see Lewis race against shui. you will enjoy the 3 days .yes its expensive but a great weeked and well worth it. if you did not know, any one who buys a race ticket can go to the after party race. Last year Eddie Jordans band played.

  11. Got tickets for hanger straight on the early bird. First time i’ve been to a GP (The rents got my tickets for my 21st :) ).

    Really looking forward to it, hopefully will be a good weekend. And compared to something like a music festival which is 3 days long the price is comparable. (I Paid £190 for reading festival in august 09 ).

  12. I went to Silverstone last year for my first live F1 race…absolutely brilliant..was the best weekend I’ve ever had! My only disappointment of the weekend was my seat on the Sun. I was in Copse C but was on the very last row of the stand. On the Sat I sat in Luffield for qualifying. It was much better than Copse C…maybe because I was nearer the track? I walked the track a couple of times over the weekend but can’t remember where I thought the best stands were! I’m going again this year and want to make sure that I have a better view. What I want is to see as much of the track as possible with a possibility of some overtaking and I was thinking of sitting in Vale or Club. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Karen, Sorry to hijack your question but it will be our first time to F1 and we have booked Woodcote. Does anyone know if you have seating allocated or is it first come? And if so what is the best time to get there? Also does anyone know if you can you take cool boxes into the stands?
      Really looking forward to this and want to get the best out of the weekend. Thanks Maz

      1. i sat there in 04, awsome stand, close to the action and you can see them coiming out of bridge and through into woodcote, so cars are in view for a long time. seating is allocated and there is room for a cool box, although only a very small one, its similar to sitting in a football stand.

  13. Hi guys, wonder if anyone has used the website britishgp.co.uk to buy tickets before? they appear to be part of a wider group, the ticket enterprise. I want tickets to farm but have sold out on the silverstone website but they have them there – wondered if anyone has used them before? Any advice would be great.
    Also – which other stands are close to the circuit too?
    Cheers in advance for any help, i appreciate it

    1. I have no experience of them – I’ve been several times and always got my tickets straight from Silverstone: http://www.silverstone.co.uk/

    2. hi Stuart,
      I used the company last year.when the tickets I wanted were not avialable from silverstone. no pros they arrived a couple of weeks before the event.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Val – sounds good and solves my problems, much appreciated

        1. Hi i wanted to get tickets for the new international pit straight but when i went to silverstone they were sold out , so i am thinking of using Britishgp.co.uk and seen u used them an was wondering did u have any problems and were the tickets real? many thanks

          1. Hi Kirsty,

            I had tickets from these guys, ok they were a little more expensive as you are paying agency fees, but i can honestly say, i had no problems withthem at all, the tickets were great, they arrived in plenty of time (recorded delivery) so from a personal opinion i couldnt knock them

  14. Hello,
    Some help please. I am looking to buy my mum and dad a ticket for this year for my dad’s 60th and wanted to know what was best. I was looking at the General Admision tickets but dont want him to be disapointed so thought maybe bronze corpse or Luffield. Can anyone help with where they think is best?

    1. Copse (not corpse!) is really quick and you’ll be able to see the start line and pit exit from there. At Luffield you’ll see the cars for longer but they won’t be going as quickly, so it’s not as impressive. Personally out of those two choices I’d go for Copse, it’ll be a thrill on the first lap.

      There’s more information which should help in these articles:

      Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

      British GP: Where to watch

      Going to the British Grand Prix? Read these tips from fans who’ve been…

    2. Hi amy
      I would aviod general admission i you can ,you have specific areas you can view rom but to get a good view you need to be their early, /i mean really early then stuck there or your space will be gone. we have been to several areas over the years but my favorite is cops. depending on your budget, copse terrace is good you dont have reserved seat as its a terraced steps but you can take a fold up camp chair set your selves up . the terraces have limited no’s agin you would need to be there at a reasonable time but not as early as general admission. I have read some where that they are takinfk the fences down so viewing shouldbe even better. there is alos a giant tv screen opposite cops corner as well.

  15. I’ve got Sunday general admission tickets for me and the gf. Not our first visit to Silverstone but our first time to the GP

    What areas are available and can anyone recommend a good spot?

    Also, I was prepared that we would have to be there early in the morning to get a good seat. I just wonder how early is “early” exactly?

    1. Becketts is agood spot for general admission. to get a good spot you will need to be there by about 8am.however they are changing the track best to look on silverstone site to see track layout.

      1. I would say a lot earlier than 8am. We sat in Luffield B terrace last year and got to the gates at 4am and there was about 100 people in front of us. By 6am all the good spots had long gone. I would imagine GA tickets will be even worse. I am thinking of GA tickets for this year and will be getting to the gates at 4am again – its all part of the fun!!!

        1. Andrew, I couldn’t agree more! As a bit of general info for any GA ticket holders try to avoid the gate halfway between abbey and club when getting into the circuit early. there are 2 gates seperated by an access road and many fans walk down to the main road entrance (at bridge) and skip the first gate – very frustrating when you’ve been queing up for ages! The last couple of years that my dad has queued here i have been into the circuit run 300mtrs to the stowe banking and had the chairs set up before he’s even got into the track. You’re better to walk round to the top of the circuit and going through the gate half way between stowe and club behind the vale hospitality units, open in plenty of time and queing is easy. Not quite sure though if this is where the circuit run camoing is going to be or not though!

        2. Yes Andrew I know what you mean. We booked Luffield B Terrace last year for our first F1 race and by 7 am the whole terrace was almost full! Booked Becketts grandstand this year, so hoping for a good view. The good thing about Luffield is you do get to see the cars for longer but yes, they aren’t doing 240kph that they will be doing through becketts! Getting up early IS part of the fun, but I’m still glad it’s only once every year lol

        3. Hi Andrew, is there a general access area at luffield??

          1. Hi Mark,

            No there isn’t, they have the grandstands and the bronze terraces. The bronze terraces you still need to take ur own chairs etc but GA ticket holders can’t access the terrace. Only GA spots for this year are around club corner, Vale and around the maggots/becketts corners.

  16. Help ,never been to the Gp before,have booked tickets in Luffield B ,which campsite is best looking to travel down Thursday and return Monday,only 2 of us don’t mind a bit of a party but probably not till 4 in the morning!!

    1. Hi for camping you cannot beat Whittlebury golf course. need to book have a look on their web site . only a short walk to circuit.

    2. We also viewed from Luffield last year (enjoyed) and stayed at Whittlebury, I asked the same question last year about camp sites – got a really useful reply from Ian – he said it all really.
      See below:

      Author: Ian Lockwood
      Whittlebury is a great campsite. There are two distinct areas – golf course plots and farm plots. As the names suggest, the golf course plots are on slightly better / more level ground with well manicured grass whilst the farm plots are a little more “rural”, but still fine for camping.

      Facilities are good with mobile showers available around the site and also in the Pavilion. These are kept clean and supplied with hot water throughout the weekend and minimal queueing is needed even at busy times.

      There is a beer tent and “stage” with DJ & live bands, plus a hog roast over by the farm plots.

      There is another bar at the Pavilion where you can also buy breakfast, & evening snack food such as pizzas with a large “posh” marquee to sit in. You can also buy bacon, bread, milk etc from here.

      There is a another shop/bar/cafe by the main entrance. I’m not sure about facilities to re-freeze ice packs.

      There is also the Atrium. This is the main golf club house and is open to campers. There are nice toilet facilities and a large bar / restaurant serving Pub food such as steaks, scampi, chicken etc plus a carvery doing roast dinners. If you plan to eat here on Saturday or Sunday evening I would advise you book a table on arrival.

      It is not a party all night campsite – you have to be quiet after midnight, so a good night sleep is possible!

    3. We sat in Luffield B last year and we stayed at Litchlake farm, it was no more than 400 meters from the terrace to our tent. Its perfect for Luffield.

      Whittlebury park is quite a walk from Luffield, if you where in Copse it wuld be a lot closer. We also stayed there for the Renault WS last year and my personal opinion is wasn’t as good as Litchlake Farm, the showers and toilets were terrible. However, it does appear they raise there game for the GP which most campsite tend to do.

  17. Hi, Thanks for your responses. Where would you recommended between Vale and Becketts? Also, if travelling to the event on Sunday, what time would ou suggest they get there?

    1. Amy, my advice would be to get there early. If you have a grandstand ticket i woul say you should be ok to arrive around half 6 to 7, it will give you enough time to park grab something to eat and be in your seats for the Formula BMW race (the first track action of the day). If you however have a general admission ticket its best to arrive at around 4am to get in the queue. The best spots go fairly quickly and so its probably best to delegate someone in your party to run with the chairs and grab a good spot quick. Hope this helps!

  18. cheers for the help ,looks like will going to Whittlebury park then,see you all there can’t wait….

  19. Hi guys,

    Have just bought tickets at Stowe 3 day pass. Been a fan for years but finally taken the plunge and booked tickets ths yr. Only thing is, got no friends interested in F1, girlfriend hates it and kids are 2 and 4 so too young to go.

    Are there any groups to join for a bit of company over the three days?

    Also, where’s best to stay? Not camping, will b&b.

    1. change that… will be camping but not sure whether to book at Whittlebury or the SRA campsite??

    2. Where ever you stay your be well looked after, F1 fans are the most friendly people to meet. We encourage anyone to come and have drink, it all adds to the atmosphere.

  20. Hi all,

    My fella and I have bought 3 day general admission tickets and can’t wait to go!

    I’m sure I read somewhere that you can take your own beer in, can anyone confirm/deny?!


    1. hi Hamster,
      yes you can take own beer in ,I took wine last year in my rucksack, ready or the grand prix party.

  21. Hi Val,

    Thanks for you reply, that’ll save some pennies!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hamster,

      taking beer in is a good idea! whilst the prices for pints etc are not that expensive (i think i paid £3 last year) the queues can be fairly long! Food can get pricey so would advise you take some crisps etc in with you, and again food queues can be long!

  22. Coming from Bermuda to Silverstone and trying to choose between the Pits Straight, Woodcote or Luffield.

    Appreicate any feedback as regards whats the better option?


  23. Silverstone Newbie
    I am planning to go this year but frankly I am confused as to what tickets will be the best to have.
    I am going for the 3 days and am prepared to bite the bullet and pay the price of whatever ticket will give me the best view.
    What I need to know is which ticket should I get?
    I would really appreciate your advice as whilst I am prepared to pay it’s a lot of money and don’t want to make any mistakes on the choice!

    Thanks in advance


  24. Hi guys, I am busy planning for my trip. I am going to sit at Copse D. I think it is a good spot especially because it is covered. The hotel I wanted to stay at is already fully booked (I can’t believe).
    Anyway, maybe I’ll see you guys there…

  25. Anyone else Camping at Silverstone with the 35 each tickets ? Good to see you can take your own beer ;) Could only afford General admission tickets so does anyone know which parts I can access on the Sun ?


    1. hi kev,
      you can get some good spots on general admission around the circuit, but need to get there early i would say from at least 8.am take some folding camp chairs then you can dump your chairs . and look around and change spots if you wish,however if you whant time to to take advantage of changing spots you will need to get there before 8.am. becketts is good for general,admission it depends if you whant to see the cars close at a corner or on fast straits.I have only done general admission once we got a the good spot a becketts but they are changing the track so may be diffeent this year.

    2. hi kev. I’ll be camping at silverstone on the 35 ticket. contact me on skype name jfh… the circuit is building the campsite as new this year. i was told by silverstone that although facilities hadn’t yet been confirmed, they are likely to include beer tents, washing/shower/toilet facilities, fairground rides, etc.
      Personally, spending 150 at whittlebury for similar facilities vs. 35 at silverstone is a no brainer!
      p.s. although I haven’t done it, as far as I can see, to ensure a good position you’ll need to sit down at 6am or earlier!

      1. We are going to be camping at the Silverstone campsite this year. We stayed at Litchlake farm last year which was great but at 20 per person per night, it was a rip off. 35 for the whole weekend is great value.

        We are going for GA tickets, we sat in Luffield B last year which was ok but you don’t get to see the cars at full speed. We will be at the gates at 4am without fail.

  26. Thanks for that Val, would prefer close to circuit and action if poss rather than the fast straights. Dont mind getting there early doors like. ANyone else camping ??

    1. Hi Kev we are camping at whittle bury very good camp site and close to circuit if you nare stopping sun nightr recomend arter race grand prix part free to all not matter what ticket you have booked.
      we were at beckets whe year lewis won rain all through the race so saw cars comming off the the corner.fast corner as they come off a straight after cops. you get general admission on the straight off cops going into becks. and have a good view of all. are you camp sat night if so you can get there really early i think if i remember gates open at 6.am and have a good look round. where ever if not been before its a experience you will never forget my hubby treated me to tickets to race day a few years ago 40 th bithday, now hooked go for 3 days and camp from thurs to monday , you will also i am sure have a good time and great atmosphere, on any of the camp sites.

  27. Wheres the after race party then ? Is it on circuit or on one of the sites ?

    1. Hi ,
      after race party is in the middle of the circuit.

      1. Although if they have their plans approved to change the circuit layout the After party will need to me moved as that space will be filled by the new Arena section.

  28. Planning on ravelling down Thus nite or Fri early hrs and camping till Monday. Went Renult WS last July and really enjoyed it so this is our first GP :)

  29. Planning on travelling down Thurs nite or Fri early hrs and camping till Monday. Went Renault WS last July and really enjoyed it so this is our first GP

  30. Hi all, been an f1 fan for as long as I knew what racing was. Myself and my girlfriend have 3 day tickets for luffield B seats j122/123. Will be camping at silverstone too. If anybody is near us in the seats let us know. See u in July!!! Can’t wait!

    1. Hi Tom and Charlie,

      My husband and I are going to our 4th British GP this year and we’re sitting at J8 and J9 Luffield B. Will be at the other end of your row but will give you a wave. We’ve tried most seats during Fri and Sat each year and think Luffield B will be the best (hopefully the same following track changes!) Getting really excited now!! We’re staying at a hotel though, not camping as we’re coming from N.Ireland and to try and carry camping gear and all our other luggage is just too much. Camping sounds brill tho!!! See you in July!!

  31. George Suddaby
    7th February 2010, 15:25


    Me, my dad and my mate are going for qualifying in general admissision. WHats the atmosphere like cause ive been an f1 fan for AGES but this is my first time to any sort of F1 action??

    I cant wait and ill see you there :D

    1. Hi George,
      you will enjoy, the atmosphere is out of this world from the start of free practice on friday, untill the last race on the sunday.

  32. Phillip from Denmark
    7th February 2010, 16:18

    We have travelled over to the UK for the British GP for the last 3 years now and 2010 will be no different,we love it !
    We will set off from Copenhagen on the Tuesday evening arriving Wednesday,The fun then begins.
    Compared to many other European GPs we have been to, Silverstone has to be one of the top weekends.

    This year we will be bringing some F1 newcomers with us,so we decided to buy GA tickets so that we can take a look around the track,hopefully the new sections of the circuit which we have seen plans for on this website.

    The atmosphere of the whole weekend is just fantastic. We stay at Hamilton fields campsite from the wednesday until monday.The campsite is really well orginised,good facilities, Friendly and helpful staff and good security and I belive this year at the campsite there will be a lively area and a quite /family area
    Over the past few years we have met a good crowd at this site with no trouble,just everyone there to enjoy the weekend.

    As I have already said,this year there will be even more of us Vikings coming over,so look out for the Danish flag,the many cans of Carlsberg and come and say Hi,and even have one of our “special” Carlsbergs !!

    ROLL ON JULY !!!!

  33. Hi all,
    going to GP for the very first time this year, really excited. Can anyone give me any information about the shuttle bus from northampton railway station to the circuit.


  34. I went on just the Friday last year (2009) and it was fantastic. The tickets are cheap, and I could park right next to the circuit for free.

    This year, though, to get a parking pass you have to book at least two Friday tickets.

    Anyone out there who wants a Friday ticket but doesn’t need to park?

  35. Looking to buy a ticket for my Dads 60th as he’s never been to a Grand Prix but not sure which ticket to go for. Would you recommend General Admission or a Silver ticket at Hangar Straight or Stowe A?

    Any advice much appreciated.

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      9th February 2010, 18:48

      Hi James,first of all is it for the race day or a 3 day ticket ?
      I would imagine as its your Dads first grand prix,a grandstand ticket would be best option( stowe A )If its the 3 day ticket your buying then this ticket would also allow him to sit in the other grandstands for friday practice and saturday qualifying or if he feels for it,just have a walk around the track and watch from wherever.
      Whichever grandstand ticket you buy the 3 or 1 day ticket he has his reserved grandstand seat for race day.

      As for the general admission ticket I would think he wouldnt be to pleased at having to get up at the crack of dawn on race day to sit in the queue at the gates waiting for them to open then sprint to his chosen spot.
      At least with the grandstand ticket he will be able to arrive at a sensible time and be able a walk around taking in all the atmosphere in the F1 village,Teams stands etc without fear of losing his “Spot” as might be the case with a general admission ticket.
      Hope this helps ;)

      1. Thanks for the reply Phillip. It’s just for race day. Based on your advise we’re going to bite the bullet & get him a Silver ticket for Stowe A.
        Thanks again!

  36. Great news…Silverstone have been given the green light to run the new Arena circuit. This year is going to be bloody fantastic.

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      11th February 2010, 15:36

      Really hope so Andrew. I wonder if the new layout will allow general admission ticket holders a decent view of the new section,anybody know ??

      1. I have been waiting for this news for weeks and have held off booking my ticket until its confirmed.

        I think the complex will be greatly improved by these changes and Luffield seems a great spot now, last year it got a bit boring.

        I have checked the Silverstone website and theres is no updates to tickets etc.

  37. Phillip from Denmark
    11th February 2010, 16:04

    Just read this on the BBCs website:

    “Silverstone is also attempting to improve the facilities for spectators by constructing elevated viewing banks and moving existing grandstands to bring the fans closer to the action”

    So maybe the GA tickets dont look such a bad thing !!

    1. I am thinking of going for GA this year just to check out the new layout. If it does what it says on the tin, I’m all for it.

      Where are you sitting this year Phillip?

  38. Phillip from Denmark
    11th February 2010, 16:23

    We normally sit at Luffield or Abbey but this year we are bringing some friend who have not been to a GP before so we have bought GA tickets so we can take a look around.

  39. Is it easy to get a good spot with a GA ticket on the saturday ticket because thats what me, my dad n mate have got lol :S

    1. You should be ok but get there early, you won’t need to get there as early as Sunday but I would say by 8am to get a good spot.

  40. Does anyone know what the new campsite at Silverstone is going to be like for facilites etc ?
    We Have just worked out that with our party staying at Silverstones own campsite we can save over 170 just on the camping and another 40 for car parking than another well known local site for the same period ie Thursday until the monday.

    1. Belinda, re: campsite facilities, see my post further up the page.

      1. Jfh
        Thanks for that :)

  41. I’m going to the British GP for the first time, even thought I’ve been to other F-1 races, none had the mystic of Silverstone. Can anyone recommend any B&B to stay at near the circuit?? Best way to reach the circuit from London??

  42. I am taking my 11 year old son and have got tickets for Luffield A section for all 3 days, so I knew I had a guaranteed place to watch, for the race itself and hope to view the practice sessions from different places. Can anybody let me know what the view is like from Luffied, whether it is close to the circuit, do you see any overtaking. Also what times would you recommend arriving at the circuit for the different days.

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      22nd February 2010, 16:10

      Hi Philip,
      From Luffield A you are quite near to the track but the cars wont be going “flat out” as luffield is made up of a couple of corners.
      I doubt you will see any overtaking but who knows this year with the new part of the track in use.
      You will get to see the cars for a longer period here than say hanger straight.
      Have a look at the linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAUD5dw3dLw&feature=related and you will get a good idea whats what.

      As for what time to get there,even though you have a reserved area it still gets fairly full early on Sunday so no later than 6- 6:30 and once you have put your chairs up,dont move for anyone as you will always get a late arriver try to move in on your spot.
      Hope that helps,ENJOY

    2. Peter,

      I sat in Luffield A last yr and had an amazing time

      They are really great seats and as above, you will get to see the cars for a decent amount of time

      The one and only drawback in my mind was that you dont see the cars really accelerating towards you (you do see them accelerating away from you towards the start finish)

      As such, I would strongly rec. taking the opportunity on the Friday or Saturday to go and find a palce to watch the practice and qualifying where you will get this sensation

      I have gone for Woodcoote A this yr and cant wait

      Have a great weekend with your son


  43. I’m going to buy a GA ticket for Saturday.
    Can anyone give some feedback on the Park and Ride (M1) scheme.
    Should I book this for free or pay £15 to park at the circuit?

  44. Hi guys,
    cant wait to get to silverstone again, only my second time. Went on my own last year and sat at hangar straight, was ace, especially as that’s where Lewis did the donut at the end!!! But I was so cold I could have fallen asleep, but taking my son this year and it’s his first one so I’ve decided to go general admittance,you never know until you try, and it at least means I can go and take my son for his first gp, it’s all about the atmosphere and meeting up with like minded people and show your support to your team, Mclaren all the way!!!! Cant wait! :-)

  45. Does anyone know a good shuttle service from London to Silverstone??

  46. please please help me ,would like 2 take my husband 2 silverstone 4 his 50 b,day.can anybody tell best pleace 2 sit and watch grand prix,so he has a great day ,your help would be so kind ,thank you f 1 fans, suzie

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      28th February 2010, 10:04

      Hi Suzie,is it a grandstand ticket or a general admission you are looking for and is it a 3 day ticket or just for the GP on the sunday?


  47. I’m thinking of camping on the Silverstone complex for £35pp. Does anyone know when this will be open?

    From the website, it looks as though the official camping is only for 3 nights, but I’m guessing that most people will want to get down on the Thursday?

    Additionally, do you need to _also_ purchase parking for the weekend, or are you able to park on the campsite?

    Cheers for any help – it will be my 30th birthday present so really looking forward to it!

    1. I’ve answered my own question on parking from the FAQs on the Silverstone.com website.

      Q : Do I need to purchase a Parking Pass if I have a Camping ticket?
      A : No. Parking in close proximity to the campsite is covered within the cost of the ticket.

      Would still like to know when the official campsite will open for pitches.

  48. Does anyone have any more details over what general admittance areas will still be in place for this years British GP? From the looks of some of the maps I can find, due to the track improvements some of the best areas don’t seem to have viewing areas :o( – Anyone got any more info?

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      4th March 2010, 11:02

      Hi Chris,
      I have just had a look at the track layout on Silverstones web site and I see what you mean as this isnt the track layout concerning GA spectator areas from a few weeks ago.
      I seem to remember that club corner and parts of the new arena section was open to GA ticket holders.

      1. Phillip from Denmark
        4th March 2010, 11:12

        Just checked out the changes from the two track layouts below on silverstones web site for the Moto gp circuit and the F1 circuit regarding GA ticket holders:
        Moto Gp:

        F1 GP:


        1. Thanks Phillip, Still not a great deal of information. For the last two years we have sat at Club, so may be time for a change! Still, we have two days to walk the track and decide the best place to sit…

          Can’t wait, come on team GB!!

      2. I’m running a half-marathon next Sunday around Silverstone (both the actual circuit and around the area) so I’ll be sure to report on the current state of the circuit and viewing areas!

        1. Phillip from Denmark
          4th March 2010, 16:23

          Good man Daniel ;) look forward to your report and maybe some pics ??

  49. first timer here, i am going for my 16th birthday with my slightly reluctant dad and would like to know the best place to go on GA tickets were we can set up a couple of chairs or maybe a mat on the grass. Any help would be much apreciated. Also how busy is it on the friday? and how many GA tckets do they allocate (i am aware they are sold out and have already purchased them)?

  50. Hi me and my dad are going to british gp this year it will be our first gp. We have copse d bronze tickets.

    I have a question I wondered if anyone could answer for me:

    We are staying in corby and using park and ride at northampton.

    1. When do we need to get to park and ride to get to circuit for good spot on both saturday and sunday?

    2. Is traffic bad getting to park and ride?

    3. What is traffic like coming down m1 on friday? (We r coming from leeds and parking at the circuit.

    Thanks. We really want to have the best weekend and aren’t bothered how early we need to be there.

    1. Steve!

      I had a bronze ticket last year for the silverstone circuit :) I live in Northampton and did the park and ride the best option would be to take the first bus out usually 6.30 or abit before it should say on you park and ride ticket when you recieve it what times the buses start :) I did that last year we managed to get a great spot and plus you can have a sleep when you get there!
      Traffic isnt bad as last year the buses had there own route.
      I hope you have a fantastic Weekend let me know if you have any problems :)


    2. 1.since you have bronze tickets it’s every man woman and child for himself so it’s important to be early so to get a decent seat so get fit and run the second you get in, knock old people/young children over to increase chances of a good seat.

      2.Iv’e only been gold at silverstone “snob”. But when I went in 2007 110,000 people there, the parking on the circuit wasn’t too bad, it took about 2:30 hrs if i remember right to get onto silverstone grounds from the motorway which was about 2 miles away if that, but that was on a sunday. getting out of silverstone was 40mins to 1 hr even for gold ticket holders but I’m not sure for bronze it could be the same it could be different.

      3.It should be farely quiet until ofc saturday and sunday.

      4.Extra, go to bed earlier then everyone else so you will be awake really early and might be able to get some grub before the gates open. advice from a man who went bronze at spa last year crazy….

  51. Can’t really help you with the park and ride stuff, cos I haven’t used that. But did sit at Copse bronze terrace last year. We got there for about 6am and there were already plenty of people set up and waiting in their spots. Still got a nice place near the front though, so it’s probably a good idea to aim for that time.

    And make friends with the people around so that you don’t have to stay glued to your seat the whole time! Then you can ask them to watch your place for you. Trust me, 7 hours is a long time to be in the same place for…

  52. Thanks for the great advice.

    Most of my questions are travel related because the last thing I want is to miss anything.

    Dont suppose anyone travels down from the Leeds area and knows how long I need to allow to get to the circuit on time on Friday?

    Victoria: I think we are about 30 mins from Sixfields so would you allow any extra time on that for queuing etc? Or if we go for the first bus should we be ok to just allow the 30 mins, for both Saturday and Sunday please?

    1. Ashley Fisher
      28th April 2010, 11:03


      whilst I don’t travel down from Leeds I can give you some advice for Friday (i think :s) It takes around 10-15 mins to get from the M1/A43 exit to the exit for the crcuit. The A43 has been pretty well organised in recent years and so this secton of the journey is usually OK. When you get to the exit for the circuit I would advise going into the first car park on the left if you can. Yes, it is a grass car park but last year i made the mistake of skipping it and then queued for 40mins as the next two car park sections were full. This car park is aprox 5 mins walk from the luffield section and the closest entrance is behind the woodcote stands, assuming the same gates are used as in previous years, what with the new track developments.

      As for what time to leave it depends what you want to see at the track. We always go early as we like to look around the F1 Village before watching the first track action of the weekend – usually the Formula BMW free practice session. This took place at 08:45 last year and was at 09:00 i think the year before. F1 first practice starts at 10:00 but i would allow at the absolute least 90minutes to get from the A43 to a car park, then into the circuit and to a good vantage point, as queues for getting in at certain gates can be quite long (AT ALL COSTS AVOID THE GATE HALFWAY BETWEEN FARM/ABBEY AND CLUB AS FOR SOME REASON THIS GATE IS ALWAYS HORRENDOUS TO GET IN AND OUT OF!)

      With regards to Park and Ride I think the first bus is at 04:30 on sunday and 06:30 on saturday (?). Unfortunately i cannot give much more advice than that as we always park at the circuit.

      1. Thanks for the good advice.

        Is there anyone on here that is using the M1 Park and Ride (Sixfields Stadium) or has used it in the past.

        Just wondered if we aim to go for the first bus will we need to allow for queuing to get into car park for bus?

        Do people get there earlier than the first bus?

        1. Ashley Fisher
          4th May 2010, 14:39

          found some more parking info which may be of help http://www.silverstone.co.uk/Global/pdf/BGP%202010%20Parking%20V2.pdf

  53. We will be staying in Coventry [we are from Australia]
    and would like to know about driving to the circuit
    on the three days of the GP. How long, where to [park and ride?]weather you guys have any cold beer etc.

    1. Bruce I live in Coventry and am also going, email me if you fancy meeting up for a beer one night back in Cov.

    2. or rather replt to this post ;)

  54. Hi Bruce,
    Normally its a 1 hour drive,approx 66kms BUT grand prix weekend who knows,the traffic can be a nightmare even if you set off at the crack of dawn.
    Why not consider staying at one of the many campsites just a short walk from the circuit and save yourself the hassle of the the round trip every day ?

    The campsites,which most have all the faciliates ie,showers,toilets, live bands, bars etc are a great place to stay with a fantastic atmosphere and lots of cold beer !!! ;)

    As your coming from OZ,I guess you wont be bringing all the camping gear but there is one company who do the complete camping package near to the circuit,there website is below:


    If you decide to stay at one of the campsites,then get in touch and through this forum I am sure youll get some help with camping gear campsite info etc.

    Hope the above info helps.

  55. I just got a package deal which includes general admission tickets. I’ve read and learnt a lot from this forum. Thanks! The hotel included in the deal is some 70miles away so it’ll take roughly 2hrs to get to the track. Not sure what time we’ll be setting off but considering this, is it worth paying an extra 100/200 for a grandstand seat since I prob will not be able to get to the track at 6am as recommended in a lot of the posts. The package deal costs 300 and includes sat and sun, hotel, breakfast and transfers

    1. Hi Warren,
      If its not to late I would consider cancelling your package and try the camping at the company mentioned in my post above,its nearly as good as a hotel plus your right on the doorstep at Silverstone and cheaper what your paying.
      As of this morning there are still GA
      tickets available on the website below

  56. Hi Phillip, Thanks for the reply. The thing is I’m a bit of a squimish wimp and can’t really see myself sleeping rough/camping! I have never done before and it’s hard to see myself doing so – hence my original question. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in terms of camping! I’m still able to cancel the tickets by the way!

    1. Hi Warren,
      Just sound like my wife !! ;) but saying that she tried the camping lark a couple of years back at the Belgian GP and now loves it !!
      Go on Warren try it,I am sure youll enjoy it along with the other 1000s of us that do it at the GP

  57. Ok well – may as well try everything once!! And since most on here are camping, I guess we can all meet up. It’ll be nice to meet fellow fans! So gonna be getting my refund! I was looking at getting the Midrange tent!
    Anyway couple of questions
    – Is it worth getting the tent+package deal?
    – Is it worth getting a Bronze GA ticket over a normal GA ticket?

    Actually camping is turning out as being more expensive – but I guess u get the atmosphere as well

    1. Hi Warren,
      Good on yer !! First of all,How many are there of you going ?
      I would think as a first time camper/s the package might be better as you`ll get your breakfast. But as I said in my previous post to the Aussie guy above,if you need help with camping gear etc I am sure through this forum you will get help as youll find most F1 fans are like one big family and as you point out you WILL get the party atmosphere camping
      If you get the bronze GA ,you have a reserved area in either copse or luffield but you still have to get there early on race day and dont forget your folding chair !! .
      Last year we had luffield B bronze and it was an good spot,you get to see the cars for a long period but their not going flat out.
      If you let me have your email or some contact info,I will get in touch and hopefully we will be able to help you.;)

  58. Hi Phillip, it’s 2 of us coming! I was thinking along the lines of a copse bronze or just a normal GA. Is there a way to see the GA areas? my email is wole04 at hotmail dot com.
    So I take it you’ll be camping as well?

    1. Hi Warren,
      last year you could walk all the way around the circuit with a GA ticket but with the new track mods this year I am not so sure if thats possible but as lots have people have said on this forum,as long as your at the track early on the sunday you´ll get a decent spot to see the race from.
      Below is a link to Silverstones website and the map shows all the viewing spots inc grandstands but as I say until we have been this year there is just no knowing whats what.http://www.silverstone.co.uk/

      I will mail you later tonight and give you some more info etc.

  59. Cheers mate!! You’ve been a real help

  60. I will be there. Got tickets for Club Silverstone. Figured if I end up spending over $1k for airfare (per person and family is coming but only me going to the race) to get there I might as well get the “best” ticket. Compared to the overall cost airfare + hotel the ticket price is not to bad but sure adds a lot to the trip. No not going just for the race will actually spend almost a month over in Europe visiting friends and family.

  61. hey guys and girls….

    i’m hoping someone may be able to help with a couple of q’s i have…

    anybody know the difference between luffield gold and platinum tickets?

    and secondly when does the £35 campsite open…i’m hoping thursday at some point!

    1. Hi AWhit82,
      I found this on Silverstones website maybe this explains why: “Due to track developments the seats located on the right hand side of Luffield A Grandstand are set slightly further back than the Luffield A Platinum tickets”
      Also I believe the campsite opens from Thursday until Monday mid day

      1. Sorry I should have added,regarding the camping,Thursday was what I was told when I mailed Silverstone a back in February.

  62. I’ve read that at other grand prix’s (Spa, Hungary etc.) the pitlane is open for fans (with a weekend race ticket) on a Thursday. Is this the same for Silverstone?

    1. Hi Vettelfan,
      For some strange reason the British GP must be one of the only European GPs that doesnt have an open pitlane on the thursday.

      1. Seems like a missed opportunity to me, but I’m not Bernie. lol

        Just wondering if anyone could answer a few more questions for me?
        – Is the Pit Straight a good place to sit?
        – With the “roving” grandstand seat for Friday and Saturday, does that mean there is a chance that you won’t get a seat as there isn’t one reserved for you? Do you have to arrive early on Fri/Sat to ensure getting a grandstand seat?
        – Is Kangaroo TV worth the investment? (It’s about £60 for the weekend, as far as I can tell, lol)

        Thanks :)

        1. I’ve used Kangaroo TV the past two years, definitely recommend using one. For further proof read Davids article about Monaco and using Kangaroo TV…

          Also booked mine for £46 this year (biggest savings from last year!)

        2. Correct, your seat is not reserved on Fri /Sat, you can go in any stand, it’s a great chance to watch the action from other places and only people with similar tickets can get in the stands, so for instance you won’t find the stands full of people with GA tickets. Never a problem with seats on a friday but i would find a spot by 11.30ish for quali. If you want your proper seat grab it early but I have never seen problems in the past.

  63. Hi, i have got 2 seated tickets for Vale for this year British Grand Prix, i havent been seated in Vale before, can anyone advise of the veiws

  64. I have got a 3 day ticket for Copse D terrace. I will be travelling from birmingham.I want to go on saturday and sunday, don’t think friday will be that good.

    I will go to northampton by train. is there any bus from northampton to the circuit on race weekend?


    1. Robin, there is a bus service from Northampton Rail Station to Silverstone on both the saturday and sunday. I will be using it myself. The first bus leaves at 5.45am

      1. Thanks. Although i booked a free park n ride on the M40 i think i will use public transport as it will be cheaper.

        Thought of booking a 3 day camping ticket for 35 pound but i don’t have camping gear so didn’t go for it. would have been nice though i think.

        1. I wanted to camp as well but the wife was none to keen on that idea :-) so we will travel from London early sunday morning and get the bus, we went a few years ago and if i recall the bus was about £10 return, so now i would imagine it had gone up to about £20 maybe someone else can help us both with the costing of it.

  65. Hi guys this my first time can tell me how to get from london to circuit by bus o train and what companys ofer transport.

    1. Hi Ryan, you are going to have an amazing time, where are your tickets for.
      From London by train, you can go from Euston to Northampton, and from Northampton there is a stagecoach shuttle bus service, runs every 30 minutes to Silverstone. I emailed stagecoach myself this week to confirm the price but as yet, they do not know it. The other route you can do is Euston to Milton Keynes, and from there is a Megabus service to Silverstone, the cost for this is £20 return per person.
      Hope this helps

  66. Hi all

    Does any one know if it is possible to buy a device at Silverstone that allows you to listen to live commentary and approx how much these cost, and where can i purchase one?

    1. Hi Martin, Isn’t it possible to take the mobile phone and listen to the silverstone radio which i heard is broadcast on 87.8 or something like that?

    2. Why not buy some of the ear defenders with the built in radios ? We bought some a couple of years ago costing approx £12 in Denmark where I live and have used them for a few years now and they are great as you get to listen to the commentary whilst protecting your hearing.
      If you or anyone requires any info about these please get in touch.

      1. Last year, I found that with my ear buds (modern headphones) in, there was no need for ear defenders. I had bought defenders in advance having not been to the GP for 10 years, but the modern engines are a lot quieter than the V10s, although they are still LOUD! Just not quite as extreme as they used to be – I just found that there wasn’t much difference between having the headphones in, and having headphones plus defenders. This was in Club Silverstone so maggots/becketts, at the end of the stand close to the track, so pretty close to the cars.

        1. I will take my mobile phone’s headphone but will just take some cotton wools just in case :-)

  67. Hi

    I’m going for the first time to a F1 race this year.
    I want to go on Thursday evening and camp there until Monday morning. I have the 3 day tickets and the camping ticket. Does someone knows if there is a coach service on Thursday evening to Silverstone?
    I really do not want to take another half day off work to get to the circuit.
    Or is anyone going on thursday evening and has a spare seat on their car ? :P

    I’m going alone, so would be great to find some of the F1 fanatics out there.


    1. forgot to mention i’m travelling from London

  68. I’m going alone. Not been in 9 years.

    Is Club corner ok to stand at and is it easy to find as my sense of direction is pants?!

    1. i’m going alone too from birmingham.but i have a copse D bronze 3 day ticket.

  69. Hi Steph, Club is a good place and it is easy to find, if you enter by the West entrance, it is just round the corner so to speak

  70. Silverstone have posted pictures of the views you’ll get from some of their new stands:


  71. Hello, this is my first time going to an F1 race before (been watching it for years but now decided i am going to go) im so excited woop woop, im going with my Dad and we are in Stowe C grandstand and going for all 3 days :) on the friday i think we are going to just walk round to see the best vantage points (because i think the grandstand tickets dont apply to fridays), but here is my question…..so what time would you have to get there for the best grandstand seat on saturday and sunday (to avoid being at the back)?? We are staying at a B&B nearby but are driving into the circuit so should we get there at about 6 ish or something then? Also, where are you able to buy hooters/horns and flags etc? i think we have chosen a good spot, we chose stowe because of the overtaking possibilities there…is it a good spot? (am a button/hamilton/mclaren fan – want button to win because it would be his first British grand prix victory!!!!)

    1. Hi John,

      We are also massive Hamilton/McLaren Fans. Button isn’t bad either tho!!!! We’re going to Luffield B this year.(This is our 4th) Its only Sunday that you have to sit in your own seat! Its great cause it gives you a chance to move around and see where to sit next time too. We were at Vale, Club, Luffield and Woodcote last year and they were all brilliant. We also went to the Belgian GP last year and it was nothing compared to Silverstone. You could only sit in the one area all weekend and you couldn’t even walk through other areas to get to our area! Looking forward to the after party, heard its fab but haven’t been before.

      1. The after party is fantastic. Jardine does the comparing, Eddie Jordan plays the drums with his band then the drivers come onto the stage. Some never come, (there’s always the joke that m schum never came)Lewis and Jenson always turn up as does Mark Webber and Sebastion Vettel. Last year Horner and Newey came down and Ross Brawn.Nico Rosberg came and the crew from BBC1. After that there is more musical entertainment with a tribute band. Dont know what the format will be this year with the world cup final being that day.

    2. Sorry John, should have said you can buy all your flags, horns etc at stands when you get in the gates!

      1. Hi Judith (and everyone), i dont know if this sounds silly but ive already bought my flags and im now looking at horns on the internet and im thinking wondering how much they cost in the stands at the circuit? Because im wondering whether the ones i can find on the internet would be ones you can hear and which you would have at the race? If they are the same and they are cheaper than buying them at the circuit (which im presuming they will be cheaper now than at the circuit) then i will buy them on the internet. The ones on the internet cost around £10. im getting excited now, its my first time!!

  72. Hi, does anyone know if the seating at Vale is new seating due to the improvements made at the circuit? This is going to be a great day, we ( the wife and i ) have missed emotions as obviously we want jenson to blitz the race but the wife actually works for Red Bull!!

    1. Hi,I think jenson is average grade driver,he won the championship last year because he had the best car by far.he only had to beat his team mate.I am going there to see fast cars,don’t mind who is sitting inside.:)

  73. Hi Robin,

    Could the same then not be said for Michael during his Ferrari era? I do disagree with you on this one Jenson is a class driver, and up until last season was unable to prove it as he has never had the car, last season was the perfect package for him

  74. Hi Martin,

    Lets see if jenson can beat his team mate this year.Michael won races with ferrari in 96-97 when Irvine was barely in the midfield.so you can’t compare jenson with schumacher.

  75. My tickets arrived today, has anyone else got thiers yet?

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      7th June 2010, 19:14

      Yep,mine arrived today and are now in the family bank box !! ;)

    2. not yet.I’m in birmingham and have ticket for copse d bronze..

      1. ive got 3 3 day general admission passes

      2. I also ordered tickets for Copse d bronze but I have been sent copse E. Is there much difference… should I complain?

        1. you will not see the main straight from copse e.you should complain.but the circuit layout changed so i am not sure about things.

          1. I have 3 day tickets for Copse 4 me and the lad, not received yet !

  76. Hi, Just wondered if there is anyone on here that used the M1 Park and Ride last year cos was wondering what sort of time to set off from hotel in Corby, got Bronze Copse D tickets and want to get best possible spot but dont want to think ive left enough time and find myself stuck in massive queues and get to track too late for good spot.

    Sat and Sun advice if possible, parking at curcuit on Friday.



  77. I can’t believe it but we’ve won a competition to get access to the F1 Paddock Club on Sat 10th! We’re really excited but just have one problem. I have no idea what to wear!!!!! Has anyone been in there before and can shed some light???? Can’t wait until Silverstone!!!!!

  78. Del GP virgin
    16th June 2010, 9:13

    Hi guys
    Have booked camping atWhittlebury golf club for the weekend and was wondering what the dinner dance was like on the Saturday night,not used to camping so thought it’d make for some decent grub,is it worth the £35 p/p or not??? do any of the drivers go?? nay comments good or bad


    less than 4 weks can’t wait ……….come on Jenson

  79. Im camping at new rookery farm this year does anybody have an experience of it?

  80. Hi All,
    Has anyone got any tips on 3 day camping @ Silverstone? First time F1 fan taking along my 10 yr old boy ……..any tips appreciated.

  81. I got the tickets today.I bought 3 day copse D bronze but was sent copse E instead.This sucks because copse E would have been my last choice between C,D and E.

    The ticket says roving seat friday,not valid for grandstand access on saturday or sunday.Does that mean its possible to sit at pit straight on friday?

    1. And when i contact them using online form they reply this

      Thank you for your enquiry email .

      Please call us on 08443750500 so we can discuss your questions with your

      Kind Regards

      Sam Hollingshead
      Contact Centre Executive
      Silverstone Circuits Ltd
      Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN
      Telephone : 0844 3728270
      Fax : 0844 372 8282

      and i don’t think there is any point calling a 084 number to listen to some ********.sad.

    2. Hi .
      i booked C and have received C.
      I thought E was not going to be there this year? so perhaps E is really D

      1. E is really E not D. They made disabled viewing area at D which they should really do next year if they had to bcoz i would have booked C not E. I booked long time ago in early February by the way.

  82. Received my tickets today, booked 3 day bronze Copse D tickets but received Copse E like some others.

    Looking at the map of the place though it looks like there isnt a Copse D Bronze anymore hence why I have been sent Copse E. In front of the Copse D Platinum is the wheelchair access.

    Still need info on Park and Ride M1, does anyone have any info on when I should be leaving hotel in Rugby to get there and to the circuit in time to get decent view, dont want to think ive left enough time only to be stuck in queues at park and ride for hours.


    1. there is a pdf file i found sometimes ago at silverstone.co.uk which has the bus times from park n ride.so far i can remember the bus starts at 6.30am

  83. Philip Sawdon
    23rd June 2010, 18:59

    I have got tickets for Luffield A terrace and going with
    my 11 year old son. What time do I need to get there for the best view so that my son will also be able to see,or will it be a good view from anywhere on the terrace.
    Litchlake Campsite seems closest,are the facilities good and do you face huge queues for showers etc.

  84. Philip

    Went to the race last year with my kids (15/11) and sat in Luffield terrace. This is what I can tell you.

    We could only make the sat and sun so can’t comment on the fri. On the sat we got there early (about 0630) however there were still places left in the terrace until around 11 am. Great position for seeing the cars and because you are at ground level you are really close to the track.

    On the Sunday we again got there about 0600 however by 0800 the terrace was almost full!! By 1100 it was full to bursting. So my advice would be to get there early. As far as kids seeing the action, my two boys had no problems. Great place to watch the race and we would go back to the same location. This year we have tickets for becketts grandstand, so hoping this is a good spot.I must warn you though, the Luffield terrace does get jam packed, so make sure you get there early. Some people were a little angry when they arrived at 11am to find there were hardly any spaces. So its an early start to get a good spot!

    Hope you get on ok.

    Didn’t camp, so can’t comment on that, sorry.

    1. Hi Graeme,
      When you say terrace, do you mean the grandstand? The reason is because i am going with my Dad to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was wondering if on the Sunday at least our seat is reserved and we have an exact spot, or whether it simply means we have a seat in the grandstand please? We are planning to get there early though!!

      john :)

      1. Hi John

        Last year we sat in the Luffield terrace. This is an area which is in front of the actual Luffield grandstand and there are no actual seats in it. You need to take you’re own fold up type / camping chair. So although you don’t get an actual seat as you do in a normal grandstand, the terrace area is still accessed by those with terrace tickets only, so the theory is that there should always be enough space for everyone who has a ticket. The only problem with this is that its best to get there as early as possible because as I mentioned earlier, the size of peoples chairs and the area they decide to take up in the terrace can mean its a struggle to get everyone in. I couldn’t make it to the friday practice last year however I am pretty sure many of the grandstands are open to people holding terrace tickets, so at least on the friday you will get a proper seat in a grandstand,however I can’t say for sure this is correct. Might just be a case of asking on the day. We sat in the terrace last year and to be honest sitting in a fold up chair for several hours didn’t dampen our spirits and we had a great time. You get to see the cars for a long time as they pass through Luffield and there is also a big tv to see what is happening elsewhere in the race.

        I’m not sure if you have tickets for the actual grandstand or terrace however if you do have grandstand tickets then yes you have a reserved seat for the sunday only. On the fri / sat you don’t have a reserved seat however you are allowed to sit in most of the grandstands, so it’s a case of find a seat in a grandstand you like. Some of the top range grandstand tickets do have a reserved seat for all three days. Are you’re tickets for the terrace or grandstand?


        1. Hi Graeme,

          We are sitting in Stowe C and i believe it’s the grandstand rather than the terrace, so thats why i was wondering if we were actually guaranteed a spot, and even if we were, we would still be getting there early on the sunday (we are going to watch from other areas on friday and saturday). Does this entitle us to sit at the pits straight grandstand on the saturday, because we were hoping to see the pit stop practice??

  85. Hi,

    I went to Silverstone last year with a group of friends and we had an amazing time. We had tickets on the Luffield Terrace. This year no-one seems has the time or funds to make it so I am considering going on my own. Last year we had a great time but I’m unsure how it will be on my own, can anyone offer any advice. Also where is the best place to sit on GA ticket, Vale, Club or around Becketts?

    Thanks and Kind Regards

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I went on my own last year and it was brilliant! Am going on my own again this year. You go where you want to go to and you don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone else. Also – everyone is so friendly, I was chatting to people all day :)
      Can’t help you with info on GA tickets. I sat in Copse last year and am sitting in Club this year – hopefully it won’t rain :)

      1. I certainly hope it rains.I want to see cars flying to the walls at copse.:p

      2. Thanks for the reply Karen. I think I will give it a go on my own. Now I just need to make the choice of a GA ticket or payout the extra for a Grandstand seat…sooo many choices!!!!

        1. what do you mean be the choice of GA tickets? They are long gone….

          1. They are indeed but I can get hold of one if I want it…but I’m not sure I want to sit in the same spot on my own from 4am to 1pm without being able to get up and have a wonder

  86. Tom and Charlie
    23rd June 2010, 22:46

    Hi everyone, we got our tickets today!!

    Platinum grandstand 3 day pass for luffield b.
    Seats j122-123.
    We are very excited now and feels like the wait is almost over! Just waiting for my kangaroo TV now and we’re all set. We are camping at Hamilton Fields, is anyone else? £105 for 3 nights.


    Tom and Charlie

    1. Phillip from Denmark
      24th June 2010, 18:54

      Hi Tom and Charlie,
      We have stayed at Hamilton fields for the last 3 years and love it !! A laid back but well run campsite with enough evening entertainment to keep you in the party mood.
      We have met lots of nice people there and the thing is they along with us just keep on returning.
      Look for the Danish flag and come and say Hello ;)

  87. Does anyone have any experiance of renting a Kangeroo TV? Are they worth the money? I was thinking of getting one for this years GP but my concern is that I will be camping and will have no way of charging the unit! Is there a place at the circuit where you can pick fully charged batteries?


    1. There are electrical points at the campsite but you will need to pay to use.

    2. apparantly you can swap dead batteries for fully charged batteries at the KTV kiosk, but the two fully charged bateries they give you should be ample.

  88. Can anyone who booked for copse d bronze confirm they have actually recieved the right tickets. Everybody says they have been given E instead with which I am told one wont be able to see the pit straight. Anyhow if they cannot give D why not give C as E is the least favourble!

  89. Hi I am going to qualifying, just a general admission ticket, where would be best in your views and what time would I need to arrive, is traffic a problem around Silverstone, I have a carpark ticket?

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Last year we went round several grand stands for practice and qualifying sessions and to be honest everywhere we sat was fantastic. You could try a few places during the practice session on Sat morning! Every spot has its pros and cons. Saturday traffic isn’t too bad. We turned off the M1 junction 15 (I think) and it definitely took no longer than an hour to be parked! Not long to go now!!!

  90. I got my tickets with provisional timetable which included on Saturday 0730am : F1 PitLane Stop Practice – but on latest published timetable on Silverstone website, its been taken off ! Anyone any idea if this is still taking place ?

    1. Hi Clive,

      There are so many different timetables floating about I don’t know which one is correct!!! My info guide which I got with my tickets say the team pit stop practice is at 7am!!! My info guide also says the 3rd practice on Sat is from 10 – 11am but another timetable says 11 – 12am! I’m going to contact Silverstone Circuit again to clarify, when I hear I’ll let you know!

      1. Thanks Judith, I`ll await anything you can find out, before deciding what time to set my alarm clock for getting up Sat morning !

        1. I wouldnt worry too much, im sure the correct timetable will be published in the programme.

        2. Hi Clive,

          Finally got hold of silverstone reception!! The latest timetable is on their website. They confirmed 1st practice on Fri is at 10 – 11:30 and 2nd is at 2 – 3:30, not as detailed on the timetable that came with the tickets. I asked about the team pit stop practice on Sat morn and the girl said it was on an earlier timetable they were given but has been left off the latest one so shes assuming its not happening!!! Can’t remember where I saw it but it was on another timetable at 8:00 – 8:30! Don’t know what to make of all that but we’re aiming for 8am on Sat just in case!!!! Only 2 more sleeps until we fly over!!! can’t wait!

          1. Thanks for the update Judith, have a safe journey !

  91. hi all,
    we are booked on the mega-bus from Milton keynes to the circuit, but does anyone know if this bus drops you off right near the circuit or is there a bit of a walk where it drops you off?

    1. There is a coach/PnR drop off/pick up collection near bridge/farm, It will probably drop you there. Look in the map that came with the ticket.

      1. The sites says it takes 45 mins; is this unrealistic given the inevitable traffic, or are or there bus lanes?

  92. Not long to go know…can’t wait.

    Me and a friend are staying in the new Silverstone Campsite from Thurday – Monday. If any other F1fantic fans are staying there maybe we can meet up for a few sociables.

  93. Hi all!
    Tix arrived today…sooo excited but my goodness…how expensive! Taking Mum for her birthday (OH and Dad coming too!)
    We’re going to get a taxi and take the train back on the Sun from Milton Keynes and jsut wondering if any of you experienced GP goers have any top tips for me please?
    Also – we’ll be sat in Luffield A – can anyone tell me roughly how long it will take to walk from there to the designated pick up point please?
    Thanks all…hope the weather hols, eh?!

    1. Hey Nixy
      I was just wondering, do you know how much the taxi fare is from the circuit to Milton Keynes?
      I tell you what i want a daughter like you, paying for your mum and dad, nice one :-)
      have fun

      1. they should be no more than £35, that is what the silverstone website says.

  94. Hi everyone. Me and a mate are flying down fron Aberdeen to Luton on Friday, but staying in Milton Keynes. Never been to Silverstone before so wondering about transport. How do I get from Luton to Milton Keynes? Also, how do I get fom Milton Keynes to Silverstone? Is it easier for us to hire a car and DIY? Thanks everyone and have a great weekend

    1. Luton to Milton Keynes is a simple train journey I would think. Getting to the circuit from Milton Keynes may be a bit tougher but I would imagine there will be provisions made for public transport. A car could be good but you will then have to pay for the parking/queue to leave etc.

      1. Thinking about getting a cab from the MK station to the track Sunday am (£25 according to one website) and up for sharing; what time will you get in?

  95. Hi Everyone,

    am so excited now!!!!!!!!!!!! on sunday, is our grandstand seat (stowe C) automatically reserved and how early do we have to get there? Also, on the friday and saturday, (we are going to go to different spots to have different vantage points), what time would be advisable to get there also? How often are the park and ride buses from the blue park and ride on saturday and sunday? Thanks everyone have a great weekend!!! :)

  96. Calling all Friday fans getting the train to Northampton!

    The link on the Silverstone website with info about the coach service is dead, but I e-mailed Stagecoach and they told me that the buses start at 8.15 from Northampton and every xx.15 throughout the day; returning every hour on the hour. Journey takes about an hour I’m told. Return ticket is £14.

    See you all on the 8.15!

  97. Hello,

    Went to silverstone last year and loved it.
    Back again this weekend! Hope i’ll bump into some f1fanatics but given the large crowds it might be difficult!

  98. Hi all,
    We have tickets for Vale, does anyone know from past experience, if there are any merchandise stands close by there? also i hate to ask this bit but the good lady wife insists, are there any loo’s nearby :-)
    C’mon Jenson bring it home!!
    have fun one and all

  99. Is there going to be a F1Fanatic meet up on Sunday? Maybe for a group photo?

  100. we were in Copse last year you need to get in early 5am to get your seat at front can take food in, if you book all 3 days on the friday sat you have a roaming ticket which is good for taking photos and checking out all the views. We try a different place each year from general admission to pit straight this year as i want good view of Jenson and Lewis holding up the thropy! It also depends on weather and what happens on the tract as to what is best view!

    1. It will probably be Mark or Sebastian who will be holding up the trophy.:D

  101. Got seats in the green ‘Silverstone’ grandstand opposite the pit lane. Dead excited for Sunday. Fingers crossed for a dry race!

  102. Can anyone please comment on Woodcote A? I have seats here for the weekend – cant wait – but have found little on the site re the seating in this area. Many thanks, Nick

    1. I think you will be very happy Nick, I would be if I was in your seat. Your likely to have a good view down the Wellington straight so you may see some over taking as they slingshot out of the loop and also some out breaking action as they approach the complex. You can then watch them round Luffied and accelerate down the pit straight…all in all a cracking place to watch Lewis win and extend his lead in the WC table

  103. Hi all, I’m a F1 fan for many years and this year i have got 3 day weekend tickets for copse e terrace. It’s my first time at a grand prix. I’m trying to get kitted out ex fold up chairs ect. Any advice please?

    1. A couple of things to consider:

      – Get there early and when I say early I mean no later than 6am
      – Take drinks and snakes…its going to be a long day and there is only so many burgers you can eat in one weekend.
      – Get a comfortable chair, your backside will appreciate it.
      – always worth packing poncho, you never know what the weather will be like at Silverstone and they take up no room.
      – Ear plugs are worth taking, I personally love the sound of the cars but most people wear them to reduce the noise a bit.
      – Camara with plenty of film or space on your memory card
      – and the most important thing, plenty of beers, I hate paying £4 for a warm pint served in a plastic cup.

      1. Thanks Andrew.
        Do we have any chance of catching a clos-ish glimpse of any drivers over the weekend?

        1. Yes, but they will be doing about 200mph ;-)

          To be honest not really, although the English drivers and a few others attend the after party but they are up on the stage so its not really close (unless your at the front)

      2. My 1st GP last year and my experience was as follows:
        – Drove to the track on fri and Sat morning, traffic wasn’t too bad and got parked fairly easily…don’t turn into the first car parking sign you see (although I don’t know if this is close to track or not) I kept going and was a 5 min walk from the Abbey entrance. Got there for about 8am
        – Had wknd ticket for Copse C
        – Fri & Sat could sit wherever you like, except the non-grandstand areas, wasn’t allowed sit/stand/enter these areas (believe me I tried!) These areas are nearest the track
        – Sat in Luffield on the Sat for qualifying – was a good view: fast corners and saw a lot of track time
        – seat in Copse C was the last row at the top – not a great seat – frozen to death even though beautiful hot day
        – bring wind proof jacket if sitting high up in the stands
        – Went to GP on my own and never felt ‘alone’ – all fans were brilliant
        – As a woman on her own I never felt unsafe or threatened, felt as if everyone was looking out for each other
        – Someone suggested bringing your own snacks/drinks…good idea…all fast food, although very edible, it’s very expensive and as earlier posts say, there is only so much chips/burgers/toasties that you can take
        – the public loos were plentiful and fairly clean i.e. not a bad smell or a long queue
        – Spend Fri & Sat walking around the whole track watching the non F1 practices/races…brilliant way of seeing all the action. I probably walked 3 times around the track both days!
        – Spend time in the ‘Zones’… time to relax but yet there is always something happening
        – After race party on the Sunday…everyone headed to the stage but I headed to the right after going under the tunnel and saw the lads loading up the trucks, mainly tyres, but still fascinating. Also saw a lot of the drivers/personalities leaving (Rubens threw me a kiss!! :)
        – Always get ‘stamped’ if you leave the track. I didn’t get stamped on the Sat and then couldn’t get back in later which meant I missed out on the live bands etc
        = last thing….have a brilliant wknd!!! I just can’t wait!! Am doing the 3 days again and this time sitting in Club. I took the chance that it wouldn’t rain as it’s an uncovered stand – then again rain makes an exciting race but I prefer my comfort and being dry :)

        Have a brilliant wknd everyone and lets hope Lewis or Button do us proud :)

        1. Some great points here from Karen, who already sounds like a Silverstone veteran!

          It was also my first GP last year and its amazing how quickly you pick everything up and ideas for the following year.

          I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Keith for keeping this website going,not only does it keep everyone up to date with all the latest F1 news and some fantatic articles but also the support and guidance it provides people that have never been to a GP before, last year I relied heavly on this website and I’m sure many people this year have also done the same. If our paths ever cross Keith I would happerly buy you a nice cold pint, you’ve earned it mate.

          So, the cars packed, the beers are cold and in about an hour I will be on my way to Silverstone. I hope everyone has a cracking weekend. Lets hope Lewis and Jenson do us proud.

          1. You’re welcome!

  104. well, i’ll make my way to silverstone thursday afernoon. Getting a train from london euston to northampton, then the 88 bus service to silverstone village and walk to the campsite.
    can’t wait to hear the motors roar.


  105. Karen,
    I loved your little diary there, it made great reading, this is going to be my second time of going to silverstone, my first was about 6 years ago but to be honest i didnt get to make the most of it as i wasnt able to drive then and due to public transport ie no flipping trains were running on that sunday, i only got to the circuit about 20 minutes before race time, so this year i fully intend to make good use of my 3 days, i have gold seats in the vale granstand, so hopefully it will remain dry, but to be honest come the day if there is light drizzle that would spice things up even more.
    I might even take my vuvezela that obviously didnt get much use during the world cup run!
    Have fun everyone
    ok readers of this little blog, lets have a straw pole, who is going to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd then? this should be interesting :-)

    1st – Lewis
    2nd – Seb
    3rd – Jenson

    although my heart wants Jenson to win

  106. Hi Karen great story it really brings back the great feelings for the weekend.

    For my first F1 at Silverstone I bought my dad a ticket for his christmas present, we have always loved watching F1 but had never been, his reaction was great when I gave him the envelope. I live 300 miles away from my family but we are very close, I travelled down to mum and dads house for the weekend and we set off for Silverstone at 3 am we arrived at the car park at 4.30 AM our first site was a man cooking sausages (Badly) on a disposable barbecue.

    We began to make our way to the entry gate passing car after car full of people asleep. We queued at the entrance by Bridge and there was about 20 people in front of us in the queue. The gates opened at 6 and in we went, We hadn’t really decided where we were going to sit but as we climbed the bank at Bridge our mind was made up. By 8am there were 3 rows of camping chairs, our early journey was to prove vital we had an excellent vantage point and saw the cars on the track for a good length of time. Also in front of us was the big tv screen which helped view the race whilst the cars were at other parts of the circuit.

    We packed our rucksacks full of food as we thought the prices would be a little on the steep side and took a few beers to see us through the day. The banter with the people around us was amazing, we left our seats and bags with the people next to us whilst we visited the stores to by our merchandise and like wise when they wanted to go for a wander.

    All in all we both found there is nothing like F1 and nothing like F1 fans, you’ve probably heard it being said that its like a big family atmosphere I can honestly say it really is. Me and Dad are going again this weekend and have made a deal to go every year.Again we will be on the general admission an early start to a long long day but would we change a thing? Hell no!!! Here’s to another great weekend for you all remember to take your camera looking back at the memories brings back the nostalgia.

    1. I’m going up with a General admission ticket on the saturday, going to get there hopefully by 8am. Where is the best place to sit?
      Click this link http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2010-Formula-1-Santander-British-Grand-Prix1/
      and click the circuit tab mid page and you’ll see where general admission will get you. Any views, cheers.

  107. What is the traffic like on Sunday morning to Silverstone (driving from London), and how where can one get parking? Never been before, and don’t know how much time to allow.


    1. Don’t know about sunday but I went to day from birmingham along M40 and we reached about 10am there. There was no traffic problem.

  108. Hi Keith Collantine and evry1 else!
    First of all Keith just wanted to say what a great and useful site you have here.
    A special thanks to Andrew for helping us out with some tips as well. We went fri-sat-sun. Friday we watched the F1 testing from Becketts grandstand then we moved to the pit straight grandstand and we ended up watching the 2nd session at woodcote where the views were unbelievable. Sat and Sun we were in Copse E terrace.I was slightly disappointed by the tall fencing which was making it impossible to follow the race properly (altough i recognised all the drivers from their helmets I still found the race difficult to follow due to lack of info on tyre degradation, pit stop strategies ect). The atmosphere and people were fantastic, the giant plasmas were okayish but for the times you had to constantly use binoculars. The air display on Sun was awesome however the helicopter display on Sat didn’t materialise disappointingly and no one could tell us why. Access to the track was very very good and we didnt amazingly encounter much traffic at all on all the 3 days, apart from getting out of the car park.
    Was still a gr8 race and I’m very happy for Webber after all he’s going through with the team and the accident!

  109. Hi all

    Fab weekend – sat at various places throughout the weekend – close views of the cars from new section – Village and Arena, our main seats were Vale – further away but saw a lot of the track – from hanger straight, through stowe, past us at vale and round club onto the new pit straight. Luffield – good, Copse – classic but will be different next year as won’t be first corner anymore. Covered stands were very cold and windy even though the weather was hot, preferred uncovered this year. Journey Sat took 1 hr 40 mins – depends what time you go in – better to go earlier than we did (set off from travel lodge 7 miles away at 8.00 am). Jamie Archer was great Sat night – entertainment mainly good. About to book for next year – can’t beat the atmosphere – gives you goose bumps!
    PS: If you stay after GP if finished you can get on the circuit – GP Party always worth staying for also. Counting down to next year already!!

  110. Here’s some comments from people who were at this year’s race:

    Ten F1 fans’ stories from Silverstone

  111. We just had the best weekend ever at Silverstone! I was really fortunate to win a prize to get access to the F1 Paddock on Saturday and what a prize!!! My huband and I (along with 18 others) met almost all the drivers and got photos, we couldn’t believe it. I thougt we might see one or two drivers from a distance but hadn’t realised just how much access we would have. It was totally unreal! We then watched the race from Lufffield B on Sunday, really good seats! Thanks to all of you for the big race build up, it definitely added alot to our weekend! Back next year!

  112. Philip Sawdon
    27th July 2010, 7:48

    I went this year 2010, with my 11 year old son,spent a fortune but had a great time,we were at Luffield A Terrace which was not too bad.
    However looking to up grade and go to an uncovered Grandstand and trying to decide whether Vale or The Arena would be best. Can anyone advise me who viewed from these places.


    1. Hi Philip – We had seats this year at Vale -thoroughly enjoyed viewing from here but you are further back from the circuit here than at Arena but this does allow a much wider view – we could see the cars coming under the bridge on hanger straight, round through Stowe past us at vale (great breaking point in front of us) and then round past club. From Arena – much closer to the action but don’t see as much. You can see the view from Village on a very short video on the ‘Fans Stories from Silverstone’ bit of F1 Fanatic, scroll down almost to the end and you will see it. Depends on what you want really. Hope this helps.

      1. I sat in every stand at the Grand Prix weekend this year and would say best view is Arena or Becketts as you see about 70% of the circuit from both, but also consider the NEW pit lane stand for next year as it should be spectacular, located between Club and Abbey.

  113. HELP!

    Although staying in Towcester I have tickets for Six fields PArk and ride, despite phoning often to see when Towcester was available they are full, all I wanted was a bus ticket as I could walk to the park and ride easily enough.

    But the important bit is I need to get to Nottingham by 7pm to connect to a flight (cannot change and cannot miss), how long should will it take from leaving Stowe corner to get back on the buses to sixfields?

    Really affects decision on if I can attend this year, my sons first experience, may be forced to give my ticket away.

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