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2010 Canadian Grand Prix

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  1. Hey F1 Fanatics,

    I am pretty new to the sport, but I have become obsessed with F1 in recent years. I live in Canada and am planning on attending the Canadian Grand Prix…

    Do any of the veteran F1 fans out there have advice on buying tickets? They are not on sale through the official F1 website yet, but there are a bunch of 3rd party website offering them for sale.. and I wonder if these are just resellers?

    I just want to make sure that I a)Get tickets and b)Get tickets at all (this event is sure to sell out).

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. tickets are on now on presale to those that had tickets in the past. wont be long be4 they are opened to public

  2. My best advice would be to contact the circuit direct and see if they know when the tickets go on sale or if they have authorised any sales through other websites.

    I’d imagine they should be able to help out because they will know the exact dates of when they can sell etc…

    Sorry if that’s not massively helpful!! :)

  3. They are only selling to 2008 ticket holders on the official site, but you can ring up and put your name on the waiting list for them, and then it is done on a first come first served basis for tickets that are left after 15th Jan. They go on general sale on 18th and if you havent heard from them by 18th you havent got the ones you reserved is my understanding of it! I put my name on waiting list for em before christmas – id rather get them from the official Canadian GP website partly for security and partly because they are cheaper and any resellers. So got my fingers crossed my request will be accepted come 18th Jan, if not im right back on that phone!!!

    Very excited, got the flights and hostel booked already lol!! Just waiting on the tickets!!

    1. Just re read that not sure if i made sense at the start – they are only selling to 2008 ticket holders currently, but if you didnt go in 2008, like i didnt, then you can put yourself on the waiting list. General sale i beleive is 18th, which is when they allocate tickets to those already on the waiting list on a first come first served basis. Was a nice long phone call i had a couple weeks ago trying to understand it lol, dread to think what my phone bill will be!!!

    1. Yeah thats the one! thats where i called up to to find out about them

  4. carol treurnicht
    6th January 2010, 22:18

    Anyone needing help on Canada GP tickets please mail our FOFA secretary- she’s a great US gal- been and is going this year herself- send her a mail on
    Tanya can surely give peeps some help and tips.

    1. Great to hear from fellow FOFA member here!! I’ll see you guys at the race in Montreal… :)

  5. Thanks Everyone for the help! You guys rock!

  6. Hey Again,

    One last thing – anyone who has been there in the past have any reccomendations on where to sit? I was thinking of getting seats at the end of the hairpin (grandstand 15) but thought perhaps that grandstand 11 on virage Senna looked promising.

    Anyone have (more) advice to give?

    1. Senna Curve is best seat in house. Seeing the start and race into the 1st turn is most exciting moment in all of sports. Pit in is also right there. Only drawback is it’s a long walk from subway.

    2. Am from Canada/Montreal :D . you can sit or stand where you want. You can bring as much of your own food and drinks too. basically once your in it is like a park that is how we do things lol . But Senna is probably best place for seat bcos you can see many things. And for transportation there is a train that can take you right to the circuit. We also have great atmosphere and we welcome all it is great trip . I think we are going to be crazy this year we are excited to be back :D .

      Was a long time ago I went to the Canadian grand prix though. Maybe som things have changed :\ .

  7. Hello. My name is Tanya and I’m the girl Carol Treurnicht referred to. I did attend the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix and for those who will be attending the Canadian Grand Prix for the first time, let me tell you: It’ll be an event to remember.

    For seats, I strongly recommend sitting in the grandstands facing Senna’s corner. I sat there in ’08 and I had an amazing view,witnessing everything from the amazing start to Hamilton/Raikkonen’s pitstop mishap.

    Getting to the track is very easy. The easiest way to get to the track is by the metro. Depending where u plan to stay, u either might have to take a connection train to the track or it will be just a one-stop. Once you arrive at the final destination, you just simply exit the metro station, turn left, and walk straight and you finally arrive at the circuit.

    If anyone has any questions they want to ask me, please feel free to contact me at: fofassociation.secretary@yahoo.com

    I also have photos if u would like to see, just to give you an idea of what to expect this year!

    1. jose arellano
      20th January 2010, 19:15

      what grandstand is better 11 or 12 ?? im tempted by the hairpin as well but i want to see the cars going fast!

      1. The race in 2005 I was in stand 10, which is where 12 is now , not sure if it’s changed since there is no 10, however, when I was in the location of stand 12, I was happy with the first corner action and the pit exit being right in front of me, but you don’t see anything down the straight. I think the view from 11 is much better for that, but it does depend on where in that stand you get placed.

      2. If you sit to the left in 11 or the right in 12 that is the best view. You can see down the straigt away towards the pits.

    2. Hey Tanya how are you… great to see you on here!
      If the chair wasn’t so busy he could stop by from time to time… my son and I are going to be at the Senna Corner but not sure which grandstand.. I’ll have to have a look and see… I hope we can have a presence there at the track.. although this will be my first GP.. and could be a bit overwhelming.. :) but an experience I will never forget! :)

  8. Hey Tanya,

    Any photos would be great.. is there a way to post them here?

  9. I’d be more than happy to post some pics. I’ll have them up as soon as possible. ;)

  10. Does anyone have advice for general admission seating? It is by far the cheapest option, but can you see anything? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  11. hey,

    I am also planned to attend, and will probably get a general admission ticket. I was hoping to get an idea of the best places to view the track/action and also somewhere cheap to stay.

    any advice or past experiences would be appreciated


  12. I suggest not to buy general admission ticket, There is limited good places to see and it is only near the hairpin. With general admission , you are not allowed to go to the Senna corner, the closest you can go is the Casino.
    If you buy General admission, go early ( 6h AM ) and have a friend check your place if you go to the washroom

  13. Brian McNamara
    20th January 2010, 18:53

    Tickets to the general public are now on sale at 514-350-0000. You may have to keep redialing to get through, but you will now be able to get the best seats available. Previous ticket holders could renew their seats through last week, they now offer all the seats that have not been renewed.

    I have been going for a long time and I think the best seats are in the Senna Corner. It is a long walk but well worth it. Grandstands 11 or 12. They limit access into the area, so you can also get up close to the fence and see the cars up close.

    The hairpin is also very good, especially if you don’t want to walk too far. It is close to the action and has good sight lines.

  14. With regards to general admission tickets, from what I’ve read people who went with them weren’t happy, so it may be in your best interest to avoid them.

    I had placed my order since Dec. last year, called the circuit Monday (took me calling them 46 times to get through as the line was always busy)
    Got my tickets for grandstand 24.

    Only one or two sections are sold out according the the circuit webpage.

  15. I just got an email

    “There are still tickets left in grandstand 33 except sections 4, 5 and 6.”

    Do you know which are sections are good? Also, is it better to sit higher/lower?

  16. Or if any other good sections you can recommend for $225.

  17. christopher (sennaboy3)
    22nd January 2010, 1:05

    For those asking about GA, here is my write up from the ’08 race I attended with GA tickets: General Admission viewing is LIMITED at best. There are all kinds of obstacles to contend with, including trees which look purposely placed to obstruct views. Also, forget about climbing said trees, you will have security getting you down within 5 minutes, I tried it. Apparently, it’s not enough that Vodafone has 10,000 signs posted, plus two cars racing around the track heavily advertising…they had signs which clearly block the view of the track from some of the best spots. Security is also quick to get you out of any openings to the grandstands where there are views. While I made the best of Friday & Saturday with all this, you still get very limited viewing and are lucky to see the cars for more than 5 seconds at a time. On Sunday, forget it! There are people everywhere clamoring for pictures and the slightest view of the cars. If you don’t get to the track early on Sunday, your done. I arrived at 6:00 a.m. and was able to scratch out a spot down near the hairpin. I highly recommend having a foldable lawn chair with you to mark your territory & allow you to rest. I grew very frustrated on Sunday with the crowds and ended up using my pocket radio to tune into the broadcasters while I walked around getting different angles. In fact, many General Admission ticket holders seemed to be listening to the race more than watching. There are big screens located at strategic spots, but they aren’t the best and forget about hearing over the engines.

  18. Does anyone have a seating map showing rows and sections for Grandstand 1, 11, or 12??
    How does the numbering system work? Is it like most racetracks where the lowerer #/letter rows are actually higher? If anyone has a link or a scan of a map they are willing to email it would be appreciated.

    1. I have been looking for that map too or even fan pictures that I can blow up and try to figure it out. So if anyone can fill in the blanks that would be great! I have Google/Bing-ed my brains out!

      1. Karen – just went back and found my original reservation from 2008 and I made a mistake on the section of Stand 11 I was in – I was actually in section 7 for the 3 days – Row R……

        F1 2008 TRIBUNE 11 – Sun, June 8, 2008 8:00 AM
        CIRCUIT GILLES-VILLENEUVE, section 7, row R, seat 17, 18, 19

        Unfortunately the trees facing you do block part of the view down the main straight – see my video link on YouTube – however the screen oposite is perfectly placed to see all the action:


        So…. you will be at about the same hight just a bit further to the left than shown on the video.

        Cheers, Geoff

  19. The aerial picture of the circuit on the Nascar website actually gives a pretty good idea of the view you will get from stands 11 and 12.


    There are 8 sections for stand 11 (if I recall correctly) – 8 is the left hand end and 1 is the right as you look at the picture. There are 6 sections in stand 12, again 6 is to the left and 1 to the right.

  20. Thanks
    That makes sense most tracks number the sections as looking from the track. But I wasnt sure how many sections there were. DO you know if the rows start with “A” up top?

  21. My recollection is that the rows start with A at the bottom, and then AA, BB, etc as you get closer to the top of the stand….

  22. Here is the view from Stand 11 Section 5 Row W:


    Cheers, Geoff

  23. I am hamsur :D
    25th January 2010, 3:40

    I am canadian and my advice is get the cheap ticket so you can walk around the circuit. Dont get the packages because you only in one area.

    1. well im not canadian and i would not recomend any body to get the cheap ticket aka “GENERAL ADMISSION” or ull be struglin to get a good view of the race on sunday

  24. Geoff,
    Thanks for posting this picture of Stands 11 and 12.
    Just to make a small point, you are correct in describing your picture, but for anybody buying seats in 11 or 12, I would add the following.
    The lowest seats in either stand are AA. About halfway up following ZZ,they start from A upwards.
    ( This surprised me as Indianapolis for instance, and others are the opposite ).
    Looking at the Sections from the track, Section 1 is extreme left. Hence, in Stand 12, Section 1 is not as good as Section 5 or 6.
    In Stand 11, Section 8 is not as good as Section 1,2,3, or 4.
    If Admission.com gave a choice of where to buy seats, I would pick either Stand 11, Section 1, 2, 3 or 4, preferably low down in double letters ( AA, BB, CC etc )OR Stand 12, Section 4, 5, 6 again preferably low down rather than high up.
    In my opinion, not all seats in Stand 11 or Stand 12 are that great. There are some really good seats in other stands too.
    Admission.com is pretty frustrating to book particular seats but I have never had any problem picking up my tickets at the circuit with my confirmation e-mail and passport.
    ( We travel from UK. )

    Geoff says: January 24, 2010 at 3:59 pm
    My recollection is that the rows start with A at the bottom, and then AA, BB, etc as you get closer to the top of the stand….

    Geoff says: January 24, 2010 at 4:46 am
    The aerial picture of the circuit on the Nascar website actually gives a pretty good idea of the view you will get from stands 11 and 12.


    There are 8 sections for stand 11 (if I recall correctly) – 8 is the left hand end and 1 is the right as you look at the picture. There are 6 sections in stand 12, again 6 is to the left and 1 to the right.

    1. Hi Geoff !
      I am somewhat confused. I purchased 2 tickets for grandstand 12 did not had a choice. What I got was Level 12, section 1, row m m . I have not seen anyone mentioning anything about a “level” in this discussion. Can you explain about level and are these somewhat decent seats

      1. Hi rainer,
        Level 12= Grandstand 12 (or Tribune 12 in French-Canadian). Section 1 is the nearest to the pit exit – left-hand side as you look at the stand from the racetrack. Row MM is going to be in the lower half of the stand – double-letter rows are nearest the track. You will get a good view of the pit lane exit, end of straight, the cars around Senna and heading down towards turns 5/6 – but will not see much of the main straight I don’t think…

        Cheers, Geoff

  25. Hi everyone! Just to let those who are attending this year’s gp that I’m planning a gathering in Montreal during race weekend. If anyone would like to attend, please email me at: fofassociation.secretary@yahoo.com Just let me know how many people u plan on bringing.

  26. Hello everyone,

    I’m french and I’m coming to the Canadian GP 2010. I want to go to the grandstand #24 at the hairpin, but I wanted to know which sections were the best? And also on which website I could chose ma seat/row/section?

    And does a grandstand ticket give access also to general admission?

    Thank you very much :)

    1. There are websites offering more precise choice of seating but they charge a hefty premium over the normal price, and the seats are often bundled with hotel rooms as a package, similarly the hotel room is also more expensive than usual.
      Most of us either try calling the constantly engaged phone number on the website or click through
      to book seats through Admission.com.
      Unless somebody knows a better way, and admittedly there are people that know other phone numbers etc, many of us just repeatedly check on our desired stand until a section, row, and seat number is acceptable, then buy it.
      It may take many, many attempts but hopefully, if lucky, I can end up with seats 1 & 2, at the end of a low down row, in a section I want to be.

      I have watched the Ferrari Challenge race from Stand #24, as mentioned above, the lowest seats are AA, looking at the stand from the track, section 1 is at the extreme left.
      In my opinion, any section of Stand #24 is acceptable, but my preference would be section 3, 4 or thereabouts. Again my preference would be to sit around middle height, say, UU up to M.
      If you google or look on youtube there is footage from Stand #24 to give you an idea.

      To answer your question, a Grandstand Ticket does give General Admission, but in 2007 we were in Stand #12 and noticed the officials refuse entry to the area leading to Stand #11, Stand #12 etc unless your Grandstand Ticket was for these stands.
      Otherwise there would be crowding in this area. So it is not a roaming ticket as such.

      1. Okay thanks. Well I took section 3, row EE (fifth row). So I can also see the car just from above. Higher people seems to can’t see the cars right after the hairpin

        1. Good choice.
          Your seats are high enough to look over the fences, but not too high.
          You make a valid point about not being able to see the F1 cars close to the wall exiting the hairpin underneath you, but it does vary on the line they choose.
          I believe the dividing wall approaching the hairpin will be a little higher following Kubica’s crash, but not so high it should be a concern.
          I wouldn’t worry as you will have a fantastic view as the cars approach the hairpin and go around, and the noise of the engines will be fantastic.
          If it is allowed here is a youtube posted by somebody on a different forum.

          Have a great time!

  27. @Joe TAnto
    Just curious, why would you want to be so low in the bleachers that you cannot have a better perspective of the entire Field of View?
    This will be my 1st F1 event, but I’ve attended numerous Indy and Champ car races and those venues generally list the top half of any bleacher as Gold seating and bottom half as Silver and charge MORE for higher seating (unlike a hockey game lol)
    Sitting lower your total FOV is poor, making it difficult to see any passing or other action taking place. Just a “flash” of the cars going past…

    Other than perhaps Grandstand 1 (where down low you will get a better view of the drivers/teams/pit girls prior to the startof the race)I cannot see the rationale in sitting anywhere near the bottom of the grandstand. (unless of course there are higher obstructions (trees, cranes, tents etc)
    Did I miss something that’s different about the Grandstands in Formula One??

    1. WOT,
      Apologies for delay replying, I posted an immediate response but it seems it has disappeared – so just in case you didn’t read it whilst it shone brightly but briefly – here is the gist.

      I agree with your opinion, but being from the UK, where we mostly attend motor racing without the facility of large grandstands in the accepted sense as found in US / Canada, we have become accustomed to being as close to the action on the track as possible.
      Usually we are to be found clinging to fences or stationing our portable chairs under umbrellas to watch events at Donington, Oulton Park, Thruxton, Brands Hatch, and suchlike, which in terms of spectator facilities haven’t changed much since the 1950s.
      Watching F1 we like to feel the cars as they go by, be assaulted by the noise and sniff the unique F1 petrol fumes!
      This is best achieved by sitting lower, rather than higher, and whenever we have found ourselves way up high, we have usually felt disappointingly distant from the action.
      Obviously circuits vary, but panoramic views following the cars for several corners are pretty rare. We will happily trade the ” big picture ” for our close-ups.
      I do take your point about sometimes being seated low is an epic fail. In particular, at Indy our first time, our low seats in Stand H were awful, all we saw was an airbox mounted camera flashing by at 180mph. Luckily we were able to move to higher up in Stand J, which was a superb view of the first turn.

      So basically it is just our preference to be lower and closer to the track, rather than much higher and further back.

  28. Good Day Everyone,

    Just want a little advise as it will be my first F1 race. I want to make it memorable. First of all which section and row to choose. I will have to pick one of those $225.00 stands that are 22, 31 and 33. What i want is a good view of cars(slowing down and speeding up). Please help me in choosing the right stands and/or rows. I also want some advise on hotels. I will be travelling with my nephew from Regina. Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks for your help

    1. Sahir,
      In 2006 I chose Stand #31 and was very happy.
      The cars approach the turn very quickly, brake hard then accelerate away. The track view is good, and there is a large screen close by.
      My seat was up high, towards the middle of the stand. It would have been even better if I was over to the left as looking at the stand from the track ( Sections 1 or 2 ), and in the lower rows ( AA, BB, CC, DD, EE ), as this would have enabled a view of the cars approaching Pont des Iles bridge, rather than seeing them just exiting.
      Either way, Stand #31 was great fun.

      Stand #33 is similar, but the cars are visible for longer as they drive through the turns more slowly. In my opinion Stand #31 is more exciting because the cars are more on the edge of adhesion.
      Stand #33 is also good though.

      Personally, Stand #22 is not for me. The cars are just rushing by, similar to being along the pit straight. You may like it?

      Regarding hotels, I’m sure you had read the usual advice. To keep the cost low, either try and book one of Montreal’s many bed and breakfast houses, preferably close to a Metro stop. The other low cost choice is the ” student accommodation ” near McGill University.
      If you want to maximise the F1 atmosphere, and don’t mind paying big bucks, stay in Old Montreal, or near Rue St. Catherine, Rue St. Denis area. I think you will find most of the popular hotels are already fully booked for 2010. However, there are definitely still hotels available, they are not all sold out yet!

      If you have more questions, keep posting as I am sure more knowledgeable people will be along to help out.
      Good luck.

  29. Wanna add something that i missed in my previous msg. After reading all the comments. I would also consider stand 11 and 12. Pls let me know, which section and raw is the best. Higher seating or lower??


  30. This will be my first CGP. I went with tickets in Section 33 for economy, proximity to the Metro, adjacent trees/shade, fair viewing. Any of the downtown hotels are nice, but way too expensive at this point. I’m staying at a southshore campground (Camping Alouette) on hwy#20. Should be a 20 min drive to U.Sherbrooke Metro station one stop away from Drapeu/C.Villeneuve.

  31. Headed to CGP for second time (2008 was our first) … does anyone know about the Pit Walks? When? Admission cost, if any? Has anyone sat in Grandstands 1 or 2? Thanks.

  32. O.k. Here is my two cents. My first visit was in 1982. I watched Riccardo Paletti die. Every year, I swapped spots. I would alternate Grandstand seating with G.A. attendance.

    There are positives to both. When I booked Grandstand, I generally did it a year in advance, with a view to getting seats near pit-in, as high up as possible. Also, I enjoyed the hairpin Grandstands.

    The drawbacks to these? Well, through-out the race and qualies, some drunken, shirtless French-Canadian will be standing and screaming at the top of his lungs during the entire event. If you like standing to see over or around him, then, good on you. Also, sorry about your luck if it happens to be rainy. The afore-mentioned locals don’t sport hats and macs. No. They pop open the brollies. All the standing in the world will not allow one to see the action.

    For General Admission, there are also good and bad. The good is the price. If one attends very early and gets the chosen spot, then life is sweet. The bad? The Italians from Toronto that show at around 10 am and try to squeeze in or take over one’s vantage point through any physical or violent means possible. Good luck if you need to go for a slash or scoff, ect. Also, off-shore visitors (non North Americans) try to take liberties. On more than one occasion I seriously debated smacking a Japanese, south European, or eastern European tourist.

    The plus side? The roving bands of American race fans that take their racing and eating seriously. They call it ‘tail-gating’. ‘Tillie’ hats and rain-gear for them. No umbrellas. And, their preparedness and generosity with the food and drinks is legendary. On too many occasions to re-count, I have left for a pee-break only to find an interloper attempting to squeeze into my spot. Every time, groups of Americans have made it clear that that continued behaviour would not be very British, nor healthy.

    Canadian Grand Prix attendees are the rudest people with whom I have ever dealt.

    Copse is the best place at Silverstone, and BGP fans are almost as much fun as the Detroit, Long Beach, and Indy fans I have met.

    FYI? I am not American, and have worked as a marshall, extrication, and removal (crane at pit-in) in Montreal. It is a race I love so much that I prefer to attend, rather than work.

    Hope this helps. AND, please take my generalisations seriously. After twenty attendances as a spectator, everything I have said has held to form. Even the American marshalls were great guys, whereas the local marshalls …..

    1. Sorry. Meant Club, not Copse, for Silverstone. Enjoy CGV any that attend.
      I’ll be the old guy with the hat and nap-sack.

      1. gpfan, I think that is the best comment to any post I have ever read.

        I live in Ontario, Canada but always went to the USGP instead of Montreal. For reasons being the price of the trip is a whole lot cheaper (so I hear) then Montreal. Although now that isn’t possible. We did grandstand seating once and then every other year got general admission and had a blast. Seeing as Indy had tons of space and open grassy areas to have a good vantage point in general admission.

        That and the people I had ever met were great fun. Montreal I am a little skeptical about. Like Britain they are our France. I don’t have to say anymore about that. You know what I mean.

        I won’t buy grandstand seating for reasons you pointed out. You are stuck there the whole race most likely with a bunch of idiots.

        I am still on the fence about going as I highly doubt it will live up to my USGP experiences. But I have friends who want to go see F1 for the first time, it may be worth it in that sense.


        1. Sadly, Vince, I am happy you agree with my post. I should hate to think
          that some 26 or 27 visits were an anomaly on my part, as far as my experiences went.

          I have come to the conclusion that regulars (those with multiple visits)
          should set the VCR and get GA tickets.

          There is still a lot to be said for Grandstand seating just for the bragging rights and the experience.

          Vince? I understood your coded message! LOL

    2. I would like to be a marshall for this race. Do you know how i would get in contact with the correct people to volunteer?
      Any help is appreciated.

      1. Hello, Wout. Marshalling for such a big race as a Formula One event is done on a volunteer basis and the participants are selected through seniority.

        If you have never marshalled before, you may not be allowed to work this event.

        To marshall, one must join a (usually) local club. Every time you work at the track it is called an event. Events may include Qualies (Saturday), practice, or test days. Also, different disciplines are included. Bikes, cars, whatever.

        The marshalls then acquire the official license (in my day, it was 20 events). Then through seniority, or nepotism they move up to flagging, communications, corner leader, and the rest.

        Many events are very accommodating and grateful for the marshalls. An event such as an F1 race, mind is so over-subscribed with volunteers, that the organisers take the most experienced and no longer provide perks such as lodging, guest passes, food, drink and the like.

        If you are already a track official, you may know this. If you are not, you should contact SCCA in America, or CRCA in Ontario. I forget the name of the Quebec club. Anywhere else in Canada, contact ASN-FIA.

        Hope this helped.

  33. We have a facebook group for people who are actually going to the Grand Prix. Feel free to join.

    It’s called: “going to the canadian grand prix 2010”

  34. Just pulled the triger on Montreal. I got Grand 12 – sec 2, TT. Are these any good? It looks like they are to the right, but row TT souds like very high up.

    1. Hi Grom,

      As per my knowledge, the good sections of Grandstand 12 are 5,6 and 7. In 11, sections 1,2 and 3 are really good but they dont have any seats available in that. So, be happy on what you have got. I will be in section 4.

      C you there

    2. Hi Grom,

      Just so you know, i called admission.com today and they have some good seats in Tribune 11(section 3) and Tribune 12(section 6). You can try your luck.


  35. I’ll be at the GP in June.

    Staying downtown if anyone is interested in grabbing a brew. I’ve booked seats in Grand Stand 1 across from pitout for all three days.

    Really looking forward to it.

  36. I am from the U.S. and planning on heading to Montreal for a bachelor party. I’ve never been to a Grand Prix race and we choose Montreal because of the party atmosphere that goes along with this weekend. Could someone let me know if basically everyone attends the race and parties at night, or its more like a Superbowl atmosphere in the sense that the majority of people don’t have tickets and party while the actual race is going on. Thanks.

  37. We are trying to purchase F1 Canada grandstand tickets on the formula1.com website and need clarification. If we were to purchase a “weekend grandstand” ticket does that mean the ticket is good for Friday 6/11/10, Sat 6/12/10 AND Sunday 6/13/10? I ask because the site is confusing and it states “weekend grandstand” but there is a drop down box that states Fri 6/11/10. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Through Admission.com $225/$395/$495 prices for 3 day grandstand ticket.
      I can’t see a box dropping down stating Fri 6/11/10 ?
      The drop down on Admission.com says 3 days ( 3 jours ).

      If the price is less than above, thats a flag the seats will be single days. So far as I know all grandstand tickets through Admission.com are 3 days.

      Seems some grandstands are only available for individual seats now.

    2. Sorry, I meant to add, I can see that the drop down on formula1.com only states the Friday but comparing the prices they must be 3 day tickets.

      It states in the formula1.com small print that single day tickets are only available for general admission.

  38. Have purchased tickets for race weekend in Tribune 33 section 1 row R. Does anyone know if this is a lower or higher row ? Also will be staying in hotel in Longueuil. Is there a “best way” of getting from hotel to track ? Thanks for any info- I think we are in for a fantastic season.

    1. I am not sure about the rows but for transport from Longueuil to the track you can use the subway, there is Station Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke there according to google map, and hop off at Station Jean-Drapeau and walk to the track as most if not all the spectators will be doing.

      1. Aarif – Thank you for the info. Will follow your instructions. Thanks again

    2. Hi Slowhand,

      After making couple of calls to the box office and reading some comments on different websites. I would say, the lower rows start with double letters like AA, BB…..and at the middle of the section single letter rows start like A,B,C…..I am not sure about section 33 but in section 11 and 12, the rows go like this. I have booked my seats in Grandstand 12 section 4, i know this is not very great but we are open to exchange our seats with a better one unless we have received our ticket in the mail. Your best bet is to call box office. Take Care

      1. Sahir – Thanks for the info – their systems seems to be the opposite of that used at Indy for the USGP. By the way I have photos taken at the Canadian GP in 1979 and 1980 – was able to land photo passes back in the pre Bernie days. If anyone is interested let me know and I will try to post some shots. This is one great web site and the knowledge level and politeness of the users is outstanding !!

  39. I just bought the tickets through the formula1.com website for the grandstand 33. All I get are vouchers to be exchanged for the ticket in the actual race. No information on the seats whatsoever. Does that mean I will only be able to know my seats at the day of the exchange? I find that very disturbing. What if I need to sell them? Any views would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Perhaps give the circuit a call
      And see if they can help you.

    2. Hi Alessandra,

      I do agree with Aarif but you can also try contacting formula1.com(through email or phone) coz in your case this is your source website. I am not sure, what is their policy regarding seats and tickets. Best of Luck.

    3. Beware of the reseller that F1 directs you to. WWTE sells the grandstand “tickets” but you end up with a voucher, no assigned seats and no customer support. I presume there will be tickets issued at the venue but also fear they will be the worst seats as the official GP Canada reservations (not mentioned on F1’s site) are selling the assigned seats.

      WWTE says all non refundable and claim ignorance of how the system works!! STAY AWAY

  40. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy grandstand tickets just for race day? If not is it possible to sell the Fri and Sat grandstand tickets to some one if we don’t use them?

  41. Hey, does anyone know much about the Montreal track rules?
    As in , can you bring in backpacks? food? coolers? etc
    I’m not cheap, but I have to eat constantly (and dont want to miss any of the action) and I wouldnt mind bringing in some beers that I like (dont care for typical “event swill”) Is anything like this permitted?

    1. I just read this on the track info page; looks like a cooler is okay just as long as it fits under your seat.

  42. F1 Rabid Chucky
    25th March 2010, 21:53

    I have always brought a pack with food and craft brews and have never encountered a problem. Of course there has been a year off but I think it will be the same. Having said that I used to bring rum and fruit juices to the Indy Toronto with no problem. Then one year off and the Andretti Gestapo took over. Now there you are not even allowed to bring food or water. They also threaten on their website that if you try to bring in alcohol you may be charged. But Montreal is a lot more laid back than Toronto.

  43. Chucky
    Thanks for the heads up
    We’ll plan to bring in some of our own stuff in limited quantities on the first day and adjust accordingly.
    I know what you mean about Indy. I’ve attended the Edmonton race numerous times and they check EVERY bag going into the grounds. But at least they let you bring your own water. (or be faced paying $6 a bottle once inside) Again, I’m not cheap, but I get upset when loyal fans are so blatently taken advantage of.

  44. so much great info, thanks, but I only have one question – definately can only afford general admission, and as it’s my first GP, I will do just about anything to have a ‘near amazing’ experience –

    How early can/should I be at the track and is it all open access around it to just walk about and find a good spot(I realize it’ll be with stuff in tow)?

    thanks for any advice,

    p.s. booked a double room (private) for 3nts at the Residences UQAM today at CAD$82.00/nt.

    1. Hey Andy, I am planning on getting GA ticket as well but only for race day and also getting room at UQAM. I have heard from admission.com that the good general admission area is between stands 22 and 24 I think. Let me know if we can meetup and go together.

    2. I think you will have an amazing experience. Canada was my first grand prix, and I fell in love with it then. The racing itself is amazing, but the city is so fun also. Very glamorous and lots going on, all race centered. Ferraris parked on the streets, etc. I’ve only sat in the stands, but there are people standing at different places all around the track. I would come early as possible. There are tons and tons of people trying to get on and off the island via the subway, so expect to wait and be really tight with everybody else. I would be as mobile as possible, maybe wheels on whatever you have to bring, and as much as possible in a backpack because you have to walk a long way and it’s a bumpy path in parts. Bring lots of sunscreen, h20, a big hat, etc. Also, if you can afford it, the kangaroo tv systems are awesome. You can follow your favorite driver in car and get all the stats, etc. Have fun. I can’t wait!

  45. Hello, I know that this info might be already posted but the info for grandstand 11 is as follows: the grandstand is broken into 8 sections starting with section 1 from left to right if you are looking at it from the start/finish line. Next the rows are bottom to top. The lowest row as in the closest to the ground is AA, the mid-way point is between ZZ and A. the highest row up top is z. Please note that not all sections will have all the rows. Finally the seats start from left to right just like the sections. so again seat 1 is the farthest to the left if you are looking at the grandstand from start/finish. I just got tickets in Grandstand 11 Section 3 Row G. See you there….!

  46. Now I have a question for the locals. Do any of you have recommendations for restaurants? I am open to almost all restaurant cuisines, but if there are any great steakhouses please share their info. thanks in advance.

    1. McDonalds is everywhere :D

    2. RUBENS !!!
      if you couldn’t guess from the name they have a great rubens sandwich.
      All the montreal smoked meat you can handle and an incredible poutine!

      I tried a great steak/seafood place too.
      the name slips my mind right now. I want to say GIBBY’S, but im not certain.

    3. I’m not a local, but have been to several grands prix in Montreal, and chez l’epicier is always a favorite. 2 years ago, we went to Newtown, which I think is villeneuve’s place. It was a little overpriced, but was a fun night because it is located right in the middle of all the craziness going on during grand prix. Street parties, bands, etc.

  47. The ‘Queue de Cheval’, very nice, but pricey, steakhouse near the Montreal Canadian’s Bell Centre.

    Le Biftheque, has a downtown location and is well reputed steakhouse.

    Old Montreal has many interesting restaurants with international cuisine.

  48. BTW, finally got an email from the poorly organized official box office notifying that they will mail purchased tickets in April.

  49. I’ve just realized that along with it being the weekend of the Canadian GP this will be the opening days of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    The USA-England game should be tarting right after quali and some of the matches Friday are during Practice.

    Any footy bar suggestions or places to watch would be great.

    1. I’d like to know of some bars as well, that England VS USA is one match I don’t want to miss.

      1. Ye Olde Orchard (De La Montange)
        great live music at night too.

  50. We purchased tickets in tribune 22.. Anyone have ideas as to the view from the section and if admission.com would be allow you to swap your tickets for another section of the same face value before they ship?? After reading everyone else’s comments I’m thinking we should have picked a different section..

    1. I sat in Section 22 in 2008 it’s OK. If you are high up you can see the cars coming down to the hairpin behind the wall. Then you will see them pull away from you on the back straight towards the finish line. This was my first F1 event ever and I had a great time. This year I will be in GS 31 and heard that the view there is a bit better because the cars come towards you into a high speed chicane. But we’ll see I guess.

  51. Has anyone gotten their tickets from the Circuit as yet?
    I paid for xpress delivery so I was expecting they would come soon.

    1. Hello. I got my tickets last week. Yay! I am in the US, so don’t know if that matters or not.

  52. Not yet, but did receive an email asking me to confirm my address, and that they would be mailed in April.

    Their service wanks. I placed my ticket order online as soon as it was open in Jan. I never received an email or phone call indicating that they had completed a transaction. I saw it debited on my credit card bill. I had to phone them to even confirm that the transaction took place, and what tickets I received. Weak.

  53. Hey,
    I got late in buying my tickets and now have found out that 11,12 and 15 are all sold out. What’s the next best stand to go for?

  54. yay my tickets came :)

  55. Hi All!
    Is there any handicapped parking on the island. Thanks for the answer in advance.Rainer

    1. Rainer the metro is handicapped friendly from what I’ve seen.

      Only issue you may run into is the sheer amount of people there will be.

      Did you get a wheelchair accessible grand stand?

  56. savageblues
    16th April 2010, 0:01

    Extremely unlikely you can take any car on the island. Not sure if the Metro is handicap friendly.

  57. Hey Guys,

    Got my Tickets for Canada.Will be staying at aubergemontreal youth hostel.Let me know if anyone is palnning to stay there.Will meet up as I am pretty new to Canada.

  58. We have tickets for GS 31, section 1, row J, seats 5 and 6. Can anyone give me comments on this seating? Thanks!

  59. Hi guys, I am the new one to canada but a fans for F1 for several years. Just some general questions: I wanna buy the sunday general admission pass but not sure what kind of ticket it is? I know I just can sit on the grass instead of on the grandstand. Do you guys think this general pass worth buying? Since there is no number, how early do you think I should get to the arena? Thanks~~

  60. Hi, I have been to the Canadian GP 4 times in the last 5 years. We have sat in sections 31 and 33 in the past, but we are splurging this year and sitting in Section 2 across from the garages! My tips include what others have mentioned-
    bring cash, sunscreen, sandwiches/snacks, beverages (plastic or cans, no glass)in the right size cooler (we usually bring a 6-pack each for the whole day, plus some water), binoculars, camera, seat cushion, backpack, REALLY comfortable shoes, a hat (the sun can be a killer, especially if the wind isn’t blowing), rain ponchos just in case ($1 or so at walmart). and don’t wear jeans/long pants or black shirt if you have a choice. Every year we have been, the heat has been record-setting!

    Race day- we usually head over to the island around 9 am. The Metro is jam-packed and it can take a while, and the walk can be long. Plus, there is a midway with all kinds of booths, vendors, exhibits, etc.- we usually check those out at our leisure on the prior 2 days. Buy a lanyard to hold your tickets in.

    After the race, don’t make plans. It will take probably 2 hours for you to get back to the mainland, because pretty much all 150000 people are getting on one Metro line. What we usually do is walk the entire track (with thousands of others) and take photos, pick up scraps of rubber, finish our beer, etc. :) You will probably be so tired, sunburnt, drunk or hungover by the time you get back to your hotel that you won’t want to do anything at all other than take a hot shower!

    Saturday night is the big party night on Rue Crescent downtown. Jacques Villeneuve owns a nightclub/restaurant complex there called Newtown.

    I am happy to help anyone who has more questions!

    1. Hi Erika – Thanks for the info. 2questions: Having sat in section 33 before do you now if row ‘R’ is an higher or lower row ? (I’m hoping for higher).Also I’ve seen photos taken at a pit walkabout from a prior year. Do you know if there will be an open pits period this year? Thanks again and have a great race weekend.

      1. Sorry , i just saw this!

        We were in row TT last time and that was just a few rows down from the top, so I think they must go from the bottom, Row A, going up to the top, Row ZZ.

        The track is open to walk freely after the race- I am not aware of open pits ever- you can get great photis through the fence when you are actually on the track, though.

      2. Hi, Lois. I have done the pitwalk on thursday the last 2 years of the grand prix. I think it is sponsored by bridgestone. It is very interesting, as you can get up close to the cars and the pits, etc. I’ve also seen some drivers walking the track during this time.

  61. savageblues
    7th May 2010, 0:18

    Terrific advice Erika. Thanks.

    I’m attending my first GP this year in Section #33. I’ll have to research the allowable cooler size. Definitely want to have room for a six-pack of tallboys and some high density energy!

    Anyone know what supporting races will be scheduled?

    Anyone seen the weekend schedule?

  62. The info about the coolers can be found in the general info section on this website, along with some news about other races that weekend at the track.


  63. I cannot express how pumped I am to attend the Montreal GP. I had a couple of questions: Should I get a FM radio headset or look into these Kangaroos everyone is talking about (how much is the rental)?

    Are you allowed to smoke in the GS? (I am not a smoker, just wondering what to expect).

    Aside from the tips provided on the website, what are some insider tips?

    1. Definitely get the Kangaroo tv, it’s worth the money. I can’t remember the price, seems like it was about $100 for the weekend, but really can’t remember.
      I remember seeing people smoking. Smells from under the grandstands led me to believe that nicotine was not the only thing they were smoking!
      Insider tips…keep you tickets in a lanyard around your neck as you will be required to show them multiple times. Carry a comfortable backpack with binoculars, camera, water, etc. You can bring alcohol in to the track or buy it there. You can buy food and snacks also. Bring and wear sunscreen and a hat. The sun is ruthless! I have used metro for transportation, except for one time when we took a taxi. The taxis were only allowed to go as far as the casino, so we still had to get out and walk. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will have to walk regardless of where you are sitting. There is entertainment at the track, bands, etc., so take your time leaving, as the metro is crazy crowded. Make dinner reservations now, as things book up really quick. Some places even ask that you give a deposit now in order to get a table. That’s all I can think of now, but it is really a great party and a great race. I can’t wait!

  64. Kangaroos are brilliant.
    The price is on website.

    To use FM radio it helps if you use the type of headphones that block out external noise with snug fit earbuds.

    Whether allowed or not, plenty of people smoke, its not as if you can move seats to get away either, still I suppose 90mins or so won’t kill anyone. If you are lucky there will be a breeze!

  65. Looking for some competition!
    We are 4 guys from Calgary that are very excited to be attending F1 for the first time. But besides the usual partying we were looking for some additional entertainment.

    So we have booked a “Formula 1” carting session at kart-o-mania (see link below) for Thursday June 10th at 7:30. It’s right downtown only minutes from most hotels. (We’re at the Delta)

    We need 4 more people that want to join us in a race for F1 Championship! LOL

    Here’s the package we booked:

    20 Minute practice / qualification
    20 Minute pre-final race
    20 Minute final race
    Private lounge and engraved trophies are included Total of 60 minutes of karting per person
    The price per person is $66.45 + Tax


    So it’s all booked but there is an 8 car minimum and need some F1 fans (preferably another group of four) to step up to the challenge and come race with us that night.

    Anyone here on the F1 forums that wants to join us can contact me at wopontour@gmail.com

    Any takers?

    1. Me and a friend from London Ontrio are driving up for teh weekend. Possibly interested. Let me know if you still need drivers

      1. Rob
        I replied to your email
        Are you 2 in?
        If so still looking for 2 more

    2. Hey I only just read this. I will be driving in from Halifax on Thursday. Should arrive in Montreal to meet a friend at 8pm. We would love to have a kart-race with you guys. What time do you think you will be there until and do you think you might be up for more than one race? Or maybe there have been a larger set of interested folks so perhaps there are later races on?

  66. I would love to but I’m coming into the city on Thursday. It would be too tight time-wise for me to attend.

  67. Earlier in this thread it was mentioned double letters were lower, however Erika says it is opposite. Does anyone know for certain ?

    1. I checked with the organizers. Double letters are nearer to the track as per Joe Tanto’s info. See you all at Senna from 12-6 double letters..!!!

  68. Hello
    I am going to the race this year and was wondering if anyone know if anything is going on at the track on the Thursday. I seen youtube videos and dont know if i can go if i need and extra ticket or something.

    1. Thursday is open, you don’t need a ticket to go to Ile Ste. Helene. Use the Metro (subway system) or a taxi to the Casino and you’re there. You might see quite a few people in F1 walking around.

  69. General Admission during Qualifying —

    Will GA be easier/less crowded for Qualifying? I’ve just read this entire thread and completely understand what to expect on race day. However, I honestly find Qualifying more exciting than the race itself (at least this year, thanks to the refueling ban). Will Qualifying be any easier to enjoy with GA tickets? Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

  70. I have just created a group on facebook, for those of you that use it.

    the idea is to have a place with lots of links and things to do over the weekend to help people plan their time over the weekend.

    Hopefully we’ll have a F1 fanatics meet-up

    see you all soon!


  71. It is always less crowded on quali day but if you have GA you’ll still need to go early to stake your claim on an area where the cars will be visible. If it is at all possible, try to grab some grandstand seats, they’ll be well worth it over GA.

  72. Anyone up for a ticket swap?
    I have 2 tickets in Grandstand 11 (first corners) and want to swap for seats in another section of the track during free practice 3, (Saturday morning session)
    mail me at Scarsurfing@yahoo.ca with the details of your seats if interested.
    Looking for seats in 31,16 or the hairpin.

  73. I’ve been looking for a place on the Web where people can give advice on what to do at the weekend… thank God I found this. I’ve never been to a GP before. I will be at the Grandstand 2, section 1, row CC. Does anybody know how long does it take for me to get to my seat from the Jean-Drapeau station? Also, I don’t have to worry about people taking my seats, right? I’ve heard bad things about people’s behaviours on some other GPs, I’m wondering if in Canada it’s the same thing. Thank you all in advance for the help.

    1. ” Also, I don’t have to worry about people taking my seats, right? ”

      Every stand has stewards. If somebody is in your seat, which does happen, usually because they misread the row numbers, or because their seats are further along, passing twenty people, so they sit in empty seats and hope for the best instead, you flash them your ticket.
      Usually after at worst a minute or two of discussion, where you prove you are entitled to sit there, everybody is happy.
      Otherwise the stewards will assist you.

      Of course, it is possible to misread the row numbers oneself, in which case you feel a fool, so best to check first !

      Montreal is particularly good ( or bad ) in regard that stewards only let people with tickets for a particular stand enter, so there isn’t the possibility of roaming around various stands, as is possible at other circuits. ( Except near the days end ).

      You won’t have any seating problems at all.

      1. Awesome! That’s great to know.

        About the walk, do you have any idea how far is it from the Grandstand 2 to the Jean-Drapeau subway station?

        Thank you for sharing your experiences.

        1. You’re looking at 30-35 mins. on race day, shave 5-7 mins off on other days. The crowd is funneled on a relatively narrow path. With kids and people towing wagons/coolers, it can be slow.

          1. Thank you so much. See you all at the track.

  74. Anyone up for a ticket swap during one of the Friday practice sessions? I have two tickets in Grandstand 31, Section 3, Row O. Let me know…can meet you for the exchange at the track! My email is dan.proudfoot@gmail.com

  75. Does anyone know if it is necessary to reserve a Kangaroo TV IN ADVANCE online or are they easily gotten during race weekend? I see that they have kiosks at the track, but I didn’t know if that was distribution only and you should reserve in advance or if there are plenty to go around. I also noticed that Montreal is the home hub of Kangaroo TV. Interesting! Makes me think I can probably wait and get it on-site. Cost differential in waiting?


    I was also wondering about Thursday’s track and pit access. A few have commented that it is available/open and no ticket is required (see ‘Lo’ May 15). What time would you recommend going? We arrive Wednesday so we definitely want to partake in the Thursday preview!

    Thanks!!! Happy race! :-)

  76. Hi Keith – what does this mean- “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Did I do something wrong? If so very sorry.

  77. I’m the first timer. Do not expect too much this year. actually I’m getting familiar for the next. Where would you recommend to park my car?

  78. Hi everyone,

    I’m not a firsttimer to F1. I was at the Nuerburgring, Spa, Melbourne and Indianapolis. But it’s my first time in Montreal and I’m really looking forward to it.
    I got tickets for Grandstand 15 (Hairpin), Section 4, Row’s ZZ and YY. Can someone tell me if these are good seats?


  79. This will be my first GP.

    Just have a couple of questions:
    1. Is there a schedule of races i can see online?
    2. Is there a schedule of events, concerts, parties?
    3. Any recommendations for events, concerts, parties?

    Thank you

    1. Here some links do answer your questions.

      1. http://www.formula1.com/races/in_detail/canada_831/event_timetable.html

      2. http://www.grandprixcities.com/can.html

      3. Sorry, can’t help you with this. Will be there for the first time myself.

    2. I have not seen an official schedule of events – however the downtown area of Montreal around Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest & Rue Crescent is where all the action takes place Saturday night. Rue Crescent from St Catherine to Boulevard de Maisonneuve is blocked off to traffic and this is where the street party, bandstands and the like are – also a lot of the downtown bars and restaurants are around this area too. Take the Metro to Peel and walk down Maisonneuve following the noise! Have a great weekend,

      Cheers, Geoff

  80. I have found these times digging around on the internet.

    1) Track Activities:

    2) LG Crescent Street Grand Prix of Canada Festival:
    12:00pm :Opening Ceremony
    1:00pm :Celebrity Pit Stop Challenge, presented by Ford
    4:00pm :Official Weigh-In for the “Gala du Boxe Budweiser”
    5:00pm :Media Pit Stop Challenge, presented by Ford
    5:00pm :DJ LouLou on the Virgin Mobile stage
    5:45pm :Driver autograph session at TW Steel
    7:00pm :Rebound on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:30pm :Virgin Mobile presents Karl Wolf

    3) Fan Events:
    7:30 pm : wopontour – Karting session @ – contact wopontour@gmail.com for more information.

    1) Track Activities:
    08:50 – 09:10 : Ferrari Challenge Practice Session (20 Mins)
    10:00 – 11:30 : Formula One Practice 1
    11:55 – 12:25 : Historic Grand Prix Practice Session (30 Mins)
    14:00 – 15:30 : Formula One Practice 2
    16:00 – 16:20 : Ferrari Challenge Second Practice Session (20 Mins)
    16:45 – 17:15 : Formule 1600 Practice Session (30 Mins)

    2) LG Crescent Street Grand Prix of Canada Festival:
    All Day :Pit Stop Challenge, presented by Ford
    12:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    5:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    5:30pm :Driver autograph session at TW Steel
    7:00pm :Rise Up on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:30pm :Virgin Mobile presents Bedouin Soundclash

    1) Track Activities:
    08:00 – 08:30 : Ferrari Challenge Qualifying Session (30 Mins)
    08:45 – 09:15 : Historic Grand Prix Qualifying Session (30 Mins)
    10:00 – 11:00 : Formula One Practice 3
    11:15 – 11:45 : Formule 1600 Qualifying Session (30 Mins)
    13:00 : Formula One Qualifying
    14:30 – 14:40 : Historic Grand Prix Two Laps With Pace Car
    14:40 – 15:10 : Historic Grand Prix Race (30 Mins)
    15:40 – 16:10 : Ferrari Challenge First Race (30 Mins)
    16:30 – 17:00 : Formule 1600 First Race (30 Mins)

    2) LG Crescent Street Grand Prix of Canada Festival:
    All Day :Pit Stop Challenge, presented by Ford
    12:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    5:00pm :DJ on the Virgin Mobile stage
    7:00pm :Body Groove on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:00pm :Special guests on the Virgin Mobile stage
    9:30pm :Virgin Mobile presents Faber Drive

    08:25 – 08:55 : Formule 1600 Second Race (30 Mins)
    09:25 – 09:55 :Ferrari Challenge Second Race (30 Mins)
    10:30 :Formula One Drivers Parade
    10:45 – 11:15 :Formula One Starting Grid Presentation
    11:46 :Formula One National Anthem
    12:00 :Formula One Race

    they are all listed on the facebook page i set-up:

    we should all meet up over the weekend!

    1. This is priceless. Thank you.

  81. Only a few days until the action start.
    I live near from Montreal and I will be at the Grand Prix. They talk a lot about the GP in the paper this morning.
    There is a point I want everybody to know: the GP will start a 12 on sunday, not at 13 PM like it use to be in the past because of the Mondial .
    So, be sure the be there on time.

    1. If anyone needs tickets, contact 705 687 5894 or mchaloux@cogeco.ca

    2. Hi Bruno
      Unfrtunately you are probably arriving too late to join us for an hour of carting on Thursday. (We have 7:30-8:30 booked)
      So we ar still looking for FOUR individuals that might want to join us at Kart-o-mania
      at that time. Cost is ~$70 each



  82. Looks like i will not be able to go due to unforseen circumstances.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a refund for tickets?

    1. Scott Hubbard
      8th June 2010, 8:52

      My plans have changed and I can attend but don’t have tickets. Please give me specifics regarding yours. Contact me at 423-534-6485

  83. Hi F1 fans,

    I know it’s kinda short notice but does any one know about accomodation in montreal, I had a plan to stay with one of my buddies that got cancelled in the last moment. Now, looking for a decent place. For one person only, please let me know.


    1. Hi Sahir,

      Don’t know if this comes too late to be of any help, but you can try looking through the McGill and Concordia universities’ classified ads. Most of the stuff for rent is more long term, but there are some short-term things and you can always call here and there and ask if they know of something available just for a day or two. Good luck with it.



  84. I will only be attending on race day so I have extra tickets to sell. I have TWO adult General Admission Weekend tickets (practice, qualifying and race) and I also have TWO adult Grandstand 31 tickets (practice and qualifying) for sale.
    I will be going to pick them up at the box office this thursday around 9.30am and that would be the best time to meet.

    F1 2010 TRIBUNE 31 – Fri, June 11, 2010 12:00 AM
    CIRCUIT GILLES-VILLENEUVE F1, section 1, row BB, seat 15, 16

    F1 2010 TRIBUNE 31 – Sun, June 13, 2010 12:00 AM
    CIRCUIT GILLES-VILLENEUVE F1, section 1, row BB, seat 15, 16

    For more details email: cbazzey@gmail.com

  85. Hi,

    I have a spare ticket for sell: Grandstand 24, I sell it for $320 instead of $400. Contact me via email: nando-alonso@hotmail.fr to meet up if you are interrested.

    See you :)


  86. My son and I will be heading up to Montreal for the race. I went in 08 with my daughter.We will have General Admission tickets.
    My question: after the race, is it possible to walk the track down towards the pits? Also, where does the trophy ceremony take place and is it possible to see that with GA tickets?
    Thanks for all the great information here.

    1. Hi Bill,

      From memory, the ceremony is just above the pit exit, and from what I remember, yes, the crowds usually flood the track after the race, although the crowd control had been getting tighter and tighter in recent years. If you can get there early, definitely the best GA places available are around the Senna corner (the first combination after the start), although you would have to be a pretty early bird to catch that worm, but it would definitely be worth it. Hope you can get a good spot.

  87. Hi everyone,

    It’s my first time in Montreal and I’m really looking forward to it.
    I got tickets for Grandstand 15 (Hairpin), Section 4, Row’s ZZ and YY. Can someone tell me if these are good seats?


    1. HI Thomas,

      Anywhere at the hairpin is good, YY and ZZ should be high up, giving you that much more of a view. I don’t know which one 15 is exactly, but either way you’re likely to see some passing moves and depending where exactly your seats are, you might have a view of the approach to the hairpin and/or down the straight with the cars speeding away from you on the long straight.

  88. I was wondering, we have GA weekend tickets, should we bring blankets to sit on?
    Is there even room to sit in the GA areas or is it usually standing room only?

  89. Same question as, Lee. Really. Planning on bringing lawn chairs but not even sure if we’ll be able to use them?

    We aren’t driving up until Sunday morning (from NY), so earliest we’ll likely be there is 9AM.

    If any fellow f1fanatic’s in general admission are getting there earlier on Sunday I’ll buy you your favorite drivers/teams T-Shirt if you can try and save spots for 2 of us! :)

    Just reply here and I’ll send you contact details!

  90. could anyone tell me what FM frequency the race is going to be broadcast on at the event, english language.
    would like to have this info programmed prior to walking in on sunday morning. thanks!

  91. Hey Guys,

    I have an extra GA all weekend ticket to sell. Friend of mine could not make it. If you want it let me know. I am in Montreal already, so if you are interested we could work out a plan for you to get it from me tomorrow. I will sell it for the same price I got it for – C$148.

  92. sorry I meant today (Friday). it’s 3.20 am. I will be going to the track later this morning so I will have the ticket then.

  93. Tip for those going GA: Get there early! One good place with a pretty decent view of the hairpin is around Grandstand 24.
    And unless the site “rules” have changed, do not expect to get near the “Senna S” as only grandstand ticket holders are permitted in that area.

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