2010 Hungarian Grand Prix discussion

This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

6 comments on “2010 Hungarian Grand Prix discussion”

  1. i’m definetly going because of michael sch(i will be there as a ferrari fan). but i hate the calendar because they moved the turkey race from august, and now i can’t go to turkey for a summer vacation, and quickly jump to istambul for the race.i’m goung to these two races.sorry for my bad english. greetings from serbia

  2. I’m taking my family this year, really looking forward to it, especially with how close we all think it’ll be this year.

  3. I was checking ticket prices and noticed that if you’re under 18, the weekend ticket is 50% cheaper, hence it costs 56 € while only sunday is 102 € (not grandstand). Is that true and how come?

  4. I’m booked up. 4 nights in Budapest. general admission race tickets. the sooner you book flights the cheaper they are. starting to look expensive now for direct routes. if I had more time either side of the event i’d consider the train from London via Germany.

  5. Seriously considering booking this last minute – £245 from Manchester with Jet2 plus general admission ticket, think I might hang around for a few days after too and just do the hostel thing to keep it cheap.

    My only concern is that I love to walk around the whole of the circuit – with general admission can you only access the green areas shown on the map or is the full thing accessible, aside from the grandstands obviously.

    Last but not least – sounds dumb but slightly concerned about hayfever if I’m going to camp! If anyone knows what to expect out there a heads up would be useful!

    Hope everyone has great trips!



    1. been to budapest many many times, lovely place. Quite a few hostels in the city, on the Pest side, just south of the main bridge, that area is much cheaper to stay and go out than the very centre. Expect beer prices to be around 5 euros in the city, but less than 2 euros in the cheaper bars.

      I highly reccomend a bar called Szimpla Kert Mozi, its walking distance from the river area, outside seating, live dj’s, cheap beer, wicked party atmosphere, food served, etc etc.

      Never been to the circuit (unfortunately) but it is very hot in Hungary, around 30-37 degrees every day, and quite stuffy. As a sufferer of hayfever myself, i can say that a rainy day in February in the UK has more chance of upsetting you than Hungary, it’s very dry, the grass to camp on is quite dusty and straw-like.. i wouldn’t worry too much. Take sunblock, lots of water and above all, look out for the GORGEOUS eastern european women out there, second to none i tell thee ;)

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