2010 Italian Grand Prix discussion

This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2010 Italian Grand Prix

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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2010 Italian Grand Prix

22 comments on “2010 Italian Grand Prix discussion”

  1. I’m planning to go to Monza this year (from Tokyo, Japan) and would appreciate any feedback / experience / tips from those who have done this Tifosi pilgrimage :)

    Thanks In Advance!

  2. I am going as well, with my girlfriend. We are going on vacation to Italy and have planned our trip around the Grand Prix. We are coming from Chicago. I would also love some tips…not only about the race but sights to see in Northern Italy. We are staying in Milan and plan to go to Venice and Lake Como.

  3. Thinking of going this year again.
    Last year I stayed in Milan and will do so again.
    Thinking of arrival on wednesday and going to Maranello on thursday to eat lunch at “Montana”, I ate lunch on thursday last year at “Cavallino” last year, before going to Galleria Ferrari!

  4. space_needle
    7th June 2010, 8:54

    I am choosing between the following stands for this year’s italian gp:
    * stand 6B (Keith mentioned he sat in stand 6B once. Hey, if it is good for Keith, what can I say!)
    * stand 8B (it seems this is in a better location to catch the braking action at first turn).
    Any advice?

    I am also interested in catching the paddock walkthrough on thursday. Any advice on transportation options from MXP (or milan central) to get to the track on thursday. I hear the bus shuttle will not run on thursday. Walking is probably not an option – wife will surely complain since we will be coming off a 7 day tour of rome/amalfi. Are taxi/cabs a workable option?

    1. I’m at the 6B :-) what’s the story with the walkthrough? Will be cool to meet other fanatics at the track! Any hints/tips especially for people with kids?

  5. Hi, we’re planning on driving from the UK down to Monza for the race. Does anyone know how I could pre-book camping at the circuit? Or know any campsites close to the track? Any help would be gratefully received.

  6. I am going to Monza this year and am trying desperately go get a Kangaroo TV. Does anybody know where I can get English commentary without one?

  7. Thinking of going to Monza for F1GP i’m n holiday at the time in Lake Garda was thinking of driving over to Monza for Sunday only anyone know any info on parking and best place for General Admission viewing….

  8. Just ordered tickets and hotel (between Como & Monza) for this year!
    Would be nice to catch up with some fellow race-fans!

    1. Ha there Anders…..First time F1 attendant. Fly in Monday 6th from Perth Western Australia……Staying in Milan. Purpose of travel, to experience True motor sport F1, and see Webber kick some ass…LOL.

      1. Hi Leon! You´ll have a fantastic time. I stayed in Milano last year, awesome city.

      2. Coming form the central coast of new south wales, Australia.

        Staying in milan. Would like to meet any fellow aussies going along

        1. Blake…Yep…I hear ha..

  9. christopher (sennaboy3)
    22nd July 2010, 0:08

    I will be traveling from SPA to Monza for the GP solo…anyone interested in meeting up at a campsite?


    This looks to be within 3kms from the circuit…are there any other good recommendations?

    1. Hey, my partner, Shane & I are camping at the Elephant for Spa & then ending up in Milan for the Monza race. Not camping for Monza as the public transport will hopefully take care of the job of getting to and from the track for Monza.

    2. Hi Christopher, did you book CampingF1? I’m staying there too.

  10. Hi i work for Santander Insurance in UK i won the Monza F1 competition through work cant wait im a big ferrari fan, VIP treatment, tickets,hotels,and flights

  11. I will be attending the race. We are sitting in 9, the begining of the second varient. We are staying in Lecco and will be driving to the track from there. I will be with my Fiance’ for a 10 day vacation starting with the race. If anyone is interested in meeting for a quick introduction, let me know.

  12. I am seated in 6A for Monza, camping in Macherio (hoping the campsite will be there) which is just North of Monza and literally 2 minutes by train to the Lesmos. I’d be interested in meeting up with some other F1F’s if someone wants to try and organise it!

  13. Going to Monza on thursday, got a ticket for the grandstands at the parabolica and magically got a paddock pass for saturday morning!!

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