2010 Japanese Grand Prix discussion

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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2010 Japanese Grand Prix

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  1. Am going to the Japanese Grand Prix this year…..looking for any info on ticket prices (last years)

      1. the grandstand at the end of the straight opposite turn 1 & 2 is alot cheaper and offers an awesome view ( problem is its open air and suzuka is often rainy )

  2. I’ll be going this year as well, and will post ticket / tour information as soon as JTB make them available (likley by late March or early April).

    See you at Suzuka!

  3. Ticket prices seem to be out: http://car.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20100305_352987.html

    According to the article (and google translate), tickets will be on sale from May 16. Scroll down and you’ll see a table of prices and a map showing where the grandstands are.

    That site also has a helpful photography guide showing the views from a few of the grandstands: http://car.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20090928_317956.html

  4. Here’s the official website, with prices:


    And a diagram of the race track:


    I’ve almost always watched from the V2 section, since I live in Tokyo and take a weekend package.


    1. Thanks Jeffrey.

      I have a question regarding the seating and hopefully you can help me with your Japanese.

      I noticed that the D1 block is labelled カメラマンシート. From what I can gather, these are extra wide seats for photographers. There also seems to be a restriction on lenses – max 20cm unless you’re in a photographers seat? Could you clarify that for me? Thanks!

      1. Actually, I can’t read Japanese, but my niece can. She says the note states except on Friday Practice, when the D1 area is “free” (i.e. open to all), you cannot use a lens longer than 200mm unless you buy the Cameraman Seats in Section D1.

        IIRC, this is Section D:


        It’s a cement area with subdivisions designating seating areas. I walked there, and there were wider sections around the top where a tripod could be setup.


        1. Thanks for your help Jeffrey.

          I’m still not sure what they mean by the 20cm restriction. Do they mean the focal length of the lens or the physical size? I’m hoping it’s the later; Focal length is normally given in mm rather than cm, and more importantly my lens has a 300mm focal length but is only 18.4cm long!

      2. Ive been to suzuka multiple times, with camera’s up to 300-mm, no one has ever said a thing to me, although i make sure i dont block someone else’s view with it.

        For suzuka u can buy a 3 day “Photographers Ticket” it lets you move to multiple area’s around the track, and u get a vest saying photographer.

        No seating for this ticket.’

        For 2010, the ticket worked out to be about 50,000 yen ..good value i say

  5. The context of the text translated was “20cm in size”, so I guess it does not refer to focal length…


  6. Tom Hitchings
    21st April 2010, 16:25

    I just bought my ticket…

    …does any one who’s been before have advice on where to stay the night before (and then how to travel to the circuit)?

    1. Wow, the ticket prices on formula1.com sure are expensive. There’s like a 25% markup over the japanese prices!

      Which grandstand did you get Tom? I’m still trying to decide …

      1. Tom Hitchings
        24th April 2010, 15:35

        The chepeast: Grandstand E (on the Dunlop Curve).

    2. stay in Nagoya. Catch a direct train from Nagoya station to Shiroko, then the shittle bus or cab to suzuka circuit, cab will cost $ 20 USD>

      Or Nagoya to “INO” station and walk 25 mins to the track…problem with Ino station is its super crowded and u might have to wait and hour in the line to get the train…

  7. Im going to suzuka any ideas on best seating in terms of overtaking, or just great view of cars at high speed? Also a combination of the two with tv (not being picky i no!!) Looked on official f1 website where i usually get my tickets but they seem to only have a select amount of granstands. Anyone recomend any other websites that are safe and do actually deliver?
    Thanks Andrew

  8. Hi,

    Looking for fellow people to hang with over there. I am travelling alone and staying in Nagoya for the weekend! Would like to know where to go etc.. for night life in nagoya and meet up with other F1 lovers of expats in Nagoya….

    1. Shylo,

      Im going this year too. I have just booked my flights and looking for a place to stay in Nagoya. Do you know any place?? Otherwise hope to see you there!


  9. Hi!
    I will be living in nagoya this fall and i´m going to see the grand prix. Just wondering in which section you guys think the best seats are (of the cheapest tickets)



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