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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, Melbourne.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

If you’ve got any pictures or video from the race weekend you can share them with F1 Fanatic by uploading them to our drop.io, or you can arrange to email them in. Contributions are always welcome.

2011 Australian Grand Prix

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  1. My girlfriend and I are going to the Australian Grand Prix for the first time in 2011. We bought the Jones package, which gives us seats in 4 different stands for each day. The front straight on the Thursday, the stand on the inside of corner 1, outside of corner 2 on the Friday, the stand on the outside of corner 9 on Saturday, and the stand on the outside of corner 1 on the Sunday.

    I’ve only been to Melbourne a few times before, anyone have any tips, besides pack for 4 seasons in one day?

    Also has anyone hired Kangaroo TV’s before? If so are they any good? And how much do they cost? And will they be useful considering each of the stands have a superscreen across from them, and I can get live timing on my phone.

    Also is it easy enough to get to and from the city? Do they allow pass outs? Is there much to do or see (not racing related) near the circuit? We’ll probably go do something else when the V8 Supercars are on.

    1. I’ve been to Melbourne for the GP for the last two years. 2009 I only got a GA ticket, this year my friends and I did things properly and got Jones stand tickets, and for next year we have Brabham stand tix. Hopefully I can answer a few of your questions! :)

      I’ve not hired the Kangaroo TV before, but everyone says they’re amazing. After sitting behind someone that had one this year, I believe they’re worth it. I’ll be getting one for sure next year in Melbourne. There’s lots of amazing camera shots that you just can’t see anywhere else, even with a superscreen infront of you.

      I wouldn’t be relying on mobile data for timing. This year it was nearly impossible to get any data through on the Saturday and Sunday. There’s just too many people there and the network cells can’t handle it. I did however find Twitter to be good for position updates and such, as you can’t always hear the commentators over the engine noise. But that was only when it eventually loaded up, *if* it loaded.

      There’s lots of public transport to and from the CBD, and going to many other places too. There are usually free trams from the CBD to Albert Park and back on the race weekend. It’s very easy to get around the City.

      And I’m pretty sure the track does passouts, but thinking back, I can’t confirm because I don’t think I’ve made use of that before!

      Hope that helps :)

      1. Great advice JarZ. I think I’ll have to look into getting a Kangaroo TV.

        1. No worries! :) Let me know if there’s any more info you’d like, and I’ll try to help out.

    2. Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix Official Program
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      The event goer: Next is the typical event goer fan – do you go to the the GP not really because you’re a huge motorsport fan, but because you go to heaps of big events and like to be part of it.

      The die-hard: And finally – the die hard fan. You know who you are.

      The story will appear in this year’s Official Program, we don’t have to use pics of you unless you’re keen or want to send us your own.

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      1. still looking for contributors?

        1. I’d be up for that, if, as Steve said, it is still happening. I am the die-hard! :P

  2. I’m going to my first F1 race after 10 years of being glued to the TV every Sunday afternoon (evening once I moved to Australia)

    I’m thinking of getting just general admission and spending most of my money on memorabilia instead. Is that a reasonable idea?

    1. Memorabilia is proper expensive and to be honest, I don’t usually bother to buy any when I’m at an actual event for that very reason. Because you can order team stuff online for less, I’d say it’s probably better to put the cash towards a grandstand seat if you’re considering.

    2. If you’re looking out for F1 clothing, you can wait a few weeks – then make your way to clothing outlet stores to find good deals. I’d go grandstand. Pit straight for sure! Nothing better than watching all the cars light up at the same time. (Also to take photos when the drivers finish their race day parade lap)

  3. I’ll be going for my second year in a row. Last year I got general admission, and bought a stack of Red Bull merchandise.

    I cannot wait, it’s going to be awesome.

  4. I’ll be in a position to go in 2011 Aus Grand prix, Having said that, I’ve never been before, So I’m looking for advice. I’m planning on getting the Jones four corner package.

    What is the position of the GP and cameras? I’ve got a dodgy little digital one, that I’d want to take.

    I’d be interesting in meeting up with people, possibly on Thursday or something, First, Because being able to talk to other f1 fans for a change would be pretty cool, and secondly, as it might help me get an idea of where to go and what to see, to take advantage of the weekend.

    Any other things to look out for?

    1. You can bring cameras in. I think there may be some sort of restriction when it comes to HUGE lenses for SLRs unless you’ve got a press pass, but even in GA you see people with DSLRs with regular lenses.

      I bought a camera specifically to use at the GP this year. Here’s a video I took from the Jones stand – the first corner on the first lap. :)

    2. Whenever you read this, I’ll be there and I would certainly enjoy meeting you and some of the others in person for a beer or two. I’ll have to keep checking this thread over the next few months.

      If you’ve never been before, and you’re going for the four days, I’d use Thursday as a day of exploration. Check out everything outside the main entrance gate next to the pit straight and then have a look at all the stuff on the opposite side of the circuit behind the lake. Saturday and Sunday are when it gets far too busy and you don’t really want to spend too much time away from your viewing place on those days as there’s so much on-track stuff going on.

      1. I’d be happy to meet up with fellow F1 Fanatics :) We should organise a meetup sometime, closer to the date of the race.

  5. I’ll be going for my forth year in a row.
    Each other time iv gone i have just got general admission, and really enjoyed being able to get up close.
    Iv found a few good spots where i can get really close to the track. ;)
    Im yet to go to a race that i have genwinuly been happy with the result.
    Hopefully 2011 will be the year! :D

  6. I’m planning on ordering a Fangio on sunday, 4 Corner GS package. I’ve been for the last 5 or so years just in general admission, and before that we just parked next to the track and tried to sneak a look at the cars through the fence.

    Unfortunately i’m in Yr12 in 2011, so i won’t be able to make it during the day on thursday or friday, though my school is literally 2 streets away, so i’ll walk down after 3:30 and catch the end of the day’s proceedings.

    But yeah, first time in a GS seat, it should be pretty good! for any GA people, some good spots to watch include: the exit of T2(good access to food and bar, lots of people though), Inside of T5 (only see the cars for a second, but they are very close and there is a superscreen directly opposite.. normally empty as well), the outside on the run to T6 (Cars go fast very quickly, about 2 metres away.. no superscreen and very far away from anything else though), T9 Hill (i sat here last year for qualifying.. good view, superscreen, there was an F1F meetup here as well), Inside of T11 – Brocky’s Hill (limited views of cars going through T11 & T12 and a superscreen.. very VERY busy though).
    And thats about it.. theres lots of spots to watch, but you only get to see the cars for a second unless you have high up spots.

    I could do with kangaroo TV (on their website it doesn’t say anything about going to Albert Park though?). The commentary at the track is average at best, but the coverage is good. I strongly suggest buying a pair of ear muffs and a radio, then feed an ear budd into the ear muffs and you can listen to the radio as your ears are protected (works a treat!)

    Food is relatively expensive, and the merchandise costs a small fortune (ok, its not that bad). If you have nothing to do, have a walk around the whole track and check out all the vantage points, or cross the pontoon bridge to the support category pits, where you have close-up access to all the other race cars.

    I didn’t check for a F1F meetup last year, but i found out that it happened no less than 50 metres from where i was standing for qualifying. So it’d be good to put some faces to names this year!

    1. We have been to all of the Melbourne races, and it is awsome. I f you can, buy a grand stand ticket, and if you are going for the first time the 4 corner packages are a great idea. We have done that for a couple of years and decided that the Fangio stand is still the one. Yes food is a bit expensive. We always take a packed lunch and eat it on the grass under the trees. Getting in to the event is a dream. The trams are free from Spencer Street to the circuit if you have a race ticket, and grandstand ticket holders go directly to Gate 1 and you are in the grandstand area, with food and , team merchandise and sundry other things. We have been to the Adelaide race, Singapore first year, and melbourne is definately the one for us. We are considering Korea for 2011, but not so sure with the politics over there. Have fun and do not forget your earplugs. There is on course giant screens and GP radio which can be heard on an FM station (98 I think), so radio earmuffs are a great idea. Yes Kangaroo TV is available, although we have not tried it.

      1. I’d echo what Mark M’s saying about the Four Corners tickets, they are very decent indeed and allow you to gauge which you think are the best seats around the circuit.

        1. just found out that the 4 corners tickets are sold out..

          I don’t have tickets.


  7. I may only be attending on the cheap this year but have been in the Jones stand twice. The main stand is massive and extends well into the run off outside T1 but there is a smaller section adjacent that offered an excellent perspective through T1 into T2 and is very close to the track. Merch is a bit lame, obviously pricey but its not Target is it? Enjoy and hope to see you there.

  8. Hi guys,

    I am from Singapore and will be attending the Aus GP 2011.

    Due to budget constraints, I am intending to get the General Admission ticket.

    As for accommodation, I will be booking a service apartment at Southbank.

    Will be visiting the Great Ocean Rd and Philip Island too after the GP!

    Is there anything I am missing out?


    1. Will be visiting the Great Ocean Rd and Philip Island too after the GP!


      i don’t think theres much else.. make sure to spend a day cruising the city (and getting a coffee from a laneway!)

  9. Bought tickets for the prost stand on the last day of 2010 in order to get gp advantage (pit walk, main straight walk, etc). Found some decent, cheap and very centrally located accommodation as well! Now to try and get my flights sorted out …

  10. Im planning to Ride my motorcycle down to Melbourne from Sydney .. anyone keen to join ?

  11. First Formula 1 race ever for me this year.Got caught napping and could only manage GA tickets, so pretty gutted…but excited at the same time! Does anyone have any tips regarding good vantage points, and any other recomendations?? Cheers
    PS. would be nice to catch up with other f1fanatic people.

    1. If you can get there, outside of Turn 1 there is a bank from where you can see the entrance of Turn 1 and the exit of Turn 2 as well as a giant screen right infront of you. The only thing is that it’s super popular so you’ll need to get there as early as humanly possible everyday to ensure you’ll secure a spot there.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say that there is a bank on the outside of Turn 2, not Turn 1. As in, on the ‘inside’ of the circuit, if you know what I mean.

  12. I’m going too! First race since Adelaide ’94. :)

    Turns out the g/f has a friend who owns an upstairs apartment on the outside of turn 13, it’s across the road but apparently gives a great view of them flying down the back straight and making a couple of quick turns, plus a view of the turn to the pit straight. So that’s where we’ll be watching the race from.

    We’re flying in early on Saturday and I’m looking at options for qualifying. I’m thinking that GA might be the way to go at this stage so thanks very much for the GA tips here – please keep them coming!

    I’ve also heard of Kangaroo TV and think getting one for the Saturday would be the way to go, have they confirmed an Albert Park presence yet? No word on their website. Also, how much do they go for per day and can one be shared between 2 people?

    Getting pumped!

    1. Hi – going to be in Melbourne for the GP. Is it best to buy tickets direct from the official website?

      1. Do they do printable tickets – or will I need to pick them up there? Thanks in advance

        1. yep, do them off the website (which redirects to ticketek or something) which is http://www.grandprix.com.au

          you may be able to print them, or pick them up

    2. If last year is anything to go by, Kangaroo TV should have a stand at Albert Park. Pricing on their website is 75 Euros for the weekend.

      This page provides a good overview:

  13. I’m planning on coming from NZ to Aus for that weekend. Official site is selling 4day passes which I will probably buy. But my question is, why “4” day pass? GP weekend is only 3 days long. So what’s the fourth day for? I’m wondering cos I need to know weather it’s worth coming one day earlier.

    1. The race ‘weekend’ runs from Thursday through to Sunday, hence the ‘4 day’ pass. But if you want to save on accom, I’d do Friday to Sunday. That way you catch all the practice sessions as well as qualifying and of course the big race.

    2. thursday’s just support categorys.. i.e; V8’s Formula Fords.

      also there will be the pit tours, walks, behind the scenes, and basically all of the drivers doing autographs.

      it’s worth going, even to just stalk the F1 Paddock, have a walk around to all the corners (while its fairly empty), and have a squiz at the other races going on.

  14. I’ve only ever gone GA at Albert Park but decided to splash out this year with some mates and we’re all going to be going nuts at the Clarke Stand.

    Quick question for the die hard fans here: What’s the best way to get autographs from the drivers? Are there particular spots that are better to camp out than others?

    Only 53 days to go!

    1. It all comes down to luck. My father and I stood around for 1 and a half hours and didn’t even see a driver – but that evening we spoke to a few guys who walked past and stood for 5 minutes and got 3 or 4 autographs. There is an official autograph stand, but you have to wait for a few hours in line – and by the time you’ve reached the front, the driver is gone. It’s good to walk past and see them in the real, however. But the autograph ‘die-hards’ camp at the gate to the paddock closest to turn 1. It’s right next to the pit exit and if you push yourself to the front, you may be lucky enough – but as happened in my case, you may be unlucky and not get anything. Have fun!

    2. All the drivers and team bosses stay at Crown. I’ve been almost hit by a car driven by Felipe (I was getting out of a taxi…), seen Flavio and (literally) run into Gerhard Berger, and given up on getting into a restaurant without a reservation when the bloke in front of me in line was turned away (one F. Alonso)!

      And no, I didn’t get autographs from any of them, but that’s just me…

      1. Pink Pirelli
        21st March 2011, 9:10

        Most of the diehards hang around the media centre where the drivers come in. It’s at the end of the garages, opposite Fangio. You need to put in the hours, but for the last five years Mr Pink & I have gotten every driver’s autograph, as well as some others along the way, John Travolta springs to mind.

        Having said that, I’ll be there at 8am thursday for gate open, to get up to my usual driver stalking antics. I have a Jones 4 corner pass, so just look out for me in the sparkly pink cap (pictured in the gravatar).

        1. I stood there for hours and didn’t see anyone! Well, Rubens came over, but he only singed about 5 things. :( Still, I was mega excited to see an F1 driver up close. He was nearly shorter than me – and that is a good effort! :P

  15. Hey guys I received an email from Kangaroo TV the other day, they are now called Fan Vision, and they are accepting orders for the Australian Grand Prix now. It costs $99 AUD to rent one for the weekend. Direct link is http://f1.fanvision.com/F1-weekend-rental-Australia-device

    1. Bought.

      Never tried one before, but sounds pretty interesting. Had any experiance with one yourself?

      1. I’ve never used one before. It’s my first time at the Grand Prix. I look like they should be useful, I ordered one.

        1. Can you guys tell me exactly what they are? And how can you possibly hear the commentary over the engine sounds? :)

          1. I’m thinking of picking one up but I’ll only be able to use it on the Saturday (I’m watching Sunday’s proceedings from an overlooking apartment).

            If anyone wants to go halves in one ($50) each and can drop it off to the Kangaroo TV booth at the end of Sunday, do let me know!

          2. I’ve got Kangaroo TVs at the last two GPs I’ve been to and will definitely be getting one again this year. My favourite aspects are that you can choose whether to listen to the trackside commentary or the (far superior, imho) BBC 5 Live commentary. Also you get the live timing screens, which are great for quali – last year I was opposite one of the giant superscreens but still my eyesight wasn’t good enough to see the times, so I’d have been lost without the Kangaroo TV. During the race I had the Kangaroo set to the timing screen throughout, so I could watch the action on the track and superscreen, then check my Kangaroo TV to keep track of positions/lap times etc.
            Also there are loads of functions like the ability to select your favourite drivers and get their onboard footage/team radio etc, if you are so inclined.
            It’s definitely worthwhile, really enhances the race-viewing experience.

      2. I won the use of one the first year they brought them to Melbourne. Quite neat to use, means you can get stats, livetiming, onboard footage and a selection of commentaries, as well as pit-to-car radio that isn’t broadcast elsewhere. The downsides are that everyone near you wants to have a look, and that you might end up watching the screen instead of the track!

        Great noise-cancelling earphones came with it, but I put on my big F1-watching headset over the top to further enhance audibility.

        Best use was for quali, in my opinion, as that is the hardest to follow from the stands unless there is a giant screen right in front of you!

        I’ll be watching from Fangio, just down from the podium – might see you there :-)

    2. i’ve heard about it.. and it looks interesting.
      the main selling point is the onboard cams, since i have a superscreen directly across from where i’m sitting

      1. Who else is going to be in the Brabham stand? I will be there for all four days. I also think we should organise a meet-up at some stage. I think the best places to meet would be either the golf course or the grassed area next to the paddock where there is often an old F1 car on display. They’re reasonably central to everyone (especially the latter – considering the majority of the stands are in that area) and I would love to meet some fellow F1 fanatics! :)

        1. i’m going to laugh so hard if you are sitting 2 or so rows away from me..

          golf course sounds good. i’d like to flog some of you in the simulators if i get a chance!

          1. Tell me your seat number…

        2. I’m in section C of the Brabham stand for all 4 days :)

          1. I’m section E. I am not sure which block I am in though. Hopefully I have a good view. Anyway, who else is going to be willing to participate in a meet-up? I am probably going to make a thread on the forum because this little corner of the site doesn’t get enough traffic. :)

  16. I’ll probably go on the Friday.

  17. I’m looking to book tickets for Saturday now, I see that the Webber stand is now available too. Worth it over GA?

    Also, how do the stands work? Is it allocated seating or just first come first serve? Is there a chance that if you bought a stand ticket that you couldn’t actually take a seat in it?

    The official site doesn’t answer these questions… :)

    1. Haven’t sat in the Webber stand, so can’t advise you on that, sadly!
      The stands are allocated seating, you get a seat number and row and they are clearly marked. Each stand is staffed by event staff and they check tickets as you enter the stand to make sure you have the right ticket for that stand, and if there is confusion about where your seat is they can help. There’s no chance that you would end up seatless – sometimes people sit in “better” seats if they are empty but if you show up with the ticket to that seat they will move or the event staff will make them move!

      With GA obviously the second you relinquish your good position on the hill you lose that spot, so I would imagine stand is preferable! Additionally, quali can be hard to follow without some form of screen nearby, so factor that in too.

      1. Thanks for that! I’ve booked two seats in Section 8 in the Webber stand now! Can’t wait. :)

        1. Not a problem – I’m in Fangio so if some bloke pinches your seat I will come and sort them out ;)

    2. Hey mate.. you still keen on going half with the Kangaroo TV? My email: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/1438/capturesavk.jpg

      1. Hi Arsh,

        Will need to find out if Fanvision are OK with having two different people pick up & drop off the unit. I’ll try and get in contact now to see what the go is. If it’s workable, I’ll send you an email! (my address has ‘foocode’ in it).


        And ta to Damon for pointing out this reply to me. :)

  18. Hi, this is the first time ever i’ll go to a f1 race and since i’m going with my girlfriend, it wasn’t worth to pay loads for the stands, so instead I’ve got the sidetracked tickets, so i’m wondering if anybody here has been in there before and what it looks like, also, as a first timer, i’m imagining that with the GA tickets i’ll be able to be hoovering around the circuit and watching a bit of every angle of the track throughout the sessions, so i’m wondering if once you get into the circuit can you go anywhere around it or there are gates for differents GA areas, and if so, can I go back and forth as I please?
    Any suggestions on the best GA spots and less crowded bars?

    1. You’ll be happy to know that you can go anywhere you want, except for the GP Advantage bars/zones. It’s just a giant park, so you can walk around to any spot you’d like. The bridges over the track allow you to get to the other side in minutes, which is always nice. Best GA spots? I’ve never been in General Admission, but the inside of Turn 5 and all of the spectator mounds are nice. I’d love to walk the circuit and experiment with different angles, but it’s a waste of my 500 dollar seat. So I’d recommend (it’s something I regret never doing) walking around and enjoying it as much as you can. And don’t forget to have fun! (It’s not difficult at all! :P)

      1. I’ve been going GA for years so might be able to help…

        exit of T2 is great as you can hear the cars screaming down the main straight, see them sweep through t1/2 and have a screen both in front of you and to the right on the bank.

        t3 is hard to see but great for action. there’s concrete steps to the side amongst the trees so you only see about 100m of track, but the right spot is great for corner entry and passing moves

        inside of t5 is good for seeing the amount of speed these cars can cary, and it has a screen on the outside you can watch, but you can’t see the cars for very long at aoo… it’s more a flash view

        T6 is good as you can see the cars approach and take the exit of the corner wherever you are. the outside of the track is usually better, but you get closer on the inside. There’s good shade around here under the trees too so great for a hot day.

        It’s nice and open through t7-8, but then we get to my personal favourite… then bank on the outside of t9.

        there’s not much shade, and there’s lots of people here so get there early for a good spot, but you can hear the cars for a long time as they approach, feeding the anticipation. they exit t7-8 fast as they scream into view. t9 is a good passing spot so it usually has quite a lot of action, and shows the braking power and acceleration through the corner. The screen on the inside helps keep track of the whole race.

        the t11-12 complex only shows the cars briefly, but is the best spot on the track to watch these cars change direction. There’s a big hill on the inside of 11, and there’s also good spots on the exit of 12. I like this spot too :)

        as great a spot t13 is for passing, the ground drops away on the outside and with marshals posts in the way, you cant see mich. however, if you’re on the inside of this corner, you can see a bit… the thing that stands out for me though is the noise from the cars here! you’re practically staring down the exhaust here so if you want to really hear them… this is your spot.

        the exit of t14 is good for watching the cars behaviour though the corners. The late apex has the drivers searching for the best line and there’s a screen on the inside here also.

        there’s a nice spot on the outside of the entry to t15 to watch any passing challenges, this spot is usually packed also as you watch them tear around and head down the straight.

        Last year GA got you to the exit of t16 too which was really good for a) having the cars scream past you very closely, and b) the run down the main straight to the podium celebrations after the race :)

        I hope that helps anyone going! I’ll be there again this year… might meet a few of you!

        1. incidently, after being at the track today, the big screen on the bank of t2 is gone, but they’ve extended the area closer to t1, so you can see more of the t1-2 complex, and you still have the screen at the other side of the track.

          also, inside t5 doesn’t exist this year due to renovations at the soccer stadium.

  19. Thanks for the tip damonsmedley!

    I shall park myself at Turn 5 nex Sun

    1. Turn 5 is not a general admission area this year as they are working on Bob Jane Stadium

  20. Thanks for the info Damons, I cannot wait to get to my first F1 race ever…
    One more question, has anybody here been to that sidetracked music festival before, I’m wondering how is that like.

  21. One question, gentlemen:

    I have purchased my GA tickets through Foxtix – does anyone know how and where I should go about collecting the tickets on race day?

    p/s: I will be flying in from Singapore on Sunday itself and reach Tullamarine Airport at 10.00am Aussie Time

    1. There are ticket collection stations outside all of the main entrance gates, as far as I know. You should be able to pick them up just before you enter.

    2. I also bought through Foxtix – they told me tickets will be available at enterance

      1. BTW – This is important – make sure you bring the Credit Card you purchased the tickets with and a photo ID. Foxtix told me this.

        1. if I’m reading the guide correctly; ‘venue collection tickets’ are held at the Event Office and Ticket Collection booth next to gate 1. There’s no GA access via gate 1, so once you’ve got them, you need to enter via gate 2 (near MSAC) which you’d be walking past anyway on your way to turn 5.

  22. This is going to by my first every F1 race and I want to preserve the moment best I can – is there any retailer who will sell the DVD of the race after the race? Or do I have to rip it off my TV screen (even though I won’t be here)?

    1. If you have a decent internet connection, I might be able to sort you out a link to be able to download the race in full a day or so after the event.

      1. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that possibility. Thanks!

        1. Buying the races is actually illegal, so no-one will be selling DVDs of it. The only way to do it is to record it yourself. I have a DVD player and an HD TV recorder/receiver for my PC, so I will probably be recording the entire weekend in HD, if I can sort out a 64 bit computer as the file dumps will be too big for my 32 bit OS. But as Magnificent Geoffrey said, there are plenty of places online where you can download the races from. :)

  23. In MW’s post Bolte Bridge run interview he commented that the event was a sellout. Don’t know the accuracy of the statement; surely at most that would only be reserved seating?

    Either way, it’s the first race of the season with some new regulations, new tires, a very high probability of scattered showers and a decent crowd. Looks like we’ll be in for a good weekend.

    There have been a few people suggesting a meet up. Can we get an indication of who is actually interested?

    Hopefully Keith will give this page another shout-out before the weekend, as Damonsmedley suggested, this part of the site has been just a little too quiet.

  24. Going again GA this time. Heading to Bathurst tommorrow to watch JB and lowndes run a F1 around the mountian. are any of you guys going to bathurst is anyone planning a get togther at albert park?

  25. ok guys, i’ve finally got around to typing up a meetup schedule.. so i’m sorry about the lateness! but we should be able to find a good time which everyone can attend..

    so far the time for the meetup is 4:00PM Local Time, which should be right after the speed comparison, and during the 1 hour break before qualifying.

    The Location is either: The Golf Course (between T10 and T11 on the outside of the track), or Outside The Paddock.. (may not be accessible by GA ticket holders).

    these times and locations are tentative estimates! so if anyone has any worries, or other thoughts feel free to post them here! i’ll make another post with the confirmed time closer to the date.

    as damon said, if anyone would like to make an F1F flag, that would be awesome!

    so, post away here! or contact either damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) or me (@iamsa8).. (i’ll post a contact Phone# closer to the weekend

    1. You can make the F1Fanatic flag! I would, but it would take up my entire suitcase. :P

      1. Hi guys!

        I’ll be there all 4 days. Just post confirmation of your plans and I’ll see ya there!

        The golf course will be perfect for me. I’ve got Waite stand tickets but will spend most of my time on friday at turn 6 to take photos.

        So excited!

        1. Pink Pirelli
          21st March 2011, 9:18

          Last year TerryFabulous arranged a meet up at the Golf course before quali, we met up in front of the giant TV near the merchandise super centre. Happy to do so again.

          1. Time and location are perfect Steve, nice work! Hopefully Keith’s shout out gets a few more Fanatics involved too.

    2. Just promoted this on Twitter to 17,000 people:


      1. i think i owe you one! :)

  26. I think if you want to experience F1 for all its worth the worst thing you can do (especially at Albert Park) is buy a seat in the grandstand. There are some absolute gems of places to watch the race where you’re all of 5 metres from the cars.

  27. somerandomguy
    21st March 2011, 3:06

    Im going I have GA ticket. I want to be able to see a superscreen but I dont want to be in a really crowded area where if you move then you lose your spot. And it’s too late to order one of those Fanvision things. What would people who have been recommend I do?

    1. You like exciting races, right? Well I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a place that isn’t crowded on the Sunday, sorry.

    2. The fanvision site says you can still reserve one for pickup at the site.
      And you can always just rock up and hire one once there.

  28. Can’t wait, will be my first GP. Watch Saturday on the telly and be in there on the Sunday. I’ll buy GA tickets on the day (queues will be massive :(, can I buy them at the track this week?). Gonna be interesting on Friday at uni, considering it’s only few ks away…

    1. queues are actually quite small! you might find an exception, but i’m rarely waiting for more than 10 mins. (when buying tickets)

      i’d also suggest going and watching qualifying at the track, and then the race at home (since its a bit easier to see whats going on), but its up you.

      as for the noise.. my school is on chapel st, about 1 k away.. and i had a SAC (biggish test thingo) on during FP2 last year.. lets just say it wasn’t very quiet..

      1. I would most definitely never be able to concentrate on a mind-numbing essay knowing there is any F1 on – let alone 1 kilometre away!

        1. Well that’s really good to know! :D

          Yeah I’d thought that too and I’ll see how this year goes and refine it next year.

          I was in the same situation last year, instead of watching the coverage on the Friday, had to do a methods SAC. I go to Melbourne Uni and all I have is lectures on the Friday :) Hopefully something F1 related in physics…

          Also is it worth it to park at the track or some car park and get a tram from Flinders or Southern Cross? and thanks for the info!

          1. No parking near track – take the free grand prix trams from Southern Cross (Gates 1 and 2) and Flinders (Gates 5 8 and 10) Stations.

            (Double check those on your tickets or online, thats all from memory!)

          2. Ta, I’ll defs get a tram

          3. haha, luckily it was just a business management SAC.. so it was alright.

            you can really park anywhere on st kilda rd, away from the track and catch a tram in.. we used to park outside st kilda primary, and catch a 5 min tram ride to the track.. Though if you have easy access to flinders or southern cross that seems like your best bet.

            hope you enjoy the weekend!

  29. I’ve only got a GA ticket this year. I understand I can’t go near the pits, but does anyone know where the checkpoints actually are? I don’t recall having my tickets checked anywhere in prior years & I can’t see it on the map.

    My aim this year is to work my way round the entire circuit throughout the weekend. I’m worried Mr Doyle might shut the door on this sooner rather than later and want to soak it all up while I still can!

    1. definitely walk around the track! good to get some exercise on a thursday or friday morning!

      as for the GA tickets.. on the circuit map there should be a shaded area which is just for GS ticket holders. i can’t remember exactly where.. but i’ve been for the last 8 years, and this is my first GS ticket! so i feel your pain

  30. somerandomguy
    21st March 2011, 10:19


    So I ordered and paid for the FanVision device to pick up on site but it never actually specified where the kiosk was. So does anyone know where I’m supposed to pick my FanVision up? Please help.

    1. Please don’t post the same request multiple times. I’ve deleted the others. I’m sure if anyone can help they will do.

    2. just go to grandprix.com.au and the ‘contact us’ link. fire them an email and they usually respond pretty quickly. i’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

      1. somerandomguy
        21st March 2011, 11:15

        Where is the contact us link?

        1. It’s at the bottom of the page under ‘information’. It’s actually ‘Contact AGPC’.

    3. theres a kiosk behind the fangio stand, or inside the main straight.. you’ll find out on thursday

      1. somerandomguy
        21st March 2011, 11:18

        is General Admission allowed in those areas? I guess I could just ask the information services they might have some information on where it is

        1. i can’t say that i know.. but it will be at an accessible place. You should dedicate some time to walk around and take in the surroundings as well!

          1. somerandomguy
            23rd March 2011, 0:27

            I got a email reply from fanvision.
            There are 3 kiosks, one at Gate 1, one at F1 Central (near turn 1 on the inside), and one at V8 Village (near the final turn on the inside). Still not sure if these places are accessible with General Addmission though.

          2. V8Village will be accessible for sure.. not sure about the others

      2. The thing that gets me about FanVision is that they say I can pick mine up at the track and that they’ll need my credit card, but that they ‘do not accept debit cards onsite’.

        All I have is a Debit MasterCard – does that mean that I’m screwed?

        1. somerandomguy
          23rd March 2011, 3:55

          :O me too I paid with my debit card I dont have a credit card.

        2. somerandomguy
          23rd March 2011, 4:02

          where does it say that?

        3. i’m sure you already know this.. but debit cards are allowed

  31. This is a long shot but is anyone staying at the nearby Pint on Punt Backpackers? I’m stayng there for a week, would love some company!

    1. Yeah i am i checked in yesterday, I’m in room 1 my names Kirk, so if you want to meet up just come and give me call.

      1. Never mind now, I just checked your message now but I checked out last night. Maybe next year!

  32. Ok, so can we summarize where and when F1 Fanatics can meet up?? Cheers, and hope to meet a few of you over the weekend!

    1. I’ll be there all 4 days, name a time and place, I’d love to meet a few fanatics!

      1. there’s a post on page 2..

      2. wow that was sad.. i’ll chuck in a smiley face! :)

        1. lol, yeah sorry, I missed that, thanks again! see you there!

  33. Well I’ve been lucky enough to score myself access to the pit area all day Saturday.

    Currently feel like a kid the night before Xmas.

  34. So I’ll be attending my first GP for 10 years!
    Looking forward to it, but;

    are there any other F1Fanatics going stag on Saturday?
    I have mates coming Sunday, but not Saturday.

    Also where is a good place to watch in General Admission?
    Last time I went I was on the pit entry/final two turns, anywhere better?


  35. okidokies.. day 1 is done and dusted, and if you didn’t make it down you missed out! 40,500 people on a thursday! looks like its going to be a bumper weekend!

    alright.. now onto the confirmed Meetup plans..
    The “Meetup” will take place at 4:00PM Local time, on saturday afternoon. This should be during the 1 hour break before qualifying..

    The Meetup Location will be F1 Central, the new area on the inside of T1.. it’s right behind the Brabham stand and features a big grassy area with food, merchandise, and other cool stuff (including the XXXX Angels :D). here’s a map if you are geographically inept: http://www.grandprix.com.au/docs/f1-11-circuit-map.pdf We were originally going to host it on the back straight.. but that’s now filled up with kids playgrounds and Ben10 areas.. and considering that most fanatics are going to be around the grandstand sort of area, we decided to base it at Turn 1.

    There is a Giant Red Information Pole in the middle of F1Central which contains a map and some other stuff. I’ll be there at 4 potentially waving a flag or something (probably not)..

    Thats about it.. publicize this all you can! bring a mate, remember your Webber Shirt (sorry what?), pack sunscreen, wear earplugs, try not to buy some overly priced red-rooster, and most importantly.. NEVER, under any circumstances get in the way of those golf buggys.. they will run you down!!

    on the day i will be tweeting from @iamsa8 and if you feel compelled to, you can text me on: 0433953721.. so if you can’t find us or whatever, just yell out
    you can also follow @damonsmedley who will be tweeting (and trying to steal a paddock pass of virgin).

    see you all at the track!

    1. Understood.

    2. Thanks Steve! I’ll see you and all the other fanatics there.

      “NEVER, under any circumstances get in the way of those golf buggys.. they will run you down!!”

      I nearly got absolutely smashed by one last year so very good advice…

      And given the weather yesterday, 40,500 is a fantastic turn out. Bring on FP1!

      GO WEBBER!

      1. I’ll be there, hope the weather picks up a bit today !

  36. Just leaving for the trams on this (ahem) lovely Victorian morning. Won’t be able to check this until late tonight so until then, have fun!

    F1’s back, baby!

  37. Hey,

    At 23, the Australian grand prix in 2012 will be my first race. Am ridiculously excited I can tell you!! However, heading out to Australia from the UK is also quite nerve wracking! Funny how the old confidence goes once you’ve pushed the confirm button. Anyway… Having booked my ticket already my question is really to do with getting to see the drivers around the circuit. I’ve been reading a lot of your replies so far and I can’t tell whether it’s worth queuing at the autograph stage or waiting somewhere like the driver entrance? Having studied law for the last five years, I’m quite patient either way, I just fancied getting a bit of inside info on my chances.

    I’ve also seen that in past years fans have arranged meet ups. Anyone planning sommething similar next year?

    Any information would be fantastic. Thanking you in advance :D :D

    1. Hey Becky,

      Based on my experience, I would hang out at the driver entrance, but go on the Thursday as it’s no where near as busy. It also seems that the drivers all turn up at different times, some early, some late, so stick around for a while. I found most drivers will get out of their car and sign some autographs. This year Lewis Hamilton signed my girlfriend’s official program.

      Even Christian Horner and Adrian Newey were signing a few autographs.

      It was interesting seeing how the different drivers arrived. Lewis turned up in the back of a hire mini van, while Jenson had some flash Mercedes 4WD that he was driving. Massa and Alonso had separate Maseratis

  38. Thanks Pinball!

    That’s really good to know. Sounds like the drivers entrance is the way to go, especially as it would be fantastic to see Adrian, the man behind it all. I so hope they do a similar thing next year. Lewis’ autograph – that’s pretty good going.

    Seeing as you responded so quickly can I be annoying and ask you a couple more questions? Guess it’s putting all the nerves on show! :p It sounds silly and I’m definitely conforming to gender stereotypes when I ask this, but is the drivers entrance easy enough to find? I’m presuming it’s a different place from the paddock entrance, or not? I’m honestly not joking when I say I could get lost anywhere! lol And finally, are the barriers quite high? I’m only a 5ft so my friend reckons I’m not going to see anything wherever I stand. Might have to resort to a cheeky smile and my trusty Scotland flag. ;)

    1. Looking at the map in this link http://www.grandprix.com.au/docs/f1-11-circuit-map.pdf the area where the drivers pull up is near where it says “Torque Bar”, whatever that is.

      5 foot shouldn’t be a problem. You might even be taller than some of the drivers. Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso are tiny. Here’s a link to some photos I uploaded to Flickr which should give you a better idea of what the area looks like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/64237546@N06/sets/72157627175992331/with/5984508484/

      1. Oh, the photos in the Flickr link are from about midday. We didn’t see all the drivers. Only about 6 or 7 I guess.

    2. If you’re looking at a stand option, try the Webber stand. It’s one of the cheaper options but unlike the official map shows it’s actually directly over from the pit entry limiter line and, if you’re far enough to the side, in front of the backmarker garages (I was sat in front of the HRT & Virgin garages this year).

      You get to see the cars going down the straight at speed (in 5th so they’re still accelerating away from you)and you’re about half-way down the start grid for the various starting races. You also get to see all the cars stop for parc ferme and the drivers walking in to the FIA garage to be weighed and chat with each other.

      Not too much on-track action unless someone’s got a tow out of the last turn but Sutil had his big quali moment there this year.

  39. Wow! You really can get quite close to the drivers. Thanks for the link. :) Between your photos and the F1 website, I now have a much better idea of what it’s like. I wasn’t sure what I could expect. You anticipated my next question well, though can I ask what time you got there? I think I’ll probably just go from opening and see how I go. I suppose the best time is either morning or late afternoon when everyone is leaving. Seems like the barrier shouldn’t be a problem either (provided I don’t get pushed into it too much) – was a little worried about that.

    Most importantly, thanks for the directions! You’ve been really helpful and really quick at responding too. Appreciate it.

    1. We got to the course at about 10:30am, but only because we came pretty much straight from the Airport, otherwise we would have got there earlier. We stumbled across the drivers entrance at about 11:30am. We saw some people standing around and thought we would go over to see what is going on.

      The good thing about the Thursday is, even if you get bored waiting for drivers, you can easily go exploring finding good vantage points, the quietest toilets, working out where the best food is – generally just familarising yourself with everything, so when it’s busy on Saturday and Sunday you don’t have to spend so much time battling the crowds.

  40. Thanks for the advice on the stand too foocode. :)

  41. Thanks again Pinball! You’ve been really helpful.

    I think I might head down for opening, 8am I think with GP Advantage. That way I’d have the whole day to get my bearings (or at lest try) and then attempt to spot a few of the drivers. As far as I can tell, there’s no real ‘advantage’ in the tickets Fri/Sat, but I might head down early again on the Sunday, even though 9am seems like an awful long time before the race starts! I could always try my luck beside the paddock entrance, depends on how well I get on on the Thursday. :p

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