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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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  1. Hi all
    I will be in Spa again 2011 as its my annual “highlight”.
    Welcome to our 2011 thread and I hope it is as successful as our 2009 and 2010 efforts!
    Looking forward to chatting with you!

    1. Where is the best place to see the race

    2. Hi
      Wat is the best place to see the race

  2. Hello –

    I am planning a trip to 2011 Belgian Grand Prix and would appreciate any advice. For instance are the views of Eau Rouge better in Gold 2 or Gold 3 grandstand. I would like to book the best possible seats, so any comments are welcome. Also, looking for recommendations for hotels that are in walking distance or that offer shuttle to course. I would prefer not to stay in Liege, but rather Spa. I have read mixed reviews on the hotels in Spa so any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance. We are very excited!!

  3. Hello,

    We are planning a trip to 2011 Belgian Grand Prix from Cyprus. Since this is our first time in Spa we would appreciate any advice or tips. I would like to book the best possible seats, cause travelling from Cyprus is a long trip and an expensive one. I was thinking of Gold 7, are the views there worth the money? Also, we will be staying in Brussels, so any reccomendations on how to get to the circuit are more than welcome. Thank you deeply, in advance, for your help. I’m sure it will be a lifetime experience.

  4. I am planning to travel to Spa for 2011 GP. Looking for the best seats for race day, was planning to walk around Friday and Saturday. Also looking for good information on transportation to and from Spa each day from Aachen where I have a hotel. Would prefer public transportation as I would assume an auto would be problematic. Thanks

    1. Hi Jim,

      if you stay in Aachen (~40 km to the circuit) the best will be if you hire a car. By train and bus you need long time (there goes only some busses). BTW, use a GPS and don’t take the highway. So you have no traffic jam and the rip needs ~ 40 min.
      Parking you can take at The Elephant (pls see my site)

      1. Hi Michael,
        Thank you for the information…I looked on the internet and the train connections did look like they would take some time so I guess we are back to a car hire. Will we need to reserve parking or can we drive in and pay when we get there?


        1. Jum
          you can do either. WE can always find space for nice peeps!

  5. I was in Gold9 just sunday, this year. I must say those were the best seats in the track, cause they were close to the very end of start/finish line. And way till Parking was quite close too

  6. Does anyone know if there is any possibility of camping close to the circuit? And also what are the seats like at the bus stop chicane? Any comments would be greatly appreciated guys

    1. Hi SAM,

      As michael said below, check out his camping website. I camped there this year for the belgian grand prix and you are well looked after. close to the track, great people and also a great cheap pub close by!


      1. Hi Sam,

        Quite a few sites near the track. Have a look at Camping l’eau Rouge.. a permanent site with good facilities, run by a good team, English website.

        Other sites, just as good, around Malmedy. I found a great wee site last year after l’eau Rouge was booked up. Beautiful setting, electric hookup, good facilities, maybe a little too quiet, if anything.

        Worth shopping around. I’ve always paid around 70 or 80 Euros for 2 people for 4 / 5 nights.

        NO WAY I’d pay the 250+ Euros that elephant and similar sites were asking for.

        1. Hi Robert, the ‘wee’ site you found – was it within walking distance (with kids!) to circuit, not been before, so any info would be great.
          Thanks :)

        2. Hi Robert
          where was the site you found? does it have a name/website? We’ve been at the elephant the last few years, but it was alot more crowded last year than previously, so are looking at other options, but being able to walk to the track is a must……

          1. Candy
            totally agree with your comment- also never seen Elephant so crowded as 2010. Hope we sort things better this year- we’re working on it!(And hope you come back of course!)

          2. Hi Candy / Helen,

            I think that Eau Rouge camping is closer to the track than the site I was at last year. If your heading for the Les Combes entrance its a walk of around 35 mins, maybe 50 mins with kids. Around 2.5kms as the crow flies. Its a fair ascent at first but a really pleasant walk through beautiful countryside. The site also runs a shuttle bus service up the West side of the track to La Source. Eau Rouge has an excellent staff who allow everyone to enjoy themselves but dont permit loud music late into the night etc..

            I’d been hesitant to name the site I found last year (at least til I’d booked it again) as it felt like such a hidden gem. Still, share and share alike among fans.. It’s called Camping du Moulin and has a website though I think not in English.. I just phoned. It’s a good bit further out (around 5kms I think) but worked really well for me as we hired bikes from a place not far from the site and happily rolled around on them for the weekend. It’s also on the far side of Malmedy from the track which was perfect as we would stop in town for supplies on the way home and also enjoyed the restaurants and bars of Malmedy. Beautiful wee town too.

            p.s I’d recommend using google earth if you can to look at the site locations, just get a view of the track and search camping.

            p.p.s If anyone goes to Camping du Moulin get a route to the track from me. Last year we found ourselves on an insanely steep road, I’ve cycled alot and never seen anything like it.

            I could go on and on. Feel free to ask any more questions.

          3. Try this campsite also if you want comfort and family friendliness:




        3. Hi Robert

          could i ask you When/if you get a chance would you be able to give me the route you cycled from du moulin camp site to the circuit please.

          many thanks


        4. Hi Robert

          Not sure if you will be checking back on here before the big eventbut if so would you be kind enough to send me the route you cycled from camping du moulin please?

          This is my first grand prix and so looking forward to it :)

        5. Hi Robert

          I’m not sure if you will be checking on this site again before the big day but if so would you be kind enough to give the cycle route from campng du moulin please?

          This is my first grand prix and it’s so exciting :)

        6. oooooooops sorry for the multiple request the stupid comp kept throwing me off saying internet explorer not working ……. grrr
          so wasn’t sure if it went through

          sorry toni72

  7. Hi Sam,

    have a look to our web …


  8. Hello,
    Does anyone know the best side to buy F1 tickets on the internet? Do we have to buy them from the official F1.com or are there any other cheaper and safe sites?

    Any respond would relly be appriciated.


    1. Hi Dnos,

      I bought mine for the 2010 Belgian grand prix from http://www.bookf1.com but some other safe sites include http://www.gpticketshop.com :]


      1. Hi Kingsley,

        Thanks for the feedback on F1 site. Can I ask you one more think. I have visited these sites for a ticket, but in none of those i don’t get pick a sit number. Do i just pick the grandstand and they put me anywere on that grandstand?


        1. Kingsley Newman
          23rd November 2010, 13:49

          Hi Dinos,

          I have never booked a grandstand seat before, I have only gone for GA. But I would say you just pick your grandstand and they will assign you a seat. (I think)

          Best of luck!


        2. Hi Dinos

          The official site for spa is http://www.spagrandprix.com. Here you can’t pick you actually seat, but you can request roughly where you would like to sit when you book your tickets – we’ve booked twice and been where we wanted to be.


          1. Dear Cathrine,
            Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatly a little bit late though cause my doughter already booked tickets through http://www.grandprix-tickets.com, fingers crossed then now that we will be allocated in good seats, cause this trip from Cyprus will cost us a lot of money, at least make the best out of it.


    2. Official web site F1 GP at Spa Circuit:




  9. Alternative sites for Spa tickets are –
    These are the official site and the official Spa ticket agent so you know you are getting best price but not sure if either let you pick your ticket.
    I’ve used these sites without problem.
    Do not buy Silver 2 tickets though…rubbish.

    1. Hi,

      We just used spa-tickets to book & they were cheapest by far.
      Can’t wait till Aug!
      Thanks :)

  10. Hi Jack,
    We have booked our Spa 2011 tickets from http://www.grandprix-tickets.com, do you think we should be worried or is it a safe site? And one more thing Gold 8 Grandstand is a good spot to see the race?


    1. Hi Maria,

      I haven’t used that web site, they say they are ‘official reseller’, should be fine, just a little more expensive than Spa’s own sites.

      La Source is a great place to watch so Gold 8 will be cool. Should have great views of start / finish and if you are lucky with your seat allocation down towards Eau Rouge too. It is close to the main Francorchamps entrance so not too much walking. I would suggest getting out in the GA areas for a while on Fri / Sat though, great fun.

    2. Maria
      I sincerely hope you checked your prices there.
      2008 they charged me pounds for euro which ended up being about 40% more than what they should have cost. I also only got my tickets literally 2 hours before I left…..can’t recommend them sorry.

      1. Unfortunatly There isn’t much I can do right now about it. I don’t think I can cancel those tickets. :o(
        I must say I am very worried now. How many days before the grand prix did you leave home?

        1. I always leave on the Wednesday before the race………..
          Don’t worry- things will work out.

    3. Maria I got my ticket frm the f1 web page and they send me a voucher via e mail to exchange at the gate

  11. First ever F1 for us in Spa2011, we will be VW campervanning with 2 kids aged 12 & 9. Can anyone tell me whether Green camping at the circuit is suitable for kids and if not whether Yellow is any better for a family? We are planning bronze tickets and will be mainly around the malmedy end I think. We are festival goers so can endure a but of mud and filth but there is a limit if its costing a premium! Any advice for first time F1’ers with kids would be great.
    Many thanks :)

    1. Hi Helen,

      I only have experience of Yellow camping at the track…it’s total nut’s. Petrol-heads from alll over Europe partying hard. Great fun if you are away with your mates but not good if you want your kids to get a good nights sleep. There is no quiet time on most of the sites at yellow zone.
      When I am with the kids I always use this lot which I would recommend,http://www.campingf1.com/. A good F1 crowd but quiet at midnight. It is 15mins by car from the track but if you want to park up your camper for the weekend the shuttle bus is a good option. The Elephant that all the guys on here use is close to the track and I believe it has a noise curfew at night http://www.francorchamps-camping.com.

      1. Hi Helen, Jack
        I landed up at Elephant quite by chance back in 2005 and its sorta like home to me.
        Agree with Jack that yellow/green are crazy-also your pitch is restricted and if you need 1cm more room you will have to pay for a second pitch (a guy gave up this year and came to us).
        Elephant was very busy 2010 but we are working to improve things due to all the comments we got of things that did not go quite right- the weather did not help.
        But if you want a quieter spot with loads of good folks and selfmade fun with also the kids then we’d love to see you there.
        And yes it may not be the cheapest- but you save on transport and parking as you can walk to the track. Clean loos and showers and the team will do almost anything to help (even drive you to a bank if you forgot to bring your cash with you!)
        And what is more important- the place is also pretty secure.

        1. Just read post regarding yellow and green camping. I paid for tickets 2010 and was disgusted when we got there. The plots were way to small and crammed together, the toilets were awful (not fit for human use) and the noise was bonkers. And this was Thursday lunchtime. Just couldn’t face staying so left straight away, and thankfully Michael got us in at Elephant. I complained to Spa after getting home but no one wanted to know.

          If you have a family and are looking for a decent camp site this is not where I’d be staying.

      2. I am taking my daughters (15 & 16) and I didn’t want a 24 hour party going on around us so have booked a pitch in the Yellow camping section because the website says:

        “Camping in the yellow zone (Francorchamps).

        Located at 800m of the track. This camping is reserved for families or campers who want to be in a quiet area with a curfew between 10pm and 7am.

        Each pitch (40 m2) has running water, access to toilets and showers.”

        So is that not the case ?

      3. Thomas - Denmark
        24th August 2011, 20:06

        I wish I read this before I ordered my ticket for the Green Area Camping. Are there electricity in the Camping Area? Is it all muddy and very poor conditions?

    2. Please see my response above, to your previous question.

  12. A few tips on grandstands.
    Some of the uncovered ones also have great views- but if it rains (which is pretty guaranteed in Spa) and the folks in front of you put up their umbrellas then you see absolutely NOTHING. If you want a good view and only worry about being in your seat a little before race start then grandstand is fine- if you like being totally cramped- because you will be.
    If you are on a tight budget and really want to enjoy the weekend and still have great views (only drawback is getting up pretty eraly on raceday) then go GA- I personally would not do anything else and 2011 will be my 5th trip to Spa-you could call it my annual pilgrimage- love the place- but excellent value for money.
    Also depending on which grandstand you choose (decide that first) then decide where you want to stay. The track is over 7km long and the walk around the outside even longer- so don’t go and camp in green if you are sitting at La Source- you will spend all your time getting there! And believe me- in the pouring rain its not a lot of fun!

  13. Does anyone know if Dave managed to sort out the issues with Elephant? I was going to book for 2011 but I’m little worried after his post in the 2010 thread.

    1. Hi Rose,

      I listen to Dave – I listen to my Staff. And me in a difficult situation. So I did not care and arranged it with Dave. Dave is satisfied – you can read his following thread.
      I don’t like problems and if my guest are not satisfied.
      Best way: if there are some problems: find me directly.
      Hope to see you.

    2. If you dont fancy the Elephant campsite, fear not as there are several excellent permanent campsites near the track which cost (based on my quotes of last year) around a third of the price.

    3. Rose
      yes Dave did get sorted and posted that on last year’s thread.
      An unfortunate one off.

  14. Hi,
    Just booked a weekend bronze ticket with my brother. We wanted to be able to walk round the track, are there any spots we should look for? I reckon Pouhon will be a good corner to hang around.
    Also just wondering for any information related to the thursday pit walk? Have seen that any weekend pass allows you to have a pit walk on the thurs, any info related to this would be appreciated. Lastly we are camping on the site, is there any music/evening activities?
    Thanks, Grant.

    1. You’re spoiled for choice at Spa. Seeing them fly up through Eau Rouge is awesome, watching the drivers find their braking point at Les Combes during FP is good. Standing over Liege corner gives you maybe the longest view of them in front of you and you can see a lot of the track further from you too. Pouhon is, indeed, a great corner to watch at, I particularly like it if its wet as its an unforgiving corner.

      Last year I enjoyed watching the race at Les Combes with a Kangaroo TV (recommended and not too expensive), previously I’ve also watched at Liege for the sheer amount of track you can see (best with binoculars).

      On race day, irregardless of where you are headed, be prepared for an early start to bag a good spot. You really want to be there for the gates opening around 7am.

      You’ll be able to decide which spot you really want for race day by walking the track on Friday.

      Pit lane opened at 4pm last year I think, you must enter at the La Source entrance. Get there early if you want to be near the front of the massive crowd and get to the garage of a front running team. Last year I made it only about halfway down the pitlane before I just couldnt handle the squeeze anymore.

      1. Thanks! Actually can’t wait to go, hopefully going try stick the pit walk out so can get up front. But we’ll see!

        1. I had an even more stupid problme getting to the pit walk last year…..was in the Paddock as guest of Renault and could not figure how to get back out into the pitlane……made it just! But the crush for the big teams is madness!

  15. Spa 2010 was my first ever GP and after an amazing weekend I’m already excitedly planning a return in 2011 (this time taking the good lady.) Played it cautious last year and booked into the official Green campsite but am more willing to look around this year, so was hoping for some advice please.

    Not too worried about price, and (although not essential) I would prefer a quieter site with clean toilet and showers. My biggest factor in deciding is location. I really want to be at the circuit for 7am on race day so that we can bag our preferred spot, then after the race we need to get on the road back across France as soon as possible (appreciate we’ll struggle to a certain extent wherever we are staying.) Happy getting up early and walking 30-45mins each way to the track if necessary, but would obviously consider any transport that may be on offer to get us there in time.

    Any suggestions on which site will be best for us would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Stuart
      I am obviously biased as I always stay at elephant. It is about 20 mins walk to the track and I can guarantee the loos are clean. Where do you want to be race day? We are a bunch that rush to top straight but Pouhon and other areas are also great. Track opens 7 am so yes agree you do need to get there early (we always have good fun being a bunch so we can bag places/wander about or whatever).
      There is also a shuttle to get you there but sadly you have to walk back after the race as the road is closed. also its onyl a few minutes back to the highway so you can escape pretty quickly. Have a think and if you want more details let me know.

      1. Last year we sat right at the top of Pouhon, really enjoyed it but am considering somewhere else this year for variety. I assume by ‘top straight’ you mean Kemmel, just before Les Combes? We watched FP1 there last year and was a definite possibility for race day. Can you get near to the bus stop with a GA ticket? After what happened there between JB and Seb that would’ve been a cracking place to be…..

        If you could send through some details for Elephant I’d appreciate it – if it is definitely within 20mins walking distance of the circuit then we’re certainly interested.


        1. Hey Stuart
          I heard from a couple of our mates form last year that Pouhon is great. We nuts however do sit on Kemmel….its good – you got the screen there and can see a lot so its our fave pitch. also easy to get to for our post race beer/shampoo on the Eau Rouge!
          You can get near to Bus Stop with GA but you need to be really fit to run but will check that out for you.
          If you want some details on elephant then just drop me a mail and I’ll send you details:

  16. We wish all our friends Merry Christmas


  17. Hi

    I’m starting to read this site and i’m going to my first F1 race live ever here in Belgium 2011. I was getting a little bit nervous when i saw your notice regarding fake tickets. I have bought my ticket thourgh f1.com and i hope i did the right choice? I bought for Granstad gold 8 Source. I got numered vouchers that should be trade into race tickets at the track – is this normal? Fredrik

  18. Hi,

    Going to my first GP ever (Spa 2011) and undecided between Silver 1, Silver 2 and Gold 4. I’m guess Gold 4 would be a better location (higher up, great view of Eau Rouge etc) but I’d appreciate comments from the people here.

    There will be 3 of us going (and a birthday weekend for one of us), this guy loves F1 and Spa as well!

    What are te relative views from each stand and what would you choose?

    1. I was in silver 3 last year up at les combes and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had had my doubts about the spot in the months between booking the tickets and the GP, but it was actually a fairly good place to watch from. There was a decent amount of jostling at the end of the kemmel straight and then out of malmedy down to bruxelles as well, and we even got to see Alonso bugger it up and crash out, which was the highlight of my weekend. I would strongly recommend getting a Kangaroo TV for Spa as the lap is so long that a lot can happen between the cars coming round each time.

      If I had a choice of any stand though, I think that gold 3 or gold 6 would be my choice, but out of the silver stands I think 3 was the best choice.

      1. The one thing I forgot about though was the walk to S3. Our coach dropped us off at the La Source coach park each day (which is already about 1-1.5km from La Source, and then we had to walk all the way up to S3. It was fun the first time, and after the race when we walked the length of the Kemmel straight, but it was a bit much otherwise. Kemmel is deceptively long and steep!

        1. I have been in Silver 1 for the last 2 years. Great view of the first corner then all the way through Eau Rouge. There is a TV screen opposite the stand and it is also opposite the stairs that lead from the paddock to the pits so you tend to see the drivers who give you a wave. Another benefit is that it is opposite the pit-lane exit which amongst other things is where the drivers carry out practice starts during the weekend.

        2. For my 1st trip to Spa I got tickets for silver 3, thought it was dreadful. Even went to a GA spot on raceday instead.

          I expected to see them through Les Combes and exit through Malmedy, but from the left side of the stand could only see them exit and disappear from view before Bruxelles. Visible for about 2 seconds, maybe less.

          Maybe you were lucky and sitting on the far right of the stand?

          I just wish they’d put up a decent grandstand at Les Combes, though standing there with a KTV is good enough.

    2. I was in Silver 2 in 2009 and was disappointed. View up to La Source is obstructed by a bridge / gantry over track. TV screen opposite was not well positioned and the best view of Eau Rouge is from the top not the bottom which is where Silver 2 is.
      I have been in Silver 1 and it is much better than Silver 2, reasons as per comments by Paolo below.
      I have no experience of Gold 4.
      As is often mentioned on here always worth thinking about GA tickets at Spa, unlike other tracks some of the best viewing points are available on GA tickets. Many who are lucky enough to be able to afford grandstands choose GA at Spa becaause of the choice of viewing spots available, all future Spa trips will be GA for me.

  19. From The Elephant®: Happy New Year!

  20. Thanks all, I think it will be Silver 1!

  21. Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anybody has ever booked with http://www.belgium-grand-prix.com (also know as global-grand-prix.com). I left the ticket buying in my Dads capable hands and he booked through these rather than the offical site

    1. Will be booking through these guys in a few days

      1. Have you booked through them before? I would just like to check that people have used them before and that everything has been ok.

  22. Hi guys, I am from Australia and I am travelling to Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix this year (in 2011) as part of a UK/Europe trip with my girlfriend – we will be leaving Berlin by Eurail to head there on the Friday of the event and have no idea where to go to or where to stay and how we can get to the track and back to our hotel the easiest way! We also cannot hire a car, so public transport or gp shuttles are a must I guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And in dummy terms would be great as Im not an experienced traveller and have never been to the UK/Europe! And also the best place to watch the racing from on the circuit and who to book tickets through would be great. Thanks so much to anyone who takes the time to reply.

  23. Hi all, been reading with interest and have a few questions. Not been to a GP for over 10 years and will be my first at Spa. My wife, son and I are all going.

    I’m looking to go Bronze as one mentioned about umbrellas etc. blocking your view if (when) it rains so that’s put me off a grandstand a bit, plus others have talked up the views from GA at spa. Would most agree with that?

    Also we’re staying at Aachen and driving in and out for the weekend, so would appreciate advice on best places to park (don’t mind a walk to the track). I think Carol has mentioned something about parking at the elephant, is this right? If so what’s the cost/location?

    Thanks all.

    1. Kenney
      I have been to Spa every year but one since 2005 and I can guarantee you it will rain there at some point over the weekend (not bucketing down like last year hopefully) but it is more likely to rain than be warm and sunny!
      Parking at Elephant is €10 per day and is only 15 minute walk to Eau Rouge entrance. It is also conveniently located for getting out and back onto the mtorway in the evenings/after the race so you won’t get so stuck in after race jams. If you do park there then look us up- we are a bunch that go every year so its like home to us!

    2. Kenny – GA at Spa is very good. The hills provide good vantage points and you get very good views over several areas of the track – Kemel Straight and Pouhon being particularly good.

      The first time I went I was worried about parking so I booked somewhere. But there are so many fields that people open up as car parks that you can easily just drive in and park without a reservation (which is what I do now). You can park very close to the track (La Source corner). The queues to get in/out aren’t too bad so I would recommend just driving in as close as possible as you will find somewhere quite easily

  24. I’m so glad they added SPA to the calendar this year. We heard it was not going to happen due to lack of attendance last year. We can’t make it this year. Have fun everyone. The Elephant group is a lot of fun. Michael is quite helpful, especially to those who don’t speak fluent French. We had general admission tickets and were quite happy. We found that many people who were near us on race day (on the Kemmel Straight) had gold seats but preferred to move around.

    1. connie
      good to see your post and thanks for your kind words about the elephant bunch! WE also had Gold 3 for the race but it was so cramped and if you’re in the middle you see not a lot so we yes did run back to our original pitch on Kemmel straight (good to have pals spread out around the track…Lol)
      WE always have a great time up there and last year we spiced up our “sitin on the Euar Rouge” after the race with our very own champagne!

  25. Richard Huggins
    18th January 2011, 14:17

    Sorry – repost from 2010 Spa discussion:

    Hi – thinking of going to Spa for 2011 GP. But a breaker for me is if there is no English commentary to listen to on the radio like Silverstone. Can anyone tell me if there is?


    1. Hi Richard
      the local tannoy commentary is pretty bad and depending where you are whether it works at all. If you book a kangaroo I understand you get full proper commentary but will check this out for you.

      1. Richard Huggins
        19th January 2011, 9:20

        Thanks Carol,

        I’ve of mixed minds about Kangaroos, useful I know, but apart from the cost, it means it will divide my attention from what’s in front of me and what’s on the TV.

        That said, I am not sure I would want to go to GP without decent English commentary to tell you what is going on elsewhere.

        1. The on track commentary is shared between English / French and I think Flemish (or was it German…it’s all Dutch to me…)
          The English commentary is useful but in those brief gaps between the screaming engines when you can hear the PA there is a fair chance they will be in French. Can’t remember if there is a ‘Radio Spa’ where you can tune in to commentary on a FM frequency, certainly if so it is still the same triple language service. However with TV screens around the track, a little English commentary and the race in front of you I’ve never found my total ignorance of weird alien languages (yep that’ll be french) to be a problem.

          1. Jack
            you are absolutely right- the third language is flemish but similar to dutch.
            Just depends where you are- I mean up on Kemmel straight I have never known the track commentary to work at all- and that since 2005 on my first visit!
            I find the cars zooming around and the TV screen directly in front is enough but each to his own.
            I just know we dash back like hell Monday to catch the replay on Tv!And see what if anything we missed! All part of the fun!

        2. Hi Richard,

          I used a KTV for the first time last year and found it to be an excellent addition to my GP weekend.

          It’s not really distracting from what is happening in front of you as you tend to have decent gaps between drivers on a long circuit such as Spa to check your KTV.

          It also gives you a lot of info which you wouldnt otherwise have got, perhaps during practice or the drivers in the support races.

          It sounds crazy but I actually can’t remember for sure but I think the KTV carries 5Live’s commentary, I’m sure you could email them to check. I’ve never found much need for commentary during the race and any time there are cars in front of you you’d struggle to hear it anyway.

          A pre-booked KTV cost me only 40 Euros last year which I think is well worth it, especially when I would’ve saved myself a good few quid by getting free beers from friendly German fans who appreciated me keeping them informed.

          If I’m back at Spa this year there is no question, I’d be there with a KTV again.

  26. Me and a couple of mates are going this year.
    We are hoping to do some proper pub crawls as some of the group (me especially) are reasonably serious about Belgian beer.
    We are up for a bit of proper town bar/club nightlife too after being at the track so I was thinking that a hotel in Liege would be close enough to the track but the best bet for what we want out of the weekend when we are not at the track.
    Has anyone any thoughts or advice on this plan of staying in Liege in regards accommodation?
    What are the options for getting to the track if I want to leave my car at the hotel in Liege?

  27. hi, i am sitting at bus stop chicane for the whole weekend. I am camping but im not sure where, thinking the elephant but im not sure yet because im not sure if i can book it for thursday through to sunday.Can you easily get in and out of the elephant campsite or does it turn to mud very quickly? How is the town on the race weekend very crowded and all the bars and pubs full? cheers

    1. Hi Ross
      you can book at the Elephant for Thursday through to Monday no problem. We always arrive Wednesday in fact as we need a day to recover from the 10 hour drive across and to be able to properly enjoy the pitwalk etc on the Thursday. Everwhere gets muddy to be honest if we have the amount of rain we had last year but they have improved the site quite a bit over the last couple of years.
      The local bars get pretty full but usually ends in a great getting to know you place- the local pub in Ster is a must as its like a living museum and we love the place!
      Hope this helps and if you do decide to do Elephant then a whole bunch of us look forward to seeing you there.

      1. Yep,definitely going to the elephant im not sure because i cant take too many days off and my drive is around 17 hours so i will be vewry tired at the pit walk. How crowded is the pit walk? can you even get close to any of the drivers?

  28. Anybody know if the bill you get for the elephant through e mail is for a deposit or the whole bill?

    1. Hi Ross
      The bill you get is the final bill so you know exactly where you are and no extras pop up.
      Look forward to seeing you there- we’re the FOFA camp in the middle of the site somewhere and will be there from Weds till Monday.

  29. Hi all,

    I’m travelling over from Australia for the Spa GP this year, as well as Monza. I am traveling alone.

    I’m not a great camper, but willing to rough it for the Spa experience. I am looking for a camp site that is close to Eau Rouge (where im seated) and has a party atmosphere, but got to have clean toliets/showers. I also need a pre-setup tent/bed.

    Anyone had experience with a site like this?

    I have seen this place.
    but it is not close to the circuit

    1. I stayed with CampingF1 in 2009. Very clean, very friendly, great spot for camping…very long way from the track.
      I also sat near Eau Rouge and by the time you have driven down to the track and walked from the car park, you need to allow almost an hour. There is a reliable shuttle bus which costs a little extra but drops off at the track entrance.
      As it is all F1 types great atmosphere, with good onsite beer tent but quiet from midnight.
      Not aware of anything closer that does similar with pre-erected tents, shame as the distance to track is a problem to consider.

    2. Todd
      we folks at Elephant do nto have pre-erected tents but if you are on your own and want to join a great bunch of easygoing folks from all over then think about joining us……we have had folks like you in the past from USA, Australia and South Africa who if obviously flying can’t bring much with you but up to now we have all mucked in and got folks sorted with tent, mattress and food and drink and great company!
      Also we are literally a short walk from the Eau Rouge entrance which is where you want to be with no stress about getting transport etc. Have a think and get in touch and if you are interested in joining up with us then let me know!

      1. lasz year I arranged some pre-erected tenst for guest … Ask me, meybe we can help ….


  30. It would want to be the whole bill. Its usually over well 200 Euros for the 4 days. It does include a deposit thou so make sure you get it back when you leave, if you can. Seems they arent too happy to pay the deposit back so it can take a lot of chasing to get it.


    1. Hi Dave,
      if you have some questions you can ask directly to me.

    2. Dave
      that is a bit unfair and you know it. The mixup with you was an unfortunate one off and we did sort it for you and no-one else has had problems with their rubbish deposits so be fair! Hope all Ok with you these days!

  31. anyone else sitting at the bus stop?

    1. You in a grandstand there Ross or GA? Bus stop is a popular place so no doubt quite a few will be there!

      1. yeh im sitting in the grandstand.

  32. Has anyone stayed in the the surrounding towns before? No camping?

    Im thinking of staying in Malmedy, Spa, Stavelot or Francorchamps.

    What is it like during the Grand Prix? is there a good atmosphere in the towns? Are there bars filled with people and entertainment?

    1. Tood- there are advantages and disadvantages in the surrounding towns/villages….the advantages….you may find yourself staying in the same place as the teams/drivers………so yo may get the odd autograph or two……the disadvantage is that most of these places have a curfew of 9pm so if you want to party a bit then forget it……..depends what you want. The bars and afes around are of course verys lively on race weekends and you will have fun wherever you land up!

    2. I stayed at a great campsite near Malmedy last year. Doesn’t cost even half of what the Elephant site that some on this thread endlessly tout will charge you. I never encountered any curfew in Malmedy.

  33. Sorry- cafes even……

  34. Hi. I wil be heading over from Montreal this year. I have done all my research but none of my booking yet. I am thinking of getting seats in Silver 1 or 2 since I want a guaranteed spot to watch from but am also cheap. The photos of Silver 2s view look better on the spagrandprix.com site but previous posts say Silver 1 is the way to go. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I am thinking of camping at the elephant site. Was wondering where I can get supplies while I am there. Do I need to stock up on beer and food in Brussels?

    1. Tony
      for food and supplies depends on how mobile you are- ie if you have a car and are able to get in and out you can shop locally for anything you need. If you, like us are in a camper then it means you are fixed for the weekend. The baker comes daily with fresh bread and basics (including beer- none of us have managed to run out yet) and if anything desperate comes up then the site folks will help you out or anyone else around. In previous years we had folks with cars arranging communal shopping trips etc so you’ll be fine!

    2. I was one of those who commented on Silver 2 before, so not much to add. All I can say is I also bought Silver 2 tickets on my first visit to Spa based on the photos on the website and was very disappointed (the photographer can move to get the best view, unlike us folk with our assigned seat). Even ignoring cost I would take a GA ticket over Silver 2, much better vantage points on the high ground. Having said that, I’ve also been in Silver 1 and I thought this was much better because it is higher up near La Source. Just my personal view but I would say Silver 1 is loads better than Silver 2 (and I guess the fact Silver 2 is always far less busy than Silver 1 suggests most agree). Have a great time wherever you end up.

      1. Thanks for the info Jack.
        I hear you about the GA tickets. But I’m going by myself so I don’t want to have to get in stupidly early and try and defend a patch of grass all day Sunday. I’ll do a tour on Friday and maybe Saturday but I want a reserved seat for peace of mind Sunday.
        In the photos on the spagrandprix site it looks like the Gold 2 stand can block some of the approach to eau rouge. Did you find this? I think I want to stay away from the front row because of the fence blocking the view but is there any section that you think would be better than others.

        1. Hi Tony,

          No from where I was Gold 2 did not block the view from Silver 1. I remember the view being just like in that last picture on SpaGrandPrix.com. If you decide to go for Silver 1 it may be worth asking for a block up the top end.
          The pictures of Silver 2 are interesting, they are not taken in the same year (the adverts change from DHL to Vodaphone). When I was in there in 2009 they had also put in some extra temporary seats at the left end which blocked the view up through Eau Rouge and those advertising boards you can see in the pictures blocked the view up to La Source. If you decide on Silver 2 I would suggest you avoid the end blocks A & I, they are normally at wonky angles to the track.
          (Looking at the pictures reminded me we also snuck into Gold 2 during free practice when the security guy was busy and this is awesome, the noise bounces off the roof and makes for agreat atmosphere and you stay dry!).

        2. Tony
          if you are interested in GA (and I must admit I and most of our crowd are committed GA folks) then do join up with us……as there are quite a few of us it only takes some to go and bag the best spaces so if you (like my partner) wake up later its no problem and we always have a great time being a bunch. Think about it the offer is there. All you have to suffer is the beer on the Eau Rouge after the race…….

          1. Thanks for the offer Carol but I bought my tickets yesterday in Silver 1. This way I will be guaranteed a view of the run from La Source to Eau Rouge which I have been dreaming about for ages. Would love to come and hang out in the cheap(er) seats on Friday or Saturday though.
            Thanks for the food info too. All these posts have been priceless for my planning

  35. Hi everyone.

    After a successful trip to Silverstone last year, myself and a few friends have decided that Spa is our next GP trip. We’ve got tickets at La Source and are now looking for a decent campsite close to the circuit. Please can anyone give advice on campsites that are close to La Source. I think we may have got a little spoilt last year, as the walk from the tent at Whittlebury to Becketts only took about 10 mins :) Any tips are appreciated.


    1. Hi Dunc
      am not too sure about sites around the La Source area- there must be some so will have a look for you and see if I can dig something up.
      We Elephants are about 15 mins to the main entrance which is about half way between Eau Rouge and La Source but maybe over the other side a bit is better for you. It is not just the question of 10-15 minutes but its all up and down hill as well!

    2. Hi Dunc

      We sat at La Source last year (great place to sit – we’ve got tickets there again this year!). We stayed at the Elephant, and it is about 15-20 minute walk to the La Source entrance which was fine (even in the pouring rain last year) and will stay there again this year. If you want to stay closer there are loads of campsites on the road towards the la source entrance around francorchamps village. The link below shows all the campsites and carparks (the elephant is no 112, la source is roughly where the white circle no 6:


      I don’t think you can book most of the sites, its more a case of turn up – the ones closest to the circuit fill up first, but the rest only get full on the saturday. This place I know you can book and is right in francorchamps village, but can’t comment on it as I’ve never stayed there:


      Hope that helps


    3. Hi, thanks very much Carol and Catherine, that’s a great help to start with! Personally, I’d be happy to risk it, but not sure how the other lads would feel about just turning up without somewhere booked :)

      Carol, if you do manage to dig up any places closer to La Source, that would be brilliant. If not, then we may well brave the hills and stay at the Elephant. Is there still plenty of space available?

      Thanks again!

      1. No worries Dunc
        watch this space and I’ll see what I can dig up also from a few of my pals on the ground there.

        1. Hi,

          Ok, so we’ve decided to drive over and (hopefully) arrive early on Thursday morning and try to find a decent campsite close to La Source entrance without booking.

          Obviously if anyone can recommend a site close to La Sourcem for us to start off our search, we’d be eternally grateful! Carol, did you ever manage to dig anything up?

          Many thanks. Can’t wait for Spa. Loving this season so far. :)

      2. Have a look at Camping De L’Eau Rouge.

  36. Hi all, we will be coming from Canada to see the race. Staying in Spa (we are too wimpy and ill-equipped for camping ;) ). Any advice on bus vs car rental? Are there buses specifically for the race from Spa? Or is it just the local buses? thanks much.

  37. Hi. My mates and I have booked our tickets (Eau Rouge) and campsite, but we need to know the most important information: can we take beers into the track???

    Many thanks

    1. Also, we are staying at the Eau De Rouge campsite out towards Stavelot. They said there was a shuttle bus for the Saturday & Sunday, does anyone know if we can park at the track just for the Friday? The campsite is not terribly far from the track but we have someone with a bung knee so want to keep walking to a minimum.

      1. Michael
        am sure you can park near the track Friday- think cost is Euro 16 for the day if they haven’t changed the prices since last year.
        You can take what you like to the track as long as no bottles- ie if you have cans then its fine. Also if you want to take beer to the track then stock up locally- it is much cheaper than bringing from UK or wherever. Local brew Jupiler is cheap and pretty drinkable!

  38. Hey carol,
    Im new to the belgian grand prix, I need some advice on camping there.

    Help from anyone would be fabulous…!

    email me on k.herricks@ntlworld.com

  39. sorry lol my name is kirsty x

  40. TICKETS ARRIVED!!! woohoo FedEx man just made a surprise delivery with our GA tix – its getting closer!!

  41. So did ours !!

    I was worried they wouldn’t be delivered until the week before the race as we are off on holiday visiting relatives for two weeks beforehand and might have missed them otherwise :-)

  42. Sob! Great to hear you guys got your tickets already- will be buying mine at the gate this year as too late to take advantage of the discounts! Can’t wait for the first practice to get going in a few hours from now…….

  43. i htought the tickets onlt got sent out a couple of weeks before hand? where did you buy yours from?

      1. ok great i got mine from there so hopefuly mine will be hear soon!

    1. Hi Everyone

      Me and 3 friends are going to our first F1 ever here in Belgium from Sweden. We have only got vouchers from the website as tickets- that should be hand over at the gate for the real tickets. Is this normal or should we be worried? We got them online at formula1.com. Could somen please respond. Thanks

  44. got my tickets today!!

  45. going to spa for the first time this year me and my dad going with the travel department so only going to be at the track for saturday and sunday just wondering is there any tips or things we have to see while were there we have seats in silver 1

  46. Hi all we are staying at this campsite http://en.eaurouge.nl/ which is where i thnk your staying as wll michael has any else been here? if we ride to the circuit ca we take our bikes in? first tim ofcming to spa cant wait


    1. I’ve seen people take their bikes into the circuit before but most lock them up outside the entry gates. The paths around the circuit get so congested that to be wheeling a bike around is a bit of a hinderance for yourself and others.

  47. Hi Everyone

    Me and 3 friends are going to our first F1 ever here in Belgium from Sweden. We have only got vouchers from the website as tickets- that should be hand over at the gate for the real tickets. Is this normal or should we be worried? We got them online at formula1.com. Could somen please respond.

    1. Fredrik
      you bought from the official F1 site so all should be OK. And yes I heard from folks last year they got vouchers and exchanged for “real” tickets at the gate so you should be fine. Check which entrance though you get them at…..i seem to think it was La Source entrance last year but could be wrong…..you don’t want to spend all weekend looking for the right gate!
      Have a great time!

      1. Hi Carol

        Thanks for the info – we were starting to get a bit nervous. We have tickets at Grandstad at Source so hopefully that will be that entrance. Thanks again

  48. Hi everyone

    looking to come to spa gp this year and camp but will be doing it on my own so an a bit wary about camping so want a nice campsite, would also like to meet some people to meet up with there, im a huge schumacher fan cant wait to see him, i have been before but was 10 years ago with my brother. any info would be appreicated.


    1. hi nicola see my post a couple of places up for where we are campin it seems to be a nice place and a permanent campsite

      1. Nicola
        you now have two offers- from Toni and from us……both will be great for you!
        Whatever you decide have a great time!

  49. Hi carol

    Want to stay somewhere that has a good atmosphere and i do like a drink lol. also want to be able to meet up as more than likely coming on my own what are the details of the elephant where u stay. going to have ga tickets i think more chance of meeting up with people are you ok buying them when you get there? also what food like i might camp but as for cooking dont want to be doing that.lol

    1. Hi Nicola
      as you see you got a reply from the man himself- yeah B&B is also a possibility.
      If you want to camp then join us if you want…..we also all go GA so you’ll have folks to be with…….we also all like a drink and cooking is primitive or the pub does simple cheap meals if you really can’t face barbecued stuff!
      GA tickest buy at the gate no problem as you will not save by booking in advance now and you’ll probably also have the nerves waiting for them to arrive on time. €160 for GA weekend is very good value……..all you need is waterproof and warm gear and something to sit on!

  50. Also carol i thought on a previous thread i might of seen something about elephant doing B & B is this correct?

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Nicola,
      yes, we do some.

      Greetings Michael

  51. Very useful thread, glad I found it!

    Myself & three others are planning to do Spa this year having broken our F1 virginity at Silverstone last year. Does the Elephant accept camper vans? Are there electric hookups available?

    Was planning to get grandstand seats but am reading plenty of good reviews about GA. I’m very very keen to get a good view of Eau Rouge. Would Gold 3/4, Silver 1 or GA be our best bet?


    1. Hi Ash,

      yes, we do. Still today electric hook ist possible.


      1. Hi Michael,
        How much is a pitch for a camper van as mentioned above? Do you have a website?

        1. Ash
          yes they do:
          Price for weekend for camper is €135 and then the extras for shower/toilets and electric hook up.
          If you want Eau Rouge then Gold 3 is the one. But if you want really good views on a budget then go GA- you do actually see more but up to you if you want a fixed spot!

  52. Hi Michael

    can you tell me the price of B&B please


    1. Hi Nicola,
      please send me an mail.

  53. GlebeCS (@)
    5th April 2011, 14:27

    Hi all, I am traveling from Croatia to the UK and was looking for a stopover on Wednesday 24th August, we noticed that this is the week leading up to the Belgian GP, my question is, will we be able to get into Spa on Thursday 25th and if so will there be anything to see etc (I have 3 sons to amuse for a couple of hours)?

    Any advice appreciated,


    1. Hi Glebes
      If you want somewhere to stopover ont eh way to Spa then stay in/near Kerpen (near Cologne) and take your boys for a tour/go on the Schumacher Kart setup. There is a museum there and you can have a gokart session so ideal for your boys.You can then tracel easily (about an hour) over to Spa and if you get there Thursday then you can take your boys to the pitwalk where they can also meet a couple of drivers and get an autogrpah or two…..its usually around 4pm so you’ll have plenty of time.
      Hope this helps.

  54. Hi ash the campsite we r goin 2 has electric hook up so looking forward 2 it this is my 30 th birthday present

    1. Hi Toni,
      Which campsite is that?

      1. Hi ash
        This one close to circuit, electric hok up looks great
        reasonable prices as well

        1. Hmm……no awnings or anything allowed……sound like space is pretty restricted but please let us know what its like…….all reports on here or to us at FOFA so F1Fanatic and FOFA cna provide better service to fans! We all want the best for our cash right?
          Ps- we heard also last year from folks booked into yellow/green campsites……….if you are over your 40 square metre pitch you are obliged to pay for a second pitch……..we had a couple of groups give up at last minute and go elsewhere last year.

        2. Good site, been there a couple of times. Great atmosphere, good staff, nice walk to the track and very good price. Not the best location for supplies if on foot so plan your shopping well.

          1. thanks sunnyside ill bear that in mind

  55. Tickets have arrived!
    Two months to my home grand prix, then another 2 untill Spa. Can’t wait!

  56. steve_cw (@)
    11th April 2011, 17:55

    hi every body!!!

    it’s my first time at spa this year got GA tickets for the weekend, and was just wondering the best place to camp???

    1. hi steve we are first timers to spa as well we are camping


    2. Depends what you want from your campsite. I’ve been to Eau Rouge a couple of times, it’s a very good permanent site.

      1. Last year I tried a smaller site near Malmedy, which was great for supplies – passed through Malmedy each day when returning from the track. It was the quietest site I’ve stayed on though, really surprised by this during an F1 weekend. MASSIVE pitches for each tent (big enough for 3 other tents in each pitch) and hedges separating the piches. Amazing location in a valley by a river. Electric hookup also. Like I said, depends what you’re looking for.

  57. For the first time in years I don’t expect to go to Spa. Mostly because the racing sucks this year. Your only chance to see the worlds’ best drivers going flat out is the ten minutes of quali 3.

    1. Hey Sunnyside
      sorry to hear that-the racing should be good this year if they get to use DRS after Eau Rouge (only place they can realistically). Hope you change your mind!

  58. Sahajesh Patel
    16th April 2011, 13:10

    Due to a late booking for a hotel, we will be staying in Maastricht – any tips on estimated travel time and best route to get to Spa for Maastricht?

  59. Me and a mate hope to go to the race during our interail trip this summer. Any ideas how to get to the circuit via a train?


    1. Hi Andy,
      I’ve got no idea why my posts aren’t getting posted onto this board. I have tried already 3 times to reply to you.
      I am going to be going to Spa for the first time this year by train as well.

      Check out under the getting there section there are directions for public transport

      1. That didn’t quite come up how I wanted it. That is a link to the spa-francorchamps site. I need an edit button

  60. Hi carol

    whats the elephants email address he has said to send message about b&b but havnt got a email



  61. Hi, just to repeat my earlier question, will I be able to get into the circuit on the Thursday on the GP weekend, I know the cars etc will be there but am not sure if public are allowed in, anyone please?


    1. Yes Andy you can get access on Thursday. If you had asked a “come to my campsite question” you’d get an answer, info regarding the circuit on this forum seems to be detrimental regards Spa circuit camping, or rather non exsitent regards circuit info. Not alot of help really.
      I believe you can get a circuit timetable nearer to the date for the race, however on Thursday you are able to visit the circuit and have a good look around. We did this last year and to be honest there was plenty of sights and it gave us time to get to know where we needed to be the following day. Just spending time in the area for a day is pleasant, you will be surprised how busy it will be. Hope this helps?

      1. Hi Alex,

        Thanks for the info, we will go along and take a look.

        It seems to me that it is only the UK that is really strict and denies access etc, will look forward to it.

        Thanks again


        1. Just to be clear,Spa is only open for a short time on the Thursday, not all day. Anyone with a 3-day ticket can attend the pit walk which normally takes place late afternoon (16.00?). Access to this is from the main Francorchamps track entrance. Otherwise there is no access to the track on Thursday unless you can sneak past the security guys and their dogs!!

          1. Hi folks
            the track is only open for the pöitwalk on Thursday…..they changed this a while back as 2005 we could walk the whole track on Thursday.
            Friday you have plenty of time to walk around and decide where you want to be.
            Also take a look at the Senna video going down Eau Rouge the wrong way…….now that would make for a more than interesting race……although the track is so great we don’t need such gimmicks!

  62. Today was a good day!

    Ordered GA tickets for me & the boss (wife) from bookf1.com and was very happy with the service. Total price including fees was £307.00 (2 adult GA weekend passes). I’ve booked a spot at Campsite L’ Eau Rouge in Stavlot and was wondering who else was staying there or who have stayed previously. We’re looking to meet up with fellow F1 fans over the weekend both at the campsite & the track. It’s my 30th birthday on so will celebrating in the best possible way. This is my first race since Hungary 1997 where Damon’s hydraulics let him down so needless to say i’m very excited. Looking forward to joining in the forum.

    1. Hi David B
      I am camping there with my boyfirned and snap its my 30th birthday present as well i cant wait we must meet for some beers

      1. Hi Toni,

        Apologies for the late reply but we’ll meet up for sure. I’ll even let you buy me a beer and as it’s your birthday as well I may even buy you one back, how does that sound?

        Now everything is booked as in tickets, camping & Eurotunnel it’s time to get the fellow GA ticket holders involved…

        Where do people plan to watch the race?

        Where would people recommend?

        I know about having to get there early on Sunday and the like but as I’m arriving Thursday I will be scouting the track Friday to see what seems good.

        However, just as important as the view of the action is the people you share it with so would like to hook up with some like-minded people to enjoy the whole experience with.

        Looking forward to hearing from you..


        (poor old GA ticket holder) :)

  63. Hi Davis B,

    I am pleased for your purchase and i am pleased for me also. i have made a camping booking with ga tickets from Campingf1.com with an over price of 333 euro which is good in English at 303 pounds. i booked also my tent and they give me extra 15 percentage which makes me very happy. good company and very good price also.


    1. Pretty good deal Hans and glad you got no rip off.

  64. Sahajesh Patel
    30th April 2011, 18:37

    Has anyone had their tickets arrive yet?

  65. Sahajesh Patel
    30th April 2011, 18:37

    Has anyone had their tickets arrive yet, or will they arrive nearer the time?

    1. My tickets got posted to me about 1-2 weeks after I ordered them

  66. Hi folks- did you see the race in Turkey today? I think we are in for some mega action in Spa if the let the boys use DRS after Eau Rouge/Kemmel straight………should be mega!

    1. Hopefuly they wont save all the passing for kemmel and les combes and they will have some at the bus stop aswell or else i will be in for a boring race!! no only joking, cant be as bad as silverstone pit straight where we were pretty far away from the track and saw little action, only the start was good and, where you could see the drivers wandering about but it was worth it for the atmosphere, it was amazing. Hopefuly Spa will be on par or better, not long now!

      1. Bus Stop is not as good these days since they changed the shikane there…… prefer Kemmel and Les Combes for action although Pouhon is also very popular.
        Also we can see Bus Stop and pit entrance from Kemmel (since they rebuilt and cut some of the offending trees down…….)- yeah a pair of binoculars is very handy…..

  67. Hi, this year will be our first venture to Spa and we have bought general admission [bronze] tickets.

    Does anyone know whether there is free access to grandstands on Friday, as per Silverstone?



    1. Hi Justin
      sadly Spa stopped the roving grandstand bit on Fridays a couple of years back……..not sure why but it is a shame.
      We at FOFA are trying to get his changed but it won’t happen this year.
      At least its not as bad as Hockenheim….there for example if you have a grandstand seat you are restricted to that all weekend…….you can’t even go to the GA areas……..its these sort of things we need to get changed.

  68. Agree that Silverstone did push stands on old pit straight too far back, and it does spoil it. However having been to both races, definatley think Silverstone is the better track for spectators. At Spa you don’t have roving grandstand tickets and you are confined to one seat all weekend. You can walk around and watch from any of the GA spots around the track but due to terrain there are few really good vantage points. And lots see you even further away from the track than the straight at Silverstone.

    1. Sorry Mick i have to dispute that. If you have a grandstand ticket for the weekend for Spa you get access to most of the grandstands and the GA areas. If however you only have a Ga ticket then you can only get into the GA areas. However after the last F1 practice on Fridays you have free access to all grandstands……so if you hang around to see qualis/practices from the support series then you can sit where you want to- just not during F1.

      1. We go to Spa and Silverstone every year and buy grandstand tickets. Have a great time at both and each have their merits.

        Certainly since we’ve been attending Mick is right – at Spa you can only access your own grandstand (+ GA areas), vs Silverstone which is roving for both free practice and qulifying – and even with a GA ticket you can normally get in a grandstand on the friday.

        At Silverstone you can walk around the whole track, and get good vantage points everywhere, but as its flat you can only see the track in front of you. At Spa, there are large areas of track that are inaccessible to GA tickets but on the other hand due to the changes in elevation at Spa, where you can access the track, you can see much more of the track.

        So both have their good points.

        The other thing that I would say about Silverstone is that there is alot more going on beside the racing to entertain you such as the air displays from the red devils and red arrows and silverstone tv whihc is always on.

  69. Hi Toni,

    Apologies for the late reply but we’ll meet up for sure. I’ll even let you buy me a beer and as it’s your birthday as well I may even buy you one back, how does that sound?

    Now everything is booked as in tickets, camping & Eurotunnel it’s time to get the fellow GA ticket holders involved…

    Where do people plan to watch the race?

    Where would people recommend?

    I know about having to get there early on Sunday and the like but as I’m arriving Thursday I will be scouting the track Friday to see what seems good.

    However, just as important as the view of the action is the people you share it with so would like to hook up with some like-minded people to enjoy the whole experience with.

    Looking forward to hearing from you..

    (poor old GA ticket holder) :)

  70. Hi dave fantastic news I look forward to a beer with you and don’t worry we are ga ticket holders as well I have never been before so no idea on best place to sit but I defantly want to see the cars on eau rouge. Your find us easily black ford fiests with roof bars on, private car reg, 2 bikes and a green tent called an oz tent. See you in august

    1. Hi to both Toni and Dave
      good idea to walk the track Friday and decide where you want to sit for the race. Folks are different as to what they want to see. We like Kemmel for the simple reason the cars are flat out there and if they use DRS it will definitely be there…..and the cars are so close. But Poouhon and Bus Stop are also great viewing points.
      Eau Rouge is possible under GA but your got to stake your place really early upon opening and get right on the fence. Wherever you sit or view……we crowd always meet up on Eau rouge itself for a post race beer and chinwag (analysis of race? hmm) and its great fun so hope to see you folks all there.

  71. hi anyone know if its alright to take tents and camping gear on a plane wihtout any additional charges? i presume that your not allowed camping stoves on.

    1. Ross
      camping stoves will be a definite nono if you are flying……otherwise the airlines vary so check with the company you are flying with. I know Ryanair and Easyjet are pretty strict unless you sort it up front so do please check!

      1. do you think it will be better to drive or fly? driving will take 15 hours but you can take what you want.

        1. I’ve done Spa a few times with a mate, camping n flying n had no problems.

          If your gear is stowed luggage then all you have to watch is the weight. If you need to take some stuff as hand luggage then its just normal rules.. i.e don’t try n take your tent pegs..

          Just pick up gas cans when u get there.

  72. Hi everyone

    coming to spa, not sure if to drive or fly? which is the nearest airport and what are the links like tryin to get from airport to spa? any help would be appreicated

    thanks nicola

    1. I think you need en international Airport: Brussels. RainAir go to Namur. With your provate jet you can landing also in La Souveniere – Spa. But the circuit you find in Francorchamps – 12 km from Spa.


    2. Hi Nicola,

      I’ve driven from London for the past 2 years and its been a piece of cake. Its essentially 1 long motorway there so doesn’t take long.

      Driving certainly makes it easier to get to the track. I stayed in Liege and its a 25-30 min drive from there.

      One thing is that if you drive to the track you obviously can’t drink and I do feel you miss out a bit on the party atmosphere.

  73. Hello, just booked GA tickets! Spa will be my first grand prix!
    I shall be going on my own, which all my family are moaning about because i’m only 18! D:
    Just wondering how long it’ll take to walk from Francorchamps to the circuit?
    As the shuttle buses don’t run on the Sunday after the race i’m just a bit worried about how long it’ll take as I have to go back to Brussels to catch the Eurostar and I don’t want to miss the public transport. :)
    Thank you!

  74. Hi sarah

    im to going on my own to spa but hoping to fly looking at prices at the mo, how are you getting to spa from brussels? are you camping?


  75. Hello Nicola!
    So i’m not the only one on my own! I’m flying to Brussels, i got two really cheap flights from easyjet. Just may have to swap the sunday flight to the monday :)
    i’m taking the train from Brussels to Francorchamps. It takes about 2hours 45 minutes (you get the train to Verviers, then a bus to Francorchamps). Supposedly there’s shuttle buses from Francorchamps to the circuit!
    I’m actually staying in a hostel in brussels, didn’t fancy camping!
    How’re you getting to the circuit? :)

    1. Have you considered staying in Liege? Its much closer than Brussels and has some great restaurants/bars

  76. Hi sarah

    havnt booked anything yet but i think im gonna go camping with f1camping good facilites loads of entertainment at night and you cant beat the atmosphere of camping at spa im not into camping but have been to spa a fair few years ago and it was great! thinking i might fly to brussels then hire a car its only £80 for 3 days and then there is shuttle buses from the campsite im thinking of staying at. what airport you flying from i couldnt find one for easyjet to brussels. would be good to meet up maybe are you going for the 3 days?

  77. Nicola, I’m in two minds about camping. I’d love to do it…slowly i’m thinking about doing it, i just think that being on my own it wouldn’t be as fun :(
    i’m flying from liverpool, it may depend on where you’re flying from :( where’s your closest airport?
    It would be! Meeting new people is great! I am going for the 3 days i get to Brussels on the wednesday night, i’ll probably stay in the hostel then then maybe decide whether or not to camp :)

  78. Nicola
    Ahh, i want to camp, but i don’t know whether or not it’ll be as fun on my own! D:
    I’m flying from liverpool, where are you flying from? Maybe your closest airport doesn’t fly directly to Brussels. The bad thing about the flight on sunday leave at 7:25pm or sometime around then and after taking public transport, you will literally only see an hour of the race that’s why i want to change my flight.
    Yeah, i’ve got a weekend pass :) i get into brussels wednesday evening, so i’m aiming to go to the pit walk :) i may camp to save on train fares :)

  79. Sarah,

    youve got to camp its so much fun check out http://www.campingf1.com im looking at the pre erected tents so you only need to bring your sleeping bag once there you dont need to worry about going backwards and forwards to brussels, my nearest airport in birmingham so i will go from there i think hiring a car is gonna be the cheapest option. everyone at the campsite are normally all friendly and this one has alot going on aswell.

    1. I think I may yanno! In two minds about pre-erected tents, I don’t think they’re worth their money when you’re on your own…
      Truee, it would save me money on trains!

      Ahhh yes! I was going to fly from Manchester because it’s closer but there were no flights to Brussels from there :(
      I’d hire a car if I could drive D:
      Have you managed to find flight yet? :)

  80. Best way to get from Brussels to the campingf1 site? I can’t drive so hiring a car is out of the question… :(

  81. Going to spa again this year again (been going since 88) and I have to recommend the Parc Des Sources campsite near Spa.
    Its not walking distance to the track but is a pretty quiet site after about 11 at night and is walking distance to spa town.
    Also the prices are not bad.
    We will be there from wed 24th.

  82. We’re staying at Camping Spa d’Or:


    Will be there from Sun 21 Aug until Mon 29 Aug.



  83. Oh that would be an ideal campsite as it’s more easily accessible.
    But another problem is getting from Spa to the circuit. Are there any buses that go anywhere near the ciruit from the town?

    1. Hello Sarah,

      please have a look to this F1 Camping, near the main entrance:

      The Circuit you will find in Francorchamps

      Greetings from Francorchamps.

      1. Hi Michael
        I am looking to camp with my son close to the circuit – I viewed the elephant website.
        Could you confirm for me:
        Price for 1 x adult and 1 x child Wed night to sun night for a camping pitch and car?
        Would I pre-book or turn up and pay?
        Are you likely to sell out spaces soon?
        Many thanks

  84. Thank you Michael!
    I will have a look at the link when i’m next on the laptop :) I would prefer to stay somewhere close to the circuit.

    1. Sarah,

      We are staying at http://en.eaurouge.nl/campsite/circuit-spa-franchorchamps.html and reading previous posts it seems like a good place to stay. It’s about 30 minutes walk to the circuit and very good value.

      Take a look see what you think.

  85. Thanks David, will have a look at now :)

  86. sarah

    found flights from birmingham for £120 so think im gonna fly to brussels then hire car and drive, gonna camp at the f1camping site that way got all the entertainment for the weekend aswell and they give you breakfast and transfers to the circuit everyday, depending where u are going i dont mind giving you a lift from brussells if you want


  87. Nicola,
    That’s really good! When are you flying out? And at what time? :)
    oh, that would be amazing and i’d be forever grateful as i do want to go to the F1camping site as it saves me having to bring my own tent and it seems to be a more sociable place to be :) but that’s all dependent on when you are in Brussels as i dont want to cause any problems etc :) oh and i’d give you fuel money!

    1. Hi Sarah

      booking flight next week but the flight i want gets in at about 8am thursday, maybe a good idea to exchange email address or add on facebook so we can chat more.


  88. Hello Nicola!
    That flight time is really good as I fly in around 6pm on the wednesday and i’m staying in a hostel in brussels that night, so i’ll be able to meet you in the morning :)
    i think it’ll be best to give you my e-mail as my name is too common (Sarah Jones) and it’ll be easier to find me on facebook :) it’s sarahjones123-@hotmail.co.uk :)

  89. Bicycling from Stavelot to Grand Prix

    I am wondering if anyone has any feedback about the possibility (and sanity) of riding from Stavelot (where we are staying) to the race course?

    Thought was is might be easier than sitting in traffic to get into and out of the venue on practice/ quali / race days.


    1. I’ve cycled to the track before and know the area. Do you have any preferences over an entrance gate?

  90. Leslie, we were wondering the same, from camping l’eau rouge :) does anybody think a sturdy bike lock used to secure our groups bikes together once we get to the track then do track on foot will work? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Helen

      We are staying at L’eau rouge too and wondered the same thing as the campsite advised best to bike into the circuit.

      We are going to risk it generally people are there for 1 thing F1 and hopefully not stealing other peoples property.

      Hopefully we could meet up


      1. Hi Toni, this will be my first GP (and most of the groups also) is it yours?
        We are 8 adults bringing 5 kids (8-13) so will be easy to spot as the really noisy lot probably ;o) We are all hoping to get to camp earlyish Thursday. Hubby, kids and me are campervanning it thru France and Switzerland the week before and the rest of em are doing battlefield tours whilst in the area.
        Easily identified by the Bongo/Bambi/VW camper combination – come and say hi :)

        1. Hi Helen
          Fantastic its my boyfriends first GP but my 5th one we are coming down as my boyfriend has paid for my 30th birthday present i have always wanted to see spa. We are ariving Wednesday dont want to miss the pit walk on friday small square tent with a black fiesta with private plate will parked next to it so if you see that before we see you come and say hi. I cant wait im excited already Toni

          1. Isn’t the pit walk Thursday? ?

  91. it is sorry helen typed the wrong day

  92. Is there an entrance at Bruxelles? I think we are planning to sit near les combes/top of kemmel (like I know what I’m on about!!)
    Looking at google maps there seems to be a route through a village (Rivage?) to the entrance near Bruxelles OR a route through woodland to an entrance near Stavelot. ??? any info on either of these would be great :) Many thanks.

  93. hi, im getting the train to Spa and was wondering how to get to francorchamps from there? also staying at the elephant and not sure how im going to get food from the town, is there shops in francorchamps?

    1. Hi Ross,

      Train informaition you find also at http://francorchamps-camping.com – but pls go to Verviers and than by bus to Francorchamps. The circuit you find at Francorchamps. And there is also a small shop to buy food. Or we cam help you…

      Greetings from Francorchamps

    2. Ross- look forward to seeing you there! We have a shop on site but if there is anything else you need Michael and his team can sort you or some of us fellow campers so just look forward to a great time and don’t worry!
      Hope we get to say hello!

  94. Hi,

    I ordered tickets from spa-tickets.be. Does anyone have experience using this site before? I’m a little worried.

    1. It is the main ticket site for Spa…you will have no problems.

    2. Alice
      don’t worry- I have used that site many times and they are totally reliable so no worries there. You’ll have a great time!

  95. After getting drenched in Montreal I have gone and got some decent rain pants. Some Americans with plenty of Belgian gp experience were telling me that I am going to die of exposure by camping in Belgium, but they didn’t even last untill the restart in Montreal so I think I should survive.
    They were saying that the mud can get fairly treachorous. Do you veterans think that I would need something better than walking shoes for the weekend? I think sandals are out.

    1. Hi Tony,

      up to today noone dies at our campsite. Mabe get cold…
      For the weather forecasting pls have a look at

      Greetings from Francorchamps (where you will find the circuit)

      1. hi are you allowed to leave when you want with your car in the campsite and at the end of the weekend does the camp site just turn to mud and is impossible to get out off? cheers ross

        1. Hi Ross

          We’ve stayed at the Elephant the last couple of years. You can come and go by car as much as you like – and 2 years ago, when the weather was great we drove to the shops everyday. Last year, when it rained non stop, the campsite was mud as early as the friday, so we chose not to take the car out again until monday morning. But if you wanted to you could and if you got stuck there was always a tractor on hand to help you out!

          Leaving on sunday/monday was actually easier as another exit was opened up which hadn’t been churned up as much.


          1. Hi folks
            one thing to know is that it ALWAYS rains at Spa at some point……some weekends more than others! Last year was the most extreme weather we had since 2005 (my first trip)- so hopefully by the law of averages we should get some sunshine this year. You only get cold when you don’t get a chance to dry out but we got the local pub to “steam dry” us there..
            As for shoes….sandals are fine for the dry days but good waterproof shoes are a must! I wear crocs most of the time as I can wash them out in the shower….but each to his own. And escape due to the local farmer with his tractor is always guaranteed!
            Hope you all have a hreat time!

  96. ok thats fine just need to wash the car before returning it then

  97. Hi,

    I am thinking of staying at the Campsite offered on the offical track website, I was wondering can you stay there on the Thursday and Sunday night? Or is it literally Friday and Saturday Night and leave on the sunday after the race? Thanks

    1. Yes, I’m staying there with my daughters and confirmed with the people who did the booking that we could arrive Thursday and leave Monday.

  98. Hey I’m Headed to the GP, going to buy camping in the track from theoffical website. I’m going by myself so would love to meet up with anyone else going. I should get to the track late friday night or early saturday morning, hopefully

    1. Richard
      before you book camping somewhere else look on here and am sure any of us would love to meet up….some of us on Elephant but check the thread and let us know where you will be so we can say hello or have a beer or two together!

  99. anyone have any information about the pit walk? like what time? do you go through the la source entry and how to you cross over the track?

    1. Ross
      pitwalk is usually around 4pm (they are sadly never punctual in opening up the peraly gates) and each team/driver has a 15 minute autograph session during the two hours so listen carefully to announcements. If you want to get to Ferrari or Macca then you must head straight there or you won’t get through the crush. If you like the smaller teams then hang around there……….always good for a laugh and to watch their pit stop practices…..but I would not book an extra night somewhere just for that……..but again each to his own!
      Hope this helps

  100. Hi

    We are already booked to stay in Aachen Fri-Mon & have Gold 9 tickets (can’t wait!).
    I’m thinking of adding the Thur night to our stay if we can def do the pit walk on the Thur.
    Can anyone confirm if this will def happen & if it is worth booking an extra night for?


  101. Folks,

    Can anyone reccommend a transfer from brussels to the track on saturday and sunday? dont fancy camping, but dont want to end up stranded either!!!


  102. Hello all
    The pit walk is well worth doing but be prepared to be pushed about and not get as close to the ferari and mclaren pits as you would like. Also Sarah Brussels is a fair old trek from spa and the only real way of travelling is prob by train to verviers then a local train to spa then a bus. Or hire a car. Unless somebody knows about a coach transfer thats laid on for that weekend. Also campings not so bad especially if you know where to camp……!!

    1. Hi Paul,

      take the train to VERVIERS and from there a Bus to FRANCORCHAMPS. The cirquit Spa-Francorchamps you will find at Francorchamps.
      Bus informations you can find here: http://francorchamps-camping.com/train.htm


  103. Hi

    First ever gp is gunna be spa 2011, firstly is the bus stop chicane (gold 6 I think) a good area to sit and secondly can you get on the track after the race like they do at monza?

    Cheers for any replies

    1. Hi Tom
      Bus Stop is pretty popular and a good place to be.
      And yes they do open the track up after the race…….why we have our champagne on Eau Rouge!

      1. Has anybody any comments regarding atmosphere and photographic oportunities in the’Gold 2’Grandstand for the GP?



        1. Graham
          Gold 2 is a great place to watch as its opposite the GP2 pits so if you are interested in the support races you’ll see quite a bit. You also get the cars coming down from la Source through to Eau Rouge so should be good. Am not too sure about the position of the videoscreen though so you may just miss out a bit there.

          1. Cheers Carol
            Booked Gold 2 yesterday for the complete weekend with my wife and son, however will be travelling around the circuit for most of Friday and Saturday.

            Will i be able to go in any other grandstands with my Gold 2 ticket on Friday and Saturday?


  104. Hi Graham

    Our experience from the last couple of years is that Spa does not having roving grandstand tickets on the friday and saturday, so you can only go to your own grandstand on all 3 days. You can of course walk the rest of the track and there are great places to view from so you still get a pretty good idea of the circuit.


    1. Yep Catherine you are correct which is quite a shame. however with a grandstand ticket you can alse get into all the GA areas and walk the track which is a great thing to do on the Friday. Also on Friday and Staruday when F1 is over……they open up the grandstands so if you want to stick around to see support races or qualis you can get in almost anywhere…..worth it to take a look if you are ever thinking of coming again and want to just look before you decide. That is what is so difficult on choosing the type of ticket you want when you have no live view of what is on offer.
      Hope you all have a great time and the weather is not too horrible for us this year!

  105. Coming in on this a bit late really, but decided that a trip to Spa this year might be good fun (and an excuse to stock up on Belgian beers!). General admission looks like the way to go… but what about the campsites? Seems to be a toss up between Elephant and L’Eau Rouge at the moment, depending on availability.

    Any recommendations?


    1. http://www.campingspador.be/ardens/english/welcome_to_camping_spa_d%27or/

      We’re off here, about 8km from the circuit but caters for families… besides, we’re making a long week of it!

  106. Or this campsites pretty good its where we will be!


    Wherever you go have fun and hope the weathers good


  107. Hi all,

    Some excellent advice on this thread! I am thinking of going this year with a friend or two, could anyone recommend any good local hotels? Failing that what is the atmosphere like at the elephant campsite? It would be great to meet up with like minded people!

    Also, I will have 1/2 spaces in a car (from the UK) if anyone would like a lift, just need to split petrol costs etc!

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Tom
      we are a quieter type of site where we all make our own fun and have a great time. If you want crazy Germans with their music all night then fine…..if you want fun but also a bit of sleep then we have a good place. Loads of us meet up each year and have a ball……up to you if wou think that sound like fun or not!
      Whatever you decide have a great time!

      1. I would prefer the quieter site! I’m not a morning person so I need my sleep. I will look in to elephant as it has good reviews.
        Thanks Carol!

        1. Tom
          totally up to you but we have fun! And if you decide to join us then please keep in touch and let us know…….look forward to seeing you there and having a great time!

    2. Hi Tom,

      Are there still spaces going in your car for Spa? I’m going over, and I can’t persuade anyone else to go. So I’m looking for a lift share as doing it on my own would be pricey. If there is, let me know, my email is rhysdavidwilliams@hotmail.co.uk


  108. garretttowers (@)
    12th July 2011, 11:08

    Helpppppppppppppppppppppp !

    Really hoping some wonderful person can answer my queries. I so wish I had found this site before I booked for yellow camping.

    We are a family of 5 with a tent 7m x 4m . Is the 40m 2 size literally a square pitch because if it is we wont get our tent on it.

    Do you park the car by the tent ?

    How close to the camping is the actual track?

    We are pondering whether we should go to a different site but am concerned about the parking issues. If we have paid for yellow camping but camp elsewhere would we be able to park on the camp site every day or is it a case of once in you cant move or they will not allow it ?

    Thanks so much in advance – any advice really welcomed xx

    1. Hi garretttowers,

      if you book the camping by The Elephant your car will be on the side of your tent.
      and for your tent you don’t need to book 2 pitches.
      Around 1 km to the main entrance … a little walk of 10 to 15 min.
      Please have a look to http://francorchamps-camping.com/
      Greetings from Francorchamps

    2. @garrettowers
      it would seem your tent is too big for their pitches…..had stupid stories last year that if you don’t fit in the 40sqm pitch then you have to pay for a second one- only know this because got a few frantic phone calls last year and then folks did come over to elephant and they wanted directions. Up to you what you decide to do.
      Yellow camping is really very convenient..you ar only a few metres literally from the track entrance. Otherwise sod them and come join us! Lol

      1. Hi,

        electric hook is fully booked.

        Greetings freom Francorchamps

  109. Just stayed at Campingf1 site at Silverstone, fantastic site and services, was worth going just for the bands they had and to top it, breakfast talk with Stirling Moss and his wife!
    I’ve just added Spa to my travels this season, Campingf1 special guest is Jake Humphrey on Saturday night, and just to make things even better than they were already, 2012 Murray Walker at Silverstone, enough said about a top drawer camping company wit a great team!

  110. I agree and I’d like to give a honest review of campingf1, it has to be said that they are taking the whole camping at F1 events to a new standard that has not previously been available.


    No longer do you have to pay cash on a gate to a man in wellies and be given no receipt, or use toilet facilities that are designed for 1 day events(the plastic chimney type) their showers are hot and maintained for the duration of the weekend.

    The investment that this company has made into the F1 fan camping weekend is immense, they provide you with a 1st class facility at a reasonable cost, the organisation is outstanding and all the staff are extremely helpful.

    In simple terms, campingf1 have a great facility for F1 fans, they have some amazing star guests and the whole weekend is designed around you, what more could you want!

  111. Hi

    Im coming to Spa this year, cant wait!

    Never been to spa before, booked GA and the green camping… can anyone tell me anything about it?

    Do they have some kind of shop, and am I likely to sleep?! Also, when I’v parked up, can I take the car out of the site over the weekend if we want to go to a supermarket or am I stuck until sunday afternoon?

    Do they have any kind of entertainment at Green camping?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Jonathan,

      All I can say is good luck. Spa a great weekend but green camping a nightmare. I booked it last year and when I got there it was disgusting. I wouldn’t have kept a dog there. It cost me another €200 to find an alternative campsite.

      1. Hey Jonathan! I’ve been to Spa twice in the past in 2008 and 2009 and i’m going again in 2011.

        There is no Supermarket anywhere near the track as far as i’m aware, we’ve always felt the need to bring our own stuff or buy it at the track!

        We stayed in a campsite near the track which by the sounds of what Mick is saying is the same one we stayed at on our first year. One thing that summaries the campsite is that on our second night (The Saturday) some German campers tipped over the portaloos… So we stayed in the Elephant campsite the next year and plan to stay there again this year!

        We’ve booked General Admission too again, we did think about booking a grandstand last year but that just limits you to one spot! And the GA at Spa is so brilliant why pay more for less in my opinion? And the atmosphere is ecstatic!

        Hope this helps!
        – Nick

    2. We stayed there two years ago, pretty sure it was Green Camping, just near Les Combs.
      Summary as follows:

      Running water: 0 l/s
      Toilets: 0
      Chances of sleep: 40%
      Raucous Germans blasting AC/DC: 350
      Food outlets: 1 [Burgers and Sausages].

      On the Saturday evening we drove out to Stavelot and had tea there, and it seemed to be a fairly acceptable thing to do by the rules of the policeman that was manning the exit/entrance point on the road.

      Despite my grim summary above, providing you take a camping stove and stock up on bottles of water, anti-bac gel and beer prior to getting to Spa (probably prior to leaving Liege come to think of it) you’ll have an utterly awesome time! Despite the flaws in the campsite highlighted above it was a brilliant site for getting to the track in the morning and the atmosphere was great!

      Think I might try The Elephant if we go again, heard nothing but good things (and comparative luxury!) about it1

      1. I would also add that from our vantage point above Pouhon we managed to get into our car and be one of the first to escape the circuit area and miss the enormous queues which I presumed followed!

      2. James
        thanks for the praise……..yes we are smaller and a bit quieter (if we can get our resident German entertainer Rolf to stop singing ALOOOOOOOONSO to the tune of Angie from the Stones when he’s had a few…..). Usually our showers do work and are hot (we had problems with water pressure last year but not our fault so hope this is fixed this year) but the loos are clean and loo rolls are there (great job by Marcel who does work very hard to keep the mud at bay and loo roll supply coming)and all our folks seem to have a great time……know I do and can’t wait for my 5th trip now!

  112. Booked to go to stay at the f1 camping site.
    Seems to be a genuinely nice place to stay. They’ve even offered to pick me up from Stavelot as i’m travelling via public transport and am unable to get any closer to the
    campsite :)

    1. Where exactly is that Sarah? Can’t seem to fin it on the web…

  113. Michael (& Carol)
    Hi, brother & I stayed at the Elephant 2009, I have filled out a form for this year and just sent it off. will be taking a Campervan, not too bothered if the leccy points are all booked up.
    Whats the scoop on the Pit access on Thursday we plan on arriving Thurs afternoon?
    Also last time we just stayed in Francorchamps for beers, good as it was we might be up for broadening our horizons, anywhere else nearish?
    Had a great time the last stay & look forward to great weekend this year.

    1. The pitwalk in 2009 when I last went was 4pm to 6:30pm on the Thursday, but they were so late in opening it ended up running 4:30 until 7, which was nice considering they extended it.

      1. Sarah Cooper
        22nd July 2011, 21:09

        Hi can you help, im going to spa and hope to make it there in time for the pit walk. Seen on a couple of forums you have to get there early or dont bother, but it does not say how early. Sounds like you have done one could you help me out with any more info.

    2. Hi Al
      pitwalk has not changed……still around 4pm and no they are not that punctual in opening up.
      Where did you go for beers last time? There are a few pretty good places around but depends what you are looking for! Look us up when you arrive and join us nuts for a few beers as well – just ask Michael where I am……

      1. Hi Carol
        We only found 2 bars in Francorchamps, 1st was out of the Elephant turn Right and along the “main” road, Biggish place 1960’s decor.did basic food, other was tiny bar set back down a wee dead end with old Armco lining the parking area. ran by a delightful old lady of 1930’s vintage with a penchant for chiffon neck scarf and lipstick applied in the dark, I think we were the the only non locals in there.

  114. Darren Ward
    17th July 2011, 21:06

    Hi all.

    All booked again for this year,
    Elephant booked !!,
    General Admission booked !!
    Just Ross & i this year, look forward to seeing you all again!!! cant wait !!!

    1. Darren
      you sly one! How come I didn’t know…..drop me a mail about when you boys are arriving as the old crowd will be there and we want you a bit closer to the action this time! Can’t wait to see you boys again- are you bringing that awesome grill again and do we need to sort gas for you – mail me and we can chat as can’t get to facebook these days! Whoopeeeeee!

  115. Hi everyone

    Really excited about going to Spa this year – getting very close now!!!

    My nephew and his family are going to be in Holland from the Friday and as he’s a total GP nut (but only 11) he’s really gutted to be so close but not going. Does anyone know if you can buy tickets for Friday only on the gate? We would take him with us a day early if you can and then get him back to his family in the evening.

    Can’t find them on any of the ticket sites, but we’re new to Spa so don’t know the layout on the day.

    Hope one of you veterans can help!

    1. http://www.spagrandprix.com/

      This is the official ticket site and whilst I can’t see any Friday only tickets the weekend GA (bronze) ticket is only €30



    2. Hi Helen
      theys don’t quote daily prices on the site and a WE ticket for a child is as Justin says only €30. I do know however that you can buy day tickets at the gate for adults (last year they were €50 for the day) and as the prices have not changed I would expect you would pay something similar this year. Think about it- could be a great day out for you.

      1. Thanks Carol – that’s really helpful.

        I didn’t explain too well – €30 for Dom wasn’t an issue, but his parents would have liked to go too. If they can get a Friday only ticket, then they will, but they have to be elsewhere Friday night so a weekend ticket would be a real waste!

        Unless anyone’s got a weekend ticket who can’t go Friday and wants to share??


        1. Hi Helen, drop the circuit an email or give them a call:

          E: info@spagrandprix.com
          T: +32 87 22 44 66
          F: +32 87 22 44 55



        2. I have logged an enquiry with the track so when I hear something will post it on here. We’ll be on site from the Wednesday onwards.

        3. Hi Helen
          I just got confirmation from the track that they do sell day tickets on the gate (GA which is great as you can walk round the whole track if you want to) cost €50.
          Hope you have a great day if you decide to come along!

  116. Hi anyone coming to spa from Mexico ?
    What is a good place to go Saturday night?

    1. Johnny
      it very much depends on where you are and what you are looking for.

  117. Thanks for all your useful info everyone. What time do you need to be trackside on Sunday to get a reasonable view?

    I will be stocking the car full of beer, not much chance of that running out!

    1. Jonathan
      I assume you are also going GA then? Track opens 7am so you really do need to get there when gates open and dash to your chosen spot…….and then relax and enjoy the support races (and the rain and the fog and the cold…..) winks!

  118. Hi guys,

    After being drenched in Montreal I decided to go to Spa for my birthday. I’ll be coming with my girlfriend fro the US and we’ll be going to the race after a week-long cruise on the Aegean. I decided to get a car and drive from Brussels really early on race day. We got GA tickets and a red parking pass from the official site, but I’ve never driven in Europe and Goggle maps doesn’t offer streetview in Belgium. Does anybody know where the red parking is located? I’m thinking that the best way to get to Spa from Brussels is the E42….

    Thanks to Carol for posting the opening time. Do you know if parking opens at the same time or earlier?

    Any advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Juan

      After Montreal at least you’re prepared for the rain at Spa!

      Its really easy driving down from Brussels -you drive down the E40, which merges with the E42 around Liege. We’ve always then followed the E42, but looking at the map provided by the circuit, for the red parking you want to take the E25 at Liege and then take exit 48 on the E25 (Werbomont, direction Malmedy). There are normally pretty good signs to the different areas of the circuit from before where the E40/42 and E25 split so it should be clear which way to follow.


    2. Hi Juan
      parking will be open earlier so you’ll be OK. Gates open 7am so decide where you want to be as your parking/entrance is down at the bottom of the track.The directions from Catherine are really good but the track is pretty well signposted so you should be OK.Or as Justin says- download the maps/directions from the links.If you want to come say hello then we’ll be up on Kemmel and walking the Eau Rouge after the race (you must definitely get pics from there!)
      Whatever you do- have a great time!

  119. Thanks Catherine! We’ll have data roaming for the weekend, but I don’t want to get lost in Belgium! I speak basic German but French has avoided me through the years.

    I’m assuming it’ll take a good hour and a half to leave the parking lot on our way back, but do track officials open the track after the race? I’m in no hurry to get back to Brussels after the race, unlike Canada, when we had to drive back to Boston right after the race because we both had to work on Monday morning.

    Thanks all!

    1. Hi – yes, the track is opened up after the race.

  120. Thanks Justin and Carol! I was thinking of sitting as close to the chicane as possible since there’s also a TV screen, which is why I wanted to get there early. However, I’ll also take suggestions from the experts regarding the best spots to watch.

    A bit more than a month until race day!

  121. If you go to Spa – please have a look here for your way to the circuit -> http://maps.google.de/maps?hl=de&biw=1113&bih=773&q=spa&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl



  122. Hey, been reading alot on this thread about spa. I’m looking at coming along this year but will be on quite a tight budget. I’m looking at GA tickets, can I just pre order GA tickets for just saturday and sunday, or will I have to buy them on the day (as this might hamper my success of getting a good vantage point). Also I’m looking at camping for the weekend, but find the camping f1.com prices a little excessive, what are the alternatives, shall I take the risk of just turning up on the thursday prior and trying to find one? Also once we have set up camp, if you are driving I.e car, can you just come and go as to travel around abit during the evenings? All advice is greatly appreciated, Dan

  123. I have now booked my ticket from http://www.spagrandprix.com/, general admission for the whole weekend, am looking to arrive on thursday afternoon sometime, but still looking for a reasonably priced campsite, only need a plot as have own tent etc… Most important thing for me is to have a decent atmosphere at night time, as to make to the most of the weekend.
    Have considered maybe the elephant but don’t know what night life is like? Also looked at Camping de Leau rouge, but that looks like it is quite family orientated and probably would not be to my taste. Any advice appreciated people :)

    1. Dan
      at least you bought from a reliable place so you should be fine as far as tickets are concerned. As for night life depends what you want. There are the green/yellow sites which are mad all night jobs or there are quiet family sites. I would put Elephant as somewhere in between where we don’t have all night rowdiness but good fun chatting, playing our music, barbecuing and just genrally pratting about until the early hours. Depends what you are really looking for.

      1. Hi Carol,

        Just a couple more questions..! Will you be fully booked up by Thursday lunchtime? If we can’t find a suitable site that’s a little closer to La Source then we will come over to the Elephant.

        Also, can you tell me if all campsite fees are the same? I remember reading somewhere that the fees are set by the council. Is it a fee per person, or per tent?

        Thanks again for your help. Massively excited now!!


  124. @Helen
    In case you look in again as your posts are a bit way back now. Track confirmed they do sell day tickets for Friday at €50.

  125. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for all your posts, help and advice. It’s really invaluable! We’re still planning to arrive on Thursday morning and try to find a campsite fairly close to Francorchamps town (for bars mainly) and also close to La SOurce entrance as our grandstand tickets are in Gold 8 at La Source. On this map, please can you tell me what all the little blue squares are with numbers in? Are they temporary campsites? If so, are the ones close to La Source likely to be filled with noisy raves going through the night?

    If we can’t find somewhere suitable then we may well trek over to the Elephant. Any help is really appreciated :)

    Many thanks

    1. Dunc
      Indeed the blue squares are the campsite numbers- Elephant is 112. If you also look at your map closely you can see an entrance around the silver 1 area…….and there is a walkway under the track to your Gold 8 so you would not have to trek around too much to get to your grandstand. I don’t know much about the campsites near to the La source entrance except that there is a lot of parking and traffic around there and that is the entrance you need for the pit walk on Thursday.
      If you want an idea of times/distances if you take the time to the track from 112 its about a 15 minute walk.

  126. Hey guys, I have just received my Gold 8 (La Source)tickets from http://www.grand-prixtickets.com. Even though I am very excited about it, isn’t that a bit early for grand stand tickets? I thought they are not suppose to be send until the last week before the grand prix.

    Any feedback on that would be really appreciated.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I received tickets through a couple of months ago (also for Gold 8 Las Source) so I think you’ll be fine.


      1. Hi Dunc
        Thanks so much for your reply.
        Can I ask you one more thing. Is there a way to change the seat number they allocated as to? cause they’ve put as in row number 6 and its realy low i think. It will be right behind the fence.

        Many thanks

        1. I would imagine that you can’t change your allocated seats once you have been issues tickets but it’s worth giving them a call to ask and double check.


        2. Hi Maria

          We’re in gold 8 as well (great place to sit, we were there last year too). Like Dunc we got our tickets a few months ago. I’d be surprised if you can change your seats as gold 8 is sold out, so I expect all seats are already allocated, but as Dunc says it is probably worth asking.

          A hint if you go to Spa again – buy your tickets through the circuits official website (www.spagrandprix.com). When you buy the tickets, there is a comments box you can fill in, and you can specify where you would like to sit. We’ve booked three times this way and always had seats where we’ve asked (including this year we asked to be in the exact same seats as last year as we thought they were so good!).


          1. Hi Cathrine,
            This is our first time in Spa and my father’s first time ever at a F1 grand prix. I wanted everything to be perfect for his first experience there but unfortunatly they put us in row 6 on Gold 8. Since you have been there before can you please confirm my assumtion that its right behind the fence and visibolity is not very good there?
            Unfortunatly, this is the first time I have booked tickets from another website instead of the official F1 and it didnt go very well. We booked the tickets back in November and we got them a couble of days ago.

  127. So the camp sites, I’m planning on going with 2 mates and my girlfriend… we’ll be using 2 x 2 men tents, which are very small, and all in one car. Will we be ok just to get 1 camping plot?

  128. Hi Maria

    As far as I remember, all of Gold 8 had great views – I can’t say for sure if you will be above the fencing, but the grandstand is quite raised, and set back a bit from the track, so I don’t remember any seats being really badly affected. I wouldn’t worry too much, you will have a great time, and gold 8 really does have fantastic views


  129. Tickets received today – Gold 9 !
    Camping booked – The Elephant !
    Ferry booked – £58 quid with car Dover – Dunkirk !
    Barbecue and stove purchased !
    Tent borrowed !
    Just need Beer and Pringles !
    All systems go !!!!

    1. Great to hear Luke- please pop by and say hello…can’t guarantee pringles but beer we always have! Can’t wait now!

  130. Hi Everyone
    Doing a bike trip (Motorbike that is) is Spas this year. Been on a few sites and general chat is food is rubbish and pricey, anyone know better
    Also is ther a bike park as getting off grass if wet is know fun.

    1. Mike
      Spa is always wet at some point no matter where you go!Food at track is pretty boring as at most tracks…..depends what you want!Most just BBQ if camping as restaurants although nice can be a bit pricey if you do it all the time.

  131. Hi Luke is Dover to Dunkirk and then driving down easier than going in Calais? That’s a great price compared to eurotunnel.. P and o £35 each way on Dover to Calais route. First timers coming to spa it’s my 30th birthday present I can’t wait

    1. Hi Toni
      I don’t think there’s much difference between Calais and Dunkirk – Dunkirk is slightly longer crossing, so marginally less driving, but not really a massive difference.
      Happy birthday – see you there !

  132. Hi All,
    I’ve booked my tickets for the first time this year via campingf1 after this was recommended by a friend, the tickets have arrived by UPS which is good but not many people seem to be commenting about the site?

    We are camping at the site and are tickets were through gootickets.com – it says they are official has anyone else used them?


  133. Hello,
    Due to forced change of plans, we can not attend Spa race.
    If anyone is interested in 2 tickets and booking on near Campsite L’ Eau Rouge, please contact me on priv krisparys@gmail.com
    We booked early at 130euro now tickets are for 160E

  134. Since so many of you seem to be loyal elephant users I’m hoping one of you can help me. I just put a booking in on the website and it didn’t ask me for any money. Are the owners just very trusting we’ll turn up and pay or did something go wrong when I clicked the send button?

    1. Rob
      you did nothing wrong and the guys there (Michael) never take money up front like that. Your booking will be checked and you will then get a confirmation and an invoice with details on how to pay etc so you have the chance also to check if what you get billed for is what you booked. That is the way it works there.
      Look forward to seeing you there- have a feeling this year is gonna be a good one!

      1. Thanks Carol. I didn’t want to just assume as if it had got lost in the internet it may be hard to find somewhere last minute. Look forward to seeing you too. 4 weeks to go!

  135. Hi Rob,
    I do serious job! If not I will loose my reputation within seconds. My freedom also. And my business for all the future.
    You can be absolutly sure.

  136. Michael

    Do we have to pay the invoice before arrival or can we do cash at the field?

    Do you have a bar on for the weekend and how many people does your site have, is it busy like the circuit sites?



    1. Hi Martin,

      near by is a very old and cheap pub, a lot of our guest have there fun.

      Please read the email and you find the answer.


    2. Hi Martin
      we do get quite busy but we are a lot smaller than the huge official sites so it is not as cramped and crowded.
      As for the pub it is our general meeting place for a beer and a load of laughs……
      Look forward so seeing you folks there- look us up (yes everyone knows me on site as I’m sort of part of the furniture as it will be my 5th trip now……)

  137. Hi all,

    This time in 4 weeks I’ll be on board the Eurotunnel speeding my way to Calais. A quick pit stop in the hypermarkets for supplies, then head on down to one of the most famous race tracks in the world.

    Two questions I have regard the pit walk!

    Can I park near the gate for the pit walk without having purchased any parking?

    If I get there any later than 16:30 will there be much point anyway?

    As always your help is much appreciated and I apologise if the questions asked cover old ground.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi David
      there is parking very close to the La Source entrance (where you need to be for the pitlane walk) and even if you arrive at 4:30 it will still be worth it as they usually open up pretty late and you have enough time till 6pm to take a look around.

      1. Carol, do you need to pay in advance for this car park or just turn up on the Thursday?

        Many thanks


        1. Justin
          I am not sure if they charge for you parking there Thursdays…….maybe not from what i have heard.But from what i understand folks just park there and it is literally only a couple hundred yards to the gate.
          Folks at the Elephant……it is a bit longer walk than to the Eau Rouge entrance but more than doable on foot.

  138. Hi All,
    I’ve booked my tickets for the first time this year via campingf1 after this was recommended by a friend, the tickets have arrived by UPS which is good but not many people seem to be commenting about the site?

    We are camping at the site and are tickets were through gootickets.com – it says they are official has anyone else used them?


    1. Hi Louise,

      CampingF1 at Lodomez really is total F1, the prices are slightly higher than most sites and quite possibly if you are on a budget like most here it’s a bit too much.

      We stay with them each year because, lovely site and scenery, it’s well organised, good facilities, really nice people and the evenings entertainent, onsite marquee & bar etc is perfect for us, it makes a great weekend.

      Jake Humphrey is guest speaker on Saturday night this year, last year it was Perry McCarthy original Stig and Stirling Moss was at their Silverstone site in July. Just an example of what kind of site it is, a bit more upmarket than most hence the slightly higher prices and lack of forum entries from patrons. It has been described as the generation of Formula 1 Camping by Stirling Moss which is a good endorsement?

      Here’s a link, great reading, http://www.stirlingmoss.com/articles/news/stirling-joins-campingf1-2011-british-grand-prix

      Lodomez is off at junction 12 which means that when you exit the circuit you are going away from the traffic jams, circuit to campsite after the race is 25mins, north is usually gridlocked. We always use our own car because thier coach service can get stuck in the gridlock, first year it took 2 hours to get back even though their coaches get priority, it’s no guarantee

      There’s usually a few Ferrari’s and Porsche’s parked around the tents with quite alot of corporate groups making works outings there, you made a good choice but that’s not to say that other campsites are no good, it’s what ever suits your budget and style? Great campsite and cannot compliment it enough!!


      1. Hi Jack,
        Thank you so much for your feedback, as I said this is the first time we have booked to go to a Grand Prix and are really looking forward to it – it is just alwaya nice to have a bit of knowledge before you go!
        We are lucky with the budget – saving since last August and this the first part of a 2 week trip round some of Europe!!

        Thank you once again and I hope you have a great time this year too!

        1. Hi Louise,

          I sure will now the McLarens are chasing hard! You’ll have a wonderful weekend too, the noise is simply the best and can never be described, first time hearing a pack of screaming F1 cars go off the grid is just awesome, the technology up close is like art!

          If you get the chance, ask the campsite reception where’s Jacko’s tent and I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction, I work for Sunseeker Yachts, they’ll know where we are.



          1. Hi Jack, I’ve been lucky enough to go to Goodwood Festival of Speed for the past 2 years and have had the pleasure of listening to the cars being fired up in very close proximity.

            The Maclaren Boys did good this weekend – going very well – JB certainly deserved the win after the last two weekends. I am a massive Mark Webber (not necessarily Red Bull ;-)) fan and really think he deserves a win soon – hopefully SPA on his birthday weekend! I will definately ask where the tent is – perhaps we could all have a nice cold beer and debate the finer points of F1 together?

  139. We are going to taking the Ferry from Newcastle to Ijmuiden and driving down to the Elephant on the Thursday. Is it better to stock up on essentials (Beer & tabs) in Holland or wait til Belgium?

    1. Hi Al
      great to see someone from my old home town coming! Not sure about prices for beer etc but know we on the continent have totally different prices to UK……we bring our own from Germany and stock up locally so can’t help as to whether Holland or Belgium are the best alternatives for you.Look forward to saying hi!
      Take care
      PS.really not long now!

      1. Hi Carol
        Just passing through your old home town.. from Jockland… me and my bruv did meet you 2009 after the pub in a van.. whisky was involved…
        You want any stottie cake picking up?

        1. Hey- remember the whisky- we still got the pack and bottles as souvenirs! Was the last night and no-one wanted to say goodbye! Monday morning was a bit scary though!Great to see you folks again……and a bit of good ole black pudding would go down a treat!
          See you guys there!

  140. Hello

    2 answers to 2 questions. 1st one is about camping f1 and although the campsite looks really good most people want to be closer to the track (campingf1 is south of the town of stavelot in lodomez) so thats probably why. 2nd is about picking up provisions and i reckon wait till belgium and go to spa itself there are a couple of decent supermarkets in the town itself that will have all you need.
    Hope this helps and have a great time!

    1. Hi Paul,
      Yes, thank you – first time in going so just want to make sure all is okay!

      Thank you again

    2. Cheers Paul
      I can’t see me stopping for much on the way down. We want to be sure of arriving in time for the Pitlane walk

  141. Hello all,

    As a present, I am planning to go to my first ever formula 1 race in style. Does anyone happen to know a good hotel? Maybe even one where the teams might stay?


    1. Hi Raf,

      today is the fist of August – in 3 weeks the raceing activity will start. Do you not think, you are to late?! Also B&B are fully booked.
      What you can do is camping.

      Greetings from Francorchamps

      1. Thanks for the info Michael. (Especially the link to the Elephant camping).

        I was even considering not staying the whole time, so I wondered if getting public transport (to Brussels, or any other bigger towns) is hard, or not.

        Also, would anyone happen to have anything bad to say about the Paddock Club tickets? Like, is it worth it?


        1. Hi Raf, I’ve not been in the paddock club but if you want some company I’d be happy for you to buy me a ticket ;-). As I understand it from someone who has been to the paddock club, you get a very different experience. If you want to watch racing, then you’re better round the track, if you want to meet influential people and be able to have a birds eye view of the pits, then you’re better in the paddock club. Therefore although I one day would like to be in the paddock club to see a race, I’d generally rather be sat on some grassy knoll with the view of a good corner. Actually I tend to go a bit further than that and book for a Gold grandstand near La Source or Eau Rouge but thats because if I want permission to go from my better half I have to supply seats for us both with some creature comforts… Hope you enjoy where ever you end up. Rob

          1. Thanks for the offer Rob, but I think I will have to go alone :)

            I was wondering if anyone would know if during the day (probably after the events) if I could visit the pits or motor-homes (or what ever they call those nowadays). Thing is, I am an interested engineer, and I was wondering if I could meet up with people from within the teams, maybe ask some questions about the cars.

            Would anyone know if that is possible?

  142. What are the options for general access at eau rouge?

    I booked gold 2 for the weekend but would like a chance to see F1 free practice/qualifying at eau rouge.

    Is this possible and whats the best location for photos with a good telephoto lense?

    Any advise appreciated


    1. Hi Graham
      unfortunately there are nor roving Grandstands in Spa any more (some idiots managed to spoil that a couple of years back so security has had to step in and control things more) so you won’t be able to watch practice or quali anywhere else then your grandstand or the GA areas (do walk around for practice as you’ll get a good impression of the track and it is worth it!) If you stick around after practice etc then they open up the grandstand generally for GP2 qualis etc so make for Eau Rouge then if you want to have good look.

  143. Can anyone tell me what is the food like on the circut, we are camping and is it best to bring our own food or is there a decent choice on site.

    1. Hi Mike
      depends on where you’re camping and what is on offer there. At the track the food is very samey- you have a choice of frites (they are great but you can’t eat them every day), their hotdog susages are brilliant if you like onions or waffles. The choice is pretty limited. Not sure what folks do where you camp but most bring some stuff with them and barbie most days.

  144. Hey guys, my friend and I will be driving from Amsterdam and hoping to arrive in time for qualifying on saturday and then drive to Brussels on sunday night after the race. Obviously we are looking for a campsite to stay on saturday night. We are most likely going to sleep in our hired car and don’t need a tent. We are going to book GA Bronze tickets. Our three options so far seem to be:

    1) The track: camp in the green zone which I assume we’d only need to buy a green camping ticket for saturday and have a green parking only ticket for sunday. I’ve read some posts about the green zone area and it doesn’t seem too desirable considering the atmosphere and hygiene. A partying night scene is fun. However, is it groups doing their own thing? Or is there like an organised section where everyone is welcome to party?

    2) CampingF1 (www.campingf1.com): looks like a well organised campsite with good facilities and entertainment (they will have Jake Humphries as a guest on saturday night). They also provide coaches going to and from the track which I assume is included in the pricing. This means we can leave our car at the campsite. But we will still have to buy a green parking only ticket for saturday.

    3) The Elephant: a lot of positive feedback about this site. Why exactly? The website is very hard to navigate for non-english people. Apparently this site is a 20min walk from the track? That is convenient.


    One last thing.. Carol, I read earlier that you confirmed with the track that you can purchase GA Bronze tickets at the gate on the day for 50EUR. If this is indeed possible, I assume it would be cheaper for us to do this instead of prepurchasing the weekend GA ticket at ~160-170EUR considering that we’re not even going to be there for the friday session.

    1. and sorry i meant english people not “non-english”

      1. Hi Cyril
        the reason folks like Elephant is that it is near the track, owner run and has clean facilities. Also its not the all round boom boom party night place but rather where folks meet great like minded folks form all over the world……I have made some mega friends there over the years and its like home to me. But each to his own.
        Day tickets are available at the gate for €50 but for raceday you pay the same as for the weekend so if you are planning to take in Staruday and Sunday then you need a weekend ticket or you’ll be out of pocket.
        Hope this helps.

        1. thanks for the clarification Carol

          so if we do decide to camp @ the track just for the saturday night.. would u know if we what we just have to buy is the saturday green camping parking ticket + sunday green parking only ticket? or is it saturday green camping + sunday green camping?

          1. Mate there are loads of places you could park up and sleep after the race, including permanent campsites. You’d be crazy to pay premium rates for a trackside campsite.

  145. Hi

    Coming down on the wednesday 24th and staying at camping Eau Rouge all booked in with electric hook up so cold beers.

    does anyone know do we need to do anything to our electric cable, we use it in the UK
    orange cable with blue coloued connector to the socket.

    Just wanted to check before we get there and find out our cold beer plan has not worked.

    dont worry we are regular campers we are not briinging our big fridge from within our flat we have a little camping one

    3 weeks to go so excited already

    Thanks toni

    1. Hi Toni
      I am not the most technically minded person so hope someone else can help you out with connections etc as i believe you do need one.
      Not to worry though……if the weather from the last 4 years is anything to go by you won’t need the fridge!
      Have a great time!

    2. Hi Toni,

      First post on here!!

      It’s our first grand prix and we are booked in at Eau Rouge as well. I contacted them regarding the electric connections – they tell me that they use the continental 2 pin plugs – so you will need an adapter to convert the uk 3 pin to fit. The adaptors are available at most camping shops.

      Hope that helps, see you there!!


      1. cheers john your a star could i ask being not very technically minded etc is this the one i need?


        thanks toni

        1. Hi Toni, close but not quite. The link you have is for people for the continent to use when they come to the UK. The one you want is:

          We’re staying at Elephant otherwise I’d have loaned you ours (we booked late and missed the electric hook-ups). I’m taking it for other sites we stop at on the way to Francorchamps and on the way back but it’ll be spare whilst we’re at the GP.

          Hope you enjoy it!

  146. Hi,

    I am on a family holiday in holland either side of race weekend and will be taking the opportunity to come to what will be my first ever GP. I am bringing my 10 year old son,who is excited beyond belief, but we will only be there for the Sunday. We have GA tickets and green zone parking.

    I want to make this day as special as possible for him so just looking for some tips to get the most out of the day. Especially,

    1. Best time/route to get there?
    2. Best viewing with GA (need to see a screen aswell)?
    3. Is merchandise sold around the circuit or is it best to go to the F1 village?

    Any advise to make our day even more memorable than it will be already is appreciated.


    1. David
      you have certainly chosen a brilliant track for your F1 live baptism. Parking at green is at the Les Combes entrance so there are a few merchandise stands around there mostly pürivateers though selling older stuff. So if you want any thing current then you do need to take a walk down to the F1 village (about 20 minutes). However if you have GA then you do need to get there pretty early if you want a good spot. On the other hand if you stake your place early you won’t have much chance to look around and go buy your son a nice cap or something.
      Drop me a mail as we may be able to help with a souple of suggestions to make your day a good one.

      1. Hi Carol,

        Thanks for this, will be in touch soon.


  147. Hi all,

    I’m planning on popping over to the Belgian GP at the end of this month. Sadly all of my friends hate F1, and no-one wants to pay hundreds of pound for the pleasure of just sharing time with me! So I was wondering if anyone fancies doing a lift share? Going over by myself will cost quite a bit, so if anyone can offer me a lift I’ll gladly pay my share of ferries/petrol. I’m near Cardiff, but don’t mind travelling a bit for a lift share.

    Or I don’t mind driving there if anyone else wants to come along and share the costs? Same goes for camping too if anyone wants to share a pitch.

    If anyone’s interested, let me know here, or message me, or email me on rhysdavidwilliams@hotmail.co.uk



    1. Hi Rhys
      good to see you here! Thanks for looking us all up and hope you get transport somehow. If you can at least get here we can offer you a tent and come join the crowd as we have a great time.
      We just need to get you there somehow!
      C’mon folks someone must be able to help Rhys with transport out!

    2. Rhys
      one other question- is there no Sleazyjet or other cheap flight to Brussels or somewhere? Check it out and let us know.

  148. thanks Carol your a star regards Toni

  149. Hi there,

    We are traveling with a train from Brussels to the track on Saturday and from Liege on Sunday. We have booked our train tickets online up to Verviers for both days.
    Question no 1:
    oure tickets do not have seat numbers on them, is there a way to book a seat or do you just get into a train anytime you want?
    Question no.2:
    Does anyone know how we get to the track from there on?

    Thank you in advance for your help. You have been very very helpful so far. :o)

    1. Hi Maria
      from Verviers you need to take a bus Verviers Central – Francorchamps (bus n° 294 or 395) Travel time ± 0h45. Do not look for a bus to Spa or you will not be anywhere near the track. You need to go to Francorchamps.
      Hope this helps

      1. Hi Carol,

        We will do so. You have been a great help in this trip, from the beginning. Thank you so much.

  150. Hi Carol,

    Sorry, just a couple more questions..! Will you be fully booked up by Thursday lunchtime? If we can’t find a suitable site that’s a little closer to La Source then we will come over to the Elephant.

    Also, can you tell me if all campsite fees are the same? I remember reading somewhere that the fees are set by the council. Is it a cost per person, or per tent?

    Thanks again for your help. Massively excited now!!


    1. There’s 4 of us coming in 2 cars. We’re trying to work out if we can bring 2 smaller tents or whether we need to find a larger tent to save paying for 2 tents?

      1. Hi Dunc
        prices for the campsites are not all the same. The local government fixes the taxes they want so the folks have to figure what they need to cover their costs and recompense them for their efforts. Some are more expensive, some are further away and then you have the transport problem if you are on a site further away and no transfers are provided. The green and yellow sites are fixed with 40sqm pitches….so if you need more space then you pay for the pitche next door…..why some folks gave up last year and came to Elephant. Depends what you want. i like our site (its not mine I am a guest like you all are…..) but go back every year for several reasons- it is very close to the site, not loopy like green or yellow, know the folks there and in the local village now as am a “regular”, know the toilets and showers are suitable for ladies.
        AS for having one large tent or two little tents then Michael is usually pretty flexible so if you do decide to join us then check it out with him.
        Also regarding pricing yellow/green are €160 I believe for the weekend 40sqm pitch..heard nasty stories about toilets etc but it depends. Elephant is €135 for the weekend plus rubbish deposit(which you get back on departure if you left the place tidy) and extras for showers and loos of €6 per person per day.
        Depends what you want!


    My question sent to info@spagrandprix.com and their reply:

    Q – Hi, we have a weekend pass for the green car park and I wondered whether this can also be used for parking during the Pit Walk on Thursday?

    A – Yes, your carpark can be use on thursday (Jerome Hartog, Spa Grand-Prix SA, Assistant)

    See you all in the squeeze on Pit Walk Thursday!



    1. Great news Justin but if you park at green on the Thursday (Les Combes area) you will have a hell of a long walk to the La Source entrance (only entrance open for pitlane walk)……..so get there early and hope the weather is kind to you!

  152. Hi Maria

    Not sure about your 1st question but getting from verviers to spa is either a case of a coach transfer or there is a smaller local train that runs from verviers to the town of spa. From there maybe a bus or something to the track as its still a fair distance away.

    Sorry I can’t be of any more help

    Maybe someone else has other suggestions?


    1. Hi Stebbs
      I replied to Maria but will repeat here in case she doesn’t see it back on her post.
      From Verviers you need to take a bus to Francorchamps- either the 294 or 395- takes about 45 minutes. Then the walk to the track from there…..depends where you are sitting also as to how much walk it is in total.

    2. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for replying anyway.


  153. To those staying at the CampingF1 site!

    Anything ideas on the best way to get to the circuit from the campsite on the Thursday for the pit walk? As I don’t think they’re doing transfers.

    1. Correct, no bus from CampingF1 on Thursday. When I stayed there in 2009 I drove down to the track, it is about 15minutes through Stavelot village (watch out for a crazy one-way system there) and up to the yellow car parks around La Source. You have to pay to park and with the walk down to la Source entrance i would allow at least 45mins total journey time. Cheers

      1. Thanks for this info – I will also be at the CampingF1 site on Thurs and want to go to the pitwalk. I should have 1 spare seat in the car if anyone wants to carshare? Get in touch if so via twitter @F1Cartoonz :)

  154. Hi there,

    I am coming to Spa for my first grand prix (been to qualifying at Silverstone and Donnington a while back but never to a race). We are hoping to camp at the Elephant and stay Thursday – Sunday, with general admission tickets.

    I was wondering, are you allowed to take camping chairs into the circuit, especially on race day? I think my other half will probably get annoyed if she is on her feet or muddy grass for 3 days solid! However I would feel guilty if everyone else is sat on the floor and I’m blocking peoples view!

    I was planning on bringing a BBQ and gas stove, but won’t have an electrical hook-up for keeping supplies cold. Is there a little shop near the Elephant for buying the bacon and milk for the essential early morning bacon buttie and cup of tea?

    Thanks for any help, getting really excited now especially as it is the next race!

    1. Hi Aubs
      you can take anything you like to the track except bottles so your camping chairs are fine. You probably will only need them on race day.
      The nearest shop is a bit away but if you have a car you can get about pretty easily (the only ones of us who are stuck for the weekend are those in campers).
      Also the baker does a great service bringing fresh bread and basic supplies daily including beverages. If you don’t want to bother looking for a shop just let the site staff know what you need and they am sure will get it for you- they are very helpful folks.
      Looking forward to saying hi to you there!

      1. Thanks, that’s really helpful. I was not going to take the BBQ to the circuit, just the chairs. Other half will be pleased!

        Another random question if I may. Is there any pedestrian access to the circuit during the weekend at all? For example on Friday after the practice sessions? I thought it would be pretty cool to run around the circuit (got a half marathon 2 weeks after the race so thought it would make a good training run). Probably a long shot I know!

        1. Hi Aubs
          no there is no pedestrian access to the track during race weekends (also the support series practices and qualis do go on till about 7pm). I know some of the journos and TV and team folk sometimes do charity runs so all you can do is see if you can get an invite and join in.
          The only time you can get onto the track is directly after the race.
          Things are a lot more restricted these days as a couple of years back some idiots broke into the track and spread oil around and set fire to certain things….resulting in a guy getting killed in a family race weekend two weeks later……some idiots do spoil things for the rest of us…
          Hope this helps

  155. The only condition from the rear of tickets that would appear to apply is:

    “Animals/articles that compromise public safety are not permitted”

    So they could take exception to a BBQ but portions of a dead pig/cow could be OK!

    I’m sure I’ve read in earlier posts that people take BBQs and chairs OK in previous years.



  156. Woo hoo tickets arrived today v excited now

    1. hi Toni, just curious.. when did you order your tickets? and where are you from? we ordered ours yesterday only and it’s gonna be delivered to an address in germany.. which we will only be in until the 21st.. hopefully that is enough time for delivery

  157. Hey guys,

    I’m heading to Spa this year. It’s my first ever race and I’m going alone.

    Sadly I’m going to miss Friday’s action as I fly out that morning and wouldn’t make it to the track in time for anything. But I will be there for Saturday and Sunday :D I have a Gold 4 ticket at Eau Rouge so I really hope I’m not too low down and that I can get a good view. Does anyone know if seats are numbered or first come first served?

    Any advice for someone like myself who is going alone? I’m sure I’ll make friends anyway. But is there anything you recommend I should or shouldn’t do while I’m there?

    I’m staying at the Aris Grand Palace hotel in Brussels, over an hour bus ride from the track and I must take a specific bus organized for me everyday (it only runs once). For anyone who’s done that sort of thing before any advice would be great. I just hope they let us stay at the track for most of the day. The last thing I want is being back in the hotel at 5pm missing out on all the fun at the track.

  158. Tickets arrived this morning, gold 9 block c row 11. Anyone had experience of gold 9? So excited now can barely contain myself. Just about to book the train from Brussels to Trois-ponts and the bus from there to Stavelot. Anyone else staying at L’eau Rouge campsite? We would love to meet up with other fans whilst we’re there.

    Aly :o )

  159. Cyril got them from the circuit official website if u brought it’s from there tell them the date u are leaving home there make sure they get to you in time.aly we are at that campsite see u there toni

  160. Hi
    Does anyone who’s booked with Thomas cook sport know when (approx) tickets will/should arrive?

  161. hi guys,
    i look like i’ll be getting the eurostar into brussels late on fri night and probably hiring a car, if anyone needs a ride and wants to contribute some petty money feel free. otherwise does anyone have any ideas about how to get to melmedy late at night?

  162. Am wondering if anyone knows if bus tickets have to be pre-paid or if I can pay on the bus? I have purchased train tickets from Brussels to Trois-Ponts but then need to travel by bus onwards to Stavelot and can’t seem to find a way of paying online.

    Toni, how are you travelling to Belgium? Are you staying in a tent at L’eau Rouge?
    :o) Aly

    1. Hi AlyF1,

      bus ticket you buy at entrance from the driver.

      exit at Maison Godfroid at Francorchamps

      Don’t got to SPA – another 12 km to the circuit!

      Greetings from Francorchamps

    2. Hi Aly
      We are travelling by car Dover to Calias on Wednesday 24th aug and back on Tuesday 31st Aug.

      Tent for 2 plus bikes for transport to and from the circuit.

      My boyfirned and i will be in a black fiesta with private plate on it and our tent looks like a square and is called as oztent RV3 im sure we will be easy to spot

      pop over for a glass of wine / beer


  163. Michael, thanks for the info. :o)

    Toni, will def keep an eye out for you. we are flying out on 24th and will be at campsite on 25th (unless we get lost along the way!!) So no car/bikes for us…Mclaren tops and a tent that looks like two connected together lol!

    Aly x

  164. Fab aly we share the same tastes although mine is the Hamilton side of the mclaren garage and my boyfriend loves kobayashi. We will look out for you x

  165. the weather forstcasting for the next 16 days at Francorchamps:


    Greetings from Francorchamps

    1. Looks pretty friendly at the moment……..

  166. Rob ur a superstar thankyou so much ordering it now hav a fantastic time Toni x

  167. Hi all, is http://www.spagrandprix.com the official ticket seller? The reason I ask is yesterday we booked out tickets as 3 GA and 1 camping but they have sent the invoice as 2 camping and 2 tickets :( when we rang to alter it they said we need to cancel the order then re-order. So we have cancelled the order but the money will take a while to be refunded into our account (paid visa debit) so we are now having to pay them again and we want to be 100% sure we arent getting scammed

    1. Hi James, I don’t have any direct experience with http://www.spagrandprix.com. What I can say is that there are many genuine ticket retailers, and that the official ticket seller of the circuit is http://www.spa-tickets.be. I wouldn’t worry though unless someone tells you that they’ve been scammed by the same site. They look genuine enough. Fingers crossed for you fella.


      1. Although someone just told me that http://www.spa-tickets.be isn’t even the official ticket seller either… I give up!

    2. James
      please be assured you have ordered your tickets from the official site and they will refund you and deal with you in a proper way so do not worry about scams etc. I have used them for years and not had problems with them at all- even with changing delivery addresses at the last moment or anything. Unfortunate they messed up your booking but am sure they will sort it out.

  168. Hi James, I bought my tickets from http://www.spagrandprix.com and they came fine so I wouldn’t worry about it :)

  169. Thankyou Dan. I just hope our refund for the first tickets comes through & our tickets now we have re-booked all come ok!

    1. I even got my tickets before they debited my credit card (they only deduct the cash 7 days after you book) so you should be OK.

  170. 1st time to Spa, can’t wait. Going over fri pm and staying at camping F1 with son and brother.
    Two questions:-
    1. where is the best view(we have GA tickets)must be near giant TV.
    2. Will i be able to pick up radio five live or an english commentary. I have an HTC Wildfire android mobile.

  171. Hey everyone, I have left it last minute to decide where to camp, I have been looking on f1camping.com and i quite like the idea of having some entertainment on the evenings. Question is, do the official f1 campsites have any entertainment at all, or does the elephant have any entertainment?

    This leads on to my second question, f1 camping is located at lodomez, is it realistic to walk from there or not? Because the price of thier own shuttle to the circuit is ridiculous. Can anyone help me out at all?

    1. Hi Dan
      you most certainly will not be able to walk to the track from Lodomez- check out google maps and note the track is at Francorchamps and you’ll see.
      Depends on what sort of entertainment you want. Official bands or disco parties we don’t have at elephant and am not sure what other sites offer.

  172. Hi all, can’t wait for our visit to spa this year. We’re lucky enough to arrive on the Thursday this year, does anyone know if the track is open and if there’s a pit walk for all available on the Thursday? I’ve heard there is. Thanks

    1. Hi Kay
      Pitlane walk is 4:30 on Thursday otherwise track is not open Thursday.

      1. Thanks for your help carol, we’ll be there ready and waiting :)

  173. Hi guys! I’m just about to get a Bronze admission ticket – unfortunately I can only afford to come out on the Sunday (I’d love to do the whole weekend, but that would involve camping). I live in Brussels at the moment, so I’m going to catch the earliest train to Verviers and then take the bus (apparently there is one!) to the circuit… and then try to find a nice place to watch the action, and hopefully find some friendly F1 fans to hang out with!

    Is anyone else doing this kind of thing on Sunday, or doing the Bronze admission thing in general? Would anyone like to meet up? My fellow fan is in the Netherlands at the moment, so I’m going to be all on my lonesome!

    Kate :)

    1. Hi Kate
      Two friends and i are driving down from england early friday morning. We are camping green ( which sounds like its a bit of a party venue) and have general admin tickets for the weekend. Feel free to catch a lift, camp or meet us at the track ( one of us will be wearing a stupid orange cone hat !!)
      Thorne ;-)

      1. Hey it would be really great to meet up on Sunday!! I’m catching the first train, so hope to be at the circuit by at the latest 9am (is that wishful thinking?)… my facebook is kate.deans if you want to add me, and then maybe we can all exchange phone numbers? :) I’d love to join a wee group (I’m meeting up with Sarah too) so that we can all find a good spot and be able to hold it for each other…

        So excited!!

        1. Hi Kate

          If you ask Sarah for my email we can arrange where to pitch up for the day in a group and exchange numbers, my travelling buddy Paul is going to request you on FB, cannot wait its going to be an epic weekend.
          Thorne ;-)

  174. Hello
    I’m attending the Belgian Grand Prix on my own. So because of this I’m starting to fal about public transport etc.
    I shall be taking the train from Brussels to Trois Ponts which is rather straight forward. However I’m a bit worried about where you catch the bus from there to Stavelot? Just wondering if anyone could help! :)

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m also going to the Grand Prix on my own (see above post) – are you going for the whole weekend, or just Sunday? I was going to go to Verviers and then catch the bus there…

      Here’s where I got my info: http://www.spa-francorchamps.be/en/pdf/SF_access-spectator.pdf

      Any chance you might want to meet up on raceday on Sunday? I think I’d enjoy it more if I have someone to hunt out the good spots with :)

    2. Hi,

      here again the links for busses:


      exit at Maison Godfroid at Francorchamps

      Don’t got to SPA – another 12 km to the circuit!

      Greetings from Francorchamps

      1. Michael Hi,

        We are travelling fron Brusels on Saturday and from Liege on Sunday. We have booked rail tickets up to Vervier. However there are no seat numbers i think on them. Do you know if with the online tickets you are allocated on to a seat? From Vervier do we need to prebook bus tickets to the track?

        Thanks ever so much for your help.

        1. I’m also worried too – I spoke to someone on the spa circuit info email address, and he said there are buses from Verviers to the circuit (Maison Godfroid, as you said), but that they can be very packed….

          Anyone had these kind of experience, – how likely is it that i’ll make it?

    3. Hi sarah,
      we are doing exactly the same. I have checked on the Belgium transport site and the bus stop is a short walk from the station at Trois -Ponts. Are you camping in Stavelot? we are travelling to Brussels on 24th and then taking the 10.30 am train to Trois-ponts on 25th. When the bus from Trois-ponts gets to Stavelot it is a 25 min walk to our campsite so doesn’t sound too bad. we have booked our tickets for train already so if you need anymore info just let me know. Everyone has been really helpful on this site, it’s an absolute godsend lol!!
      Aly :o)

    4. Hi Sarah
      i also posted this to Kate, 2 friends and i are driving down from england friday morning, feel free to contact me for a lift,camp or meet up. we are green camping with general admin for the weekend.

      1. Yeah! That should be fun. My e-mail is on here somewhere….so if you want to add me on facebook, you’re more than welcome to. It’s easier to get hold of me on there :)

  175. Hello,
    Is it possible or worthwhile to cycle from a campsite to the track? Once you’re admitted tithe track, can you take a bike in with you – idea is to get around to different parts of the circuit easily

    Thanks vm

  176. Hello Kate!
    I’m there all weekend but I don’t mind meeting up :) im all up for meeting new people, and I agree with you, it would be more enjoyable! I’m staying at the campingf1 site and will be transfered from there to the circuit on Sunday. I will have to find out where the coaches will drop us off. When I know I will let you know also if you’d like :)

  177. Hey guys, my tickets came today. I booked Gold 4 and I got Block A, Row 5. I’m a little worried that I might be too near the front, but at the same time happy I got block A as I will have a great view of one of the screens and have no crowd to the my right.

    Anyone else gets theirs yet?

  178. Hello Aly!
    Thank you so much! You have my journey so much easier!
    I’m getting the earlier train because i need to pick up my tickets because I booked them on the F1 site. Ooooh what site are you staying at? :)

    1. we are staying at l’eau Rouge, I’m not too sure where the camping F1 site is in relation to that but I know ours is on google maps so maybe you could check there? We have our tickets thankfully, was a bit worried that they wouldn’t arrive when the company said they only posted them 7-10 days before the weekend! Are you GA?

  179. Ahh yes. I don’t really know where it is either. They’re picking me up from Stavelot and are taking me to the site so I’m not really worrying :) I will have a look on maps later :)
    I don’t really worried about the tickets, i just want them now! Haha! I do have GA tickets do you?

    1. I’m going to be GA too, and arriving hopefully as early as I can on Sunday morning… Do you think we could all exchange contacts? I’d love to have a group to scout out some good viewing spots with! I’m so excited, Spa is my absolute favourite race!

    2. I’m going to be GA too, and arriving hopefully as early as I can on Sunday morning… Do you think we could all exchange contact details? I’d love to have a group to scout out some good viewing spots with! I’m so excited, Spa is my absolute favourite race!

  180. Yeah that’s fine my email address is SarahJones123-@hotmail.co.UK if you have Facebook add me on there and then we can exchangr numbers etc on there or something :) up to you guys :)

  181. We have gold tickets, I hope you can both meet up as you are travelling alone…You’re far braver than me! Kate, I’m also sooo excited, we usually go to Silverstone but like you Spa is our favourite race so we decided to treat ourselves this year!! We are having an extended stay until Tuesday 30th so hoping the weather holds out that long! I’m also on FB so add me if you want to…Aly Sumner (you may find the word Smiley inbetween my name as FB won’t let me change it again!)

  182. Aly if u hav a friend request from someone called Toni deacon on fb it’s me hope u don’t mind me adding as thought as we are at same campsite be good to meet up Toni x

  183. Hey Everyone,

    I’ve got Bronze admin, coming down from London Fri Night and spending the night in Brussels. Getting the first train down on sat morning then staying in Malmedy for 2 nights at the Hostel. Would love to meet up with some people my facebook is rbolitho12@hotmail.com

  184. I’ll just be arriving for the Sunday (as early in the morning as I can make it from Brussels).. but anyone feel free to add me kate.deans@facebook.com and we can concoct some excellent Sunday circuit strategies :)

  185. hi staying at the elephant thurs to monday morning and sitting at the bus stop. was jst wondering if anyone knew the time of the pit walk and other things to do near francorchamps?

    1. Carol said:
      August 17, 2011 at 12:13 am

      Hi Kay
      Pitlane walk is 4:30 on Thursday otherwise track is not open Thursday.

  186. I will not be able to attend Spa in 2011, I wish I could has its not only special to Michael but to me also has this year in 1991 is the first time 1 saw him on TV and became a loyal supportive follower ever since, I would love to go to his Spa party and tell him, Michael is a charming extroadary brilliant talented chap.In 2002 was the year I wrote him a dedicated /tribute book for him and finished in 2006 on his late race before his retired, I look back all these years and to me Michael is the greatest ,kindest man in the world. I f he retires after next year in 2012 he shall be sadly missed to me he is well loved, I wish him all my love and the best for now and the future.And he has got my book has i asked Mr Jean Todt to post to him and Michael has a signed 1st printed paperback edition.

  187. Hi all.

    Has anyone else bought their tickets from http://www.spa-tickets.be/spa-francorchamps/f1-tickets.asp?

    We’ve not received tickets as yet and they have said they can come anytime in the next 7 days.

    The problem is we’re setting off in 6 days time!

    Should i be worried?! Thanks guys.

    1. Hi James,
      we also ordered ours from the same site. I was worried so emailed to let them know that we were leaving the UK on the 24th, I received an email back saying they could be despatched to our campsite, however just a few hours later I received an email from UPS saying my tickets were with them, I received them the following morning! I recommend the same as Toni said, drop them a line, they are pretty friendly and seem to get them to you quicker if you let them know you are travelling early.
      Aly :o)

      1. Thanks Aly. My friend has been in touch with Marilyn, so we’re panicking a lot less after hearing from both yourself and Toni.

        Hopefully they will be here before Monday!

        Not long to go now… my first live f1 experience. Lets hope for some nice sunny hot weather, with a sudden downpour at around 1.55pm on Sunday! :-)

  188. Hi JamesP

    I brought our tickets from there and they arrive via UPS about 2 weeks ago. Drop them an email as i like you was worried as to weather they would arrive in time. A lady called marilyn there took a note of our departure date and said she would ensure they were with us in time and if not she offered to get them to our campsite instead so they will get them to you in some way.
    They arrives via UPS and you can track them easily we like you depart early actually a week today so just let them know and they will make sure you are not ticketless.

    1. Thanks for your reply Toni.

      Its funny as they have told us that there has been a delay in the tickets being released by the circuit, whereas they have obviously been released or you wouldn’t have received yours!

      I will get back in touch with them and see if they can ensure we receive the tickets before we leave.

      Enjoy the weekend, i know i will!

      1. Hi Guys

        I spoke to Marilyn today (took me a while to get through) she promised me my tickets were being dispatched tonight via UPS and delivered tomorrow ! fingers crossed. Do not want to miss out on this weekend, its going to be epic !!!

        1. Hopefully our tickets will also be posted out tonight! Then i can stop biting my nails and get on with looking forward to the race!

          Thanks for the update.

          1. tickets arrived at my office via UPS !! :-)

          2. We also have our tickets now. I don’t know what all the panic was about! :-)

  189. Hi all
    I can’t work out what power adaptor I need for the elephant camping site.
    The link just states the usual schuko 2 pin plug so do I just need a 3 point to 2 point adaptor, or an outdoor version ?
    Any help grateful, as I don’t want to roll up and not have the right bit – don’t fancy warm beer !

    1. Hi Luke
      its a 15-20 minute walk max to the track from elephant so not that far at all really.
      I think you would be better advised to walk rather than leave your bike somewhere unattended as it probably won’t be there when you go back. I don’t think there a lock up stands for pushbikes there and security won’t like you attaching your bike to the railings either I don’t think and you can’t take them into the track.
      If you can’t cope with the walk (or as we do as its downhill to the track but a bit uphill on the way back) then get the shuttle back. The €3 charge is a lot less than losing your bike!

    2. Hi Luke
      Schuko is the standard two pin plug used in most of Europe so your adapter should be fine.

    3. Hi Luke,

      please have a look to eMail I’ve send to you.
      Scroll down and you find a link to wikipedia. there you can see also a pic.


  190. Hiya
    Another query that may have been answered before:
    The Elephant looks to be a fair walk from the circuit.
    I am thinking about taking the pushbike.
    My query is:
    Can you take your bike into the circuit and just lock it up against railings or do you have to leave it outside the circuit? Is there secure bike racks anywhere?
    any advice most welcome

    1. the elephant is not a big walk look on google maps

      1. the distance from The Elephant is the same as I you are in Francorchamps village entrance La source. You have to pass all distance of Paddock to the main entrance Ster.
        Okay – Paddock is maybe interessant to see all the people who payd 5.000 Euro for their ticket … ;-) — from far.
        Please have a look to Google Maps.
        Greetings from Francorchamps

  191. anyone know how easy it is to get from malmedy to the track?

    1. MALMEDY Place Albert 1er (7:07, 8:16 …)
      Bus No. 395
      FRANCORCHAMPS Maison Godefroid (17 min.)

  192. information for piblic transportations:


  193. Hi All,

    I’ll be attending my first Belgian GP this year, v v excited about it! I’m camping with CampingF1 so if anyone’s also going to be on their site and wants to meet up to say hi, please get in touch with me via Twitter :)

  194. Got my A-Level results today! I did very well so my excitement for Spa can finally flow!
    Just wondering if anyone flying from Liverpool on the 24th? :)

  195. Is anyone still waiting for their tickets? Why is it….every year, Spa tickets are delivered WAY too close to time for comfort :(
    Been to Brit and German already this year and collecting at Singapore and never had this worry :(

    1. Yep, our tickets will be with us between now and Wednesday apparently, although we’re leaving on Wednesday – so i’m going to be worried til then!

      Hope you get yours soon!

  196. Hi all, just decided to go to Belgium GP this year, booked tickets last night. So cant wait!! was wondering about camping spots? my wife is 13wks pregnant so we really want something with not to much walking involved as her moaning about sore feet for 3 days doesn’t appeal to me that much!!
    I understand this is very late in the day but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Scottie
      we camp at elephant which is about 15-20 minutes walk downhill to the track which should be OK for your other half. They do also provide a shuttle bus which is great for the trip back as its uphill. Up to you what you decide to do.

  197. Hi, just wondering, is it possible to get a bus on the morning from lodomez to the circuit and how much does it cost? Just deciding on whether or not to camp at f1camping or at the elephant. Also what time do the buses operate?

    Thank you

    1. Not sure if this helps you but camping f1 lay on a shuttle service from their site to the circuit. No need to find another bus.

  198. Correct Cartoonz, but on their website, it doesn’t say that its included in the cheapest package price?
    I’m a stinge ya see haha

    1. Dan
      at elephant the shuttle bus is available at €3 per trip or a fixed price €15 for the whole weekend so you can use itas much as you like. I tend to walk to the track (downhill) but for the evening trip home when you have been walking around all day or it pours with rain then the bus is a godsend for the way home.
      If you decide to go there then we’d love to say hi!

  199. Dan, it unfortunately doesn’t :(

  200. Scottie
    We are staying camping d eau rouge situated quite close to circuit but it’s a permanent site so may be more comfortable for ur other half

  201. My 2nd Spa GP this year, cannot wait. Staying in a town called Ferrieres, any suggestions on easiest way to get to circuit? Taxi looking the only option. Any advice would be appreciated

  202. So anyone know then, is there a bus from lodomez to the circuit, and what time it runs etc? :) Thanks

  203. Does anyone know if the race is shown in any of the local bars after the race on Sunday night?

    1. How much is parking at the elephant on fri, sat & sun?

      And how do I book it?


  204. Hi Dan,

    very easy – click on my name and the web site will open with all informations and reservation form

    Parking 10,00 Euro/Day

    Greetings from Francorchamps

  205. Won’t work by clicking on your name, is the URL http://www.francorchamps-camping.com/
    if so, i have already reserved :)

    1. Dan
      if you are parking there then I sincerely hope you will say hello!
      Have a great time in any case!

  206. Does anyone have sat nav co-ordinates for the nearest parking to the Eau Rouge circuit entrance please? I’d like to programme my TomTom so I can easily find my way on the Thurs for the pitwalk, instead of messing around trying to figure out directions on the day :)

    1. Hi F1Cartoonz
      sorry am too much of a dummy to know how to find coordinates but you need the La Source entrance for the pitlane walk Thursday not Eau Rouge entrance (or you’ll have a pretty long walk)La source is the only entrance open Thursday.

      1. Thanks Carol! I must’ve read la source on here and turmed it into eau rouge inside my head :) I’m grateful for your correction !

        1. Rue de Circuit
          But near the entrance no chance to find a parking place – park ~ 500 before

          1. Thanks Michael I’ll park a little way from the circuit and walk in

  207. Hi people,

    can i visit the pitwalk on thursday afternoon with GA weekend tickets?

    1. Hi Luka
      yes you can- only criteria is that you have a weekend ticket.
      Have fun.

  208. Hi Micheal, I have just booked for parking at your site on Sat & Sunday from your website – hopefully this is ok.



    1. Hi Rob,
      thankz – have done paperwork – put you slippers and pls go to your postbox ;-)

      Greetings from Francorchamps (today with full sunshine!)

  209. Hi Michael

    All paid via paypal – thank you.

    Will you be able to send the
    Laissez-passer in time?



  210. Hi Michael

    Got the pass etc, many thanks, See you on Saturday morning.


  211. Whats the weather looking like?

    1. Knowing Spa – changeable! I wouldn’t trust a weather forecast so far ahead but best pack an emergency poncho just in case :)

      1. Forget any weather forecast-the weather in Spa is totally predictable……warm and sunny and then change to cold and stormy with torrential rain……….we just don’t know exactly when what will transpire!

  212. Hi

    Has anyone managed to get the timings for the weekend yet – I’m clearly looking in all the wrong places as I can only find the main F1 practice/quali/race, none of the support races or the all important pit walk!!



    1. There’s a list here for all of the support races and F1 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

      From earlier in the thread I think the pitwalk is at 1630hrs on the Thursday

      1. Thanks for that. We’ve had no problems finding info on the pit walk for other circuits, but this is our first Spa & it seems to be a state secret :o)

  213. So glad I found this site! It’s been a BIG help.

    Quick question. We’re driving from Calais on the Thursday evening. We’re camping at the circuit (yellow, I think). Will we be able to access the circuit and set up our tent late on Thursday evening? Really hope we can otherwise we’re in trouble!

    All help and advice much appreciated.

    1. You will not be able to access the track late on thursday but Yellow camping is outside the track, so no problem getting to the campsite.

      1. Thanks Jack, that’s great. Really appreciate your help. Ed

  214. Hi guys,

    Is it possible to buy GA tickets at the gate? I’m planning on arriving late Friday night so the earliest I could get to the track would be saturday morning.


    1. Hi Paul
      yes you can buy tickets at the gate. They take all sorts of payment (cash, credit card etc) cost €160 for the weekend.

  215. Hi guys, i’ve been looking forward to going back to Spa all year but am gutted to have to cancel due to work commitments.

    I had bought a full weekend ticket in the Gold GP2 grandstand (Block A, Row 2) which I now cannot use. Feel free to email me at do@stubrown.com if anyone is looking for an extra grandstand ticket.

  216. Hi,

    Just realised that while we had booked tickets for Spa (Silver 1), we hadn’t booked parking. All the sites show parkins is sold out, which I suspect is more down to the fact that tickets can’t be posted to arrive in time than an actual lack of space.

    Can anyone confirm that we will be able to buy Yellow parking tickets on Saturday for both days?

  217. hi all,

    does anyone have an contact info for the elephant campsite been trying to see if spaces are still available but have had no reply. not sure if I have the correct info?

    1. Scottie
      here’s the link for you:
      Click on the elephant in the middle of the page to get to the booking form. And yes I hear thee is still some space available- look forward to seeing you there!
      We’re off in the morning!

  218. So where are all the GA peeps vantage points going to be?
    Just looking for suggestions


  219. Not long to go now! Started sorting out the camping gear… leaving Wednesday for the Thursday morning tunnel crossing.

    Hope to see some of you at the Elephant. I’ll be the one trying to remember how my tent goes up!

  220. Hi guys – we’re heading out in a few days for Spa!! Never been, absolutely cannot wait. This trip was a surprise for my husband’s 40th, and as such I did all the planning, and um, missed a few details. Doh. Anyway, I totally spaced on parking, and we’ll be driving in all three days from Brussels. Are we totally hosed as far as driving ourselves? Any other parking options, or should we hit up the bus situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Liz

      The locals in francorchamps village open their land up for parking every year to earn a few quid. Thats where we park without any problems.
      From there its about a half mile walk to the la source entrance.


      1. Paul – Thank you! Glad to hear it and appreciate the response

  221. Me and girlfriend travelling down tomorrow, any local sights that anyone would recommend?


  222. I’m staying with campingf1 at lodomez. Does anyone know what the local towns and villages are like for sight seeing? Stavelot, spa, etc… Which Place close to spa would you choose to spend the odd spare half day? Also any sensibly priced resturants you can recommend in this area?

  223. Here’s the weather link provided by Michael earlier in this thread


    Looking wet until Sat but maybe dry for the race?

  224. Where can I find any official information about Thursday access to the track?
    When it will be open?
    GA (weekend) ticket is enough?

    1. Aux
      GA weekend ticket is fine- all you need is a weekend ticket. Pitlane walk is 4:30 pm Thursday and the only time you get access to the track. Also you need La Source entrance as that is the only access point on Thursday.
      Hope this helps

      1. Thanks Carol

  225. Hey guys – another question.

    I’m not sure on Sunday whether to travel to Verviers or Trois-Ponts and catch a bus from either to Francorchamps Maison Godefroid…

    On Sunday will it be difficult to catch a bus from either destination (verviers or trois-ponts) to the circuit? Anyone have any experience with this?

    I’ll be catching the earliest train (06.02 from Brussels Centrale) but it still only gets me at the circuit at 9.40am…

    What do folks think? Any help would be great!

    1. Hi Kate

      Think you should catch a lift with us when we drive through Brussels on Friday morning !!


      1. Aw I’d really like to, but I’m working on Friday (sad times) and I only have a Sunday ticket (even more sad times! )…

        Thanks so much for the offer though!

        I just don’t quite know how many bus services will be going to the circuit from those train stations…

        1. I feel a strategic sick day coming on for Kate this friday and a bit of a bashing on her credit card for more tickets lol…
          Sorry cant help with the buses :-(

  226. Going to be an awesome weekend!!!!

  227. Can anyone think of somewhere I can have tickets delivered to near the track?

    Due to a number of unfortunate events, a set of replacement tickets are not going to arrive before I leave :-( Don’t want to have to buy yet another set at crazy prices from the circuit.

    1. If you’re staying at a hotel or campsite then ask the hotel/campsite if they would be willing to receive the tickets for you?

  228. I agree with Thorne Kate ;) It’s a shame you didn’t get a weekend ticket, they’re cheaper (I thinkk) then than the individual Sunday ticket :)

  229. hi leaving tommorow morning arriving early aftertoon on thursday for pit walk going to be good

  230. Hi,

    Does anyone staying at the Elephant know if I can pay my balance when I arrive? I only got paid on the weekend, and I’ve tried emailing them about it, but haven’t had a response yet.



    1. Hi Rhys
      should not be a problem! Look forward to saying hello to you there.

  231. A friend and I have weekend tickets for Gold 8 (La Source). I have bought binoculars hopefully to see what’s going on down the pit lane from our seats. I can’t wait! This is my first visit to Spa. I don’t care what the weather does!! Roll on Thursday.

  232. Champagne packed what time is the way rouge party?

  233. Hi all,

    We are staying at Balmoral a few miles north of the circuit. We have General Admission tickets which state we should use the red or green car parks at the south of the circuit. I suspect we will get tangled up in big queues if we attempt to drive from north to south.

    Is it possible to park in the north side (yellow?) car parks and get into the circuit at La Source with a General Admission ticket ? The thought of being turned away from La Source gate and walking to the gates at the other end of the circuit with kids in tow is a worry.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  234. I just want to wish everyone a mega great time! Am signing off now as off early in the morning! Look forward to seeing a few of you folks there! Enjoy!

  235. Bah, is it really 5 something am? What am I doing up at this time….? Oh yeah. Grand prix wooooooop!

    If anyone is at Campinng F1 tonight say hello to the lonely looking fella with the unfeasibly large tent, it could be me. Have a great GP weekend everyone :)

  236. see you on thursday

  237. hi im going to spa this year 2011 and i am a big man utd fan also, can any1 tell me is there a pub near by to the track which would possibly have utd vs arsenal on straight after the race? im staying on the elephant campsite so anything near to there any1 could recommend would be appreciated.

  238. Hello again!

    So excited for this Sunday!! My ticket just arrived, however I was wondering if anyone knew whether I might be able to convert my sunday general admission ticket at the circuit on Saturday to a weekend general admission ticket? Or will it be too late now, and I’d have to pay another 75 euros for Saturday entry?

    What do you guys think? I tried emailing my ticket provider, but I suspect they are pretty busy right now :)

  239. D-2 !

    Got my Gold 4 ticket !

    Looking forward for another exciting race.
    I grew up in Spa and this is always a special moment to get back there.
    I still remember a few years back when the circuit was still open to road traffic !

    I wish you all a nice week-end !

  240. Hi all, we’ve been in Belgium and the Netherlands since Saturday (and have been bitten to death to prove it). Heading to the Elephant tomorrow for 4 nights and looking forward to a great weekend. We’ve no fridge or electric to provide cold beer but if you see us in a little bay window’d VW campervan feel free to stop by and say hello.
    Come on Jenson!!
    Rob & Caroline.

  241. Heading off in the morning for London then off to Belgium on Friday. We’re in Gold 7 on Sat and Sun.

    Here’s hoping for a great race

  242. Hi,
    We are heading to Aachen today to check into hotel & then on to the circuit for the pit walk! We have yellow parking passes for fri-sun, will we be able to park there today too or would we have to pay extra?
    V excited now!

  243. Arrived yesterday – weather here is fine right now. Had dinner in a great restaurant at Stavelot yesterday. Today – exploring am and track walk pm. Hope to bump into some of you :)

  244. One question: Does the Bronze Weekend Ticket Holder have access for the Pitwalk today?and which will it be??

    1. If you read some of the earlier comments I believe this has already been answered.

  245. sat chilling at the elephant, bacon sarnies for brekkie, bring on the pitwalk later. weather is kind so far lets hope it stays that way!

  246. Aaaaargh. Missed the ferry at Dover by 5 minutes so will miss the pitwalk now !

  247. so jealus sat at work and leave at 4am tomorrow morning. eek i miss free practise, I booked a caoch trip but don’t get there to go to circuit to sat am.
    still I will be there and only way I could do it alone.

    all have fun…


    1. Hi Jo

      Me too still at work, wish i was in the pit lane now :-( i go in a few hours so should get there just as you leave. Try and look out for us if you want to meet up, we have been trying to round up a party so we can pitch up and look after each other and our gear for loo beaks etc. We have GA and camping green.


      1. Hey guys, yeah I’ve been pretty jealous of the people on the pitlane walk today… not long now!!

        See you guys at the circuit – Thorne I’ll give you a text on Saturday or something :)

        1. Yes drop me a text anytime and we can all meet up :-)

  248. hey guys,look for someone who is going with me on the race at sunday,cause im coming alone.im living here in belgium,so if is somebody interested you can contact me on my email: the_ch00sen1@hotmail.com or on my number 0032 488 661 066…im 24 years old,greetz

  249. Hello every1

    Can you tell me where’s the VIP entrance cause I’m thinking to grab some autographs from drivers?

    And do you have any idea what gate is it going to be open when the race in over? I want to see the podium celebration so I have to know where should I buy a ticket.

    Thank you.

  250. Hey guys just got a last minute ticket for Sunday (got raped on the price). Flew all the way from Australia to see this bad boy, so not going to miss it now. Was wondering if anyone has any room for a single traveller at there camp site. Am very will to pay. Will be arriving sat afternoon. If you have room for me and would like to meet up please email me Jacob.potaka@gmail.com. Or txt me +49 17671564005

  251. Guys can someone let me know where i can get 2 tickets for Spa. I am in Brussels and since in Africa we dont use credit cards, I got to spa hopeing to get one and am stuck, I need to bronze tickets. My mail is hawl52@gmail.com or call me on +256 776 358754.


  252. Can i buy a ticket at the track???

    1. Yes you can get them from the F1 motel..

  253. Hi All

    Arrived yesterday and having a fantastic time. One question – does anyone know what time the gates open tomorrow? Planning a dash to Pouhon as walked all round today and think that will give us the best view.


      1. Thanks

        My nutter Brother-in-law was at the gate at Ster entrance at 0600. We did get a fantastic position on Pouhon!

  254. Wheres the best place to find pictures of Thursdays Pitwalk?

  255. Bit of a long shot here but here goes ……………

    My little girl was lucky enough to be lifted into Schumachers pit lane area on the pit walk thursday ( because she was being crushed by the crowds) where he signed her t shirt and autograph book. She’s so excited. Unfortunately though she was lifted away from us so we were unable to get a photo of her near him. Has anyone got a photo of her that they might have caught whilst taking a pic of Schuey? She is blonde and was wearing a schumacher t shirt we had made. I know I should just be grateful we got his autograph but it would really make my grand prix if we can find a photo lurking somewhere. If anyone thinks they can help please email me garretttowers@yahoo.co.uk. Im prepared to pay if someone has a photo

    Jo x

  256. Just found 2 cool pics of myself and girlfriend with Daniel Ricciardo, if anyone else see’s or knows of any other pics of us both please drop me an email drazy@hotmail.co.uk



    Would be grately appreciated

  257. Hello! Spa this year was epic! The pit walk on Thursday was amazing! Ended up having a nice chat with Vettel! He took for ages to make his way down to us but in the endit was worth it. Was hoping to make a witty remark but he beat me to it. I was moaning about how well behaved I was being so when he came to me he said “Are you the one who’s behaving?” Could have literally melted!
    Though campingf1 hqd problems all weekend I still had a lovely time there…but I think that was more due to the company I had :) ahh well
    Great race weekend, i’d definitely go to Spa again.

  258. Just got back from an amazing Spa Grand Prix 2011 but wanted to post information about how to get to the track for all fans next year. We found no info before we went so were a bit nervous on the Saturday for qualifying. There is no info online because there was nothing set up but there are many ways to get there so don’t fear. We took the train from Brussels Midi to Vervier (trains go every hour) then happened across a rather random “special bus” that had been put on by the rail company (6EUROS return). There was no timetable and no order to this bus schedule. The staff organising didn’t seem to realise about 150,000 people were about to descend on Spa. We got the bus anyway and it took about 25 minutes to get to Spa. The bus stopped about a mile from the track but we followed the crowd and the noise of free practice.
    Returning we took a different route. Not confident in the bus being there for the return journey. We got a taxi from the circuit (up by the car parks – follow the orange TAXI signs) for Spa train station. This is about 10 miles away and cost us 30EUROS (probably wouldn’t do this again). The Spa trains also go every hour and unfortunately we just missed one so spent a rainy hour in the local pub opposite. No one spoke English but very welcoming. Spa to Verviers took about 15 minutes and then we used our return ticket (38EUROS return) back from Verviers to Brussels Midi. Hope this is helpful.

  259. It seems everyone had a great time- I know we did! The wasps were a pain though!
    If anyone stayed at Elephant and has comments/suggestions for improvements then please drop me a mail on
    carol.treurnicht@arcor.de so we can make things better for future campers. The pathways are already being improved and a couple of other things so anything you didn’t like then let me know!
    Otherwise see you all there next year!

  260. Michael seems like he has found his bearing compared to 2010 f1 season, I am so proud of him, I enjoy all his races since he began way back in 1991, if he do not get World Champion next year, I have a hunch he will go and get on with his family and hobbies, but knowing Michael has i do very well he isnt a easy quitter, very strong willed guy. I just hate it when the media brings up his past, ok he has made some errors hasnt anyone, the ones who critize him have made errors but you never hear there names go. I think they are jealous and will never admit there weaknesses.

  261. Am looking to book up for the 2012 Spa race – I was going to book the official yellow campsite but the reports don’t seem to great… am taking my 70 year old dad so don’t want anything too crazy.

    What is the english version of the elephant campsite website?


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