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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 British Grand Prix.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 British Grand Prix

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  1. I am going to the 2011 British Grand Prix. It will be my first experience of Formula 1 and I can NOT wait!

    I’ve been a long term fan of the sport and have been waiting for my chance to go!

    I have general admission so was wondering where the best place to go is.

    Many thanks

    1. Adam,

      Silverstone has some great views from all round the circuit, but Copse corner is a really good place to watch the cars from.

    2. this year will be my third at Silverstone. My recommendation is to get a three day general admission ticket with camping. On the friday, just wander around the circuit and find the place which you enjoy the most and watch from there. Then on saturday and sunday, get up early (like realllllly early) and take your folding chair, and set up camp for the day.

      First year I watched from quali from stowe, that was awesome. then race from copse, which wasn’t as good as i’d hoped because the cars seemed miles away.

      second year i watched from club corner. that was really good, and gave a long view of the cars.

      Hope this helps

      1. Going in 2011 from London. Just bought the day ticket for me and the wife. We thought of arriving by train from London to Milton Keynes and then catch a cab down to the track. Is this the correct thing to do since we don’t have a car? We plan on getting there early sunday and posting up somewhere. What is the best location for gen. adm?
        Thanks so much and go F1!

  2. Well we reckon that if you get on the inside of the circuit you can move around freely and enjoy the view.

    Of course the pits complex moves next year to the Hangar Strait so that will change the viewing…. We love Stowe Out.

    We speak as long term race goers and are now flag marshals – why not join the marshals club and start marshalling at events – you can enjoy a v close view for free then in 2012

    1. the problem is everything will change next year due to the pits moving but to clarify one or two points above. Copse has had no GA access over the last few years. The terrace in front of the grandstands has been bronze+ in the last few years and needs a specific ticket. Access to the inside of the track is not possible on a GA ticket either.
      If still available Vale is one of the best GA areas but you need to get there real early.

      1. copse does have general admission. I watched in 2009 when Vettel won from there. However, it’s a tiny little area that unless you’re there from gates opening, you’re not getting in.

        1. what time to the gates open on sunday?

          1. Really early. Like, You’ll be up before the sun if you dont have a grand stand spot, and you want a decent spot.

  3. I am planning to do Silverstone next year, been an F1 fan since I was a toddler in the mid-70’s, but never been to watch a race.
    Money is tight so I’m thinking either a GA fri-sun or Silver fri-sun ticket.
    What is the best bet for a 1st timer???

    1. For a first visit I would say it is worth the extra £50 to get a silver ticket. The good GA spots fill up really early on race day (a lot people leave the campsites around 5am) and GA is easier once you know your way around.
      I sit in Stowe Silver stands every year. It has great views down Hangar Straight and round to Club. The downside has been you are at the furthest point from the start / finish and a lot of the off track stuff is therefore 25 minutes walk away.Even so there is a small entertainment area at Stowe. However with start / finish moving naybe most off track will move too. Best thing with a grandstand ticket is you can sit in most stands on Friday / Saturday. So you can walk the track Friday / Saturday watching the different sessions from different stands. Then head for your reserved seat at a sensible time on Sunday.

      1. I have booked my tickets recently for a silver all weekend pass at stowe so it looks like i’ve made a good choice from the above comments. I have also gone for the camping which i have heard is worth doing for the extra atmospheric enjoyment, has anybody camped up there and know what it’s like?

        1. Which campsite Dan? There’s probably a dozen sites from just a couple of hundred metres away, to a mile and a half away.
          Just don’t go expecting a peaceful quiet nights sleep.

          1. Well, now you’re asking! haha it’s the first time i’ve been and i just booked the camping on the Silverstone website when i booked the weekend tickets so i honestly can’t answer that… I did have to choose between “lively camping” or “family camping” no brainer, i’ve been allocated a pitch and it appears to be just southwest of stowe corner but it looked really close to the track on the map…?

          2. Well when i booked it i did it all through the silverstone website and selected the “Lively Camping” and it allocated me a pitch on a site very close southwest of Stowe, not sure if they have several that they contract for the event, being a novice i naturally assumed this was just their own site…?

        2. Dan, Yep the site you have booked is Silverstone’s on camping, most the rest are independant and run by the land owners (farmer’s fields, golf courses, cricket clubs anywhere you can pitch a tent there is a campsite.)
          You’ll have a great time where you are and wake up to the sound of race cars being fired up every morning.

  4. I’ll go in 2011 again.
    2010 was my first time and it was excellent. I went by myself and i enjoyed every minute of the 3 days. I had 3 day GA tickets and stayed in the campsite. I watched the practice from a couple of different stands and the race from becketts. It’s a shame that the 2011 tickets don’t have roving gradstand access for the practice sessions.

    1. Who said that the tickets do not allow you to pick your own grandstands on Friday and Saturday? Silverstones website says that it is still allowable.

  5. I’ve got a grandstand seat opposite the new pit straight, I sat there this year where it was general admission. I’m going for all three days, costing me £305 so i’ll be sleeping in the car at the Park & Ride site to keep costs down! Really looking forward to it though, going to be a great three days!

    1. Hi, just wondering if you have any feedback on the international pit straight grandstand. Can you see into the pit lane at low level or do you need to go higher? Was it worth it?

  6. I just bought my ticket. General Admission + camping. It’ll be great!

  7. We are on Village A this year…bought the tickets at the circuit last year and paid the same as we paid last year for upgraded tickets…I CANNOT wait! I didnt think I could get more excited about a season as I did last year…until now! Bring it on!!!

  8. I went last year and had Platinum weekend tickets and camped with Camping F1. I watch FP1 from the pit straight, FP2 from Becketts, FP3 from Copse Corner, Qualifying from Pit Straight and the race from Luffield B. Was an amazing weekend and Cmaping F1 were a decent enough host. Good entertainment and somewhere to sleep.

    Got my tickets again for this year in December. Got Platinum tickets again with race seats on the new pit straight as my only slight upset with last year was missing the podium celebrations. Will defo be watching qualifying from the pit straight too and hitting Becketts and maybe the old pit straight for some of the practices. Books into a nice hotel 8 miles away from the circuit just to add to the comfort this year.

    2010 was epic…………roll on 2011.

    LH for the title…….of course.

  9. This will be my 14th year at Silverstone and it’s a great track. Always really look
    forward to it.

    I would always get a grandstand as you really need to get in the track early to get a good spot GA. I know I’ve done it. Would also recommend camping at either Whittlebury Park (if seats at top of circuit near Copse) or Silverstone (if seats near bottom of track around Stowe).

  10. A couple of us are thinking of going but finding it hard to get information on how to get there in the first place by bus or train!

    1. where are you going from roughly?

    2. I went with 3 friends in 2010. We took a train (We live a 5 hours drive away from Silverstone, which is a 7 hour train journey) And we had two change overs, with a convenient bus service running from the nearest train station to the centre of Silverstone, which is a 5 minute walk from the Stowe entrance.

      Hope this helped! If you have any more questions just ask!

      1. I hadn’t realised it was so easy to get there by public transport. What’s the nearest train station? Northampton? Is it a free shuttle bus? Are there lots of them? Big queues?

      2. Cheers! Where were you travelling from?

    3. You could get a train to Northampton and the get a shuttle bus to the circuit. They go Fri, Sat and Sun from there. I think its stagecoach that put on the buses so you can check their website nearer the time for times and prices. I used to drive to Northampton station and get the bus to the cicuit before I discovered the joys of camping!

  11. Stayed at woodlands and enjoyed the music and the atmospehere on a night time

    As I’m coming again this year I was wondering is woodlands the best place to stay for live music ?

  12. Staying in a tent from Friday onwards is definitely a more cost effective way than parking at the circuit each day. Has anyone seen the prices? £39 for just Sunday parking. £19 for Saturday. Or three days for £49! What a rip off. Obviously they want us to pay for the new pits as quick as we can.
    All the information is quietly hidden away on the Q&A pages of the website where few will see it until it’s booking time and that total is rising.
    I’ll be pitching my tent there for my 27th consecutive British GP, even though my home is just thirty minutes away. Take in the atmosphere, and save money at the same time.

  13. Heres my conundrum, I want to go to the grand prix, but nobody else will come with me. Do i go on my own? or wait for another year and go with people?

    1. Were you planning on going fit whole weekend or just race day?

    2. If you’re going for the full weekend, book camping tickets and say hello to any one and you’ll not be on your own for long.

      I go to Silverstone every year and have always met great people both at campsite and at trackside.

      Then you can get home and tell your mates what they missed

      Good luck to you. And if you end up going and book camping tickets through the circuit, let me know.

    3. Don’t worry about going on your own – I’m going on my own (my wife REALLY is not interested, but bought me a single grandstand ticket as a birthday present). I’ll still have a great time, and be able to talk about it and show pictures when I get back.

      Plus, I’ll probably exchange a few words with the people sitting around me…

  14. The whole weekend would be my preference, like I did last year, when I dragged my some-what reluctant dad along.

  15. Hi Guys,

    I’m taking a coach trip to the gp but have an option to upgrade to Gold with the following options:-

    Woodcote B
    Luffield B
    Village A

    Can anyone tell me where the best vantage point is?


  16. Ive sat in them all, but would probably go with Woodcote B this will give good views from Luffeild and along the old pit straights. But they are all good seats.

    Which ever you chose have a good time.

  17. Dont go for Vale, i bought tickets for stowe B last year which were cheaper than Vale, the lads we went with got vale tickets and said they would have much prefered to stay at stowe.

    Out of your options Village looks the best to me, especially with the new start finish

  18. Thanks for replying guys.

    Steph :o)

  19. I’ve booked grandstand at Stowe for whole weekend plus booked the lively camping through silverstone. I’ve never done the camping before and am a little apprehensive as i’m bringing my F1 fan 10 year old son. Anyone got any advise or experience of bringing kids for the whole weekend.

  20. Been taking my son camping for whole weekend to Silverstone since he was 8. He’s now 19 and looks forward to it every year.

    Am also camping at Silverstone. Its a good atmosphere and not too noisy even in the lively part (which is where we are).

    Im sure youll have a great weekend.

    1. Cheers for the reply, you’ve instantly put my mind at ease. We’re both looking forward to it. If this trip goes well, who knows, perhaps Spa next year as well.

      1. Went to Spa this year. A great track, but the weather OMG talk about rain and lightening. Also very, very hilly so may be tough for a little fella to walk the whole track, but a great weekend.

        Going to Monza this year and staying in hotel,hopefully will be sunny. Tea shirts rather than waterproofs.

  21. On reflection, you do make a compelling argument for Monza. Not sure my McLaren attire will gel with the locals though :-)

  22. I’ll let you know when I get back.

    If you are considering Spa though can give you some good tips regarding camping etc. It really is a fantastic track for drivers but for spectators I reakon Silverstone is better. And I don’t think I would take a 10 yr old. Too far from camp sites to track, and too many hills to go up an down. If he’s anything like my son he’ll whinge all day.

  23. Hi,

    I booked my first ever GP tickets last week! I am going to Silverstone GA and camping at Woodlands. Cant wait and I just wish it was July now.

    I’m going it alone as my husband and son don’t like F1 (fools) so look out for me struggling to put my tent up.


    1. If my experience at Woodlands last year is anything to go by, if you’re struggling to pitch your tent, you’ll have everyone around you offering to help, it’s an excellent way to meet people to hang out with over the weekend.

    2. I’m going to my first GP this year too – going with my mum – girls weekend away – so you wont me the only one struggiling with a tent!!!

  24. Good for you. It’s a great weekend, I’m sure someone will help with your tent.

  25. Was at Copse Bronze terrace last year for mf first GP, was pretty awesome, camped at the official site so was lose enough not to miss a single session (incl. all the support races, those are always fun)

    After Renault World Series last year, I decided that the Village grandstands had a pretty awesome view of a very large portion of the track, so I’ve gone and bought mysely some Platinum Village B tickets for this season… ouch they’re expensive, hope it’s worth it over copse :)

  26. i got GA plus camping tickets, booked them couple of months ago but it didnt say anything about which camp site we are based..who do u guys know where your staying?

    1. It will be Woodlands.

  27. I have been going to Silverstone for the last 5 years and always had a seat in a Luffield B or C grandstand. This year I am trying something different. I am trying the Club Silverstone ticket. It is around the Becketts complex. Has anybody had this ticket before. What was it like. I normally go with my Dad but he has a hip operation in the summer so will be recovering when the british GP is on. So that is why i have had the extra money to get this ticket as it is only me this year. Hope that it is cool and a great experience. Hope to see a great race and meet other F1 Fanatics like me.

    1. We have been Club Silverstone for the last 2 years and have our tickets for this year, which will make it our 3rd year. The facilities last year were far better than the previous year, which I think may have been the first year they did this and the view from the grandstand was amazing with the changes to the circuit. You can now see far more of the circuit, in fact we didn’t know where to look when they were out on free practice and qualifying days as there were so many parts of the track you can see.

      Whilst you still have to pay for your food and drinks, there is a far greater choice of food and drink (even down to champagne if you want it), large screen TV and toilets in the complex which are kept clean all the time. Perfect viewing when the Red Arrows fly over as their flight path is directly over where the Club Silverstone complex is so you probably get a far better view than anyone else on the circuit. The first year the seating was an issue as there were not enough seats for all the people that were wanting to get in to the complex itself, but last year this had been addressed.

  28. Will be there! Have been going for many years now and love it more and more every time. Can’t wait for the smell and noise of F1 engines mixed with larger and burgers :)

  29. <F1 Newbie

    Really looking forward to 2011 GB GP with General Admission tix… planning on walking the circuit on Fri with my mate to check out best spots for Qually/Race day.

    Q1) are there any good photo diaries/blogs showing the perspective from different spots?

    Q2) I've heard GA queuing for gates can be an overnight affair for the best spots, is this true?

    Q3) Can I bring outside food/drink with me? (I'm planning on buying a 35L cooler + dry ice for the weekend)

    any advice is much appreciated.

    1. 1) Not sure, you should have enough time on Friday to get a good view from most spots

      2) On the sunday last year, I remember having to queue from early AM, got to gate about 30-60 mins before they opened and had a good amount of people in front of me. I had a terrace and it was still a bit of a fight for the best space, I can only imagine GA is a nightmare

      3) AFAIK you can :)

    2. I’m sure you’d find plenty of photos on a hosting site like FlickR or Photobucket if you used the right search words.

      Many fans with GA tickets do indeed start queuing from midnight onwards to get the best vantage points. Those have now diminished even further with the building of the new pit complex. All the best spots will have Grandstands situated at them.

      Food & drink are no problem. There are plenty of outlets at the circuit. But with GA you might struggle getting to and from them from your seat.

      Sorry to sound so negative. But I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it.

  30. Hi everyone,

    I’m flying into Heathrow for the Grand Prix, and am wondering how do I travel to Silverstone from London? Should I try to rent a car or get public transport? Are there massive queues? How much time should I allow? I am completely ignorant here!

    Any advice is gratefully welcomed!

    1. First you have to get into central London. So the easiest option for that will be a tube train ride.
      Then a train from London to Northampton. Then a bus / coach / (expensive )taxi to Silverstone.

      Good luck.

  31. Hello everyone..!!! Im from Mexico City and next July im going to Gp Silverstone im really happy ..!!! But im trying to get my tickets now in F1.com but i need your help becouse i want to know where are rhe best seats with the best view !? And if you have some tips for me i really apprecitae them
    Thank you Salvador
    Mexico City

    1. Hi Salvador,

      There have been a lot of changes at Silverstone over the last two years so it is difficult. This year they are moving the start / finish so again some stands which were great will be not so good.

      If you can afford it the view from Becketts is great, you see the cars through the fast Maggotts / Becketts bends and also have a good view as they come back round the Loop complex and disappear up the National Straight.

  32. Ted,

    A cab from MK would be expensive. Get the train to Northampton where I believe there are free or cheap regular bus transfers to the circuit. I would check Silverstone or the bus company for info.

    The gates open at 6 am but GA ticket holders willl start queuing way before this to get the best spots.

    1. It’s actually unnecessary to queue up in early morning. You only get the front rows by going early and I don’t think it’s worth it.

      If you go friday or saturday have a walk around the circuit and you will find good spot you like. I had “Copse E” last year but only went there for 15 minutes maybe bcoz it was overcrowded. I believe bcoz they put all the “Copse D” ticket holders like me to “Copse E” because they made it disabled viewing area last year.

      You can sit right after “Copse E” ends (one foot away from last person of Copse E)with a GA ticket if you go early, but again not worth going 5 hours early unless you enjoy being in the queue

  33. Hi, there’s some great advice on here, but I and a few mates have booked Lively Camping with 3 day GA passes and were wondering if 1) we’re allowed to bring our own booze in (unlike at Trent Bridge test matches!) 2) Where exactly is lively camping/does it have a beer tent and 3) are small barbecues allowed?

    We’re all really looking forward to a top weekend and dare I say it (I’m British) I’d love to see Webber win, aside from the fact that he’s a quality driver, he seems to have a first rate attitude and determination. 

  34. Jim,

    Answers for you:

    1: Of course you can take your own beer.
    2: Campsite is just a couple of minutes walk from track at bottom of club corner. Yes there is a beer tent and food stalls.
    3: Yes you can have a barbecue. I think it needs to be a contained unit as you are not allowed open fires.

    I’m also a Brit but understand what you say about Webber, he’s a quality driver. I’m sure most would disagree but I would also love to see Schumacher get in amongst the front runners.

  35. Hey guys, I am travelling to Silverstone again this year. Went last year for the first time and stayed in Northampton and used to Stagecoach shuttle bus from there. This year I am staying in Milton Keynes and will be getting the train from there to Northampton – is it 100% confirmed that the shuttle bus Stagecoach run will be on again this year? What’s the chances of it not running? This will be my own way of getting to Silverstone so need to know!

  36. Hi all – great forum!

    I’ve saved my pennies and Silverstone will be my first GP – I have a Platinum ticket for Becketts, which is really exciting for me.

    My question is simple – should I buy ear defenders, or ear plugs?

    Any recommendations will be very welcome!

    1. Hi Evie
      This will be my third GP at Silverstone and last year I sat in the Becketts grandstand. The noise is pretty loud during first few laps when most of the cars are close together however after that it’s not so bad. Personally I use ear plugs because after a short time you kinda forget they are there and are hassle free. Bulky ear defenders are a bit of a pain to carry around. The noise is awesome though and you will love it.

  37. Evie,

    I have been going for years and the noise is great. Have to say I don’t use anything, but if I did I think eat plugs would suffice.

    1. Thanks guys for your replies – most helpful!


  38. First time to silverstone this year. Got platinum tickets at village b for the whole weekend. A 40th birthday gift from my wife. Can’t wait. Went to Monaco last month and drove the course. Just a little too pricey to watch the gp there. Come on Lewis and jenson!!!!

  39. Right, so literally just ten minutes ago I booked myself ticket for the Gold Weekend Uncovered seat at Village A. I had been threatening to do this for the longest time so I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I am travelling on my own and meeting up with fellow F1 fans from Twitter for the weekend. I have never met any of them in person and that is part of the excitement!! :-D

    This will be my first ever race ever so I dont really know what to expect but I’m just gonna roll with it anyway and we’ll see how things pan out. I will definitely make this a regular thing though.

    It would be cool to meet some other characters from here to if ye are up for it.

    It would be soooo cool to meet the faces behind the avatars and sign in names. :D

    1. Good luck to you, hope you have a great weekend. We’ve been going for years and wouldn’t miss it.

      I’m sure you’ll meet all sorts as in all the years we’ve been going have never failed to meet a great crowd.

  40. Where do I get tickets? Never been to silverstone, lost my fiancee at Xmas so living life to the max, first timer, help!!!

    1. Sorry to hear about that, mate.

      Tickets can be bought from the Silverstone website here –


      Or you can got o the ticket section of the official Formula One section. There will be other sites too but I would only ever trust these two!!

      1. official Formula One website* lol

  41. Thanx huns will give it a go. Looking forward to a gd wkend, I know how excited I get watching on tv wot a buzz it’d gona b watching live!!! Let u know how I get on, x x

  42. Hi guys, I booked 2 GA tickets for the three days from the official Silverstone site but despite getting an order confirmation page and reference number I’ve not received any email confirmation whatsoever (ordered several hours ago now). I hope I’m just being paranoid but I don’t want to lose out on getting tickets and don’t want to buy them twice either, lol. Just wondered what experience anyone’s had who bought tickets from there, hope it’s got something to do with this long bank holiday weekend.

    Already booked the camping spot at Litchlake farm, travelling via train and bus from Glasgow. Cannot wait, just fingers crossed the tickets are mine!

    1. Dave,

      I have been booking direct through Silverstone for years and have never had any problem.

      You should receive a confirmation sheet showing: –
      Customer reference no
      Booking reference no
      Order date
      And below that details of event, type of tickets purchased and cost.

      Tickets will then turn up 2-4 weeks before race weekend. If you’re worried give them a call tomorrow.

      Have a great weekend.

    2. I bought last year and this year also from silverstone official site and I got instant email response. You can also email them(via the contact form) as they do reply to email promptly. You should have a reference number on the confirmation page when you finished paying. Also if the money goes from your bank account should not be a problem to find a reference.

      1. Thanks for the info, I’ve sent a message using that form on their website, just waiting til tomorrow since I’m figuring no human beings will have been in the office today :p

        Fingers crossed all is well, and they’re not sold out yet at least!

    3. I am travelling from Glasgow aswell (on my own) but staying at a hotel in Milton Keynes and getting there by bus. Will be getting the train to Northampton on Saturday and Sunday to get a shuttle bus to the track.

      How do you get to the campsite via bus/train? I wanted to camp but cos I don’t have public transport I didn’t know how to get there.

      Any hints/tips would be helpful for next year!!

      1. We’re getting the train to Northampton with one change in Birmingham, then walk or get a taxi to Northampton bus station and the 88 bus takes about an hour to get to the Silverstone village. You can either walk to the track from there, about a 30 minute walk, or there’s meant to be a bus that goes past closer to the track on Brackley road (change in Silverston village onto the X88), but the bus timetable isn’t too clear on that part and how often they run… Worst would be a 30 minute walk to the campsite, and it’s easy enough to find looking at Google Maps. Much cheaper than any other method I could find to get close to the track. Hope I’m right and hope that helps!

        1. Thanks. Will def be looking out the tent for next year as it seems cheaper than the shocking prices for local hotels! If you are travelling from Glasgow next year let me know and I will tag along if you don’t mind :D

  43. I’m a lone female hoping to camp x enjoy the 3 days at silverstone, wot is security like at campsite if any? Bit nervous as never travelled alone!!!

    1. You’ll be fine, everyone there was really friendly when I went alone last year (albeit I’m male, which helps me feel a lot more secure I’d guess) from the thursday until the monday morning. The people you end up camping around will be your main security from what I could tell; there seemed to be a few vehicles patrolling but nothing major.

      If it’s personal security you’re worried about, getting to know the people around you well should help, just to have people around you that can make you feel safer.

      If it’s an issue with your property, leave little if anything valuable in your tent and again get to know the people around you.

      Don’t think there’s much more I can say on the matter, other than enjoy the experience, it is an excellent few days.

    2. Chez,

      We have been camping for years (at Whittlebury Park, and last year and this at Silverstones own site) and have never had any issues. Common sense says you lock valuables in your car (if you have one) or carry them with you, but I have never heard of anyone having anything nicked.

      Both campsites I have used employ security with roving patrols at night. Both sites issue wrist bands and at Silverstone these were checked to gain entry to the site.

      The crowd has always in my experience been realy friendly and we always make new friends each year. Im sure if you say hello to whoever is around you, you will soon be invited for a drink and barbeque. If your at Silverstones Woodlands site then let us know, there are 9 of us all meeting up on the Thursday for the weekend, one more wouldn’t hurt. The more the merrier.

    3. Hi Chez,

      Dont worry, I’m also a female, and going sola to my first GP. I’m camping at Woodlands (although I thinks its sold out now) and every one I have spoken to has said that you wont be lonely for long. Ive also been on twitter and made contact with loads of other people going, in fact we are organising our potnoddle and cider party as we speak, lol.

      Only 66 days to go, may just bump into you there! Nxx

  44. Thanx for the advise, I’m v friendly so making pals won’t b a issue, ill make sure I won’t take anything valuable or sentimentle, ill just make sure I enjoy instead of worrying, sure sum1 will b in same boat!!

    1. The main problem of going alone is taking photos. I found it very uncomfortable last year to ask people every time you want to take a photo and you obviously want quite a few(with the cars on display outside specially). I will like to meet with some there this time.

      1. Robin, I will take yours if you promise to take better pictures of me. If your going to be around on the Friday, and want to spend a few hours picture taking just drop me a message. Nxx

  45. I’m travelling from Portsmouth on the Friday, is there any special coaches etc or is it a very long train journey? Thanx mick for the advise, looks like its gona cost a small pkt!! Any1 goin from pompey wiv a spare seat or 2?

  46. megabus http://silverstone.megabus.com/default.aspx

    but I don’t think they will go on friday.

  47. Ok thanx robin ill check the site out, as soon as I know wot ok doin maybe any newbie loners could meet up? I’m camping x hopefully goin by public transport, wish me luck,

  48. Every time I go onto silverstone web page it kicks me out!!! Wot r the cheapest tickets?

    1. It shouldn’t kick you out… weird. The cheapest tickets are £149 for general admission. If you want grandstand tickets, only tickets that are left cost £272 (plus £6 postage).

  49. Chez,

    Site seems to be working fine. For 3 day tickets general admission is £152.17 and grandstand £274.72 (only 3 stands left by look of it)

    Plus a delivery fee of £6.00

  50. Only 66 days to go ;))

    1. Nicky
      Yes sure,Although I am not a professional but I take good photos. Trick is to hold the camera firm and make good consideration of the subject and the background, surely you need a good camera as well. All the photos I take of my frineds are good but when they take mine is unfortunately not as good :(

      Oh and I like quality and have unlimited patience so I can take as many as you want till you are satisfied.

      Yes I am planning to go there friday as well this year. But also on saturday you can take your time to go out between the practice and qualifying time bcoz its boring to sit at one place, but however some front row people always holds station.

      It will be great to meet you. here is my email ruleworld@gmail.com

      1. Robin,

        I’m no David Bailey, but I will try to make sure any pictures I take of you will come out all right. I only have a normal digital camera nothing flash.

        Would be great to meet up on the saturday, I will drop you an e-mail closer to the time to arrange something.


  51. Thanx for the info guys x girls, must b my phone playing up!! Well I definately can’t afford grandstand so ga it is now to book camping! Soooo can’t wait, hope to meet sum of u, tk care all, happy watching!!!

    1. chez,
      ga tickets are not bad at all. Last year I bought Copse E(Originally Copse D, everyone got Copse E bcoz of circuit change). I did not spend more than 15 minute at copse E. I fortunately was able to get into space infront of Copse A and able to see the start line and yes I saw the all important start of the race.

      This year I bought ga ticket bcoz of that. There are some good spots like hangar straight and place in between stowe and club. Just have a walk around on friday or saturday and see where you like.

  52. Thanx again robin. Hope I can remember all this info! Just gota work out travel arrangements x I’m sorted, ill put my nickname outside my tent so popin x say hi, happy racing guys x glrls,

  53. Soo outa order charging per person for camping, should b per pitch, getting v expensive, b cheaper to go abroad at this rate, oh well only gona do it once better do it properly!!!

  54. Chez,

    F1 ain’t cheap, but no cheaper abroad. I was in Spa last year and am going to Monza this year and Silverstone is not badly priced taking all into consideration. If you were camping at Spa you would pay for pitch €160.

  55. Booked my tickets today, and very excited about seeing the British GP.

    I’m coming from South London (Clapham Junction). Was thinking about taking the train up, but also see there might be an option for a coach from Victoria. Confused about the best way to get up to Silverstone.

    Questions or opinions…

    1. What is the best way from South London?
    2. What is best train station to get off at (Milton Keynes, Northampton or other), and do I need to book a coach in advance from the train station?
    3. Is there a direct coach option from London that is better?

    Any advice is appreciated.


  56. I’m ok the same boat hun, I. Know northampton is the right station, ln traveling from Portsmouth x megabus.com is running a coach service from around the country but I can’t make sense of the timetable! I’m goin fri-sun but think the bus only find on sun!!! If I fond any more info ill post it, gd luck,

  57. Langers (@)
    9th May 2011, 21:02

    Hi all,

    I require a bit of advice about which grandstand to sit in this year.

    The three left avaliable are: Vale, club and Farm. I sat in vale last year so will probably not sit there again. I’ve never sat at club before so that is an option. However, this is the part I was hoping you could help with, I don’t really know much about the Farm grandstand, I can vaugley remember it from last year, but I could be thinking of somewhere totally different.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the view was like from the farm grandstand, or if anyone has any pictures, that would be ideal!

    Farm does sound good with views of Abbey and the new pit lane/exit but I vaugley remember it being quite far back, if i’m thinking of the right one.

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. club is slow and you see the cars for longer. they enter the left hander under brake towards you and then make 90 degree right turn and accelerate away on the straight but you only see the back of the car then. For me it is a bit slow I don’t want to be there, after all I am going there to see fast cars!

      Also there is not much chance of any accident there.

  58. Can anyone tell me what whittlebury campsite is like as myself and a group friends are going to this years British grand prix.

    Any other camping tips as this is a first for us all

    1. Hi,

      Whittlebury Park is great. Plenty of atmosphere but does quiten down for a few hours so you can get a little sleep. Beer tent has a band every night. Showers and toilets are good if you pick your moment and better than most F1 campsites. Normally have to queue if you want a shower first thing in the morning though. It’s a massive set up with lots of fields but most are only about 5 minute walk to the track entrances around Copse. Have a great time.

  59. Hi All,
    Planning on taking my two boys to F1 for the first time this year. Managed to persuade them that Silverstone was a better bet than Spa. Can only really do GA tickets ‘cos of costs. We can get there really early Sat and Sun as seems necessary, but my question is, will they, (11 and 13) be able to see much if we’re not in the first couple of rows of people? Turning up at 6am is one thing, but not being able to see a great deal is a different matter.
    Also, is it standing room only for the day, or are camping chairs useful?
    Many thanks from a complete newbie!

    1. There will be some people arriving before 6am to bag the front row. But I seriously doubt there will be so many that you can’t get a vantage point where your 11- and 13-year-olds can see from! A lot of the standing areas are banked.

      Do take some folding chairs though, that’s a long wait.

      Have fun!

    2. They will see everything but not from all the places if you don’t go early. Even though most of the viewing areas are banked, people stand up at the beginning of the race so it might be difficult. But there should be some free good spots. It’s good if you go early, but nothing to worry if you go at something like 10am.

      Most people who go early takes chair with them as it also holds their place when they leave for some time.

  60. Thanks for the replies. Puts my mind at ease somewhat, even if I can see a 3am start on Sat and Sun! If all else fails they can always stand on the chairs, that should impress whoever’s behind us!



    1. Judith McDowell
      10th May 2011, 23:01

      Hi JayCeeOhh,

      Just to put your mind at ease, we went to Spa in 2009 but would not go back. You are only allowed in your own stand area over the whole weekend and it can be a really long walk to get from the F1 village to your stand. We’ve been at Silverstone for 4 GPs (I think!) and it is so much better. Going back this year!


      1. Thanks for your thoughts Judith and enjoy your weekend in July.


  61. smartsteve (@)
    11th May 2011, 19:42

    hi all has anyone camped at whittlebury park before? thinking about it this year & just wondered what it was like. bar or food or showers, any info at all? many thanks steve.

    1. Just replied on the previous page to a similar question so may be worth checking that out. Main bar is the beer tent, they put up a stage outside on the back of a trailer and they have bands every night. also some guest appearances there but as they are never sure who will turn up you just have to be lucky to be there at the right time. There is also a bar in the cricket pavillion and another in the reception so plenty of choice. Toilets are above average for F1 campsites but can be bad by the end of the evening…if you end up camping near the pavillion use the loos and showers in the changing rooms they are rarely dirty. Q’s for showers can be up to 30 mins around peak time at breakfast. Watch out for the Red Bull van handing out free Red Bull! It’s a great place to stay, close to the track, above average facilities, Good party atmosphere but not quite as nuts as some of the farms over by the main entrance.

  62. Hi we’re going to Silverstone this year with tickets for the 3 days and have got seats in Woodcote B for the Sunday. We have also booked into Litchlake Farm campsite. Anyone camped there who can tell us if it’s a good site? what about electrical hookups or charging points for camera batteries.

    Another point is we have been advised to get ear plugs because of the noise levels but we also want to listen to the commentary on Radio Silverstone. I presume something like noise reducing headphones would be the best option. Has anyone any experience of using these and how effective they are and possibly make that are good.



    1. Litchlake Farm is one of the livliest campsites. It has great access to the track and although it is a bit of a walk down to Club from there it is at least on the right side of the track.

      Ear defense is sensible for kids but most adults enjoy the noise and i wouldn’t say is essential, except maybe for the 3am parties at Litchlake!

  63. Hi!
    Sorry ppl but this is a same-o post re traffic times seating and so on.
    This will be my 1st time at Silverstone and i have managed to grab tickets for myself and my family at Club-A. Does anyone know of there will be a TV screen opposite these stands and what are ameneties like, i.e. WC, Food, Stand, etc.
    And also with regards to getting there i am staying in Oxford. About what time should i make my way to the circuit on Fri/Sat/Sun so as not to lose the action.

    NB this post has been copied from a previous thread with a related discussion

  64. Tickets arrived today.

    1. A special delivery came this morning I missed it. Must be the ticket.

      1. Woohoo, I got mine today! Very happy, it will be the first GP I’ve ever been to…

  65. Hi. 2011 will be my 41st consecutive BGP – I first attended in 1970. Not only have I not missed a BGP, I have attended every GP held in Britain since 1970 – including the Donington and Brands Hatch European GPs. We camped at the circuit for the first decade and now atay at the same pub in a nearby town every year. I think Silverstone has always been a wonderful venue and is a great motor racing circuit, challenging to the drivers, great atmosphere for the spectators and above all a proper circuit, not a concrete artificial creation as so many are nowadays. You have to understand the history of the sport and spectating at the GP to realise that it was the normal some years ago to have to be in the circuit at 5am to get your viewing place and to queue to get out, it was all just part of the experience. However, over the years and still today, Silverstone represents one of the jewels in the crown of the F1 circus, with it’s tradition, challenging circuit, atmosphere, entertainment and surroundings, it is a fantastically enjoyable experience, one that I hope to be continuing into a fifth and 6th decade. Looking forward to July 8th-10th. Keith, Cheshire.

    1. Keith,

      Great to hear you’ve been at every British GP for 41 years. Makes me with 12 years seem like a beginner. Like yourself I love the circuit and always think the atmosphere is fantastic. It always annoys me to hear people knock Silverstone, when you watch so many races on the TV to see half the seats empty. I have also been to Spa and whilst the track is fantastic Silverstone is a much better spectator track and the atmosphere didn’t compare.

      1. Also like to think i’ll still be going with my son in another 29 years. He first came when he was 8 and he’s going to be 20 this year. Quality time you just cant beat.

  66. Sadly my fiancee of 17 yrs suddenly passed away just b4 Xmas & we were keen f1 x motto go fans, in attending the British grand prix for the first time this yr as was hoping to scatter his ashes there so he’d never miss a british race again!!! Do I. Need permission to do this? Who do I ask? I’m sure he’d b chuffed!

  67. Still no tickets for me :(((( when will the postman bring them.

  68. Has any body ever satyed at dadford campsite???
    coz its £30 for the whole weekend for the 4 of us and im thinking there must be some thing wrong with it lol :O)

    1. Hi,

      This year will be my 26th BGP and stayed at the Dadford campsite last year – the only downside is that it is a bit of a trek to the Litchlake trade stalls {quite a dodgy walk when dark!!} but it is only a 5 minute walk from the Club corner entrance. The campsite itself is run by friendly people who actually seem to want to ensure that the people have a good time – they are quite tolerant over things like music, noise etc, but try to ensure that things quiten down after midnight.
      The facilities are quite basic, although apparently you can use the Golf CLub’s facilities, which are a short walk away.
      compared with the rip off Lichlake prices, you can’t go far wrong with this, and we shall definitely be heading back there this year :)

  69. Hi all
    This will be the first ever GP for my partner and I. We have splashed out for club silverstone tickets (they’ve just arrived…woo hoooo, really am hoping they were worth paying the extra for!) Just wondering if anybody could advise us on whether to hire the fanvision device or not? Are there big screens near club if needed? Keen to hire one if anybody advises it but not if its a gimmick we can easily live without? Any help and advice would be great. Thanks in anticipation

  70. Deb,

    Would highly recommend fanvision. I have used one for the last few years and they give a whole load of info. It’s not just a small tv, it gives loads more. I now order one at the same time as tickets. It will keep you up to speed without stops track position, just about anything you want to know.

    Have a great weekend, its not long now. This will be my 13th year and I still start to get excited as soon as the tickets arrive.

    1. Thanks Mick. We are so looking forward to it. It can’t come soon enough! And thanks also for the advice on the fanvision…I think we should get one but the other half says not. But then we all know who is boss so think i will get my way!
      Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Deb

  71. Me and my wife have just returned from our first F1 race in Barcelona…all i can say is WOW!!!! we have realy caught the bug, watching on Tv just isnt the same anymore :)

    We decided that we needed another “fix” this year so have purchased 3 day GA tickets and camping at Litchlake Farm. What we are wondering is whether there are any pitwalk/autograph sessions at Silverstone? In Barcelona they had these for all 3 day ticket holders and i would love to manage to get another Lewis autograph (managed to get him to sign my cap and program in Spain :0 )to add to my collection.

    Many thanks

    1. No such thing in silverstone. If you are lucky you might get Eddie Jordan’s autograph at the trackside sponsor stalls(Ferrari,Maclaren) where they display cars.

  72. My ticket arrived last Friday! Staying in Milton Keynes and having to rely on public transport as I don’t drive. Have booked a Megabus ticket from Milton Keynes Central train station to Silverstone for Sunday, but will have to get a train into Northampton on Saturday as there is no bus from MK. Does anyone know when info on the Northampton to Silverstone F1 shuttle bus will be released?

      1. Thanks. Yeah I have been checking that every few days. I suppose Stagecoach will update their website too with times/prices nearer the time?!

        1. I think that’s a regular service(route 88) so they don’t need to update their website. check the time tables here


  73. Sorry I should have been clearer, I stayed in Northampton last year for the GP and there was a dedicated F1 shuttle service ran by Stagecoach running from the bus and traon station there and Silverstone village last year. My apologies! :P

    1. yeah I remember I saw people getting on stagecoach last year. It was something like £8 return I think.

      you could possibly get the free M1 park and ride if you booked your ticket early and take the bus from sixfields stadium in northampton. :)

  74. I think it was £12 for a return last year from Northampton. I would do the park and ride if I had a car. :P Honestly that would make things soooo much easier haha!

    1. oh sure car makes things a lot easier but.. you could possibly use the bus ride only, nevermind the car :)

      1. I never thought of that, I just assumed you needed a car to get into the park and ride place, and they wouldn’t let you on the bus if you didn’t have a car!! How would I get there though? Taxi from the train station?!?!

        1. you can probably take a local bus, it’s about 2 miles from the train station. you could just say somebody dropped you there and take the bus. even if they don’t allow you to enter the park and ride place without a car, you can always take the return trip without a car I guess!

          1. I just checked the “getting to Silverstone” section and it says you need a car pass to get into the park and ride. So I guess you can’t get on a bus without one :( Thanks anyway, much appreciated!

  75. hmm sry for that. I have the car pass and the park and ride ticket for saturday and sunday. but I might just get the megabus this time again like last year.

    1. It’s annoying that Megabus are only running a ‘Sunday only’ service from Milton Keynes. My Hotel is five mins away from the pickup point and would be perfect from me on the Saturday as well as Sunday!

  76. Hi
    I have tickets for Copse C on Sunday. I’ve never been before so would value information. Is this a seated area and if so are the seats reserved. I’m 81 with painful joints. Would a cushion be adviseable. Are there large queues at the food outlets if so we’ll
    take lunch. Finally do we need ear plugs.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Copse C will be seated as only the General Admission areas are standing. Your seat number for the race day will be on your ticket. If you are going Friday and Saturday, seats are roving so you can sit anywhere on a first come, first served basis. A cushion would be advisable if you can’t sit for long periods without being in pain, and considering the race will be at least an hour and a half and you will probably sit through all of it.

      Regarding queues at food stalls, it depends on when you visit them. If you visit around lunch time right after the F1 qualifying session they will be packed as everyone will be heading there. So either take a lunch with you, or wait till the queues have died down a bit.

      Ear plugs are a must in my opinion. When I went for the first time last year, I thought it would be OK without them but as soon as the first F1 car went past – I was diving into my pocket to get my earplugs out!! You can get them for free as they have bucket loads of them at the entrances.

  77. Guten Tag….Ive decided not to race this year id rather sit with my beloved English fans. Alas i dont have much money nowadays since the collapse of my cucumber business so i could only afford a General admission ticket, theres allot of good info on here but was wondering if anyone could let me know from previous experience where i should stand? and what time i should get there. Any words from previous GA ticket holders would be much appreciated .
    P.S im getting Ralf to drive for me on the weekend, nobody will notice and im sure he cant do any worse than i have done since my comeback, hope your all well, and i look forward to watching the race with you all. PPS free cucumbers to anyone that boo’s Nico….x MS.

  78. So excited, We just got two GA tickets for sunday and we are traveling on Saturday from Norway to London; since we are staying in London we will take the Megabus coach service, any recommendation about location to get when we get there around 09:30, or is it too late?

    It’s my first GP experience and being a huge fan I can not wait to get there, even though my husband is not so much into it, hopefully the experience will get him into.

    Any recommendation for location, can i bring my own packed lunch and water for example. how are the prices inside the venue? any tips for this firs-timer will be greatly appreciated.


  79. ian,
    thanks for the info. My wife calls me bagman because I never go anywhere without a plastic bag so guess this trip will be no exception!

    1. If you can, try and take a backpack or rucksack cos it will be easier than having everything in plastic bags. With the British weather you will need to pack sunglasses, suncream, a brolly and waterproofs!!

  80. So this will be my 4th year in a row at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix (First year was 2008, an experience I will never forget.) This time however me and my dad have gone all out and are going for the whole weekend camping.

    This will be my first time going on a Friday or Saturday so I am not used to the roving grandstand seat. There are a few places I want to sit, specifically the home straight during the qualifying. How early would we need to be there to get a seat?

    Secondly, how busy is the Friday for roving grandstand?


  81. Rob Brandon
    9th June 2011, 9:57

    Hey All

    Second time going but first time camping Thurs – Sun. We’ve got grandstand tickets for Stowe and from the price we paid I reckon we’ll be at Whittlebury Park. I’d love some advice as a camping novice.

    1. How far from the site to the track?

    2. Do you park up and then carry all your stuff to a field or do you camp by the cars?

    3. Can you stay at the site on the sunday night or do you have to leave after the race?

    4. How on earth do we keep beer and food cold for 3 days?

    5. If we’re staying at whittlebury is it worth taking much food or do we just eat at circuit/campsite? Worth taking a couple of bbq’s?

    6. Any other ‘gems’ of advice to make it more enjoyable?

    Cheers for your help! C’mon the Button!!

    1. Wow your situation is pretty much exactly the same as mine. I too would like these answers.

      1. Same corner too :D

    2. Been advised we’re probably not in one of the main campsites but in a Silverstone ‘lively’ camp. Can anyone shed any light please? Cheers

      1. If you booked camping through the Silverstone web page you will be at their own Woodlands site which is split into ‘lively’ and ‘family friendly’ areas. I would say it is now one of the main campsites.
        To camp at Whittlebury you have to book direct with that site.
        Both are good sites with good facilities (by F1 camping standards!!).

  82. Hi everyone, I’m trying to organize a trip to Silverstone. GA is all that’s left, so I am debating between going Saturday or Sunday. Has anyone preferred one over the other? I was leaning towards Saturday.

    Also, i’m sure all local hotels are booked solid. If I get a hotel a little farther out, is public trans good enough for me to leave early enough to get a good seat? I’m new to going to these races so I apologize if there’s a repost and thanks in advance for any replies!


  83. Also, does anybody happen to know if Saturday is just as busy as Sunday? I’ve heard of general admission ticket holders queuing as early as 4 AM and still not being first in line. Would anybody happen to know if it’s this bad on Saturday for practice 3 + qualifying? Thanks everyone.

  84. Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has first hand experience in the drivers lounge they could share please.

    1. Hi, sorry I don’t have experience with the drivers lounge but what I heard is no current drivers go there.Only former F1 drivers most of them you probably haven’t even heard of.I don’t think its worth one and half grand or something like that but I maybe wrong.

  85. Hi My wife and I having just retired our tickets came today we are booked for all 3 days. Our seats are in Woodcote A and we are camping at Litchlake which I understand is ‘Lively’ and will be arriving on Thursday and leaving on the Monday.

    Now the questions… Will Woodcote A be a good place to watch from and are there any big screens near there? We are taking our radio and earphones to listen to Radio Silverstone. Since we will get to the campsite early afternoon on the Thursday is there an area on the Litchlake site that is fairly well out of the way of those that arrive later? Lastly are there laid out paths within the circuit or is it all grassed over.

    We are experienced campers but it’s our first actual F1 race although we have been avid fans for many years and are looking forward to the weekend it will make a change to our normal diet of stately homes!

    1. I have attended at least ten years. Silverstone is GREAT and the facilities are now better than ever! It is one of the few circuits you can walk all the way around (allow 2hrs!) It varies around the circuit according to Grandstand locations but, basically, the paths are rough, coarse gravel (like railway ballast) and a very good tarmac road (beware vehicles and the shuttle bus – new this year). As long as your wife wears stout sensible shoes you will be OK. No flip flops or high heels (yep…some do!!). If it’s wet you will get muddy: if it’s dry you will get dusty, so don’t wear your best posh clothes :)
      Don’t know about Litchlake as we are at Dadford Road. Bring earplugs to sleep in as you won’t want to spoil a good night!

  86. Thanks Robin, my other half really wants to go, not sure whether to book It or not now. It’s a fathers day surprise from the kids. I’ve head Damon Hill has been in there a few times, that’s who my partner would really like to meet. I can only afford to go there for qualitying.

    Shall I shan’t I ?

      1. oops somehow the last line of comment became the link to the page above.

  87. Thanks again Robin, I might just give them a ring at Silverstone and see if they can give me any more information over the phone. I’d hate to spend all that money for it not to be worth while. Especially as we have platinum tickets already.

  88. Hi All

    This is my second year of camping at the silverstone site and we have decided to go on Thursday this year after hearing that you had pit access on the Thursday last year and were able to meet some drivers in their garages! Just wanted to know if this was true and if anyone else had experience of this and if you did what time did this happen!! We are not sure what time to arrive and what there will actually be at the track on the Thursday! Any advice is greatly appreciated! For anyone’s first time camping at Woodcote you’ll all have a BLAST!!! :)

    thanks Sarah

  89. Sarah,

    Not sure where you heard about Thusday pit walk. But Silverstone do not do a Thursday pit walk. As far as I’m aware (and this is about my 13th year) there is no access to the track on Thur at all. We always go Thur though to get a good pitch and have a laugh.

  90. Wayne Dobson
    15th June 2011, 20:06

    Hi All,

    First off I’d like to say how nice to see a forum full of friendly people! 7 of is will be arriving the Thursday before with GA tickets and lively camping @ woodlands and can’t wait to say hello to all the fellow F1 fans and share beer & banter with you all.

    I’ve bought a new tent and 6 out of the 7 are first timers (I’m one!)

    You’re all welcome for a chat and a beer (bring your own lol) at our pitch

    See ya soon

    1. I’m just down the road at Dadford! If you are a keen fan, GA’s will need to be at circuit gates for 5am start to grab a good position :) I am at Becketts grandstand for the weekend, so getting up early is not SO crucial – you MUST go there on the Friday and see what it’s like. As a GA you can sit in the stands on Friday. ENJOY! :D

  91. Wayne Dobson
    16th June 2011, 17:06

    No chance in getting to the gates for 5am sorry, I’m a big fan but that’s just mad! Plans are Maggots/becketts/chapel complex for practice & quali then bottom of hanger straight for race but don’t care if I’m back a bit!

  92. Mighty_mariner (@)
    17th June 2011, 16:51

    Has anymore stayed at Dadford campsite? Was it any good? Any help would be appreciated…

    1. i wanted to know the same as we r book on there :)

      1. I used to bike thru it wheni stayed on a nearby farm. I am at Dadford this year. It always looks OKand has a quiet area but i think the facilities deteriorate over the weekend (loos!)

  93. anyone going from the Portsmouth area? Money tight x would luv a lify, give petrol money or if 4 or more get group saver on train, also if buy tickets last minute a possibility? Can’t beleive nearly here! Keep up the great site guys n girls,

  94. Hi All,

    I was at Silverstone for the Moto GP last weekend (camping) and am heading down for 4 days camping in ‘lively’ woodlands campsite.

    Just to let you know Silverstone is looking great this year they have spent loads of money on the circuit and is noticeably better than last year. The new Silverstone Wing (International Pits Straight) is amazing and best views in the house are bothe there and from Club.

    I have never visited with GA tickets (5am starts are not for me!) but usually sit in Woodcote A which has a great view of the track (although a poor view of the screen, unless it is positioned differently than for Moto GP).

    Woodlands campsite is great, they have built new permanent shower blocks and toilets this year.

    My top tip would be take plenty of food and drink with you for the campsite!!

    See you there!


  95. Wayne Dobson
    17th June 2011, 22:15

    Cheers for the Silverstone update and am looking forward to the Woodlands campsite fun

  96. I went to the GT1 World Championship at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago. I sat in many of the grandstands (most were open to all) and I am now VERY glad that I went for Village B for Formula 1.

    The view from the grandstand is incredible – you can see the cars as the come around Village, all the way through the new twisty part and then off down Wellington straight. You then get to see them as they approach Maggots/Becketts and then again as they get to the end of the Hangar Straight and around Stowe corner.

    Definitely advise anyone going to this grandstand takes a pair of binoculars. There’s so much opportunity to see things in the distance that you’d really be missing out if you didn’t.

    Here is a video of the view:


  97. Hi, newish to the site and saw this article and thought I’d ask for some advise! I’m going to the gp with Saturday advanced tickets, I’m pretty sure this means I can’t enter the inside of the track, if so Anyone have any good places to watch from? Thanks for any help :) stuart.

    1. sadly none of us normos get get to the inside of the track. It’s hospitality only :(

  98. I’ll be driving up from Gatwick early on Saturday morning and back after the race. It’s only me so there will be space in the car if anyone needs a lift.

  99. Wayne Dobson
    19th June 2011, 19:30

    Pitched my new tent today and it was bloody hard! Everyone on here is super friendly but at the woodlands campsite is security good? I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my new tent!

  100. hi all,

    I have a general admission ticket for race day and wondered if soem of you expereinced race goers could answer a few questions…

    1. what time do you realistically have to get there to get a good seat?
    2. Where is the best place to watch the race from?
    3. is the traffic really as bad as people say after the race? i have to be back on the air base by monday morning and am thinking it may be a long night.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Can’t remember if gates open at 5 or 6am, but either way, there will be queues for GA! S/S is one of the few circuits that has lots of good GA spots (that said, I always get a grandstand). Near Becketts is good but, to be honest, there are lots of decent spots – follow the crowds!!

  101. Hi Wayne
    Went last year security good and did see police patrolling, did not see or hear of anyone’s tent being damaged.

  102. Wayne Dobson
    20th June 2011, 12:45

    Cheers OldEarl

  103. Hi there,
    I am treating my boyfriend to the F1 for his birthday this year. We are travelling by train from London to Milton Keynes, but a colleague just advised that it took him 4 hours from Milton Keynes to the track due to traffic. I just booked train tickets which arrive in to MK at 10.30am, should I get earlier train – is the traffic really that bad? Advice would be appreciated, as I do not want anything to ruin this for my b-friend. Thanks Lucy

    1. Have to say I havent been for 10 years, but when we did used to go we’d leave where I live in Southampton at about half 5 and hit the queue at probably about 7am.

      I’d say 10:30 at MK is massively too late. How will you get there from MK?

    2. I’ve visited Silverstone twice for the Grand Prix, once for the weekend (General Admission with camping) in 2004, and again last year in the Main Grandstand.

      I have to say, arriving at Milton keynes station for 10:30 is far too late. How are you gwetting from there to the circuit? Because that’s still half an hour away on a good day, race day will be packed.

      The year I was camping (down the far end of the circuit, near Club) we arrived at the track at 9am on the Sunday, and there wasn’t a single place to sit, we had to muscle our way onto a tiny square of banking.

      When I went last year, my Dad drove, and whilst the roads were clear enough getting up to Silverstone Village, it then took a further 2 hours to get from there to the circuit car park (probably 2 miles at most), then another 15-20 minutes to be directed to a parking space…

      and then a further 10 minutes trying to fight off the guy in the orange robe trying to get us to dontate to charity…

      None of that takes as long as getting out though. 3 hours sat in the queue trying to escape the carpark, then another half hour in the queue to the road.

      Other than that, the time spent trackside is brilliant!

      But yes, 10:30am is far too late to be arriving at a tran station that’s still a good 20 miles away from the circuit.

  104. Lucy,

    I have to say it’s been many years since I have gone to race on Sun morning as we always get there Thur and camp. But would suggest if you’re arriving at Milton Keynes at 10:30 by the time you get in to Silverstone you will be well late and may even not make the start of the race. I would seriously get a much (several hours) earlier train. Remember racing starts at around 9am. Megabus

  105. I concur with Mick… the traffic around race day is mad, also have you got grandstand tickets or general admission? If it’s the latter and you pitch up 5 minutes before the race don’t expect to be able to see so much, people queue at stupid hours in the morning to get prime GA position.

  106. Lucy,
    I agree with Mick, you need to get a much earlier train if you want to make it on time! Its not just getting out of MK and into Silverstone that will make you late its also making it from the car park to your seats! Its suprising how long it can take to walk from the car park to your seats especially if you’re stuck walking in a crowd!
    Hope that helps!
    Remember the track opens at 6 so you can’t be too early as there is plenty to see and do before the F1 including support races to watch!
    Grace x

  107. Lucy,

    Sorry got cut off. As I was saying megabus run from Milton Keynes from 7:30 am it says journey is 45 mins but would seriously be surprised if it wasn’t a lot longer than that. If you go to the Silverstone web site you will find travel info a links to book tickets.

    Good luck and have a great day.

  108. Hi,

    Is anyone staying at the Marussia Virgin Racing Weekend with camping at Stowe school?

    I was wondering if anyone that went last year could give me an insight as to the facilities available and how frequently the transport to the track runs?

  109. Lucy,

    Last thought. If I were you I would have got a train to Northampton. Once there there is a scheduled bus to the track and I believe this would give you a better (earlier) option. Ring Stagecoach for advice. As you said it’s his present and you want him to have a good day. It’s worth getting going really early then you won’t be worrying about traffic and any other issues.

    Good luck.

  110. Guys,

    I am staying in Milton Keynes over the weekend and for the Sunday I have booked a seat on the Megabus coach leaving the train station at 8:30. Would that be too late? I would like to see the drivers parade at 10:00, but I am not fussed – as long as I am in my seat for the main event starting!!

    Last year I stayed on Northampton and used the Stagecoach shuttle bus from the bus station there. I think we left about 8:30 and got to Silverstone about 9:30. After reading the posts here about traffic from MK, would it be better getting the train into Northampton? I am doing that on the Saturday this year so it won’t be a problem, apart from the fact I have already paid £20 for my Megabus ticket!

  111. PS info on the Staecoach shuttle bus from Northampton can be found here –


  112. Alex Maunders
    21st June 2011, 21:27


    I was wondering if anyone has any spare tickets for camping in the ‘lively area’ at Woodlands available?



  113. F1 fans,

    Has anybody had any trouble getting their tickets in time? Just curious as I am coming from the U.S. and want to be sure I get my tickets before I head to Europe on July 4th. Thanks for the help!


  114. Dave,

    Never had any issues with tickets arriving. Yours are probably on there way now. If they don’t turn up though I’m sure if you call Silverstone before you leave the States they will arrange for you to collect your tickets at the circuit.

    Have a safe trip and a good race weekend.

  115. Is there a public pit walk on the Thursday. I’ve been to Hungary and they have one there. First time to Silverstone GP!

    1. Not unless things have changed this year. Silverstone is one of the few tracks without a pit walk on the Thursday. Shame!

      1. Your right, I just had it confirmed by Silverstone. Real shame, even Monaco have public access on the Friday. They should make it a part of the schedule as unless your going to spend £3000 on a paddock club ticket or get invited by a team you never get close. This is one thing I think they should address for the fans, better access.

  116. Does anyone have any idea if there will be a TV screen opposite Club?

    1. I’m also keen to find out where the screens are, but haven’t had any luck yet. We are hoping for one opposite Club as that’s where we are sitting!!

  117. Thanks for all your comments. I can only afford to go on Friday and will be on my own, it is reassuring to see that everyone says people are friendly. Looks as though I shall have to arrive at the gates about 5 am to get decent view. Planning to try for Becketts. Is the traffic bad getting from Northampton (crappy hotel but never mind) to the circuit at that time of the morning? Sooo excited!!

  118. you don’t need to be at the gates at 5am on friday.

    traffic will not be a problem also. the worst traffic is at M1 the race finishes.

  119. Hi all, me and my dad will be there again this year, this will be our third visit. We have bought GA tickets for the past 2 years, this year we have gone for Stowe c grandstand. Also this will be the first time we have done all 3 days, really looking forward to it. Getting our cameras ready and hope to have some great shots to show off. Can’t wait now, lets hope Lewis and Jenson can pull a rabbit out of the hat!

  120. Ollops,, left it too late for tickets, still got nxt yr, av a good time u lot may c u on telly? Hope we get a british driver up on the podium this yr!! Happy racing guys n girls,

  121. Hi there!

    First time at a Grand Prix, we’ve got platinum tickets for the weekend sitting at Club Corner on the Sunday.

    Can anyone tell me if you are allowed access to the Woodlands evening entertainment if you’re camping at Whittlebury? I hear their entertainment is brilliant. Any idea what the entertainment is like and what they have planned for this year?

    So can’t wait for this, counting down the days!

    1. Don’t THINK so as you have to have a wristband to get access. But worth checking!

  122. Hi all

    This year will be our 1st trip to Silverstone. We are camping at Woodlands and have 3 day platinum tickets for Club.

    We are hoping to arrive ideally on Friday early evening, to get the tent pitched etc and soak up the atmosphere. However there is a chance that we won’t be able to arrive until Saturday morning!! (Child Care!)

    I just wondered if anyone had experience of what the traffic is usually like Friday early evening / Saturday morning 8am ish?

    Also what is the campsite like? Do have a set ‘plot’ to camp on, or is it just a case of turn up and pitch anywhere?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Friday for sure! By 8am Saturday the roads will be jammed…circuit opens at 6am. Woodlands is on the Dadford Road, which is very narrow. It will be full of cars, cyclists and walkers. I am camped at Dadford Rd campsite, closer to circuit but on the same road. Not sure how Woodlands works pitch-wise but I THINK you just turn up and pitch. But do your best toget there Friday, otherwise you will miss free practice on Friday morning.

  123. Hi JB.

    Thank you for your reply. You have confirmed our fears regarding the traffic! I think now we know, we’ll have to beg the grandparents to have our little one’s for an extra night!!!

    Can’t wait!!! Thanks again.

    1. Visit http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2011-Formula-1-Santander-British-Grand-Prix1/ for more info. Only downside to Woodlands is you can’t park your car with your tent so everything has to be carried I guess. But it’s all good :)

      1. Hi, you can park your car next to your tent at woodlands….the only time you cant is if the rain was so bad it turned the site into a mud bath. But of course as we all know, there will be no rain, only sun with a light breeze to keep us cool ;-)

        1. Thanks Nicky. Phew!! I was starting to panic when I read the no car thing, I don’t fancy having to lug all our camping gear!!!

          Do you know if you have an allocated plot at Woodlands, or do you just pitch the tent anywhere?

          1. No allocated other than lively or quite/family areas. It’s first come first served….I’m heading down next Wed night after work so fingers crossed I can bag myself a good spot!

            I’m going solo, so was really worried about moving all my gear, so I messaged Woodlands/silverstone to check back in Jan.

    2. Whoops! Sorry, only it shows on Silverstone wbsite the cars all parked in rows :)

      1. No probs JB.

        We sorted out our childcare and are now arriving on Friday, so an extra day of F1 partying for us ;o)

  124. I’m heading to my first British GP this year, I have tickets for the Farm grandstand for the weekend. Went to Spa last year, and loved it; looking forward to this year even more.

    Already have my fancy Canon “L” lens and 2x extender booked for hire – hoping to get some real close ups over the practice sessions, and maybe down the Start/Finish straight during the race.

  125. ooooooo its getting closer!!!!!!!
    Lets just hope the weather is as nice as it is now :O)

  126. Hi, First timer for silverstone, got race day GA tickets off the girlfriend fir my birthday wooo! Staying at dadford campsite Saturday-Sunday nights. Just wondering what’s the best time to arrive on the Saturday without getting caught in a load of traffic? ideally want to get ther earlyish (3-4), tent up, few beers, burnt burgers :/ then a few hours sleep ready for the early Sunday morning! Also is it worth queuing up from 5am or would 6/6.30 be early enough for a decent view? Cheers

    1. Saturday pm? Mass traffic is a problem in the morning,so just turn up :)
      Yep, 5am should be OK for GA. The diehards usually bag the best spots early.

  127. hi all, first time a silverstone, camping at Woodlands, do you know if you are allowed to take a coolbox with beer supplies through to the circuit?

  128. I’m going for the whole weekend, I’m going on my own and I’ve got a ticket for the International Pit Straight grandstand! I’m staying in Oxford for the weekend and using the park & ride, the downside to this is that I’ll have to miss much of the events after the races on Saturday and Sunday to get back to the car before the buses stop, otherwise I’ve got a 9 mile walk to Brackley.

  129. In all my years in going to Silverstone I never saw any confiscations…until last year, atthe entrance near Vale, so be warned. You will not be popular with a coolbox in a grandbox eithrr….you may not be allowed in with it :)

  130. Cheers Jane. Yep PM, hoping to persuade the girlfriend to set off earlier :p but she’s worried we’d get bored with no tickets for qualifying! 5am it is then, staying at dadford so was thinking of club or vale? Any idea which would be best? Thanks again.

    1. Cripes…best set up camp one at each, then text each other for best view! Only ever been grandstand :) TBH the best views DO go early, so sooner you can set up the better

  131. Hey all,

    Camping at Woodlands (first time). We’re planning on leaving early Friday to get there about 9am. Is this too late to get a decent enough spot. Would appreciate your thoughts. Cheers, Rob.

    1. Hi Rob
      I’ve been trying to find out information on the campsite too, I think I may email Silverstone over the weekend! We are planning on arriving Friday afternoon and hope that things won’t be too manic!! I guess as long as there’s enough space etc, it doesn’t actually matter where the tent goes!

      1. Rob Brandon
        4th July 2011, 7:51

        Hey Sharon

        Did you email Silverstone. Think we’re gonna get there for 9am on the Fri. Other alternative was 9pm on the Thurs but I can see tent bulding/drinking going wrong in the dark.


  132. Yeh not really expecting the best views just don’t want to watch the back of someones head lol probably end up setting up first spot we come too, heard clubs a good place to sit but then apparently vale could be better for overtaking which would be good! Eitherway I’ll be happy! Thanks for the help anyway, enjoy!

  133. Hello there! This is going to be my first time at Silverstone. Just wanted to ask, if there’s anyone going from Leeds by car? There are two of us going of Friday, and just wanted to ask before we get our coach tickets. Let me know if you are planning to go :)

    See ya there!

    dnstth (at) gmail

  134. Hello, I think I posted this in the wrong place first time round.

    Is there a free Thursday Pit Walk for weekend ticket holders at Silverstone? We just missed by half an hour the one at Spa the other year as we didn’t know about it until it was too late.


    1. Hi Skey

      I’m sure I’ve read a similar question on this forum and a few people answered NO. Such a shame!

  135. yeah no pitwalk. The drivers have been doing autograh sessions but you have to win competitions to go. Also check out the merchandise stands as occassionally you get driver appearances.

  136. Hi guys, hope you can be of assistance, managed to get a general admission ticket for saturday qualifying day. I plan to get an early train into Northampton for 7:30 am.

    Is a bus service being provided from the train station or do i need to go elsewhere?

    Its my first time to a GP and im sooooo excited, going with the old man on race day but im braving it on my own on the saturday, any hints tips what not???

    1. It is my understanding that Silverstone is going to have buses to take you from the train station to the track.
      NOW! I understood that was from Milton Keynes and I don’t know about Northhampton and I also on checked for Sunday and not Saturday.
      I got the info from the tracks website and maybe they have updated it so check and let me know. Have some fun! TG

    2. SennaPod,

      Stagecoach run busses from Northampton train station to Silverstone village, which is a 10 minute walk to the circuit.

      Timetable is here –


  137. Does anyone know who is playing at the after party?

  138. I am going to the race on Sunday and have a bit of a dilema, I have a hotel booked for Saturday night but it’s about an hour from the circuit.

    Should I try to switch the hotel booking so that we stay there Sunday night then get up early Sunday morning and drive from London ?

    What time are people who are driving from London on Sunday morning departing ?

    Thanks for any replies.

    1. Just catch the train up from London. My wife and I have reserved seats departing from Euston station at 6:40 am arriving in Milton keynes at 7:30 or so. We depart around 4:30 and back in London around 5:20 after the race. We won’t get the best seats but we should still get good ones and sleeping on the ground is not in my plans when we have a suite in London.
      Silverstone is supposed to have transfer buses ready to go at the train station to the track and back all day plus there are cabs everywhere. TG

      1. Ted G,

        You are better going to Northampton train station instead of Milton Keynes as there is only a Megabus service on the Sunday from Milton Keynes which needs to be pre-booked on the Megabus website.

        If you go to Northampton, you can get a Stagecoach bus which runs from the train station on all three days, and goes to Silverstone village which is a 10 minute walk to the circuit.

        Timetable for this is here –


    2. Purely depends on if you have a seat ticket or General Admission. If you have a seat, then take it easy, have breakfast at the hotel and motor in.
      If you are on a General Admission ticket, and want to see more than a car flashing past at 200mph down Hanger straight. Then get up early and be in the circuit by 8am. Decent viewing spots for General Admission are taken very very quickly.

  139. If I have a silver grandstand ticket, will there be roving seats for friday and saturday this year???

  140. Jack van den Berg-Hider
    5th July 2011, 17:41

    One piece of advise for anyone who is going is that if you want to be travelling around the circuit take a bike and cycle. It’s a quick, easy and good way to get around, as you are allowed to bring them into the circuit. As long as you have a chain to protect them, it’s brilliant for getting around as you are not within a crowd and people do avoid you leaving you plenty of space. Plus, when I went in 2009 we managed to reach the stands before each session and before many people giving us plenty of opportunities for seating. Plus if housed camping like we did it is brilliant travelling the two or so miles to the track, as it takes a shorter tie walking and you can weave throughout the stationary cars. In 2009, on my bike I was faster than Aston Martins and Ferraris.

    1. Really?? My experience is, that around the perimeter road cycling is a waste of time due to vehicles and pedestrians….i used to take my bike in but for the past two years it has been a right pain.

      1. Jack van den Bergh-Hider
        5th July 2011, 22:07

        Having my bike for each session was a vital component to my overall joy of the entire event. I saw so much because the movability of myself.

  141. Hi Guys,

    Has anyone travelled on raceday from London with Megabus before? I going with them this year for the first time. They state that they leave London on Sunday at 7:30am and arrive at Silverstone at 9:30am.

    Can anyone who has travelled with them before confirm that this arrival time is accurate? It’s just that I’m concerned that after reading all the numerous posts about the horrendous traffic trying to get to Silverstone that the 9:30am arrival time is worryingly optimistic!

  142. Just finished packing the backpack. Going tomorrow morning and i’ll arrive at the campsite in the afternoon and i’ll stay until Monday morning. I’m going on my own like last year and i can’t wait to hear the roar of those engines again!! Have a good one everybody!!

  143. Thanks for the info!

    have bought an official public car park sticker off ebay, looked on the official site and it states car park is open from 11pm the night before, we will arrive early sunday morning around 4-5 ish, when we get in do we just wait in our cars for the gates to open? can we do that?

    1. Yes. Get some kip in your car. Or join the queues waiting for the gates to open at 6am, and then rush to get a vantage point. Or sleep on until you wish if you have a grandstand seat.

  144. I have weekend GA tickets, however have been unlucky with the camping tickets and accomadation, (well without having to remortgae. Can I sleep in my car on the public car park at the track? thanks in advance

    1. iceman. Check out Windmill Farm Campsite.
      No booking ahead required, and just £14 per person per night. Showers etc.
      It’s literally just a three minute walk to the entrance behind what was the start line. I’m off there in the morning, and I only live twenty minutes away.
      £28 for two nights is still ten pound less than simply rolling up on Sunday and having to pay £39 to park.

  145. Hey, anyone at woodlands yet? We’re coming up early tomorrow? Just wondered how the weather had been and what the ground is like. Camping for 3 days but have a large case as I have no idea what the weather will do!!! Cheers.

    1. not there yet, but judging by the weather around here (I work about 20mins away from the circuit, and live 30 mins away, on the other side) it’s probably very soggy.

  146. We’re here at woodlands. Weather is fine. Ground is firm……. Bring a mallet! Sat outside the tent now drinking a nice glass of red! Bring on the racing

    1. Keith.. Just read your post and VERY jealous!! We are packed and loaded up, due to set off for Woodlands tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed we’ll have a good run and arrive around 4pm. My wellies are in the car just in case!!!

      How does it work at Woodlands when you arrive?


  147. Hey there,

    I’ve got general admission tickets for Saturday qualifying and just wanted some advice as to what time it’s best to get there for qualifying (not race day)… We’ll be driving up from London so does anyone know how long it might take on the Saturday?

    Thanks for your help guys!

  148. Can’t wait for Silverstone next year, met Stirling Moss at campingf1 on Sunday and next year Murray Walker is confirmed as guest speaker, now I’m off to Spa to meet Jake Humphrey at the Belgian GP, good times x We love CampingF1 for being ACE!

  149. Hi just got ga tickets for 2012 plus camping can any of you seasoned pro’s tell me does the camping cover fri sat sun nights stupid question i know thanms

    1. Hi Dave
      The camping will open on the Wednesday and all electric hook-ups will go before 7am that day! You’re going to love the camping experience for the F1 with the live music in the campsite on the Saturday & Eddie Jordan drumming and rousing speech :-)

  150. Yes Dave camp site will probably be open from Wednesday. Your ticket covers the whole weekend.

  151. Thinking of going the full hog and buying the platinum tickets for the 2012 British gRAND PRIX FOR A PRESENT CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF ITS WORTH THE EXTRA FOR THESE TICKETS

    1. Over GA? Definitely worth it to get a grandstand seat of some sorts. If it’s the samer as this year, Friday and Saturday are roaming seats (so you can sit nearly anywhere) and you have a reserved seat for the Sunday, so you know you’ll be sat somewhere you can see something.

      Over another Grandstand seat, I’m not really sure. Half of the people in the Platinum (covered) grandstand at Village got absolutely soaked by the rain this year, so the cover that traps in the cold wind didn’t help us not be wet. Saying that, I would probably go platinum again next season (money permitting).

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