2011 Chinese Grand Prix discussion

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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2011 Chinese Grand Prix

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  1. anyone going?? any advice from people that went on 2010? I’ve heard that there is plenty of seats so you can get tickets for cheap just before the event.

    I’m living in Beijing this year so I won’t miss this opportunity. I will go by train to Shanghai. If any one is interested I have a guest room in my apt, we may exchange housing in Beijing for the day(s) before/after the race for the hotel room share in Shangai…

    1. Take the hairpin seats.

      1. They’re cheaper than the main grandstand seats, but there’s a roof over your head, so you’re not worried about the rain.
      2. They provide an excellent view, from the beginning of the back straight all the way to the last turn and pit entry.

      Other tips I can share:
      1. Go on Friday! It’s free admission for anyone who bought tickets for the weekend, so you can go sit at other seats where you normally can’t (say, the start-finish line and pit area). From what I understand, there’s also a pitlane tour available on Thursday, but I didn’t get into Shanghai until Thursday night, so I don’t know the specifics there.
      2. Bring a radio, just in case. The PA is a bit difficult to hear at times, even if you understand Chinese. The circuit was selling noise-cancelling headphones with built-in radios of the PA, but the audio quality was poor. Other people in the stands tend to figure out the radio frequency anyway, so you can just go ask them.
      3. Bring a jacket! It was rather cold in Shanghai last year. Probably not as cold as Beijing, but you are in the open for at least 2 hours on Sunday alone, so you’ll still feel the chill.
      4. Bring a good camera with even better lens. The hairpin is the best overtaking spot on the track, and is also the 2nd slowest corner on track, so lots of opportunities to get good photos.

  2. Any news on whether there will be a pitlane tour thurs? We missed the one in Montreal last year and I am still kicking myself! Thanks!

  3. I am going this year and am still in half minds between the main straights and the hairpins. Biggest concern is rain.

    If anybody is up for a get together, I can speak fluent chinese if it helps :)

    1. I’m sure that will help with drinks. :)


  4. I’m going to China this year… I’m still trying to figure out where to sit. Does anyone know if the Platinum Grandstand tickets offer anything else than sitting up high and on the start/finish line?

    1. I’ve been to the Grand Stand three times and I recommend you to take the seat there.(the upper level)

      Last year my seat is just under the BBC commentary box~ I can see MB and JL in their commentary box~ And Anthony Davidson shaked hands to me in the morning from the box when he’s just looking around.

      The most important distinction is the crowd though. You can really feel the passion from the spectators.
      Where is other stands…It’s almost half-empty…

  5. Took a leap of faith and bought B1-4 stands, decided that the hairpins would be more exciting (and cheaper) than main straights.

    Very excited as it’s only my 4th time attending a F1 GP.

    1. You’ve made a very wise decision – there were so many passes there last year, it was insane!

  6. I went with the Grandstand A high… It came down to that and B1-4. I think that corner will be much more exciting, but I’m hoping I’ll get a good view of one of the giant screen tv’s in the stands.

  7. I am definitely interested in a get together. I just moved to shanghai and am excited about attending my first race!

  8. just bought B1-4 tickets. looking forward to it!

    any tips on where to stay?

  9. all,

    i went last year (2010), sat in section B1 (B1.7 to be exact) in row 11. the seats were quite good – it was my first F1 race, but i’d been to 10-15 indycar races in north america before i moved to china.

    this year, i’m in B1.6, higher up – row 24. should be excellent. although i’ve heard good things about the H/K sections due to their cover and view of the hairpin, i quite enjoyed B1: you can see cars coming down the main straight from about the start / finish line, and then get to watch them through turns 1-5 (depending on how high up you sit).

    to be honest, there isn’t a ton of passing in F1 anyhow, so i like watching the cars with their varying lines and speeds through the first set of corners. there’s also quite an interesting elevation variation – more than you’d think.

    you can get tickets from touts around the ground, but i bought mine through formula1.taobao.com. i’ve always hated scalpers, so i don’t mind paying the full price. they also give you a fun little bag of last year’s leftover merchandise (hence the “Shanghai F1 2009” ticket holder that i got in 2010) …

  10. I’m going – went last year and wrote a piece for this site – i was in stand K which was perfect – saw the back straight / hair pin / pits – perfect. Looking forward to it and will be better prepared for cold and bringing food. GO Lewis!!! here is a link to my piece form last year – https://www.racefans.net/2010/04/21/sunday-in-shanghai-a-fans-view-of-the-2010-chinese-grand-prix/

  11. I bought the B1 stands from F1.com so I have no idea where exactly are my seats but yeah, looking forward to visiting Shanghai and the GP.

  12. I’m heading down from Beijing for my first GP. Does anyone have any further info on what will take place on the thursday?

    1. hey pete , i really hope u booked tickets to Shanghai or you stuffed up!

  13. Not sure I follow you mate….

    1. sorry – i thought you said you were heading to Beijing! – apologies…
      I found this link detailing last year but no mention of Thursday – http://www.f1grandprixtours.com/chinese-f1-circuit-info-race-programme.php

  14. I have one spare 3-day ticket if anyone is interested. It’s on section K and I got it at a very very good price. The only thing is that you have to show a student ID at the gate (not sure if this is actually enforced). I live in Beijing and will head to Shanghai on Friday 15 night by train.

    Send me an e-mail if interested in the ticket.

    1. Hi Christian,
      I have a B ticket, but a K would be good too.
      especially as that is going to be action zone.
      shall we have a conversation?

      1. TW,

        too late I already sold my extra ticket…

  15. still have not booked my hotel yet, was wondering if there’s any recommended ones? eg. F1 friendly?

  16. Woohoo! I’m a big F1 fan and found myself in Shanghai for the weekend on business. So, i definitely want to see the race!

    All the websites show the tickets are not for sale. Any advice on how to acquire tickets? Show up at the race and buy from ticket counter? Or, scalpers?

  17. FYI – it was very easy to buy tickets at the track. Plenty of options available. Sat in the hairpin and can definitely recommend.

    1. yeah – tickets were only 1180RMB – last year I paid 1980RMB – in stand K – fab view , fab race , nice and warm and LEWIS WON!
      top weekend

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