2011 German Grand Prix discussion

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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2011 German Grand Prix

25 comments on “2011 German Grand Prix discussion”

  1. Hey guys,
    I’m going to be driving via Amsterdam. Planning on using the camping facilities and by a GA ticket. Anyone else going/got any tips for the ‘ring?



  2. I’m also going, with a Dutch organisation. My first time there to still need to get some info about where we are allowed with our tickets but if anyone could give some tips they are always welcome.

  3. Does anyone know the best time/place to perhaps bump into some of the drivers? I’ll be there for the whole race weekend.

  4. We’re thinking about driving over from Cornwall, Uk. We fancy staying at the campsite by the track but can’t seem to find any other info apart from there website. Has anyone stayed there and what sort of prices are they charging. Cheers

    1. Biggles (@)
      5th June 2011, 15:45

      Just went onto CampingF1 site and says they’re full :( Tried to ring them about alternative site but no answer so going to leave e-mail. Anyone has any other suggestions?

      1. check out the nurburgring site, theres bound to be camping sites at the circuit that can be booked with them or else you just show up,

        we are flying to frankfurt, hiring a a car and staying in a hotel quite near from wed to monday, also going to stand 10, loking forward to it

  5. I’m going to the Nurgurgring for the the GP this year and i have a weekend ticket for the T8 grandstand @Turn 7, the hairpin before the Schumacher-S.

    But what i want to know is, on Friday and Saturday for Practice and Qualifying is it possible to access other stands? it’d be cool to get a dander round.

    also, do they let you on to the track after the race?

    p.s. I’m driving down from Berlin and base camping in Cologne.

  6. JaneBelinda
    16th June 2011, 13:29

    I’ve been to Hock twice, so thought I’d give the Ring a go this year (along with Brit and Singapore :)
    Sitting in T4 upper and would also like to know if you can access other stands. At Hock you can’t :(
    Also, does anyone have info on the strange Euro-card that you load and then use to pay for stuff? Have heard it is a rip off..

    1. we got round hock last year once we had sussed out that they give you the same coloured exit ticket when you leave each stand!

      what is the euro card?

      dont know if you can get round the track after, hope you can

      do you know if you can get a look round the old circuit?

      1. JaneBelinda
        29th June 2011, 6:08

        I read on another forum that you preload a card with euros and it just gets swiped at food stalls etc. Speeds things up. You mean the whole 20+ km? Dunno…

  7. Driving over to the Ring from Manchester, UK for the grand prix and staying in Koblenz. Plan to travel on a bus service provided for 16 euros return for the 3 days.

    As this is our first Grand Prix, what are the merchandise stands like at a GP plus what are the facilities like for food etc at the Ring?

    What ear protection do you guys recommend. sat at the Schumacher ‘S’s (or Audi S’s now he is back) which is the fastest part of the track (apparently)

    Any help would be great :)

    1. I reckon the merchandise stands will be exactly the same as at any other gp, however from our experinces last year at hockenheim there are non offical stalls outside the circuit which are alot more varied and interesting. If youre planning on buying at the f1 village you may bring a shed load of euro
      We are at the schuy s on the back row on stand 9 or 10, I an bringing one of those garden knellers to sit on as the concrete is going to be pretty hard on the old a….

  8. JaneBelinda
    12th July 2011, 13:49

    Leaving next Wed, midnight, on the Stenaline Superferry (courtesy of Tesco ClubCard points thankyouverymuch :) Arrive fresh as a daisy 7hrs later, having scoffed the minibar :p Then it’s a short drive to the ‘Ring. Easy-peasy…AND I get to fill up with cheap German white wine afterwards. :) Staying in Meerfeld….anyone else at The PostHotel??

  9. Any help with camping? Im driving there on thursday, we are camping but havent booked anywhere. The official circuit campsite said you can only turn up and pay, does anyone know how quickly it fills up?

  10. David Smith
    15th July 2011, 20:35

    Hi, i just got some tickets last minute and am driving over friday night. I am struggling to find somewhere to stay on the saturday within easy reach. Anyone got any ideas.

    1. get to a campsite or kip in the car

  11. Flying from Gatwick to Koln/Bonn on Thursday, staying at my uncle’s house which is about a 1 hour drive from the circuit.

    I’m in the t5a stand, near the Schumacher S. This is my first grand prix. The information in this thread is very useful so far. Was wondering if anyone knows what the traffic is like around the circuit? and how early should i arrive before the session starts (because i assume it would still take time to get to the stand you are in).

  12. Hey Guys

    I see mention of the bus service from Koblenz….Does it run from the train station? Is there somewhere to prebook the tickets?


  13. Does anyone know what restrictions there are on taking stuff in? Rucksacks etc. Can you take your own food in?


  14. dont think there are any restrictions

  15. anyone know where to get last minute tickets or any areas of the course that can be accessed without tickets?

    1. Try the official site of the Nurburgring. I ordered my ticket yesterday. Only places for T12 were left (105 euro)

  16. why did vettel and massa have 2 pit..i heard that theyd be penalised by the stewards if they didn’t..

    1. JaneBelinda
      26th July 2011, 6:55

      Because they had to use the hard tyre. It is compulsory.

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