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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. I am planning to visit Monaco 2011 for the first time with my seven-year-old son and wonder whether anyone has any advice. I’m relaxed about how we get there although probably flying to Nice by easyJet from Edinburgh is the quickest.

    What’s the cheapest place to buy tickets?

    1. Hi Neil. I’ve been to quite a few Grand Prix and I always use Bookf1.com They are an English based company and are the cheapest I can find on the net. Tickets always arrive in plenty of time…no problems. For Monaco I would suggest a Stand ticket rather than General Admission. The General admission area..’the hill’ would not be a great place for a 7 year old. Hotels in Nice are good with a 20 min train ride into Monaco…Enjoy

    2. Hi.

      My friend and i are going for the first time to F1 in monaco, we have bougth tickets to sector rocher, can anyone give me some tips regarding stands seating toilets´, can i bring my own drinks when can we get in on sunday ect…???

  2. Hi Neil. I’ve been to quite a few Grand Prix and I always use Bookf1.com They are an English based company and are the cheapest I can find on the net. Tickets always arrive in plenty of time…no problems. For Monaco I would suggest a Stand ticket rather than General Admission. The General admission area..’the hill’ would not be a great place for a 7 year old. Hotels in Nice are good with a 20 min train ride into Monaco…Enjoy

  3. Hi there! i’m planning to buy f1 tickets for 2010 in monaco as a surprise for my boyfriend. i have no idea which will be the best ticket to buy. I’ll really appreciate any help/tips on how to go about it. Thank you

  4. Hi Veronica Do you mean tickets for 2011? I surprised my husband and took him to the Monaco grand prix this year he loved it. I booked V stand for the Saturday qualifying this is the nearest stand to the track, Jenson and Lewis were slowing down in front of us(all cars slow down here ready to build up speed) as they could see the British and Welsh flag. On race day we sat at T Higher. My husband wouldn’t sit there again as the cars were so fast you don’t really see them,I loved it because I got to see all the drivers and celebrities as well as what was going on in the pits. Next year my husband would like to sit at V for both races but I quite fancy sitting at M. We flew to Nice and stayed in Menton which was great as we caught the train everyday which took 10 mins to Monaco and the train was always empty. The platform was quiet compared to the one opposite where the trains were packed heading for Nice.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Yes i meant buying tickets for 2011 in monaco. Thanks for your little tip with the stand. can i ask you, where did you buy the tickets from? and is Menton, a place or the name of a hotel? did you get a good price for it? how long in advance did you book? and how much pocket money do you think i’ll need? Thanks again

  5. Hi Veronica. Menton is the name of a place. It was where the Grimaldi family lived before Monaco.Menton is about four train stops after Monaco and takes about 10 mins. It’s much cheaper than staying in Monaco and far quieter on the train.it’s the opposite side to Nice. You need to book you hotel and flights straight away. I have just booked my flight tickets. I booked my hotel in September for 420 Euros for 4 nights. How many days are you planning? You can book your tickets with bookf1.com or Formula1monaco.com click on them and look at the views and seating plans. Lots of reviews said how expensive Monaco is but we found a bakery on the way to the track and bought fresh rolls and baguettes every morning, there is a local market at the bottom of the castle that sells local produce. At this square are reasonable cafes and bars where we paid 30 euros for a huge pizza, bowl of chips a beer, coke and coffee! Cafe de Paris up on Casino Square is a fortune..don’t go there unless you are loaded…but good for celeb spotting! I could tell you lots more like where to get the bus from the airport to the train station etc. you are welcome to ask me more questions

  6. stephanie isherwood
    27th November 2010, 22:56

    I went in 2010 and booked through an F1 tour company but in 2011 I’m just doing it myself as it’s so easy.

    If Easyjet has the best flights for you then just book them directly on their website. Use someone like Expedia for hotels. Nice has the most choise. Just get one within walking distance of the train station and you’re laughing. As for the race tickets I would book them direct from the official site – you can actually pick your seat then too. The T grandstand is great for driver spotting. K gives you a great view of the harbour.

    I saw pretty much everyone in F1 at the race this year

  7. Sorry best price is only http://www.formula1monaco.com because we are making the ticketing system of the Automobile club de Monaco (the organiser)so it is official price and that why we can see in real time the seat left :).
    The other web site coulb be serious one, but they are resealer, travel company … so they always take a margin.
    Best regards

    1. This is correct, plus if you are going on a 3 day grandstand ticket by buying direct with the organisers Thursday is free if in the same grandstand. Some of the other companies selling tickets do not seem to advise of this and will charge for that day as an extra cost. The tickets are cheaper directly from this site. You can select your grandstand and it will allow you to select your seat, rather than you having no say with the agencies.

    2. Yes I agree also I received my tickets 3 weeks ago from this site

    3. Hi,
      I had a problem with the formula1mocao website and I hope someone could help and clear me up on this: I booked 2 seats, but when I wanted to confirm and pay, I had a technical problem with my PC and I was disconnected from the internet. When I connected again to the website, my basket was empty, but the seats appeared as booked. Now, I don’t know whether I lost them and someone else booked them or if I am the one who booked them? If so, how can I order and pay them if they are not in my basket?
      Thank you in advance for any suggestion?

  8. Yes I agree that formula1 monaco is the best to purchase and pick your seats

  9. I am a first-time attendee in 2011 with a question: Is it worth getting the two-day package versus just going on race day? What are the advantages? Also, is it worth choosing the higher priced “upper” seating in a grandstand versus the lower section? Thank you@

    1. stephanie isherwood
      22nd January 2011, 10:54

      Depends if you want to see qualy I guess.

      I sat in the upper T stand last year for qualy and the race. On the Saturday you got to see a lot more ofr the cars and the drivers walking to and from the pits because there is practice in the morning. On the lower grandstand you can’t see the pits only the track and they come past that section pretty quickly.
      In the K stand if you sit higher up then you have a better view of the cars exiting the tunnel and going through the chicane whereas lower down you can’t see that as the boats in the harbour are in the way but if you were going to do a lower section you would see more in K rather than T

    2. If you buy single tickets you have the option to try out a couple of different viewing areas, versus a 2 day where you have to stay in the same grandstand and seat. The first time we went I could only afford to pay for race day tickets. I managed to pick up a bargain just over a week before we were due to go from bookf1.com for T tickets for the Thursday (but wouldn’t recommend you do this in case you cannot get any tickets.) My husband was thrilled as you are directly opposite the pits and on Thursday you don’t have to sit in an allocated seat – saying that those in the know get there early to grab the seats high up (also if the weather is good after so long sat lower down you start to “cook” as you have no shade.) Luckily for us a lot of the fans went for a walk round when the first free practice session finished and we managed to move higher up where there was some shade. We bought tickets from the ticket office at the circuit for Saturday but these are numbered and I imagine the higher ones are first to go. For the race itself I wouldn’t personally sit in the T grandstand (although we meet the same people each year who always sit there and love it) – you only see the cars for a second as it is only a short piece of circuit in front of this grandstand – I think most of the fans who sit here want to see the pit activity as well as the race.

      We have always watched the race from grandstand K, upper seats. Depending where you sit determines how good a view you get. Too low down, you cannot see as much as the higher seats due to the barriers blocking your view of the cars as they come underneath the grandstand if you are lower down. We have also found that the seats in grandstand K in the first block (eg as the grandstand starts) has quite a good view – we were able to see the cars (although only the top of them) as they go up the hill from the start line; coming out of the tunnel, through the chicane, down to the harbour and then through until they turn by the swimming pool. The problem is that unless you book early with the direct site (I booked out tickets in December) that this is the first part of the grandstand to sell out.

  10. Top-notch post. We have been looking for this tips.

  11. Planning to fly back after the race from Nice at 9pm.
    How long is it likely to take to get the train back to the airport?

    1. The train journey is a matter of minutes, and it is very well organised. You will have plenty of time.

    2. Do make sure to buy tickets in advance though, as the queues at Nice station are pretty awful, specially on race day.

  12. Awesome website. Can somebody please tell me what time you need to leave Nice on the Sunday to get the track. I know the race is not on until the arvo some time but i would like to get there early to watch the support races. I have a ticket booked in the k stand and I read that the train is the best method plus stops right near this stand…apparently?

    1. Depends if you want to do it in style or not. The train is the cheapest option but it gets very busy. When we have caught the train we have always left early in the morning, eg around about 08.30 but you need to be aware that there will be queues to buy the train tickets unless you have bought them on Saturday. Also bear in mind that there is not as much to see on race day as qualifying or Thursday and the grandstands get unbearably hot (as long is it doesn’t rain!) Might regret this next bit (don’t want everyone doing it!) but there is a boat which leaves from Nice harbour which goes into Fontevielle which is a short walk into Monaco town – about 10 mins, quite a lot more expensive than the train but a less expensive option than the helicopter but a buzz from doing it as the harbour is at the side of where the helicopters land. You can book which time boat you want to come back on if you do the return rather than having to wait to get on a train back to Nice.

  13. That’s a great idea of the boat to Fontevielle, I am going first time to Nice and Monaco and also my first time at any F1, pls give me some more info on the boat in and out of Monaco as I am with family this might be good idea if not xpensive.

  14. Thanks Caroline, don’t mind spending the day in the sun 39 degs here today so can’t be that bad there. Thanks for the tip on the boat ride sounds good. How often does both the train and boat run on Sunday’s? Also if I were to hang around Monaco late after the race is it still easy to get back to Nice?

    1. To be honest I am not sure about the train times back. When we booked to go to Monaco the first time, we were speaking to someone who recommended the boat back if we wanted to be back in Nice at a reasonable time and avoid the chaos which always ensues after any race when everyone is trying to make their way back at the same time. As such we have never caught the train back on race day, only on the Thursday and Saturday and because we have spent some time there have always come back around 6 ish. The train service is quite frequent, just make sure you get on a train that is stopping in Nice as not all the trains do and others stop at every station on the way back. Also make sure you have your train ticket – security is very tight at Monaco station.

      From what I can recall the boats have a couple of options out and back, but the first boat back is around 4.00 pm which is extremely tight – if you get it wrong you miss the end of the race. The one after is around 5.30 pm – not sure if there are other boat services which pick up later. If you are staying in a hotel some of them offer taxi services and you can opt for a late pick up. We did that last year on qualifying and were picked up from by the casino at around 9.00 pm.

      Hope that helps a little.

  15. stephanie isherwood
    26th February 2011, 13:01

    When I went last year I bought tickets on the Thursday for the train for all 4 days so I didn’t have to queue. There are plenty of timetables to pick up for the train times. Last train back from Monaco to Nice is around half 11 I think although this may be different on race day.
    After the race last year I was being collected at Nice station at 9pm and I remember having plenty of time in Monaco to have a meal and do some driver spotting before catching the train.

  16. I have an apartment for 2 people available to rent right in the heart of Monaco for the GP 2011 and right at the starting grid – less than 1 minute walk / about 30 metres away. Anyone interested, email me at cj_guest at hotmail dot com.

    1. Hi Carl, i am interested, please mail me your offer. nikhilshah59@gmail.com

  17. If you wait until sat afternoon sometimes early Sunday morning you can pick up private balcony places .. You see 60-70% of the circuit .. Free drinks .. Paid 450 euro last year

    1. Hi Peterusuik,
      how did u come across the balc space pls.

  18. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for posting here. You were of much help to me when I went to Spa last year. This year I would like to go to Monaco, I was thinking about Rocher section (I am on a low budget), but after what I read here (and having been to Magny-Cours and Spa in GA), I am thinking about making a hole in my budget and going for a grandstand. Which option would be the best between Portier and grandstand P (in terms of view, spectacle, toilettes and other facilities)?

    Thank you in advance

  19. Hi Guys,
    Some really good info here, and thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.
    I’m going to the Monaco GP this year with my father (we go to the Australian GP every year) and have a few questions about stands that I hope you can help me with.

    Grandstand O lists a SuperScreen, but I can’t see it on the pictures. Is there one that’s visible from the stand?

    I have had a look and decided that we could sit in Stand K for Qualifying and Stand O for the race. From the images it seems like you get a decent spread of the track from Stand O. Does this seem like a decent choice?

    Is there English commentary at the track? Is it available via an FM radio?

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

    1. Not sure about the location of Grandstand O, but the screen from K is up above you (if that makes sense)it is massive and you cannot miss it – not where you would normally see screens at a GP so that may be why you cannot see it.

      There is some English commentary at the track, although you cannot hear very well.

  20. Hi,
    I had a problem with the formula1mocao website and I hope someone could help and clear me up on this: I booked 2 seats, but when I wanted to confirm and pay, I had a technical problem with my PC and I was disconnected from the internet. When I connected again to the website, my basket was empty, but the seats appeared as booked. Now, I don’t know whether I lost them and someone else booked them or if I am the one who booked them? If so, how can I order and pay them if they are not in my basket?
    Thank you in advance for any suggestion?

    1. Hi

      I had a similar problem so sent an e-mail to them. I was told that if tickets were not confirmed as booked after 24 hours they should release into the system. It may be worth you dropping them a line and telling them which seats you had reserved and see if they can help you. They were extremely helpful and sorted everything out for me very quickly.

      1. Hi Caroline,
        Thank you for your reply. I wrote them an email and now I keep my fingers crossed and wait until Monday :)

  21. Hi All –

    Really good info on here so am hoping somene will have a few more points!!!

    I am taking my other half to the race day on Sunday and will be getting the train from Nice as we are over for a family wedding.

    We are only in the general admission area (Rocher) – does anyone know what time we will need to get there to get a good spot? also how far is this area from the train station?

    finally does anyone have tips on parking in Nice? as i know from past experience it can be terrible!!!

    Hope you can help :)

  22. Hi!

    I’m planning to drive to Monaco GP all the way from Madrid with a couple of friends. We mean to “see” the race from the hill, as someone told me last year that it’s possible to attend to the GP for free. Is that true? is there any chance to see anything of the race without a ticket? We just want to experience a race weekend. Also, will it be possible to enter Monaco with the car or should we leave it at Nice or somewhere close and go by train or boat?

    Thank you very much in advance for your tips!

  23. There’s never a problem to drive into Monaco with your car on GP day and there is always loads of parking – especially at the commercial centre in Fontvieille. I think everyone thinks they shouldn’t because of problems parking but it is one of the least busy days and certainly less busy than christmas, july and august. You wont see any of the race without a ticket unless you view from some of the higher roads and bridges leading into monaco – but you will be viewing the track from 1000 feet up and will see nothing.You can see the race from the hill, but thats tickets too and you have to be there at 6am and its crowded as hell.

  24. Hi,

    thnk you very mucho for the info, Carl. It’s been very usefull, I guess I’ll have to check if there’s still any ticket for the hill left.

    Thank you!

  25. Hi,
    Has anybody caught a helicopter flight from Nice to the GP on race day, if so may I ask how much it would cost?

  26. €100 pp. book early. They will be fully booked otherwise. If you intend to just turn up, forget it.

    1. Not sure where you have got that figure from. It is costing us 200 Euros each one way or 350 Euros return on the Thursday – seem to think I was quoted 450 Euros for race day.

  27. http://www.heliairmonaco.com/ – they probably increase for G P like everything here

  28. I just got word that my tickets for 2011 shipped! Very exciting.

  29. Hi,

    has anybody some experience with parking in Monte Carlo? We have ticket for Thuersday, Grandsatn O. Is there possible to park our car near to track? How many minutes by walk?
    Thank you

    1. THere’s plenty of Parking in Fontvieille – 5 minute walk to the track. Never had a problem even on the Saturay before. Dont worry.

      1. Thank you Carl, this is useful information for me, we are going there at first time.

  30. I received my tickets. I am in “K8A Porte 6.” Does anyone know the details of grandstand K? It is not clear from the tickets whether the exact seats are assigned. Thoughts on this?

    1. Grandstand K is on the harbour front and extends around until just before the chicane for the swimming pool. You are allocated a seat for qualifying and race day, but not on Thursday when it is a free for all and the seats in the first part of the grandstand at the bottom of the hill as they come out of the tunnel get filled first.

      Your ticket will have at the top of it Place and Rang, this will tell you your seat number and Row. The attendants will take you to your seat, although you have to watch out as people will try and move into your seat if the seat is empty so be prepared if the view is good from there to have to hoof someone out.

  31. Thanks, Caroline, that is very helpful! I will wear heavy boots. JM

  32. Myself and 3 others are going to the monaco grand prix to celebrate my partner’s 40th birthday. We are staying in Nice for a week and apart from going to the F1, i’m looking to go out a couple of nights. I’m wondering if anyone can give me any ideas of good places to go out either on a buget or even a bit expensive. I’m talking about both night clubs and trendy bars. After all, you only turn 40 once. Thank you

  33. We are staying at a small hotel in Monte Carlo on the Rue Prince Pierre. We decided to rather spend the extra cash on renting a Triumph TR4 roadster for a few days after the Grand Prix.
    Saturday qualifying I will be watching at Casino Square and on Sunday my girlfriend will join me at K. We purchased our tickets seperately from Formula1.com and recieved vouchers. I am hoping that when we redeem the vouchers for tickets, we will be seated together.
    Does anyone have some good tips for a drive along the coast or up into the mountains?
    I’ve never been to Monaco, but I’m guessing the roads are fun!

    1. You could get on the motorway heading towards the direction of Italy and take the first exit to Menton/Sospel. That’s where the Monte Carlo Rally goes. The road to Sospel is great. I used to live in Sospel and had a TVR Tuscan II. Fantastic on those roads. Will take you about 40 minutes to get there from Monaco and Sospel is a very pretty village.

    2. Martin,
      I’ll be in casino sq saturday and k too. See you there!

  34. Hi

    We have general admission tickets (Rocher), just two girlies……so questions are :

    Can we have a wee anywhere ?!!!!
    Does anyone take seats or is it just standing ?
    What time should we get there ?
    Is it worthwhile upgrading to a Grandstand…..

    Thanks for your help…..

    Lisa D

    1. Hi Lisa.
      I have asked the same questions as you, my first time at the f1, I have found out that, you have a good place at Rocher, you’ll see almost half a circuit and there’ll be a TV screen in front of you.
      Just be sure to arrive early and check the train schedule changes. If you want a good seat at Rocher, you’ll need to arrive before 8am on Sunday and before 10am on Saturday. There should be toilets and shops also.I will keep searching the net for more details…

  35. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how long does it usually take to receive the tickets bought online form formula1monaco.
    They said about three weeks, but it’s been six already and no signs of the tickets. So I am starting to get nervous…
    Did it take that long for anyone else?


  36. Hi,

    Received my tickets to the race at the weekend :-) cant wait!

    Got 2 tickets in grandstand N does anyone have any experience of this stand? Any advice on facilities? View? Etc.

    I also have booked the boat transfer from nice which I am looking forward to also!

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hey Tom, I’m staying in Nice also. where did you get your boat transfer from, was it part of a package?

      1. If you buy as part of a package you will pay quite a bit more but it depends if you prefer to have a guaranteed ticket before you go. We did this the first year we went but decided to risk it last year as they were advertising boat transfers when we arrived for our trip the first time. There is a company based in the harbour that you can book with (cannot remmber the name) but they are the only boat company offering trips as you walk around to the harbour on your right hand side and by the diving school – they run day trips around the coast and offer boat transfers on Saturday (subject to interest) and Sunday which go into Fontvielle. You can also book speed boat transfers, but they are expensive. The boat is lovely although if it is rough (which it was coming back last year) it isn’t a journey for the faint hearted! We will book with them when we arrive in Nice this year.

        1. Thanks for the rapid response!
          I have everything else booked so I’ll check out the harbour (and the sea state!) when I arrive.
          Thanks again for the advice.

          1. I have had a dig around my info, the company is called Trans Cote D’Azur and they do have a web site which shows transfer times and the costs for this year. If you are prepared to pay the cost I would definitely recommend this as a way of travelling in on race day – bit like being in Apocolypse Now as you come into the harbour as the heliport is next door. Takes out the stress of going in on the train, although it is obviously more expensive. Makes it feel a little bit special and is certainly far cheaper than the helicopter! Only thing to bear in mind if you do decide to go for it is that the boat leaves on time so if you are late you will miss it.

        2. Hi Caroline. I’ve checked the website for the boat company and its seems to offer two ways of getting to Monaco – Cruise(with stop) at 35 euros each and Fast motorboat F1 transfer for 55 Euros each. I can’t see one that is a normal boat transfer. Which is the boat journey that you are recommending?
          Thanks very much, Zarinah

    2. see you in N

  37. We have two windows for rent with an amazing view over several parts of the track, including the podium.

    There is space for 12 people in total. We’d prefer to rent the entire space to one person, but we may consider selling indivual places too.

    We will provide at least one large television to follow the lead cars when they are out of view (casino, loews, tunnel). Food and drink can also be arranged.

    Please email for further details.

    1. greetings me again volunteer student from South Africa we are 4 possibly 5 how much for the view at balcony thanks

    2. Susan Shakespeare
      22nd May 2011, 15:56

      we are a group of six looking at viewing option, can you e-mail me iwth the details on susanshakespeare@hotmail.com

  38. greetings all Im a student from South africa , all I could afford was Sector Rocher , whats the deal here , where is best place to sit , what is recommended to do not do , what to take , are eats drinks allowed in this area , where is best location . Thanks

  39. Hi Saint et al

    I have been captain of one of the boats running the transfers the last couple of years – there were 4 boats in total constantly running from Nice Port, Quai d’Accueil to Fontvieille. You can call Mediterranean Yacht Services on 068 8019 562 who manage the programme to book a place.

    1. Thanks for the reply Carlo.
      I will check you guys out but probably will leave booking until I get there.

  40. Thanks again Caroline, I managed to Google the website last night. After looking at some of the previous posts I’ve put some enquiries out for helo availability. But failing that I’ll probably go for the ferry.
    Hopefully the weather will be good for us!

  41. Hi all

    For those of you who haven’t been on the other Monaco GP discussion board on F1Fanatic there is a lot of info also in… Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences https://www.racefans.net/f1-information/going-to-a-race/monte-carlo-monaco/

    Heading to Monaco next week to start prep for the GP, can’t wait :)

  42. David Etchells
    11th May 2011, 13:42

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help/advise with the following:
    I happen to be staying in Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer on the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix. I want to take my neices (12 and 9)to the grand prix, but don’t want to sit for hours in one place – my neices would not cope very well with that!
    I was wondering if anyone knows if it possible to see the race for free – for instance, from the palace road or square.
    I want my neices to experience the day, rather than the race necessarily – so we are happy to just see bits and pieces of the race – bearing that in mind, do you think it is worth going to Monaco on race day?
    Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately not. They have ensured that it is nigh on impossible for anyone that hasn’t bought a ticket to see any of the race. You used to be able to find the odd viewing spot but barriers etc now go up. The only place I have seen people is by the palace, but not sure how much you can see from there.

      1. David Etchells
        14th May 2011, 16:26

        Thanks Caroline, I thought it might be difficult. I might just take the chance and try the palace forecourt – might make a nice day out anyway, and you never know, we may see something of the race. David.

    2. Hi David

      It’s not possible to see the race for free. You will find little pockets where you can see a snippet of a car going past through the security fencing but that’s it, not worth the effort of squeezing your nieces through crowds of people to do so…in my humble opinion.

      If you just go for the atmosphere in the streets of Monaco, that’s good fun and I’m sure you will all enjoy the experience.

      If you want to see some race action but not spend all day you could do something on Thursday or Friday morning (no F1 on Friday but there is GP2 and Porsche SuperCup). Grandstand tickets are reasonable by comparison for Thursday and, from memory, seating on the grandstands is free on Friday.

      There are other options too for Thursday & Friday, private yachts, etc. if you would like more info on those options just let me know.

      If I can help with anything else don’t hesitate.

      1. David Etchells
        14th May 2011, 16:31

        Thanks Ed. Your advice is very welcomed – I thought it might be difficult and I don’t want to be ‘dragging’ my neices around if there really is no point. I’m going to visit on the day and try the palace forecourt – if we can get up there that is. Nevertheless, I’m sure a day out in Monaco would be worthwhile anyway. David

      2. David Etchells
        14th May 2011, 17:49

        Hi Ed. You’ve been very helpful, and I want to ask one last question, if you don’t mind.
        On race day (29th), is it possible to travel up the hill to the palace? I thought it might be a good place to watch the whole event. Even though it is some distance away from the track, it will give my neices (and me) a good impression of the race. Also, if access is open, is it free and do you know if it is worth trying to watch from there?
        Again, thank you for your advice.
        Kind regards, David.

        1. Hi David, not sure what happened but I posted a reply to you which hasn’t shown (second post tonight!), so will answer again now (if the other response shows later you’ll know why).

          I think you need a rocher pass to get up the hill to the palace. You certainly need to be resident to get up there by car. Even if you can i’m not sure if you can actually see anything, i’ve never tried and you would be really far away for it to be in any way worthwhile i think.

          If i can find anymore info on that from our guys in Monaco I’ll post again tomorrow.
          Best wishes

          1. David Etchells
            18th May 2011, 15:47

            Thanks again Ed.
            Think we’ll give the palace and surrounding paths a go on race day (by foot or bus). I’ve been up there a few times in the past, and although you are some distance away from the track, I think it will give an overall impression of the event – if not the detail of the race itself.
            Kind regards, David.

  43. I arrive at Nice airport about 11.00 am on the Saturday. Will I have time to drop case off at hotel (Centre of Nice) and then get to race for qualifying. Also what is the best time to arrive at the track on the Sunday for the Race.



  44. kelly watson
    19th May 2011, 22:40

    Wondered if anyone can help i have booked for cafe de paris more for atmosphere as aware restricted view. The problem we are having is what to wear especially the men in our group, are smart shorts acceptable?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Kelly

      The gents should be ok with smart shorts.

    2. Kelly,
      I’m doing the same on saturday. Personally going to wear some thin trousers and collared top, but if the shorts are linen rather than sports I imagine they should be ok. If in doubt I’d give them a call. they were very helpful when i spoke to them

  45. I want to book tickets for 2012 Monaco race, for my husband as a birthday surprise, I am terrified that I will not pick the right seats for him and my older daughter (she’s 13 and into racing as her father), but I want it to be a surprise.
    I was thinking of Casino B Grandstand because is the most expensve (does it make any sense?), or upper T grandstand because you can see the pits?
    Where do you have to be on race day to see the winners ceremony?
    Also is it a good ideea to come by train from Italy ventimiglia? or is it better in Antibes….
    Nice is not an option for me…

    1. I don’t think you can see the winners ceremony from anywhere much. There are a couple of small grandstands in the start finish straight but personally I wouldn’t sit there because you don’t get to see much the rest of the time. Would they go for all 3 days or just for race day? If they go for the other days too you can get tickets for different parts of the circuit for each day. I can only really comment on places I’ve been to. K stand is good for seeing the cars and gives a great view of the harbour. T is good for seeing the pits and you get to see the drivers walking to and from the pits and the paddock. If someone bought me a ticket for the Monaco GP I wouldn’t mind where it was though to be honest so I’m sure they’ll be thrilled!

    2. Carina,
      I was in K this year, at Tabac. You see them leave the tunnel and then all the way around the swimming pool to the start of rascasse. Plus you’re overlooking the harbour. I would definitely recommend it. If you go on the official monaco grand prix website http://www.formula1monaco.com/ they have pics from each of the stands to give you an idea.
      As for accom, depending why Nice isn’t an option, there are some great villa lets in places like beaulieu-sur-mer and the other villages between Nice & Monaco. It might work out cheaper than hotels and gives you freedom to have your own place.
      Whatever you do tho I agree with Steph, just going will make his year, its a unique experience!

    3. Hi Carina

      You may also find some helpful info on this other F1Fanatic post relating to the Monaco GP.

      Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences https://www.racefans.net/f1-information/going-to-a-race/monte-carlo-monaco/

      I just replied to a lady who asked if B was a good grandstand – I personally wouldn’t want to watch the race from there as I think the action is a little dull (there will be others who disagree no doubt). I prefer K and it is a safe bet if you are in any doubt. I would suggest either seats in a high row of K or the very front row of K1/K2.

      There are also lots of other options depending on your budget including:

      – restaurants on the start/finish straight (benefit from waiter service, buffet lunch, private toilets etc.)

      – private balconies with no catering (which keeps the price down and not too far from grandstand seating prices but with a view from a higher position, more comfortable environment, private toilets, seating area, TV, etc. and you bring your own refreshments);

      – full hospitality balconies on the start/finish straight from the first floor to the rooftops and where you can see the grid & the podium from the side;

      – full hospitality yachts, a unique experience and atmosphere.

      If you need further information on any of these options let me know.

      Getting the train from Ventimiglia is no problem, lots of people do that as they do from Nice and the other surrounding areas. Antibes is ok too, just further away obviously.

      I agree with the others, I’m sure your family will be delighted with whatever you choose.

      If I can be of any further help please feel free to post here or to email me, happy to help.

      Best wishes

  46. Hi all, I work for a company who specialises in corporate events and hospitality on of our biggest events is the f1, especially Monaco. The packages for Monaco are fantastic including flights, accommodation transfers and grandstand tickets! Packages can also be tailored to suit you. The prices are fantastic whether you are entertaining clients or just going on a personal trip with family or friends. If you would like more info or thinking of going please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions. Tom.scott02@hotmail.co.uk or call me 07545810637

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