Jarno Trulli, Toyota, Algarve circuit, 2009
Jarno Trulli, Toyota, Algarve circuit, 2009

Active years: 2002-2009


Toyota entered Formula 1 in 2002 after an exhaustive testing programme and with enormous financial support from its parent company. It left the sport at the end of 2009 having failed to win a race.


Cologne, Germany

Major team personnel – 2009

Team principal and chairman: Tadashi Yamashina
Team president: John Howett
Executive vice-president: Yoshiaki Kinoshita
Team manager: Jens Marquardt
Senior general manager, chassis: Pascal Vasselon
Senior general manager, engine: Luca Marmorini
Director, technical co-ordination: Noritoshi Arai
Chief engineer, race and test: Dieter Gass
Head of aerodynamics: Mark Gillan

Previous identities: None

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