Monza – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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105 comments on “Monza – spectators’ experiences”

  1. I went to the Italian Grand Prix in 2007. Here are some of my pictures from the weekend:

    Italian Grand Prix 2007 pictures – Friday
    Italian Grand Prix 2007 pictures – Saturday
    Italian Grand Prix 2007 pictures – Sunday

    Monza park is a fabulous setting for the Grand Prix but it is a little bit tricky to get to. The signage around the circuit for those arriving by car was not very good. But once we reached one of the car parks there were buses provided to take us to the track. The train station is very close by and getting a train from nearby Milan is probably the easiest way of getting in.

    It’s a stunning place to watch F1 cars, though. They’re just stunningly fast down the straights. We had seats at turn one so we saw plenty of action during the race including Lewis Hamilton’s excellent pass on Kimi Raikkonen.

    A walk up to the second chicane is a must because you’ll pass under the daunting old oval on the way. At the chicane you’re very close to the track and you can see how hard the drivers attack the kerb. The Ascari chicane has a large grandstand on the outside and is also a good vantage point.

    Some people have asked me if the crowd was hostile to non-Ferrari fans. I didn’t have any team gear on when I went so I can’t comment, but the atmosphere seemed realyl friendly. That said, McLaren were ahead of Ferrari pretty much all weekend.

    The food is very good and not all that expensive.

    My only complaint was that the support races were just the usual fare: GP2 (very good) and Porsche Supercup (snore). As with most F1 events, the gaps between some sessions are very long.

    That aside, Monza is one of the very best places to watch Formula 1.

  2. Went to monza in 2008. The crowd atmosphere was good, but the facilities were very poor, toilets were in a disgraceful state, due to the rain (first wet race in 20 years) all the walkways were a quagmire and resembled glastonbury in a downpour….wasnt very impressed as this happend on saturday and by sunday the walkways were a mess and the italians completely aloof to it….not sure if we’ll go again as the facilities in general were poor compared to spa and silverstone which i had also visited in the same season previously.

    1. With Silverstone and the British GP under constant threat, from Bernie, I went to Monza 2008. The weather was atrocious and it didn’t show Monza in its best light. The infrastructure and fabric of the autodrome was falling apart behind the image you see on tv. The track was cracked, cabling was lying all over the place and the marshalling of crowds and vehicles was non existent. The toilets were stomach turning and the tifosi were very anti Hamilton/McLaren. I thought what part of Silverstone is as bad as this. Has Bernie ever experienced this side of a GP. Perhaps he does from his helicopter as he arrives at the paddock?

      Having said all that Monza was fantastic. I was cold, wet, thirsty(!),muddy, uncomfortable and a little bit fearful at one point with the tifosi but it was GREAT. I’d go again without a second thought. The walk through the park to get to the circuit and hearing the engines roar up coupled with the natural passion and enthuasim of the Italian crowd.

      PS Watch out for the Police one of them grabbed my mates bottom.

  3. Philip Muscatello
    11th April 2009, 2:37

    Hello all,

    my first post as this is my year of going to live grands prix after a lifetime of reading and TV watching.

    Went to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and planning a trip to Monza in September. Any advice on locations and accomodation most appreciated from an Aussie returning to the mother country!

  4. I am also planning on going to the Monza race this year in September, what do you guys suggest for seating? Is general admission worth it? And can you get a good seat?

    – Much appreciated Niko

    1. Hi Philip, hi Niko.

      I’ve been 4 times at Monza, an also in many other circuits in Europe, and I can say Monza is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to watch a F1 race. This place is magic and sacred for those who love racing, you can breathe the history of motorsport here…

      I already been in the grandstands 6 (first corner), 5 (main straight) and 4 (main straight, start and pit lane). Obviously the most expensive (4) is the best one, here you can see the start right in front of you, the main straight from the exit of the “parabolica” until the exit of the pit lane, and all the action on the pits. The sector 6 is also great, the first corner is usually funny. The sector 5 is good, but not great comparing to others. You can see the cars passing at 300km/h, the pit lane exit, and that’s all.

      I really cannot say anything about general admission…never used this ticket. Anyway I think you can never find a place where you can see a lot of the track, because Monza is totally plain, no hills anywhere, and a lot of trees, so clearly you can see just a small part of the track if you are not in tribune….if anyone have a different experience, please let us know…

      The atmosphere at the “Parco di Monza” is superb, as long as this is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. So don’t hurry and take your time to do a walk round the park when there’s no activity on the track. You can easily see the “walls” of the old oval circuit in the middle of the trees….awesome!

      So what else can I say? Highly recommended!

  5. Martin Rider
    31st July 2009, 10:20

    Hi all, I have just booked up with General Admission tickets. As one of the chaps above said, i have spent al my years following F1 avidly, barely missed a race wherever i have been in the world but this will be my first time at Monza for F1 – I was in Maranello just 3 weeks ago and met Massa at the Ferrari store, just such a shame he won’t be racing. But, to see Schumi again will be fantastic – he should have got back into the groove by Monza! :)

    I’ve been to all sorts of tracks but just never thought it was worth spending the money when ITV/BBC have done such a good job of televising.

    This however just had to be done.

    Is there anywhere specific that we should look out for? Any special places to look for food? And for some reason i cannot find anything out about the support races this year so any know whats going on?

    And one final question, what kind of time should we really aim to be there for in the mornings? Queuing doesn’t bother me, but i’d like to know how long the wait is approx by car.

    1. It’s Italy, the food is pretty good all round!

      Getting in on Friday was a hassle as the promised shuttle buses didn’t seem to be running. If you’re planning to use them, check very closely if they’re going to be available. If not, you might have to park near the circuit and walk. If practice starts at 9am I’d aim to be parking up at 7.30-8ish.

    2. Martin,
      Get there early and go for the inside of Parabolica – entry or exit is your choice.
      Went there in 2004 and did a recce on Saturday of where to watch the race from and found this to be best for GA.
      Going this year as well, however, we’ll be the lads in kilts in Tribune 23 on the exit of Parabolica.
      Have a fantastic weekend! Monza IS one of THE places to watch F1 at – you’ll love it!

      1. Hey Martin,

        We’ll look for you. We too will be in the area of the exit of Parabolica onto the front straight. Vedano 24 grandstands.


        1. Sorry, should have been to Rabs with the kilt.

      2. niceone, i’ll go to the parabolica so, its some corner

  6. I first went to Monza in 1998 and then went every year for 6 years so I guess that means that the last time I was there was 2003.
    Bad Points:
    1) It’s a very fast and non-technical track so often you are just seeing cars go past very quickly and not much happening.
    2) It’s very difficult to get a decent view using General Admission unless you get there at 5am on race day and find a spot and defend it!
    3) The nature of the circuit means that the cars can become spread out quite quickly so a processional race is not uncommon.

    Good Points:
    1) It’s Monza! The temple of speed. The history of the place oozes from every leaf in the park. The old banking is accessible and VERY steep!
    2) If you choose the right campsite and make friends with the right people you don’t need a race ticket. I had a couple of very enjoyable races watching from the roof of a camper van that was parked against the fence at the 1st chicane!
    3) The Tifosi. If you’re a Ferrari fan it’s great. I have been in the grandstand with the giant Scuderia flag and loved it.
    4) The track invasion and the podium ceremony at the end is brilliant – especially if it’s a Ferrari victory!

    I have heard some horror stories about problems getting to and from the track, but as I always camped there I wasn’t affected. I think if you go with the attitude that it’s a great party for all F1 fans, particularly (but not exclusively) Ferrari fans and there is also a race at some point in the weekend you’ll love it. If you go expecting to see half the track from General Admission you will be disappointed.

    My favourite year was 2002 when it was a Ferrari 1-2 and Eddie Irvine came 3rd, so it was really a Ferrari 1-2-3!!!

    1. hi rab and everyone going to monza. we’re in inner parabolica 23b.will keep an eye open for the kilted boys. have a good one . go lewis!

  7. ah!

    We’re coming from the US to Monza for our first race. Very exciting. We’ll be taking the train in as we’re staying in Milan. We are likely only getting the general admission tickets as everything else is SO expensive. Getting the tickets directly from the Monza track website.

    Any must see/do besides the race itself? I know there’s a walk-about “preview” on Thursday afternoon correct?

  8. Another question,

    Can you bring your own food and drink [no glass bottles] in a sack or do they prohibit that?

    1. You can bring with you whatever you want. No one is checking anything.

      Monza is fantastic, says I whos a McLaren supporter :)

  9. On ticket section it says the Thursday pit walk is:

    “Special deal:

    Enjoy a free pit walk on Thursday September 10 from 3-6 PM when you purchase a 3-day pass”

    That does NOT say 3-day GRANDSTAND pass, but yet I hear it is exclusive to Grandstand passes? This is really disappointing if I can’t get into the pit with my GA pass, as that’s probably the best view I will have the whole weekend of the cars and teams.

    Can anyone confirm or deny that GA is excluded from the pit walk in 2009?

  10. I don’t know about the pit-walks, but to answer Cindi’s second question I have certainly taken bottles of wine into the track without problems, although the last time I was there was 2003.

  11. Goodness this is the quiet site as everyone seems to be going to Spa instead! Where do most people stay – do they camp like at Spa or hotels?

    Is a signage to find your way around there in Italian only or also in English? Will be bringing my translation book! Can’t wait – we’re hoping the weather will be nice and not rain like we saw on TV last year!!!

    1. Hi Cindi,

      Are you still going to Monza?
      Where in the US are you from? I’m in northern California.
      We have tickets for turn 24 Vedano but will not be able to attend Friday or Saturday.

    2. Hi Cindi,

      I’m coming over from San Fran, used to live in Seattle myself. Anyway, I was wondering if you or anyone else has been able to find any useful info on the train service from Milan as I am staying there as well.

      I can’t wait! Ready to party in the sun, hopefully.

  12. Hi Zane

    We’re from Seattle. We have general admission tickets for all 3 days. Hoping it doesn’t rain like last year – should be a great time. All us Americans will have to seek each other out :)

    I’m sure someone would take your Fri/Sat tickets on here – I just think everyone is focused on Spa at the moment!

    1. I kind-of wish we would have waited to get tickets there. Even GAs would have been fine and money saved. Wasn’t sure, and didn’t want to risk not having a good seat in-case of rain.

      Spa was great! Not much of a fan of the “Ice Man” but happy to see Fisi do so well. Monz could be out-of-control if Fisi drives a Ferrari. And, clearly he can out-do Kimi.

  13. Hello All

    This is going to be my first European F1 race. I went to one of the F1 races at Indy. I saw the race where Michael S. lead the entire race and gave up the lead on the last lap as a courtesy to his then teammate Barrichello. I am from the US traveling to Italy from Barcelona. I have tickets in granstand 8 at turn 1. Seems like there should be some good action in that section. Looking forward to the whole experience at a track with such history.

    1. Hi Curtis,

      Where-at in the US?

      I’m not a huge Ferrari fan but still would love to see them do well at home!

      Ambrose had his 60~laps of fame in the Canada race yesterday. Led the whole thing in the dry and wet then lost it in the last turn!
      We met Marcos at the Sonoma race last year and have been fans since. Bad luck or no luck.

    2. Did you like grandstand 8? I’m trying to decide between 6C and 8, any thoughts about the pros and cons of each?

  14. Ah yes about the train. Are you talking about going from the airport to Milan or from Milan to the track?

    I read on the Monza site that there’s a free train on Sunday only from the main station to Monza for the race. The track site is and they have an English option…

    Supposed to rain on Saturday per the 10day forecast so we shall see! Hope it’s as much fun as I’m imagining!

  15. Forgot to add – the train is supposed to be the black line – no-stopto Biassono-Lesmo-Autodrome Station.

    1. Thanks much for the train to track info.

      Nothing someone from Seattle can’t handle.

      Have a great time! GO FISI!!

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  17. HI
    I’ve 2 tickets for Italian GP for the “Tribunetta Traguardo”, in the center of the starting grid. Please Contact me at for info.

  18. Was there in 2005 with GA tickets. Hard to get a good spot with GA but if you go to entrance to parabolica you can see the big screen if you look over your shoulder do its a good spot.
    WHATEVER YOU DO GO TO THE BANKING. Oficially its not open but its easilly accesable at the end near the first chicane bring a drink with you and savour the experience.
    INVADE THE TRACK as soon as the race is over and run under the podium. I got sprayed with Fisis champagne after he came 3rd. Then go and walk the entrire lap of the track

  19. Monza 2009

    It was the first time I went to a F1 grand prix. The atmosphere was awesome! The speed and noise of the cars was breathtaking.
    We were a group of 8 people 2 Indians, 2 Americans and 4 Italians. All suuporting Ferrari except for the 2 Indians supporting force India.
    We had our Indian cricket shirts on and carrying a big Indian flag! Everybody noticed and were very friendly. A swiss fan made a comment” we have been here for the last 15 years and the first time seeing Indian supporters! They then very kindly gave us a gin and tonic. We sat in the stands of the 1st Variant (330 euro), too expensive , no cover either and stone slabs to sit on.
    90% of supporters were Ferrari and 2 Indians. The atmosphere was very very friendly and good banter amongst different supporters. I got a lot of lip when Hamilton crashed in the last lap! (being British). I did give them a hard time about Ficicella deserting Force India to ferrari and not performing well, so I deserved it. They did share our cold Baccardi and Coke!!!

    Does anyone have any pictures of 2 people with blue cricket shirts waving an Indian Flag?? Either photos or tv coverage.Please direct me to the website.

    1. I saw you on the big screen… I’m Indian too, my dad mentioned the cricket tops (that’s his sport, not F1)

      I think we I got a picture of you guys/the flag – I was at 6B (opposite you)

  20. Monza 2009

    I didn’t know I was going to Monza this year until the wednesday afternoon. Due to work commitments i could only go for the sunday. I flew into Milan Malpensa airport at 22.30 on saturday night, got the shuttle bus outside the terminal ($7.50 euros) into milano centrale and then the train up to Monza. There was a fantastic festival atmosphere in Monza centre. Had a beer and made way to track. Tip DON’T try and walk from Monza to the autodrome it is miles (although very well signposted.) Got into campsite at 2am in the morning. Pitched tent and slept until 6. I was stood in General Admission at the end of back straight with a clear view of entry into parabolica. Tip: get there early if you are GA, i was in the stands at 08.45 and managed to get a fantastic view high up. The Food was lovely and no way near as expensive as Silverstone is. I was wearing a mclaren shirt and i didn’t suffer one instance of abuse for it. The support races were entertaining, at the spot I was in you are very close (30ft) to the track and the F1 itself was just stunning. You could physically see the mclaren pushing and pushing to try and maximise its poor 2 stop strategy. I will definetly be going again, might be looking for a like minded race enthusiast as my fiancee doesn’t much care for F1. Remember sun cream and if you are general admission, get your water and food before finding a seat. I was lucky, i buddied up with a Brawn GP fan and we went for refreshments in turns but if you are on your own if you move you will lose your seat. Oh and the Italians boo Hamilton, which kind of amused me.

  21. Monza 2009

    I had 3 day tickets for Section 26A of the grandstands (pit straight). I was in line with rows 5,6 and 7 of the grid and had great views of the Brawn GP and Force India pits as well as a giant TV screen just to my left. Thought the race and atmosphere were awesome, I felt awed by the history of the place. Monza is one of my favourite circuits so to be there was mind blowing. I went own my own, found this okay as there are usually a few other people who do the same thing. I met people over the weekend who I buddied up with on the Friday and Sunday, did my own thing on the Saturday.

    I stayed in Milan, got the train from Central Station to Monza then the free shuttle bus to the circuit. The transport to the circuit was well organised and regular although trains from Central Station to Monza seem to be rare. I got the 08:20 train to Monza on the Saturday and Sunday and was at the circuit for not long after 10 (I think).

    All in all I had a great time and will definitley be going back at some point.

  22. I was at the Ascari chicane for the 2009 race. For any budding photographers forget it – the cars are too fast and the fence is too high but although it was incidentless this year you could see a fair chunk of tarmac. You can take in your own food and drink as these were pricy inside the circuit e.g. €6 for a large beer, €2 for 500ml bottle of water. There are a couple of local supermarkets that were cheaper but remember the Sunday trading laws i.e. stock up on previous days!

    If you have a grandstand ticket, the pit walkabout on Thursday was excellent and most of the drivers were signing autographs if you were prepared to be crushed. Said ticket allows roaming on Friday so for fairly good photo’s, aim for the Grandstand opposite the end of the pit lane so you can get them when they are doing practice starts.

    Getting to and from the circuit was part of the package I’d purchased so I cannot comment on the best way to travel without advertising. I don’t tend to watch the support races as my bottom needs a refreshed supply of blood so I tend only to stay put for the F1 action.

    This was my seventh GP in total and probably one of the best.

    1. Budding photographers? Anyone with a decent camera and lens should have no problem no matter what speed theyre going. Ill show you what I mean in a month when I get back from Monza.

  23. I was in 6B for the race and absolutely loved the experience. The downpour on Saturday night was awesome and led to some excellent support races.

    To be honest Monza is simply set in the most beautiful setting. Walking in through the forest was simply wonderful while arriving to the sound of engines in the distance. There is a really historic feel to the place and I’m so glad I went.

    We tried to get seats in 6C but they were sold out so settled for 6B. I am very glad we did as all the action in the GP2 and other support races was really clearly visible. When in the stand we were surrounded by Finnish Ferrari fans. They seemed to consume about half the stand, man they love their motorsport.

    I am strongly considering going back next year and also possibly going to Spa to live that experience as well. I can definitely say I wasn’t disappointed with the weekend and watching the accuracy of the drivers first hand is a totally different experience!

  24. I went to Monza this year. Some notes in no particular order!

    – The train from Milan to Monza is dirt cheap – 1.65 for a return trip, plus on race day a free shuttle train from Centrale is provided (I forgot as I’d been getting the train from Lambrate each day…).
    – If you have a three day grandstand ticket, do go on the Thursday. I promise it’s worth it! You get to see the pitlane (though finding your way into it for the first time isn’t as simple as you’d think), the teams and the drivers much closer than you otherwise would. If there’s a particular driver you want to catch, loiter outside their garage.
    – Often it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time – I managed to run into Nico Rosberg, Rob Smedley, Tonio Liuzzi, Stefano Domenicali and Luca Di Montezemolo while just wandering around. Pitlane entrance is a good place to hang around to meet drivers coming back from their track walk.
    – There are no shuttle buses on the Thursday, so give yourself a good hour to walk from the train station to the track. The walk isn’t well signposted, so either print out a map or hope you can follow other people in teamwear who don’t really know where they’re going!
    – If you hire a Kangaroo TV, make sure you take a credit card for authentication. Their system doesn’t accept debit cards as proof of ID etc, though it doesn’t mention it on the site.
    – There is a bit of a wasp problem at Monza – take insect repellent.
    – Soft drinks are about 5 Euros a pop, so take your own.
    – The atmosphere is truly something else, even outside the track in the Parco di Monza. Obviously it’s even better if you’re a Ferrari fan. ;)
    – Do walk the banking if you get even half a chance. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Ditto for getting onto the track after the race, though actually getting through the gates isn’t good for claustrophobes. It was a bit like being down the front at a concert, but absolutely worth the discomfort in the end.
    – Advice to McLaren fans? Be thick skinned! ;) I saw no hostility towards McLaren fans themselves; however, the team were booed a bit as they moved up and down the pitlane on Thursday, and there was an eruption of cheers when Lewis crashed at the end of the race this year.
    – My ticket was for the Laterale Sinistra (the grandstand opposite the pitlane exit), which was brilliant for watching activity on the grid, the start and getting near the podium after the race, but you don’t see much ontrack action and overtaking.
    – Fancy a free F1 poster? Try the Milan tourism office in the Piazza del Duomo. There was a stack of them there this year.

  25. Went last year. Fantastic!!! I meant to buy 3 day general admission ticket but only got sunday by mistake. I got a grandstand for fri and sat from ebay.

    Dont try and walk from Monza train station….I did as I couldnt see any other way. Its MILES!!! I found out there is a bus but I have forgotten the number im afraid.

    Friday is roaming for any ticket so good for walking the track and taking some pics. I had a rug which is handy to sit on as even the grandstands are concrete. Its nice and hot and if you look carefully there are a few water taps dotted around the place. All the spots were good for different reasons depends what you want to see. The straights are good to get a feel for the speed but bit boring after a while. Inside of parabolica is good, fantastically close but that is hard work on the neck!

    Sat I had a ticket for the second chicane. It was a good spot for action and having the numbered seat was good for a bit of extra sleep point of view.

    Sunday was an early start to try and get a good spot. I was going for the 1st or 2nd lesmo where there a free 3 step metal stands. I would have seen a few 1st lap passes and LH crash but chose not to as it was in the shade all day. I went for the exit of parabolica, just before pit entry. Loads of space right up the the start of the race!!! Very surprising. Turned out to be a good spot, saw a grosjean mega save which tv didnt catch and watching LH totally flat out every single lap was unreal. I would probably pay the little extra for grandstand tickets next time, just to save the worry about where to sit. If you do go general admission spend the saved money on a kangaroo tv. Getting crofty and ant for all sessions is invaluable.

    The other reason i chose parabolica was for the track invasion. Just before the end of the race get your stuff ready and head for the gate it looks like people are going for. Its amazing, every race should have it. I sprinted down the main straight and just made it in time for the English anthem for Brawn. The atmosphere is incredible, so much fun!!

    Dont worry about wearing english team wear. There were loads of Mclaren people. I just wore my cap. All i got was a bit of banter from a megaphone guy after LH crash. Was quite funny but a shame it happened especially the cheers. Hopefully the were more for the fact it meant kimi was on the podium.

    For atmosphere and just the feel of the place its a MUST for any F1 fan. So please I made the effort. Good luck and enjoy it.

    Oh thursday has a pitwalk for 3 day ticket holders. I didnt know this unfortunately.

  26. christopher (sennaboy3)
    5th December 2009, 12:09

    Looking to get tickets for 2010 and was wondering if anyone could tell me where it is best to sit to get onto the track after the race? Was thinking about sitting in the Parabolica, can anyone comment on stands 21a,b,c,d,e? Any good campsites nearby? Thanks for any help!

  27. One year ago this week I fulfilled a forty-year dream by visiting Monza. There are really only two optimal times to visit this legendary track: the Italian Grand Prix Race Weekend – and the last half of December when most of Italy is ‘closed’ for Christmas observations. Our December 2008 visit was quiet, with the ability to hear the ghosts of the past who have raced this circuit, not only the current track but also the historic abandoned oval. The banking on the oval is so steep one can hardly walk it, the track surface is crumbling with age, and the ancient Armco is rusty and falling down. But (as others have termed it) a solitary walk around the track is a “sacred” experience for all who love motorsport. I’ve been to Monaco, Watkins Glen and Indy, but Monza is like no other venue in the world. Even empty of the countless tifosi, a stroll down “Via Enzo Ferrari – Engenere” as one enters the Monza Parc, one’s first glimpse of the famous round Victory Stand, seeing the flyovers covered with Compari advertising where the new track crosses the old one, watching the sublime yellow sunset as it fades in the winter mist – absolutely magical. In many ways it was an even greater experience than my subsequent visit to the Scuderia in Maranello. All hail Monza – the grandest Grand Prix venue !

  28. Me and a friend are going to Monza for the 2010 GP. We’re planning to stay on the Monza park campsite – the one affiliated with the circuit itself.

    Has anyone had any experience with this campsite? We can’t seem to get hold of them to make a reservation.

    Any help would be massively appreciated

  29. christopher (sennaboy3)
    20th February 2010, 12:30

    Chris B, pls let me know if you have any success getting hold of them…I would also like to crash here for the GP. cheers!

  30. It’s quite possibly because they have such a small capacity for camping compared to the number of grand prix visitors they are full already. The positioning of the track is in a built up area surrounded by public parks. It’s like trying to find a campsite in Richmond? Hotels in Milan are plentyful, only 15 miles from Monza but you need to book quickly, the entire contents of Monaco head for Monza F1 – it might even be a good weekend parked on the route, you’ll get P for porsch, L for Lambo all the way to spell PLAYBOY weekend away in the Supercar! As for campsites, well let me know if you make contact?

  31. Dear all, we are off to the Italian Grand Prix in September this year, really looking forward to it! We have a 3 day ticket and will be arriving at Milan Malpensa around 11.30 on Friday morning, we then need to get to Milan to drop off our bags then get to Monza. Now I’ve done some research and it looks like a big logistical task. Currently im thinking that we need to get a train from malpensa airport to the train station (not the centrale) then get taxi to subway to get to hotel, then subway to centrale train station then stop at Lissone-Muggiò near Monza then walk for another half an hour. This all seems a bit much, any ideas how I can make getting around cheaper, quicker and easier!! Thanks, replies will be much appreciated!

  32. I got tickets in the first chicane…6B. I have heard horror stories about how long it can take to get to your seats if you take the wrong entrance. Do anyone know which one I should use and if they are well marked. My first trip to Monza should I’m already getting excited.

    1. I sat there in 2007. I don’t remember getting to it being a problem in terms of getting lost, but it is very busy and the pathways aren’t huge so I would leave plenty of time.

      1. Thanks Keith…much the same as Montreal I expect, the pathways are very crowded there. They are lined with vendors which makes matters worse. By the way, do you know what is up with the official Monza site? It seems to be down.

        1. No idea, sorry.

  33. Jimmy Desperado
    20th April 2010, 23:04

    Hi All. We are going to Monza 2010 for the 3 days. Does anyone know if they have radio commentary in English that you can listen to on a portable radio like at Silverstone? Or do I need to get KangerooTV

    Many thanks.

    PS also does anyone know if you can get some kind of transport from Monza straight to Malpensa Airport to save having to go back into Milan?

  34. Hi All.

    I’m planning on going to Monza this year. Can’t decide which tickets to go for, my budget it kinda limited but reasonable if it’s value for money with is why I’m asking this question.

    Are the general admission tickets value for money at Monza? My previous F1 experience has been at Silverstone which in my view has superb GA facilities, probably even better for this year. I can’t imagine Monza is up to the same standard, but someone please correct me if I have it wrong.

    The other thing is a non-F1 fan friend will be with me so I have to keep that in mind. Other than GA I’m also considering the entry or exit to the parabolica. I guess this can be a good spot to watch the cars work, but I don’t want to be watching the cars flash by for 1h15m, to me thats not value.

    Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks

  35. Hi everybody!
    Going to Monza for my second time!
    Bought tickets for 26A (opposite the pit/grid) this time too.
    I´m planning to visit Maranello on thursday even this time.

  36. Hey gang…

    Anyone have a track map or can show me areas that GA tickets can watch from? Ive read most of your posts and it sounds like the exit of paraboica is a good place to watch from with GA on race day? Where else should I go?

    Im a professional photographer but obviously credentials are damn near impossible to get. Any advice for GA ticket holders would be phenomenal!

  37. hey folks, im looking for some info regarding tickets for the 2011 monza GP. firstly could anyone reccomend a reputable outlet to purchase tickets from and secondly im thinking of buying the general admission tickets as most of the others seem pretty expensive, but not sure where is accesible with the GA tickets and also when do tickets go on sale?

    many thanks

    1. Hi turbo,

      I was at Monza at the weekend, I had a stand ticket but I was somewhat surprised at how much general admission areas there are and how close it is to the track in some places. I have some photos that I will upload some time this week if I get the chance.

      I always figure the best place to buy tickets from is the circuit itself. I hvae no idea when theyll be on sale though.

      Hope this helps,

      1. hi tj, thanks for info..good to hear that you can get close to the action with GA tickets! ive got plenty of time to get things planned but wouldnt want to miss the tickets going on sale.. will keep my eyes peeled on the circuit website.. thanks again

  38. I was trying to decide on whether to get tickets for grandstand 6C or 8, does anyone have any suggestions?

  39. Well, I went to Monza last year (2011) and it was absolutely amazing. OK, it maybe doesn’t have the top class facilities of some of the newer tracks (the port-a-loos leave ALOT to be desired), but nothing can compare to the atmosphere there and you get a real sense of the history of the place.

    We found that it was a little difficult to get to the track on the Thursday but Friday, Saturday and Sunday was no problem because of the free buses to the circuit (well, on Sunday there was a free train that takes you right to the circuit – if you’re staying in Milan that is). Be prepared for a pretty long walk through Monza park to the actual circuit entrance though. Oh and if you’re using public transport to get to the circuit on Thursday make sure you validate your bus or train ticket – we got caught out on that and it put a real dampener on the day.

    We had the pit walk-about on the Thursday. It was great to walk down the pitlane but if you’re hoping to get a driver’s autograph while you’re there, well good luck to you…most drivers only barely came out for a few minutes, signed 5 or 6 autographs then went back in again. The whole thing was very badly organised.

    Friday was great; I tried to visit as many grandstands as I could – 6C is pretty good if you want good pictures and videos, plus you’re right over the old track which is pretty awesome – then I went to the Ascari grandstand (16) which I wasn’t to keen on but it’s pretty cool to see the cars go through there so fast – impossible to get good pictures though – and finally, Parabolica (22) was really good and the tickets aren’t too expensive for there either plus it’s a covered grandstand.

    Anyways, my “official” grandstand for the weekend was actually grandstand 5 (Piscina). Again not great if you want amazing pictures (though you are right opposite the pitlane exit so there is some opportunity for photos) but an absolutely fantastic place to see the real speed of these machines – they’re more or less doing top speed when they go past…the real reason I bought tickets here though was because I wanted to be on the main straight so I could run down it after the race – however, for some reason, the marshalls didn’t open our gate to let us out at the end of the race and we all ended up having to climb over a fence instead – it was definitely worth it though – especially considering what an avid Alonso/Ferrari fan I am…the feeling of running down the main straight at Monza with my Ferrari flag in tow while the Italian National Anthem plays in all its glory is one I’m not likely to forget in a hurry.

    One thing I’ll say that I wasn’t keen on at Monza though was the wasps – there is a pretty bad wasp problem there…in fact there was a nest right behind where we were sitting. It wasn’t a huge problem but just that people should be aware that such a problem exists.

    So that’s my story…if anyone wants any more info they can feel free to ask me and if you are going to Monza this year, I envy you, you’re going to have a great time :)

  40. Hi guys,

    After a few years of “definately go next year” I decided I will definately go this september to Monza! :D

    Im looking to camp there and buy a general admision ticket can anyone tell me what there like? Im abit short on funds which is why I dont really want to fork out for a grandstand. Do the facility workers all speak Italian? I’m currently learning to say common phrases ect but I dont want to end up ordered a curry in a bar if you get me:)

    And whats it like at night on Fri/Sat/Sun anywhere to drink? and finally whats f1 rocks like? thanks

    1. Hi Nath,

      I have stayed on the field called Camping Lesmo, free for camping and place enough when you are on time.
      25 min walk to centre Monza, Restaurante El Cordobes is great, but close to the track, warm-up seems like they ride straight trough your tent!
      Red-Bull used to have a big tent and DJ on the spot, what more do you need?

      See you in Monza!

  41. My wife and I are going to Monza- I’m a huge F1 fan and this will be my first live F1 race. We are looking for a few very good seats for sat and sunday. Are the Centrale grandstand worth it? I would love to see the start/finish and pits. Just a lot of money but this is something I’ve always wanted to do…
    Staying in Como area, wife speaks Italian- I can’t wait!!

  42. JmmyDesperado
    31st May 2011, 9:12

    Opposite the pits is great all weekend watching the garages, interviews, watching for drivers, famous people etc, watching the grid set up, Martin doing the grid walk, the start……but then the race is dull while you just watch them fly past. But then you’ve got a great view of the podium after.

    So it’s personal preference, you get more out of the actual racing watching from the first corner say but then again other than the race there is a whole lot of entertainment to watch from your seat. But remember also there is roving seats initially so you can sit on the pit straight for the first days even if you’ve bought first corner seats. And you can run to the podium after the race from most parts of the track.

    Whatever you choose you will have a great time anyway!!!


    1. We just booked stand 8b anyone had these, what’s views like.

  43. Going to the 2011 Monza race. Huge McLaren fan, got the flags and all. Do you think the tifosi will let me live?
    Also, hoping to check out the pits on Thursday… Well excited!

  44. My first clamber up the old banking was on my 1st trip to Italy in 1998. Our Gran Prix Tours group included the late Phil Hill , who gave us unofficial instructions on how to get to the banking. We were lucky enough to be in the Paddock club above Ferrari’s pit for the incredible sight of the track FILLED with Italians within seconds of Ferrari’s 1 – 2 finish. Unforgetable !

  45. Hi, i’m going this year. Have a GA tickets, so i’m planning to see the race from inner parabolica exit as some of you have suggested (are there any screens?)

    But my question is, i have a rented car, so are there any problems with arrival by car to the circuit? any suggested parking places? i don’t mind taking a walk 1-2km, but i want to be seated at 8:00 at latest..

    thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Vita,

      Go to the northside @ Lesmo, short walk to both corners and tunnel.

      See you there!

  46. Hi tifosi, I (Tim, Maastricht-The Netherlands) have been 2 times in Monza (1999 and 2004) and stayed on the campsite near Lesmo. Both times great!! This year I am going with my son (12 years old) together by plane and rental car and take tent with us, have GA tickets, and want to know a few things:
    1 – Can we take a swim in the pool near the circuit?
    2 – Where do the fans go in the evening? Is there a party in Monza?
    3 – Who wants to share a campingspot on the camping Monza?
    Looking forward to your response.

    Cheers, Tim

  47. First time traveling to Monza and first time to F1 race. We will be watching from the general admission area. Questions are, how is best to get to the circuit if we go by train and what time should we arrive if we want to get a good view from general admission area?



    1. Hi Sukan,

      If you’re going by train to Monza station, there’s a free bus Friday to Sunday that leaves from there that takes you right into Monza park, from there it’s about a 30-40 minute walk to the circuit entrance. Though on Sunday, if you’re leaving from Milan’s central station, there are special trains that bring you right up to the entrance by the Lesmo corners.

      As for what time to leave to get a good view, I don’t know exactly because we had grandstand tickets but I think you’d have to be there pretty early to get a good spot because the GA areas in Monza aren’t great…too many trees around, not that much room for spectators ;)

      Hope that was some help, if you’ve any other questions feel free to ask :)

      1. Thank you so very Linda for your reply.

        I dont actaully know what to expect. So I will see what I get to see! if I do see anything :-) when I am at the track. I hope at least there will be a giant screen TV from GA, so at least some of us can see what is going on while listening to sound of cars going pass by :-) Are you going there this year? I hope the weather will not be too hot :-)

        Thanks again


      2. one question Linda, are there TV screen near Lesmo corner?

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hey Sukan,

          I wasn’t sure if there was a tv screen there (my grandstand was on the main straight) but I checked the map on italian and apparently there is a tv screen by the second lesmo corner. Hope that helps…enjoy the weekend :)

  48. first time to Monza, actually first time to Italy, got tickets for first chicane (8b) anyone been there, what views like

    1. Hi Colin. My son and i were in 8b year before last. Very good views of the end of the pit straight and the chicane of course – would be happy to go to 8b again. Always action here as people brake as late as they can whilst still making the chicane – doesnt always work out for them so take your camera. Opposite is a large TV screen so you wont miss your favourite drivers on other parts of the circuit. Good place to join the Tifosi in a track invasion at the end. Have fun – have just come back from Spa but would love to be back in Monza too.

      1. Thank you jeff, really looking forward to it, thanks

  49. bonsoir,

    nous participons pendant 3 jours au grand prix de Monza 2011. nous venons en voiture et nous voulons savoir s il y a des parkings a proximité du circuit facilement accessibles ou existe-il des navettes au départ de Monza? combien de temps faut-il pour prévoir pour accéder au circuit ?

    merci d’avance.

  50. Just flew into Milan no ticket can you buy at the track

    1. Yes as far as I remember there are box offices (if that’s what you call them) where you can buy tickets at the circuit(that’s if there’s any left)

      1. Thanks for the help Linda – really appreciate it since I couldn’t get any information about it either on the official website or in Milan.

  51. Peter, the box offices had tickets left earlier today when I walked past after quali, so you should be OK for race day if you get there early.

  52. Hey everyone,
    For the past 2 years I have gone to Turkish GP,but since it is out of 2012 calendar I’m considering visiting Monza next year(2012).I have read all comments but still have a few questions to ask.
    1-Can I buy GA tickets right from the circuit(maybe if I buy them on Friday or Sunday)?
    1-Can somebody tell me what were the prices for GA tickets this year since other options are kind of expensive for me ,and also is there a GA zone at turn 1 and is it a good spot watching the race from(I decided that maybe it would be a nice spot since there is a lot of action and probably would be easy to get to the podium after the race),but I’m also open for any suggestions you might have as long as I can get easily to the podium after the race?
    2-So I understand there is a train from Milan to Monza and then a free bus from Monza to the circuit , am I right? ..and if somebody knows the exact train station/bus station where the transportation leaves from will be really nice to tell me !
    Thank you so much in advance!

  53. I meant “1-Can I buy GA tickets right from the circuit(maybe if I buy them on Friday or SATURDAY)?”

  54. I just came back from Monza and had an amazing experience. I travelled solo and went on a general admission ticket. I spent more than 20 hours in and around the Autodromo on Saturday-Sunday and wanted to share my thoughts and tips if it might be of help to anyone.

    1. Travel and Stay

    The best place to stay during the weekend is Milan. Trains go to Monza from both Stazione Centrale (less frequent, but more convenient) and Stazione Garibaldi (more frequent, less convenient). From the Monza train stop (on platform 6 side), there’s a free bus to the park. The bus runs from 6 AM to 8 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. But it stops about 1.5 kms from the Vedano entrance that you’ve to walk. The ticket collection point is about 1 km from where the bus stops. Milan-Monza-Milan is €4 return.

    On Sunday, the free train (every 30 mins, 7 AM first departure, 7 PM last return) runs from Stazione Centrale to Monza and then continues up to Lesmo. Unless you need to pick up tickets from the Vedano entrance, it’s best to get off at Lesmo. From Monza to get to the main entrance is about 35-40 mins (waiting+bus+walk), while you’ll save at least 10 mins by getting off at Lesmo even if you’re going to sit at Parabolica.

    If you’re going GA, I strongly suggest to get the first train on Sunday to get the preferred spots (more later). If you’re there after 10 am, you won’t get any place to sit at all. Actually, you won’t get the best spots as people camp overnight for those. But I hope you at least want to sit down on a temporary stand or on a good spot of grass. There’re support races to keep you entertained, but sleep deprivation does hit you in the gap between the GP2 and the F1 race. People with Tribuna tickets can off course take it easy.

    I arrived in Milan Malpensa on Friday night and came back to London on Monday. If you’re planning to fly back on Sunday night itself, get the last possible flight. The Ryanair flight from Bergamo at 10:30 PM is a good bet. I guess Bergamo is a better bet than Malpensa in fact. If you’re really squeezed for time, you can do the Saturday 6:40 AM flight to Bergamo on the way in and the Sunday 10:30 PM flight on the way back, both Ryanair.

    2. Fanvision (Kangaroo TV)

    GET IT!!! It costs €70 for the weekend and you’re not limited by the GA areas which have screen views (there’re only a few) to keep up with the races. The thing shows all the support races and have BBC 5Live commentary during FP3, quali and the race. It also helps to make friends. I had to do running commentary for them :) More than anything, if you sit down by 8 AM on Sunday to reserve your spot and reach the limit of hunger, thirst and the need to go to the WC, you can ask the strangers around you to keep your spot. When I asked, I was immediately offered 3 backpacks – it’s not a huge guess why…

    3. GA Areas with Screen Views

    Variante della Roggia, Curve di Lesmo (2nd), Variante Ascari entry (you’ve to stretch your neck), Curva Parabolica entry (on your back – so you either watch the track or the screen), Pit entry (again, you’ve to stretch your neck). The Lesmo area didn’t have good reception for the Fanvision, so I didn’t stay there.

    4. Proximity to the Cars

    Curva Grande, Variante della Roggia exit to Curve di Lesmo entry, Lesmo exit to Variante Ascari entry, Ascari exit all the way through to Pit entry. I’m talking only about GA areas here. Ascari is a nice place to sit in the Tribuna, but the cars are a bit far away.

    5. The Saturday

    I took the train from Centrale at 8:20 AM and arrived at the circuit by about 9:20 AM (after collecting my ticket, the Fanvision and a Ferrari cap). I first went to the outside of the back straight after the Pirelli bridge. But there’s only grass to sit there. So, I moved to the inside of the Parabolica entry for the FP3, which with hindsight was a bad choice. I was hoping to see somebody go off (a la Webber in the race), but nobody did. And you get to hear the aweful off-throttle blown diffusers in full flow. I couldn’t imagine how bad it sounds! While if I had stayed where I first arrived, I would’ve seen loads of slip-streaming and weaving. I think weaving is one more thing which looks so innocuous on TV, but mighty impressive live. The cars weave at about 250 km/h and it looks very dramatic!

    Then I walked over to the Cruva Grande. You can watch FPs/Quali from there if you’ve a foldable chair as there’s no place to sit there, but the grass is raised and the cars are just 5 meters from you. I walked on to the Variante della Roggia. The entry is an awesome place to sit for Sunday, but people slept overnight for this stand, even for Saturday. The exit didn’t look that interesting, so I walked on to the Lesmo.

    I think the second Lesmo might be a good spot for Quali especially, since there’s a screen in front as well. But the Fanvision didn’t have good reception. So I thought about going to the Ascari entry, which I previously had aimed to get for Sunday. But even on Saturday, it was full (again, people slept overnight for this stand). Since Quali was about to start, I just stood next to the fence to the left of the GA stand and it was a pretty good spot. I didn’t get to see the big screen, but the cars went from 320 km/h to about 150 km/h in front of my eyes – so I was pretty happy. And with the Fanvision, the screen didn’t really matter that much.

    For the GP2 race, I went back to the Variante della Roggia, which had few spots vacant by then and there’re something happening every lap. Either the drivers made clean overtake, messy attempt, went straight on or whatever. In terms of watching “racing”, I guess this must be the best GA spot in Monza. If anyone plans to camp there, this is it. Probably beats the official camping spot on the main straight and definitely beats the F1 village.

    I thought about getting to the exit of Parabolica for the GP3 race. However, I found an absolute gem of a GA stand between Tribuna 25 and 26c. It felt a bit too good to be true especially since I’ve never read about anyone mentioning this stand. It basically has a view from mid-corner of Parabolica all the way to about the midfields’ starting grids, with a screen in front. The checkered flag was directly opposite and the podium was about 50 meters to the left. I double checked before leaving the place that this is indeed a GA stand (number 95). Then I walked around a bit inside the track, hoping to see somebody. But apart from the hostesses (worth seeing) and some wannabe celebs, I didn’t see anyone worth noting. So left the Autodromo at around 7 PM, dreaming about the next day in stand 95.

    6. The Sunday

    I took the first train at 7 AM and dashed straight to my dream spot. Alas, it was really too good to be true! The Carabinieri reserved the whole stand for themselves. I pleaded with the guy, but no luck. I guess it happens every year and that’s why nobody writes about it.

    Then off to my second choice at Ascari. But not a spot to stand even. And it was just around 8:30. I had already given up on the Variante della Roggia spot from previous day’s experience. Even the inside of the Parabolica was getting full. I wished I had a foldable chair so that I could just sit in the forest next to the fence.

    However, I could see that there were some spaces on a stand at the exit of Variante Ascari on the outside, opposite Tribuna 18. I decided not to try my luck anymore and ran straight for this. Its actually not a bad place. You get to see the cars from the exit of Ascari to the first Pirelli bridge – about 500 meters on an acceleration zone. And if someone gets a bad exit or someone is close enough to get a tow, you can assume that they’ll stay close through Parabolica and overtake on the main straight. So in way, you can see the beginning of the move, at least this is what I told myself…

    Then there’s a long wait until the GP3 race, another long wait until the GP2 race, then a Porsche Mobil race and finally the F1. One more advantage of the stand where I was is that there’re trees at the back. So we didn’t get the sun until about 12:30 PM. In Parabolica, I’d have been baked given the temperature and the direct sun. However, there’re no screens in view and people didn’t even hear the public commentary. Which was actually not too bad for me. With the Fanvision, I could get sort of privileged treatment :)

    The race then started and I announced that Alonso was P1 when he went on the grass and everyone went completely crazy!! Our stand actually erupted before the Tribuna 18, who watched the big screen and waited until the Variante del Rettifilo ;) The rest didn’t go as I or the crowd expected. But still it was a good race and everyone was more than happy with Alonso’s podium. He really seem to have the status of God among the Tifosi. The crowd was very sporting and clapped for everyone, bar none during the slow down lap.

    7. Track Invasion and Podium Ceremony

    I left my seat with about 2 laps to go as I wanted to get to the podium and was told that the bridges and tunnels would be jammed if I waited until the end. There’s a gate in the middle of the circuit, which is roughly in line with pit exit, which is opened once the cars go into the pitlane. Then it’s a mad dash to the podium, which is about 400 meters from the point where you get on to the track. I could get to about 20 meters from the podium after running, ducking and pushing. Great celebration and the chants for Alonso didn’t stop from the point he got the trophy until they all left!

    If you’re running from Parabolica on the track, the track will be full by the time you reach the podium and you’ll end up behind it. While if you’re running from the pit exit, you’ll probably end up a bit further away but in front. I guess it’s better to be 20 meters in front than 5 meters behind. Unless you’re on one of the Tribune 26, you won’t get to be just below the podium and taste the champagne. As for anyone coming from Variante della Roggia or Lesmo, you’ve get to the gate before the end of the race as I did.

    The track was still full of people 30 mins after the last team personnel could be seen. By then, I was nearly dead from exhaustion, lack of sleep, not enough food and too much heat. I decided to sit down on the grass for a while and caught a brief nap. Then as people were thinning out by about 5 PM, I went to return the Fanvision.

    8. Visiting the Alta Velocita

    I was determined to visit the old banked circuit during the trip and Sunday afternoon was the time to climb some fences. But I had a chat with a volunteer on Saturday evening and he told me a much easier route. You need to walk through the main road that passes under the circuit (between Tribuna 25 and 26), past the heliport (a crowd of people were trying to get glimpses of celebrities leaving the circuit) until you arrive at the car park number 14. The car park is the straight of the old circuit. If you turn right there, you go to Curva Sud and if you turn left, you get to Curva Nord. By then, all the security guards who prevented people from getting on that track had left and you could go wherever you wanted.

    I suggest to go to Curva Sud first as there’s no exit at the end. You’ve to come back to the car park. I did the opposite way and turned to the forest at the end and thought I was lost for a bit. You can see the present circuit, but there’s no way to get in through the fence. Finally, I found an unlocked gate to the Parabolica.

    Anyway, what I did was to go to the Curva Nord first. There were quite a few people (~100) that I met on the way. It is relatively well maintained as it seems more people visit this part than the south part. Some dude wanted to drive his BMW on the banked circuit, but gave up after less than 20 meters :D The steepness of the banks can’t be described by any photos. When Monza is called the temple of speed, it really means this old track. I can’t imagine how anyone dared to drive there. Any mistake and either you’ll fly away through the top or hit a tree at the bottom. And the marshall posts were at the top, hardly a meter above the single guardrail and totally exposed. The posts really looks like just a table-top and nothing more. Climbing the bank seem to be a sport for those who were there.

    When you arrive at the end of the Curva Nord, there’s a fence. If you climb the track using the fence, there’s Variante del Rettifilo on the other side. I took a photo of the current circuit going left and the old circuit going right in one frame from the top of the bank. That’s why I think you should come here after visiting the Curva Sud as you can just jump on to the Variante del Rettifilo – no need to walk all the way back to the car park.

    The Curva Sud is in a greater state of disrepair and there’re far fewer people walking there. Somehow that makes it even more historic and fearsome. When I was there, some Pirelli guys came in a van to do the favourite sport. I think all but one were able to climb… At the end, after a little trouble, I got on to the Parabolica, exactly where Webber hit the tyre barriers. By then, it was past 6 PM and there’re only a few hardy souls walking the track. The marshalls were closing the gates and the rubbish trucks were picking up all that was left by the crowd. But as I had thought I had done everything I wanted to do on this trip, it suddenly got even better. This was probably the best icing on the cake I could’ve imagined…

    9. Best Part of the Weekend

    When I was coming out of the Parabolica looking for an exit to get out, I saw a family cycle down in to the pitlane. So I decided to follow them. However, just a few meters in, I saw all the cars in the parc ferme. There’re a couple of marshalls who were taking some photos. I thought I’d take some photos too and went on to lean on the gate to do that. But the gate was unlocked and it opened up just as I leaned on it. The marshalls told me to come in and take photos close up. A few other people joined in as well. It was pure fun! I could’ve gotten into the cars if I wanted. But I guess that’d have been too much ;) It was almost 10 mins before someone from the FIA came and told us to GET OUT NOW. But those 10 mins were amazing!

    Very happy, it was time to explore the pitlane. It was full of trucks as the teams were packing up. I went straight to the Ferrari garage hoping to find someone. And the atmosphere was so relaxed that I just wandered inside the garage. This time I was asked to leave in more polite terms. But I could linger on in the place where they do the pit stop. I saw Andrea Stella there talking on his mobile. I wanted to have a chat, but he was busy. So we just shook hands, wished him better luck next year and moved on. Other garages were in various states of dismantling. Mclaren was almost done. Mercedes was blocked by the trucks. I had a good look inside Sauber where they’re inspecting the cars.

    It was past 7 and the last bus from the park to the Monza train station was at 8 PM. I just dreaded the thought of having to walk to the train stop and decided to leave. It was a bit difficult to find an exit as all the gates were locked up by then. Finally, someone showed me how to get out. By then, my legs had given up on me. Those 1.5 kms to to bus stop took me about 45 mins.

    On the way back, I fell asleep on the train and had to be woken up in Milan. When I got to the hotel, I had just enough strength to take a shower and crashed out hungry, but very happy!!

    Finally, I must thank my wife who bailed out of the trip at the last moment. I guess with her around (not a F1 fan), I’d have missed 80% of what I saw :D

    10. Other Tips

    Get a foldable chair if you can. Also, take something like plastic to sit on. The seats in the GA stands were wet and newspapers were not enough. The knowledgeable ones took nice comfy pads, which was a matter of great envy after the bums started to ache.

    Take toilet tissues. There’re numerous WCs around, but they run out of tissues by 9 AM, never to be refilled. Food is plentiful, good and relatively inexpensive – sandwich, small bottle of water and beer would be about €12. You can take anything and everything to the track. I think it’s the only such place in the world where there’re no metal detectors, security sensors and stuff. I saw people carrying from a simple bottle of water, through picnic case, camping gear to full barbeque set inside the circuit.

    There were tickets available on the race day to buy at the circuit this year. However, if the economy improves and the Tifosi expects a Ferrari victory, I guess it’d be sold out long before the race weekend. If you need any help (e.g. suggestion about where to sit, how to get to the podium after the race, how to get out at 7 PM when everything is locked out etc.), talk to the marshalls for the best tips. At least someone will know enough English to get the point across and they’re very happy to pass on their years of experience at the track!

    I’m relatively new to F1 (started following it in ’05-’06) and it was my first live race. And what a weekend! I’ll treasure the memories long after I lose interest in F1, if I ever do so.

    1. This sounds awesome! I kind of envy u since I’m Ferrari fan myself and die to enter the pitlane and Ferrari garage! Btw hope I’m not bothering in or so but have u posted the pictures somewhere ,I would really enjoy to see them :)

      1. Hi Yass, thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the report. I’ve put a few photos in the Autosport forum where I had posted the same report. The link is:

        I highly recommend you to go there next year!

    2. Wow, a fully fledged manual to visiting Monza! You might be a relatively new fan to F1 Rajdeep, but a true F1Fanatic to the bone. Thanks.

  55. Thank u so much @Rajdeep ! This was really helpful, I really hope I’ll be able to visit the race next year !

  56. Hi everyone. This might seem like a stupid question but I can’t find a definitive answer from googling around. I’m planning to go to Monza next year (I like to get things sorted ultra early) and I want to know if a grandstand ticket also gets you into general admission areas or are they separate tickets?

    I went to the Belgian GP in 2010 but only on general admission so this wasn’t an issue. I need to know because I’d like to get a stand ticket for race day while being able to explore GA spots on Friday and Saturday. Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi, you can visit any of the GA areas with a weekend grandstand ticket on any of the days. There’s no ticket check for the GA areas after you enter through the main circuit entrance. But perhaps it’d be cheaper to get a Sunday grandstand ticket and GA tickets for Friday and Saturday?

      1. Hey rajdeep, can u tell me what was the price for GA,cause there’s no longer information about that on the official f1 site :d also do u recommend some area which is both convenient for sightseeing/shopping and close to the train station for Monza ? Thanks again !

  57. Hi Guys, Im from Australia and we are going to Monza next year, Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of places to stay in Milan ?

    We have reserved Grandstand seats on the main straight

    1. Philip Muscatello
      27th September 2011, 23:28

      Hotel Bristol. Fabulous Hotel with great staff. And right next to the central railway station so it’s really convenient for getting to Monza or anywhere else in Milan.

      I’m an Aussie who stayed there 2 years ago for the GP.

      Have the aperitivo in the early evening and for a 10 euro drink you can eat some beautiful antipasti that is so filling you won’t need dinner!

    2. I am also from Australia and going to Monza 2012…Where did you get your reserve seat tickets from because every site I go to says they are not for sale yet…Please help because I would like to surprise my husband with the tickets.

      1. Thanks I bought them

      2. Hi, im from Australia too and i want to buy a ticket for monza too where did you get you ticket from, i have only found one website and im not sure if they are the real deal because I cant find any other websites that sell them

  58. Went to Monza 2011 and have been meaning to put together some thoughts and tips, so here goes.
    Book in advance when the grandstand tickets are discounted and only a little more than GA. As we were flying and couldn’t take a fold up chair that was good. We had Parabolica 21c for Sat and Sun – great view of Webber flying off the track at high speed! Good screens directly in front too so no action was missed. On Friday we could go anywhere and watched P1 from the pit straight and P2 from Ascari.
    There aren’t many hotels in Monza and we booked into Hotel B&B Milano on Via Lario, Monza. This was good value and about an hour’s walk to the track (we took one of the buses on Sunday to save our feet) and half an hour into town – if you can find it! There is a shopping centre next door which is useful for making a packed lunch. BUT and this is a big but, there is no bar and nothing close by so the atmosphere seemed strangely subdued. If you are after a party you might be better off in Milan. Although Monza puts one on on Saturday evening. Taxis are horendously expensive …
    Where ever you stay, the transport on Friday is a bit thin on the ground, but the number of buses ramp up on Saturday and Sunday (the queues may look long, but the buses just keep on coming and you get jammed in quickly “prego, prego”), and they really organise the traffic to give buses a priority. But, you are still likely to walk in the park for up to half an hour. And it’s hot, but shaded.
    If you can take your own food, then do. Otherwise long queues, expensive and little choice.
    The circuit itself was well organised and easy to find your way around. The atmosphere was friendly no matter what shirt you are wearing but the Ferarri fans are obviously in the majority and man oh man they LOVE Alonso and Massa – one bloke got a huge cheer from the crowd just for being Brazilian!
    If you are in a grandstand you might want a cushion of some sort to sit on as most are just a metal bench. My ample backside was fine, but my skinnier friend ended up with a numb bum!
    Yes the loos are disgusting, but I’ve never been to any large event where they aren’t – take tissues.
    Hmmm only one real complaint and that was the scanning of the tickets to get into the grandstand – soooo slow. Even though we gave ourselves 25 mins to get back to our seats we only just made it for the start. Seemed daft as we had already been given a wristband. It took a woman to come and organise it to prevent a riot.
    Would I go again? Oh yes! This one has to be on your list of races to go to. I’ve been to Silverstone, Montreal, Spa and now Monza. We are trying to work out which will be 2012’s race. Any tips? Europe only.
    Thanks. x

    1. @helen

      You can find new-style discussion groups for all of the 2012 races here, am sure someone will be able to help you decide!

      2012 F1 calendar

  59. Can someone tell me if you can do a pit-lane walk on the thur at monza, the same as they do at spa as looking at going next year and need to book flights.

  60. This discussion page is closed. If you want to discuss going to the Italian Grand Prix please go to the new discussion forum here: Going to the Italian Grand Prix

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