Las Vegas Strip circuit track map

Las Vegas Strip Circuit, USA

The Las Vegas Strip Circuit in Nevada, USA will hold its first Formula 1 race in 2023.

The temporary circuit has been designed to incorporate a section of Las Vegas Boulevard, which is widely known as the Strip. The cars will run past several local landmarks which will be illuminated at night. The city has given F1 legal permission to use the necessary roads for the race for a 10-year period.

When the race was announced in March 2021 the track layout featured 14 corners. It was subsequently revised by the addition of a chicane, bringing the total corner count up to 17. The circuit measures 6.1 kilometres in length, including a near-two-kilometre run along the Strip where the cars will be flat-out and hit top speed. Official estimates predict the cars will reach 340kph, but some drivers have claimed they may hit speed as high as 370kph (230mph).

The grand prix will be held over 50 laps of the circuit. Race promoters say the track will incorporate two DRS zones to aid overtaking.

F1 took the unusual step of purchasing a plot of land upon which the pit and paddock facilities are to be built. This will include a permanent facility to promote the series in the area, including a large illuminated ‘F1’ logo on top of the building, facing the sky.

Las Vegas previously held F1 races in 1981 and 1982 on a different track. This was a much shorter temporary course laid out in the car park of Caesar’s Palace casino, which the new track passes by. It held the championship-deciding season finale in both years, and saw Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg respectively win the titles.

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Lap data
Lap length 6.1km (3.79 miles)
Race laps 50
Race distance 305km (189.518 miles)

Las Vegas Strip Circuit track map

Las Vegas Formula 1 street circuit - November 2022 revised layout
Las Vegas F1 circuit – November 2022 revised layout


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