Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences

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Rubens Barrichello, Honda, Monte-Carlo, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Monte-Carlo street circuit.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

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340 comments on “Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences”

  1. I have had a few experiences at Monaco. My first was at the Monaco Historique in 2000 where I was a photographer. As a snot-nosed 18 year old, the place blew me out of the water. As a photographer, I could get anywhere and my previous experiences working at race tracks in America were restrictive and uninspiring shots. Monaco was different.
    You could go everywhere around the track and even stand at the famous hairpin. It was a pure dream. In 2002, I worked at the Historics and stayed down the coast with a friend for the GP weekend. I scored to watch the race from on top of the ING Bank at the Hotel Mirabeau corner. DC almost died in a plane crash the week before then won in Monaco. Guts of steel that not even das Schu could take away. My friend Mat scalped some fairly cheap tickets to watch at the first turn where saw (and felt) a young Felipe Massa loose his brakes and shunt HARD into the armco.
    Monaco is a magical place and I have been to GPs around the globe and I would go back in a heartbeat. And no matter what people say, its negligable how much more expensive it is. Stay outside of Monaco, take the train, and bring your own food to the track. You’ll slick by for cheaper than you imagine.

  2. Pamela Duffy
    10th July 2007, 16:18

    I have read with interest your comments. I am in a slight dilema. I would like to arrange for partners 50th Birthday for next year and not sure which package to go for – I know to stay in Nice but where is best place to be K Grandstand?
    I would appreciate a reply if possible, thanks.

  3. Firemarshall
    25th July 2007, 12:36

    TO PAMELA DUFFY: grandstand K offers a great view of the harbor from the tunnel exit to the first “piscine” chicane. It’s one of the widest view of the circuit from a stand. I think I can help you, cause I live near Monaco, I work in Monaco and I am marshall at the Grand Prix. If you like, contact me at I’ll be glad to help you for your partner’s birthday

    1. Hola pienso ir a monaco el 15 y 16 de mayo. Me gustaria me recomendaras un donde pueda ver las carreras. No muy caro soy de Mexico y recuerda que mi moneda esta por mucho abajo del euro. Por ahi he leido de un tal Cafe Paris no se que tan bueno sea la ubicacion y tampoco se si se necesite reservar.

      De antemano muchas gracias!!

      1. Hola. Si usted no tiene mucho dinero el Café de París no es una buena idea. Es muy caro y de lujo. Los asientos son baratos Admisión General en la roca ( “Sector Rocher”). Para dormir hay un albergue en Cap d’Ail, una pequeña ciudad próxima a Mónaco, a poca distancia. O se puede acampar o dormir en otra ciudad, cerca de Mónaco y tomar el tren o el autobús a la ciudad.

  4. Not sure if anyone will see this question in time but I am going to be in Paris for over a week surrounding the Monaco Gran Prix and thought about flying or taking a train down to watch qualifying. I would arrive in Nice at about 9 in the morning and leave Nice at 20 in the evening. Is this realistic? Can I get in and out of Monaco and actually see the cars in that time? I have heard the wait for taxis and trains is quite long in the days around the race.

    Thank you

  5. There is a bus from Nice airport to Monaco, leaves I think every half an hour and takes about 45 minutes. If you are going to watch the race that starts at 2pm and ends about 4pm you should be able to make it. But I would suggest to make the arrangements for transport out of Monaco earlier, the taxis are problem during the GP weekend.

  6. A group of friends and I have tickets to the GP (Race Day) on stand E (chicane). I have a couple of questions…

    1) We’ll be arriving from Italy by train. From Monte Carlo station where do we head towards in order to catch the free shuttle across the harbour to the stand?
    2) What facilities are there around stand E, ie, toilets, bars and stalls?
    3) Are there any restrictions in terms of bringing your own beers into Monaco/the stands?


  7. Went to Monaco in 2006. And while it was awesome as an experience, there are a couple of things I’d do differently.

    For starters, due to the high ticket cost we elected to go general admin. Never again ! Mortgage the house if you have to & buy a grandstand seat. GA in Monaco is literally crouching in amongst the rocks and trees on the side of a cliff ! We could see about 50mtrs of the track from our vantage point, and although there was a giant screen much of it was obscured by trees. Also, once we had dug ourselves in, we couldn’t move or we would have lost our spot. There was prolly 5000 people crammed into a space for 200, so you couldn’t give up your hard won spot for anything. And we got there early !
    Since there was only one support race prior to the F1’s, it was a pretty boring six hours sitting there in the dirt……
    A friend went this year & sat at Stand K which had a great view of the cars coming out of the tunnel, plus over the bay. I’ll definitely sit there if I go again.

    We stayed in Nice – far cheaper – and caught the train in which only takes about 15 minutes (although there was about a twenty minute queue to get on said train). The station brings you right to the heart of Monaco & it is easy to walk anywhere on the track from there. You can bring in your own food & drink although we found the stuff trackside to be reasonable price & quality. Plus really good value merchandise in the street stalls as you came out of the train station. Who cares that it was not genuine !

    Getting home was not a problem – sure it was slow moving out of the track, but thats the case anywhere. And we didn’t have to wait for a train (they put on extra services).

    Great track, great experience. It has to be top of anyones GP wish list.

    1. Andy Bennetts
      7th April 2009, 9:04

      I have race day tickets for this year, but can you purchase seated tickets for practice and quali on the day – even if you’re not too fussy about which stand to go to.
      Do you know if there are any restrictions on still photography (not video which I believe is restricted).
      Many thanks

    2. I did the same in 2008. Backpacking around meant I couldn’t afford 300-400 Euro for a grandstand ticket (AU$ > Euro exchange rate not real flash) so went for 70 Euro on the hill (beware of scalpers just metres away from the official ticket office selling the same for 80 euro). On top of those drawbacks it was raining a bit too. Crappy view of the race (but nice one of the whole place overall, go for a walk up there afterwards), not comfortable, didn’t really know what was going on in the race. Glad I did it but would never go on the hill again.

      After the race is over, you can walk around the track before its opened to cars again, recommended… the teams are loading up trucks outside the pits, go pose for a photo on the podium, check out the boats in the harbour (might even get invited to join one of the parties), watch a few Ferraris & Porsches race when they do open the road again,…

      Getting from Nice to Monaco & back was easy on the train, the special services for the race, the wait in the line to buy a ticket was longer than the rest of the journey (something common to French rail I was to discover)

    3. Thanks for the information

      should we buy train tickets in advance ?


      1. If you’re just talking about the local train service (commuting to and from Monaco from where you’re staying nearby) you do not need to purchase tickets in advance.

        1. Hi Gal,

          Thanks again…

          I was talking about the train from Nice to Monaco. I understand that the lines to bug this ticket could be very long.

          Second and important question:
          Are the tickets on the race day are cheaper if I buy them on the track itself on the race day?

          I got tickets for the race day but I am thinking to buy the tickets for the qualification on the 15/5/10 and not pre order them.

          If yes what is the discount rate?


          1. Yes, on race day it is possible that the lines are long (especially post race). However, I stayed within walking distance so I do not have direct experience with the trains on race day in particular. I know that it is packed post race and even getting on a local bus is near impossible.

            If you are looking to avoid lines, I imagine that buying your ticket in advance is a good idea. You could probably do this at the train station upon arrival in Nice.

            Personally, I think the best idea is just to stick around Monaco after the race is over and wait for the crowd to die down! Soak it all in and enjoy the restaurants and street scene.

            As for buying race tickets for Saturday, I remember paying 70 euro on race day for a Rocher ticket and on the website for this year’s race the same ticket is listed at only ~50 euro. Based on that logic, I would buy a ticket now, especially if I wanted a grandstand as those tend to sell out.

  8. I’ve been a couple of times, 2004 & 2008. I did the same as pink peril & went for Gen. Admission tickets both times. Last year i sat on a rock for 9 hrs & got a numb bum. There are areas where you can sit comfortably on the side of the hill, but you’ll need to get there very early to get them (8am, or before). Next time i’m planning on paying a bit more for the other gen. area(stand z i think),right next to tabac, only prob no tv screen in sight.

    Last year even with the exchange rate, i managed to do the weekend for £250 plus spending money.
    I went by train, eurostar & SNCF, cost just under £100, theres a night train from Paris gets you to Monaco about 9am. Got travel info from

    If you don’t mind camping, theres a campsite at Menton on the French/Italian border, £6 pp per night last year. Its basic, but got OK bar/restaurant with outside dining area overlooking the med. Only downside is its on a platau overlooking the town, although there is a bus service its only a couple of times a day, & not great times for race days. Its about 10 mins by train to Monaco, & if you look up the local map theres a shortcut making it a 10 min walk to the station.

    As for Monaco itself, its only expensive if you want it to be, use the street vendors, for the occasional cold beer, or sandwich, or take your own, the only restriction i noticed was a ban on glass bottles for obvious reasons. On Friday afternoon theres no racing so its a good time to walk the circuit, also both times i’ve been they’ve opened things up on a Friday afternoon once it was the pitlane & the other the access area to the paddock on the quayside. So you get to see the background bits if you’re interested.

  9. Went in 2003. Stayed in Ventimilla (sp?) just across the Italian border. Great hotel. Not very expensive. Great food. Stayed in Nice for a week after the race. Again, not expensive and great food all around. All in all, a most memorable experience and well worth the effort. Monaco has a very pronouced historic vibe which made it seem not so commercial.

  10. Saw the 1979 Monaco GP.

    I was in school in Geneva with several other Americans. A group of us rented a car and drove down to Monaco. The Lowes stay was courtesy of a friend’s father, a WWII Army buddy who owned the Lowes.

    Favorite memories:

    Topless women at the Lowes pool. Thank you. I think about you late at night, sometimes in the shower.

    Watching the Lauda/Pironi wreck. Lauda didn’t get past the front of the Lowes but Pironi coasted to a stop where the road goes under the hotel. He was helped from his car and, because he thought he was out of the view of the stands, he zipped down and ****** next to his car. Very funny.

    We had checked out of the room and loaded the car before the race started. The car was parked in the lot in front of the Lowes, right where the race course makes the curve, by the old casino. Wanting to get a jump on traffic and get on the road back to Geneva and term finals, we jumped in the car immediately after the race ended. The only way out the front lot was onto the track so, since no one stopped us, off we went. There were still safety vehicles and disabled race cars on the road. Course workers were blowing whistles at us and waving caution flags. I was driving and I didn’t care (20 yr old punk). Right out the Lowes parking lot, around the hairpin, accelerate past Pironi’s wreck and under the Lowes to the start-finish line. The crowd cheered and the gendarmerie/coppers politely urged our exit from the course. Closest I’ll ever have to driving a GP.

  11. I participated with American film company based in London in the filming of the wet and wild 1972 Grand Prix Monaco. Clients were Marlboro, British Racing Motors and Prince Ranier. Rode with Princess Grace following race from her viewing stand in her convertible. Partied atop Hotel de Paris. What a night!

  12. I went to the GP this year. Awesome. I only went to Monaco on the Sunday. I was in Grandstand L which overlooked the pits, so before and after the race I was able to hang over the balcony and get a good look at what was going on in the pits. Saw a number of the drivers, team principles and a few famous folks like Max Mosley and Richard Branson.

    For the race, the grandstand was very good. Had a nice view of the track, a bit of the pits and in the background was the marina. There was also a big screen on the side of the opposite grandstand, so I could watch the race when cars weren’t right there.

    It is louder than Belgium, probably because the tall buildings and cliff faces capture and echo the sound back. They give out ear plugs with the tickets, but if you are sensitive to noise, you might want to bring your own.

    Beer, water and food is available once inside the track, and it isn’t too expensive.

    Heikki Kovalainen hit the wall just in front of us. I was impressed with the guys who ran out and started picking up the pieces of the car while the cars were still cruising by at high speeds. Strangely, I went to Belgium in 2008 and saw Nelson Piquet Jr. spin out as well. Apparently I am bad luck for the drivers!

    I stayed in San Remo, Italy. I took the train. You need to transfer in Ventimiglia. The cost was €1.90 San Remo – Ventimiglia and €2.50 Ventimiglia – Monaco. The train rides are 13 minutes and 22 minutes respectively, but the arrival and departure times are synchronized so well, so it’ll probably take around 60 minutes to get there.

    I would suggest looking for a place to stay in Ventimiglia, that would be better than San Remo just because it cuts out the transfer.

    Pictures can be seen if you follow the link above to my blog, which is linked specifically to the Monaco GP entry.


  13. Andy Bennetts
    4th July 2009, 21:52

    Monaco was always going to be expensive, but this year the Euro exchange rate didn’t help at all. My son & I rented an apartment in Nice & travelled to Monaco by train. We had race day tickets and bought tickets for practice and quali at the track. This had the advantage of our being in Casino Square grandstand for practice and the L stand overlooking the pits for quali. In both stands, it was possible to move around after initially taking your seat – it was too packed to do that in Stand K where we had race day seats.
    Photography during the race was limited, but we both got some good shots from the other stands. Overall a great trip – take earplugs – you’ll need them.

  14. I am looking at tickets for 2010 and they have packages for a 3 day pass = Thursday/Saturday and Sunday.

    This may be a really silly question but why is Friday not included and why is Thursday? What happens on these days?

    1. Andy Bennetts
      29th August 2009, 12:42

      There’s no racing on the Friday. That doesn’t mean nothing happens – best to check on the day if any events are planned, but you won’t see cars on the track.
      If you have a 3 day pass you might like to consider sitting in different grandstands – see my earlier comments.

  15. I went tot the Monaco GP in 08. Awesome! I sat between Rascasse and Hodges just across from the pit entrance. It was a great place to watch. You get to see all the drivers and celebrities coming into the pits from their off site quarters. I stayed in Nice and used the train. Very easy to get to. I used the VRBO (vacation rental by owner) to rent an apartment. Great way to go.

  16. Me & my wife went to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix we used a company called Exclusive F1 Experiences we bought balcony tickets from them, but this year they are also selling places on Yachts! We had the most amazing weekend the views were out of this world and we felt like VIP’s drinking Champagne watching the best race in the world in luxury!
    We will never go back to watching the race from general admission or grand stand seats again. has to be one of the best holidays we have ever had together.

    Exclusive F1 Experiences. They were really good, we booked a VIP balcony and

    1. What is it like working for that company you’re promoting above? Any good?

  17. I witnessed the GP from 1964 to 2004. Every year I enjoied the race that is unique all over the world. If you are a really fan of F1 races You MUST attend at least 1 time to this schocking spectacle!

  18. Hey Everyone,

    My bro and I are heading to the Monaco 2010 Grand Prix, for the entire weekend. Have flights and hotel booked in Nice.

    Need info on Seat Numbers. We were going to go for GrandStand E High for qualifying and GrandStand O High for race day. My question is:

    How does it work on seat numbers. If we purchase High, does that mean that the last few rows are High and whoever gets their first will get the highest seat, or is row and sit numbered already on your ticket which is really annoying because any site we have been to to buy tickets just says GrandStand O High without any info on row height or number.

    I hope to god its first come get the best seat on the high row??.

    Is there only 1 high row??

    Thanks any info here.


  19. Gary,
    Generally speaking all the grandstands have stair access from underneath the seating area. Depending on the configuration you exit from the stair into the middle of the grandstand which slopes from the stair exit up for the high seats and below the stair exits would be low seats – we went for high seats & weren’t disappointed. My experience 2009 was that in quali the stands weren’t full and you could move around to some extent (but Schmacher wasn’t there this year) – on race day it was packed with no chance of going anywhere different. All the seats were numbered – you would need to check with your booking agent exactly where the seats are.
    We watched quali from stand L which was great because you got good views of the pits – lots going on everywhere & take bino’s – you could also see the track pretty well.
    Enjoy the race weekend & take the train to Monaco – it’s all set up for race fans.

  20. Hi,
    I am trying to book tickets for my husbands 30th for the Monaco GP and I can’t decide which Grandstand to go for? I think I have narrowed it down to Grandstand T or Grandstand K (High)… can any of you advise which one to go for???
    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Rachel, if you haven’t already sorted this I would be careful with grandstand T, you can see into the pits but only above a certain row number. I don’t remember which row but if you still need help let me know and I’ll find out for you. Regards, Ed.

      1. Hi,
        You said to Rachel back in february that you could let her know which row you have to be above to see into the Pits in Grandstand T, I’m buying some tickets for my husbands 40th, agonising over which seats (Want to get it Right not too expensively!!!) and I think now after further reading I was going to book Stand T1, not n, o, p, but after reading this I’m a bit concerned, which row do oyu need to be in at least to see the pits??? Can you give any good advise on decent seating?!?!?!?
        Many Thanks

        1. Hi Denise, I posted a reply to your query but it has not shown. I don’t know why but have emailed Keith to find out. I’ll try to post again separate to this with the info. Didn’t want you thinking I just hadn’t responded. Regards, Ed.

  21. Hi We are driving down to Monaco in our motor home & are looking for a campsite near the track. Does anyone know of anywhere that is near the race track? Any info would be appreciated.


  22. We are coming to Monaco for the Grand Prix in 2010, are there any good restaurants in town to watch qualifying?


    1. Hi Gwen

      There are a few decent restaurants on the pit straight to watch qualifying from with good packages for lunch and viewing etc. but there are a few which aren’t so great. If you still need help let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

      1. can you let me know whcih restaruants you woudl recommend and which ones to stay away from – thanks

        1. Hi Stephen

          Some of the restaurants were closed or undergoing refurbishment last time I was in Monaco in April but i’m going there again tomorrow to set up for the GP so i’ll have a look at which of the good ones will be open for the GP and let you know.


        2. Hi Stephen

          Sending you this from Monaco harbour now – sorry couldn’t resist :)

          Weather not great, hopefully it clears for the weekend, and hopefully the ash cloud disperses to allow flights in. Check your with your airline everyone if your flying to Nice in the next couple of days.

          OK, good restaurants on the start/finish straight – chez bacco and le dolce vita. There is one on the first corner also which is quite a good spot (although the thick support posts cause a little obstruction depending where you’re sitting) – the one on the corner used to be called Venezia but it is undergoing complete refurbishment and is under new ownership apparently. Their plan is to have it open for the race but when i walked past today they still had a lot of work to do. Hope that helps, Ed.

          1. Thanks – and hope the weather gets better!

            What is your opinion of quai des artistes or Racass?

          2. Some people love Rascasse, some hate it. I personally don’t think it’s good value for money but there are people who will disagree. It’s slow and you’re close but you’re close inside, not outside. Artistes is nice but restricted view, they have a website with a video on it so you can get an idea of exactly what you can see.

          3. let me know what you go for in the end, i’d be interested in what you think of it.

  23. Hey Rachel,

    We were thinking about GrandStand High O..It’s rite out on the docks, at the swimming pool & if I’l rite u should get a great view of them coming out of the tunnel, down to tabac, around the swimming pool & also my bro & i r going 2 try and crash a party or 2 on 1 of those yachts…Gotta be able 2 get onto 1….Monaco Baby…Monaco….& Sch is bad…..bring it on!!!!

    Also GrandStand K looks good. Its’ at the corner of tabac, where they come out of the tunnel down the straight and turn into the swimming pool area. I read that u need to go GrandStand HIGH K, probably on the left hand side I think. that way u have unlimited views from the tunnel down to tabac, and then into the swimming pool area.

    Thats our thoughts. GrandStand E is also another choice. Its the Grandstand situated where they come right ouf the tunnel. You have to get a ferry to it, no other way of getting out there i hear, but if you have tickets for high E you should great views.

    Any thoughts here people??.

    Also someone where to stay. We started looking at hotels in Nice, somewhere near the train station, NICE-GARE but they say that Monaco Prices have yet to be determined, so my Bro, it has to take credit for this thought about hostels.

    Here’s a link, very cheap, all we want is a bed and you can book a private book just for 2.

    If you click on the Map link on that page it will show u exactly where the hostels/hotels are relate to the train station. We picked Chambres Chez L’habitant, got great reviews, ight at the train station, very cheap…

    Hope some of that was helpful

    1. I’m thinking on your wave length, surely one party must be crash-able???
      I ll be in St Tropez the week of the event so will be doing some serious SAS type surveillance but from what I can gather the days before the race is open to some serious parties. I will be out their on my own from the Friday of the race so will be up for a big shin dig so will be trying Rascase. If you think the more the merrier is the way to role I will be up for the crashing. Let me know!!!

  24. Hi am looking to take my dad to Monaco for his 60th. I know that is a great gift but i would love to get something personal signed by a f1 driver. Does anyone know if the drivers are about the week of the race or example walking the track on wednesday etc.

    It just you see films on youtube of drivers just walking around the open circuit or at the football game (are tickets available for the charity match).


    1. Yes, as far as I know you can attend the charity football match. Look for more information closer to the GP.

      The drivers are definitely around (especially since there isn’t a Friday session) and Monaco is a pretty accessible track in the days leading up to the race. You just have to be in the right place at the right time. Find the track entrances/exits and ask around the other F1 fans where they think the best place to go is because they’ll know where to go.

  25. Dave Entrican
    12th January 2010, 14:38

    Myself and my wife are going to Monaco 2010. We would like to watch from a couple of grandstands on the Thursday as prices are around £70, not in the hundreds.

    As there are two 90mins practice sessions, we wondered if anyone would like to swap grandstand tickets between the sessions.

    We’d like to start with Casino Square and then try maybe Grandstand L next to pits and pool. E-mail if you’d like to do do this too and we can work out how and where to meet between sessions to swap tickets.

    Thanks, Dave and Kath

    1. Dave Entrican
      20th January 2010, 7:42

      Further to above post, we have booked 2 tickets on Thursday 13th May at Grandstand V.

      This is opposite the corner leading to the main straight and is the closest you can get to the cars apparently.

      As there is 2x 1.5 hrs of F1 practise on Thurs, it would be good if 2 other people wanted to meet between the sessions and exchange tickets, so we can both enjoy viewing from somewhere else on the track.

      Reply here or email if you’d like to:


      Dave and Kath

  26. hi we are arriving in VILLAFRANCHE

    1. hI
      we are arriving in villafranch by cruise ship on the 13th May 2010 – we would love to catch some of the practice on the Thursday but have 2 boys 5 & 8 – how is the transport there and back – do you think it is advisable for a day trip – It is my partners birthday on this day as well – so was hoping to be a surprise present for him

      1. I believe it is possible to do.

        There is a regional train connecting pretty much every town in the Cote d’Azur and Villefranche is about 6 miles west of Monaco so it wouldn’t be a long journey.

        You don’t really have to plan ahead for this. Once you arrive in Villefranche just head to the local train station to check the timetables and get your tickets.

        As far as the racing, you don’t need tickets to see practice on Thursday. Best advice with that is to check ahead of time when the practice session is supposed to be occurring and see if you can find a train schedule that enables you to watch.

  27. I went to the Monaco GP in 2008. It was one of the best experiences of my life. My family did not follow F1 at all and we didn’t know that the GP was going to be happening while we were there so it was a wonderful surprise. We did Monaco on the cheap and so here are some tips for those wishing to spend as little money as possible:

    -You do not need to buy tickets to any of the days except race day. If you look hard enough there are places you can watch the qualifying sessions from for free (one of the days we got into grandstands for free but I forget which day that was). You won’t be close up but because Monaco is so small and they put megatrons everywhere you can find spots across the harbor from the track near the aquarium gardens and still see and hear see the race just fine.

    -On race day they crack down on security and all the spots we had searched out previously were closed to spectators. We broke down and bought General Admission (Le Rocher, or The Rock)tickets on the day of for 70 euro each.

    -We arrived early on race day but Le Rocher was already packed even in the rain. Luckily, early on in the week I decided to pick up a cap for Lewis Hamilton and cheer for the McLaren team. I remembered seeing a whole section of people cheering for McLaren earlier in the week so I decided to search Le Rocher for them and see if they had spots for fellow fans. This particular group of people have come to Monaco for years and are established at the circut. They literally rope of the best seating of the whole section for them and their friends. They have the whole set up of food, drink, chairs, etc. I spotted them and yelled across the rock at them, waving my Lewis cap and asking if they had room for two more Lewis fans. After a slight hesitation they invited us in. Success!

    -Because I was lucky to be invited into this roped off section my family had a wonderful experience sitting in General Admission and I would never choose to sit anywhere else. If someone invited me to their balcony or yacht I would pay them a visit to be gracious and then truck it over to Le Rocher for the real fun to begin. This is where the die hard F1 fans sit and the atmosphere is amazing.

    -The Le Rocher section sees the pit lane and track entrance exit, has a big megatron adjacent to it, and has a view of the pool straight and a couple turns, as well as fabulous views of almost all of Monaco. They put food vendors here and there are bathrooms located further up the rock.

    -If you decide to go all out and sit in Le Rocher be sure to prepare for the weather, bring good shoes and outdoorsy clothes (you are sitting on a mountainside, after all), plenty of food and drink, and a comfortable seating apparatus (towels, chair, etc). The most important thing, however, is a positive and friendly attitude.

    -There is a small hostel in Cap d’Ail, the closet French town that is right next to Monaco. This is the closest, cheapest accommodations you can get. I also recommend camping in the area. Traffic is horrible on race day and trains are not always dependable so always have a backup plan.

  28. just a few clips i took last year at monaco. this is from Venezia Cafe who have there own private grandstand and the next is from grandstand E just after the tunnel. going again this year and will be staying in nice and taking the train to monaco. if you love f1 you have to go to monaco!!

  29. I am visiting the GP with my wife but am fairly uncertain on which days to visit the GP. My priority is for my wife to see the cars roar by from as close as possible & for her to feel the atmosphere on a race day. I donot want to push the budget for tickets beyond 200EURO/person. What I intend to do is as follows:

    * Book tickets in the K stand for thursday practice (approx. 85 EURO)
    * Book tickets for the Rocher for Sunday race (approx. 85 EURO).


    * Just book tickets for an T lower for Qualifying (approx. 175 EURO)

    Again, I am quite optimistic about thursday practice, since the security is low and drivers are also fairly relax with less crowd. This makes a good setup to sneak into the pits if u are lucky & have really close look at the cars practising, probably even sit inside the cockpit (Happened to me at the Malaysian GP).

    Remaning for the expereince of the race, thought Rocher would permit my budget.


  30. Hi,

    how is the toilet situation while watching the race from grand stand k during the race?


    1. Hi Jack

      there is a toilet close to K in the underpass to St Devote corner but expect to queue, at times last year we counted more than 50 people waiting in line for the toilets.

      1. Thanks.

        I am not sure whether Stand K(6-upper) is better or Stand O(upper)

        Could you or other give some tips?

        On K I think you see the cars only left and right from you but not in front because they drive on the left side.

        Stand O is more far away but the overview should be better.

        I booked K6 already but I am thinking of the possibility to change to O …

      2. Some correction ;-)

        … because the drive on the RIGHT side …

  31. If it’s possible to upload a photo I can post one taken from opposite K grandstand with an F1 car in the foreground so you can get a perspective of the view. Perhaps someone can tell me if this is possible and if so how to do it then you’ll be able to make an informed decision Jack.

    1. Would be nice. Maybe you can upload your pic on

      After the upload the site gives you a link for the picture which you can post here …

      1. Jack, I’ve uploaded 6 or 7 images to filefront for you and i tried to post the links but every time i click submit i’m told it’s spam and wont let me submit the links.

        if you send me an email address i’ll pm the links to you.

        if anyone else wants to see the images they can either get the links from Jack or PM me on

  32. We are arriving on Thursday 5/13 for the Monaco race. I don’t want to buy advance tix, as we might be late. Does anyone have an opinion on getting last minute Thursday tix (at low rates..)? We bought tickets for Grandstand K high for Saturday and Rocher for the race (for the full range of experiences.) If we don’t buy tickets on Thursday, do you recommend a pub to watch practice on TV? Is it even televised?? Thanks for all the help!

    1. We MAY have two GA’s (Stand T) for Thurs
      I will know in a couple of days.


  33. Hi
    I have a question about radio commentary I am going to be in block K near the Marina.
    Does anyone know if you can tune an FM radio into any stations and what frequencies are they to hear radio commentary in english during the race ?

    1. There is commentary which is in french, English and Italian (i think) but the noise of the cars can sometimes drown out the commentary but there is a large video screen to the left of K which you can just about make out the running order. there is no kangaroo TVs on sale this year which is a shame as it had BBC radio. Not sure about any FM radio.

  34. I have to sell many tickets for Monaco GP, if you ‘ re intersted contact me.

  35. What time does the general admitance area (Rocher) open on the Saturday and Sunday?

    What time do you need to get there for a good spot, and where are the good spots!?

    Many thanks for any help!

    1. The good spots are in the center and on the actual face of the Rocher. When you’re near the top your view is blocked by trees and such.

      I know that the people who saved our spot slept out there all weekend to make sure no one took it but I don’t think you’re technically allowed to sleep overnight. Ask around once you get there what the policy is and how other people do it. You should be able to figure out quickly who the regulars are.

      Either way, I think you need to be there by 6 AM on race day to be assured of a decent spot. I got there later and it was packed, even in the rain.

      Let us know how it goes!

  36. For people going to this year’s (2010) Monaco Grand prix you can find a discussion page here: 2010 Monaco Grand Prix discussion

    1. Finally I went with my family to the GP in the Secteur Rocher. It was hard, very hard, but really amazing. We came at 6 in the morning, by car. The secteur was quite empty so we found the places we wanted. The best places were already occuped by other italians and brasilian fans of Ferrari. They offer two places to us (me and my friend). Great!!!!
      I watched all the races (Porche, Renault and F1) in the best places of the Rocher with my baby (3yr), sitting on a little wall, in front of the last turn of the circuit and a giant screen.
      My wife was sitting under the shadow of a tree.
      When the GP started the Secteur Rocher was clouded but the people was wery kind
      So all the family enjoyed very much.
      We never forget this experience, also if Ferrari didn’t win (but Alonso made the show with his aggressive drive) and the race finished with the safety car.
      I can say that the Rocher is a very good place to see the Monte Carlo GP spending nont alot of money (70€), but only if you go there very early in the morning and with a opend mind!!!

  37. We are a small group going to see the race in the rocher.
    There is a couple of friends and my family Me, my wife and my little baby (3yr).
    The problem is that my wife is pregnant, so I hope that the experience would be not to hard for her.

    We are located in Nice, and we will go to Monaco by car very early in the morning at 5AM.

    We will take food and seets to resist for 10 hour there.

    Could you please give me some information to have a fantastic experience?

  38. My wife and I just came back from a visit to the south of France where we also wanted to experience the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix. We had a limited budget and we got the tickets online for “Sector Rocher”. We have been to Monaco before and we had the wrong assumption that even at the cheapest location we will be able to experience the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately this was the worst sporting event experience in our whole life. The so called Sector Rocher was jammed with thousands of people pushing and shoving each other. You couldn’t even see the giant screen located nearby. After half an hour of suffering we decided to go back to the ticket office and complain. But the people at the ticket office (Platinium Group SAM) did no care at all. We asked if we can pay the difference and get a better place and the answer was NO. Amazingly we were not the only ones. We met more people who abandoned Sector Rocher and requesting an upgrade or their money back but the nasty and arrogant people at the Platinium Group SAM ticket office ignored everybody. We decided to leave Monaco immediately. We could have watched the Grand Prix on the TV at the comfort of our apartment near Nice and had a much better time without spending 200 Euros.
    If you are planning to experience the Monaco Grand Prix here is my advice to you:
    1. Unless you are rich and you can afford the over priced tickets for good seats DO NOT BUY TICKETS AT “SECTOR ROCHER”. All the experience you will have is the sweat of the people pushing and showing you.
    2. Unless you want to be 100% sure that you will have tickets take a chance and buy ticket on location. The Sector Rocher tickets that we paid 100 Euros each were selling for 70 Euros each and all the other locations were about 30% less then the online price.

    Shame on you Platinum Group SAM
    Shame on you Monaco for letting this kind of non-sense happening in a classy place like yours.

  39. If you wish to purchase the very Hard Hat on the internet that is probably found in this photograph I was in fact lucky enough to uncover it from Pink Safety Gear.

  40. Great post, I think this is very helpful. Keep up the good work!

  41. Hi all,

    Can someone comment on how much of a view is there from the terrace of Cafe de Paris? I am trying to assess if it’s worth paying 550 Euros for a ticket for the 2011 grand prix for Saturday and Sunday or just try one of the grandstands like K or L (with a view of the pits). If someone has some pics of the view from the Cafe de Paris terrace or grandstand L, I would appreciate it if they sent it to dpetrovita at rogers dot com.

  42. Booking tickets for Monaco 2011, for Husbands 40th, where is the best place, thats reasonalble too around £250ish, race day to sit???
    Been looking at Grandstand N first choice or O, P, are these any good or would anyone suggest anywhere better?
    Need as respone asap to book
    Many Thanks

  43. I have just booked a ticket for Saturday’s qualifying in the T2 grandstand for row R, seat 59 for 220 Euros. It seems to be in the upper portion but don’t know exactly if I will see the pits from there.
    For Sunday, I reserved a spot at the La Dolce Vita restaurant, on the start finish straight.

    1. Apparently Row P and above you can see into the pits. Where did you book the restaurant? Was it direct or a website? Was it expensive?
      Otherwise I think I’m going for O high can see in and out of 2 Bends I hope and distance view of Pitts, can see who’s coming in and out?!?!?!?

      1. First I called the restaurant then I communicated via fax to reserve a spot. Price for Sunday is 500 Euros.
        Phone: +377 93 30 99 10
        Fax: +377 93 50 15 91

        1. hi, is this a good viewing point, i am with my family of 4 ladies.


    2. hi,
      where is the offer available for ‘cafe de Paris’ for euros 550/-, sounds like a good deal, does it inclus
      de the lunch and waterbottle and the wine+coffee etc.

  44. stephanie isherwood
    27th November 2010, 19:34

    I went to Monaco this year for the first time. Sat in K on the Thursday and T upper on the Saturday and Sunday.

    Am just on the point of booking tickets for next year and am trying to work out the best place to watch the race. ‘T’ grandstand is good and I’m going to sit there on the Saturday as you get more action in the pits but it’s so expensive for race day. Has anyone sat in ‘V’? Is it any good?

    btw if anyone wants to see my photos –

    1. Jean Pierre Auger
      11th December 2010, 17:36

      Steph thanks for sharing, you’ve got great pix. I jsut added a comment about my 72 gp experience, hope you enjoy. I live in Buffalo, NY now and I watch every gp on ESPN live if i can stay awake that late. thanks again. JP

  45. Good stuff… This was my 1st visit to your website. Appreciate you for sharing this. I have to revisit this blog. I was a home decor specialist for five years. My decor tip of the day is this: Do not crowd a home. Spacing is a plus. Here’s to the holidays!..

  46. i will go to monaco gp on 2011 and i read the opinions for general admition (rocher).
    is it that bad? what if you go an hour before the start of the race? some people went 5-6 hours before.
    on the otherhand, the next cheaper ticket costs 300 euros or so….

    1. Hi Gabriel

      In short and in my humble opinion – yes it is that bad. Some people like it however!

      If you want the best spots on Rocher be prepared to camp overnight, 5-6 hours before won’t get you the best locations.

      And be prepared for a long journey to and from the toilet or any other facilities.

      Good luck, if I can help with anything else let me know.
      Best wishes

      1. thanks Ed.
        if my budget allows it, ill go for a better seat.

  47. Jean Pierre Auger
    11th December 2010, 17:16

    Hi F1 fans,
    In 1972 I was cruising around the Med on the USS John F Kennedy, and it just so happened that our port of call was Cannes during the film festival. But not being a movie person, at the time, I boarded a train to Monaco. I had purchased tix on the ship so the only thing for me to do was find a room. Able to speak canadien french, I found a small room in Nice. Yes it was very wet and dreary both Sat and Sun. I do not recall how my friend and I got access but we found ourselves watching the mechanics working on rear end gears like it was nothing, they would reach in a pail of cleaner and fish around and come up with the proper part to put it all together. And seeing the drivers like Stewart was a thrill. If you still have pix of the circuit, you’ll notice at the last turn before going to the s/f line, that the hay bales have been disturbed. That’s where some shipmates formed a bed and slept Sat night. The race itself was amazing and we could walk around the circuit during the race so we crossed over the pedestrian bridge and made our way to the hairpin turn where the cars are at their slowest and some great pix can be had. And when I heard who had won the race I was ecstatic. Another Jean Pierre had won the race, well I was in good company. A time in my life I shall cherish forever. Thanks to those who have enjoyed my story. Jean Pierre Auger

  48. I’m going to Monaco next year for my birthday and am looking into stuff now. Have been thinking of staying in Nice and training over – probably booking a flight / hotel package from as it deosn’t seem much more value to do it sepertely – if I can even find a hotel with vacancies.

    Ticket wise am thinking of having Sunday somewhere high up in T grandstand – am I right in thinking you can see into the pits from there?

    Also, I want to get seats in other grandstands for the Thursday and Saturday – any suggestions as to where else would be good to view from?

    Any help is much appreciated :-)

    1. Hi Alex

      Staying in Nice and getting the train is a great way to keep the cost of going to the Monaco GP down. A return ticket on the train is around 10-12€ just make sure you buy your ticket in advance, maybe the day before, and get there a little early, if you get the timing wrong you’ll be queuing for a while. Lots of hotel options in Nice, many will have a three day minimum charge but if that doesn’t meet your requirements search around and you’ll find one that does 1 or 2 nights instead. We use the Villa Victoria (3*), Le Méridien (4*) and Palais de la Méditerranée (4* deluxe) in Nice and they are all excellent.

      High in T – yest you can see into the pits, good choice.

      Thursday/Saturday – you could also try K but the betters stands in K (K1/K2 right on Tabac corner) will probably be sold out.

      If you interested in Porsche Supercup and GP2 those series race on Friday morning and this is free.

      If you need any more help just holler.
      Merry Christmas

      1. Thanks for the reply and the information Ed – much appreciated!

        Just one more thing – where is the best place to buy race tickets from?

        1. Hi Alex

          I agree with Stephanie, if you are organising everything yourself the best place to buy them is online direct from the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM). Unless an agent our tour operator like ourselves is adding value in some way (transfers, kangaroo tv included, hotel, etc.) then the best place is direct. There is no point in paying more through someone else if they are not adding value for you.

          If there’s anything else don’t hesitate.

  49. stephanie isherwood
    21st December 2010, 22:12

    I would buy race tickets from the official website. It’s pretty easy to use. If you buy grandstand tickets for the Saturday and Sunday you get Thursday for free plus a pit walk on the Friday. I sat in K on the Thursday this year (and will in 2011) There are no numbered seats on that day and the stand won’t be full so get there early enough and you’ll get the best spot. This year I was in upper stand T for the Saturday and Sunday but imo it’s better to sit there on the Saturday rather than the race because you don’t get much pit action on race day whilst there is more on the Saturday.

    I booked with a tour company last year but it’s so easy to do it independantly and it’s saving me around £200

  50. Thanks Ed & Stephanie! Good point about less action in the pits on a sunday now – any suggestions of a good grandstand for the Sunday then?

    If I go with different grandstands for Saturday & Sunday, do you still get the thursday free and the friday pitwalk?

    1. stephanie isherwood
      1st January 2011, 13:15

      yes you do. I’m in K for Thursday, T for Saturday and I think V for Sunday. Think V may be full now as it’s only a small stand. I do like the look of the stand just coming out of the tunnel by the chicane. Sounds a bit of a trip to get to but you’ve got a good chance of seeing some action. Otherwise I would go for K probably but I haven’t had much experience of any of the other smaller stands around the circuit

  51. Thanks Stephanie. I think I’m sorted on what to go for. Thursday B casino square – Saturday T2 to see into the pits – Sunday K6 near the entrance of the swimming pool.

    I’ve seen the grandstand you mentioned on the exit of the tunnel on some track maps, but can’t find them listed on the ACM website, so maybe that’s not being used this year.

    Having gone through to the checkout (but not yet bought) it seems odd that a 1 day ticket is coming up at the same if you want three days in the same seat. Is this right, or have I done something wrong?

    Thanks for all your help by the way :-)

    1. Hi Alex, that doesn’t sound right. A three day ticket should be more expensive than one day regardless of seat. There is a discount for Saturday + Sunday 2 day tickets (10% off Saturday) and Thursday + Saturday + Sunday 3 day tickets (Thursday free). It may be a glitch in the ACM website. They do speak English so you could call them to make sure you get exactly what you want. Regards, Ed.

      1. Cheers Ed, I’ve just had another look. If I click on grandstand T for Sunday the prices come up as: 450 Full price, 450 2 days package, 450 3 days package.

        Am I just being thick? (quite likely, by the way :) )

        1. stephanie isherwood
          5th January 2011, 22:01

          Hi Alex,

          I think the Sunday price is the same for all offers. If you look at a grandstand for the Thursday it will give you the option for full price and also for the 3 day package which should say €0. Then if you look at Saturday you will have the full price. The 2 day package which will be at a cheaper rate and the 3 day package which will be at the full price.

          hope that makes sense

  52. Neils on Wheels
    4th January 2011, 19:53

    I am arranging to go with a mate this year, we are on a family holiday and plan to sneak away for a night or two. Reckon we will try and get a hotel in to the holiday inn (he has a deal and reckons he can get a room) and we will do Rocher – we are only doing the Saturday qualifying. Any tips and tricks? Primarily getting in and out of Monaco and what to avoid. Thanks in advance.


  53. Hi Neil, I guess you’re talking about the Holiday Inn in Nice as the two closest are Nice and St Laurent du Var a little further west along the coast from Nice. The one in Nice is on Victor Hugo Boulevard not far from one of the hotels we use, which is a good location for the train station and train is the cheapest method of transport to Monaco. Provided you get there early enough you will miss the worst of the queues. Rocher is another matter, get there VERY early for a good spot, you will find people who have camped from the day before to get the best locations. Personally, I’d rather sit in a bar in Nice or Monaco with a cold beer and watch the race on the TV than watch it from Rocher…but, if you’re going for the Rocher experience and to say you’ve done it go for it – but be prepared for it and set your expectations low! Good luck and come back to post your comments to let us know what you think after the event. All the best, Ed.

    1. Neils on Wheels
      5th January 2011, 19:59

      Thanks Ed for the advice – I shall let you know how we get on.
      I think my mate is talking about the Holiday Inn Garden Court Cannes-Le Cannet in Monaco. But Nice sounds much more realistic

  54. Hi,

    Can anyone say what sectuer rocher is like? its about £70 versus grandstands £350+.

    Saw on utube view could be a bit obscurred.

    Is there much happening after the race? Parties etc?

    Thanks in advance


  55. Hi,
    am i glad i got this site and discussions on it,
    I am planned to be in monte-carlo for the F-1 2011, with family all girls from 15 to 55 yr.old and myself (51yrs), please tell me what are the events on thurs, fri and saturday and at what time they are.
    which are pay events and which are not to pay.
    Also, is there any offers for viewing the race from a terrace top of bldg. on payable basis is also ok.
    pls reccommend a good family hotel in Nice.


  56. Neils on Wheels
    25th February 2011, 18:51


    Took the plunge and bought 2 tickets in Grandstand T (lower) near La Rascasse. Anyone been there, any good? I bought the tickets from (anyone used these??) – are they reliable? Anyway, I was going to get the train in from Nice, just not sure what time to get there. Are there loads of other things going on before the races?

    Thanks in advance – Neil

  57. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for posting here. You were of much help to me when I went to Spa last year. This year I would like to go to Monaco, I was thinking about Rocher section (I am on a low budget), but after what I read here (and having been to Magny-Cours and Spa in GA), I am thinking about making a hole in my budget and going for a grandstand. Which option would be the best between Portier and grandstand P (in terms of view, spectacle, toilettes and other facilities)?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Dana

      Personally I would take P over Portier, there is more to see, it is closer to the majority of the bars, restaurants, etc. after the race, the atmosphere in the harbour is great, and so on.

      Have fun

  58. Thanks for all the comments.

    I went to the GP in Monaco in 2009. I had a great time, our seats are at the cafe de Paris building.

    What frustrated me though is the fact that we were basically in and out. We could not go anywhere because there were barricades everywhere.

    We are going again this year, same seats. Plan to be there Sunday at aroun 9:00 to be able to walk around a little. We typically park under the Casino square. Does anyone have any tips in terms of getting around on Sunday or even Friday or saturday?

    Are taxis a possibility? is there a map that shows what is barricaded and what is not? If you are in Casino square, can someone provide directions (while avoiding the barricades) to get to other parts of the track?


    1. Hi Jeff

      Getting around on Sunday – before the track opens your best bets are either by foot or scooter. I use a scooter the entire time we are in Monaco. Taxis are possible but I wouldn’t rely on them. If you are staying at a hotel in Monaco they will be able to arrange a car for you but give them notice.

      There isn’t a map I’m aware of which shows you which roads are closed although someone else may know of a resource for this. To get to other parts of the track from Casino Square head to the side of the Hotel de Paris past the Hotel Hermitage and keep going downhill staying left, it will very much be a follow your nose affair! There are public elevators at points which take you to the harbour from this area but you may not get very far before/during race time if you don’t have the right pass.

      You can always make your way to the train station and follow the crowds/signs to Rue Grimaldi which is behind the start/finish straight. Rue Grimaldi runs from Place D’arme to St Devote where it meets what is the racetrack, but this is barricaded obviously and you will not be able to see the track with a pass for a restaurant or private terrace here. You can’t really see the track without a pass anywhere, little snippets through fenced and barricades but that’s it.

      Hope that helps

  59. I need to know 2011 , where is best place to sit Z1 grass or Sector Rocher

  60. please advise +27826350370 where is best view Z1 or Rocher Mountain please advise

    1. Out of those two options Kelly I would say Z1…but be prepared to be uncomfortable at either!


  61. Nikhil Shah
    16th April 2011, 6:52

    Hi, I have Booked into Hotel Le Meurice at Nice for the weekend from fri and intend to do the Race only Sunday.

    Am still on the look out for a viewing expierence from a room or terrace or restaurant, budget is best, please revert if anybody has any ideas or offers.


    1. Hi Nikhil

      We have a few places left which might be of interest but they aren’t necessarily budget. If you PM me I’ll send the details but even if they are not of use I can point you in the right direction for other places to try.


      1. Susan Shakespeare
        22nd May 2011, 15:18

        We are a group of 6 who have spent most of out budget on flights and accommodation for the Monaco Grand Prix, we were going to by GA tickets but after looking at this message board have now been out of, we have £150 each spare anybody got an ideas what we can do on this budget?

      2. Dear Ed,

        You posted that you have a few places left, or could help with references for other places. Is this still the case? Can you advise? Many thanks.

        1. Hi Anatol, no problem.

          Have a look at the very last post on this topic, the details are there.

          If you need more info or cannot find the post let me know.
          Best wishes

  62. Hi, does anyone know if we can view the seating plan for Stand V? We’ve got 2 tickets in Row F, seat number 33 and 34 for Sunday but cannot seem to find seatmaps anywhere. Tried the Monaco Automobile Club site but as tickets are sold out for that stand,they do not offer up the seat map for viewing. This is our first time at Monaco so hope the seats will be fab! Thanks.

    1. Hi Zarinah

      If you go back to the ACM website and look at the seat layout for Saturday/Samedi you will be able to see it at the moment because there is one seat remaining in V for Saturday.

      Your seats are in the middle block 6 rows from the front and 3/4 in from the right as you look at the stand (not look from it).


  63. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I had on May 14, 1972 the privilege of meeting Princess Grace and riding with her in a victory lap around the course. She was only 42 at the time.

    I was a student at the time. I was picked out of the crowd, interviewed and selected to work with a film crew to film the race, join Miss Sweden on her yacht and to star in a commercial for Marlboro, a major sponsor of the race. This same footage was used by Monaco to promote their principality.

    It was magnifique!

    1. You are a lucky chap Dr John, that sounds like a fantastic experience!

  64. Earlier on in this thread, someone mentioned that if you bought Grandstand tickets for all three days, you got access to a pitlane walkabout on the Friday afternoon.

    My tickets have arrived, but I didn’t see anything in there regarding the walkabout. Can anyone give any clues?

    Also, on another note, I’m hoping to get some good photos, and am looking at hiring a lens, but I’m not sure whether to go for a nice wide angle, or something with a bit more zoom. Has anyone else done photography in Monaco who can give me a few pointers?

    Cheers :-)

  65. Hi Alex

    You don’t need your ticket for Friday afternoon, the pit lane is a free for all then. It’s unlikely you will see any F1 activity in the pits then, Friday morning is GP2 and Porsche Supercup. Maybe others have seen any F1 activity in the pit lane on a Friday afternoon but I certainly haven’t – anyone else?

    For your photography you are going to be limited by the access your pass/grandstand ticket allows. If you want to go to different locations to take shots you will need a pass for each location (unless you have media/official photographer credentials). Our photographers last year needed a pass for every location we had (i.e. every building in which we had terraces, each yacht in the harbour, the paddock plus every hotel and restaurant where we had guests viewing from also).

    Of course you could try to blag your way into different locations, I wouldn’t advise it but it’s not impossible :)

    The cheapest way of getting shots of F1 cars from different locations would be to buy multiple passes for the cheapest day Thursday (so you could have grandstand tickets in Casino Square, Tabac corner, St Devote, Piscine, etc all on one day – that’s a lot of running about though).

    The best way of getting lots of different shots from one location that I’ve found is to be as high as possible (e.g. a rooftop or high terrace in a central position on the start/finish straight) with really good equipment…for close ups you can then zoom into the pits, to the exit from the tunnel, first corner, beau rivage, the starting grid, and then you can also get panoramic shots, etc. etc. I’ve tried to post pics before but haven’t able to or I would post some to show you what I mean.

    If you stick with the one location I would personally opt for a lens that allows a decent zoom, shots with a wide angle from a grandstand will all be very similar but if you have a good zoom you will be able to pick out drivers, helmets, car close ups, distance shots etc. etc.

    Anyway hope that helps.

    1. Hello Ed, great reply as always – thanks very much for taking the time. I figured we wouldn’t see much F1 on the Friday afternoon given they won’t be running all day, but I still fancied having a wander about.

      As for photos, thanks for the tips. I’ve got stand V on thursday, B on saturday and T2 on sunday so hopefully I’ll be able to get some shots from there. Will do a bit more digging regarding lens lengths etc.

      1. Perfect Alex, 3 different locations will give you great opportunities for different angles, shots, light, etc.

        I’d love to see some of your shots once you’ve been and I’m sure others would, likewise I’d be happy to let you see some of our images from different terraces, yachts, etc.

        Have fun in Monaco and if I can help with anything whilst you’re there or you need pointed in the right direction just email me or call.


        1. Thanks again Ed. I’ll share any decent images that I get (if any!) :-)

          1. I’ve managed to borrow a Canon 70-200 from a friend of mine. I’m hoping it’s going to be long enough. We’re sitting in V on thursday (no specific seat) Stand B row E 32&33 on saturday and T2 row N 63&64 on sunday.

            I’m curious about hiring an ultra wide angle (maybe 10-22 or something for some nice shots of the harbour etc. Anyone any thoughts?

            Thanks :)

  66. Hi all,

    I have 2 grandstand tickets for the sunday in Stand N on the marina, has anyone got any experience of this stand and any tips etc for getting there? What to take? What the view is like? Are there toilettes nearby etc?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Tom

      N is OK not the worst view, not the best. You are in the harbour and the atmosphere is great there. The stands are all pretty well signposted for getting there and there are plenty of marshalls around – if you get stuck just ask, if you don’t speak any French you might get the odd stroppy one who doesn’t want to speak English but just move on and ask the next one :)

      Not sure about location of the toilets but when you see one that doesn’t have a queue take the opportunity!!

      Would definitely recommend a kangaroo tv unit (now called fanvision), well worth the rental price. Take a cushion, some food, drinks and check the forecast – if it looks like rain take a waterproof poncho (you won’t be very popular if you put an umbrella up in front of other spectators).

      Hope that helps.

    2. itsmitchelltime (@)
      9th May 2011, 20:09

      I’m in N on Saturday and Sunday, it got recommended to me from someone that had been before as between good view and not stupid pricing.

      I’m in Casino on Thursday.

      Looking forward to it as never been to Monaco before.

  67. Hi Ed,
    Thanx ur msg, my email address is and I am interested in what help I can get, pls advice and offer.

    1. Hi Nikhil

      Sending you an email now.

      All the best

      1. Could you also send me a similar email of what you offer?

        We have accom, just need tickets for the weekend. Is it best to buy on the day as I heard they do not sell out, or perhaps we can get better deals now? We don’t have a high budget but are prepared to pay what we need to get into a grandstand.


        1. Hi Jake

          You can leave it until the day and you will get people selling balcony spaces or tickets for other locations on the street but it’s a gamble. I walked past a group of 5 chaps last year who were just about to buy tickets on a balcony in a building I know has a poor view and they were being overcharged but because they were buying it on the day from someone in the street they thought they were getting a good deal. I intervened and the seller knocked 250€ off per ticket!

          My advice would be to find a location and level of service you like the look of and book it, that saves any messing about or pressure to find something on the day where you may or may not save money.

          Of course you could research the grandstands thoroughly, know exactly which stands and which seat rows you would accept and then trawl the streets until you find someone selling that spot – but I personally would rather pay a bit more take the pressure out of it and and choose a location you like the look of.

          I’ll send you the same options emailed to Nikhil, if they’re of interest or you need any other help at all just let me know.
          Good luck and have fun, Ed.

    2. Hi again Nikhil

      Email sent but the PDF attachments are about 7mb so let me know you get it OK.


  68. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how long does it usually take to receive the tickets bought online form formula1monaco.
    They said about three weeks, but it’s been six already and no signs of the tickets. So I am starting to get nervous…
    Did it take that long for anyone else?


    1. Hi Dana

      I would call them, there is still time to resolve any problems but I wouldn’t leave it much longer.

      Where did you opt for in the end Portier or P?

      1. Hi Ed,
        Thanks for the answer. I will write them or call them to see what’s going on.
        In the end I decided for the last place in P, I hope I’ll have a nice view…

  69. Hi all,
    I’ll be going on the thursday and friday (stand K), then back to the UK on Saturday to watch the main action on TV. I’d like to see the pit crews practicing changing tires. Does anyone know when they do this and if it’s available for general public viewing? Also I heard there are fireworks on the thursday night. Does anyone know what sort of time?
    Many thanks,

  70. We will be attending the 2011 Monaco GP. We understand that deafening noise from the engines and from the fans’ air horns will demand the use of ear plugs, at minimum. Does anyone have any advice on what to bring to the race (ear plugs, noise suppression headphones, etc.)? Is there a way to listen to a live broadcast the race (or the intercom system) on radio, in English? Will Riviera radio or BBC radio be broadcasting live? Will a small, portable AM-FM (or HD) radio pick up a broadcast in English while sitting in the stands during the race? Does the Monaco area offer free wi fi service on race weekends? So many questions, so little time!

    1. I went last year for the first time. I normally don’t wear earplugs at places like Silverstone but you had to at Monaco and it STILL hurt my ears. This year I’m going to buy some ear defenders and wear those too. There were plenty of places selling them last year (not surprisingly) Not sure about radio but the track commentary is in english, french and italian (from what little I could hear lol)

      1. Steph: Thanks for the helpful information on ear protection! We’ll be investing in ear defenders and ear plugs before coming to the race. It’s still not clear whether a pocket radio would be helpful. With ear defenders, could one listen to the race broadcast on an AM-FM pocket radio? Also, my wife has an iTouch and will have Bose ear defenders, which means she will need wi fi service to listen on a Bose radio app. Does anyone know if Monaco itself is a free wi fi zone?

  71. Neils on Wheels
    8th May 2011, 12:41


    My tickets arrived for the Sunday – I booked in T2, but on my tickets it says T3. Should I be worried as I read on another forum that there is indeed a T3, but it’s shut on Sunday for the race. Confused.

    If anyone can tell me everything’s going to be OK I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Hi Neils

      Not sure about the being closed on Sunday thing, never heard of that. But…if you booked T2 and you wanted T2 you should call the ACM and ask why you’ve been allocated T3. Have your paperwork and booking info to hand when you call, they speak English.

      Let us know how you get on.

  72. It’s still not clear whether a pocket radio (in concert with ear protectors) would pick up any live broadcasts of the race. Or if Monaco is a free wi fi zone for folks with laptops or iTouch devices and a desire to follow the race online, from the stands. Does anyone know?

    1. Hi Michael

      Monaco has wifi from Monaco residents, unless you plug into free wifi from a restaurant or bar I’m not aware of a free service for visitors.

      My advice would be to hire a Kangaroo TV (now called FanVision) unit, money very well spent and will give you not only radio commentary in English but also video feed, stats, in car with the leader, etc, etc.


      1. Regarding the Fanvision, I’ve just looked on their web-site, and no mention of Monaco whatsoever.

        I hope it’s possible to hire one on the day?

        1. I can’t speak for Monaco (and am about to find out like you) but I know in Melbourne this year you could hire them from the FanVision stands that they had at the track. Can’t see why it’d be any different.

          1. itsmitchelltime (@)
            10th May 2011, 19:59

            If I remember right on the fanvision twitter feed the last day to preorder for Monaco was a few days back.

            I suspect there’ll be a stand the same that I’ve seen in Singapore and Silverstone (although didn’t see in Bahrain last year – but that was just a flying visit for the race so could’ve easily have missed spotting it).

        2. Hi guys

          I’ve emailed the chaps at FanVision and will post their reply as soon as it comes through.

          They did not have the booths at Monaco last year, you had to pre-order then collect from a location in Monaco which always seemed to be queued out the door whenever I passed it. I’m sure it wasn’t and just seemed that way but be aware if they are doing that again you might have to queue at busy times. I think they used Global Grand Prix/Platinum SAM as the collection point last year.

          I’m grateful to everyone who has posted comments of thanks, I really appreciate it.

          1. I also emailed FanVision but no reply. However, I emailed a cyber acquaintance in Italy who works trackside on race weekends. He was able to pick up a very localized free wi fi signal from the Hotel de Paris but one would otherwise need a lot of luck finding another wi fit hot spot. Also there is a public network called “monaco telecom” but it requires a password and the purchase of an access card.

            FanVision rentals were 70€ for the weekend in 2010 (not sure if there was a rental tent in Monaco, however). Otherwise, many grandstands have a mega screen in front and the commentators on track speak French, Italian, English and German. So the casual fan ought to be able pickup some of the action without anything too fancy by way of electronics.

            Anyway, just wanted to share a bit more info for others who, like me, have never attended Monaco GP before.

  73. Hi Ed,

    Just want to say thank you for pointing us in the right direction from the other Monaco conversation, and thanks for the insights into the GP. The information is very handy and we should be well prepared for the GP this year.

    Only a couple of weeks now – I’m looking forward to it!



    1. Reply to subscribe to thread.

    2. My pleasure John, happy to help other F1 fans.
      All the best

      1. Another word of thanks to Ed. Thanks for your great insights!

  74. Don’t land at airport til 11.00 on Sat morning. Will I have enought time to drpp bags off in centre Nice and then get to track for qualifying. Also what is the best time to arrive on race day.
    John H

    1. Hi John,

      You should make it but it’ll be tight. If you’re within walking distance of the train station bus 99 goes from the airport to the station. Takes about 10 mins. Check out theSNCF website for the train times. Trains to Monaco take about 20 mins.

      On race day it depends what you want to do but personally I’d get there early to a) soak up the atmosphere and b) beat the crowds. I’m probably going to get there for 9ish

  75. Stuart Adamson
    12th May 2011, 18:08

    Helloo all,

    Im attending this years Grand Prix just for the race day, arriving in Nice on Saturday. Haven’t booked a hotel yet!!! Would prefer to stay in Monaco as Ive been invited to watch the race on a clients yacht and he is there for the full weekend. I know it’s not going to be cheap but can anyone suggest a budget hotel? I have a ticket for the secteur rocher which I may not need now so if anyone is stuck I may be able to help.

    Thanks, Stuart

    1. Hi Stuart

      We have a few rooms left in Monaco but they’re not budget (Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo Bay, etc.). I’ve emailed a couple of colleagues who might have rooms in some of the hotels in Beausoleil or similar which would be walking distance and will let you know if I have any luck for you.

      Much better to watch it from a yacht than rocher, that’s for sure :)


  76. Ed, thanks for your help. How much are talking if I was to stay in one of the hotels mentioned above?

    Thanks again

  77. Hi Stu

    Cheapest room we have left in a 4/5* in monaco is 7,000€ for 4 nights (4 night minimum charge from the hotel even if you only want to stay 1, 2 or 3 nights) plus a few options all the way to a 2 bedroom suite overlooking casino square with multiple viewing terraces for…55,000€ – our cost prices!!! We also have a couple of rooms in a good 3* hotel in Nice which from memory cost us around 900€ for 3 nights.

    However…this might work for you…
    One of my contacts came back to me – they have two rooms left in a 2* hotel in Beausoleil called hotel Diana, also a 4 night minimum charge but a fraction of the price of Monaco hotels at 925 euros per room including continental breakfast. I know the hotel, it is basic but it is walking distance to casino square, about 10 – 15 mins downhill on the way to casino sq…and a bit longer on the way back after a day at the racing:)

    Like all of the other hotels that’s not a good price for it at any other time of the year – but it is a good price for that location at this time of year due to the GP and the price is on a par with some of the 2 and 3* hotels in Nice without the need to travel by train/coach etc. Everything is more expensive during the gp!

    You could also try some of the broker sites like lastminute but be wary if they say they have availability as they will take the booking and then check with the hotel, better to deal with someone who you know physically has the rooms bought and paid for or to deal direct with the hotel who can confirm they have availability.

    If you’re looking for something a bit different for viewing on the Thursday/Friday morning we still have a few spaces on one of our yachts but I’ll PM you those details if you’re interested.

    I hope that all helps, if you need anything else or have any more queries just let me know.
    All the best

  78. i have tickets for sunday in grandstand K however i am looking for other options for saturday and maybe thursday. i would consider other grandstands (maybe upper “T” across from pits), or a terrace, or a spot on a yacht. What i decide to do probably depends on price. any thoughts or ideas on how to arrange this or get some information on my options – location, price, etc.? is it best to try and sort this out once in monaco? thanks cory. vancouver, canada.

    1. Hi Cory

      I hope you guys enjoyed your day on the yacht and congratulations again.

      Best wishes and hope to see you both again

  79. Hi Cory

    I have a couple of options for yacht on Thursday and private terrace on saturday which might suit. PM me if you would like me to send you the details.

    Alternatively another grandstand is a good option and upper T is a good choice, you should be able to see into the pits for stops.

    You can leave it until you get to Monaco but there is no guarantee you will get a good deal. For me, leaving it until you get there is too much stress when you should be enjoying yourself instead of searching the streets for touts selling spaces at what may or may not be a good price…and unless you do a LOT of research before you go to cover all the options, buildings, terrace locations, etc. you might not be able to tell if it’s a good deal or not. For example, if someone offers you a yacht in zone 2 or a terrace in panorama with drinks and snacks for 700€ for saturday when they usually sell that package at 1295€ that might sound like a great deal…but it’s not when you could get a terrace on the start finish straight or a yacht in Zone 1 probably for the same price.

    Hope that helps.

  80. Hi there,
    We are a family of 4 going to nice on holidays during the same time as Monaco GP, great!!! We would like a short visit to GP and have a few queries:
    1. When is the best day and time to visit the GP when we can see all the action – cars, racing, drivers? Also when it’s not complete madness?
    2. I believe it’s not recommended to get our 2 yr old to the GP, will our 6 yr old daughter enjoy the race?
    3. Best way to get to Monaco GP fm nice? Taxi – how would the traffic be? Train?
    4. Best recommended seats/stands with the place to buy the tickets?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi, not sure what’s happened but I posted a response which hasn’t shown. Rather than re-type it I’ll wait a little to see if it shows, if not I’ll re submit it for you.

      1. Hi, i posted my reply again last night and it has vanished…again!! Can a moderator please look into?


  81. Hi
    Please may I ask we coming from Cannes.
    Whats best way to get there the Sunday .
    We sitting at the cheapest possible place the sector Rocher , can anyone tell me where is best place to sit , when should I arrive , can I take food and drinks , what are pros and cons

    please advise any info regarding Rocher on hill .
    Thanks kelly

    1. Hello and welcome

      If you have a look at some of the previous posts you will find a lot of information on Rocher and different opinions and experiences.

      Also check out the other thread “2011 Monaco Grand Prix discussion”.

      Once you’ve had a look at the past posts about Rocher if you have any queries or need more advice please don’t hesitate to post again or PM/email me. Happy to advise and help.

    2. Hi again Kelly

      Options for travel from Cannes are train, bus, helicopter and car (taxi or private transfer). If budget I’d recommend train. If you have a little to spend on it private transfer/tax, if you want a massive treat and have money to burn helicopter is great fun.


  82. Hi folks

    I’ve been corresponding with Cory & Jake via email and they are considering an alternative to a grandstand for Saturday. I’ve proposed an “F1Fanatic only” terrace option to them, if anyone else would like the details just PM me. Alternatively if the consensus is or moderators permit i’m happy to post the info, just don’t want to breach any rules or offend anyone. I am genuinely on this forum to help other F1 fans.

    1. Hi Ed
      Do you have and terrace places left on Saturday, I’m on a pretty tight budget and travelling solo….what are the options? I’d love to do a yacht but I suspect thats going to be well out of my price bracket :-(

      1. Hi

        no problem, email me and i’ll send the details. I don’t want to post them here until someone from F1 Fanatic OKs it.

        1. Hi Ed

          As you seem to be the font of all knowledge …. we have tickets for Caravelles on Thursday but have no idea how to access the terrace? Our ticket information doesn’t tell us. We have tickets for K on Saturday/Sunday and know how to get there but haven’t a clue where to go on Thursday. Are you able to advise?

          Many thanks

          1. Hi Caroline

            Which bloc and which floor are you in at Caravelles?

        2. Hi Ed

          No reply on your question. It says Block B and we are on the roof?


          1. Head down Rue Grimaldi towards St Devote corner. Rue Grimaldi runs alongside the start/finish straight (Boulevard Albert 1er) and joins it at St Devote corner.

            just before you get to St Devote there is a BMW garage, at the right of the garage is a little path which takes you into the rear entrance of Caravelles, turn left and take the bloc B elevator, et voila.

            Caravelles is a good building, we have some terraces in it, great view.

            Have fun.

          2. Cheers Ed, getting quite excited now.

  83. Ps..I have a Z1 ticket for Sunday…. is the best place to stand nearest the Tabac corner? and what time do you need to get there to get a good spot?
    Cheers :-)

    1. Oops… not Tabac….I meant turn 3…..doh!

  84. argh…sorry I was right the first time…. ie nearest K1…
    Apologies for being a Monaco newbie! :-s

    1. HI again

      If it were me i would get there early (8am) and establish where will be a good position once the are fills up with people, have a look for obstructions (trees, advertising, tv camera platforms, etc.).

      Hope that helps, Ed.

  85. Hi Ed
    Sorry blonde moment but I cant find previous comments on Sectr Rocher .

    Where to sit
    when to get there
    Can we take food & drinks

    any recommendations for this sector rocher
    best seat place to see cars
    please advise

  86. Is the sector Rocher a free for all is it all up on the hill or is some on the track , how close is the closest spot to the track
    Food and soft drinks aloud , , Whats best place to sit to see cars

    1. Hi Kelly

      Rocher is a free for all, some people will have stayed there or nearby the night before to get the best spots (up trees, below trees, at the wall, etc.). Get there as early as you can tolerate. It’s not on the track, set back quite a bit.

      Take your own food and drinks…and a shewee…only kidding, there are toilets but be prepared to fight through the crowd to get there and if you pass one and that doesn’t have a queue…take the opportunity!

      Also keep an eye on the forecast, if it looks like there is a chance of rain expect underfoot to be slippery and muddy and take a rain poncho.

      Go to, click on Saturday/Samedi or Sunday/Dimanche, then click on the Rocher section, then click on the little camera and you will see images from Rocher.

      Hope that helps Kelly, have fun and please let us know what you think once you’ve been – I for one would be grateful if you took a few minutes to share your experience.

      All the best

  87. Great site with helpful advice! My wife and I already have tix in upper K for both Saturday and Sunday. We’re not the world’s biggest party animals but we’re open minded wine drinkers and we like to have fun. Plus this is a once in a lifetime dream for me. Does anyone have advice on the party scene? We’re not looking to rudely crash a party for free and would expect to pay our fair share for drinks or food, but would love to join in the party fun. Is there a behavioral ‘protocol’ of sorts or do you just find your own way? Cheers and many thanks!

    1. Hi Michael

      As you might imagine there are a lot of parties in Monaco over the GP. There is Amber Lounge which is a party started in Monaco and only occurs during the GP (and at Singapore, Abu Dhabi etc.) 650€ pp for an individual pass and all drinks on Friday and Saturday night, 800€ pp on Sunday. This does not include a table just free for all seating on the terrace outside. Tables start at 5,200€ for 8 people. Jimmy’z nightclub is a Monaco institution, pricing varies but expect to pay 1,000€ pp. The Billionaires club is in the Fairmont (if Flavio Briatore is running it again this year).

      Are they any good? It depends what you’re looking for to be honest, they are not for everyone and I have guests who love Amber Lounge/Jimmy’z and I have guests who…don’t!

      There are yacht parties in the harbour also, we operate some and have space for Saturday night but they are a more relaxed affair than the full on club experience and they finish before the clubs even get started, to allow our guests to get some sleep and avoid them falling asleep during the race the following day.

      There are lots of bars also which will be open late if you just want to wing it.

      Hope that helps.

      Have fun and let us know how you get on.

      1. Thanks Ed. That certainly helps … looks like we’ll be winging it! -:) On a slightly different note, we’re arriving on Thursday afternoon with a free day on Friday. My wife wants to take in Cap-Ferrat. Any other non-GP suggestions for people visiting the area?

        1. Hi Michael

          How about heading towards Italy? Some great places to see and restaurants to try!

          Have a look at visitmonaco dot com for museums, etc. they also have a decent downloadable monaco travel guide app for blackberry, iphone, android.

          Nice is good too, the old town is fun and there a good restaurants (lots of bad ones too though).


  88. For anyone looking at getting a Fanvision unit (formally Kangaroo TV) they have a link on their site to a partner website where you can hire one for tracside collection.

    I’d also like to thank Ed for all his help and comments over the past few weeks (months?) his experience and willingness to share info has been exceedingly helpful!

    1. Sorry folks, I did get a reply and totally forgot to post it.

      The units were available for pre-order until recently at 55€ + delivery charge. As Alex correctly points out they are now available to individuals via partners like the one detailed on their site at 75€.

      Thanks for your kind words Alex, happy to help – I like to think someone would do the same for me if I was going somewhere new.

      All the best

  89. itsmitchelltime (@)
    18th May 2011, 19:37

    A week and I’ll be there cannot wait.

    Few questions does anyone know limitations on what you can bring in to the circuit e.g. are food and water ok (as no doubt it’ll be cheaper in Nice), is a standard DSLR camera ok (I had a bit of an issue with it at the Valencia test in February).

    Also, can you leave the circuit area and return later?

    You see pictures of fans outside the paddock gates waiting for people to leave, is this part accessible or is it on a blocked off road? I only ask as I may get a chance of bumping in to some F1 royalty as they leave the holy grail of F1 that is the Monaco paddock?

    1. You can bring your own food and drink no problem. The circuit area is pretty much the back of the stand where they check your tickets and it’s fine to go in and out. I think (unless I’m mixing it up with another circuit) that they tear a strip off your ticket when you go in the stand and if you want to leave and come back you just take a strip fron the person and then hand it back when you return.

    2. Hi

      To add to Steph’s comments – there should not be a problem with you taking a camera, I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem. Be prepared to have your backpack or bag searched by the stewards/police though – this is standard practise.

      You can get to the area near the paddock but you really need to have a viewing ticket for one of the locations next to it to achieve what you want I think.

      Have fun

  90. re-posting and looking for some help:

    Hi there,
    We are a family of 4 going to nice on holidays during the same time as Monaco GP, great!!! We would like a short visit to GP and have a few queries:
    1. When is the best day and time to visit the GP when we can see all the action – cars, racing, drivers? Also when it’s not complete madness?
    2. I believe it’s not recommended to get our 2 yr old to the GP, will our 6 yr old daughter enjoy the race?
    3. Best way to get to Monaco GP fm nice? Taxi – how would the traffic be? Train?
    4. Best recommended seats/stands with the place to buy the tickets?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi again, third time lucky with this reply, I hope you get it this time.

      1. Thursday is the least busy of the F1 days, Friday morning is ‘less busy’ too but there is no F1. Friday morning is for GP2 and Porsche Supercup.

      2. I don’t think you will be able to buy a ticket for a 2 year old, i believe the minimum age is 5 years old. My own children are two girls (5 and 8 years) and a boy (6 years). My girls do not like the racing but my boy loves it. I think only your daughter will be able to tell if she enjoys it but ABSOLUTELY buy her ear plugs (the soft ones you squeeze and put in your ears) AND a good pair of ear defenders (the headphone/ear muff style). She can use both to minimise the noise or if she is OK with the noise can use just one of the types – but definitely buy both for her.

      3. Taxi from Nice should be no problem but book in advance and get a fixed price (if they will give one) for the journey. Train is cheap, quick and efficient but buy your ticket in advance of your day of travel, do not buy it on the morning you want to go as the queues are likely to be very long if you get the time wrong. We run transfers from Nice in our fleet of minivans, if you would like the details and prices email me and I’ll send you them.

      4. If you are looking for grandstand tickets only the best place to buy them is from the Automobile Club de Monaco (acm dot mc – or – formula1monaco dot com).

      If you are looking for a terrace I can help, again email me for our info.

      Alternatively one of my colleagues in Monaco has asked me if we have anyone who may be interested in deals on their last private terrace spaces so I am just about to post the information for everyone at F1Fanatic. It is a good deal and I know the company very well so am comfortable being associated with what is being offered.

      Hope that helps, if there is anything else I can help with just let me know.
      Best wishes

      1. Hi Ed,
        Off to Monaco for husband’s 40th tomorrow, if you get this message in time, we’ve got tickets for Sunday but not Saturday, what Terraces do you have and how much are we talking about?! We’re in O stand high how goos or bad is this, so I’m prepared!!!???

        1. Hi Denise

          Have a look at the last page, all the terrace info and prices are there. O is OK, have a look at www dot formula1monaco dot com then click on Sunday, find O stand, click on it and there is a little camera image, click on that and you will see photos taken from that location.

          If you need any more help or you can’t find the post with the terrace info just holler and I’ll re post it.

          Best wishes

  91. What a great site! Special thanks to Ed and others for lots of useful info. Questions remain:

    We are arriving Thursday and staying in Antibes. We plan to visit Cap-Ferrat on Friday and then attend the races in Monaco on Saturday and Sunday. We would like to take the train from Antibes to Cap Ferrat but not sure how close the train will take us (versus the bus). Is there a recommended route from Antibes to Cap Ferrat?

    Also, would you you advise buying train tickets for all three travel days in advance, upon arrival on Thursday?

    1. Happy to help Michael.

      Not sure about specific routes but try
      SNCF, national rail service for France – WWW dot SNCF dot FR
      TER SNCF, regional rail service for France – WWW dot TER dash SNCF dot COM

      I think some post have been blocked due to containing web addresses hence the method used above.

      Personally i would buy the tickets in advance, more convenient and avoids queues – if you buy when there isn’t one :)
      Best of luck

  92. Hi all

    A company I know and work with in Monaco have availability for three of their terraces which they are offering at what I think are great prices. I’ll post the details here and if anyone is interested email me.

    3rd floor terrace on the start/finish straight overlooking the starting grid, Saturday only, no food or drinks included but you can bring your own = 300€
    That’s only 80€ more than a good grandstand seat and you are on a private terrace start/finish straight with private toilets etc.

    4th floor terrace on the start/finish straight, directly above the Automobile Club de Monaco, Saturday only with food and open bar = 595€ (usually 995€)

    12th floor terrace at St Devote corner, Saturday & Sunday (Saturday bring your own food/drinks, Sunday includes food and open bar) = 1,100€

    If anyone needs more info just let me know.

    Best regards

    1. itsmitchelltime (@)
      20th May 2011, 9:14

      Hi Ed,

      I may be interested in the 3rd floor terrace for Saturday. Is this still available and are there any details/pictures of the view?

      Thanks for all the info by the way it’s been amazing

      1. Hi, i have some from our own 3rd floor terrace which is next to it so view identical, email me and i’ll send you the pics. Cheers, Ed.

  93. We have some very special F1 Team access & Paddock access for those with a big budget and who want to get into the pit lane, garage tour, meet the drivers, etc. etc. etc.

    If that appeals to any big spenders out there let me know.

    Best wishes to all

  94. Well folks the time is almost here. Leaving to stay in Nice and fighting the crowds in Rocher next Thursday. Should be a blast. And before my questions, a shout out to Ed for putting my mind at ease on a few questions.

    My biggest concern now is transport to and from Nice to Monaco. The SNCF website is pretty bad, especially with my extremely limited French. I heard that there are Kiosks at the train station that allows you to print off train tickets a day or two before the actual race? Can anyone confirm that? Or more simply, is taking the train simple to a French illiterate (though I’ll try to make an effort) Joe like me?


    1. I went in 2008 so it may have changed since then but my experience as a complete non-French speaker was…
      – Buying a train ticket at the vending machines was impossible because I didn’t have a European issued credit card and they didn’t work with any others, nor did they take cash
      – Waited in line at the booth and bought ticket there, lots of signage with “F1” all over it. The standard ticket issued was a return ticket to Monaco & back, branded with “F1” all over it
      – Then a corral to herd everyone (and there was a LOT of people) onto the trains constantly going back and forth between Nice & Monaco all day
      – Lots of extra rail staff around to help out and keep things moving smoothly
      – When you get to Monaco just follow everyone else out of the underground and to the track. 99.99% of the people on the full train are going to the race
      – Hang around after the race and have a few beers then go for a walk around the track when they open it… close up opportunites to see the cars as they pack up and load trucks, get your photo taken on the podium, check out the big boy toys in the harbour (one girl in my group got invited onto one boat for a party)
      – Once the track is open again to traffic sit down and watch some of the locals take their Ferraris / Mercs / Lambos / etc for a blast around.
      – Don’t know when the shuttle trains back to Nice stopped but I got a train around 9pm

      Overall, very easy, only pain was waiting at the booth to get the ticket – if you can buy your train ticket for Sunday the day before I would do that just to skip the wait at the booth on Sunday. My raceday started in Levanto (Italy) to get the train to Nice, dump my stuff at the accommodation, then shuttle train to Monaco, so I don’t know if its possible. Man, that train was packed (people even sitting on each others laps) until Monaco, then it was just me in my carriage onto Nice lol

    2. Hi Patrick

      The ticket machines in Nice station can be a little tricky. They did have someone trying to assist people last year but seemed to be having a few problems – not sure if they will have resolved that or not this year. The station is quite well organised, although extremely busy, so you need to factor in extra time to buy your tickets, and has several ticket kiosks purely for the sale of F1 train tickets to Monaco. Whilst you will have to queue and be prepared for some people trying to queue jump (we had 3 Americans who wanted to go in front of us as they wanted to get the train to Monaco – not sure what they thought we were trying to do!) they do seem to get people through fairly decently. The trains do get very busy and you need to make sure your money etc is safe as it is rich pickings if you are not careful. Sardine can has nothing on this, which is why on race day we go in on the boat from Nice. May be considerably more expensive, but a lot less hassle.

    3. As always thanks for the advice everyone. I think the best plan is to buy tickets Saturday or even Friday if I can.

      Also I just found out to those interested. The Gumball 3000 rally participants and their cars will be in Monaco. Something else worth checking out if you have time to spare (although I’m not yet sure if they will be displaying their cars, but I’m sure you will see them around).

    4. hi Patrick

      I am also going to monaco next weekend! my first GP!! cant wait!

      I managed to buy sncf train tickets for sat and sunday going from NICE to MONACO for £6 open return.
      you can buy online from raileurope dot com. allows you to pick the station (there are 2 in NICE) and departure times… from about 6am onwards and last train back from monaco is 23:58… they post special delivery and got them to me the next day…


      1. ###update### sorry its raileurope dot co dot uk to buy sncf tickets in advance if u live in UK…

        1. Hey Ed. Unfortunately I’m living in Dublin at the moment so I am unable to purchase tickets from that site. I did, however, look up when the train picks up from Nice, so it wasn’t in vain :)

          Thanks for the help!


  95. Hi Patrick

    Thanks for the shout out, appreciated. The kiosks you mention have an English option, pretty straightforward although I remember the first few times I used them, getting used to the ticket options then finding the right platform were the biggest challenges – just relax, take your time and have fun…and keep you wits about you, lots of pickpockets! Ed

  96. Hi there, I am going to Nice on 26th May to 27th May and plan to visit Monaco and Monte Carlo on the evening of the 26th and daytime of the 27th. I have heard that unless you have tickets for the Grand Prix, you cannot enter Monaco during the Grand Prix unless you pay a tax of £2,000. Is this true?

    1. Hi Carmen

      That is utter nonsense, can you tell me where you heard that?

      You may enter and leave Monaco as you wish without paying any kind of fee or tax.

      You will not be allowed anywhere you can actually see the race (grandstands, terraces, etc.) unless you have a ticket for them.

      Have fun

  97. Starting to get exceedingly excited now. Fly out first thing Wednesday morning (ash cloud permitting!) to Nice.

    Looks like our boy Lewis might be able to give Vettel a run for his money, certainly after yesterdays performance.

    1. PS – Can anyone suggest somewhere we can go for lunch in Monaco on the Friday. I fancy somewhere with a nice view over the harbour.


      1. Hi Alex

        Tender To in the port and Miramar on beau rivage bothe decent for lunch and good view of the harbour.


      2. Hi Alex

        Tender To in the port and Miramar on beau rivage both decent for lunch and good view of the harbour.


        1. Alex – just dawned on me Tender To is the old name, now called Virage. Ed

  98. Hi All,
    Currently working in Geneva and plan on driving down with a few mates to hotel in Sanremo and then getting the train into Monaco for the Sunday. Was planning on Secteur Rocher but some of the posts are making me feel rather nervous about it! Anybody know of any last minute balcony tickets going cheap or grandstand tickets they need to offload? Theres 3 of us….
    many thanks for such an informative and helpful Forum!

  99. Hi Jon

    You will see previous posts from me, below are some deals from a company I work with in Monaco, already some F1Fanatic members have taken up some of the places…

    3rd floor terrace on the start/finish straight overlooking the starting grid, Saturday only, no food or drinks included but you can bring your own = 300€
    That’s only 80€ more than a good grandstand seat and you are on a private terrace start/finish straight with private toilets etc.

    4th floor terrace on the start/finish straight, directly above the Automobile Club de Monaco, Saturday only with food and open bar = 595€ (usually 995€)

    12th floor terrace at St Devote corner, Saturday & Sunday (Saturday bring your own food/drinks, Sunday includes food and open bar) = 1,100€

    If you need more info let me know.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Ed,

      Two of us are heading to the GP in Monaco this Friday and are a little unorganised. Flights and accomodation in Nice sorted though no tickets as yet.

      I see from the blog above that you seem to have a few options spaces to go for terraces or yachts. Was planning on winging it though I agree with some the points noted previously.

      Looking for somewhere for Sunday (maybe Saturday as well) with a good atmosphere.

      Dont mind spending some money.

      Thanks in advance,


      1. Hi Chris

        I saw my colleague tonight in Monaco and they confirmed there are still a few spaces on the locations mentioned previously.

        The 12th floor terrace is the price for Sunday it’s just that they will give Saturday free (bring your own refreshments) for anyone who wants to go both days. There will be a good atmosphere on the 12th floor terrace, especially on race day!

        For yachts we’re sold out for both weekend days but have a handful of spaces left for Thursday and some for Friday morning.

        We also have a yacht party in the harbour on Saturday night – private yacht moored trackside, all drinks included, canapes, hostess service, from 19.00 – 23.00, usually 395€ per person, for F1Fanatic we are offering our guest price of 195€ pp (i.e. usually only if someone has booked race viewing etc with us they get that price). It’s a great story to tell…that the night before the Grand Prix you were relaxing on a private yacht in Monaco harbour watching the world go by.

        Hope that helps.

        1. thanks for that Ed,

          how do i contact you? can you send me your email address?

          thanks Chris

  100. Hi
    I have tickets in K grandstand for the race this coming Sunday, a fried of mine has an appartment overlooking the start/finish line – I was wondering how easy it is to move around the track when the race is on? Am worried they are on other sides of the road
    Any help appreciated!!

  101. Susan Shakespeare
    24th May 2011, 14:48

    HI George, does your friend sell balcony space in the appartment for race day and if so how much would it cost there are 6 of us.

  102. ED!! You seem to be the guy that knows all. I have tickets for the raceday in Grandstand ‘L’. How do we get to that grandstand?


    1. without looking to see where that is, don’t worry. There are signs everywhere directing you to the stands.

      Am pretty much all packed for my flight tomorrow. Just hope the ash cloud stays away – 2 years in a row I can’t believe it!

      1. Good luck Steph

        We have some of our team affected by it. Cancelled flights, 4 hour trip to another airport and not due in until the early hours…then straight to it at 6am for first guests arriving!!

        Safe trip.

    2. Hi Tim

      I’m not 100%, as I recall there is a bridge over to L although I can’t remember exactly from where. But Steph is right the stands are very well signposted, head for Place D’Arme or Rue Gimaldi and follow the signs.

      Have fun.

  103. Hi guys,

    Do any of you know if tickets bought on-line from the Monaco Automobile Club can be picked up on race day? I would like to buy from their site today, but not sure about pick-up options. I won’t be in Monaco until race day, so this is a big question mark for me now. Thanks anyone.

    1. Best to call them to check Anatol.


  104. Hi all,

    Just heard my honeymoon (starting Saturday evening) will start out in Nice! And, even cooler, my (at this moment) fiancee who doesn’t like F1 that much agreed to come see the race!

    Anyway, I was thinking of buying the €70 tickets for Sunday, but I read on this forum seats there are either bad or you have to be there at 8am and never move again… Don’t want to do that to my girl (and me :))

    Any other good last minute alternatives for up to €200 pp to see the race this year?

    Kees, The Netherlands.

  105. Hi ed,
    I have been reading all your help and advice and just got to Antibes..
    Where would be good to party thurs & Fri night? Or is sunday the really good night?
    Saw Amber lounge recommended but if you go for dinner do you get to stay on?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Ian

      Really sorry I didn’t get to you in time, I haven’t been in a position to get online for the past few days, we have been manic in Monaco!

      I hope you managed to get sorted and if you need any help for any of the other F1 races or Monaco GP 2012 just let me know we are running special offers now.

      In case you didn’t go to Amber Lounge this year and want to next year you can’t stay on after dinner, you have to pay separately (buy in advance, the price this year on the day nearly doubled!!).

      Best wishes

  106. Stuart Adamson
    1st June 2011, 12:37

    What an unbelievable experience that was! One of the best things ive ever done. I’ll be back next year and the year after that and the year after that. I cant get over the noise them machines make, I sat in the rocher which was good enough but it’s got to be the grand stand next year. Anyone recommend the good spots?

    Thanks Stu

    1. Hi Stu

      K and T stands are popular but the ACM website lets you look at the viewing from each stand and shows where each is located on the map which is a good facility.

      We will be running some premium grandstand options and terraces/balconies without catering next year which will offer an alternative to grandstands where you have a view from a hight position, private toilets, covered from the elements etc. and you can bring your own refreshments. Those are some ideas that came out of working with and helping folks on this forum in the past year.

      All the best

      1. Would be interested in finding out about these premium grandstand options and terraces and balconies without catering, Ed.

  107. What an amazing experience! Got back late last night after a week in Nice, including all four days at the race.

    Walked the track & pitlane friday afternoon – an excellent experience (we didn’t get that at Silverstone) All in all a top weekend. Would love to do it every year!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Alex.

      Where did you watch from and what about your photography – did you get some good shots?

  108. Hi,
    I’ve been following this blog with great interest and have found it very helpful, it’s brilliant to see all the feedback and support from like minded F1 fans. And what a fantastic race it was this year! My wife and I be coming to Monaco for the 2012 race to mark a special occasion, could you give me some idea when the tickets officially go on sale. I see the web site is already advertising the race date. Thanks.

    1. If booking direct with the ACM it is usually early in December.

    2. Hi Mark

      Dates are 24 – 27 May, 2012 and Caroline is correct, usually around December for the tickets direct from ACM.

      I mention above also that we will be running some premium grandstand options and terraces/balconies without catering next year which will offer an alternative to grandstands where you have a view from a high position, private toilets, covered from the elements etc. and you can bring your own refreshments.

      Those are some ideas that came out of working with and helping folks on this forum in the past year.

      If you have any more queries or want to pick our brains about anything Monaco related fire away.

      All the best

      1. Hi Ed,
        Thanks for the information you put on the site, helpful to have impartial views when organizing a trip. We will be first timers in Monaco next year. Travelled to quite a few including Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and are booked to go to Abu Dhabi this year but not sure of the best Grandstand view in Monaco (at a budget), we are a party of 8 and are looking to spend around £300pp for Sunday tickets. We would appreciate any advice.
        All the best

        1. Hi Pete

          Happy to help. The grandstand prices for next year have not been released yet but if you base it on this year then for £300 you would get the following grandstands:

          C, L (low), N, O (low), P, T (low), X1 or X2 – no view of a giant TV screen from C, X1 or X2 so I personally would avoid those stands. out of the others not much difference in N, O (low) & P so I, again personally, would opt for T although given it would be in the lower tier seats you may not see into the pits.

          Hope that helps Pete, if there is anything else let me know. I’m travelling a lot for another week so opportunity to get onto the site may be limited but I’ll answer when I can.

          All the best

          1. Hi Ed,

            Thanks for getting back to me, the information is really useful. I think we are going to bite the bullet and pay more for better Grandstand seats on race day, a big screen is a must. Any advice would be appreciated once again. We are prepared to take our chance for qualifying but want the best seat we can afford for the race – probably up to £450pp. One more question, are there 2 day ticket available, I can’t find any information on this.
            Thanks again for your help.

          2. Hi Pete

            Sorry for the tardy reply, travelling lots recently.

            Yes there are two and three day tickets available the ACM won’t release them until much later in the year.


  109. Had a fantastic time. Have finally got my photos online

    will definitely be going again next year

    1. Great pics Steph, thanks for sharing. Looks like to spent a while in the Paddock :)

      1. When I got down there on the Wednesday they hadn’t finished putting the fences up so we could get in. Just a normal fan me. no VIP passes or anything

        1. We did the same thing, bit manic with trucks everywhere. The Red Bull guys were playing music when we went past which they had supplemented some of the words with the various members names of the McLaren team. We even walked down through where they were putting up the Paddock Club and Red Bull’s amazing hospitality area – just need to work out how you get a pass to go in there! Then went on the open top bus tour round Monaco which was great as it more or less goes around the circuit plus we had the added excitement of getting caught up in the incident with the tarmac truck catching fire and whilst stuck in traffic watching DC interviewing Paul Di Resta.

          Have to say this year’s race apart from feeling robbed of a thrilling final at the end is the best one we have seen in Monaco.

    2. Photos look good, looks like you watched from different parts of the track. What would you recommend are the best seats for race day for a 1st time visitor next year?

  110. What did you think of your viewing location, the access, facilities etc?

  111. Went to Monaco for the first time this year and what an awesome experience. If it wasn’t such a long way I would definately head back.
    I watched the race from the K1 stand just as the cars entered Tabac and would sit there again given the opportunity. The only thing I would change I think is to book the ticket a lot earlier to purchase a seat at the top of the K1 grand stand. This way you can watch the cars enter the first turn at Sainte Devote as well.
    The noise was like no other and something I will never forget. After the race I wondered around and found a nice restaurant near the casino called Tip Top, there I had quite a good meal for a reasonable price.
    So an Aussie did’nt win the main event but hey at least I got to see our local boy Daniel Reccairdo win!

  112. This was my first F1 race experience in Monte Carlo and it was amazing. I had grandstand tickets in the T2 section on Saturday for practice and qualifying, it was a good view of the last section before Tabac and I could also see the pits. On Saturday I could choose to go to the top of the stands, since it wasn’t fully occupied and I also saw tabac corner. The sound was incredible, I couldn’t resist without ear plugs, totally different than Montreal.
    On Sunday, I had a ticket at the Dolce Vita restaurant, which included a lunch. They had 2 level stands, where you were actually standing up for the race. It had an excellent view of the start-finish straight right before Ste-Devote, the first corner, plus I saw how the drivers were coming out of the pits, onto the straight. I was one of the lucky few that also had a view of a TV monitor that the restaurant put outside, so I could watch the rest of the race. On Sunday, up to 20 minutes before the race started, they were still selling tickets to one of their spots (they must have had 80 spots). I believe the price was around 200 Euros, that late before the start. I can recommend that place, it had a good view of the action before the first corner and, of course, the start.

    1. It seems to have made my whole post the link to the photos for some reason. Feel free to have a look!

    2. How did you like the villa Victoria?
      Heading over next year!

  113. itsmitchelltime (@)
    27th June 2011, 21:49

    I had an amazing time and it was so much better than the other circuits I’ve been too – Bahrain, Singapore and Silverston.

    A few points for those going:

    If going for the full weekend make sure to book through as you get a Thursday ticket free.

    If you have a Sat or Sun ticket make sure to do the pit walk on Friday you never know who you’ll bump into, Patrick Head, Seb, Webber, Perez, Lewis and Jenson for me.

    Make sure you visit the paddock gates on the Wednesday it’s media day and drivers are in and out of motorhomes constantly. Also go back randomly through the weekend again you’ll never know who’s about.

    Walk the circuit.

    Sit on one of the barriers of casino square for an hour in the evening and watch the comings and goings when it comes to posh cars and people.

    Make sure to get your train tickets in advance, I got mine in nice on the Wednesday. You may queue to do it but at least it’s just the once.

    If you can afford to stay in Monaco do it, although Nice isn’t far it was a bit annoying getting the 20 minute train each day and did mean you had to leave Monaco by midnight. If staying in nice stay near the station for convienience in case youmwantbtompop back after the race for a shower before spending the evening out in Monaco.

    Get fanvision as the track commentary is multilingual and you miss big parts and sometimes you can’t even hear it. Petrov crashed right in front of me and I had to text home to find out whatbwas going on. It also aids your understanding of the race as I knew Seb was on a different strategy but didn’t know exactly what.

    Rascasse has free wifi, so tweet whilst you drink.

    Make sure to read the signs when you get off the train properly so you go out the right entrance or you’ll walk miles.

    As for where to sit:

    Thursday I sat in B -Casino. You have to do this once for the iconic views. I also managed to get free wifi from somewhere

    Friday I moved about a bit

    T – higher rows give a view of pits and last 4 or so rows are also covered

    Z1 – didn’t seem too bad, although I’m not sure how much they pack it out on a proper day

    A – get back row so you can turn round to also see the run out of the chicane and Tabac.

    For the race I sat in N. This was a good balance between cost and views. Get a back row seat so you can turn round for the big screen and run up the hill, also get higher numbered seats so you’re near the screen in front of grandstand O.

    Don’t dismiss getting a balcony or yacht spot for Thursday or Saturday you may be surprised how cheap they are. I found late availability online a few weeks before the race and also on the day there are touts selling spaces. For Saturday I treated myself to a balcony place on the start finish straight. I arranged this through Ed, and what a view

  114. Hi

    Brief monaco details :

    Stayed at a Travelodge (about £40) on the Thurs night near the tunnel. ( 15 mins) Doing this gets you a 5 day cheap tunnel ticket. (we came back on tues)

    Got tunnel @ 7am next day friday. Cost £90 return, 5 days.

    On Friday travelled the length of france – about 850 miles, using 2 drivers. Suprisingly easy. However, motorway is £90- each way in tolls, and needs 1700 miles petrol. For us, this came to about £550 return, so biggest cost.

    Arrived at hotel about 9pm. Stayed in Villeneuve–Loubet. Hotel F1 (cheap one) you can find it on google. About £45 a night. Hotel is 10 mins walk from train station. (search villeneuve loubet F1 hotel)

    Take the train to Monaco on Saturday and sunday. It costs about 12 euro return. Takes you right into monaco, very nice train station, all well organised with subways to various bits of the circuit.

    If you have a stand seat expect to pay 400 euro or more for Sunday, and 150 for Saturday. Most stands have a tiny view of the circuit. Not good value. If you do, swimming pool area (large cresent shaped stand) looks best.

    We bought tickets for the ‘rocher’ standing section. You need to get there by 7.30am each morning, but 5-6 hours overlooking Monaco is a great way to spend the time. You get a view of the pool section, and in the distance, the run from the tunnel and back up the hill. Also a bit of pits area. Binoculars are pretty much essential. This section costs 70 euro for Sunday and 40 for Saturday. You can buy tickets directly from the automobile club de monaco. Website in english.

    On race days you wont be able to walk about much as the place is cramped.

    We came back on the Monday, driving the car in, and parking in one of the many well signposted underground car parks. We stayed in the casino one. You can spend some time walking around car park looking at all the exotic cars, before you come out in casino square to see yet more parked outside the grand hotel and cafe du paris. We walked the circuit, and then drove around it.

    You can eat cheap at the mcdonalds on the approach to tunnel entrance on the Monday. You wont get there on race days. Drinks on race days are about 3.5 euro and sandwiches about 7 euro. About what you get ripped off at concerts etc, but survivable. We took our own stuff.

    If you visit on the Monday, you can see the prince and grace’s tombs in the cathedral, walk in the gardens next to the ocenographic institute (there are several gardens). There is also one by the tunnel modelled as a japanese garden, a project of princess grace’s.

    Later on the Monday, we drove a third way back, staying at a F1 hotel at Dardilly in Lyon by the A6. Rest of journey was on Tues, getting the 5 oclock tunnel.

    We enjoyed the whole thing, atmosphere and the parks and exotic cars. The race is also a great experience.

  115. Wow, this is one fantastic post, been looking for one like this for a while! There are some great do’s and don’ts on here, mixed opinions on some cheap admin places, thing is I went Silverstone this year, I’m a motorsport photographer, no point in having a grandstand ticket anywhere i go, i just jump ship after 10 minutes.

    I talked to someone at Silverstone who went monaco last year and he told me about a restaurant/bar where he paid for the day and could see the cars from a slightly elevated position between casino square and the first hairpin.

    Ideally if I decide to go to Monaco 2012, I would want 3 different places to go on the different days, it’s not as easy as purpose made circuits to just walk around, so I need to get some homework done and choose 3 spots where I can get great pictures. If anyone has any ideas, please share, I am carrying a pretty huge lens on my camera, so somewhere where i can get some space on the edge of a balcony would be wonderful…also the longer i can see the cars, the better, preferably them coming towards me I’m not too bothered about catering and shelter, I’m fully prepared for rain and hunger, i got completely soaked at Silverstone this year…lol

    I see Ed has some great places, but if anyone else found some hidden gems please let me know on here, Ed, u seem to be the man who gets things on this forum, any chance of talking through email

    1. The problem with Monaco is that you cannot wander around like Silverstone for example and the circuit is closed off so you cannot view from anywhere other than where your tickets are for, even on Thursday you still have to remain in the area your ticket is for unlike some of the other circuits where Thursday is a roving ticket.

      We paid for hospitality at Caravelles on the Thursday this year which is 22 floors up and overlooks quite a lot of the circuit – start line, St Devote, swimming pool etc. The F1 authorised photographers were up there and my husband who is a keen photographer got some fantastic shots from up there as well.

    2. Hi Shivy

      Email sent, happy to help however I can.

      Best wishes

  116. Hi Ed, you seem to be the resident expert on all things Monaco on this site..We found this site invaluable when we went to Spa last year but sadly we didnt use it for Monza and didnt have the best experience.

    Learnt our lesson and sticking to getting adviced before booking or deciding anything now.

    We are hoping to attend Monaco F1 in 2012. We’re looking for tix for Sat & Sun and since we’re coming from Australia it’s prob the only time we’ll get to do Monaco so we want to do it as best as we can on our budget.

    Can you advise on the best grandstands – I dont think our budget will extend to private yachts etc but we really want the best we can afford.

    We also need to book accom – we were hoping for Monaco (altho that of course depended on prices) but even this far out I cant see any availability on the websites.

    If we cant do Monaco accom – do you suggest Nice? Where would you suggest and how do we get to the track etc – is it tricky to catch the train if you dont speak the language – we had a terrible time with the trains etc in Monza. If we train it, what time would we need to leave in the morning to be able to spend a little time at the track before quali & the race?

    Do you know if it’s possible to hire scooters for the few days and if so, are the roads pretty easy to get around on? Otherwise we might have to hire a car and get parking – how long do you think it would take to get to the track, what time should we leave hotel?

    1. Hi Janine

      Best grandstand is, to an extent, a matter of personal preference but in general K & T grandstands are most popular. K offers a good view of the Tabac corner section and from T (high) you can see into the pits. Unless someone has a specific requirement to be at a different location these are the two I always recommend to our guests.

      Good hotels in Monaco are expensive for the GP…as a ballpark you are looking at around 5000 – 6000 euros and upwards for a basic room (i.e. typically the smallest rooms, no sea view, no track view) in a decent hotel for 4 nights.

      There are some hotels near Monaco, in Beausoliel for example, which are what they are…i.e. 2* but within walking distance to Casino Square. We have a couple of rooms left in a 2* in Beusoliel we use which is about a 10 minute walk to (downhill) Casino Square and about a 15/20 minute walk back (uphill)…slightly longer if you’ve enjoyed a little hospitality :). This is good cheap option for being within walking distance of Monaco and having somewhere to leave your bags and to sleep, not for anything else.

      Nice is a great option and if I was choosing between a good 3* in Nice and the 2* in Beau I personally would opt for the 3*. We use a great little family owned 3* hotel in Nice which is a 10 minute walk from the train station.

      If you’re going by train get your tickets beforehand, don’t wait until the morning. Language isn’t an issue generally as Alex mentions and the trains are very efficient.

      With regards what time to leave, by way of example we offer a premium grandstand service for guests who don’t want to arrange everything themselves and this includes grandstand tickets, fanvision unit (kangaroo tv) and extras for comfort but it also includes rail transfers and members of our team as guides – so we leave at times to suit guests different requirements. Some want to be in Monaco first thing to see the support races in which case we leave at around 0730/0745. Others want to relax, have a late breakfast and go later just for the F1 so we leave at times to suit all options.

      If you leave Nice between 0730 and 0830 you would have plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere before any F1 action on the Sunday (race itself starts at 1400 with driver’s parade at 1230).

      I’ve said this in many of my posts and I’ve talked about some of the services we provide in this post but unless a company, including mine, is adding value for you with grandstand tickets then buy them direct from the ACM. This is important to me because I see other companies offering very little for lots of money.

      We offer our premium grandstand service for guests who don’t want to arrange everything themselves…our aim is to remove the worry or stress of ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ might be for the individual guest – going to the station to buy rail tickets / dealing with a language barrier / organising, queuing for and collecting kangaroo tv / providing your stand tickets / providing extras for comfort / providing experienced team members as guides and at multi lingual meeting or information points on the ground to help you…so that guests arrive in Nice and everything is ready and waiting for them. And they know they have help in a bright orange shirt wherever they see one (yes if you have seen the easyjet colour orange polo shirts in the streets of Monaco during the GP that’s us.

      Yes you can rent scooters, this year it cost us around 470 euros for a decent scooter for a week during the GP. I don’t want to post the contact details for the chap we rent from here without his permission but if you email me I’ll send you them.

      Are the roads easy? Depends what you’re used to in Australia and if you ride there/have ridden abroad before…I ride a scooter and motorbike and I’m used to the UK as well as Monaco/Nice. In Monaco/Nice scooters and motorbikes are commonplace, car drivers are used to them cutting in and out of the traffic and so on…if you’re not used to it or the drivers in that city/country are not it can catch you off guard. In the UK for example scooters are not as prevalent and car drivers don’t generally expect or look out for a scooter or biker to cut through the traffic or down the side of their car etc. so I ride differently in the UK to avoid getting squished…long way of saying it depends what you’re used to but riding in Monaco/Nice is not without its hair raising moments.

      Car hire will be no problem and parking should be ok, i stress ‘should’, some people find parking no problem, some have a nightmare. If you can book it in advance at a location you’re happy with. Happy to help with this if that is the route you go down, just post here or email me and I can recommend locations/facilities.

      If you drive from Nice it should (again ‘should’) take around 25 – 45 mins.

      I hope that massive missive helps Janine :), if you need anything else just let me know here or by email.

      Best wishes

  117. Hello Janine – I’m not sure I can answer all your questions, but I can certainly help with a bit. We stayed in Nice this year, and got the train in for the race. Don’t worry about the language – everyone in nice speaks English!

    The train takes about 20-25 mins and is a very picturesque route along the coast. We paid about 6Euros per person for a return and bought all the tickets on the wednesday afternoon.

    We got the train about 8.30 on the sunday morning I think, and there was already a queue out of the station. However, the trains are huge (double deckers) and the station very well organised, so within about 15 mins we were on a train and on our way.

    It’s less busy on the saturday, and the thursday and friday there were no queues at all.

    Hope that helps!

  118. Help! I’m so confused…trying to surprise my husband for 2012 monaco. Wish I’d listened to his f1 rants more closely :-) For Grandstand T (I believe high is better), what’s the difference between T sections 1-3? Looks like 3 would be best, but want a balance of track view and pits. For Grandstand K – looks like both high and low, section 5 is most popular? If last row, is there a view of the track behind? Which section K1-8 has best view of the screen? Which grandstand/section has a view of the podium? Thinking of B for race day, but would also love to have a view of the podium.

    1. Not sure what 1-3 is but we sat on T by the swimming pool exit – could see very little of the track as it is so short in that section, the best part was on the Thursday seeing all the pitlane action but wouldn’t want to sit there for the race.

      Grandstand K you need high, the circuit literally comes under the grandstand so if you sit too low down you cannot actually see the cars very well. K1 is in my opinion the best, but is normally the first to get booked up. The top row on all the grandstands gets booked up first because especially in K grandstands you can see over to the circuit from the pitlane and St Devote but only on that row. The screen is massive on the harbour so doesn’t really matter where you sit as you can see it. The podium is actually behind the grandstands I believe so not sure you can see the podium presentation.

      1. Hi Claudia!
        I had to smile when I read your post…you sound like me! Wonder how you are coming along with your plans and if you bought your tickets yet? What are you doing for accommodation?

    2. Hi Claudia

      T sections 1 – 3 are just three different sections of the same grandstand (like K1 through K8) and they all offer a similar view of the track opposite the pits although 3 is at the start of the pits nearer La Rascasse. You will see more garage activity from 1 & 2.

      I agree with Caroline that K1 is the best of the K grandstands, then K2, K3 and so on but K1 books early and the tops row books out first as Caroline mentions.

      You might be able to see through the trees to the podium from the top row of K8a but I’ve never tried and think those rows are all booked now. You can see the podium from a start/finish straight terrace but they are more expensive than grandstands.

      I personally wouldn’t watch from B as I find the action at Casino Square a little dull (like the hairpin bend…zzzzzzz) by comparison to other locations but you may find others on here that like B and your husband may have expressed an interest in that section of the track but, if it were me, I would go for K over B.

      O is OK but you are quite far from the track, again I prefer K or T over O.

      I hope that helps along with the info from Caroline. If I can help further please don’t hesitate to post her or email.

      All the best

      1. Thank you so much for the responses. I have one more question – for now :-) does anyone know which section T1 or T2 is better for viewing the Red Bull garage? And which garages are to the left and right of Red Bull? Thank you!!!

        1. Sorry Claudia, I don’t know the answer to that one.

          I don’t know if the team positions in the pit are set, it’s not something I’ve ever noticed or paid attention to really.


        2. Hi Claudia,

          Assuming Red Bull win the championship this year (which is highly lightly) you want to sit in T2 on the left hand side of the stand facing out. As to what garage will be next to them – well it depends who’s gonna be 2nd. My money is on Mclaren. T2 is also better for seeing the drivers walk over from the paddock.

    3. Hi Claudia!
      I had to smile when I read your post…you sound like me! Wonder how you are coming along with your plans and if you bought your tickets yet? What are you doing for accommodation?

  119. Thanks Caroline . That is very helpful. Sounds like T is best for Thursday, thinking B for Sat., any idea on best seats in B? Having trouble deciding btwn K and O for race day…any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Claudia

      To be honest I am not sure where B and O are. The first year we went I bought K for race day (that was all I could afford to pay for) and we were so impressed with the view plus the boats etc are amazing so you feel like you are in the thick of it. As a result of that we have always stuck with K.

  120. Hello Ed / Everyone,

    I’ve been on the ACM site today and noticed that you appear to be able to buy/reserve tickets for next years race(2012). I thought the tickets went on sale in November? I thought I’d try my luck, I chose back row seats in K5 (K1,2,3,4,6 back rows showing sold), entered my details and credit card number and got the message ‘your transaction was successful’ and then back to a screen which gave me a reference number and a message ‘ACM is closed for the month of August and will reply in September’. I then went back to the booking screen which shows all available seats and the seats I had entered were now ‘sold’. No money has been taken from my account, but a transaction from Monaco pending, it appears to have reserved the seats. There are stands which appear ‘sold out’ and large areas, which look like corporate/ticket company’s have purchased, showing as sold. Just thought I’d share this, it could be a chance to reserve tickets before they actually go on sale. Has anyone done this before? Please let me know if you are successful.

    Good luck


    1. Hi Pete

      They have never been on sale this early before, but I have just made a booking as well and as you say, quite a lot of the seats have already been reserved. I am guessing they have decided to release them on sale early. Time will tell!


    2. Hi Pete,

      Apologies for missing your query, haven’t logged in for a while. I see you’ve had the answers you need but if I can help at all please ask or PM me.

      All the best

  121. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your reply. It’s the first time we have booked to go to Monaco and were a little apprehensive. I hope other people on the site take advantage and reserve the better seats.

    Which stand have you reserved your seats in? Read that you went last year, any tips?


    1. Hi Pete

      The web site is usually very good. We have used it for the last 2 years once we found out that you could pick your seats rather than through the agencies where we were not given that option (although it may have changed now.) Only scary bit is that the tickets although it is inferred are sent courier is they come via normal mail.

      We have booked for K1 on Qualifying and K2 on race day as the K1 tickets for race day were only the lower ones.

      Monaco is amazing. The first time we went it felt a little surreal to be stood for the national anthem on the harbour front on race day. I still believe the British has to be the best race for atmosphere purely because of the fans, but Monaco is out there on its own. It is very difficult to describe, you have to experience it. It is the only circuit we have been to where you are so close to the cars.

      Wouldn’t recommend having Fanvision. We have never bothered before, but with the changes in the regs with pit stops etc, decided to go for it so we knew what was happening. For most of the weekend it didn’t work and then the office it had to be returned back to was behind the railway station, which the police had closed off access to so that the station was not clogged up by people going back to their various locations. When we eventually got through the cordons, everyone was complaining about the poor service. We have actually received a refund.

      We stay in Nice and travel in for the 3 days.

      1. Hi Caroline,

        Thanks for the information it really sounds amazing, just the thought of it we are already getting excited. Luckily we’ve got a trip booked to Abu Dhabi in November which will take our minds off Monaco for a while. We haven’t booked any seats for qualifying, we are just going to see what’s available on the day. I noticed that the money has been taken from my account, so it looks like the tickets are definitely on sale.

        Thanks again for the advice.

        1. Hi Pete

          Yes, I have had the money taken as well. I didn’t get a confirmation number for the booking so dropped them a line and they confirmed they have all the info required.

          Thursay and qualifying tend to be very busy as they are the cheaper of the 2 days so would suggest that if you want to sit somewhere specific would book.

          We are also going to Abu Dhabi in November which we are really looking forward to.


          1. Hi Caroline,
            What a small world. We were originally looking to go to India but with the uncertainty we are glad we changed our minds and decided on Abu Dhabi. We are just waiting for the line up of the after race concerts.


  122. Hey All,

    Found this website invaluable when I was booking tickets last year, so have to share my experiences to help those trying to book in 2012 (and beyond).

    I had been to the F1GP in Australia for over 10 years now – so you can imagine how excited I was to be going to Monaco – it was really quite an experience, and one that I will definitely be back for again!

    “itsmitchelltime” gives a number of good points – and I will repeat them:
    1. If you are booking, book via the website, and get Thursday Free. I picked the tickets up from the office on Rue Grimaldi on the Wednesday before and it was quite easy.
    2. If you have tickets, and are walking around on the Friday, take them with you and you get a pit walk. We forgot them, and could only look in the end of the pits.

    As far as accommodation, we were super lucky and had accommodation with a Friend’s family near the Casino. This was awesome as we could go down and have a look at the Casino at night. Seeing Bugatti Veyrons, an Aston Martin One-77, multiple Ferraris and Rolls was a great night time activity.

    The other advantage of staying in Monaco would be the nightlife – where the roads around the harbour become the bars with outdoor bars, bands and DJ’s. I must admit we were out so late on the Thursday night we missed all of the action on the Friday – but we did see the party on the Kingfisher boat – pity there was no talking your way on!!

    I sat in three different spots. Thursday is free seating in the grandstands. We were in stand “B” looking at the Casino. This was good for the screen, and also free Wifi from the Casino.

    On the Saturday we sat in K2 about mid way up. While the Thursday was good, sitting in the harbour area really gives you a sense of what Monaco is all about. As others have mentioned, at the top will let you look over the back to the start / finish straight. Sitting in towards K1 will give you a good view of just after the tunnel, through the chicane, around the harbour and swimming pool, and you lose them in front of the T grandstand. It was also good to have a look at all the parties in the boats when there was no action on the track.

    On Race Day we sat high in Grandstand O. there wasn’t a lot of information on O – so it was a bit of a gamble, but from my point of view it paid off. It was good to have 3 different vantage points. There is a screen on the front of the overpass – handy for knowing what’s going on. In these seats you could basically see where they came around in front of K, around the swimming pool complex, and off around the T grandstand. It was a distance away, but you could also see into the pits. It’ll vary per race, but there were a fair few incidents in front of these grandstands – you never wish harm on anyone, but crashes are always exciting – and this is where Petrov cam to grief against the wall.

    We were lucky that the weather this year was nothing short of spectacular – so sitting in mid 20c temperatures in the sun was amazing (especially knowing it was cold back in Melbourne AUS).

    If you have the option, and the contacts you can get yourself some decent apartment deals. Friends we were staying with scored an apartment with a bit of food and drink for 150 Euros for the Saturday – a great deal considering I’d paid 220 Euros for a grandstand seat! But you have to be in the right place at the right time.

    Monaco is really an amazing place – I went with high expectations, and they were definitely exceeded – but then again, I’m a motorsport nut!

    Oh yeah – Wednesday we caught the public bus from Nice to Monaco (something like 1.50 Euros) and it went down the start / finish straight!

    Go for a walk around on Wednesday – we walked up and down the paddock checking it all out – quite amazing!

    Ask away if you have any questions – as I said at the start, this was such a great help to me – hope this post can help a few others.

  123. I need help when it comes to getting tickets/packages to Monaco next year – it’s a present for my partners birthday so we’re looking around for some decent packages. However, my question is have the tickets actually gone on sale yet? There’s nothing about it on, and a few others sites state that tickets haven’t been released yet – but then again I’ve found a couple sites (the most official looking one being proclaiming that they have tickets on sale! Totally confused, and I’d really rather not get scalped – anybody able to help me with this?

    1. On the official ACM web site they are on sale and Book F1 are also advertising them for sale. This is the first year I am aware of them ever being on sale this early. I checked with ACM that they had received my order and have had confirmation back and the money has been taken.

    2. Buy them from this site:

      It’s the official one for Automobile Club de Monaco – and you’re getting them straight from the source. I had no issue last year – and picked up from their office as I booked less than 4 weeks before I was leaving Australia.

      1. Hi John

        Thanks for that, I tried that website but once I get to the ticket page, it doesnt load it. Tried for a few days now. Any idea? Anybody got any ideas of best places to stay, things to do around the Grand Prix?

        1. Hi Smcg

          I booked seats on the ACM website 09 August 2012. I was a little apprehensive, until Caroline, who had used the site before, booked tickets and confirmed they were on sale. The site is really easy to use and gives you the option of picking your seat.

          Get on asap to pick the best seats.

    3. Sorry all – been travelling a lot and not logged in for a while.

      Hi Smcg,

      Grandstand tickets are on sale now yes, as the other folks have mentioned, unless a different company is adding value for you (transfers, extras, etc.) buy them direct from the ACM.

      Packages are different and you will have lots of options, from the dreadful to the excellent and it really depends what you are looking for. I don’t mean if you’re looking for dreadful or excellent :), I mean be careful you get good value for money and the best available for that money. There are packages with hotel options in Monaco or Nice or the surrounding areas and Nice is less expensive than Monaco but staying in Monaco is more convenient for the GP. There are race viewing options on balconies without hospitality (which brings the cost closer to grandstands but with the benefit of better view & private facilities), balconies with hospitality (open bar, full catering etc.) and yachts in the harbour. There are also lots of iconic/famous locations which aren’t very good for watching the race so it’s easy to be misled.

      Hope that helps, if you have any more questions or I can help further just let me know.

      Best wishes

      1. Hi there,
        We’re heading over from Canada next year and having only done the Montreal GP we are quite new to things altho my hubby is a diehard fan and always has been. It gets all so overwhelming! There is so much information out there and all these things you commit to get so expensive~you really want to make the right choices! And especially now that the tickets seem to be one sale…the pressure is on. It sounds like K is a good spot to try for? When you buy these hospitality packages does that include your ‘ticket’ – or do you need a ticket when you are on a balcony?
        Do you know how the Hotel Miramar balcony is for viewing? We are hoping to stay in a Monaco apt – despite the high cost it would be nice to be in the action and avoid trains and crowds.
        Anything you can help with is appreciated. I shall continue reading all this great information in the forum!

        1. Hi Cathie

          Great to speak with you the other day and I’m glad you got the emails and photos in the end. I don’t think i answered some of the questions in this post in my emails to you though so here goes…

          K is a good spot for grandstands yes. K1 high is best but is sold out.

          The hospitality options I sent you all include viewing from either a private balcony or yacht, etc. so you do not also need a grandstand ticket as you have a pass for a private facility.

          Mirimar get very crowded, in my opinion it is an OK view but nothing more.

          Hope that helps, if there is anything else just email, post or call, you have my 24hour number.

          All the best

  124. Hi Ed,

    Do you know how i could check out these hospitality options,where i would book them. Also on the website within the grandstand K, which the best seats to book?

    Thanks for all your help

    1. Hi Sarah

      I can help you with hospitality options, we have access to all of the good locations in Monaco and a selection of private balconies (with and without hospitality), transfers, hotels, yachts, etc. etc. Feel free to email me directly, via or website or call me – if you click on my name it takes you to our website and all of our contact details are there.

      Or post here, happy to help in any way I can.

      The best seats in K are the top row in K1 but they are sold out, from there it’s a personal preference from what’s left. There are currently seats available in the fifth row from the back of K1. There are also top row of K2 available at the moment.

      Fire away if you have any more queries.
      Best wishes

  125. Can anyone help!

    Looking at booking Tickets for the next Monaco Grand Prix (Boyfriends 30th) – Wheres better to be K or L? I’ve have narrowed it down to K or L – but open to suggestions

    1. Hi Rachel

      Personally I would go for K. If I chose L i would opt for seats at the far right (as you’re seated facing the track) and then you can see into the pits…but I would go for K.

      At the moment there are seats available near the top row in K3 and there are 4 seats left in top row K5.

      Hope that helps, if there is anything else or if you need help with airport/race transfers, hotels, hospitality, parties, etc. let me know.

      When you’ve decided don’t forget to leave a note here letting others know why you chose where you did :)

      Best wishes

  126. Hey everyone,

    Well I’ve been looking through endless videos and people experiences. So I’ve sorted out most of my stuff, I have a room in Nice, only problem is, I’ve had about 5 friends drop out last minute, you try going to the Monaco GP alone with a camera the size of a desk! so if anyones thinking of going to the race, but has a friend circle like mine which basically isn’t interested, lemme know, maybe we can meet up there!


    1. Hi Shivy

      I’m sure you’ll make plenty of friends on the yacht and terrace :)

      Look forward to meeting you.

      All the best

  127. my husband and i live in adelaide…

    and we are going to monaco in 2012…can you tell us please when is the best time to buy tickets and from where..


    1. Hi Jackie


      It depends what you are looking for. If you are simply looking for the cheapest grandstand tickets and to organise everything else yourself (hotels, transfers, extras, etc.) then direct from the Automobile Club de Monaco is cheapest at

      If you are looking for someone to help with grandstand tickets + hotel + transfers + extras etc. and to take all of the work out of pulling together the different elements; or if you are looking for hospitality on a yacht, private terrace, with an F1 team, etc. etc. then I can help.

      In terms of the best time to buy, the sooner you buy the better the locations you will get…particularly with grandstands but also with terraces or yachts.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any queries or if I can help further.

      Best wishes

  128. Hi

    Does anyone have any experience with buying tickets from I looked on the site Ed recommended but they have sold out of the tickets I would like whereas Gootickets still have them!


    1. Hi Tina

      I had never heard of Gootickets before so had a look at the site and it is a new site and name for global grand prix, platinum group.

      Where exactly is it you would like to be that the ACM cannot offer you but goo can?

      Best regards

      1. Hi Ed

        It is Grandstand O (lower) for the Sunday that ACM do not have any availablity for.


  129. I understand Tina, that wouldn’t be my first choice personally but if that is where you want to be I don’t think you will have a problem with Global GP/Goo.

    Have you considered one of the K stands or T (high), there is still availability in T1 & T2 and you will see into the pits? Just a thought.

    Good luck and have a fantastic time when you’re there, if I can help with anything else please don’t hesitate.

    All the best

  130. Wonder if anyone can help. This year I sat in ‘V’ for the race but that stand is not showing on the SCM website for next year. It is on the list of grandstands giving the price but not on the interactive map.

    Does anyone know why?

    1. I mean ACM website – typo

      1. Hi Steph

        I don’t know why you can’t see V on the interactive my…I can see it from my computer!!


  131. How odd. It’s there now. I swear it wasn’t there before

    1. The ACM site does some weird stuff occasionally :)

  132. Hello Ed,

    Please tell me if in front of K1 is any fence or something like that. Because I would like to buy tickets for K1 low, level E, and I want to know if the view it’s ok.


    1. Hi Miruna

      There is not a fence as such but if you go to the website shows you photographs from each grandstand.

      Anything else just ask.

      Best wishes

  133. After endless days reading blogs,researching sites and comparing prices and feeling VERY confused, I happened along to this site which is a treaure trove of valuable information! Finding Ed on here was the bonus as he really helped make sense of the Monaco venue. So much so, we decided to take advantage of some of great offers they offer at Fugare 1 and are now counting the days to our Thursday viewing from a yacht and weekend viewing from their private balconies with full hospitality! Ed’s honesty and genuine interest in the sport helped clinch it for us. We’re also looking forward to being in Nice and using Fugare’s shuttle services to keep it nice and easy. Way too many options out there and most of the places I followed up with didn’t answer or didn’t have current sites. It is a milestone birthday for my hubby and we wanted to make it special and we are sure it will be now! Good luck to everyone finding what they are looking for.

    1. Wow!

      Thanks for the testimonial Cathie, really appreciate you taking the time and for the very kind words. Happy to help and looking forward to meeting you and Steve in Monaco next year – I’m sure you will love all three different viewing locations you’ve gone for.

      Best wishes

  134. Hi Ed,

    Can you tell me which K tickets have better view (1-8) if I buy K lower.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Miruna

      I don’t think there is a great deal of difference. From the acm website for Sunday you can buy row 1 on the left facing the track so you’re closer to tabac or row 8 on the right. If it was me personally and I had to choose out of those two options I would go for row 1 left.

      But…you can still buy tickets in rows m, n, o, p in K2 and i would (again personally) probably chose there rather than the other two options.

      1. ‘choose’ there, not ‘chose’ there :)

        1. Hi Ed,

          Once again thanks for all your advice. Would you please forward me the details of your available balcony packages for Saturday.



          1. Hi Pete

            No problem, happy to help.

            Email me and I’ll send you the details ed at fugare1 dot com if you can’t just click on my name.

            All the best

      2. Thanks for your help, I will follow your advice and go for the ones in K2 row p.
        Thanks again,

        1. I don’t think you will be disappointed Miruna, have fun.

  135. Hi Ed,

    Can you give me your available balcony packages for saturday and sunday?

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Miruna

      Just working my way through the posts. Sure will, email me so I can reply with the details – ed at fugare1 dot com.


  136. Oscar Gallegos
    19th October 2011, 18:55

    Hi!… I am planning to go for the first time to the FI Monaco’s Grand Prix. I will appreciate any advice to buy the best benefit- cost tickets (is there any package including open bar just for sunday?). I have somethings to do at Nice until sunday morning, so I am interested to assist only during the sunday’s final. My budget is about 3,000 Euros for two people (1,500 each for my wife and I). Any good recommendation?…. thank you very much in advance.

  137. Hi Oscar and welcome to F1Fanatic.

    You can get some very good options for that budget, if you would like me to send you details email me and I will forward them to you.

    Best wishes

  138. Does anyone know when the tickets get delivered?

    I bought my tickets in August, CC’s been charged, and got a transaction confirmation screen and # but it also said that the ACM was on holidays during the month of August. I haven’t heard anything since. Should I call them or is this normal as the race is still 7 months away?


    1. I didn’t get the screen print for some reason, so dropped them an e-mail. They have confirmed the booking is made. Tickets are usually sent out January/February time.

  139. Hello fellow F1 fanatics, myself and 2 mates are planning to go to Monaco next year. Drive down and camp as near as possible to the track and then sit in some decent seats. Can anyone offer me any advice on where is best to camp and some tickets that cost no more than £500 but offer decent views? My mates are adamant they want a seat with a big screen in front, but I was thinking we could chip in and get a fan vision. The seats with screen views seem to be all £700 plus.

    I went to Spa in Aug general admission and got a great view at the bus-stop chicane but had to get there early. I hear Monaco is a no go for GA. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

    1. I wouldn’t bank on just Fanvision for Monaco. For some reason it didn’t work properly this year – we had to rely on the screens for qualifying as it didn’t work and had problems on the race day as well with it. The other thing is the commentary this year ended when they stopped the race, so the last part of the race after the restart was reliant on the on track commentary. We ended up getting a refund and we were not on our own. We had some Americans by us, and they all had Fanvision and all had issues with it not working. Felt sorry for the guy who had bought the new version rather than rented it, he didn’t get anything all weekend! When we took it back to the office – a challenge in itself as the roads etc were all closed off as it is above the station and the police were trying to restrict the flow of people into the station, everyone was complaining about the issues with it not working. Fanvision did not even have their own stand this year, instead using an agent, which made us wonder if they had had issues the previous year so had decided to let someone else take the flack.

      We always opt for Grandstand K, but I think that is one of the most popular grandstands as it is on the harbour front, and stands 1 and 2 are the most popular as if you get it right you can see them come out of the tunnel, down the hill, around the front of the harbour and into the swimming pool, so from a spectator experience it is excellent and the screen is massive – not like the screens that are at other circuits.

    2. Hi Stoddy

      You can most certainly get tickets with a view of a large screen for your budget, maybe not the best grandstand but certainly a half decent one…e.g. T (low). Or for just over £500 you can get K (low).

      Check out the ACM website (automobile club de monaco) at for the best pricing if you are just looking for ticket only. Unless a company (like ours) is adding value for you in some way you shouldn’t pay more for ticket only than you pay from the ACM.

      For Sector Rocher – personally I would rather sit in a bar with a cold beer and watch it on TV than go to Rocher but have a read through some of the previous posts here and you will get some first hand experiences. Also check out youtube and you will be able to see the view from there (and the conditions!).

      On your other points – I agree with Caroline, FanVision is great when it works but as an individual they can be a pain in the neck to collect and return, and if they don’t work or work intermittently then that is wasted time. I say “as an individual” because as Caroline mentions they no longer have kiosks in Monaco so you have to queue and collect from their agent, whereas we order hundreds so have them delivered…much easier, but ordering hundreds to avoid the queuing is overkill :)

      Hope that helps, if I can help further don’t hesitate to post or email me directly.

      All the best

  140. Thank you Caroline, good advice. I wont be relying on fanvision and will make sure we get a screen. The K seats look good from pics I’ve just seen. O looks decent too. What Im thinking of doing is getting the Thursday seats free, Pitwalk Friday, Sat just get some ‘cheap’ seats, maybe even go GA. Sunday get some proper seats in K or O.

  141. I am looking to book two best tickets to go in may 2012! I have been looking at different options but is very confusing what’s best! I found a website that offers hospitality tickets at cafe Paris, it sounds good to me, but not sure how good the view would be? They want £500 for both days pp. Please could anyone help me with picking the best seats!?

    1. Hi Monika

      I would recommend you spend your money on a good grandstand over the Cafe de Paris…it is not a good race viewing location.

      Have a look at K or T grandstand instead on the Automobile Club de Monaco website (

      If I can be of any more help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Best wishes

      1. Thanks a lot for that Ed, and what’s like the hotel in Nice called Bosco or something, it’s 5 star? Any good access to Monaco from that hotel?

        1. Hi Monika, there are 3 boscolo hotels in nice, the 5* one is the Boscolo Nice (or the Boscolo Exedra) not far from some of our hotels on boulevard victor hugo. Location is ok for getting to the train station or leaving nice by car to get to Monaco, you wouldn’t have any problems from there.

          The other boscolo hotels are 4* (the B4 plaza and the B4 park) both good locations but last time i stayed in either (maybe 2010 i think) i found them tired and needing a refurbishment, service was average. Not sure if any work has been done on them since.

          When the exedra first opened it was a nice enough hotel but service was far from 5* – i was so unimpressed i haven’t stayed there since. As an alternative…if i’m not staying in one of the 3* hotels we use or the 4* le meridien when i’m in Nice i always stay in the Palais de la mediterranee instead, 4* deluxe and i always find the service to be excellent although partial sea view rooms are on the small side.

          Hope that helps, if there is anything else let me know.

  142. After reading all the posts in this forum many times over, we’ve decided on seats in Grandstand N. We’re near the back, close to the bigger stand O, so hopefully will be able to see the screen in front of O. We chose this stand as it’s slightly more affordable than O or K, but still in the Harbour, so hopefully has a good atmos. Staying in Nice for 3 nights, right near the station and are planning to buy all train tix up front, as recommended by many. Will also probably try to get some last minute tix for Quali on the day. Thanks Ed and everyone else on here for helping us make an informed choice!

  143. hello RC

    pleasure to help, if you have any more queries just holler and do take the time to come back and post a quick review of your experience if you don’t mind, that’s always useful for people looking into Monaco.

    have fun

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