Nurburgring (new, 1984-present), Germany

Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Nurburgring.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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7 comments on “Nurburgring (new, 1984-present), Germany”

  1. Went there in 2006 and returning in 2007, excellent circuit with great views from most seats. Schumachers Kart Centre was excellent too. Great experience!

  2. Can someone please tell me where the best place is to sit. Id like to see alot of track including a bend..

    1. In the drivers seat!

    2. T4 is whitout any doubt the best place to sit.You have wiew from the pits and the first six corners on the track.
      I think it’s one of the places you se most of the track in compared with all other tracks in the calender.

      1. t4 , aint that good, if you are high up its cold and if you are on the far side of it the view is lets say, c…, I also noticed that if you are in the front row on the top tier you look straight at the saftey rail,
        also you are quite a disdance from the pits

        we were in 10 a which was pretty good , but if we were to go again I would go to 5

  3. I went there this season, on T10b.

    I would have prefered a seat on the bronze category stands around the Dunlop turn, but they were all sold out.

    In the end T10b tended to be a good alternative, you can see the cars coming up from the Schumacher-S and heading down the short straight. Through a “hole” in the wall you can also get a glimpse at the other side of the track in front of the Valvoline turn.
    I went to the top the stand when there was space during the GP2 and GP3 races. From there you can even see parts of start/finish and Dunlop turn.
    Also, there is a TV-screen in sight, the farer you sit down the track the better you see it. So all in all, not that bad for cheapest category. (106 Euros, which is not exactly cheap…)

    Don’t expect any comfort, so bring a pillow to put on the concrete (non-) seats.

    Parking was free on meadows around the track. On Saturday we just followed the next best instruction by the stewards, which ended in a long walk from beneath the Nürburg along start/finish to T10b. At least we saw something of the town and track surroundings that way. On Sunday we managed to get to parking zone D, which was much closer.

    For buying food (snacks and drinks available at the top of the stand, fries were mediocre, coffee was horrible) you have to get a “Ring Card”, a prepaid card which is the only way to pay at the track. After the race I had to wait a long time for cashing out the remaining funds, which sucked.
    It’s actually not allowed to bring your own food, but everybody does it and none of the staff people cared.

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