Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

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840 comments on “Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – spectators’ experiences”

  1. Spa 2005 – Wet and wonderful!

    For the first time in a good few years, I was finally tempted to abandon the comfort of watching the Grand Prix in the pub for a trip to that thing called Europe, for a race visit. Actually, it was the current wife who decided to do this. Thinking, that as I had reached the milestone of the 40th birthday, and that my biological clock was now beginning to wind down, it was thought appropriate that should go back again to the heaven and hell that is Spa before I die. I hadn’t been to the Belgian Grand Prix since 1994 so maybe it was time for a return visit.
    She, who must be obeyed, also decided that if we were going to go to a Grand Prix, (in a country who’s average daily rainfall would put a rainforest to shame), that it should be done with a more than a hint of luxury. All I had to do was arrange the ferry crossing and she would take care of the rest. Booking the ferry, was really a mistake to leave to me. I always confuse the word ‘luxury’ with the word ‘economy’ so my choice of Norfolk Lines (‘the truckers ferry’) did not go down very well. She could not complain about the price (£44 return) but stepping out of the Porsche in all her finery, onto something that resembled a cargo ship with lots of randy Dutch truck drivers was not what she had hoped for.
    After a few hours of relative silence on the drive from Dunkirk to Belgium, we reached our hotel, the Hostellerie Lafarque, a haven of all that is exquisite (and expensive). This absolutely beautiful hotel is only seven miles from Spa, it could happily look after the Ecclestone’s of this world, it even has its own helicopter pad, but the fact that Belgiums premier (for that, read ‘one and only’), sporting event was happening on its doorstep appeared to have escaped them. The place is almost empty. As we check into our room, it is a case of, do we explore the vast expanse of living space allocated to us or do we hit the bar. No prizes for guessing which option we chose.
    On Saturday, while my wife went into Liege for a bit of personal time with her credit card, I went to the circuit for qualifying. I stopped on the way to indulge in that most pleasant aspects of Belgian life – Frites and Mayonnaise, at a roadside café. It should be written in law that anybody visiting Belgium does this but for me it is essential. Last nights dinner at our hotel was mouth-wateringingly georgous but the portions were not enough to feed a supermodel and the meal took forever to arrive – I’ve seen quicker glaciers than our two waiters, so my 1 euro chip stop was a welcome one.
    Arriving at the Francorchamps circuit immediately reminds me why I love this stupid sport. I’m a bit late, and as I walk through the woods to my grandstand, the warm up has already started. First, I hear the totally, way over the top noise, of an F1 car obliterate the leafy silence and then I catch a quick glimpse of a Toyota as it exits La Source and rockets at a truly mental speed down the hill towards Eau Rouge. Hairs standing up on the back of the neck don’t come into it. I’ve been to Monaco, Silverstone, Barcelona and others, but nothing, just nothing beats watching an F1 car is the morning mist at Spa.
    Watching the ‘one by one’ qualifying format on TV is dull enough, but at the circuit it is obviously a bit better, but the race is what we are here for and when we arrive on Sunday the atmosphere is electric. It is also absolutely throwing it down with rain. The wife is not at all impressed. Thankfully, we have a pre-booked lunch at a fantastic restaurant near the circuit gates called ‘Le Roannay’. The meal is by no means cheap at about £100 per head but it is truly superb. Our host, Michel, is well into the spirit of the day and despite the frightening cost, the meal beats a Silverstone hamburger any day. This is our alternative of doing the ‘Paddock Club’ and it works a treat. We did consider selling both of our children for medical research to fund a couple of ‘PC’ passes but lunch at Le Roannay and a couple of Gold 3 grandstand tickets at a third of the cost was the preferred option – and we got to keep the kids.
    The race – well you know what happened, Kimi won, somebody else came second, Montoya crashed again – whatever, the result was almost secondary to the whole experience. It may have been wet, cold, expensive and full of drunk Germans but if you do nothing else before you shuffle off this mortal coil then you must visit Spa – and just don’t forget to try the frites and mayonnaise..

    Rob Sinfield also writes for and

  2. The return of the “modified” Spa-Francorchamps to the F1 calendar in the mid-1980’s meant I could finally visit the track that had captured my imagination years earlier in the film Grand Prix. I decided to make it my very first race off the North American continent. I was not disappointed. My flight over cost only $99 US on People Express-they were like Sir Freddy Laker’s airline-and a general admission ticket worked out to about $27 US-and looked just like a bus ticket!
    By the time I made it to the track Friday from Brussels, Lauda had already injured himself in a crash and was out for the weekend. This left only Prost to represent McLaren. But the man to watch this weekend would be Senna in the black and Gold Lotus-especially if the weather was tricky.
    There seemed to be plenty of time on Saturday to watch the cars from different corners, compare driving styles, and just take in the breathtaking and historic views from around the track. Naturally the La Source hairpin is the first view you get of the track on arrival. But there is also the dramatic vista from the top of the hill at Rivage, looking down the mountain to the pits complex at the bottom-one of the best scenes in all of racing, in my view.(You are actually looking down on the helicopters ferrying the drivers to and from the track!)
    Great to watch the turbos, especially Piquet in the BMW, come down the hill to Pouhon and blast thru the turn, right in front of you. Also unforgettable is standing at the base of the Eau Rouge/Radillon complex-which looks like a towering tidal wave of asphalt looming up over you.
    During the break in one of the days, I took my hire car around the old original track-which at that time still featured tiny white guardrails and imposing telephone towers right at the edge of the fairly narrow roadway. You could get a true sense of how imposing Spa was-Stavelot-the town and famous turn-seems very far away from Start/Finish. All of this is outstanding motor racing history and not to be missed.
    To my delight, it was pouring rain race morning. Had a tasty coffee, bought an umbrella, and headed for the top of the hill to Rivage, where there was a small bar with a big, lively crowd. Watched DeAngelis slide straight off the wet turn during warm up. Naturally the star of the show turned out to be Senna, who managed the wet/dry conditions in an exceptional manner to win. A Lotus winning at Spa was fine by me.
    At that time, the atmosphere was great, the crowd friendly, and the scenery beyond compare. You can keep your Tilke tracks-this one is an original.

  3. Giggling as i read Robs account of Spa above. We on the other hand did it on a budget. Booked the tickets & ferry in January, 3 day race tkts 105 euro’s, return ferry £100 for 6 of us -bargain. Left Dover at 7am and arrived at Spa (via beer & cig shops) just in time for 2nd practice on Friday. Sat in the same spot all weekend, on straight at top of Eau Rouge, blindin view of 2/3 of track, and smack bang in middle of giant tv screen. Had to get up at 6am Sunday morning to get our spot but was well worth it. You know the result, not as we’d hoped but the atmosphere is electic and the track itself awesome. Support races were Mini challenge, Porche’s and GP2.
    Couple of tips – camping at track was 80 euros for 2 nights, no water & no loos!! And extraordinarily noisy (germans partying all night long). Don’t book a ferry home any earlier than 11pm, motorway grid locked for 2 hours on return journey.
    Came home happy & tired and managed to do the full weekend, each for the price of a Silverstone ticket!!!

  4. After years of watching F1 on the telly I finally made the effort to actually go see my favourite past-time in ‘the flesh’ in 2007 – and what better place to do it than at Spa-Francorchamps! I went for a package deal via Motor Racing International which included coach, ferry crossing and one nights stay in the Dutch town of Heerleen which was right next to the border of Belgium/Germany/Holland. Including the price for a bronze ticket (£125) the total amount was about £400 which I thought was quite reasonable. Getting there and back was a breeze.  I was there for both qualifying and race and each time sat at Pouhon turn which gives you a brilliant view on proceedings and lots of track time when the cars go past. It is quite a steep embankment so I would recommend investing in a mat or similar to get yourself comfortable. I would also advise getting there as early as possible as by 8am the place was packed. Thankfully the weather held out for all of the weekend so I didn’t get to see the ‘micro-climate’ I was pre-warned about! Unfortunately the race was a bit of a procession but that didn’t detract from what was an excellent weekend and one that I would thoroughly recommend people to visit. It’s worth the asking price just to watch the cars go from La Source up the gigantic Eau Rogue corner.

  5. Having booked our tickets some 11 months in advance with, it was well and truly worth the wait. What an exciting Grand Prix! Commisserations to Kimi indeed…

    Tips for future punters going to Spa:
    – Ticketing: Book in advance as there are good savings available (pre 31 October, 20%). We purchased tickets in the Gold 1 area and were very pleased with the view – ie. directly opposite Ferrari’s garage and the winners’ presentation area.
    – Seating: if you purchased tickets in the Gold 1 area, note that in some cases, you may not be seated next to each other as we found out when we arrived. In particular, Section E has their seats numbered, for example, E176 – E195, next row E196 – E215 and so on. However, seat E215 is behind seat E195 (and not seat E196 as one might reasonably expect). I’m not sure what can be done given the area was sold out, however, (through whome we bought our tickets) have been relatively good with emails. We have lodged a complaint.
    – Accommodation: we stayed in Liege and it was a good 35min drive to the circuit. This suited us fine – Liege is a reasonably sized town with good restaurants.
    – Driving to Spa: On qualifying and race day, you would be well advised to ARRIVE at the turnoff from the motorway to the circuit by 7.30-8am at the latest if you want to park in your preferred carpark. The Belgian police make no concessions – you go where you are directed. End of story. In some cases, you may have to walk a long way to get to your seats so if possible, get there in good time.
    – Parking: getting to the various carparks were relatively simple. However, exiting the carpark on race day was absolutely atrocious. It took us 1hr 45mins to make our way from the carpark to the motorway. This drive took no more than 10mins on the Friday (slightly longer on qualifying day).
    – F1 village: a great buzz there and fairly close to the circuit (although on the opposite side to the Grandstands).
    – Toilets cost 60cents this year – but facilities were very clean and well maintained. Well done to those working at the facilities!
    – Information on the circuit was quite difficult to find pre-race. However, the following website was useful: You can also pre-book parking on this website (we did not).
    – Food: only very basic food options available – sausages, burgers, frites, waffles, drinks. Frites cost €5…as were sausages and burgers.

    All in all, a great experience and we hope this helps future F1 fans heading out to Spa! The live experience is priceless…

  6. I went to Spa to watch the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000 and stayed at a nearby camp site.

    The circuit is magnificent. My advice is to get a three-day ticket and spend Friday slowly walking around the track, watching the action from a variety of locations. Eau Rouge is obviously great but there’s a particularly spectacular vantage point above turn nine (“the corner with no name”). Pouhon and Fagnes are also great places to watch. Stavelot (which is now called Curva Paul Frere) is a bit hard to get to. When I went you could get to the inside of Blanchimont, but I’m not sure if that’s possible now.

    The weather is infamously inclement so take waterproofs with you (an umbrella won’t do if you want to stay dry all day).

    The local frites are fabulous and there’s loads of decent restaurants nearby. If you’re there a day or two early make sure you drive around the roads where the race was held when they used the long circuit which you can see here:

    1. hello.. could you tell me which campsite you stayed at and would you recommend it.. tony.

  7. Spa 2008 was my long awaited first Grand Prix & was definitely worth the wait!! Like many others we booked our weekend Bronze tickets through giving us access to any Bronze section on the circuit for £150 so we had chance to sample several viewing areas before settling for our pre-planned option at the end of Blanchimont overlooking the Bus Stop Chicane, what a brilliant decision that turned out to be!!
    We had a fantastic view for Qualifying on the Saturday & with no viewing obstructions at all had a fantastic day, made extra special when we lit our portable barbecue & had a selection of Bacon & Sausage sandwiches to compliment our Belgian Beer bought from the local Supermarket in Stavelot. We are all big Mclaren Mercedes fans (especially Lewis) & the extra Sausages we had left over went some way to establishing cordial relations with the large number of Ferrari & BMW fans sharing our hill.
    Race day was equally exciting, the BBQ providing both breakfast & lunch this time but our view wasn’t as good as we got there quite late (08:00) to find the hill almost full, so we were relegated to further up in the trees. We still saw all the action at Bus Stop however, including THE incident of the race between Lewis & Kimi!!
    As for the accommodation I towed my caravan from the UK via the Hull/ Zeebrugge ferry & stayed on a British organised campsite about 2 miles outside of Stavelot at Somagne . This was basically just a farm field but had a marquee (with bar & live band “Performance” who were brilliant) & portable toilet/ shower facilities. We paid around £90 each for 3 nights & this included coach transfer to & from the circuit on the Saturday & Sunday. I have to say that the organisers did a fantastic job with all facilities being excellent & we will definitely be using the same site again next year.
    All in all we had a memorable weekend, the travelling was fun, the F1 experience unbeatable, the campsite enjoyable, all for a total cost of around £600 including spending money. We are upgrading to Gold 8 seats for next year which will cost twice the money but will definitely be worth every penny for the guaranteed view, CAN’T WAIT!!

    1. Hi,
      Great info on Grand Prix – thanks, I intend to take my caravan over for this year on 26th – 31st August. Do you have any tips on campsites ?


    2. In response to Jonny’s question.
      As already mentioned, we stayed at a temporary site outside Stavelot last year. It was really good & I would probably go there again if I can’t find better (the website for this company is in my previous comment). It is quite lively & there were admittedly a couple of small scuffles during the evening entertainment, one because some French guys arrived late & had missed dinner & another because some young Aussies upset an English guy but it I suppose it could be put down to all of that testosterone flying round!!
      The site is a sloping farm field too so with the rain over the weekend (which is almost certain) it became a quagmire so if (like a lot of others) you don’t have a good quality 4X4 it will be a struggle to leave the site after the event.
      I have to admit that another problem is that it is about 7 miles from the site to the circuit, there are coach transfers to & from but you have to get up really early (especially on Sunday) & no matter where you are there is a fair to long walk to the viewing areas. I wouldn’t reccomend driving as the traffic is quite busy.
      I am looking to stay in Francorchamps this time & think I have found a site right in the town itself ( but the website is not brilliant & mostly in German. I am going to try ringing them soon to see if I can get more details.
      As for travelling, I live in Yorkshire so travelled via Hull which is very expensive (£150 per person)& is quite time consuming. This time we are going to go via Dover to Calais as it’s a lot cheaper, less time at sea & the actual distance travelled is quite similar.
      Hope this helps & if you need any further info please ask. Maybe we could meet up during the weekend (we are a group of mid 40’s male’s by the way).

    3. Thanks for the tip and information. I will sit right at the end of Blanchimont where I can see the Chicane. And I will be there at 7am to get a good seat!!!

      Go Lewis!!

      August 2010

  8. went in 2007 and got a seat in Gold 3 which is at the top of eau rouge. unfortunately the stands seating is too shallow and unless you are in the 1st 2 or three rows you tend to lose sight of the cars as the reach the bottoms of the hill and you can only catch a glimpse of the cars as they race up past the stand. so i would give this stand a miss and try gold 4 which had a much better view plus it is cheaper.

    1. JAYB,
      I will go for the Gold 3 this year (2009), do you think the upper part of the tribune should be great too? No fence in sight, more wide view?

      Best regards,

      Lewis, from Portugal

  9. Interseting comments from jayb with regard to the poor views in Gold 3, has anyone been in Gold 8 as I’m a bit worried now?

  10. Hey,

    I just would ask one question, is the “official” F1 Gp Camping (just next to the track) a good place to stay during the 3 days ? (I’m young so there’s no mistake about German fests and so on :) , but I mean in terms of infrastructures, localisation, track access, etc.)

    Thanks very much ;)


    1. Hi Thomas,
      can’t comment specifically on the circuit campsite as we weren’t on it but we could see it when we walked up through Blanchimont each day as it is on the other side of the track set up on a hill. It looked ok but from talking to other people at the circuit who were on there, it seems that it gets VERY noisy with all night parties etc. I was told that the toilet & shower facilities were not that good either but remember that this only second hand information so may not be completely true as people do exaggerate.
      There is a campsite called Eu Rouge which is situated half way along the road between Stavelot & the circuit entrance which looked ok from the outside & is half a mile walk if that to the entrance. They have a website but I can’t access it tonight to provide a link.
      Hope this helps.

  11. I visited the 2008 ING Belgian Grand Prix as a co-invitee (my father was the one invited) from the CEO of ING. I watched the buildup to the Grand Prix from the pitlane and the race from just above that. I had some really nice views.

    The accessibility for the circuit is not too good, as it is located in the heart of the Ardens, but the spectacle is unbelievable. If you like rain, that is.

    I cannot compare it to other races, as this is the only one I’ve ever been to (in 12 years of being a F1 fan).



  12. As to those wondering which grandstand to go for – I have been to a double digit number of GPs at Spa and as I have now moved down under and no longer in the running for the tickets I don’t mind telling :-) The by far best seats available on the whole calendar (unless you’re loaded and able to go for the Paddock club) is Spa’s Gold 1. Not only do you see the exit of La Source (1st corner), the exit of the pitlane, the long downhill (where the biggest F1 crash happened right in front my face in ’98) towards and through possibly the best corner on any race track, Eau Rouge but you alse see them through Raidillon and a bit of Kemmel. I can’t think of many other places you can see a car for around 20 seconds per lap – and certainly no place with such entertainment! Oh, and the races at Spa are frequently not just wet, but very wet – and Gold 1 is covered and has two giant TV screens opposite if you need a break from the live action…

    Most years I found it most convenient to camp on a nearby camp-site (the commute from further afield can be quite bad and give you a lot of stress with queuing, finding parking, long walks etc.) and the local sports club had half decent facilities (on the N62 just north of Francorchamps) with only 10-15 minutes walk to the La Source entrance. Wish I could join you…

    1. Can you remember the name of the campsite you used near Francorchamps? We stayeed at Stavelot last year & it was quite difficult travelling each day so we want to get closer this year.

    2. Hi, Are you sure you mean Gold 1 as according to my information this is the Pits Grandstand which does not seen to be in accord with your description of the views. Gold 2 (GP2) looks more likely.

    3. Hi,

      Interested to know more of your review.

      You mention of Gold 1 however I speculate whether you actually mean Gold 2 unless the seating names have changed. Your description indicates the latter and if what you report is objective then it will certainly be a fantastic vantage point.

      I hope to hear from you particularly as I am planning on Spa later this year.



  13. Andy, The campsite I mentioned (like om sure just about all the other ones used by race goers) is not a permanent campsite (I doubt there are much demand for that kind of services the rest of the year) and thus probably don’t have a name per se. However, this particualr one was run one operated by the local football club (they even used the club-house as a bar/cafe) and was only a few hundred meters north of Francorchamps “center” (the N62 /N622 intersection) along the N62. The place is (or at least used to be) very popular so in order to get a space you’e better plan on getting there Thursday evening. Good luck and enjoy!

    1. Thanks Oddball,
      we arrive Wednesday evening so should be ok for finding somewhere but I really wanted to get something booked in advance, must be getting cautious in my old age!! Think I will try the Elephant (which has a website) & if it’s rubbish I will look for the footie club. Is Frnacorchamps lively during the weekend, we only went in to Stavelot on the Sunday night & it was dead? Mind you, the news that Lewis had been penalised for the Kimi incident had only just got to us so that put a bit of a downer on things & contributed to the atmosphere.

  14. We did a 3-week driving tour around Europe for our honeymoon in 2007, taking in a BMW ring-taxi at the Nordschleife and the Spa and Monza Grands Prix. Weather was gorgeous all that Sept, and we boiled in Monza and were sun-bathing in Spa.

    In Spa we were based at the bus-stop chicane (first year it was there) opposite the pit entrance, which led to seeing a lot of people cut the corner and miss the chicane. DC also pulled off and stopped pretty much just in front of us.

    We stayed in Maastricht, which is an easy 40 min drive away, on the Saturday anyway! Sunday had huge traffic jams approaching the circuit and we were stuck for 4 hours, barely making it in time for the warm-up lap. This was unexpected though, as something happened to cause it – even mechanics and pit crew seemed to be stuck in the traffic and scooters were being sent to collect them by the teams!

    Advice if you are driving, leave early in the morning – aim to be there by 9/10 at the latest. There’s a large “pit-village” and plenty of things to amuse you. Parking can be strange – on Sat we were sent up to the fields on the opposite side of the track from our stands and had a long walk down through the trees, coming out at the stands behind Eau Rouge.

    On the Sunday we were a lot later due to the traffic and the police directed us into Francorchamps village. We pulled into a parking lot about 1km from the track and legged it, as traffic was still pretty static. Getting away from the track wasn’t too bad at all – but we didn’t rush.

    If you’re anywhere near the La Source end of the track, get prepared for the track invasion at the end of the race – it’s pretty easy to make it up in time to see the celebrations – we even got a lovely shot of Felipe spitting out his champagne!

    Bus stop was a small, uncovered grandstand, you can see up towards the start line, and the braking zone as the cars approach bus stop – not a massive view of the track, but a decent big screen opposite. Hubbie kept getting distracted however, as Red Bull decided to put their Formula Unas in the row directly behind us!

    We caught no support races on the Sun as we were so late in.

    Overall, it’s a fun track to visit, no tilke-track will ever match up. It’s very central and accessible from most of Western Europe, and good motorway systems approach from all sides. Snack food was reasonable at around a fiver, we drank no beer due to driving. Toilets were free and well maintained for most of the weekend.

    Beware, however – if you try to head into the middle of the track after the race (crossing from Bus-stop to Eau Rouge, there is quite a small tunnel that the large crowd has to pass through. If you’re claustrophobic, avoid this! We got that far and sat down to one side and rested for a while until the crowds lessened. The Belgian police take a dim view of people trying to cross the stream to avoid this, and arrested a few lads as we were watching.

    It was more costly than Monza – Gold/Silver grandstands seem to be more expensive in Spa, we paid almost €1000 for a pair of tickets, if I remember correctly. Staying in Maastricht was a good idea, but leave early!!

  15. Right – 40th Birthday and super wife has brought me and top mate Gold 7 tickets for Spa 2009 for whole 3 days. We went some years back and spent most of it very wet in a field near the pit village in a vague drunken haze – it was the weekend England beat Germany 5-1?. This time we’re looking for the same experience but with our pre-booked access. 1st thoughts are of getting there – Living in south of England seemed simple to get flight to Brussels on Thu pm and back on the Sunday however flight times are not favourable. Plan B is to National Express Coach from London Victoria overnight on the Thursday arriving in Liege early Fri AM allowing us to make 1st free practice in Spa. Getting back is good as coach leaves Liege 21:20 Sun PM giving us time to watch the teams pull out, have a beer and casually make our way back overnight to London.

    Next thoughts are of accommodation. With birthday being this month I jumped straight on the website looking for somewhere with a bed and shower – not a chance!! Now resigned to buying cheap (but waterproof) tent which we could leave behind if it gets wrecked and slumming back in muddy field near the circuit – memory from last visit was that once you’re there it’s best to try and stay put as the traffic’s horrendous and you end up missing the support races.

    Still haven’t found camp site but will keep searching and update later. Some good tips provided by the other contributors to this site. Can’t wait – august seems an age away

    1. Update on progress for anyone interested.

      Struck a bargain. Me and mate getting National Express coach out of Victoria on the Thu at 8:00 pm travelling overnight to arrive in Liege on the Fri at around 7am. Going to jump on train to Spa and get cab to circuit. Have then booked 3 nights camping at the Francorchamps Racing Hotel for 250 Euros – which is right next to the pit entrance – Winner. We leave Sunday night at 9pm local from Liege and arrive back in Victoria about 6am on the Monday. For 2 of us the coach trip cost about £120 return.

  16. I have finally managed to get my campsite booked. As mentioned above, on advice from other threads on this site I have been trying to get booked in to the Elephant camp site in Francorchamps but was finiding it impossible to make contact with them via their website, even though there is a booking form on there at Despite my best efforts I could not get it to send once completed so I rang the number supplied, spoke to the proprieter, Michael & eventually got a usable email address from him – – via which he sent me price details etc & I paid by Paypal, all very civilised!!
    So I am now all paid up & ready to go, can’t wait!!
    And hot off the press, despite the terrible start to his season Lewis has just posted fastest time in the 1st practise session at Shanghai, life gets better & better!!

  17. Carol Treurnicht
    26th April 2009, 21:28

    Hi Andy
    pleased to see you managed to book at elephant campsite-Michael is a nutter but I can recommend the site. The toilets etc are very clean and being small they do everything possible to help if you need something and the walk is about 15 minutes to the entrance. They also now have a shuttle service (godsend if the weather is bad or if your partner has a broken foot like mine did last year!)I have stayed there every time since 2005 and will also be back 2009!
    We go GA as well and its a great track to walk around.

    1. Hi Carol,
      thanks for that, I can’t wait to go now!! Hopefully we can meet up & sink a few beers (even more hopefully celebrating a Lewis win this time ha ha).

  18. Carol Treurnicht
    27th April 2009, 21:52

    PS to those who tried to book camping recently- the website was down for some reason recently and now works- mega apologies from Michael- he is trying to change providers- any other probs then mail me if I can help as i know the people pretty well!
    If not see you guys there in Aug 09!

    1. tony loveland
      7th May 2009, 19:16

      Hi Carol, I’ve been trying to e-mail elephant but have had no luck so far, I know it’s a pain but do you have another e-mail address for michael as we’re getting desperate to book(and slightly over excited!)any help would be appreciated. thanx, tony.

    2. Tony,
      have you tried this address As discussed, I also had problems contacting Michael but this one does work.
      Good luck

    3. Hello Carol,
      My partner and I have tickets to Spa this year in Gold 2. We are coming from Australia so would like to have everything booked before we get there as it is a long trip. I have been trying to find some info on accommodation but am finding it quite difficult. We would prefer not to spend an enormous amount of money on a hotel but coming from Australia, we will not be able to bring a tent etc with us. Can you supply us with any camping info – we are trying to hire a campervan but even finding that hard to secure a one way hire. I have tried to email The Elephant but have not received any reply as yet. Do you know if they rent out motorhomes or have any contact with someone who does – we really only need it for the spa part of the trip but understand if it has a minimum 7 day hire. Is this the campsite you would recommend or do you have other suggestions? Thanks for any help you can provide. Janine

  19. Guys,

    I know my comments are not about Spa, and it is a bit late in the day, however a mate has now decided he wants to go to Silverstone. Does anyone know where the current cheapest tickets for GA 3 days could be purchased ?


    1. Johnny,
      this is the link to the official F1 ticket site & they are showing Bronze Terrace 3 day passes as available.


  20. Andy,

    Thanks mate, I shall give this a try.


  21. Carol Treurnicht
    28th April 2009, 20:12

    Hi Andy
    great site- keep it up! Now all set for Spa- yeah great to sink a few beers or whatever- the local pub is quite something there too- its been in the same hands for over 50 years and great- 2005 all drinks were one € (put up the prices in 2008 to €1,20 but a huge laugh!)Belgium is also known for its beers- try the Val-Dieu- its great!
    As for Lewis- ok for you to support him but I am a Renault gal and partner staunch tifosi- but who the hell cares in Spa!

    1. Hi Carol,
      hopefully our 3 teams will be fighting for podiums with this seasons big boys by the time Spa comes round!! One things for sure, this year is so much more exciting than previous years so we are guaranteed a brilliant weekends racing, which will be made even better by meeting up with you guys in the local hostelry (especially at those prices). We are bringing an F1 virgin with us this year so he is in for a real treat.

      Keep in touch, hope Michael’s website problems are resolved & see you in August

  22. tony loveland
    5th May 2009, 23:19

    Hiya, my girlfriend (unfortunately a vettel fan!) and I are coming to spa this year, yeah! and are grateful for andy’s advice. We are coming in our small camper,which is about the size of a combi van, do they allow this type of van on sites near to the track? we don’t need to plug in so no extra facilities required, any experiences would be good.It’ll be good to see alonso win close up ! With grojean who’ll be his team mate by then! bring it on…. thanx

    1. Carol Treurnicht
      8th May 2009, 22:12

      your girlfriend is fine if she supports Vettel- he is certainly one to watch!
      Yeah bring your camper- no problem. You can decide if you need power or other extras or not.
      Showers cost €3 and toilet usage €2 per day- but young Marcel does his stuff mopping and cleaning the whole time! (Last year it was a mudbath!) so don’t forget waterproofs or Spa can be miserable because rain and fog are guaranteed at some stage of the weekend!
      And yeah- I also hope Grosjean is in the car by then……..enough to see Flavio shaking his head at Piquet in the gravel again today…..(funny at Spa on the loudspeakers they call him Piquette……)

  23. Hi Tony,
    the site we stopped at last year definetely accept camper vans as there were loads there, this is about 10 miles from the circuit plus a 2 mile walk to Blanchimont. I would also think that the Elephant do too as they appear to be very accomodating (see comments from Carol above)which is 15 minutes walk from the main entrance. Have you been to Spa before? If not your in for a treat!!

    1. tony loveland
      6th May 2009, 23:24

      Thanx andy, I,ve e-mailed the elephant and i’ll let you know how I get on. we’re keen on not walking too far! Will probably go over on the wednesday and relax and see if we can see first practice on thursday.Bronze tickets don’t cover this, is it still possible to get in? Been to f1 before (guests at silverstone) and have raced mercedes v8’s, and super rods (cosworth) in europe, but always wanted to go to spa. Thanx again,tony.

  24. Andy Kelly
    7th May 2009, 1:05

    Hi Tony,
    we are going on the Wednesday too & doing the same as you. Our tickets in Gold 8 are for Friday onwards so am guessing it’s free entry on the Thursday. Apparently we can get access to the pitlane & see the cars in the garages etc. Also a good time to see the drivers surveying the track.

    1. tony loveland
      7th May 2009, 23:35

      Hi andy,
      yes, i’ve tried that address, i’ll re-send tomorrow for luck, if not I’ll go with one further away (groan).Sounds good for thursday, it’ll give me a chance to check out your vantage points and put my towel down! Getting excited now, been trying to get those nice Renault jackets into the conversation whenever possible…..(might be able to hide in the pit garage!) I’ll let you know how I get on with booking,

  25. Tony,
    good luck mate. That address does work, maybe Michael is away? He does answer his mobile (number is on the web)& speaks good English. From last years experience the walking from other places is bad news!! Must admit the Renualt gear is top notch even though I’m a Mclaren fan & the Renault shop etc in F1 village was brilliant with simulators etc & the test driver doing talks & stuff. Mind you, that was when ING had some money so it may be downscaled this year ha ha!!

  26. Hi all,
    it’s been v useful reading all this as I’m taking my two sons this year, aged 15 and 12 so I became alarmed at thoughts of camping with the possibility (probability) of hordes of drunken revellers all around – have booked into a simple hotel about 30 mins away. So, now for the tickets – help! Do I go completely mad and shell out over £1,000 for Gold 1 (as my son wants) and even then maybe find we’re not seated together – or do we just go for it, have Bronze and get there really early…. I see that some people take BBQs, how about say a small pop up beach tent in case of rain, would that seriously p people off? Otherwise I guess a picnic mat and a big sheet of plastic…
    Any advice guys? Ta :-)

  27. Carol Treurnicht
    8th May 2009, 22:00

    Hi peeps
    sorry had a probelm with bats in my home so not been around a while……..
    Try this email
    If it does nto work then let me know and I’ll call Micahel directly as they seem to be having problems with their provider and the site keeps failing!
    My email
    (Told Michael I am starting a booking agency here and expect a free croissant next visit!)
    I got my confirmation couple of weeks back.
    As for campers- no problem they take tenst, parking campers- whatever- but its nice because there is little or no crime and easy to get to the track.
    At Ann G
    my recommendation to you is go bronze- if we meet up before race day we can bag you some space as we get there latest 7am! If you do that then don’t order tickets- you can get them anytime at the gate without the service charges and worrying if they get to you in time- my heart attacks last year as they got to me Tuesday when i was leaving Weddesday.
    If you have weekend tickets you can get in from Thursday onwards- worth it for the pitlane walk on Thrusday afternoon.
    I also hope to see some of the big guys up there by then! And good luck to Vettel!

  28. Carol Treurnicht
    8th May 2009, 22:04

    Ps- please excuse my spelling- eek- apologies for that- typing quicker than my poor old brain was thinking…….

    1. Hi Carol,
      you are doing a sterling job drumming up business for the Elephant, Michael definetly needs to provide you with croissants & Val-Dieu for the whole weekend & give you the best pitch!! Sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend & we have what is fast growing into a great bunch!!
      Keep up the good work,
      make sure Michael reads this page,
      can’t wait for August!!

  29. Hi Carol

    This will be our first visit to Spa as well and we’re trying to decide where to camp. You make the Elephant sound great and the fact you can walk to the track sounds great. I was just wondering a couple of things – how lively is the campsite? We like a good atmosphere, but as ultimately we’re there for the racing I’m quite keen on a good nights sleep as well, and worry about a campsite so close to the track being quite rowdy? At Silverstone we tend to camp at the sites a slightly longer walk from the track as it is a little quieter.

    Also, we have quite a big tent – do you get a reasonable amount of space around your tent, or are everyone very close together?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks

  30. tony loveland
    10th May 2009, 22:27

    andy and carol,
    thank you both for your help in getting us sorted for the campsite, we’ve booked and are ready to go. We’ll be the ones in the orange and ivory toyota camper with us looking over excited! come and look us up if you’d like,we can debate who’s the best driver in f1- Alonso obviously…. see you there Tony and Deb

    1. Carol Treurnicht
      10th May 2009, 22:48

      Tony and Debbie
      great news- look forward to seeing you there.
      We are the mixed camper with the huge Ferrari and Renault flags – and I am the idiot running around in an asturian flag ………
      We will be arriving Wednesday.Let’s just hope the weather is a bit kinder to us this year—–last year it p’d down the whole time!

  31. Carol Treurnicht
    10th May 2009, 22:31

    Hi Catherine
    we all have enough space and we make our own fun on the site- ie you can be rowdy or not or get a good night’s sleep. They specifially don’t allow all night loud disco types- there’s the two huge sites at the other end of the track for that!
    To everyone- if you go there then (sugggestion from my partner!) we have a camp meet in the village pub on Thursday after the pit walk- we all need to try a Val Dieu…….to get us in the mood for a hopefully great weekend!
    Walk to the track about 20 minutes- or they have a shuttle service if you had a bad day and can’t face the walk home after being in the pouring rain all day…….
    The site is also only really full on raceday.
    Hope you join us there.

  32. Hi Carol

    Thanks for the info! I think we will probably book there too. I wondered if you had any photos from any of your previous years there?

    1. Carol Treurnicht
      10th May 2009, 22:52

      Hi Catherine
      got a couple and will gladly send- look up above and send me a mail and I’ll send a couple on to you. The setting is actually quite beautiful.

  33. Carol,
    I would love to see your photo’s of the site too. My email address is

  34. Hi to all,

    as I can see here, there must be sometimes problems with my web site. I don’t find any errors. Within 3 or 4 weeks I will make a new site, hope with more informations in enlish too. By then you can make your reservation also by simple eMail with the informations from the reservation form.
    BTW – big thanks to Carol!

  35. tony loveland
    11th May 2009, 18:15

    that sounds great, we’ll be there on wednesday too, so we’re up for some laughs,I was wondering about tickets at the track, and we may hold back if you can get them there, did you do that last time you went? I thought there wouldn’t be too much of a problem for bronze tickets. When can you get in on thursday? By the way, andy shouldn’t worry, Hamilton should do much better at Monaco,(top 5) but I think that Rosberg could win it with the shorter wheelbase on his car… regards, Tony and Deb.

  36. Tony,
    here’s hoping but the word from Mclaren was that Barcelona would be the turning point & we end up with no points!!
    Oh well, what happens, happens. It sounds like we are going to have a great weekend no matter what occurs on the track & just being there to be a part of the atmosphere is fantastic, so I’m happy!!

  37. Carol Treurnicht
    11th May 2009, 19:57

    Wow- great news- a word from the man himself (Michael)- sent him the link here and told him he needs to get his website sorted! ice to see he responded by posting here!
    I’ll send on a couple of pics- not fantastic but gives a bit of an impression of the place. The one thing that they really take pride in is that the toilets and showers are always clean.
    Great to see a few are also arriving Wednesday- if you got weekend tickets you can get in Thursday onwards.
    @ Tony and Debbie- if you go bronze then just buy at the gate- saves hassle and you also save on the booking fees.
    @ Andy- I am sure that McLaren will be back at the front by then and Brawn will have some competition! And that my Renault tractor also has something to show for itself by then!

    1. Hi Carol,
      we can live in hope!!
      Here’s a suggestion everyone, as well as trying the Val-Dieu as Carol has suggested, how about if we all bring along something from our own areas for Carol & the rest to try? We live in Yorkshire so could bring some Yorkshire Puddings (home made of course) & obviously some good, strong Yorkshire Beer.

  38. Carol Treurnicht
    11th May 2009, 20:52

    Go for it Andy- I can send you a mega list of all I miss here…….bit of black pudding maybe?
    Aha- you from Yorkshire- I orignally from Costa del Darlington……..
    Great idea- we all bring something along……sounds great!

    1. Carol,
      you won’t believe this but I’m from Newton Aycliffe, I moved to Yorkshire 10 years ago for work!! Small world isn’t it? My brother lives on West Auckland Road near Cockerton.

  39. Carol Treurnicht
    11th May 2009, 21:13

    What? I don’t believe it! Although I have been here for centuries all my folks still live in either Darlingotn or Heighington- just round the corner from Newton Aycliffe………small world!

  40. tony loveland
    11th May 2009, 22:56

    I might creep under the wire, i’ve been to yorkshire, ha ha! I was bought up in Australia, i’ll think of something to bring- probably something to cook on the barbeque.
    Tony and deb.

    1. This is going to be such a special weekend!!

  41. Carol Treurnicht
    12th May 2009, 18:49

    I am so excited already- and today is my 50th birthday to boot (yeah I know I don’t look it……haha)- so if the typing deteriorates this evening I have a good excuse! Can’t wait to meet all you peeps- Spa is really a special event!

    1. Happy Birthday Carol,

      hope you have a fantastic night. Your right, you don’t look a day over 21!!


  42. WOW!!
    Ferrari are seriously threatening to quit next season due to the new rules concerning a budget cap. You can’t have F1 without the Tifosi, what are Bernie & Max thinking??

  43. Carol Treurnicht
    12th May 2009, 20:26

    don’t worry- they are only confirming what Toyota, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and BMW have said- if Bernie wants an F1 without Toyota, BMW, Ferrari, _Renault etc- then good luck- I am sure we’ll then all be watching and fevering elsewhere–just the politics taking over at the moment………..they will agree on a format for 2010 soon…..

  44. tony loveland
    12th May 2009, 21:51

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Carol, Happy birthday to you!! (sounded o.k to me!)
    The teams are right to object to the changes,1) it would introduce lots of slower cars.2)It would prevent development( which is also happening this year to a lesser extent). The penalties for engine and gearbox changes should be abolished (not exactly fair in a drivers championship) (please excuse all the brackets!),a cap of about 60million should be about right for most teams. Tony and Deb

  45. Carol Treurnicht
    12th May 2009, 22:00

    Hey Tony and Deb don’t overdo it!
    Thanks for the singing bit but as my official B’day present is our trip to Spa then my new offer- meet up in local pub on the Thursday to celebrate my 50 and going on 100- drinks on me!See ya all there!

    1. tony loveland
      12th May 2009, 22:16

      That’s a done deal! after you.. mind the step…age before beauty and all that!! Ha Ha
      Tony and Deb

  46. Ok oh wise ones! My boyfriend and I are planning on attending Spa. I’ve just booked a hotel in Brussels for Friday and Saturday nights, and one in Durbuy for Sunday night. Is the traffic REALLY hellish on Sunday morning? Am I being completely ridiculous thinking about driving from Brussels to the circuit on Sunday morning???

    Would really appreciate your advice so I can think of a plan B if necessary!


    1. Hi Liz,
      from my own experience it’s hard to say as we got there before the Sun rose on the Sunday (it was packed in the GA areas by then)so didn’t see the traffic. We heard that it was manic but would say that if you intend to get there really early you may be ok but if you have tickets for a stand then you may not needt to get there so early to gain a good position.
      One suggestion would be to book in at the Elephant for the Saturday as they have a B&B I think as well as the campsite, you are then within 15 minutes of the circuit & you can join the party crowd that’s growing by the week (as you can see above) to celebrate Carol’s belated 50th & (tongue firmly in cheek here) a famous Lewis victory!!
      Have you been to Spa before, I think it’s a good hour or so drive from Brussels.

    2. Carol Treurnicht
      13th May 2009, 22:10

      cancel the hotel and come and join us mad lot- sure you and your BF would have a super time and not worry about getting stuck in traffic/ closed roads or whatever….think about it- maybe plan B is the better option!

    3. Hi Liz,
      Carol is right – I still have the contact for a B&B-Room in Jalhay. not to far from Francochamps and with my spacial Pass without terrible traffic jam.
      Reservation can do via my web site.
      Also it is possible to make the reservation for the parking place and there you get also the special pass.

  47. Carol Treurnicht
    13th May 2009, 20:46

    I seem to remember Lewis thought he won last year…..(runs and hides now)

    1. Ouch Carol, that hurts, that really hurts!!
      Funnily enough we also thought Lewis had won, even up to when we were in Stavelot on the Sunday night celebrating with a nice Chianti & we were informed of the stewards shamefull decision. We had exited the circuit with our flags held high, annoying most of the Tifosi we passed & feeling on top of the world, for it all to come crashing down around our ears. I bet the Ferrari fans were searching everywhere for us so that they could do some flag waving of their own!!
      Did you have a good birthday?
      Am I right in saying that Michael has a B&B at the Elephant?

  48. Carol Treurnicht
    13th May 2009, 22:08

    Hey Andy
    don’t take me too seriously!
    As for B&B- not exactly at Elephant but I know Michael or a cousin or aunt of his does a B&B somewhere in Ster (the village there)- he seems either to be related to or know everyone there………
    I think we should just tell Liz to stuff the hotel lark and come and join us……sure they would have much mnore fun and not get stuck in traffic……..

    1. Carol,
      absolutely not, it just brought memories back from last year, walking round Stavelot in the rain, trying to find a reason to enjoy our last night out after we had been given the terrible news ha ha!!
      Sounds like Michael is THE man to know, & yes Liz should save herself a few hundred Euro’s & come join the party, especially as your a fellow Pit Yacker Liz!!

  49. tony loveland
    13th May 2009, 22:11

    Hi all,
    Deb thinks it’ll be vettel,(she always thinks that-it’s that cheesy grin!),I think Massa’s in with a shout, the car’s getting faster so Carol should hold on to her Ferrari flags!.I’ll just stick with alonso,if he wins i’ll be the bloke who’s smug on here for weeks after! Tony and Deb

    1. Tony,
      think Deb could be right, the best Seb is fast becoming the best driver!! Have you noticed how dejected Lewis has been in the post qualifying/ race interviews recently? I have always been told that the secret to prolonged success is to accept both the praise when times are good & the criticism when times are bad, ignore them both, get your head down & just get on with your job!
      Getting back to the Renault thread, how about a simulator challenge during the weekend at the ING/ Renault stage? Seem to remember you get print out’s showing details of your performance, best lap wins!

  50. Thanks guys! I’ll look into the B&B…I’m a fellow northener but have obviously been in London too long and have turned into a southern softie as I don’t think I can handle camping!!

    Thanks again for your opinions!


  51. Carol Treurnicht
    13th May 2009, 22:58

    Hey Liz no problem- you can park here too- especially race day and if you decide you can’t face the drive to your digs then I am sure we can find you a spot in someone’s camper for the night! Just do what you think is right but stay in touch!
    And another thing- Brussels is a great and beautiful city but it has the most dog poo in the world……

  52. Guys, I’m really jealous watching your conversation and knowing I won’t be back at Spa this year!

    We stayed in Maastricht for the race weekend in 2007. The drive in on Sat was no problem, and we were in the new little stand at the bus-stop chicane.

    Sunday was a whole different story, however – it took us 3 hours to cover 4km on the motorway trying to get off at the right exit. Team mechanics were being sent out on pit scooters to come pick up staff and guests that were stuck in the traffic – and when we got to the end of the queue it turned out that it was all caused by 2 lanes becoming 1 – crazy!!!!!

    That time we just made it into the village about 10 mins before race start and had to hare along to attempt to get to our stand in time – which we made just as they passed on the warm-up lap – close thing!

  53. tony loveland
    14th May 2009, 9:13

    i’ll give you a thrashing on the simulator if you want Ha Ha! If don’t win i’ll try and convince you the things faulty…
    There is no dought that Hamilton is a fast driver, but some drivers have difficulty when they can’t communicate a way forward to the team, things like ‘it’s slow everywhere’ winds the team up. This is one of the reasons i support alonso, the car isn’t fast enough, but he works out a way to keep the car as far forward as he can until they come up some way to improve the car, fuelling light, less wing , long stints ect,this motivates the team and keeps the sponsers happy.In spain for example, alonso knew he couldn’t win, but fuelled light to keep the car near the front for the fans. Hamilton is used to the car being near the front,He started at the top of the old car’s development and now will it take some time to get the car working, should do well at monaco next week though, thinking top five. Tony and Deb

    1. Good points Tony, here’s hoping!
      Simulator challenge accepted, does your confidence spring from experience I wonder? If so I might have to call the handicappers in to even things up a bit, ha ha. We could maybe work out a points system based on bottles of Val-Dieu?

  54. Carol & Andy:

    Brilliant job on the campsite info! Thanks very much! Will be taking my dad to his 1st GP in 30 years (!) (Watkins Glen ’79) and we are really looking forward to it. Looks like I’m going to follow your lead & set up shop @ the Elephant. Quick question, do they have tents set up or is it a must to bring your own camping gear? We are flying over from the States, so it would help not to have to bring along the tent, but is also no problem if we have too. I look forward to meeting everyone off Fanatic & def. downing a few fine belgian ales! Really, I can’t wait to see this legendary track. (1st up, Silverstone in just over a month!) Thanks for the help. Oh, so with all the different emails floating around, which seems to work best?

    1. Hi Christopher,
      not sure about pre-erected tents at the Elephant, the site we were on last year did have them but I’m sure Carol will know & reply to your question. If all else fails I can bring a 2 man tent with me in the caravan that you & your Dad are welcome to use for the weekend.
      You are in for a treat at Spa, the atmosphere is fantastic!!
      As for the best email address, it seems that Michael is still having problems with his ISP so I would suggest you call him on his cell phone just to be sure (it’s on his website)good luck.

  55. Hi Carol, Andy, everyone

    Following on from Christopher’s e-mail above I’m confused as to the best e-mail for the Elephant. I’ve tried the one from the website (bounced back), and, but I’ve had no reply (maybe I’m just impatient!). Any other suggestions???



    1. Catherine (& Christopher)
      as an addition to Tony’s advice, it may be worth trying Michael’s mobile number which is +32 485 176 121. This is how I originally got in touch with him & then via the email address supplied above. Don’t forget the different time zones though as he might not be too happy with a call in the middle of the night.
      Good luck, hope Michael has enough room for us all!!

  56. tony loveland
    14th May 2009, 19:13

    Hi Catherine and Christopher, we got through on, Michael said his elephant site works but he’s going to change it soon anyway,so try that. Watkins glen christopher! that’s lucky, you can tell us all about it when you come over, I think andretti won there. Tony and Deb.

  57. Carol Treurnicht
    14th May 2009, 21:33

    Hi all
    this web addy works:
    otherwise as for a few peeps mail me and I will ensure Michael responds.
    Also Michael has looked in here so he might in future too…..let me know if anyone has problems and we get it fixed.
    @ Christopher
    no they don’t have pre erected tents but if you want to join us for a good time then I have a good tent (depends how many of you are coming- I understand only you and Dad?- in which case i could bring mine along and a few home comforts for you- we are coming in a camper so can bring some things for you – think about what you need and post something- would be great to have you guys from over the water join us! We co9uld also book your space near to us and the rest on Wednesday so not far for you guys for food and beer…….

    1. use better the direct site for the reservation:


  58. Carol Treurnicht
    14th May 2009, 21:40

    Yeah guys- lets all club together to get Christopher and his dad over to us…….Ok we got offers of tents….I also got a huge inflatable mattress and could bring bed stuff too also those of us in campers can bring a couple of chairs etc and extra food and beer (Carol just upped the beer order…….)

    1. tony loveland
      14th May 2009, 23:47

      Hi all, I’m good for the barbeque and we have an awning on the camper, so we’re alright for shelter- something to sit under for a break from the weather, hot or cold drinks ect, got lots of camping stuff thats on the van all the time, so should be able to help with most things. If your dad’s got any special requirements just mention it and we’ll bring it if we can.
      Andy, I’m up for the challenge! I haven’t been on a simulator before,but….Carol will be jealous! we,ve got tickets to a renault show at silverstone, Should get some good Photos close-up of the R28 running!I’ll send you and carol some when i’ve got them (I think grosjean is going to do a couple of laps in it!)There’s also a simulator for me to practice on… so i’ll probably be rubbish. Tony and Deb.

    2. Yes definetly, I’ll bring extra chairs etc, loads of room in the van, also got spare (clean) sleeping bags & stuff like that & will bring plenty of food over from Blighty (Bacon, Sausage & Black Pudding for Carol) & am travelling through France on the way so we will be stopping for some beers.
      Hey Christopher, I make a mean Yorkshire Pud, have you tried it before? If not you & your Dad are in for a treat!!

      1. tztztztz – bringing beer to Belgium! Same as if you go to swim and you take some water with you!

        1. Ha Ha Michael,
          I was just reading through the old comments & came across this one, your right, I will wait until I cross the border in to Belgium before buying my beer with a special one for our host!! ;-)

    3. Oh no, Tony’s getting his eye in at Silverstone ready to whoop me!! I might do a Bernie & make some new rules up ha ha!!

  59. Catherine H
    15th May 2009, 8:32

    Hi All

    Thanks for all your help with the mails/phone numbers – I’ve tried all the e-mail addresses (the is the one that bounced back, but will try again today). If still no luck I’ll try and call Michael tomorrow.

    Tony – the Renault show sounds fun – is that at the formula renault weekend? Catherine

    1. tony loveland
      15th May 2009, 9:19

      Yes it is, on the 4th july,going to be cars from all renault formulas there, so should be a treat! It’s between f1 races- a week after silverstone so might get nelson,who crashed this car in bahrain last month(on you tube)or Grosjean having a go. This is the car (R28)richard hammond tried to drive on ‘top gear’ so should be good to see it running close up.Tony and Deb.

  60. Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the response! Carol, we would be more than happy to join you at the Elephant (won’t be able to bring the beer, but more than happy to pay our share;) Looks like we will be flying in to Brussels on Thursday morning, grabbing a rental car & heading out to the track! My Dad may appreciate the air mattress, I’d say it’s a safe bet it will go to use. As far as the tent, I have my own 2 man but it may be a huge help if you had an extra in the camper (I don’t want to trouble you at all). Seriously, I couldn’t be looking forward to this more! It sounds all the better because of the great people on here. @Tony: I was never lucky enough to attend a Watkins Glen GP (wasn’t born yet) but my Dad went to every one from ’73 to ’79 and saw some incredible races (winners included Peterson, Reuteman, Lauda, Hunt & Villeneuve!!) and also some terrible tragedies (Cevert). He can tell you some good stories about the BOG!!

    1. tony loveland
      15th May 2009, 22:50

      Andy, I’m sure it’ll be a good competition,who ever wins!
      Christopher, cool, your can dad tell us all about the turbo’s, it must have been amazing watching f1 when the cars were so quick, did he ever see the six wheel tyrell race? i’ve seen the car a few times but have never seen it running, only on display, can’t wait. Tony and deb

  61. Carol Treurnicht
    18th May 2009, 22:31

    Hey Christopher and everyone
    hey i am sure you guys will have a great time- we already ordered a bit extra beer and noted to bring the extra tent, double mattress, bed stuff and whatever…….we all need to catch up nearer the time as to who brings what but you guys coming all that way- welcome is all I can say! You’ll have a great time. I gotta catch up with Michael now as to what is happening with all your inquiries (sorry been tied up with my 50th party and now can get back to erm normal life!) Was a good bash but I need a couple of days to recover still……….

    1. Hi Carol

      Sounds like you celebrated your birthday in style! Hope you’ve recovered now… at least plenty of time before Spa and your next birthday celebrations! Thanks for looking into things with Michael – hopefully we’ll be booked soon!

  62. Hi Carol & everyone

    I just wanted to say Hi. I was at spa last year (Silverstone the year before) and it was awesome. went with a tour company but hated having to leave at the end of each day with people in the pub or going off to BBQ’s, this year I’m camping and thankfully with help from Carol contacting Michael I should get a space booked soon. looks like a great bunch of people staying, would be great to catch up with you all. Rich

    1. tony loveland
      20th May 2009, 22:27

      hi rich,
      you’d better get booked soon, at this rate the place will be rammed! Look foreward to seeing you, who do you support? We already have renault, mercedes, red bull and ferrari covered!Ha Ha. See you there. Tony and Deb.

    2. Hi Rich,
      where were you positioned last year? We were right above Bus Stop on Blanchimont so saw some really good action (Lewis taking Kimi “illegally” etc).
      As Tony says, welcome to the gang, as none of us have met before the first night & day will be filled with introductions etc over a few beers but it is surely going to be a memorable weekend for lots of reasons, just wish it was here now!!

  63. Morning Guys.

    I was half way up the long straight after Eau-rouge directly opposite a big screen. Got a great picture of Kimi passing Lewis along that straight early on. I’m Ferrari all the way. Hopefully get the place booked today/tomorrow. First time camping since I was a kid and I can’t wait for the race weekend. Rich

    1. Chris,
      you will be among friends at the campsite then as Carol’s partner & mate’s are Ferrari too. Our group will be shouting (quietly) for the Mclarens again.
      Are you in the same place this year? We have booked Gold 8 at the end of the start/ finish straight.

    2. Sorry Rich, typing too fast, I called you Chris there by mistake.

    3. Catherine H
      22nd May 2009, 7:24

      Hi Rich

      Sounds like a Great place to have been – as a Kimi fan that early part of the race was my favourite (I enjoyed him overtaking Massa even more than Hamilton – how often do we see team mates racing like that at the moment!). Its a shame that with all that happened at the end of the race the way he drove at the beginning tends to have been forgotten…. We’re sat at Eau Rouge this year.

      Finally managed to get through to Michael(thanks Carol)so should be all booked up tomorrow too….. Very excited, although we’re lucky enough to be going to Silverstone next month as well first!

  64. Hoping to wrap up my Elephant reservation by the end of the day, I did receive a response from Michael on the email listed above. Just over 3 months to go!

  65. Hi all,
    end it there, I vote for the Monaco GP to be postponed forthwith & all points to be awarded as per the standings at the end of second practise!! ;-)
    Hey Tony, good call on Lewis’ improved performance for this round, let’s hope it continues through the weekend!!

  66. Carol Treurnicht
    21st May 2009, 21:34

    if you were there last year then you may just have sat next to me…………we also sit up on long straight in front of Tv screen……..did you see the huge bonfire the dutch guys made on the path up there to keep warm………??????? And were you anywhere near the crowds of Cabana Boys fans from Brazil? they just kept multiplying………amazing!

  67. Carol Treurnicht
    21st May 2009, 21:50

    Hi to all
    especially those who contacted me due to difficulties- I just got a response from Michael- I now have the booking form if anyone needs it and now his personal email addy (don’t want to publish it here) and all those sent to him should get a response in the next day or so…..if not yell please and I’ll try and sort it………can’t wait till end of August now but till then- enjoy Monaco!

    1. Steve Hughes
      23rd May 2009, 13:27

      Hi Carol I am trying to find the best way to book onto the elephant site. Can you please provide Michaels best email

      Thank you in advance

      ps Happy birthday for a few weeks ago!

    2. Hi Carol

      I am trying to book at the Elephant for the Saturday and Sunday for me and my son. Could you let me know Michaels email address. I have tried the others but had no reply,

  68. Carol

    What a small world, we sat next to some guys from Honda. They explained anyone from back at the factory had to make their own way there, they don’t even get passes to the pits. I remember a huge group of people who had sleeping bags, BBQ’s and anything else you can imagine sitting along the top of the hill where the path was they had so much stuff.

  69. Hi Andy

    Yes I think we’ll end up in the same place this year, Last year on practice day we had a walk round the circuit and could not believe how good the pilot was in the yellow helicopter! at one point he we hovering at the height of the crowd about 20-30ft away. Practice looked good yesterday nice to the Ferrari’s and Mclaren improving

    1. Hi Rich,
      yeah the Chopper pilot was amazing!! Hope it’s the same one this year.
      The improved performances are promising & make the rest of season even an even more exciting prospect (as long as Brawn don’t get too far ahead!!

  70. Carol Treurnicht
    25th May 2009, 21:39

    Maybe we could pirate Mallya’s yacht!

  71. Hi guys, great race weekend in monaco, finaly Ferrari are moving forward lets hope it continues (Obviously for ferrari fans) Poor old lewis talk about nothing can go right when you’re down. Alonso is a class act what ever way you look at it. Still trying to book my place (If there are any left) at the campsite, looks like my emails may have got through at last, tried calling Michael today but no answer.

  72. Carol Treurnicht
    26th May 2009, 23:06

    Hey Rich
    thought you got sorted- if still having probs then let me know Ok?
    For anyone else having probs here is my addy
    If I can help I will.
    Looks like we got a good bunch sorted already…….
    We will probably be amongst the first there around midday on the Wednesday so I’ll be looking out for you guys!
    Getting so excited now I will be impossible the next couple of months!

  73. Has anyone tried to do a Spa trip in one day ?

    I reckon you could leave London at 3am and be at the track by 11am. Leave Spa at 7pm, back in London by 1am.

    Is this feasible ?

    How is the traffic near the track ? I’ve experienced the comedy of parking @ Silverstone and that would definitely put me off the idea.

    1. Pete,
      don’t know if this is possible but one thing I do know is that you’ll miss Elephantfest, surely that is reason enough to go for the full weekend.

  74. Carol Treurnicht
    27th May 2009, 19:45

    why go through all that stress- the whole fun is the build up over the days and the highlight of race day- arriving knackered and stressed and having to get back is not my idea of fun……….
    And you pay the same if not more for a Sunday ticket that for a weekend job—–so I say take it all in and enjoy!

  75. Carol Treurnicht
    27th May 2009, 19:47

    Ps for Rich and others still having problems- heard from Michael today and he confirms that peeps with hotmail addresses are being bounced for some reason- he changed something on the website and booking form but I don’t know if it works- maybe someone can try it and let me know……..
    Off to watch footie now (for a change!)

  76. Morning all.

    At last I’m sorted, my reservation has been confirmed and I’ve just got to pay. Now I can chill and look forward to beers and bbq’s and racing of course.
    Pete. I’ve driven to Belgium in a day before, I have an aunt out there, it’s not great mate we left at 4:00am and got home at 2:00 in the morning.

  77. I’ve confirmed for the Elephant & made payment! Thanks for all the help, can’t wait to meet everyone in August.

    @Pete: if you have the time, you should def. try to do all 3 days. Nothing like being at the track for the 1st Friday practice & having the first car come around! The build-up & excitement is fantastic leading up thru race day.

    1. Hi all,
      great news Chris, looking forward to meeting you & your Dad.
      Getting the ball rolling, I have another blow up bed so that makes one for each of you with the one Carol has already offered. I will also bring 2 extra sleeping bags & pillows (no problem if they don’t get used as I have loads of space), I have a camping light & will also bring a small table & chairs. I’m sure you will not need cooking gear as you are more than welcome to have breakfast etc at my caravan as long as you like a good English Breakfast & Yorkshire Pudding (not together of course).
      Do you think it will be worthwhile if you create a list of, a) what you need & b) what has been offered so that you can keep a track on it & we can make sure everything you need is provided?
      Andy :~)

  78. Carol Treurnicht
    28th May 2009, 18:14

    Christopher- fantastic news- look forward to seeing you there. We now just got to make a list as to who brings what so you guys have some comfort after coming all that way (Carol busily scribbling here…….)
    I agree- you should take in the three days if you can- am trying to get hold of a sensible timetable so we know when the pitlane is open to us and when the drivers do their autograph sessions etc…..will see what I can dig up!

  79. Hi all
    Been reading your comments on last years race and camping experiences.Drove from West Wales and took my son there last year and absolutely loved it (gutted for Lewis). Camping however was a different matter we camped in Francorchamps centre in a LARGE campsite and did not sleep at all. German rock music playing full blast all night, briefly stopping between 5-6am! They were even cutting down the trees to put on the bonfire!
    Interested in your comments on the Elephant campsite, sounds like a good place, , what entrance to the track is it near to, any ideas on cost? We’re definately going again this year best holiday ever. Come on Lewis!

  80. Carol Treurnicht
    28th May 2009, 21:49

    Hi Simon
    prices are fixed by the state and look like this:
    Weekend camping package €135,00
    Toilets €2 per person per day
    Rubbish deposite €20.00 (if you leave no rubbish you get it back on departure)
    shower €3.00 per shower and yes they are hot and clean.
    And the site is smaller than the huge official sites and manned 24 hours so security is good there.
    It is at the Eau rouge end of the track- the main chaotic campsites are at the far end- and yeah they are loud and just huge……..
    The only drawback is being in Ster its a village with not much there- except the village pub we are commandeering for the duration but its a 20 minute walk to the entrance there- and a shuttle service is on if you want/need it. If you have fogotten your toothbruch or food or whatever the site peeps will go and get if for you as there are no shops there and as they close all the roads it is not easy to get out once you are in.
    I love it- been there since 2005 and its like home for me- met great folks each year and had a great time- but you do get your shuteye too- if you want to!
    Ps- please keep a little quiet if you a Lewis fan- the locals hate him and most of us would erm rather see someone else than him win……….

  81. Carol Treurnicht
    28th May 2009, 22:05

    Andy and Christopher
    what we need to do is the following:
    1. Tent- think we got that sussed
    2. Tables and chairs- think between us we got that sussed
    3. Mattress and bedding- we got that sussed too
    4. Food and drink- should also be ok- we all bring a bit extra and we should all not starve!We always share at the elephant anyways!
    Important- when are you all arriving- we will be there Weds midday- so for those of us bringing stuff for others we need to make sure we are pretty near to each other- what the hell- when we get there I just tell Michael to reserve all around till you guys pitch up……
    Christopher question- you guys got grandstand seats or going bronze like us? In which case I bring another two fold up seats for you on the track.
    I also bring our 4 huge umbrellas (you will need one at somepoint guaranteed!)
    If you need identification we are the small camper at the top of the site with the Ferrari and Renault flags (Renault probably at half mast……..)or just ask when you arrive for Carol……winks!

  82. Carol Treurnicht
    28th May 2009, 22:19

    Christopher- I forgot to day- eating in the evening most of us grill so you more than welcome to join us for that——-and am sure the others will say the same.
    The baker comes every morning so if you need bread or croissants then that is available too- for butter and something to put on them I am sure that between Andy and us we can sort you out! Its just fantastic you guys are coming all that way…….you won’t regret it.
    We’ll make sure you have the best time!
    Sorry if i am bubbling- I am just so excited and the atmosphere here is just great!

  83. Hi Carol, Thanks for the reply,
    Yeah your right… the locals are not keen on Lewis but we had some great banter at the bus stop chicane with Ferrari fans on Saturday quali. Thanks for the info, looks like we’ll give the Elephant a try! As we are planning to arrive on Thursday this year and aiming to get some sleep.
    For anyone interested, a good alternative to Dover -> Calais is Dover -> Dunkirk,with Norfolkline Ferries, it cost £40 return, car and two people.
    Enjoy the rest of the season. Hope we can make it to third quali in turkey, or at least Spa! Looks like Button’s got it in the bag, but Ferrari’s fortunes are changing.
    All The Best,
    Simon and Nicholas

    1. Hi Simon,
      that is the route we are taking, catching the 08:00 from Dover on the Wednesday morning.
      I for one will be flying my Lewis flag high regardless, glad we now have another Mclaren fan joining us, I was srarting to feel like the silent minority with all the Renault & Ferrari peeps ;-)

  84. Carol Treurnicht
    28th May 2009, 22:46

    Hey Simon
    don’t take it to heart- I’m a committed Fonz fan but Ham is a great driver!
    Try and make it to us- we got a good bunch buzzing here so far and am sure you’d love it!
    If you got any probs getting booked then let me know (seems like I am Michaels agent now—-lol) and we look forward to seeing you.
    Waht i love about Spa- apart from the great track-is the atmosphere because you get fans from all over and for all drivers and teams- what makes it special!
    Good luck and hope to see you guys there!

  85. I don’t mind you babbling Carol the more info the better, because we stayed outside spa last year, we didn’t really get to see what went on. Also good to know about the small things like no shop and the baker coming in the morning. Did you guys buy your food on the way down? Come on Ferrari you need to take it to Brawn now and start mixing it up!!!!!

  86. I agree with Rich – the more info the better!

    Carol -Can you not even drive out on the thursday/friday to a bigger town to buy stuff? That’s what we do at Silverstone – We’re in a tent so don’t have a fridge, only an icebox so are limited as to how much we can bring….

    Looks like you guys have pretty much everything sorted for Christopher and his Dad now – we would offer to bring stuff, but our car is pretty much packed with all the camping gear for us….

  87. Carol Treurnicht
    29th May 2009, 19:47

    Hey peeps
    let me sort you all out.
    Ster is a little village and not much chance to go anyt´where much once you are in- if you got tent and car then OK but those of us in campers are more or less stuck! Getting in and out is not a problem if you got a pass but because the roads get closed off it takes a while- so we don’t bother- if we get stuck or run out of something or like last year i forgot my toothbrush then just ask Michael- he and his crew will always help!
    Catherine- what sort of icebox do you have? Is it one that is just a coolbox or one you run on battery/power? I also have one that runs on either/or so you are more than welcome to put your perishables in there and we can put it on our power supply….Don’t worry- just bring what you can and we will all muck in!
    Our first year 2005 we were also in a tent and it p’d down all weekend- battery flat an now way to keep dry- our neughbours in a camper gave us shelter…..on last evening after race we all out of food so we pooled what we had- weirdest mixture of scrambled eggs and whatever……then we all left for the local pub (it was at least dry!) and had a great time. So all of you don’t worry- we all there to help each other have a great time!
    But I will still talk to Michael and suggest he install a huge communal fridge…….

  88. Carol Treurnicht
    29th May 2009, 19:52

    I also just talked to my partner- he just said we stuff our van full of everything and if anyone needs anything then they are welcome……..
    Michael also said today that if Christopher and his dad are stuck even he has a tent for them………
    Hey Chrisopher- looks like you guys can have a different tent each night!
    Catherine- I will send you a mail ok?

  89. tony loveland
    29th May 2009, 22:46

    hi all, Just got the new awning for our camper ( ivory and orange toyota with bull bar on front), so we should all be o.k for shelter and we have a fridge and cooker ect so no probs if you want to get dry.. I’m jealous of the Renault flag though carol!
    We we planning on dover/calais (same one as andy probably)but that might be worth a look, sounds like a good deal.. anyway, Lewis’s car is getting better- still can’t get enough heat into the tyres- but should be sorted by spa. Tony and Deb

  90. Carol Treurnicht
    30th May 2009, 18:41

    Haha Tony- my Renault flag is fine (had to put something up to compete with all the reds around me……..) but my proudest posession is my huge Sauber Petronas brolly- lifesaver in 2005- it was huge and as the last year of the team before it became BMW they were being sold off cheap…….and we were desperate! Lol

  91. Hi Guys

    Thanks for the info Carol as always yo’re a star. I think we’ve decided to get a power coolbox and plug it in if, so at least we can bring some food with us. But hey lets be honest the rest of the room will be for drink. lets hope being a week earlier the sun’s shining (I know it’s a long shot). Think I need to get a Ferrari flag to put on the top of my Navara can’t be left out now can I!!!!!!

  92. Hi all
    Thanks for the invite to join you Carol, it would be great to meet up with all of you and have a few beers and a chinwag after a day at the track etc.We’ve been away all weekend so I’ve not had the chance to phone the Elephant yet,will try tomorrow. Nice to hear we’re not the only Mclaren fans going Andy, but i’ll wait for you to put up your flag first just in case!
    We were hoping to go to Silverstone this year but Nicholas has got his GCSE’s on at the same time, as an alternative have decided to go to Festival of Speed on 5 July, anybody been before? have been told its really good and you can get close to the cars and drivers

    1. Simon,
      my flag will be flying high come what may!! Looking forward to meeting you guys.

  93. Hi All
    My friend and I are coming to Spa this year and we are booked into the “Elephant”. We will be there from Wednesday til Monday. We are from England (hampshire) and this is out first time to spa and cant wait!!!! So keep an eye out for a couple of english lads wearing brawn gear with brawn flags looking to meet up and party with everyone!!
    Roll on August!

    1. Welcome to the gang Ken!!
      What route are you taking? We are catching the Dover ferry at 08:00 on the Wednesday morning, going to Dunkirk.

  94. Hey guys,
    Ive just received my grandstand weekend tickets and im getting really excited for the end of august.
    One thing is concering me, we will be sleeping in Aachen and drive each day to the circuit, by reading on the traffic issues do you reckon on sunday it will be sufficient to leave Aachen at 9am ? or we should get up at like 6 or even 5 just to be sure we dont miss the race by sitting on the motorway. I have paid parcking spots aswell for the yellow area.

    1. Hi Nicholas
      We camped in the yellow parking/camping area last year, we were leaving for home after the race on the sunday so decided to pack our tent up and move the car closer to the exit for a quick getaway, we were at the parking area at 7.30am and it was already really busy then so at 9.00am it must have been manic, I’d say your taking a gamble leaving at 9.00, wouldn’t fancy listening to the race on the radio stuck on the motorway!

  95. Carol Treurnicht
    1st June 2009, 22:06

    Hi Ken
    great and welcome to the party! We also aim to get there about lunchtime Wednesday leaving Monday.And great to have a couple of Brawn fans! Adds to the tapestry! Think we got just about all teams covered so far except Williams, Toro Rosso and Force India……..
    @ Nicholas
    I am not too sure how far it is to the track for Aachen but i would leave a bit earlier if I were you because the entrances do get pretty chaotic and if you do get there a bt early then you can still watch the support races and drivers parade etc! Which Grandstand are you in? Hopefully not the one that overlooks the Eau Rouge backwards or you’ll have severe neckache at the end of it all!

    1. Hello, we are camping at the cmapingF1 campsite 9km from track but are wondering what to do re parking… do you know where we can park..I saw on the elephant website that they have parking and a shuttle? the campsite we are at have a shuttle but it seems quite expensive. Any help would be great. Or do you know if you can turn up at track to buy parking space? Thanks, Melanie

  96. Thanks for the reply Carol. The grandstand is gold 2:gp2 , i believe it is the one that should have the winning ceremony directly in front. The one that overlooks Eau Rouge backwards is a bit further up i think.

    Aachen is 50-60km from the circuit so it all depends on the amount of traffic on the E42(if I’m not wrong with the motorway number) I guess we’ll leave a bit earlier then just to be sure.

    Thats my first GP and im quite excited, there will be team clothing/accessories for sale at the track right? Also i guess we shouldnt just bring Tshirts since the temperatures at Spa seem to be on the low side.

    1. Tip: from Aachen don’ ist onto your GPS the quickes way – without E42 – use the smaller streets via Eupen.

      Better you bring raining clothes with you ;-)

  97. Hi Nicholas

    Oh yes – there will be lots of team accessories and clothing for sale! take limited money or you’ll end up spending a fortune. Even my husband was encouraging me to buy stuff in the end!

    And with regards to the weather, I would definately say take some more warm clothes. I stupidly said to my other half last year before Silverstone that even if it rained it wouldn’t be that cold, after all it was July. It was freezing! And there aren’t alot of places to warm up, so take clothes for all weather conditions would be my advice! Or it can give you an excuse to spend even more money buying new clothes to keep warm!


  98. Carol Treurnicht
    2nd June 2009, 18:11

    Hi Nicholas and Catherine
    firstly Catherine is totally right- there are lots of goodies for sale there- had to buy ourselves fleeces last year it was so cold and miserable!For clothing its pretty good- but if you are looking for flags, gifts etc then take a walk around the track and go out the other entrance- they have a lot of stalls there selling other stuff like badges, bags, flags etc at reasonable prices!And its worth a look at the other poor campers crammed in in a huge load of chaos……
    Nicholas- its not far from Aachen but you will do the right thing getting there in good time. Glad to hear you got great seats and not in the silly grandstand!
    And AAAAGHHHHHH- I just got my camper sorted so we’re all set! Just need the food and drink nearer the time. I am getting as excited as a kid at Christmas……….

  99. Hi all,
    well that was a bit of a non event wasn’t it? The only bit of interest was Red Bull’s “tactics” late on. Looks like the title is all but over already, will there be anything left to decide by the time we all get to Spa I wonder?
    Hey Tony, do you get F1 Racing magazine, there is a good article on Alonso in the latest issue?

  100. Hi Guys, Planning my 1st trip to Spa for the 09 race. I am staying at the Spa Racing Hotel and was wondering what the accomadations are like? I am flying into Brussels and would like to know what the fastest way to the hotel would be, I am assuming train but wondered if anybody had any suggestions. Any help would be appreciated. Counting down the days!

    1. from Brussels to Verviers by train is okay. Sometimes are busses from Verviers to Francorchamps. Sometimes. Or you take a Taxi.
      The Racing Hotel you will find in FRANCORCHAMPS. Also the race you find in FRANCORCHAMPS. If you go to Spa you have to walk 9 km. ;-)

  101. Carol Treurnicht
    8th June 2009, 21:09

    Hi Andy
    the only thing erm “exciting” in the race was Piquette overtaking Lewis……….can just imagine the team radio with Flav going wild yelling”hey boy you wanna drive in silverstone? Then overtake for God’s sake” or words to that effect!
    @ Eric
    great to see you want to go to a great race weekend- as I don’t know where your hotel is exactly I am afraid I can’t be much help- but hope someone else can give you a few tips and have a great weekend anyways!

  102. Hi Carol,
    I was kind of hoping nobody saw that one ;-) That’s what makes it all the more depressing, the Silver Machines are so far out of it this season it’s scary, with no realistic hope of improvement on the horizon!
    as last year was my first year at Spa I can’t really help either. A little bit of advice though, as with all the others who have contributed on here, we know a great little campsite just down the road form the circuit, come join Elephantfest!!!

  103. Hi
    First F1 GP, staying in Spa D’Or campsite, general admission tickets. Any advice as to where to get best views from the cheap seats (grass)? Also any advice on getting to track each day?

    1. Hi,
      we tried a few different vantage points last year & found Blanchimont (overlooking the Bus Stop chicane) to be the best. One thing to remember though is that it gets really, really busy, really really early especially on the Sunday. Not exactly sure where Spa D’Or is in realtion to the circuit, is it Stavelot side or Francorchamps?

    2. Hi Workie,
      from the Spa D’Or campsite to the race you are around 15 km, means you have to use your car to go to Francorchamps. and there you pay for parking again 12,00 Euro/Day.
      Or you go to my F1 Camping Nr. 112 (The Elepahnt). There you can walk to the main intrance and you will find a lot of friends … Please visit
      or ask Carol ;-)

  104. tony loveland
    9th June 2009, 22:44

    hi all,
    thanks for the head’s up andy, I’ll get it this week, been really busy at work.Seen some good racing last week-end, my nephew won two races( one the final!) and came forth in the other. Eddie Jordan was getting on my nerves a bit going on about the McLaren, Kers works against the car when it’s fully fuelled, so Hamilton had no chance with that strategy. Still nice to see him supporting the team more.
    Looks like we’ll be on the same boat as you on the way Andy , the 8.00 norfolkline.
    I don’t know what they can do about piquette, Grojean is leading the gp2 so is unlikely to leave just now.. they could try an nick Sutil from Force India for a bit , he’s been impressive the last two meetings.Alonso made the best of a bad job I thought, as usual.
    Deb’s worried about getting the bronse tickets on the thursday, but I there should be plenty , we’ll be O.K to do that you think?
    Not long to the silverstone renault day!
    Tony and Deb.

    1. Hi Tony & Debs,
      good news that we’ll be going over at the same time, have you worked out your route to the campsite yet? We were thinking of heading towards Lille then picking up the E42 & coming in towards Francorchamps from Liege.

  105. Hi all,

    My girlfriend and I are wanting to head upto Spa to grab some general admission tickets. I have a couple of questions:

    1) I have read other camp sites have some form of entertainment in the evening, anything like this here?
    2) IS there a car park? We would be coming up in an Audi A3 and don’t really want it to get stuck in a field (with Spa’s typical climate)

    Only other option is Brussels however I don’t fancy driving to Spa at 4-5am on the Sunday.


    1. Sorry I should have mentioned that I was referring to the elephant camp site.

      1. Hi Doug,
        welcome to the party. As you will have guessed, Carol is the font of all knowledge with regard to the Elephant & I’m sure she will fill you in but I don’t think there is any real entertainment arranged other than what we make ourselves & whaht happens in the local pub.
        We were on a site where there was entertainment last year & I have to say it got a bit too rowdy (as mentioned earlier on this thread), which wasn’t a massive problem but when you have to be up at 5 to get a good place in GA you will be glad of a relatively quiet nights sleep. There are quite a few of us all heading for the Elephant now so I’m sure the atmosphere is going to be great without it becoming too noisy so that everyone has a fantastic weekend.
        Where are you travelling from?

  106. Carol Treurnicht
    10th June 2009, 22:34

    Hi all
    jeez getting quite busy round here!
    I’ll try and answer most of the questions- please forgive me if I missed one- just yell and remind me.
    @ Tony and Deb- don’t worry- if you going GA then tickets fine at the gate. We done this a couple of times and no problems at all.
    @ Doug- there is enterteinment eg Eddie Jordan concert etc between track and campsite (only 10-15 minute walk to your tent/van if you want to participate so doable at all costs) but otherwise on the campsite we usually make our own fun- there is always someone with daft music to entertain us and most of us barbecue (if we get around to it) or gang up together or visit the local pub- a must as it is a piece of racing history.And as Andy says- great if you want fun but also great if you want to opt out.
    Up to you.
    @ Workie
    for the best place to watch it depends on what you want.
    We always go for the top of long straight after Eau Rouge- but others prefer so be elsewhere. Best thing to do is on the Friday walk the track and see for yourself- ie watch practice from several different vantage points and decide what is best for you. But for all of those going GA like us- get to the track at 7am on raceday if you want a good place…….hey breakfast on track is also good fun! so many dazed frozen people its fun! And when the Massa fans pitch up en masse then you can’t help join in the Samba party…..(keeps you warm! Lol)

    1. Carol,
      brilliant news, we almost went to see Eddie & the Robbers last year but we were too far away (& nobody would volunteer to drive!). We might just take a walk to see them while we are close.

  107. Thanks for your replies. Just what we would be after really as although we are young, we too would want an early night for a 5-6am start (with the option. How about the parking though? We live in Jersey therefore would get the ferry to St Malo and drive up Thurs overnight / Fri morning with a potential stop off in Caen / Le Havre on the way. How much would we save by buying the tickets on the door (with exchange rates and no booking fee?)

  108. Carol Treurnicht
    11th June 2009, 20:17

    Hi Doug
    depends what you want to do. Do you want to stay over/camp? In which case you do not need extra parking as its only 15-20 minutes (depending on age and speed) walk to the track. I think the GA tickets this year cost €135,00 for the weekend (same price as for Sunday so you might as well go for the weekend). Can’t you get off a day earlier and take in the pitlane walk on the Thursday afternoon?
    And don’t worry about getting stuck in the mud or whatever…..Michael does have a deal with the neighbouring farmer who loves trundling around pulling people in and out with his tractor if the weather is extreme like it was last year…….so no worries there.
    One word of advice to all though- most stands and ticket offices etc only take cash so have plenty with you cos finding a cash machine is not easy!

  109. Carol Treurnicht
    11th June 2009, 20:19

    To all
    I ahve been in contact with a few of you here and we are talking about how we can make ourselces know to each other so was thinking how about we put something on our dashboards along the lines of “F1 Fanatic’s Elephantenfest” or something? Anyone else got any ideas?

    1. Superb idea Carol!! I’m going to start constructing my sign now!! An added bonus is that we can spot people on the way towards the campsite too :-).

  110. Hi all
    Well we’ve booked our spot at the elephant really looking forward to it, lets hope the brawns are going to have a bit of competition on the day eh? Nice idea on the banners Carol
    Tony, I agree with you about Eddie but at least DC gives him a bit of stick, they dont really agree on much do they
    We’re getting bronze tickets but i think we’ll get them beforehand just to be on the safe side
    Simon & Nick

  111. tony loveland
    11th June 2009, 23:11

    Hi all,
    my daughter charlie is keen on the banner idea(she already complains that I don’t mention her!) so this should cheer her up.
    We’re going to wait till we get there to get GA tickets winds deb up, Ha Ha.
    Tony and Deb

  112. Unfortunatly we are unable to get the Thursday off due to work committments and although I am sure the pit walk is amazing (looks it on TV) I dont think our bosses would let us have the day off!! Carol, do you have pictures of previous years of the camp site?

  113. Carol Treurnicht
    12th June 2009, 20:00

    @ Tony
    can Charlie do me something nice? I am useless at designing things ………
    @ Doug
    I really wanted to take some pics last year but it was so rainy I only got one or two of frozen people looking rather the worse for wear! You’re more than welcome to those but they are nothing special…..Lol

  114. Carol Treurnicht
    13th June 2009, 22:06

    Hey peeps wake up!
    You signed up here yet?

  115. Hi Carol – I think there are a few of these petitions doing the rounds – lets hope they see sense soon and sort it out ….. I’m hoping all the politics doesn’t interfere with Silverstone this weekend – I’m very excited, just two more days at work, and then we go!

    Our Spa tickets arrived as well this morning! Even more exciting. Your Banner idea sounds like an excellent plan.

  116. Carol Treurnicht
    15th June 2009, 19:30

    Hi Catherine
    have a FANTASTIC time in Silverstone and make loads of pics please……….
    If we want to exchange pics all please bring an USB stick with you.We’ll have our laptop with us to share all our experiences!

  117. Hi Guys

    Have’t logged in for a few weeks. “Happy Days my tickets arrived this morning” Sounds like everyone is getting really excited about spa and the camping. andy did you say you were off to V this year? That’s just round the corner from me! Something tells me there will be a few of us on the grass this year along the lone straight. Has anyone thought of getting vinyl’s for there cars I don’t know how much it costs but I know a guy who gets it done every year for a Le-Mans run, just an idea

  118. tony loveland
    15th June 2009, 23:20

    Hi all,
    Charlie will set to work on logos the week-end and we’ll post the results for approval… I like the sound of vinyl’s (sun visors won’t really work- except in an ironic sense!) I have a printer I use locally so once we know how many we need i’ll get on to it.
    Looking forward to silverstone this week-end,although next year it’ll be at Donnington which is about 10 miles from where I live and much better for watching, Silverstones’ looking a bit run down and i’ve always thought it was a bit flat for spectators to see the track well.
    Tony and Deb.

  119. Morning All

    :Tony that sounds ace for you at Donnington, It’s a shame about Silvertsone I enjoyed going a couple of years ago but they just need to spend to much money and who is going to give the BRDC any money!
    :Catherine, good to see the Ferrari’s moving forward, maybe not as much as we’d like but still moving.

  120. Rich – it seems like two steps forward and one step back with Ferrari at the moment, hope this weekend they’ll at least be in the points. We’ll have to make the most of seeing them this year though, the way the FOTA/FIA fiasco is going on it might be the last chance for a while…….

  121. Carol Treurnicht
    17th June 2009, 20:33

    Hi to all
    just a thought for those going bronze and up on top straight……I want to make a huge banner so anyone got any ideas for a slogan? Got to include Elephantenfest somehow but my brain seems to have dried up a bit…………Any ideas very welcome!
    @ Tony- fantastic news- tell Charlie from us we look forward to her efforts……sure they will be great!

  122. I went to the Belgium Grand Prix in 2008. I stayed in Brussels and took the train and bus to Spa for the day. The train rans from Brussels to Verviers. From there, there are buses the run to the track. €5 return to stand for an hour and a half on a crowded bus as it slowly inches its way through traffic! Better than driving, though.

    I had a general admission ticket, which was good for Belgium. I ended up grabbing a place by Fagnes chicane. I spent most of the time there at the corner, though headed a little ways away to see a big screen for the finish.

    With about three laps to go, it started to rain, the first rain we’d seen during the entire race. Folks broke out their umbrellas, and I am sure that the drivers and teams were cursing the weather. With so few laps, and slick tires on the cars, it was sure to be a slippery finish.

    Hamilton had caught up to Raikkonen, and tried to pass him at the chicane near the start finish line. Hamilton couldn’t pass, and Raikkonen cut off Hamilton’s path (a completely legal move on Raikkonen’s part). Hamilton was forced to go off the track and cut through the chicane. Despite being off the track, Lewis Hamilton came out of the chicane ahead of Raikkonen.

    The rules of F1 say that you can’t gain an advantage by going off-track, so Lewis had to back off and give the race lead back to Raikkonen. As soon as Lewis slotted back in behind the Ferrari, he attacked again. Raikkonen tried to defend his position by weaving, but Hamilton got the inside line and passed Raikkonen to gain the lead.

    The next lap, as the track got wetter, some teams decided to pull into the pits for wet tires. The top 3 stayed out, though with the order being Hamilton in first and the two Ferrari’s of Raikkonen and Massa. The order changed again quickly, though when Hamilton ran wide in a corner, giving Raikkonen the lead again.

    Hamilton and Raikkonen, battling hard for the lead, came up on the slower car of Nakajima. Raikkonen had to run off track to avoid Nakajima, allowing Hamilton to take the lead again. Raikkonen trying to catch Hamilton again, slide off the track and into the barrier, having to retire.

    Hamilton was far enough ahead of Massa to carefully drive around the track, avoiding skidding off in the rain to first place. Massa finished second, and Nick Heidfeld, who had switched to wet tires, was able to pass two cars and take third place.

    A few hours later, on the bus back to the train station, a buzz went through the bus. Text messages were coming in, and phones were ringing. Lewis Hamilton had been penalized for cutting through the chicane, and had 25 seconds added to his race time. That dropped him from first to third, promoting Massa into the lead. The Hamilton fans at the front of the bus were depressed, but a bunch of Italians at the back broke out into cheers and song.

    Very good experience, though cool and wet unfortunately. Check out my blog entry (linked above) for pictures and a video.


  123. Hi all. I’m going to the Spa GP this year and I don’t really want to drive. I’m staying in Brussels Friday – Monday, so I wanted to know if anyone knew what the transport links were like i.e. train station nearby?

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

  124. Andy Atkinson
    22nd June 2009, 23:43

    Whooooo! Just got my GA tickets through for Spa. First time visiting a GP abroad and I’ve got a few questions.

    1 – At the British GP everyone takes deck chairs and gets in at 5am. What time do the gates open? Every pic I’ve seen everyone sits on the grass, is this right?
    2 – Parking. I’ve not booked anything. We’re renting a house and so we’ll be in the area for a week beforehand. Can I buy it then? Where is best to park?


  125. David Thomas
    23rd June 2009, 0:26

    Hi all
    Feeling quite chirpy as I’ve just invested in a couple of Bronze tickets for Spa ’09
    Driving over with my lovely girlfriend, planning to camp near the circuit. Getting the tunnel, but prob not going to get there until Friday night.
    Previous GP visits have been Silverstone and Melbourne (all very civilised and dry), so a bit concerned that my MX5 might disappear into a muddy Belgian quagmire never to be retrieved…

    Need to get cracking on booking my campsite I s’pose. This Michael fella and his elephant place has had enough plugs in this thread that he deserves a go.

    Any wise words of do and don’t are welcomed.
    Catch some of you there…?

    Cheers all

    SW London

  126. Hi, im thinking of going to spa in 2009 and i was wondering if i buy old 4 seats for the weekend will all grandstands be open on friday and saturday and will i be able to try out different stands on friday and saturday.

  127. Carol Treurnicht
    23rd June 2009, 20:24

    Hi Dave and Andy
    welcome to you both- done the right thing to opt for Spa its a must!
    As for the deck chairs- the fold up type is to be recommended as the grass can get pretty wet and a slide down the hill is not to be recommended!
    Firstly to Andy- just whereabouts is the house you are renting? Is it near enough to walk or do you still have to drive to the track? Or do they offer a shuttle or bus or something? You can book parking if you need it but it is best to do this up front as the last thing you want is to find you get stuck in a jam for hours then get turned away because the roads are all closed and you don’t have a pass to get where you want to. If you’re not sure then drop me a mail with a few details and we’ll see if we can get you sorted.
    Not to David- don’t worry about the quagmire…..the neighbouring farmer loves to help out with his tractor if anyone gets stuck (at no extra cost)……he is so funny and reminds me of someone out of last of the summer wine……. Join us all at the elephant….you’ll have a ball!
    If anyone needs any help then my mail addy

  128. Carol Treurnicht
    23rd June 2009, 20:27

    Now to Richard
    also hi and welcome!
    The grandstands used to be free access on Friday (they close them off Friday night) but last year they closed off a lot from the start so I don’t know what the situation will be this year………It can’t be as bad as Hockenheim though where with a top grandstand ticket you were not allowed to go in the bronze areas Friday…… the whole of security up in arms on that one……….and won!

    1. Hi Carol

      I was wondering this as well – we’re also in gold 4 and I’d assumed it was like Silverstone where your grandstand seat is a roving one on friday and saturday and fixed on sunday. Even if the grandstands aren’t open access on friday/saturday, I assume you can still walk around the General admission areas? That was our plan for friday anyway to see as much of the track as possible……

  129. Carol Treurnicht
    23rd June 2009, 20:32

    Hi Jon
    I only ever travel from the other side so am not too sure on that one. The nearest big town is Liege so you will definitely be able to get that far from Brussels but I am not sure how or what you can do from there. I am not sure if there is a train station in the area but there must be something.
    I’ll ask around a bit and see what i can come up with.

  130. Carol Treurnicht
    23rd June 2009, 20:34

    Hey Jon
    have a lok at Greg’s post above as he has a few details there…….

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for that, this is great info.

  131. Andy Atkinson
    23rd June 2009, 21:41

    Cheers Carol,

    We’re either staying near Aachen or in Waimes. Unsure which to go for tbh. I know Waimes is a lot closer for the GP.

    I arrive at Spa on the 24th. Will it be easy enough to go to the circuit to buy parking tickets on the days before the race? I’m mainly worried about Sunday as we’ll have to be there early for General Admission.

  132. Carol Treurnicht
    24th June 2009, 22:05

    why not just scrub the house thing and join us (I know I am being cheeky now!)
    If it help there are the main car parks near to the entrances which you need to book beforehand——question is where if you going GA like us do you intend to want to be? If you want to be like us on top of long straight after Eau Rouge then you need to park at the la source end or you’ll just walk for miles. If you want to be near Bus Stop or down that end then you are better off parking down there. Think about it and then decide as if you want to be at the track early you certainly don’t need an extra trek on top.
    If you want to be La Source end then you can park at our campsite……they also do parking and then its not far (15-20 mins depending on age and ability and/or number of beers previous evening)to the track. But think about it and decide where you want to be then we can sort you out properly!

    1. Andy Atkinson
      24th June 2009, 22:55

      We’re making a bit more of a holiday of it and spending 10 days in the area so a house is good for us. Booked one just outside Malmedy so easy to get to the circuit.

      Not sure where we want to be tbh. I want a decent view and a view of a big screen. I’d wondered about Pouhon but could be tempted by the straight near Les Combes.

      How much is parking at the elephant?

    2. ne nee Carol – die Pakrplätze 1 und 2, 4, 5 und 6 sind sogg. VIP-Plätze. Da kommt man nicht rand.
      Aber es gibt auch nen schönen und bewachten Pakrplatz auf 112. Und wenn der reserviert ist, bekommt man sogar nen speziellem Pass, mit dem man sonst gesperrte Strasse befahren darf und dadurch weniger im Stau steht.

  133. Carol Treurnicht
    24th June 2009, 22:09

    @ Catherine
    if you got Gold tickets then you can go mostly where you like on Friday and Saturday. Its only the poors like us who go GA that get restricted—-up to Friday it used to be free roaming all around but as i say last year they were closed off from Thursday so hope its not like that this year……….but I really don’t know.

    1. Hi Carol – fair enough – seems a shame if they close them off that early in the weekend – Silverstone was packed on saturday/sunday, but friday there was plenty of room for everyone in the stands, and they seemed quite happy to let most people in.

      Talking about Silverstone – hats off to Piquet beating Alonso fair and square – maybe its a turning point for him!

  134. Hi all,
    got our first set of tickets today, fantastic!!
    To Andy A, as mentioned above, we were on Blanchimont last year overlooking Bus Stop & it was brilliant on the Saturday but a bit too packed on the Sunday. If you make lot’s of friends where ever you choose to go you might get lucky & get some spaces saved. I’m sure some people stay at the circuit all night though as we were there before the sun rose & it was packed!!
    Andy K

  135. Hi,

    Sorry if this question is already answered. This thread is too big to go through each post…

    I am planning to attend the Spa Euro Race (27.-28. jun) and stay there with my tent. Is there a possibility to build a tent somewhere near the track? I was there for WSR weekend, the parking places in track territory were not suitable for erecting tents near the car…


  136. Hi Artur,
    welcome to the gang!!
    There is only one place to be this year at Spa & that is at Elephantfest –
    Over the last few months we have built up a mini army of campers & caravanners who are all going to meet up & have a fantastic weekend together. Some people have been having trouble with the website in the past but I think that may have been resolved, so if you like what you see but have trouble booking give a big shout & our Commander in Chief(that’s Carol Treurnicht above) will be able to assist.
    See you there

  137. Nicole and Nathan
    28th June 2009, 20:15

    I am reading all your comments and getting excited for Spa 09, thank you! It is much welcome escape. My husband and I are coming from San Jose, CA, USA. This is our first GP and we are recent fans to the sport. We are staying at the Ramada in Liege. We are spoiling ourselves with Gold2 (hey Nicholas! Maybe we’ll see eachother?) It sounds like the Elephantfest is going to be lots of fun. Would we be able to join you for at least part of the festivities? Would it be feasible given we don’t have a car and will be getting around via shuttle/train/cab/foot?

    1. Hi Nicole & Nathan,
      welcome to Elephantfest!! Please do come & join us, it will be great to meet you. I’m sure that we can sort something out if you are already at the circuit, say on the Thursday or Friday when the roads are not so busy. I’m also sure we will be able to squeeze you in somewhere overnight too so you can make the most of it.
      I spent some time in San Jose recently, I worked for a company called Calpine who were based in the city, I really enjoyed my time there.

      1. Nicole and Nathan
        1st July 2009, 1:41

        Hi Andy,

        Great, thank you very much. Elephantfest sounds like a blast. That’s very cool that you’ve been to San Jose, we recently moved there from Seattle, WA. We’ll enjoy hearing about your experience.

        We are arriving in Liege on Thursday via train, from Brussels. We’re making a 2 week European vacation out of it, with Spa being the culmination. We will definitely spend as much time at Spa as our bodies and livers can take. Your camp is near the circuit, right? How do you recommend we get in touch? It’s going to be so much fun to be in Spa, see a GP, and have some fun with f1 fans.

        1. Hi Nicole & Nathan,
          yes our camp is very close the circuit main entrance in a village called Ster. As mentioned in the thread above I think it may be quite difficult actually getting in to the village with a vehicle during the weekend (Carol may be able to advise more on this)as I think the roads may be blocked but my email is so I can be contacted at all times on this & I can also give you my cell number so we can keep in touch either way.

    2. Hi Nicole and Nathan,

      great – again visitors frem the USA.
      On the camp The Elephant are visiters from CT and CA!

      But getting around by shuttle/train/cab/foot ist a bad idea!
      Better you rent a car. To get a bus from Francorchamps to Liege will be difficult!
      So you have to spend a lot of money for cabs.

      Please go to my web site and you get more infomations araound Francorchamps and the tracke.
      BTW: if you are going to SPA – it’s arounf 12 km from the track.
      The name of the track ist Spa-Francorchamps and you will find it in FRANCORCHAMPS.


  138. Carol Treurnicht
    6th July 2009, 21:23

    Hi Nicole and Nathan
    great to hear you people are coming all this was to see a bit of Europe and take in Spa……its the best on the calendar so you won’t regret it!
    I agree with Andy… can also mail me and i can give you my cellphone then you can decide which day(s) you want to stay over and join us.
    You say you arrive Thursday…well I’ll be cheeky and make a suggestion…… go off to the track as normal on Friday and come to us all Friday evening? We can arrange al that nearer the time but was just thinking then all you have to do is bring a toothbrush (I am sure the rest of us can sort you out with aything else) and if we meet up somewhere on track Friday then you don’t need to worry about transport or anything else! Of meet some of us Friday and decide if you can stand us and come back Saturday or whatever…..
    My email
    Look forward to seeing you all!

  139. Carol Treurnicht
    6th July 2009, 21:24

    Eek sorry about all the typos……..goes off to cut fingernails……….

  140. Carol Treurnicht
    6th July 2009, 21:27

    Hi again
    sorry to bombard the place today but been away for 11 days and have a few things to catch up on.
    I need ideas please as am now the proud owner of 8 huge white sheets (cleaned out mum’s attic during my stay)and thought they’d be great for huge banners along the fence on the top straight………so got them and the spray paint now just need good ideas what to spray………..

  141. Hi guys.

    Been left with a dilemma – booked chunnel, gold 4, sorted insurance etc and then our camping company have just pulled out due to lack of demand (he done pre-erected tents and only has 4 takers for the race so not doing it – arrrgggh). Trying to find another co doing erected tents in the area is hard, only one found so far and they want £189 each for me and my bro :(.

    So have read all the posts here (well pages 1 & 2 skipped 3 as its getting on a bit this morning) and seems I would be better off buying a 3 man popup tent for £80 and camping at the elephant with you guys. What would space be like on Friday night as that is when we will be arriving (driving from somerset)? I will contact them to get a total price later today.

    Anyone fancy a convy on the friday, we leave folkestone at 11.20 and then a blast all the way to spa?

    1. Hi Daryl,
      welcome to Elephantfest!!
      Unfortunately we are travelling on the Wednesday to catch the Thursday pit walk etc but will be looking out for you & your brother when you arrive with a nice cold beer at the ready.

      1. Cheers, as below just got booking confirmation from Michael so staying with all you guys – can almost taste that beer rolling down my throat as I type.

        Due to family/work commitments wont arrive until Friday late afternoon, hopefully between 4-5 – and also depends on how heavy my right foot is ;)

        1. Nice one Daryl,
          looking forward to meeting you, we should be back from the circuit by then so we should have the BBQ’s fired up too.

    2. Hi Daryl,

      the official camps sites in Francorchamps and around have the permit of the community of Francorchamps. And they fixed the prices to 40,00 Euro/DAY for a car/tent, car/caravan, Mobilhome. Parking they fixed to 12,00 Euro.


  142. Hello everyone! Officially 7 weeks away until the start of the GP weekend (the weekend starts on a Thursday if you ask me;) Starting to get pretty excited, had my warm-up at Silverstone, but looking forward immensely to SPA. Just thought I’d check in, haven’t posted in a few. We are still sorting out our flight details, but looks like we may be coming in early Wednesday instead of Thursday. How many people are staying at the Elephant overnight on Sunday? Does anyone know if SPA opens the pits on Thursday?

    1. Hi Christopher,
      we are staying Wednesday until Monday & yes the pits are open on the Thursday.

  143. tony loveland
    9th July 2009, 21:44

    Hi everyone!
    Went to ‘World Series of Renault’ last week-end. Had a great time, saw the R28 close up( running) and on the track driven by Adam Khan(got autograph of course), we were up by abbots so could see well, car had a bit of understeer on mid corner though. Also got Nigel Mansell to do doughnuts right in front of us in formula renault car,great day.
    Can’t wait for spa now, couldn’t get any renault stuff last week-end as they’d sold out, so i’ll get some there.
    We’ll be staying on sunday night , so you’ll have some company…
    Tony and Deb

  144. Me again, I am having problems getting hold of elephant for camping, the only mail not to bounce back was using the email of, & just bounces back each time. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Darryl

      I’m guessing you’re sending from a hotmail account? I had loads of problems, and in the end the only one which worked for me was:

      If you get an answer, Michael often replies using a different account – be careful not just to reply as you’ll end up with the same issues again, I always copied in the above address as well.

      Good Luck!

      1. Thanks Catherine, just sent the email again using the email address you use hopefully will get through this time :)

        Just spoken to my brother so will definately be staying on the campsite from Friday until Monday morning.

      2. Many thanks for that email address, Michael has just booked me in, so all that is left is to pay and I am sorted.

        Cant wait this is my first GP :)

    2. arrrrgh – I don’t know, why sometimes it is difficult to contact me by e-mail. Every time, when I test it – all urls (and I have a lot of them) are working well. I will change the provider of end of the year and hope it will work better.


      Sorry for trouble.


      1. Michael, I can confirm the only one that worked for me was, the others just bounced back – and this was from a work email account not hotmail, gmail or the like.

        Anyway you have confirmed my booking after paying and we look forward to staying at your site and meeting everyone on here during the weekend.


  145. Hi all,
    did anyone watch practise today? Finally Mclaren have pulled their fingers out! I know, I know practise means nothing but when your having the season from hell you take every scrap of success that comes your way, nearly got my flag out lol. I think it could be a very interesting second half of the season, you just never know do you, the Mclaren team winners T shirt I bought might not go unused after all!!
    Some good rumours on the BBC coverage, Heikki to replace Kimi next season, Virgin to move to Manor as Brawn are asking for too much next year etc!!

  146. Carol Treurnicht
    12th July 2009, 0:46

    Ha Andy
    you got the same dreamstations there like we have here it seems!
    Even on TV here yesterday it was confirmed (dunno by whom……..all garbage in my mind till something actually happens) that Fonz definitely off to the reds next year but to replace Massa……………Yeah I know he is becoming a Daddy but Massa quitting? Lost on me!
    Heidi is then off to Renault so who to BMw etc etc……….
    Just looking forward to the race tomorrow and must say I am actually rooting for Webber to get his first F1 win…………

    1. Hi Carol,
      brilliant qualifying session today, it was like Wacky Races at the start of Q2!! Chuffed to bits with both the Mclaren’s, looks even better for Lewis with the fuel loads taken in to account.

  147. Carol Treurnicht
    12th July 2009, 0:49

    @ Daryl
    great that you are joining us at the elephant- looks like we’re gonna have a super time! Can’t wait!
    Don’t worry- we also arrive Wednesday and leave for home Monday so it looks like a few of us will still be there after the race ends…….
    Great to hear you got booked with no problems……..if you need any help in any way then just yell and I’ll sort you out!
    Still waiting for ideas from you guys of what to spray on all my white sheets………..will be silly if they all blank so get thinking!

    1. Carol,
      that’s wierd, I replied to your sheets request last night but it’s not there now. I had two suggestions:-
      Sheet 1 – Max Out
      Sheet 2 – Bernie Out
      Sheet 1 – H
      Sheet 1 – A
      Sheet 1 – M
      Sheet 1 – I
      Sheet 1 – L
      Sheet 1 – T
      Sheet 1 – O
      Sheet 1 – N

      1. Andy,
        I like your idea on the sheets!
        Few highs and lows with the mclarens this weekend, couldnt beleive it when lewis went out on the first corner, i really thought he could have been in the top 5 today, at least they’re on the right track with the upgrades
        Spent a great weekend at Goodwood festival of speed last weekend, really enjoyed it. Met Lewis, D.C, Timo, and Jenson, got up close to the cars etc
        Timo and Lewis were great burning out tyres and showing off doing donuts

        1. Hi Simon,
          what was he playing at? The only thing I can think of is that he is that frustrated with the car this year that the red mist came down & he just floored it!! Thing is, he should have learnt this lesson already.
          Sounds like you had a great weekend at Goodwood, are you at Spa for the Thursday, hoping to meet a few of the drivers then?Did you see DC’s face after Rubens went for it after the race, classic!!

          1. Hi Andy
            your right about DC, he looked a bit gobsmacked, mind you so was I. Fair do’s to Rubens he doesn’t hold back when he’s cheesed off, I bet his team were delighted with those comments!
            We’ve got a 6 hour drive to Dover and catching the Wednesday night ferry, staying overnight in Dunkirk and hoping to get to the campsite about lunchtime Thursday, what time can you get access to the pits, can you get access with GA tickets?
            If the Mclarens continue with the progress they made in Germany you never know we might see Lewis up front in Spa. The turn of speed with both Mclarens at the start caught everyone by surprise I think

          2. Hey Simon,
            I am assuming you will be ok with GA for the Thursday, there is no racing on as far as I am aware so there should be no problem but Carol may know more. Not sure about start time either sorry (not too early hopefully).

  148. Carol Treurnicht
    12th July 2009, 1:01

    I like sheet 1 and 2 but I don’t think you will ever get me as a committed Fonz fan to do the rest!Winks!
    But it was great to see Ham doing better this weekend!
    Still want Webber to win tomorrow though!

    1. Yeah I know, it was very much tongue in cheek, i’m just so thrilled that they are back in the mix.
      Do you think Michael will mind if I copy his Elephant logo off the website & use it to make a couple of signs up for my van (purely amatuer one’s)? If not I can also forward the Bitmap I have made on to you.

  149. Hello F1 fans, Counting down the days to Spa, Have never been there and can not wait for the GP. Being a first timer I was wondering what the best way to get to the track was? Will be arriving in Brussels on Wed. Staying at the Racing Hotel near the circuit. Any advice would be appreciated.

  150. Carol Treurnicht
    13th July 2009, 21:07

    Hi Eric
    must have a look back through the posts but i think there is someone else also staying at your hotel- if i am not mistaken its at the other end of the track to us but looking at the map you should be able to walk it no problems. If not I am sure they will have a shuttle service or something!

  151. Carol Treurnicht
    13th July 2009, 21:09

    @ Andy
    I will ask Michael what he thinks about the logo but knowing him he will appreciate any advertising… fact I’ll even ask him what he is prepared to pay!
    Hey- maybe we can even do a sheet on that one…….make the drivers look when the ride past on their lorry if nothing else!

    1. Hi Carol,
      brilliant thanks.
      I’ll send you the Bitmap picture tonight by email for you to have a look, not the finished article yet though.

  152. Carol Treurnicht
    14th July 2009, 22:47

    Hi Andy
    seen your bitmaps- they’re great- now waiting to hear from Michael——-maybe we even get some originals to play with!

    1. Hi Carol,
      Yeah great.
      I was thinking of maybe taking it to a commercial sigmaker & doing what Tony & Rich were suggesting & getting some vinyls made for the side of my van, not sure what Rhonda(my wife) will have to say though!!
      Tony, you said a while ago that you could do some printing at work, can I send you my Elephantfest Bitmap?

  153. tony loveland
    15th July 2009, 9:03

    Hi andy and all,
    Charlie’s been doing some work on the logo ( creative process and all that!) it’s an elephant wearing a checkered hat with a circle of team flags around the outside! I’ll post it when it’s done so people can offer any improvements ect and give me any idea of numbers we need. e-mail is:
    Hamilton was unlucky- trying too hard,i think, car looked good though with a lot of work done on the front end.
    Alonso was great with the hard tyres when the temp was up, fastest for a bit.Did you see that spin recovery? Fantastic!
    Tony and Deb

  154. @Tony: Looks like ALO could stick it on the podium by SPA! Would be fantastic…

    Everyone, I will be starting a Elephant/Fanatic Facebook Event for our meet-up if anyone is interested…i’ll post the link later. thanks

  155. Carol Treurnicht
    15th July 2009, 18:51

    Hey guys just hold on!
    Andy I sent you the real Elephant logo now as Michael said its ok for us to use it so go ahead and put hats on it of whatever!
    Christopher- great idea- but my internet is too slow for facebook but i will see how I can get to you!
    Man I am getting so excited now!
    This thing is really taking shape!

  156. Carol Treurnicht
    15th July 2009, 18:52

    @ Christopher- if Alo does not manage to win or get on the podium at Spa then it looks like drinks are on me at the pub after the race!

  157. Carol Treurnicht
    15th July 2009, 21:22

    Hey peeps
    if you want a laugh look here
    Yeah these are my pics……….they are from Asphalt’s page

  158. I have made a quick event posting on Facebook for anyone interested in joining:


    1. Hi Christopher,
      I tried to open the link but it just took me to my Facebook homepage?

  159. Andy,

    Maybe you have to be logged in first to view??

  160. Spa last year for my first GP, what a race great and atmosphere, the sound of the engines in the forest is awesome and walking the circuit afterwards was a real treat. i’m tempted seeing all the posts to travel this year if its not too late. Went to Spain earlier this year great to have two Brits in with a chance now Lewis is looking better. Enjoyed all the comments have a good one.

    1. Hi Pete,
      come & join the gang, as you will have seen from the comments, we’ve built up quite a community so I think this year is going to be something special!!

  161. Carol Treurnicht
    17th July 2009, 17:54

    @ Christopher- same happens to me- it doesn’t matter if you are logged in or not you get sent to your own homepage……..

  162. carol treurnicht
    20th July 2009, 22:41

    Sorry but getting more than frustrated now as we can’t get to any posts since 17 July——-F1Fanatic please do something as we got a great thing going here and I need to post some info for the peeps here………

  163. carol treurnicht
    20th July 2009, 22:44

    Apologies- think I am going loopy now……..I will just shut up! Sorry!

    1. tony loveland
      20th July 2009, 23:03

      Carol, don’t worry, we’re still checking in!Just wanted to put a mention on here about Henry Surtees, who died yesterday at brands hatch in the f2’s.Apparently hit by his front wheel when he crashed,where have we heard that before? I love the thrills and spills of racing but hate the tragedy that can occur sometimes.
      Tony and Deb

  164. I am going to my first F1 GP at Spa this year. Arrive Monday and staying in Spa d’Or campsite in a motorhome.
    any tips on where to go at the track for GA and where best to park (assuming no shuttle from site, but I think there may be)

    1. Hi Colin,
      we passed the Spa d’Or campsite last year, it is half way between Stavelot & the tracks Southern entrance. It is well within walking distance but there are loads of buses that go straight past the entrance to the site so you will have no trouble getting a lift if there are no transport arrangements at the site. If you have bikes there were loads of people who did that & locked them up at the circuit entrance.
      Hope you have a great weekend & hope you don’t get troubled by the Elephants :-)

  165. carol treurnicht
    21st July 2009, 18:45

    @ Colin
    I shal check out where exactly your site is and report back on how far from the track it is etc……
    As for GA- there are varying views……we like the top of the long straight after Eau rouge (cars at their fastest there) but there are other good vantage points too. I suggest you walk the track Friday then you can decide where you want to be for the race.

  166. Stephen O'Keeffe
    22nd July 2009, 13:03

    Thanks to all the people who posted loads of fantastic information all about Spa. Its especially useful for people who are going to attend their first belgian gp this year.
    Can anybody tell me the best way to contact the Elephant campsite as it seems to be a very good clean campsite that will have a good atmosphere!!

    1. Hi Stephen,
      welcome to the club!!
      The Elephant site owner Michael gets on here now so he may see your request & contact you to book you in. If not here is the website link
      Hope you get booked in ok, if not keep at it as we are going to have a blast!!

  167. carol treurnicht
    23rd July 2009, 21:47

    Hey peeps- I was not loopy- there were a whole load of new posts- Michael has been replying to some posts going back to May so they appear there and all over the place- no wonder I was worried the post count was going up andi saw nothing new!
    We just enrolled Christopher and Jenna also from USA who are joining us……..great stuff!

    1. Hi Carol,
      brilliant news about Christopher & Jenna!!

  168. All,
    most importantly & in keeping with Tony & Debs comment, my thoughts are with the Surtees family at this sad time for them & our sport.
    Also, thank God for the fact that this sport has designed & implemented the safety features that saved Felipe’s life on Saturday. Justification if it were ever needed.
    OK so, obviously I am elated, relieved, happy, confused, angry & everything in between, what a weekend!! GO LEWIS!!!!
    Why do Ferrari only seem to get post race inquiries, not drive throughs etc?
    Why have Renault been penalised with a ban for the next race yet Brawn get nothing, even though, obviously, the two issues were not malicious or pre-meditated but could have resulted in fatalities?
    The FIA seem to take 2 strides forward (which they really are with the upturn in actual racing) then 3 strides back with their constant & incorrect interference?

  169. carol treurnicht
    26th July 2009, 21:08

    I cannot begin to describe the emoptions I have been going through this weekend and last. Firstly the total waste of Henry Surtees’ life at the age of 18. Then the tragic accident with Felipe yesterday- then Fernando getting pole…….then the race going totally wrong……then the team getting banned……..I really don’t know whether to be angry, cry or just simply not bother any more.
    One thing that concerns me terribly is that there is no proper codex in this sport and the stewardsd just decide as they feel on any day. I want to see a proper penalty book with clear rules and penalties.
    Yes safety is paramount but this time they have gone totally overboard…….the sport has suffered enough this year and now banning teams so that people just don’t bother going to races is not helping either.
    Funny how the twit leading the stewards was the one who assisted Max in surviving his sex scandal and crashed a renault on a demo run (maybe he needs someone else to pay the bill now…….) i am very very angry and we need to get FOFA active on this one now.
    And for the next race its a stupid situation…….no-one knows yet who will have to replace Felipe and for how long, Grosjean does not know if he will be in F1 or can carry on with GP2 in Valencia……etc.

    1. tony loveland
      27th July 2009, 22:08

      What a nightmare! Unfortunately the stewards were right in their judgement, the team should have stopped fernando from leaving the pits,as clearly the wheel guy knew he hadn’t fixed the wheel properly, so shouldn’t have partially raized his arm. The spinner guy also knew that it wasn’t on so should have also stopped the car leaving.When the car was in the pit lane fernando could have been told to stop by radio as it was in massa’s case with the fuel hose.The rules state that a team cannot release a car knowing it to be dangerous or defective, so no joy there either.
      On the up side, renault will probably appeal on the margin of the cut-off and will probably be allowed to race under appeal (like Mclaren did).
      As for piquette, I suspect that if renault can’t race in spain then they’ll keep him till the end of the season- it wouldn’t be viable to put another driver in after valencia surely?
      I heard massa was talking to-day, and hope he makes a full recovery, it would be a shame to lose him from f1, I suspect they’ll use Mark Gene for now till the end of the season.
      Nice to see the Mclarens going well, not as well as Alonso though…
      34 days till we see you all!
      tony and deb.

  170. Hi,

    We have made a last minute decision to go to Spa and obviously at this late stage have no hope of getting any accomodation near the circuit. Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay within about 1 hours drive? Ideally a nice town/village location with some bars/restaurants within walking distance. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.

    1. carol treurnicht
      29th July 2009, 20:57

      do you want to camp in case just join us or are you looking more for the hotel type of stay? I know Michael (our campsite host) also has contact to some guest houses and so on. Otherwise I would say come and join the Elephantenfest.The village here has a local pub- very traditional and racerish but not what you would call totally upmarket.
      Let us have a few more details about what you are looking for and then maybe we can help further!

      1. Hi carol,

        I have been following this forum for some weeks now and have finally got the go ahead to drive to spa for the weekend. There are 2 of us and we would really like to camp at the Elephant camp site. The website seems to be down at the moment and you seem like the girl in the know!

        Do you have Michaels mob number or email address, are there any spaces left. Really keen to get it booked up.

        yours hopefully,

        1. James

          The email I have used to contact Michael was, The phone number on my invoice is +4922345324 so maybe worth calling up. I managed to get a quote and complete my booking using the email address (he accepts paypal). Not sure when you need to get it booked by as about 2 weeks before Michael will send the access permits to the village for the weekend. Daryl PS where are you driving from? PPS Carol hope you did not mind me stepping.

          1. Daryl,

            Great, thanks for the quick reply. Will be driving from Surrey in England, early on Friday moring. Hopefully there will be space for 1 tent!!

        2. James

          I am leaving Taunton, Somerset at 7am and checking in at the tunnel by 10.50 for the 11.20 departure. This would hopefully get me to the campsite by 4/5pm depending on how heavy my foot is :)

          I am sure they can find space for 1 more tent. Have you booked your gp tickets yet?

      2. Hi Carol,
        Thanks for your reply, I think we now have accomodation sorted. My next question is, are GA tickets adequate or would you recommend paying the extra for a grandstand seat and if so, which ones are good?

        1. Having read through the whole forum, I’m quite keen on joining you all at the campsite now, we always camp at Le Mans but just fancied a bit more comfort here!! Are we too late? Should I contact Michael direct? Sorry for so many questions, I hate booking things in a rush without doing my research first!!

    2. Hi Lisa,
      just yesterday I get an offer of a appartement in a little house not far from Francorchamps (17km)- for 4 persons.
      If you still need accommodation pls contact me.

  171. tony loveland
    29th July 2009, 20:19

    hi all,
    schuey at spa!!!!! What a bonus, getting over-excited now, news said he’ll be in until Massa’s better, he’s out of intensive care now so that shouldn’t be too long hopefully…
    (deb called it as shumacher- so she’s gloating a bit)
    tony and deb

  172. carol treurnicht
    29th July 2009, 20:59

    Hey Tony
    partner as a German and comitted Tifosi is ecstatic over Schumi’s comeback………just hope he can drive our waggon there!

    1. Hi All

      I wondered who would be first on here to comment on the fact we’d be seeing Schumacher at Spa! Now we know Massa is going to be ok, my other half is equally as excited about the prospect! I called it too, although I didn’t think it would actually happen! Should liven things up a bit although I’ll still be cheering for Kimi!

  173. Hi all

    Am desprate to go to spa now that Schumacher could be racing again, would like to camp near the track and will be getting bronze tickets :( as its such short notice any tips would be gratefully recieved.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Nicola

      For camping there are a few here staying at the elephant run by michael. This site is about 1km from the entrance so can walk although there may be a shuttle service if required (do not quote me on this though).

      The email I have used to contact Michael was, The phone number on my invoice is +4922345324 so maybe worth calling up. I managed to get a quote and complete my booking using the email address (he accepts paypal). Not sure when you need to get it booked by as about 2 weeks before Michael will send the access permits to the village for the weekend. Not sure about tickets maybe pushing it to buy them online for delivery as mine turned up about 2 months ago after ordering them in January, someone will be along soon and maybe have another idea. I booked my tickets (Gold 4 @ eau rouge) through and still showing quite a few places available. There is a new zone called ‘Steel’ which is at Stavelot for 100 euro, its a grandstand terrace without seats.

      1. Daryl

        Do you know what facilities the camp site has?



        1. The only thing I know for sure is they have toilets & showers. When you book you pay for the toilets and then when you use the showers you pay the attendant on the day.

          Not sure if you saw the post above, but to get into the village on race weekend (maybe even a few days before) you are going to need passes. Michael said he will send them out a couple of weeks ahead of the race so do not know when his cutoff date for booking them at his end is.

      2. Huhuuuu …

        if you use skype: mg_elephant

        “steel” hmmm … if the weather is nice its okay … but if it is raining … hmm – I don’t like to stand there.


    2. carol treurnicht
      30th July 2009, 22:03

      Hi Nicola
      thanks Daryl for some of the infos!
      Nicola- if you want to go bronze then buy at the gate as you will not save anything now and the panic of the tickets arriving the day before you leave- you don’t need that.
      As Daryl says- join us at the elephant and don’t worry about the permits- they close off all the roads on Thursday so you do need a “ticket” to get through but its not so wild!
      Its my 3rd time there now and never had problems to date.
      A guaranteed email is
      but in case of any problems just contact me and I’ll help if I possibly can!
      Look forward to seeing you there.

  174. Hi guys,

    just trawlled through all your posts on SPA and the Elephant campsite. I am planning to go to Spa with my brother in law we are just waiting on his rota pattern and all being well we will be cleared to go.
    I really like the sound of the Elephant campsite and will try booking later this week.

    We made the trip last year in Kurts Lotus 135R, it was a bit a sqeeze with all our camping gear but the road trip was almost as good as the GP. I have a feeling we may need to use of a tractor to get out the field though. I am so excited about going back this year and now the news that MS will be racing puts the cherry on top.

    I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on with booking site etc…

  175. Motorcycle parking


    Thanks for all of the great info here. Does anyone have any idea about motorcycle parking at the circuit? Do I need to book in advance?


  176. carol treurnicht
    30th July 2009, 21:56

    You peeps been active!Great to see.
    So to clarify a little bit- it rains in Spa- always- at somepoint over the weekend it will pour. But no worries- we can always get in and out.
    The best mail addy is the following :
    If no luck then mail me
    and we’ll get you sorted.
    And to Jeff and others wanting just to park- you can do that with us too but do book in andvance because when they close the roads off Thursday/Friday if you not booked then you can’t get in.
    We got a big announcement coming just before then- but will keep you guys posted and hope for your support!
    The site is smaller than the mega sites but watched 24 hours so is pretty secure (not heard to date of anyone being robbed there not like Hockenheim), they have powere, water, showers and toilets- otherwise you do your own things. A baker comes every morning with fresh croissants or whatever, the toilets etc are clean and usable all the time and if you need anything then our hosts will help you out.

  177. carol treurnicht
    30th July 2009, 22:10

    Erm just to elaborate
    just don’t go for steel tickets. You are totally restricted to that particular area only- go for Bronze- at least then you can choose where you want to be…..and wander around mostly friday- with steel you cannot- it ony gives you access to that particular place so leave it well alone!

  178. carol treurnicht
    30th July 2009, 22:10

    Erm just to elaborate
    just don’t go for steel tickets. You are totally restricted to that particular area only- go for Bronze- at least then you can choose where you want to be…..and wander around mostly friday- with steel you cannot- it ony gives you access to that particular place so leave it well alone!

  179. Isn’t this brilliant!! We have so many people coming now Michael may need to hire the whole village.
    Can’t wait for the weekend to arrive now, the hardest thing will be meeting everbody, I for one will be putting our names on the signs we are making for the Van so that it’s easier for people to see who we are & I’m going to write a list of people who have joined the blog & tick them off as I meet them (hope I get round everybody!
    Andy ;-)

    1. carol treurnicht
      31st July 2009, 18:20

      Hey Andy thats a great idea- maybe you can print something out and we can all sign and a few pics of all of us would be great too!

      1. Will do Carol,
        as soon as I get back to work on Thursday & get some time I will start a list off & then will just have to update it as it grows, up until race weekend. I’ll bring my laptop with me too so that we can get photos when we meet up then attach them to the list & do some prints.

  180. Looking for some advice on taking my son to his first Grand Prix! Decided upon returning to Spa as it’s always been my favourite – even with the rain and mud. I’m going to travel down on the train and stay in a hotel in Verviers but haven’t been able to find any info for shuttles / buses running from the town to the circuit. Would be grateful for any advice or point in the right direction. Have fun at the Elephant!

    1. Hi Amy,
      can’t offer much help sorry, only know what we did last year which was travel from Stavelot, sorry.
      Hope you have a great weekend.

  181. hi guys

    Just sent a query through for the elephant campsite and got an invoice for over $200 euros!! Over the last year we got have been made redundant and relocated to find new jobs so its going to be impossible for us to join you at the campsite this year!

    Can anyone recommend any cheaper alternatives? We are coming for thurs-sunday (not staying sunday night) only really have a maximum of $100 we can really afford for accommodation., Any suggestions would he welcome. Thanks for the advice on Steel, we nearly bought tickets as it was the most financially viable for us, but for the access its not really worth the money

    1. Hi Scamps

      When we were looking for campsites, and before we decided to go to the elephant, we also came across this campsite:

      Follow this link to a tripadvisor forum( where someone said it is only 50 euros for 3 nights? It’s a permanant campsite and just within walking distance (~4 km) to the track.

      Hope that helps, or you find somewhere else to stay!


    2. Hi,
      maybe I have to explain the pricing for the camps here:
      The prices are fixed by the community of Francorchamps. Everywhere the same price.
      Only an organsisation from UK is more expensive but far from the race.

      Or you search a place 50 km far from Francorchamps – maybe it is cheaper, but you have to see the cost for the distance and parking each day ….

      the governing Mayor of Stavelot-Francorchamps said: Parking 10 Euro/DAY, Camping 40 Euro/Day. (tax based on this pricing).
      Okay – there is a guy who clean the toiletts permanently – for this service 2 Euro/day/person.
      20 Euro Deposit each group – you refund it when you leave your place clean and take the waste back with you.

      Steel-Tribune is include parking place ….

  182. carol treurnicht
    1st August 2009, 20:15

    Hi Scamps
    sorry to hear of your troubles- been there myself and know its hard.
    There probably are cheaper alternatives but i would not recommend than as last year they really started cracking down on socalled “wild” campsites and the chances of being forcibly removed from the area is very real (they did that last year). The prices are set by the state so if you get a cheaper offer beware as you may really end up with absolutely nothing and losing the cash you paid to boot.
    I hope someone can help you out financially to get there and if so i am sure some of us can spare a sausage or chop or two to make sure you don’t starve!

  183. I have just booked Bronze tickets for myself and my 12 year old son (Joe). He has never seen Michael Schumacher and I have never been to Belgium. I have been to a few other European Grand Prix, but none in the last 6 or 7 years. I always enjoyed camping at Monza, which I have done 6 times.
    After reading this thread I really fancy the idea of joining you all at ElephantFest! The website does not work, but I have sent an email to Michael asking for prices and availability. Carol, I have CC’d you in the email – hope you don’t mind!
    To the people planning to catch the 11.20 Channel Tunnel on the 28th – see you there!

    1. Hi Anthony,
      welcome to the gang, hope you get sorted & see you there

  184. carol treurnicht
    3rd August 2009, 20:32

    Hi Anthony
    yes i got your mail and got in touch with Michael so expect you/i will hear from him.
    Andy- we will have to compare lists as i have a lot of peeps who wrote to me and now booked but may not have posted here……..there are a lot of us!
    I have some big news too but will announce about a week before the race………..

    1. Hmmm I’m intrigued, saw your post earlier about the announcement, Schumi isn’t doing Elephantfest is he???? I’m thinking that because he’s joined the F1 party late he might struggle to find a hotel in time & has seen what we have got going!!!!!
      Andy ;-)

  185. Hi all,

    i wantto get bronze tickets for spa but am a bit worried if i leave it till i get there to buy them they could be sold out, any information on this would be great


    1. Hi all.
      Just when everything was looking good a disaster happens. Last night I sent this message to the Belgian GP ticket office:

      I’m afraid I will no longer be able to attend the Grand Prix. I booked the tickets for myself and my son today. When I have returned from work my wife has told me that she has lost her job due to cutbacks. Is it possible for me to have a refund as we must now cancel the trip.

      Yours Hopefully

      I have not yet received a reply. Any idea what my chances are for a refund? :(

  186. carol treurnicht
    3rd August 2009, 22:46

    Nicola when do intend to arrive? Bronze tickets are always available on site so don’t worry on that score.
    If you book now- you will pay full price plus booking fee which is not worth it now as it will end up costing you more than if you buy at the gate. Only thing is- they usually only take cash or so so have real Euros with you for that. Bronze I see costs €160 now.

  187. hi carol

    intend to arrive friday afternoon, depends on how traffic is.


  188. Not sure how, but this comment appeared further up the page so I’ve copied it to make it appear in the correct place:

    Hi all.
    Just when everything was looking good a disaster happens. Last night I sent this message to the Belgian GP ticket office:

    I’m afraid I will no longer be able to attend the Grand Prix. I booked the tickets for myself and my son today. When I have returned from work my wife has told me that she has lost her job due to cutbacks. Is it possible for me to have a refund as we must now cancel the trip.

    Yours Hopefully

    I have not yet received a reply. Any idea what my chances are for a refund? :(

  189. carol treurnicht
    4th August 2009, 21:09

    Anthony shame shame. Had you already got a booking confirmation- it usually says in the small print if they are refundable or not……….if not- then anyone here want Anthony’s tickets? So at least he doesn’t lose his cash?
    What tickets were they Anthony- maybe you can get with Nicola as she needs 2 bronze and not got any yet? Maybe you two can help each other out?
    Good luck

  190. Hello everyone!

    My father and I are planning a very last minute trip to Spa. Only thing left to organise is the camping. After many google searches “The Elephant” sounds like the place to be! We will try contacting Michael about booking.

    I wonder if anyone could answer some questions:

    1. People have posted that you need Passes to get to the Elephant campsite as the local authority closes the roads – how do you get these passes? Are we too late?

    2. What is the address of Elephant campsite so that we can put it in the SatNav? Or can someone send an exact link using Google Maps?

    Thank you in advance guys!

    Keith and Bruce
    Selkirk, Scotland

  191. By eck! What a roller-coaster the last few days have been! The trip is back on again now. My Mrs is insisting that we still go despite my feeble protests!
    I never heard from the ticket site, but I have just emailed them again to say DO NOT cancel the tickets.

    Getting excited again! :)

    1. Good luck Anthony! Have you been to Spa before? Apart from Monaco it is THE place to take in a GP. Remember your wellies though :)

  192. Never been to Spa. I’ve been to Monza 6 times, Barcelona, Imola, and Silverstone. It’ll be my son’s first Grand Prix. We nearly went to Silverstone this year. When I realised we could see Schumacher at Spa I jumped at the chance. It looks like this year is going to be a popular race:

    The organisers of the Belgian grand prix at Spa Francorchamps are reaping the benefits of Michael Schumacher’s return to formula one, with “a ticket per minute” being sold for the meeting.

    F1 will visit the legendary circuit, where Schumacher made his debut in 1991 and went on to take six wins, on August 20th, after stopping at Valencia which will play host to this year’s European grand prix.

    Reportedly, Belgian grand prix organisers have already sold 35,000 tickets for the event and have seen a sharp rise in the number sold since the seven-time world champion announced his come-back last week.

    Last year 50,000 people attended the race day, but over 70,000 spectators are expected to enter the gates this year.

  193. Superb Anthony! What is Monza like? We were tempted to do Monza and Spa this year. So far we have ticked off Silverstone 3 times, Spa 2 times and Monaco 2 times. I would not go back to Silverstone…

  194. I think Monza is brilliant, but I am a Ferrari fan! I have always camped there and the atmosphere is great. I know some people don’t like the fact that it’s hard to find a place to watch where you can see much of the track and that is true. I have always camped at the site next to the first chicane. If you get there early enough or if you get friendly with the right people you don’t need a race ticket. You can watch the race from the roof of a camper van. Zoom in on the green arrow in this link and you’ll see what I mean!

  195. The link didn’t work. Copy and paste this number into Google Maps: 45.624334,9.281504

    1. Copied, Pasted, Bookmarked :)

  196. Anthony great news you can still make it – I bet your son is excited! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Monza as well – if Spa and Monza had been a week apart, as in previous years we were planning on going to both, but sadly that was not to be this year – maybe next (Bernie are you listening?).

    To everyone who like me has been wondering what time the pitlane is open on thursday – I had a quick look at the spa website – there is a new message saying you can visit the pitlane from 3:30-5:30, with driver autographs at 4:00 (which means if we put our foot down driving from Dunkerque we should make it with a bit of time to spare, phew).

    I’m getting so excited now…..

  197. Hi Catherine. He will be excited when I tell him tonight! I’m very happy to give some more thoughts about Monza, but I’m not sure if this is the right place. I’ll post something on this thread later:


  198. Hi Carol,

    I’ve just come across this thread and found out about your campsite, brilliant that it’s within walking distance. I have my brother coming with me and requires a wheel chair for longer distances, would you say the route is feasiable to push a wheel chair too?

    1. Simon,
      we habe also a VIP Shuttle Service to the main entrance.

  199. Thanks to all for the information on the Elephant. It sounds like a great place to camp. I have booked our place for the GP weekend at Spa.

  200. Eurotunnel and Campsite have now been paid for so we’re really going!

  201. Anthony glad that your wife has made you do the trip, hopefully this year will be a good one.

    Finally I have the go ahead and we are all set to start booking our trip. Will contact Michael this week ref booking into the Elephant.

    Does anyone know what time the Public Pit access is on the Thursday, I’m trying to work out which ferry I should book so that we can make it to the track in time. Last year we arrived on the Thursday just in time for the first practice session but it was a pretty long day having driven all night.


  202. Hi Drew, See Carol’s post earlier:

    To everyone who like me has been wondering what time the pitlane is open on thursday – I had a quick look at the spa website – there is a new message saying you can visit the pitlane from 3:30-5:30, with driver autographs at 4:00

    1. Thanks Anthony, will look at ferry crossings now

  203. Tickets/campsite & euro tunnel booked, just the kangaroo thingy todo and disabled mobility to sort.

  204. grrrrr … I am near a nervous breakdown …
    3rd time this week the server is down. (to hot?)
    But the is a mirror site:
    and one more email:

    23 days …..

  205. carol treurnicht
    7th August 2009, 21:06

    Well folks I am so pleased you are all coming and Anthony- great that it has worked out after all. Super news. Don’t worry about Michael having a nervous breakdown- he will cope!
    Its great to see so many from all over coming to Spa- i will be bringing Chris and Jenna from US – they doing a tour of Germany and travelling with us to the site…….
    I am so excited also about my big news but can’t post it yet!

    1. Hi Carol,
      Sorry to come out of the blue like this but have been reading all the posts and you sound like the best person to ask.
      I have week-end tickets (Gold7 source). My girlfriend (big shumi fan) and I will be traveling from UK with own car on Friday. Have already arranged staying in B&B (schlommefurth in St Vith, do you know it?). I have tried to contact the circuit to find out which car park is best to book but they are not coming back to me so was wandering if you could tell me which one is closest to the seats(yellow, green or red).
      Thanks for your help and you should ask for a job at the tourist office!!
      PS: Being French I appreciate your support to Renault. Bet Alonso will make a point at Spa after being banned at Valencia

  206. carol treurnicht
    7th August 2009, 21:08

    What I would like to see is those travelling from afar- if you still need anything or whatever post please and we will organise between us ie tents, chairs, etc etc.

    1. Thanks! I’m coming from the US, but think I am mostly set for gear. But if you come across a solo American camper enjoying his first ever Grand Prix, stop by and say hello.

  207. Great info, but is there a thread about people’s experiences on Monza?

    We will be coming from the US to see the race at Monza for the first time and would love to know all the “tips and tricks” from anyone who’s been!

    Thanks so much

  208. Tickets booked, campsite booked and ferry booked.
    Anyone else on the 0800 ferry Dover to Dunkirk?

    Not long to go now, getting really excited about this years GP.

    1. Which day are you travelling Drew? We’re on the same ferry on the thursday…..

      1. We are on the Thursday ferry too

  209. Hi Carol , Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your help and advice, we have now got another tent so have decided to come & join you at The Elephant (although the tent is a bit bigger than our old one so we may need a hand putting it up as we weren’t very good with the small one!!) I am having trouble sending the booking form and with e mails being bounced back so I will copy all the details and e mail them to the 4 different addresses I have come across on this forum:-

    Carol I will also copy you in – hope you don’t mind!
    Hopefully one of them will get there & we’ll be able to book!
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    1. strange – the new form is an an other server and makes no problems.
      I get a boocking from “Lisa …” – it’s you?

  210. After searching for somewhere to stay i came across this thread – i have booked in at the elephant for camping over the weekend.

    How far is it to get supplies or do you guys take everything in when you go in? Is there shops within walking distance?

    How far is the entrance from the site – i have a 4 year old with me so can’t walk too much!

    1st GP i have been to – i hope it is good!

    1. to the next supermarket around 8 km in Spa

  211. carol treurnicht
    10th August 2009, 20:54

    Hey Audidoug
    great to see you are joining us- its about 15-20 minutes walk to the track- so for your little one- see how it is on the way there and always get the shuttle back if you need it. Sure loads of us ready to help with piggy backs or whatever………
    Shops you need to get out for- no probs if you in a tent and car but for us with mobile homes its difficult- so up to you if you stock up before you arrive or need to go shopping in between.
    When do you plan on arriving?

    1. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning – 07 to 09 o’clock Bakkery deliver fresch bread and some drinks.

    2. Hey Carol,
      don’t forget I will have a car as I’m in a caravan so don’t mind doing the odd trip for provisions if required.

  212. carol treurnicht
    10th August 2009, 20:54

    Alos peeps- Lisa also booked today so looks like a good crowd!

  213. We will be a in a car and tent.

    We will leave oxfordshire am – need to work out what ferry or tunnel to get on thursday morning – hopefully get there just after lunch.

    Are most staying till monday – we are planning on leaving on monday morning.

    thanks for the help.

    1. Hi AudiDoug,
      I’m getting the Wednesday morning ferry from Dover to Dunkirk & coming back Monday afternoon.
      Looking forward to meeting you

  214. carol treurnicht
    10th August 2009, 22:53

    Hey Andidoug
    some of us arriving Wendesday already- if you arriving Thursday then just make sure you’re in time for the pitalwk………its worth it.
    Also quite a lot of us it seems staying over till Monday so you won’t be alone.
    Look forward to seeing you guys there- and sure i’ll give your little guy a piggy back!

  215. I think a lot of us are staying until Monday, post GP party!! Has anyone received passes for the Elephant campsite? Do they come by mail or email?

    1. Hi Christopher, how’s life on the other side of the Pond?
      No tickets from Michael yet but I got my race tickets today Yahooooo!!

    2. no – I will start to send end of this week by eMail. Don’t worry ;.-)

      1. Hi Michael,
        I have just received my pass & instructions, thank you. I tried to reply via email but your email server refused it.
        Looking forward to meeting you (if your not too busy with us all!!)

  216. can GA tickets get access on Thursday for pit walk

  217. carol treurnicht
    11th August 2009, 18:53

    any weekend ticket allows access to pit walk. Enjoy!

  218. What a dissapointment, Schumi has pulled out due to his neck problems, what a great shame. As one who didn’t get to see him in his prime I am gutted.
    Andy :-(

  219. hi, i’m from italy and i want to see spa gp this year. is good the steel zone on the stavelot corner??
    sorry for my bad english!

    1. forgett the “Steel” … Steel you have to stay there – Bronze you can walk around and see much more!
      Next week I will have a look to this Steel “Tribune” and make pix …

  220. carol treurnicht
    12th August 2009, 10:42

    great to hear form someone from Italy. If you are really coming all that way then invest a little more money and go for Bronze. If you’re not in the first row at steel you will not see anything much and you are confined to that area only.
    Your english is much better than any of our italian I would think so don’t apologise!

  221. Hi I wish to receive some informations about the possibility to park my camper near the steel (Stavelot)
    I wanna know expecially prices, areas with good places and safe. Many thanks for your news and FORZA FERRARI.

    1. Albi,
      there are parking places along the road from Stavelot up to the entrance you need, we used one on the Friday last year, they are quite expensive (25 Euro) & it’s quite a long walk. Alternatively there is the Eu Rouge campsite on the same road.
      Anyway, never mind that, come to Elephantfest!!
      Andy :-)

  222. Tickets arrived today, cant wait now, loads of things each day from 8AM. Need a bigger cool box!!!!

  223. Last year we were searches along with everyone else and everyone had any alcohol confiscated. Anyone got any tips on how to take our own as last year it cost a small fortune to pay tack prices. Plus it was crap lager and somehow it doesnt seem right to drink rubbish beer in Belgium seeing as though some of the best beer in the world is brewed there.

    any tips gratefully recieved


    1. Drew,
      we took our own beer in on our GA tickets last year, were you in a grandstand, maybe that could be the reason?

      1. Andy,
        we just had GA tickets (can’t afford grandstand tickets). Its good news that others had more success than we did though. I’m sure we will try again this year hopefully with more success.

  224. On my tickets there is the word Parking at top left with three coloured squares underneath. One square (black) is larger than the other two, does this indicate where I should park if bringing a car?

    1. Hi Colin,
      black? tztztz
      Around the race of Spa-Francorchamps you have 3 Parking areas. Gold/Yellow in the North (Francorchamsp), Green in the south “Les Combes” and red also south “Blanchimont”.
      The main entrance is in the north – Francorchmaps Ster near all the tribunes around the Paddock.
      This is the best entry for all tribunes araound the Paddock and also for Bronce.
      Exit No. 10 of Highway E 42!

      So best you go to my site, have a look to the maps – and of corse you can also make a booking for parking. With the my pass the police will accept to use the marked street and you arrive the parking wothout traffic jam.
      Have a nice trip to Francorchmaps.

  225. Sorry, meant top right of ticket

    1. Hi Colin,
      not sure but will look at mine when I get home today & let you know.
      Andy ;-)

    2. Colin,
      sorry for the delay, the black square means you can’t park in that area which means that you can park in the areas that are not blacked out, I am in Gold 8 which is yellow parking as Michael states & there are Red & Blue for the other areas.

  226. Hello all! Alright I am confused now and would love some input. I am coming in from the US (on my own) and going to the Valencia Grand Prix and then was going to make my way from there, through London for a couple of days and then stay in Brussels for a few days (My grandparents are from there so I was hoping to see some local sights that my grandfather played at) then catch a train and bus in on race day….But after reading this thread it seems like I am cheating myself out of all the fun. I guess my questions are how long does it take to get from Brussels with public transportation and if I do that is there any way to get back to Brussels after having some fun with race fans or would I have to leave before all of the after track fun begins? If Brussels is out of the question for then any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Sorry for the long winded comment but looking to make the most out of my trip and have fun with F1 fans as we don’t seem to have many left in the US. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Justin,
      one item of advice, come join the party! Even if it means buying a cheap one man tent while your in Europe you will see from this thread that we are all going to make sure everyone is looked after & there are enough of us now to cover any eventuality.

  227. carol treurnicht
    13th August 2009, 10:44

    We also had no problems with GA tickets- only bottles and cans are definitely not allowed. We use Tetra Packs or plastic bottles and had no problems up to now.
    @ Justin- do what Andy says- it will probably be cheaper, less stress and more fun to camp with us for a few days than travel back and forth from Brussels!

  228. Hi Carol,

    Counting down the days to the GP, We are coming in from the US and can not wait, Have never been to Spa. I was wondering, can you take your own beer into the track? And is there a place in the village to buy beer? I was thinking of buying some when we arrive in Verviers at the train station. Any info would be great. We are staying at the Racing Hotel in the village do we have to have passes to come and visit you at the elephant or can we just walk over and visit? And how far is the elephant from the racing hotel? Sorry so many questions but I believe in being prepared!

    1. Hi Justin,
      the train from Brussels to Verviers need around 1.30 hours. The buss … uff .. difficult to say – it’s again 18 km but there are not a lot of busses to FRANCORCHAMPS (not to Spa).
      If you come to The Elephant Camp you can call me an the shuttle can pick you up at the station.
      Have a look to


    2. Eric – if you go to SPA – you have again 9 km to the race and you Hotel. Better you go to Francorchamps ;-)


      The name of the race is Cirquit Spa-Francorchamps and you find it in FRANCORCHAMPS

  229. Andy Atkinson
    14th August 2009, 0:27

    What time is best to get there on Sunday? At Silverstone the gates open at 5:30 and if you are later than 5:45 you’ve got no chance of a decent position. Is Spa the same?

  230. carol treurnicht
    14th August 2009, 9:21

    if you want a good pitch then get to the track no later than 7 am. Then join the fun arguing with your neighbours who’s got the coffee etc! And watch the support races in peace!

  231. Hi All,

    Hope you’re all as excited as I am! It’s my first visit to Spa Francorchamps and I can’t wait!!

    Due to lack of funds I’ve not booked a campsite yet but now i’m ready. I’ve had a price from elephant and you have given it good reviews so that’s a serious option.
    What I can’t get my head around is why stay 9km away from the circuit? At Silverstone there are loads of campsites in the vicinity, is this not the case at Spa? What are my chances of just turning up and finding a campsite within walking distance of the track?
    Any web links or advice would be appreciated!

    In addition i’m super worried about the post
    that states if you try to take cans in then they could be confiscated, surely that’s not right. If anyone with experience could advise I’d be super grateful. F1 is all about a few beers and making friends, surely they let you take your own beers in??!

    Sorry for all the questions but all answers will be rewarded should we happen to meet up!

  232. carol treurnicht
    14th August 2009, 20:49

    Hi Tim
    elephant is close to the track- why we are all staying there. Cans and bottles are not allowed. Only PET or tetra packs. We only got searched race day so your risk if you want to try it!
    If you just turn up you won’t get anywhere near the track as they close off the roads andwithout a pass you won’t get in- at least our end. There are other huge campsites at the other end of the track- if singing german songs till dawn is your idea of fun.

  233. carol treurnicht
    14th August 2009, 21:52

    Well peeps here is the big news:
    please have a look at what was announced today…
    Hope you all support it as it is an organisation for YOU!
    Sorry Fanatic about posting this here but I did tell you about it!

    1. Carol,
      how cool is that!!!
      Brilliant news, I can see you chasing Bernie round the pits ha ha!!

  234. Carol – i’d just like to confirm what others say – you’re an angel for your help and support to other F1 fans visiting Spa. Big downer re the beer situation. Sure we’ll risk the search tho, 15 cans lost is worth the gamble compared to track prices!! Will book elephant for camping tomorrow morning and look forward to having a top weekend with you all should we meet.

    I can sing German songs tho, just not sure if they’d like them or my vocal chords!! Thanks again.


    ps – if you see a man on the campsite in a mankini, i’m not with him!!!!!

    1. So guys not long now and can hardly wait my 1st gp. Minor spanner thrown into the works 2 weeks ago as had to get the gearbox rebuilt on my car (gulp) but its back up and running so I can give it a nice long run there and back.

      So when we get there how are we going to recognise/know each other? Did someone make some stickers up or a print out for the car windows – who was it that had some sheets, I think they will be easy to spot :) As I have said before I will be arriving 4/5pm Friday and if the car is still running look out for a black audi s6 with rumbly exhaust, that will be me and my brother.

      1. Daryl,
        I’m doing some posters as we speak, do you have an email address & I’ll send you one?

        1. Excellent – if you can send to daryl at des co uk that would be great.

  235. carol treurnicht
    15th August 2009, 19:47

    we are starting on the sheets tomorrow………..what a job! Andy’s poster is great!

    1. Hi Carol

      This is also our first visit to Spa. We are South Africans but live in the UK. We have booked at the Elephant and will be arriving on Friday and staying until Monday.


  236. Hi rce fans!
    I am wondering if it’s too late to fly over to Belgium and experience this fantastic grand prix myself. I live in Canada and the is no problem booking a flight to Frankfurt for August 26th and renting a car for the short drive to Spa but I am wondering if I can get a 3 day ticket when I get to the gate. I read that also fans can get to rent tents at the track for the weekend. If General Admission tickets are available at the gate is there many good viewing areas around the track??

    1. Hi Rudy,
      as already stated above, you should have no problem getting tickets, here is the link to the official agent:-
      There will be loads of sites around with pre-erected tents but why don’t you buy a one man tent when you arrive & book in at the Elephant & spend the wekend at Elephantfest?

      1. Sorry for asking so many questions Andy but I would you know if it’s possible to drive into the track and park my car? Since I’m coming all the way from Canada I sure would want to get a good seat if possible and if GA tickets are only available can they be purchaced at the gates . . . before I commit buying my airline ticket? I really appreciate your help.


        1. tztztz — maybe you like to drive into the paddock? You can do with special pass ;-)
          But tourist have to walk – or take The Elephant VIP Shuttle ;-)

          Just today I passed the entrance and saw, that you still can buy ticket … and will be the same at the racing days (Bronze).

          1. Hello Michael. We are cmaping at CampingF1 campsite but think their shuttle to track is quite expensive. So we’re thinking of driving towards track- I’ve seen on elephant website that they have parking and shuttle. I’ve tried to email, no reply, I’m wanting to know if we can drive there from our campsite and get the shuttle from there to the track. Do you know how much it is? Or if you can pay for parking on the day at track? (This is for Saturday and Sunday) Melanie

        2. Hi Rudy,
          it states on the website that you are allocated a car parking area on your ticket, I am in Gold 8 so have been allocated Yellow parking. Last year I had GA tickets & had Red or Blue but we didn’t use the car parks as we had a shuttle service from our campsite, the same as Michael is providing from the Elephant.
          If you do get a special paddock pass can I come with you? ;-)

  237. Hi Melanie,
    I stayed at the campsite you mentioned last year. It is not really practical to drive to the Elephant as it is on the other side of the circuit. You are Stavelot side where as Elephantfest is in Ster at the Spa-Francorchamps side. I would think you may have massive problems with traffic, especially on race day.
    If you go to my first entry on this thread on page 1 you will see that I have written a comprehensive review of the CampingF1 site which I thought was very good but I didn’t know about the Elephant then!! :-}

  238. Hi Melanie,
    I didn’t get an email from you.
    Where is your campsite? What kind of tickets do you have?
    The Elephant Camp is around 900 m near the main entrance.
    If you have the campsite from the UK Company CampingF1 near Stavelot – expensive and far. And not an official campsite! 136 Pound (308 Euro) Official price is 27. to 30. 135 Euro!(car/tent, Mobilhome, Car/Caravan) — tztztz
    If you have allready booked … hmm

    okay – from The Elephant Camp and Park u can use the shuttle – you can make your reservation.
    From Stavelot u have to use E42 -> Verviers, Exit No. 10, than with special pass the signed way on the map without traffic jam some minutes. (if u go via Francorchamps: 2 hours!)

  239. Tickets in hand now so getting really excited!!

  240. Michel/Carol/Anyone

    Looks like I will be arriving in Liege by train Thursday afternoon
    Whats the best way from there to Francorchamps?

    1. from Liege to Verviers – then by bus to Francorchamps. Francorchamps u call me

      1. Michael

        Thanks for the info, I am currently on a boat in the north sea and don’t get off until the 26th, (Weather permitting) with this in mind, is booking in advance absolutely necessary.
        1 person + small tent

  241. Hello, How can I book camping for Saturday and Sunday night at The Elephant, and shuttle too?

      1. please can i have an email address to confirm our pitch? we want to arrive very early saturday morning at the campsite and get shuttle to track? how much is two nights stay?

      2. Michael, Please email me booking form to I ahve tried to one on the website but it came back as ‘mesage sending failed’. I have cancelled my other campsite as too expensive and too far away. I need pitch for two nights for two people with car parking. Thank you

  242. Thank you for all of your responses!! If I decide to rent like a sleeper van or something of the sort is there somewhere to park in the campground and keep access to it just in case I need to hide from the rain and/or cold for a bit or night?

    1. this night temperature: 16,8 °C – Yesterday: Sunshine 24°C – Tomorrow: Sunshine 28°C – next week: who knows?
      But better hide from raining … ;-) – we are in Belgium – we are in FRANCORCHAMPS!

      1. We LOVE rain Michael, we are English!!

        1. grrrrrrrrrrr … u like mud?

          1. Yes we love Mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood (especially after a hard day on the lovely Belgian Beer) :-)

  243. Michael

    OK, will be traveling from Scotland with my brother now, so 2 persons car + tent.

    I have completed booking form and attached it to an email sent to “”

    As the link did not work
    Please let me know what I need to do next.



    1. everything is okay … cu

  244. carol treurnicht
    18th August 2009, 12:27

    Alastair and Melanie
    send a mil to this address and it will get there- if not let me know if i can help.
    or me if I can help
    I know Michael’s mail doesn’t like some addresses and it causes problems but we’ll get you sorted don’t worry!

    1. Cheers Carol
      I have fwd’d the email sent earlier to the 2 email adds you have above


      1. Carol

        System did not like
        mail returned as undeliverable.


        1. Hi Alistair

          Try this address, its the one that worked for me in the end:

          Sometimes Michael replies from a different one though, so if you reply to a second e-mail make sure you always copy in the above address…..

          Hopefully this helps!


        2. Michael I have replied to your email but still bouncing back… So I have sent one more time to all 4 email address’s and I have pasted the transcript below in bold just in case
          Let me know if this is ok. sorry for all the hassle:o)

          I am currently at sea just now but I will be in port on Friday 21st and will do the bank transfer then, if that is ok.

          Will that still allow you to send the Police Laissez-passer to me in time?

  245. carol treurnicht
    18th August 2009, 19:26

    Hi Alastair and Melanie
    you should hear from Michael as I sent him your details. No panic- we’ll all squeeze up to make space for you!
    Not long now!

  246. carol treurnicht
    18th August 2009, 19:26

    Don’t forget peeps- the FOFA launch party is on the friday- we gonna have a ball!

  247. woooo have finally booked! just got to pay deposit! does anyone have the postcode/ full address?

  248. Hello do you guys still have room for one more? If so I would love to join you all! how do I go about booking with you and getting payment to you if you do indeed have space left? It would be Thursday through Monday Thanks again for all the info!

    1. yes Justin – we have! pls got to my web and make your booking

      1. Hello Michael I tried to email through your website with no luck. I could not find a form on there or a place to submit payment am I missing something. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you.


  249. carol treurnicht
    19th August 2009, 6:36

    send me a mail with what you want/need and I will get with Michael- then I will have your email addy.
    Also contact Andy Kelly for a poster……..
    I’ll bring a load of blanks for anyone who doesn’t have one!
    Melanie- yep Michael confirmed you are sorted.He will send you the pass, map and route description when your hard cash has arrived!
    Not long now!

    1. Carol
      I am not having a lot of luck here… my post landed 6 up… I will paste below and hope it makes sense to you and Michael.

      Alastair says:
      August 19, 2009 at 12:26 pm

      Michael I have replied to your email but still bouncing back… So I have sent one more time to all 4 email address’s and I have pasted the transcript below in bold just in case
      Let me know if this is ok. sorry for all the hassle:o)

      I am currently at sea just now but I will be in port on Friday 21st and will do the bank transfer then, if that is ok.

      Will that still allow you to send the Police Laissez-passer to me in time?

  250. Hi, I’d like a poster, but I can’t see an email address for Andy Kelly? Can anyone help?
    Also, my Race tickets have not arrived yet – should I panic?

    1. Hi Anthony,
      I can either send you one so that you can edit to your own taste or just bring some with me. My email is

  251. Hi all,

    The Spa weekend is getting within touching distance now! We booked at the Elephant 2 weeks ago and paid up in full. Should I be receiving some booking confirmation or passes in the post anytime soon? Maybe Carol or Michael could answer. Thanks in advance.

  252. Not in the post, but you should get an email. I booked on Aug 5th and received an email with my pass on Aug 12th.
    Have you got your race tickets yet?

    1. Hi Anthony

      I downloaded a “Laissez-Passer Vehicule” from the web as there was a link posted on this forum. It has the Elephant logo on it. Is this what we need?
      I have not received our race tickets yet either, I ordered them from, they say tickets will be sent approximatly 7-10 days before the race. If I haven’t received them by tomorrow I am going to call them!

    2. Hi Anthony

      Have your tickets arrived yet? Mine are now going to be sent to the campiste!!!!

  253. Sounds right. I have a Laissez-Passer Vehicule. Mine says:
    Camping No. 112

    It has the Elephant logo and a bar-code.

    Glad you’ve not got your tickets either – in the nicest possible way!! ;)

    1. and the Police have a sample ….

  254. 6 pages now guys, could we be the biggest blog on Keith’s site?
    No matter what, we are in for a hell of a weekend & I for one can’t wait to meet you all!!

    1. Hello Carol mentioned that I should contact you for a poster. Please let me know what I need to do to get one. My email is

      Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you guys.


  255. For all who don’t have tickets:
    The office in front the race still sell Tickets for:
    Place – Weekend – Sunday – WE Kids -15 y/o (Euro)
    Gold 1 – 550 – 480 – 275
    Gold 2 – 480 – 440 – 240
    Gold 3 – 480 – 440 – 240
    Gold 5 – 480 – 440 – 240
    Gold 6 – 480 – 440 – 240
    Gold 5 – 425 – 390 – 215
    Gold 9 – 425 – 390 – 215
    Siver 1 – 375 – 240 – 185
    Siver 2 – 375 – 240 – 185
    Siver 3 – 320 – 290 – 160
    Bronze – 160 – 145 – 80
    If you need some help – email me

  256. hi all am coming with my brother in law for the race cant arrive until saturday morning and departing monday morning any ideas on what to do or where to stay am flying and hiring a car so cant take tons of stuff also how close can we getto eau rouge corner with bronze tickets
    kind regards keith

    1. Hi Keith,
      near Eau Rouge are no Bronze places!
      Pls have a look to the maps on my site.
      Bronze places starting after Gold 2 – so main entrance Ster – left – Bronze.
      For camping: also the site.

      1. michael
        thanks for the info had a look at your site i dont know if we can camp as traveling by plan and on a very tight budget does not really allow us to bring camping equipment we were going to stay in the car we have hired a big estate car but obviously would like to be staying nearby is it possible to buy parking and toilet/shower passes without campsite spot so we could stay near. it was a last minute descion to come its been 22 years since i was at silveerstone in 1987 only 12 at the time was meant to be going to valencia but fell through with flights being very expensive.

  257. Hey guys, its getting really close now :D Cant wait !

    Ive got one quick question, we’ll be traveling with a rented car from germany, and i was wondering if there are any special road tax stickers or something that I should now about when driving in Belgium ?

    1. no – no tax stickers.
      Take from Aachen not E40 and E42 – use the national street.
      It’s quicker and less trafic jam.
      And if you boockt parking place by The Elephant you get a special pass to use normal closes street an arrive parking without or less traffic jam.

  258. Hello,

    I found this useful website with the forum and wondered if anybody could advise what would be the best way to get to the circuit on race day. My friends and I are staying in Brussels for the weekend and only travelling to the circuit on race day.

    I have been advised to get the train from Brussels to Vervier, then take a bus to Francorchamps. Do you know if there are any organised buses that we could take to get to the circuit? I am unsure how far the circuit is from Vervier or Francorchamps itself?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated :-)


    1. Verviers to Francorchamps – 20 km
      The public bus stop near the race arounf 600 m

    2. Hi,
      Maybe I can help.
      I live in Brussels, and will be driving to the race track on Sunday morning at 06:00 am. Then back again to Brussels round 5 pm.
      I have place for 3 in my car.
      let me know

      1. Hi Nick….

        I plan to stay in the camp site on Sat night….if this doesn’t work out would love to make contact with someone ravelling from Brussels…..

        My number is 0035385 2702966

        Hope to hear from you


  259. Hi Michael/Carol,

    So excited about the trip!!just over a week to go for me!! We are booked on the Elephant already (saturday and Sunday) but due to work commitments won’t be leaving the UK until Friday night/Saturday morning, we’re planning to arrive at the campsite early Saturday morning (7am ish) Is it okay to arrive then? will we be able to get on the campsite and set our tent up before we had over the the race track?

    many thanks


    1. don’t worry – no problem

  260. What are these posters?

    1. Hi Doug,
      they are just what we had discussed a few weeks ago & I said I’d knock something up to advertise Elephantfest for the people travelling to the campsite to put on their vehicles. I’ve made up a couple each for everyone who has confirmed attendance on this blog but can’t distribute those until we are all there. I’ve sent some to people who have requested them by email so that they can fine tune them to their own tastes but I have now finished work & am off to the V Festival tomorrow. If you give me your email I will try & get someone at work to log on to my account & send you one but I can’t promise.

      1. Cheers Andy, I remember people talking about this now. I was thinking of just getting an inflatable elephant for the car :) Don’t worry about emailing a copy as we are driving up overnight through France so doubt anyone will see us.

        Michael: What time is the earliest we can arrive at the campsite?

  261. Hi michael,

    I have paid our deposit via paypal, please can you emial me to confirm receipt and also outstanding balance to be paid on arrival!

    Looking forward to receiving rest of info and of course to camping at the elephant!!!


  262. YouTube-Gründer steigt in die Formel 1 ein

    Chad Hurley, einer der Gründer des Videoportals YouTube, will mit dem ersten US-amerikanischen Team seit 40 Jahren im kommenden Jahr in die Formel 1 einsteigen. Er wird als Hauptgeldgeber aktiv, sagte er gegenüber US-Medien.

    Im Interview mit Autosport erklärte der Multimillionär, dass er sich aktiv in den Aufbau des Teams mit dem Namen US F1 einbringen will. Es sei eine große Herausforderung die Zukunft und die Strategie des Teams mitzubestimmen. Hurley war durch den Verkauf von YouTube an Google zu Geld gekommen.

    Sein Antrieb für das Engagement bei US F1 ist nach seinen Angaben ein großes Interesse an der Mischung aus Technologie, Design und Sport, die die Formel 1 seiner Meinung nach darstellt. Künftig will er seine Erfahrungen aus dem Aufbau von YouTube und mit sozialen Services im Allgemeinen in die Arbeit für US F1 einfließen lassen.

    Er wolle bei US F1 Inhalte schaffen, die viele Menschen in aller Welt ansprechen und untereinander teilen bzw. gemeinsam ansehen können, wodurch sie sich wie ein Teil des Teams fühlen könnten. US F1 ist eines von drei neuen Teams, die in der kommenden Saison in der Formel 1 antreten wollen.

    Die Fahrzeuge von US F1 sollen mit Motoren der britischen Rennspezialisten von Cosworth angetrieben werden. Das Team will darüber hinaus aber vor allem auf amerikanische Technologie setzen, um deren Potenzial zu zeigen, so zumindest die Zielsetzung der Mannschaft aus dem US-Bundesstaat North Carolina.

  263. Hi Carol,

    Counting down the days to Spa!! Can not wait it will be my first time there. We are coming in from the US on Thursday and staying at the Racing Hotel in Francorchamps, Can we come over to the Elephant and visit with you guys or will we need some kind of pass? It would be great to meet all of you F1 fanatics in person! Where is the Elephant in relation to the Racing Hotel? I believe it is on the other side of the circuit. Hope to meet you guys there!

    1. Hi Eric,
      you are welcome!
      When u get out of the hotel > right – follow the street around 3 km. Cross rd > right down and you will see the entrance of the camp.
      Other way: u call me +32 458 176 121 and I pick u up

  264. Forgot to ask on my last post. I was told by a hotel employee the fans are not allowed to take cans of beer into the track. We were going to stop in Verviers and by some to take inside the circuit during the weekend. My question is, are you allowed to take beer into the track during the weeked or do you have to buy it inside the circuit? Hope we can take our own would like to save some Euros!

    1. no Eric – not allowed. U can buy (expensive) inside the circuit.
      They changed some years ago cuz after the race was tons of waste around the track.

  265. Stephen Coombs
    21st August 2009, 10:53

    Hi, thanks for all the information on here and thanks Michael for your help in booking. I am taking my boys (7&8) to their first GP. We are staying at the elephant and have GA tickets.

    The only thing I am not sure about is how easy and expensive it is to get food in the evenings. Just so I know how much to take. Thanks in advance.

    So if you see a black convertible mini with English plates, a tired looking 40 yo man and 2 excited boys trying to put up a 3 man tent then please say hello.


    1. Stephen, shopping foot you can do in Spa (9 km) or Malmedy (9 km). Supermarket are open till 8 p.m. – so no problem. Fridy, Saturday and Sunday morning bakkery comes to the campside too.

  266. carol treurnicht
    21st August 2009, 12:37

    Hi Stephen
    there are not many possibilities for eating out in the evenings- the localpub does food at resasonable prices but if i were you cram a load of sausages or something into a space in your car and barbie with the rest of us! One of the guys here with a car has offered to do a supermarket run for us if we need stuff but otherwise most just barbecue- don#t worry about the trimmings- we got plenty of sauces ketchup and stuff and the baker comes every morning. We will all have enough to share around methinks!

    1. Stephen Coombs
      21st August 2009, 13:27

      wow thanks. How will I know where the F1 fanatics are? I am arriving Wednesday evening. Is there a part of the camp I should head for?

      1. carol treurnicht
        21st August 2009, 19:05

        there are quite a few of us arriving Wednesday already so you won’t be alone. Most of us will also have a poster in the windscreen (kindly done by Andy)- so I’ll bring a few spares for those that want one and don’t have one! You can’t miss us!
        We worked out we are over 100 peeps through this site! Amazing!
        I will be in a white camper- german plates with the Ferrari and Renault flags on it!

        1. carol can you help me out with the below you seem to be the whizz at this stuff
          i dont know if we can camp as traveling by plane and on a very tight budget does not really allow us to bring camping equipment we were going to stay in the car we have hired a big estate car but obviously would like to be staying nearby is it possible to buy parking and toilet/shower passes without campsite spot so we could stay nearby as in around the elephant sounds like a great camp and lots of ferrari fans like myself and bro in law as weel

        2. hope not the same as last year ;-)

  267. any help greatly appreciated i dont know if we can camp as traveling by plane and on a very tight budget does not really allow us to bring camping equipment we were going to stay in the car we have hired a big estate car but obviously would like to be staying nearby is it possible to buy parking and toilet/shower passes without campsite spot so we could stay nearby as in around the elephant sounds like a great camp and lots of ferrari fans like myself and bro in law as weel

    1. Keith – I think it will not be a problem to find an arragement ON The Elephant campside – email me

      1. many thanks michael have sent you a mail to the 4 address carol ksupplied above hope you got them if not can you mail me at thanks

  268. Hi Michael/Carol, Great to read all the info on Spa! Me and my brother have decided on a last minute trip for next week and will be our first to Spa. Is there still room at the elephant and whats the best way to book and pay, can I do this over the phone? We are looking to arrive Wednesday and leave Monday. Also any advice on the best tickets to go for would be great. Looking forward to meeting fellow fanatics over the weekend. Cheers Nick……

  269. carol treurnicht
    22nd August 2009, 8:50

    Nick- send me a mail please and we’ll sort you out.
    Sure if you book you can pay in cash on arrival as time is getting on.
    Tickets? Depends what you want. We go bronze and hang out at the top of th elong straight after Eau Rouge- its the highest speed part of the track, good viedowall- I have my binoculars with me as you can see about 70% of the track from up there…….just my preference.
    Bronze costs €160 for WE, €80 for kids under 15.

    1. Thanks Carol, Email on way!

  270. Don’t loose the way and follow instruction on the map
    (after the Highway immediately left – the green route)1

    Route du Mulin 2 (neu / new)
    Rue Mathieu Nissen 329 (bis 2003/ up to 2003)

    Lon: 05° 58′ 13″
    Lat: 50° 27′ 36″

    1. Hello Michael,

      Ive got parking tickets for yellow area and it says i should use highway exit 10b – which is 3km after exit 10. Ive tried looking on googlemaps and it isnt named there but seems like a tiny road, is that supposed to be 10b? If you know it could you give me the coords according to . Thank you very much :)

      1. hiway exit 10b is closed. I don’t understand, why they give this wrong information. 10b was a parking far from the race but with shuttle. Yellow or Gold Parking you find Exit 10 – so you can book also The Elephant 112 Parking – see my web site

    Route du Mulin 2 (neu / new)
    Rue Mathieu Nissen 329 (bis 2003/ up to 2003)

    Lon: 05° 58′ 13″
    Lat: 50° 27′ 36″

  272. Matthew Morris
    24th August 2009, 8:45

    Hi Michael

    We are booked in for the weekend – I have e-mailed you the following but it got bounced back.

    Due to journey timings we are probably going to arrive quite late (12 midnight)on the Thursday

    Do we just pitch anywhere on the site – or do we have an allocated spot?

    Many thanks and to everyone else I apologise – if you hear much rustling and swearing at midnight thursday it is my wife and I trying to pitch a tent we have borrowed !


    1. Arguments when putting up a tent – we’d never do that – much!!!

      I was also wondering if the pitches were allocated and also how big they are, is there room for a small gazebo and a tent just in case it pours with rain! Also how long a cable do we need for the electric hook up? One more question (for now anyway, I’m sure I’ll think of some more!), is the pub in the village within walking distance of the campsite?
      Many thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday.


    2. strange – some mails …
      but no problem – we are open 24/24 h and everybody will understand rustling and swearing ;-)

  273. Hi guys – bit late on the scene – lat minute idea to get a formula 1 fix!

    Going to Spa Thursday first time – will it be possible to buy tickets (Bronze) at the circuit and will there be pitch for a tent at the campsites if we were to pitch up or are all pre-booked.

    Appreciate any help you have.

    1. Hi John,
      Tickets you can still buy in the office at La Surce – no problem.
      A pitch for your tent at our campsite also still possible. Pls go to my web site and send the reservation.

  274. Hi folks…..

    Trust me to come across this great site too late…..

    Am travelling from Dublin staying in Brussels and going to the track each day….and have bought steel tickets….I know about the restrictions but they’re cheap and on a bit of a budget….reality was just wanted to see Schumey and Hamilton on the same track….and now alas….well we know the story…..

    Would love in some way to still enjoy elephantfest….are there plans to meet in the Pub at any stage and which village is it in.??..

    If I don’t get the chance to meet up hope you all enjoy yourselves and have a great trip….


    1. same as but i altered my plans i know steel tickets are cheap but i streched and went for bronze in the hope of seeing schumi on track but alas we have to watch the bad boy instead i hope he finds where the throttle pedal is this weekend as after his display yesterday in valencia he wont be quick enough to get up the hill through eau rouge.

      1. well at least he’ll give people a lot longer of a photo opportunity through the corners…for people who obviously want just a photo of a Ferrari car lol

        1. yea thats true maybe theyll sack him in time so someone who is somewhat race fit can drive he clearly isnt fit schumacher even with his sore neck would have done better blindfolded. should be a great weekend though my first time in spa as well last race was silverstone in 1987 i was only 12 and brands hatch in 86 so am looking forward to it having watched hundreds in between on tv

          1. My first time as well at Spa….hard to believe that after watching so many great races there over the years I’m finally going to be there at one….

            There could be a thread of great Spa moments alone…mine would be Spa 1995 with Hill and Schumacher….Irvine’s fire…and surprisingly Badoer didn’t finish that year….hope it goes better for him this year…

      2. I agree Carol….

        Unfortunately it’s all paid for now and have to be in Brussels Sun night as flying out 7 am on Monday out of Chareloi… live and learn….

        Hopefully I’ll get to the pub to meet up… you all head there after the days sessions or is it a night thing till closing….??

    2. Hi Richard,
      the steel you find at highway exit 11
      The Elephant you have to use exit no. 10 and if you have a look to the map and follow istructions you find also The Elephant No. 112.
      An of course guest are welcome! So come to our camp side and enjoy …

  275. carol treurnicht
    24th August 2009, 20:13

    Hi all
    pitches are allocated to you on arrival. The pub in the village is definitely within staggering distance (about 5 minutes max from the campsite) and in the village of Ster. Length of cable? Don’t worry- a normal length cable will be just fine.
    John- its usually better to prebook especially if you are arriving Friday onwards or you just won’t get in without a pass! The roads are not usually closed off thurwsday already so you should be ok. And yes you can always get brónze tickets on the gate- cost €160 for the weekend. Try and make the pitwalk at 15:30 though if you can!

    1. Thanks Carol – great

    2. carol – do you have some legs pain? the pub is around 50 m from the entrance ;-)

    3. Hi we are planning on arriving saturday morning can`t get there earlier will we be able to pitch a tent at one of the franorchomp campsites?Or will the road be closed of by then.We have been before but got there on a thursday.Thanks

  276. carol treurnicht
    24th August 2009, 20:14

    PS- yes you do have room for an awning or pavilion – we are not that squashed up at Elephant!

  277. carol treurnicht
    24th August 2009, 20:16

    @ Richard
    you will probably end up paying more travelling from Brussels to the track every day than you would if you camped for the weekend!

    1. I agree Carol….

      Unfortunately it’s all paid for now and have to be in Brussels Sun night as flying out 7 am on Monday out of Chareloi… live and learn….

      Hopefully I’ll get to the pub to meet up… you all head there after the days sessions or is it a night thing till closing….??

      Sorry for double post….

  278. Thanks Carol, you really are a mind of information!

  279. OK looks like the trip is back on…. ship due in to Norway tomorrow night fly back to Aberdeen Wednesday morning, Thursday Drive to Belgium and party

    Bank Transfer will be done Wed once I am home I have emailed you with info

    See all at the Elephant.

  280. Hi folks….

    Thanks Michael for the response and the invite….I can see why the Elephant has such a great reputation for friendliness…..

    So with that in mind I’m gonna throw this one out in the lap of the Gods and see what happens….

    If at all possible I’d love to stay on Sat night and have a few drinks…meet a few people and enjoy Elephantfest 2009…..snag is I’ve no camping equipment at all….so if anyone has room for one more to squeeze in somewhere then I would be eternally grateful….not looking for a freebie, will pay my way…(i mean I am Irish but I’m no Eddie Jordan….lol)

    Or if anyone has any ideas then they’ll also be gratefully received…..

    Here’s hoping


    1. Richard – if it is burning – I have a supplement tent as reserve ….

  281. carol treurnicht
    25th August 2009, 8:27

    no problem- sure we can find a corner for you- if push comes to shove we have a spare single berth in our waggon! But- we will be leaving for the track about 6 am on raceday so if you need to sleep in then we’ll have to find another solution!

  282. Hi

    we are staying at the elephant cammpsite and arriving 9am Friday. The people who I bought my tickets from want to send them to the campsite. Please could somebody send me the full correct address for them to be sent to as I only have directions not a postal address! Getting slightly worried now! Help…..

    1. I’ve written for this an mail to you

  283. My tickets arrived on Saturday. I’m working away till Thursday night, then I’ll have to drive 200 miles to get home, pack the car and leave as early as possible on Friday morning!

    Weather looking ok so far. This forecast only goes to Saturday:

  284. Hi Carol….

    6am..??…gosh you guys take it all really seriously..ha ha

    Sounds perfect….exactly what i’m looking for is to be at the track early….it always seemed that no matter how much time I allowed for getting to a grand prix there was always a rush to get to the seats….

    Not sure how to arrange meeting up but my email is if anyone wants to send contact details…..

    Looking forward to seeing you all


  285. I was looking at the Timetable that came with my tickets. It says that on Saturday at 09:40 there is International Formula Master 1st Race. I googled International Formula Master and looked on their website. It says there will be 2 races, but the 2nd race isn’t on the timetable!
    There is no timetable at all on the Official Belgian GP site. Does anyone know what’s happening and when this weekend?

  286. I’ve just found a schedule that tells me everything!

  287. Getting ready to leave for the airport, looking forward to seeing all you guys there!

  288. Message for Michael,

    OK Payment sent via paypal, setting off from Scotland in the morning, should be with you at Elephant Friday am.

  289. Message for Michael,

    Got your email reply and sent booking form back earlier but no word since

    Can send payment via paypal if required; or can we just arrive and settle up tomorrow afternoon?

    Setting off from Herts 3am in the morning, should be with you at Elephant midday Thurs if that’s ok?


    Peter & Chris

  290. Does anyone know if I can buy tickets for Friday ONLY on the gate? (We happen to be passing through the area on Friday afternoon, and I have persuaded the girlfriend to stop and watch free practice. Sadly we cannot stay for Saturday or Sunday. I cannot find any information anywhere about Friday-only tickets)

    If you know a price, even better. I understand that the ticket office is at La Source entrance, accessed from junction 10. But will I be able to get to the entrance or car parks without an advance-purchased (car park or weekend GA) ticket?

    If it is not possible to buy tickets for Friday admission only, is there anyone on here with weekend tickets who would be prepared to sell 2 of their Friday tickets?

    Also, any tips on where to park for La Source / Eau Rouge?

    Thanks all in advance for any advice.


  291. Simon Stoneman
    26th August 2009, 21:09

    Hello everyone,

    I was attending the belgium GP with my brother but unfortunately he is unfit to go. I’m still going and will be camping over at the Camping F1 area at stavelot lodemez, if anybody would like a 3 day bronze ticket at a reduced price please contact me on my mobile which is 07887827410

    p.s. I’ll be at the campsite tomorrow.



  292. not long to go now. Will be on the 8 o clock ferry tomorrow morning, we are the ones in the blue lotus, please feel free to come say hello.
    I’m so excited I can’t wait

  293. Simon Stoneman
    26th August 2009, 21:44

    Sold the ticket now

  294. Hi everyone,

    Anyone needing a lift from Brussels to Spa Sunday morning? A little company is always welcome.

    I’ll be driving from Brussels to Spa-Elephant camping Sunday morning 6 am.

    Then back again to Brussels round 5 pm.

    I have place for 3 in my car.

    1. Hi Nick….

      I plan to stay in the camp site on Sat night….if this doesn’t work out would love to make contact with someone travelling from Brussels…..

      My number is 0035385 2702966

      Hope to hear from you


  295. Hi folks,
    I just stumbled upon this page looking for Spa viewing tips. Some useful info, and some entertaining.
    Myself and 2 carloads are coming from Essex and Berkshire tomorrow morning. We are staying in the Yellow camping zone, purchased with the race ticket.
    I’ll be the chap who runs on track to get a safety car out, if the race isn’t going Ferrari’s way….ha ha just kidding.

  296. Let’s hope for rain then safety car:)may play into hamilton hands but I hope fisk does well fi could do with a win although I think I might be trulli:(

  297. Just back –

    Bronze zone tickets, totally worth it providing you make sure that you’re in early enough to park your bum infront of a giant screen (or you’re willing to fork out for a Kangaroo!).

    And on-location camping; Stayed in Green Zone, 10 mins walk from track and got out really quickly after (shame about roadworks on the motorway!). Downsides; noisy at night so don’t expect much sleep, especially on Friday night. And lack of any water facilities at the campiste and inadequate toilet facilities. But if you can rough it, totally worth it.

  298. Well I’m back at work :(. What an incredible weekend. What a race and what a place!!
    Joe and I passed the Force India trucks on the way home yesterday. We waved and they tooted their horns!
    Joe and I would like to say a big thank you to the gang that took us under their wing and made a great weekend into an amazing experience! Thanks to Nick & Julian (Senna Boys!), Chris & Steve (New York!), Carol & Rolf (Schumacher! No More Alchohol!), and everyone else who we chatted to, drank with, and scrounged food from!!

    See you next year?
    Anthony (Kimi!) & Joe (Senna Boy In Training!)

  299. Hi everyone!
    Had a great time at spa,thanks to everyone who helped us out, particularly Carol and Rolf, they sure know how to party! ALONSO!
    We’ll post what we’ve got soon on here so you see how Nico’s hair really shines in the sun!
    Tony and Deb.

  300. Senna Boys (Nick)
    1st September 2009, 13:56

    Hi Everyone, Senna boys were flying yesterday in the fiesta, purple sector times all the way back to the UK! Back to work now… Expect a full update with pictures soon courtesy of the SENNABOOOOYYYYSSS!!

  301. Hello to all,

    thank you very much for the nice time with all together.
    Hope we will see us again.

  302. carol treurnicht
    1st September 2009, 19:56

    Hi peeps!
    Still recovering! Thanks to all of you for making this such a great weekend!
    Will talk soon as still sorting all the mess out here!

  303. hi to all
    what a fantastic weekend well done to ferrari it was fantastic to see the best back on form along with great camping at the elephant didnt get to meet most of you guys but had a great time there and at the cafe bertrand hopefully we will be back next year fo a proper visit as opposed to just sat n sun nights roll on monza

  304. I’ve been to Spa for the last 4 races and have stayed at a caravan / camping site (Camping Spa Dor) for all that time. It’s a good site about 9km from the track and organizes a shuttle bus which leaves at 7:30. It has static caravans at a fairly hefty 125euro per night (minimum 4 nights), and scaravan and camping plots at a different price (I’ve never used them because I like having my own toilet and shower. :-)). Very good facillities and it’s never flooded at any of the races I’ve been to. It organises events for the race weekend including live music, discos and Karaoke and has a nice restaurant and bar. We’ll be going back next year.

    I have viewed from Gold 1 – opposite the pits. While the pits are interesting they don’t make up for the lack of any racing action visible from here. Also if you’re in the front 3/4 rows the catch fencing gets ruins the visibility.

    Gold 3 – issues with catch fencing. If you’re close enough to the front to see l’eau rouge, your view is spoiled by the fencing. Any further back and you cant see L’eau rouge but you should have a good view of raidillon.

    Gold 4 – open and has good views if you’re in the front 3 rows in blocks A and B. Further back and you cant see the corner but you do catch a glimpse of the cars swerving around at Raidillon. It has a screen visible but take binoculars because you won’t be ab;e to read it. The front of block C is a right off because of the catch fencing. Higher up you should get a view of raidillon.

    Summary – I recommend the campsite. I don’t recommend Gold one or 3 and only go to gold 4 if you can be assured of a seat in rows 1-3 in blocks B and C.

    Appologies if this has been covered in previous posts but I didn’t go through all the many useful bits of info before adding mine. However I shall be reviewing it all before deciding where to go next year…

    1. should be blocks A and B – front rows (not b and c). It’s my age you know…

    2. martin this was my first trip to spa i had a great time i was doing this trip on a seriously tight budget but still wanted to have the best time bronze tickets for the weekend at €160 afford the best value you can get close to the action although the safety fencing can be a royal pain in the ass i got there sat 10mins before qualifying and started walking up the hill from eaurouge to the kemmel straight and my mind was instanlu made up where to watch the race from half way along the kemmel straight is agian screen and if you stand at the top of the bank you can see almost all the circuit and easily pick out whos doing what and where you can see 60-70% of the track and can see the cars exiting radillion and entering les combes dont waste your money on grandstand tickets there not worth it we met to guys from wales who were at gold stand at eaurouge and they came up to the top where we were and said we had a way better view.
      come back to spa it is by far and away the best track

      1. Keith – I agree the Kemmel straight did seem to be a good viewing spot. We stopped there after qualifying on Saturday to watch the GP2 race. Very good and surprisingly close view of the cars. The only (slight) downside is having to get to the track at 8:00 to get a good viewing place…

        1. carol treurnicht
          2nd September 2009, 20:39

          we always sit up on the Kemmel straight and you need to be there at 7am to get a good spot!
          Also being restricted to a bus at 7:30 is not my idea of fun. If I can either take Joe le Taxi or walk then that suits me fine!

    3. Hi Martin,
      thanks for the info, we are trying to decide where to go next year & your tips are very much appreciated. We were thinking either G1 or G4 but may have to re-think.

      We went Gold 8 this year (2 of us in Row 2 of block A & 1 at the back of Block C) the views from both were excellent apart from the fencing obscuring the views & photography slightly from the lower seats, it would appear that this is a recurring problem if situated lower down, we should maybe suggest to the ticket agency that if you buy your tickets early you get to choose which seats you get (can’t be too difficult?), Carol do you think that this is something that FOFA could get involved in?
      Andy ;-)

  305. Hi all,
    brilliant weekend!!
    Great meeting some fantastic people, Senna Boys, Tony & Debs, Chris & Steve, Chris & Jenna, the list goes on & we have memories which will last a lifetime.
    Thanks to Michael & the team for arranging the campsite & for helping with my car, we got home without any problems & as promised I am selling it this weekend!!
    Thanks to Carol & Rolf for being great neighbours & for the delicious Honey Beer.
    Can’t wait until next year.

  306. My brother &I made it backhome to Scotland 11:30 last night 1,975 miles of a round trip worth every mile. Hearing & Liver doing as well as can be expected:0). Certainly plan to do it all again next year. Hi to all we met and partied with and have forgotten your names, mind you by sunday night I was struggling to remember My own name.


  307. carol treurnicht
    2nd September 2009, 20:36

    Hi to all again- am more awake today and survived my first day back at work!
    Now back to the real business:
    FOFA got registered yesterday so we are battling now to go public (in about 2 weeks) and get a fantastic new website up and running!
    For now if any of you got pics to post please put them on here
    and we will transport them onto the new site soon!
    I also opened a discussion there about the things that were not so good about SPA so please add your comments so we can prepare a formal document for our mate Bernie and the promoters of the race to make it better for us in future!

  308. Christopher SennaBoy
    2nd September 2009, 22:31

    Purple sector times in the Fiesta! Thats TRUE SennaBoy talent, that is!

    I would like to say thanks 1st & foremost to Carol & Rolf who made this trip as fantastic as it was. From the moment we arrived there we were greeted like old friends. Rolf was worth the trip by himself!

    I am honored & proud to have joined the SennaBoy ranks & look forward to attending future GP’s as full on member with proper uniform ;)

    Anthony (Kimi!), we need you to post the video of Rolf in the pub on the last night! REally looking forward to seeing everyones pics.

    Andy & friends, Chris & Jenna, Kimi & Joe, Michael & numerous others I’m glad to have shared the experience.

    Start posting those pics & video!


    cheers, SennaBoy 3

  309. I’ve posted 3 videos onto the FOFA Facebook page. There are more pictures on my Facebook. If anyone sets up somewhere for us all to centrally upload our pics and vids I’ll happily contribute.

  310. Hello all,

    Spa was fantastic and what a race! Some feedback for anyone not really part of “elephantfest”:

    Following posts in this thread I decided to stay at the elephant. There were only 3 of us and we were in tents. I’m not passing on any blame, but I did get the impression this was a proper camp site and not an improvised field as the case turned out.

    The site is massively overpriced along with all the others in local fields. The charge for the shower was just a flat rip-off particularly as they were stone cold 50% of the time.

    The nearest entrance to the elephant only opens at 7am on race day as opposed to 6am at Les Combes so we couldn’t get our favoured seats (not a huge problem just dissappointing).

    So from speaking to various experienced Spa regulars the best approach is to either stay in Germany or a way out from the circuit and pay sensible prices for accommodation and get PROPER facilities. Then drive in each morning, and therefore being able to use the gate at Les Combes to get a decent spot.

    As for the track and atmosphere – bloody brilliant!

    1. Hi Bruce,
      I am with you – it’s overpriced.The community of Francorchamps fixed the price – not me!
      I have to follow the rules.
      This year the water pressure makes problems.
      Please think: Francorchamps is a small village. In my house at race time (daytime) I have NO water. We have to save some water before the race.
      But will it be a good idea to stay in Germany – make every day the way to the circuit, stay in the traffic jamp and pay the overpriced parking? …

      1. Hi Michael (& Andy)

        I understand your comments about the pricing dictated to you and my comments shouldn’t be taken personally. However we spoke to 3 separate groups of people who all stayed a distance from the track and drove in. Even at 10 Euros a day parking it was still cheaper, because of paying normal prices for camping.

        Not only that, having driven around the local area while trying to find gas, we came across 2 camp sites with levelled pitches, brick built toilet and shower blocks and no extra charge for a shower.

        On Saturday and Sunday we arrived at the track before 7am and still had a 20 minute walk to get there. At this time of the morning there is no traffic! And in fact next time we will use the entrance at Les Combes which opens at 6am so even less traffic!! After the race it was bad, but mainly heading towards the motorways. I can cope with that if it means being able to enter at Les Combes at 6am and get a decent camp site.

    2. Hi Bruce,
      valid comments, & just to add to yours, from my own experiences in 07 we stopped at a site 9 miles from the circuit in a field near a village called Somagne, East of Stavelot which was organised by an English company
      I have to say the facilities were comparable at best with the Elephant & as Michael says the prices are set by the community. I found that the Elephant’s proximity to the circuit to be the winner as we had to be on the bus for 06:00 at the latest from Somagne to get anywhere like a good view, especially on race day (in GA sat above Bus Stop). Whereas this year we had the choice to use the shuttle or walk down to the circuit when we were ready so I suppose it is a Horses for Courses decision based on what personal requirements people have.
      In my view the Elephant had a better atmosphere than the other site even though there was entertainment arranged & a bar etc but again that’s just my opinion.As you say, the main thing was it was a fantastic weekend, even if the Brit’s did only last one lap!!

  311. Hi Bruce. I agree with you that the price for camping was extortionate and the facilities were extremely basic. Luckily I was camping with my son so showers and tiolets were not a major priority! There is certainly no way I would expect my wife or daughters to stay there unless we had a camper van.
    Having said that I fully intend being there next year!

  312. carol treurnicht
    3rd September 2009, 20:04

    Hi all
    here’s the link to the Rosberg video clip from RTL
    Sure some of you here will recognise it!

  313. Hi all,
    personally I would like to thank Michael for his hospitality, I think he was helpful and can only provide what is available locally.I wanted a site close to the track, clean and easy to find, the elephant was all of those things, and as for the price, I thought they were reasonable for a temporary site as it was.The only thing I would change was perhaps providing a little more of the small shop stand , maybe milk, etc.
    On the whole though we were very happy with the experience.
    Thanks Michael.
    Tony and Deb.

  314. carol treurnicht
    5th September 2009, 20:19

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I mean I have been 3 times so far- and this year for the first time we were pretty lucky with the weather. So we are usually pretty prepared but a little shop or something in the village is sadly missing- I mean I had the wrong batteries for the camera—–ok we got over that one but what bugged me most was I wanted to make you guys one of my special lethal tomato salads and forgot the blinking onions…….
    At the end of the day- if everyone had a great time that is what matters. I had the weekend of my life thanks to loads of people on here, Michael and the events generally.
    Here’s to next year and hopefully FOFA will get a few things moving by then!

  315. Hey Guys :-)
    Fantastic Weekend, We also stayed in the Elephant Campsite, Unlucky about Lewis & Jenson, But Aftwerall ITS RACING :-) So amazing, thank you to everyone!
    Hopefully, Monza will bring a brilliant race with Ferrari vs. Mclaren again.
    GO FOFA :-)
    Thanks to Carol and Michael!
    Nick and Simon – still flying the Welsh and Mclaren Flags :-)

  316. Hey guys

    By now the race is over for 2009 and unfortunately Kimi won, with Lewis in the wall (not happy) but im looking to be there for the 2010 race, from Australia so its gunna be a bit expensive but i love F1 and Spa so not worried. Just wondering since ill be on a budget would the “general Admission” tickets be the best? and if i have those can i access any general admission area at the circuit? as for accomidation it sounds like camping nearby is the go as i will be tight on money and dont wanna be stuck in awful traffic. Any help and advice would be appreciated.


  317. Hi Marc, I would definately recommend Bronze, and yes you can go anywhere that is marked as Bronze with a Bronze ticket. There were people in our group with gold or silver tickets who wished they’d opted for Bronze. If you stay at the Elephant and hook up with Carol she’ll make sure you get to the track in time on Sunday to get a decent place! I’m hoping to make it next year again as this year was great!

  318. hey Anthony, thanks for the feedback, u guys seem to have a great little group going on here. by the way is bronze the general admission area? ie. the straight after eau rouge? plus, i think the non-seated areas would be where all the great atmosphere is.

  319. Hi Marc, Bronze tickets are valid from the straight after Eau Rouge all the way round to the Bus-stop. Have a look here for a map:

  320. Ahhh perfect thank you. Also, what is this Elephant place? are there any good places to stay such as a motel etc. or maybe a cheap tent? ill literally be flying there for the race so ill have a backpack at the most, maybe a suitcase etc, so maybe a place to leave my stuff for the weekedn would be good.

  321. Carol!! Looks like we’ve got another foreigner from the colonies needing your help. At least he’s giving you plenty of notice!

    Marc, Just wait a day or 2 for Carol to reply.

  322. Senna Boys (Julian)
    7th September 2009, 17:09

    Hey guys,

    First of all can I apologise that it took me this long to post a message, it’s been pretty mad since getting back.

    I still can’t believe what a cracking time we had in Belgium, the chance to meet such a great bunch of people and share some superb laughs with doesn’t happen too often.

    Massive thanks go out to Carol for all her help in sorting my brother out….. (He can be hard work…I know lol) and for looking after all of us once we were out there. Now we know what to expect we will be arriving better prepared next year if everyone is going. You can tell Rolf I’ll be bringing along some special samples for him to try out; I am missing the honey beer already! I’ve been on the d-tox for over a week since I’ve been back and I think I’m still sweating out that blonde beer we were drinking! Tell Rolf the Senna boys are missing him and next time we meet we’re going to convert him!

    Anthony, it was great meeting you and Joe over there, I’m glad we’re well on the way to converting him into a Senna boy! I was showing the guys in the office photos from the race, without even mentioning it someone did ask if that was Kimi with us! ;-)

    Chris, Still can’t believe the Senna boys have gone international……it was about time though. I’ve been looking on ebay this end and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the blue senna hats, the only ones available are from Brazil and I’m not sure if they’re official ones. I’ll keep my eyes out and let you know if we spot one. I never thought I would say it but I am now regretting getting it signed as I’ll lose the signatures over the next 40 years worth of drinking, chanting and general Senna boy duties. It was great meeting your dad as well; he had some great stories of racing days gone by. Can you ask him what the book he mentioned to me in the pub was called, in my drunken haze I forgot? It was about the old racers and had shadows in the title.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Nicks purple times going back, Bador hit more apexes then my brother did lol.


    I have to say thanks to Michael as well for a great campsite, I’ve been to a few now and that was one of the better ones for sure. The two guys you had working there were really helpful so hats off to them as well. I didn’t mind paying for the showers as they were so clean and to be fair, you needed a shower if we were to keep up with Rolf!

    I’ve got hold of our photos now so will get them posted on the FOTA facebook site; I’ll try about pick everyone out so we can get people tagged etc.

    Look forward to speaking with everyone soon….MOMENT………I HAVE DREAM……..SCHUMACHER!!!!!

    1. carol treurnicht
      7th September 2009, 21:22

      Hey Julian
      I had an absolute ball- and it would be more than great if we all met up again next year! Just waiting for the ticket offices to open to book mine for 2010!
      Have you had a look at this yet?
      Look at the video “Rosberg giobt den RTL Stuntman”- you may just recognise a few things and people……..

  323. carol treurnicht
    7th September 2009, 21:10

    @ Marc- bronze is certainly the best bet- we do this every year and have never felt the urge to go for expensive grandstands to date! Only drawback is getting to the track by 7 am sunday to get a good place (nearly killed us but we all made it- even Rolf made it for the GP2 race………)
    If you need a tent keep me posted and I’ll bring that and the mattress along again like we did for Chris and Steve from New York this year. We had a ball!
    PS- if you book before end October you get 20% discount so go for it (more bear money then!)
    We are on track for next year because Spa is the best.
    Will be liaising with Michael/Village to get a sort of little supply act going (for basics at least).
    FOFA will also be better organised by then! Counting the days till Spa Elephantfest 2010!

  324. Hey Carol, thank you very much for the kind gesture. Especially to a complete stranger. I will keep you posted with my progress but a ticket before October this year is unlikely. Im embarking on a little trip which begins in Las Vegas so that is my first priority, but if there is a time frame I should be getting my ticket by id like to know, so i dont miss out! Sounds like a blast having read the previous posts. thanks for the info guys.

  325. Marc, If you want Bronze tickets you should be ok and it is unlikely that they will sell out. The more expensive tickets tend to sell out.
    Julian SennaBoy – My wife thinks the Kimi comparison is very funny as I’m probably twice his age! I’ll ask my mate who owns an F1 shop about Senna caps.

  326. Senna Boys (Julian)
    8th September 2009, 12:04

    Anthony, you’re a complete star! I have been able to find the red ones and various others but the blue Nacional senna hats seem to have dropped off the radar.

    Oh and here’s a link to the website I was telling you about for signed art.

    I got the schumacher Ferrari print and a Senna one that isn’t on there anymore. My next purchase is going to be Alesi 93 at Imola!

    Marc, Don’t worry about the Bronze tickets, me and my brother rocked up on the Thursday morning of the race weekend and brought our tickets there…no worries!

    1. carol treurnicht
      8th September 2009, 21:59

      just got one of your blue senna caps here- just hope the previous owner didn’t have lice or anything. Anyways depending on condition you can either have it or use it to christen Rolf with! (He has just about recovered)!

  327. Julian, can you send me an email to as we’re getting a bit off-topic here!

  328. Bronze sounds the go then guys, if i dont need to purchase them til almost race day (or friday practice) then that makes me alot happier and my chances of been at the race more than likely :) should be exciting as it will be my first ever live F1 race, and what better place to see it then Spa? (even if it is a million miles away on the other side of the world) Shall keep you posted, it would be great to see some of you as you seem to have a good relationship with each other and the experience is very usefull!

  329. What a fantastic race track and great weekend. I stayed right in the village of Francorchamps and only paid 10 euro a night for camping + 4 euro for a hot shower. The village is great with a nice bakery, butcher and a few stalls selling food and drink. The fireworks at night can be a little noisy but add to a great atmosphere.

    I was pleased to find that you could take your own beer into the track which saved a few euros.


  330. Hi Dan, How did you get to the track and how long did it take?

  331. Finally got back home and wanted to share our thoughts on spa, the race and the elephant!

    We had an amazing time – I’ll echo the thoughts of those above, and thank Michael and the other guys at the campsite – I thought they did an amazing job especially keeping the toilets/showers so clean all the time! Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet loads of you, but had a great time with those we did (especially Drew and Kurt, although meeting you guys could turn out to be expensive, Kurt did such a good selling job on the lotus….).

    As a big Kimi fan, I obviously was very happy with the race as well! The only thing I didn’t like about the race was the fact that at Spa you don’t get a victory lap – I’ve waited a long time to see Kimi win again….

    As to the track, I thought it ws amazing. We were in gold 4 – I was really impressed with the views you could get on a bronze ticket after walking the track on friday, but was still glad we paid the money for the grandstand – watching the cars coming down from La Source, bottoming out through Eau Rouge and flying up the hill is something else. Plus, I like the comfort of knowing that we have a guaranteed seat without getting up so early…… We were probably in the worst seats in the stand (see Martin’s comments above) at the front of section C, but even with the fences you got a good view, and the cars go up the hill at your eye level. I was quite grateful for the fencing when Stefano Coletti crashed his GP2 car about 10 meters from our seats! For anyone wanting a grandstand ticket, rather than bronze I would recommend this stand. Plus it has the additional bonus that the stand has its own toilet block – not too many queues!

    All in all a fantastic weekend and we’re definately going to return next year and are trying to decide which stand to go for – we’ll happily return to gold 4, but are thinking about gold 8 (question for Andy or anyone else in that stand, was it the covered stand with the blue seats or the red seats???).

    1. Hi Catherine,
      yes G8 was the covered stand with Blue seats nearest the La Source entrance. Funnily enough I am thinking of going G4 next year & your comments have just about sealed the deal for me. Can honestly say though that I would go back to G8 again as the action from there was great, you could see right in to the pits & the big GP2 crash at the start of race 2 was right in front of us which I got on video.
      I agree it was a shame we all didn’t get to meet up, there was probably just too many of us to all get together anyway as Carol & I counted around 150 people a week before the race. We had a few problems with my car on the way out & also when we were there which kind of dominated a lot of our time & stopped us mingling more than we wanted to (we had brought loads of sausages etc for a BBQ which all went to waste as we ran out of time for a big one, where did the time go?) but having loads of little communes around the site was good too!!
      Hopefully next year a few more of us will meet up & make even more new friends.

      1. Hi Andy

        Thanks for that – we spent a while at the end of the race trying to work out which stand it was, but there were paddock club signs all over the stand so were worried that wasn’t it. The views looked great, so I think we might go for it. With regard to gold 4, we actually asked to be sat where we were (we didn’t realise about the fencing when we booked)so hopefully if you asked to be near the front in sections A or B you would get the best seats. I also noticed in your post above you had contemplated G1 opposite the pits. I haven’t been in those seats at Spa, but have sat on the pit straight at Silverstone a few times – although the racing isn’t as good as other places, its a great place to watch all the pre race build up, you really get the atmosphere, plus you get to see the podium and pit action. Probably something to consider on a track where the racing isn’t as good.

        Sorry to hear about your car problems – hopefully it didn’t ruin your weekend too much. I agree, the weekend went so quickly, and it isn’t possible to see everyone. I just can’t wait until next year……


        1. Hi Catherine,
          yes there were Paddock Club seats in that stand. It was a bit strange really, as after Qualifying we noticed a big bunch of seats in the centre of the stand empty so we wandered up to take advantage of the room & better view & were promptly jumped on by the attendants & told that they were strictly for Club members only, even though they had all disappeared back over to the paddock area!
          How did you manage to ask for particular seats, we just got what we were given?

          1. Hi Andy

            Did you buy your tickets through the official site ( If so, when you place your order there is a link you can click on (or it could be a comments box, and you can change it after the initial order) where you can state your preferred block in the stand and they will try to accomodate you. It may just be coincidence that we ened up where we asked to be, but its worth a try.

            Thats so annoying when the attendants are like that! The only thing I preferred at silverstone over Spa was the fact that on friday they let pretty much anyone into the grandstands, and on saturday your ticket is a roving grandstand ticket, so you can watch qualifying from a different grandstand to the race, and sit where you like in it! The stands were pretty empty at least on friday and I think its a real shame they don’t open them up to everyone.


          2. Hi Catherine,
            no we used, same price but without the important extra of being able to choose your location. Thanks for that, I’ll use the official site from now on.
            Totally agree with your comments on access throughout the weekend, surely it wouldn’t bother anyone if empty seats were used at quiet times (it would make the TV pictures better as the track would look fuller)? I for one wouldn’t mind if someone was using my seat when I wasn’t there, so long as they shifted up a bit when I arrived!!

          3. ia a dealer!
            Direct from the circuit Spa-Francorchamps:

            Please don’t buy from non-authorized sites!


  332. It was about a 15 – 20 minute walk to the entrance of the track.

  333. Senna Boys (Julian)
    11th September 2009, 14:45


    That’s great news….should I even ask where you found it or what happened to its previous owner ?? Good to hear Rolf has nearly recovered, he truly did lead the field in the drinking stakes, will have to get more training in before the next event!

    We could have a crowning session for Rolf next year at Spa….introduce him to the club officially! Keep hold of it until we meet up again.

    Anthony, sorry mate, I’ll fire you an e-mail when I get home.

    I’m going to take some time out this weekend to get the pictures up, it’ll take a while on my excuse for a home PC!

    What was the name of that pub we were going to each night, I completely forgot…..or maybe it was too much of the black 8% stuff!

    So is everyone looking at returning to the elephant for next year? I was talking with a fellow Senna boy that couldn’t make it this year, I am about 80% complete in talking him and his good wife into coming along next year!

    1. Yo Senna Boys.
      We are certainties for next year, if only to see Rolf in a Senna Hat :-)
      PS Watch out for Lewis this weekend!!

      1. carol treurnicht
        11th September 2009, 21:14

        watch out for his mate Sutil this weekend! Lol

        1. Hi Carol,
          another anti-climax for Mclaren!! So frustrating.
          What is going on at Renault, Flavio & Symonds walking/ being pushed out, surely if the crash was on orders it would have been picked up in the radio recordings to/ from Nelson’s car? It can’t have been decided before the race?

  334. Senna Boys (Julian)
    15th September 2009, 12:19


    Thanks for posting the link to the RTL footage from the campsite, that’s great!

    It’s still so mad to think there we us standing around drinking beers while all that was going on!

    The Senna boys have now been on British tv, Autoport, Redbull tv and German tv……cue world domination lol.

    Is everyone going Bronze next year or getting grandstand seats??

    1. Hi Julian,
      I’ll be going either G4 or G8.
      PS sorry if there’s loads of text below, I’m experimenting with a Smiley download app!!

  335. carol treurnicht
    16th September 2009, 22:21

    Hey guys- just totally fed up with crashgate and whatever but to cheer me up just ordered my tickets (bronze of course) for Spa next year!
    Also call out to Chris (New York) and Chris (Seattle)- we are trying to get a bunch together for MONTREAL next year so drop us a mail if you plan on going! And anyone else who is interested……..

  336. Excellent resource of info here!

    Well I have just booked my tickets for next year and this will by my first trip to Spa. Will be going with the wife (it will be her first race) and the elephant looks like a good place to camp so hopefully Michael will be running the site in 2010.

    One question I was hoping you could answer. What time was the pit walk on the Thursday this year? I fancy driving from London to Spa early on the thursday morning and would want to get there in time for the pit walk and then have a good look around the circuit.

    1. Hi Simon

      This was our first year and we loved it! ….

      You’ll have a great timeThe pitlane was meant to be open from 3:30-5:30, but it was gone 4 I think by the time it actually did open. We drove from London on the thursday morning this year – we caught the 8 am ferry from Dover to Dunkerque and made it to the Elephant in plenty of time to get the tent up and then walk up to the circuit.

      1. Thanks for the reply Catherine

        That sounds like a good plan to follow.

        I can’t wait for the race. I’ll be thinking about this all year!

  337. Hello all. I am sorry to say that I was unable to camp on my trip to spa. But I just wanted to let everyone know that I sat in Gold 2 for 2009 and have some video and pics from my seat if anyone is interested in getting an idea of what you can and cannot see from there let me know and I can either post them or email them.

  338. carol treurnicht
    19th September 2009, 20:36

    Hi Simon and Catherine
    think you’ll agree once you’ve been to Spa once you get hooked!
    Would be great to welcome you Simon!
    Yes Michael will be doing his campsite again next year- I am helping get his website sorted so we don#t have the hassles next year like we did this year and I’m sending him a list of improvements/suggestions.
    As for them opeing up the pitlane too late- this is the second time this has happened and FOFA will be taking this and other things up with the promoters and other organising bodies. We’ll keep you posted of what happens!

  339. Hi everyone,

    Me and some friends are planning on going to Spa 2010. We went to Silverstone last year and had an amazing time and from reading the reviews from our friends on 2 wheels I expect next years British GP to be a disaster if its at Donnington, therefore we decided we would give it a miss and let someone else be Gillets/Eclestones guinea pigs.

    We camped at Litchlake Farm last year and loved the fact it was so close to the track, is there anywhere as close in Spa?

    We are planning on going for the Bronze GA tickets as its our first Spa GP and it will help keep the costs down. Kemmel straight seems to be the place to be!

    Whens the best time to arrive, we arrived at Litchlake on Thurs last year and left on the Monday, is that the best plan for Spa.

    Any help advice would be greatly appreciated

  340. Also,

    How much should be budget for camping on a per night basis? Is it per tent/caravan/campervan or per person?

    1. carol treurnicht
      23rd September 2009, 23:29

      were you on the FOFA site? If so you found us here before my reply!
      Best time to arrive is before the Thursday pitwalk (supposedly 3 pm).
      Hope you join us as we had a ball 2009!
      Camping is a package for the weekend- will cost about €200 total for weekend plus or minus although I do not have the prices for 2010 yet.They have a weekend package.
      If I can help- give you more info then mail me

  341. Seen this? There might not even be a GP next year!

    1. Don’t worry – this is the Kindergarden of Francorchamps … grrrrrr …. every year an other play to the gallery … so everybody talk about the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps …. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  342. Senna Boys (Julian)
    23rd September 2009, 16:14

    I heard an unconfirmed report that further conplaints were reported about a tall gentleman in Ferrari gear singing New York, New York at 4am on race day….apparently he was last seen heading in the general direction of the elephant site!

    On a serious note I’m not liking the sound of this, Bernie may use any excuse to drop Spa and go to another new circuit, this is handing it out on a plate!

    Michael, have you got any light you can shed on this ??

  343. A little off the point here, but a few of us are going off to Spa tomorrow for the seventh year for the weekend of races which surround the Spa Six Hours on Saturday evening. Fourteen races over two days including historic F1 cars. If anyone wants to experience Spa without the crowds this is the event; with viewing only spoilt by the F1 catch fencing which has infested the circuit. But you do get access (free) to the terrace and restaurant above the pits which gives a great view of the chicane which has replaced the Bus Stop. For further data on the event have a look at
    And entry is only around 30 euros for the weekend including unlimited access to grandstands and paddock.

  344. carol treurnicht
    23rd September 2009, 23:31

    have a great time.
    As for the rest of you I am getting onto our guys on the spot to find out what is happening and will report results/findings here! DON’T WORRY!

  345. Senna Boys (Julian)
    24th September 2009, 8:38


    As usual you are a star!

  346. Anthony & Joe (Kimi & Senna boy Jnr)
    28th September 2009, 8:24

    I have just booked Bronze for me and the boy for 2010! Already getting excited! They are a birthday pressie from my wife. If you’re going book soon as you get a 20% discount up to the end of October.
    Question: On it says the Grand Prix is on Aug 22nd 2010, but in the recently released calendar it is Aug 29th? Any idea which is right? Aug 29th makes more sense to me.

  347. carol treurnicht
    28th September 2009, 20:42

    Hi Anthony
    great to hear you have booked- we have too!
    Race confirmed 29.august 2010 now!
    CU guys there!

  348. Senna Boys (Julian)
    1st October 2009, 11:57


    Good to hear you guys are all booked up for next year, we should hopefully be all sorted by next week.

    Given the choice of hitting Spa with you guys are getting on park & ride busses at Donnington I know where I would rather go…..besides I’m intrested to see if Rolf can should Alonso as loud as he can Schumacher!

    Is anyone thinking about doing Canada next year?

    1. Hi Julian,

      I’m thinking about going to Canada next year, I travel to Boston on business a lot so I am trying to plan a business trip around that weekend and drive up from Boston to Monteal.

      A friend of mine lives in Pittsburgh and travels up everytime the GP is on, he has always said how good it is so I was chuffed when Bernie re-introduced it this year

  349. Senna Boys (Julian)
    1st October 2009, 11:59

    yeah delete should and replace with shout lol

  350. carol treurnicht
    2nd October 2009, 22:18

    Haha boys- looks like Donnington is more than wobbly……
    Rolf is practising- can’t quite get the Alonso but he’s got as far as FONZ……..well yeah we’re working on it!
    We’re just fighting about who gets the new flag……
    See my post on previous page about Canada (need to wait for confirmation as Bernie playing around there again….) but would be great if we get a group to go- keep me posted if anyone interested and I’ll get onto our rep Tanya who would just love to meet us all (poor gal!)

  351. carol treurnicht
    2nd October 2009, 22:20

    Canada- we can get a good group discount if we get 10 together……think about it peeps!

  352. christopher (sennaboy3)
    4th October 2009, 15:14

    Once Canada is confirmed, you can count me & Steve in! Any elephanters needing a ride should plan on flying into New York & I will pick you up. I will also be booking for SPA soon…can’t wait to see everyone again! SennaBoys (1 or 2), please send me an email @ christopher.s.gleason@gmail

    Is anyone planning on doing any other races?

    Anthony, glad to hear you’ll be back with Joe…his training is incomplete! ;)

  353. Claire & Rob Neal
    16th October 2009, 11:40

    Hi guys, im a newbie on here as ive only just found the website. My husband and I are looking to go to Spa this yr and are going to book the tickets this weekend whoop whoop looking to also book a campsite… from reading the posts on here The Elephant seems THE place to be so hope to see you guys there (yet another WHOOP WHOOP) can you tell im excited? lol Just 1 question… how do i book online for the campsite or would it be better to ring and reserve? Thanks
    Claire and Rob xxx

    1. Hi Claire and Rob,

      to book it’s easy:
      and you fill out the form.
      Answer will comming quicly.


    2. carol treurnicht
      28th October 2009, 23:13

      Claire and Rob
      welcome to the club! And stay in touch- we got a great bunch going this last year so would be fantastic to have you join us.
      Let us know how you get on with booking or if you have probs…….

  354. carol treurnicht
    28th October 2009, 23:09

    Hi All
    I am back!
    Firstly a group of local people want to fight for SPA so please sign up here:
    Also quick update on FOFA for you- we are just about registered – will take a couple of weeks still so look out for news on that……..and we are in constant touch with Bernie and his lot for proper recognition…….watch this space!

  355. Claire & Rob Neal
    4th November 2009, 8:32

    Belgium GP tickets are booked whoop whoop, im just having trouble contacting The Elephant to book a pitch, the email just keeps coming back as a delivery failure, any advice guys?
    Claire x

    1. where is the problem – go to the web site …

      1. carol treurnicht
        7th November 2009, 16:31

        are you in a bad mood? We all know your website is temperamental to say the least!Lol!

        1. okay – so please go to
          an other server

    2. carol treurnicht
      7th November 2009, 16:25

      Hi Claire and Rob
      if you still have problems then please send me a mail
      Don’t worry- we will all be there and looking forward to it already!

  356. Hello everyone. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts before and after this year’s Belgian GP. I’m a 44 year old reborn F1 addict and have been enjoying the sport for the last 3 years. Just love it. Poor hubby isn’t so enthused but does show interest for my sake! I’m currently nearly 6 stones down with 3 stones or so to go after an operation earlier this year and have so much more energy and feel so much better walking around alot that I know 2010 is going to be my year to do some things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Going to a GP is one of them and so I’ve decided to go to Belgium next year. Can’t wait. So excited!!!

    Will be going with hubby and camping at the Elephant – everyone’s talk about it on here has convinced me it’s the place to be for camping, and I don’t care if it is a field with low water pressure – we’ll be camping FOR THE GRAND PRIX!!! And now I can walk so much further I’ll be eager to get out in the mornings rather than dreading the walks ahead!

    Will keep reading in here and looking forward to my trip of a lifetime, and hopefully getting to know some of you before the big event. :)


    1. carol treurnicht
      7th November 2009, 16:29

      Lorna wow that sounds fantastic! And you will have a super time I just know it!
      Spa really is the most amazing track- it was the first race I ever went to 2005 and been hooked ever since (and yes i have been to other places!)
      The walk from the Elephant is great on the way there but after a hard day on track then the shuttle service is great (Guy- or Joe le Taxi as we affectionately call him- does a great job!)
      Looking forward to meeting you there!

  357. carol treurnicht
    18th November 2009, 20:47

    Great news peeps- Spa-Francorchamps got its licence back till at least March 2011 so looks like the race is safe for 2010 at least!
    Cya all there!

  358. Claire & Rob Neal
    19th November 2009, 14:59

    Belgium tickets booked and a place at The Elephant book cant wait till august now :) Who else is already booked for Spa 2010 and is stopping at The Elephant? would love to keep in touch and meet up while we are all there :) xx

  359. carol treurnicht
    19th November 2009, 20:41

    Great stuff Claire and Rob
    you won’t be disappointed and nearer the time I am sure we’ll be getting our magic lists and posters out again.
    Stay in touch on here- I’m sure there will be more activity when the winter break is over and the enthusiasm rises again!
    I also have everything booked and can’t wait- especially as I have a new red cap to wear after all these gaudy ice cream colours! Lol

  360. Got my tickets and a place at the Elephant booked as well! Just my eurotunnel ticket left to book but will do that closer to the time.

    So many changes in the teams I am really not sure who to support in 2010. I supported Red Bull this year. Perhaps Senna but then there is also Lotus who I am really glad to see back in the sport….

    Roll on August!

    1. simon c …. booked? at The Elephant®? hmm … I don’t find it! Or do I need new glasses? ;-)

      1. Hi Michael

        Was booked by my wife on 11th Nov. The paypal account should be similiar to my name on here.

        Let us know what your new glasses are like ;-)

  361. The win of Ayrton Senna in 1990 is the best moment of this circuit!

  362. Senna Boys (Julian)
    22nd November 2009, 23:37

    Couludn’t agree more, but it’s not my main thought of Ayrton at Belgium. I’ll never forget during the free practice in 1992. Ayrton ran out of his car to hit the electronic kill-switch to turn off the engine in Erik Comas’s car to prevent a fire and comas possible death, as comas was unconcious. That was on the 180 mph straight! in the middle of a practice session, risking his own life to save another.

    That is just one reason why Ayrton will always be a hero!!

  363. Senna Boys (Julian)
    22nd November 2009, 23:41


    Has Rolf heard the rumors about Michael making a come back?? just imagine if he does…..with Michael and Bruno on the same track there’s going to be some serious drinking going on!!!

    Tell Rolf we’re going to get him on the Brazilian beer this time though :-)

  364. carol treurnicht
    28th November 2009, 12:24

    hey Julian
    Rolf thinks it will amount to treason if Schumi drives for Mercedes……..!
    All set for Belgium- the honey beer is ordered so you guys will just have to decide what is best!
    As for FOFA- signed our agreement with FOM now……..registration taking a while as we had to amend constitution a bit……but look out for golive around end of the year!

  365. hi guys, im hoping you may be able to help me. i want to book spa 2010 for my boyfs 30th and am a little nervous as to where to book. hes more interested in where the overtaking happens instead of the finish line. i have been looking at gold 3 and 4 stands (preferably gold 3 due to having cover from the rain!) would you recommend these stands viewing-wise?
    i noticed that someone advised on the gold 1 but do you get to see much action other than the cars finishing.
    Apologies for my severe lack of knowledge ha!!

  366. Lucky boyfriend cos I wish my wife would surprise me with a trip to Spa!

    By sitting at eau rouge you’re not going to see that much overtaking but rather the potential start of an overtaking move. If he is a massive F1 fan that hasn’t been to Spa before then I think Gold 3 or 4 is a must for the first timer. That exactly why I’ve booked my tickets for Gold 4 this year as my first time because I just need to experience Spa by sitting at eau rouge.

    Other places I know of where there will potentially be overtaking is at Gold 6 or maybe at Gold 8. I’m going to have a look at gold 8 this year and potentially get a seat there in future years. You could get a Bronze ticket then spend the Friday and Saturday finding out where you want to sit race day but be prepared to rise early on Sunday to get your spot!

  367. Well, I was all set today to order my Belgium GP tickets for 2010, and reading the small print saw that tickets are not despatched until 7-10 days beforehand. Being a natural born worrier, now I’m wondering what happens if they don’t arrive, and maybe I would be better off sticking the money into my savings until then and buying the tickets on the day.

    However, if I do this:

    (a) If I’m getting general admission tickets, will I still be able to do the pit walk on the Thursday?
    (b) How much will the tickets be if left until the day? At the moment I’ll be paying €332 for the two tickets, including the delivery cost?
    (c) Is there any chance I won’t be able to get the tickets a couple of days before the race – intend to get to Belgium (and have sent form booking Elephant!) on the Wednesday.


    1. Hmm, I’m guessing I’ve answered my own question really re whether it’s worth getting tickets now or later – if I get them now, I’ll get a discount of 10%, so around €30, which is about the cost of the delivery….!

      1. carol treurnicht
        30th November 2009, 22:16

        if you are going GA then the tickets cost €160 full price and you can get them on the gate on your way to the pitwalk so no worries if you don’t want to book in advance. And yes if you buy a weekend ticket of any sort you are entitled to do the pitwalk.
        I ordered mine right after last race as you got 20% discount then so I did save a bit. Also if you worry about them getting to you in time (I had a nervous panic 2 years ago when they literally arrived hours before I left…….) I got mine sent to Michael’s office at the campsite which worked fine for me last year and doing the same this year.
        So up to you. Also they do take credit cards at the gate so no worries there about having to have loads of cash or whatever on your person.

    2. Lorna, if you take Brnoze Tickets – you can buy it on the day. Price will be nearly the same.

  368. Senna Boys (Julian)
    2nd December 2009, 15:33


    That’s great news, will look forward to seeing it go live. I’ve had a few people ask me about the t-shirt when I’ve been in the gym! I’m thinking we need a bigger flag for Rolf to hang off the bridge next year!

    I agree with Rolf, it wouldn’t be the same seeing him in a ‘Silver Arrow’! I don’t think he’ll be back…..though I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me wishing he did for a bit!

    Hey great news…..the Senna boys have made it into print in Jenson Buttons new book. If you ever see a copy of “Jenson Button, My championship year” open it up to Spa(Page 155) and check out the Senna Boys in the pitlane!!!! We both look pretty hung over to be fair…our mistake must have been to stop drinking lol.

    Sounds like we’ve got an even bigger gang coming along next year, can’t wait to meet everyone!

    Do you think we should be booking the elephant now, Nick keeps on saying relax but I don’t want to miss out staying with you guys, is it ok to wait out a bit ??

    1. carol treurnicht
      2nd December 2009, 22:21

      don’t panic! There will be enough space for everyone so no worries for now- take your time!
      Hey we’ll have to see if we can get a look at the book- if not you guys will have to bring it with you for us to gawp at!
      WE are also pretty active- sent a rep to Manor last week, rep at junior tests this week, VP visiting Enstone this week and our US gal hopefully getting an invite to USF1 soon………we are putting ourselves about as it were!
      Can’t wait till the season gets going again- weekends are strange with no racing!

  369. does anyone know of any nearby hotels? its in the middle of nowhere isnt it?

    1. carol treurnicht
      2nd December 2009, 22:23

      Hi Gem
      not too sure about hotels although there are quite a few around- depends what you are looking for, distance, price range etc.

      1. im assuming distance is the most important and then maybe price. if you know of the best area to stay in i can do a little research. thanks so much for your help on this

        1. carol treurnicht
          4th December 2009, 22:34

          I think the best place to start would be what sort of ticket are you going for? Spa is one hell of a long track and if you get a hotel at one end but your seat is at the other end you will spend your time walking miles and miles. And that on top of your walk to the track will be no fun if it widdles down with rain! So if you know that then maybe we can give you a few tips of where to start looking or really what area you need to be in.

        2. still habe B&B … with Parking at The Elephant … and using closed steerts …

  370. Senna Boys (Julian)
    2nd December 2009, 16:38

    Not too sure about hotels in the area, Carol or Michael might be the best to answer that one.

  371. HI Carol, I live near Sheffield – home of Manor/Virgin Motorsport. If you want me and Joe to go and interview anyone just give me a shout!

    1. and I’m really good at taking minutes being a PA and all that, and not that far from Sheffield, so I’ll go too!!! ha ha!

      Carol, have just emailed Michael back on the email address he confirmed my reservation on and it’s bounced back. It’s the email address. Do you know another? I’m trying to find out whether I need to pay a deposit now, the full amount now or whether it has to be paid by a certain date (for the camping). Can’t afford to pay for tickets and camping all together so wondering if I need to cancel and rebook when I can afford to pay all of it in one go…!

      1. carol treurnicht
        4th December 2009, 22:23

        don’t worry- Michael has this amazi8ng spamfilter that seems to bounce all sorts of things even though the booking got through ok. You will have to pay up front usually for the booking but you got plenty of time so don’t worry about it- I mean we got a few months to go yet!
        I heard from Michael a couple of days ago and he’s pretty busy with other projects at the moment so don’t worry- you’ll get a response (if not we that know him already will give him a kick!)

      2. hmm … I send u an answer … Nov. 30th

  372. carol treurnicht
    4th December 2009, 22:27

    Hey- great to see loads of you come from round the Sheffield area. A rep of our was there last week and was very warmly received but we plan another trip when i next come over so maybe we can organise something……no promises but would be great if we could pull that off. Anthony I have your mail addy but Lorna maybe you could also get in touch?
    My mail
    CYA all soon!
    PS- Rolf thinks I look very good in my new red T-shirt and cap! Lol!

    1. red T-Shirt? … grrrrrrrrrrrr

  373. Looking for some advice, will be coming from Australia with gf, who 1st gp and will be SPA, lucky her. Coming to Spa has been a dream of mine for years. Camping at the Elephant sounds fun, my problem is getting tickets delivered. As we will be travelling, im not sure how to go about it, can i get the tickets delivered to the Elephant and be sure that i will receive them.

    Also not sure where to sit, I really want to sit on Eau Rouge but if anyone has any tips plz advise.

    1. carol treurnicht
      8th December 2009, 22:37

      if you want grandstand seats then book and have them delivered either to the campsite (Michael’s office) or to wherever you plan to stay. If you go GA ( not bad only drawback is you got to get up mega early on raceday but there are enough of us to sort there if you need sleep) then you can buy at the gate and not lose out cash wise. Also if you want to camp with us then let us know here what if any gear you need (like tent, chairs etc) and we can help sort you. Keep us posted what you want to do or need- but if you are like me- once to Spa then you are hooked! It really is something else!

    2. Adam – delivery of the tickets … u can use my address in Francorchamps (ask Carol – it’s safety!) If it received to me it will receive also to you!

      1. Hi Michael, do you have any pitches left for the 2010 GP? If so, what’s the best way to book with you?
        (Another Sheffield mob on its way)


  374. Hi everyone,

    As there’s obviously a demand for a separate section for people to discuss their visit to the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix I’ve created one here:

    2010 Belgian Grand Prix discussion

    Would you mind carrying on your discussion over there please?

    Thanks guys.

  375. SeanPendlebury
    12th January 2010, 9:06

    Hi Carol, i have sent you an email with a bunch of questions regarding camping with you and GA etc. hope to hear from you soon


  376. Hi Michael…are you there?!?!?

    I have sent a couple of emails on both of your email addresses with regard to paying for my camping space that I booked before Christmas for this years GP, but have not received a response. Are we still booked in, and how can I pay you?!?!?



  377. ‘lo all,

    To anyone thinking of going to Spa for the 1st time.. DO IT!! You won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone at Spa, from the fancy-pants Gold ticket holders we read of on this excellent forum (I’ll join u one day) to the General admission loving types like myself.

    I’ll admit that my experiences of Spa have been bitter sweet. I’ve been there in ’08 and ’09 and intend to go again this year. The trip didn’t exactly go to plan in ’08. Someone posted earlier in the thread that they were concerned about the late despatch of their tickets, this is a fair concern. What if you’re leaving a few days prior to the race weekend to do a bit of travelling in Europe before heading for Spa, as I do? It can be a bit tight.

    Last year it wasn’t a problem, our tickets arrived a couple of weeks before the race, happy days, ’08 wasn’t so good. The biggest ticket distributor for the Belgian GP seems to be Tellus Tickets, now renamed.. I forget what they’re named now.. tells you something about how you remember bad service much clearer than good service.
    In ’08 we raised our concerns with Tellus that our tickets would arrive so close to our departure date, on the Wednesday of the week before the race. We were assured they’d be with us by then. Two days before departure we didnt have them, we were told that if they weren’t gonna make it to us by early Wed morn they’d go to the track for collection. They didnt turn up so we left, only to recieve a call as we travelled South from Brussels to say ur tickets were back in Scotland! As it dawned on Tellus they’d screwed up in a big way they had the presence of mind to tell us it was our problem, hang up and stop answering calls. So there we were-close to Spa with no tickets. Refusing to admit defeat we managed to book my mate on the early flight back to Scotland the next day (Friday), returning Saturday. He got back to our campsite late on Saturday, but at least we saw the race.

    Interesting postscipt to that one, when I heard that Tellus had setup an office at the track and went to it on Friday for a rant of great proportions I found that they had reprinted our tickets and had them there, just didn’t tell us that. We were not alone in not recieving our tickets in time, they had big problems that year.

    After many threatening emails Tellus gave us a couple of free tickets to the ’09 race.

    I’ll reiterate.. we had no problems getting our ’09 tickets and I think that after the fiasco in ’08 they’re unlikely to repeat the same mistake.

    We camped both years at Eau Rouge campsite, a permanent site between the town of Stavelot and the southern end of the track. I think its a great site with good facilities and a good team of staff who allow everyone to have a good time, but wont let anyone away with really loud music through the night. Eau Rouge site will take your booking but pay in cash on arrival. It’s around a half hr walk maybe 40 mins slower walk to the entrances around Les Combes. I cant comment on the much mentioned Elephant campsite, probably just as good.

    Regarding good places to view.. In ’08 we got tickets for Silver 3 grandstand, dont make the same mistake. I mistakenly thought you’d see the cars through Les Combes, maybe if you’re in the 1st couple of rows on the right of the stand you’d see them bear left in the second part of the corner and through Malmedy. Almost all the stand only see them exit Malmedy and accelerate away towards Bruxelles. We gave up on the grandstand and looked for a decent GA spot to stand at, deciding on standing above Liege. From there you get a decent view of them exiting Bruxelles, through Liege, into Pouhon and again at the top of the straight into the bus stop chicane, down the pit straight (binoculars needed at this point) into La Source and on the La Source exit. You are also opposite a big screen. Took this spot again last year with our GA tickets and debating whether to move to Les Combes GA viewing this year with a Kangaroo TV rental (no big screen there, but more likely to see some overtaking into Les Combes) If its a grandstand seat you’re after I’d listen to some of the the good advice offered by others on this forum on the Gold stands.

    Spa.. greatest track in the world, you’ll just love it.


    On practice day have a good walk around the track and enjoy watching them from a lot of spots. If rains I’d advise enjoying watching someone overcook it at Pouhon, into the tyres (Alguersuari) and then see the magnificent Vettel find the absolute limit (as he tends to do in any practice)and go straight across Les Combes.

    1. We got a kangaroo TV at Monza last year because we were general admission, and it was brilliant – when Hamilton crashed on the last lap we knew exactly what was going on, whereas if you were GA with no big screen you would have had no idea. Cannot recommend the Kangaroos enough, quality is excellent and you can get a headphone splitter from them (or bring your own) and split the cost between 2 of you.

  378. Hello All Campers

  379. Thanks for posting this great pictures. This holiday blog is really really nice!

  380. Just got through reading posts for last year 2009 spa some realy good info cant wait for this years

  381. hello can you please help me, we have booked go to spa with leger holidays and also booked two seats in Eau Rouge Covered grandstand. Has anyone else been with leger hols. and are they ok, also what about the grandstand is that ok, good view etc. Also waht to wear and are there lots of food outlets at track, many thanks for any info.

  382. We have booked gold 8 seats, mainly for the first corner view.We have managed to book a camping spot only 400 metres from the main entrance of the circuit.Its in the town of Francorchamps, the campsite is in the back garden of the racing hotel francorchamps, can’t wait.The spot was 250 euros for our 4 nights there

  383. First time at Spa for my partner & i ,also booked Gold 8 seats here ,flying in to Brussels ,got a hire car arranged ,staying at an Etap Hotel & flying out of Luxembourg @ 19.30 on the Sunday ,just need to park somewhere i can hopefully get a half decent get away to be on time for the flight .

  384. A good camp site i swear by is camping parc des source which is just outside spa itself on the road to francorchamps. been going there years and am going again this year.
    Good atmosphere and lovely people running it!
    Its got decent amenities and its a 15 minute walk into spa itself which has a blinding chinese on the right as you walk into town.
    You might have to drive to the track but its about 10 minutes at most on the prac/qual days and a bit more on race day.
    Other good thing is its pretty quiet noise wise and you might actually get a bit of sleep!!

  385. Calling all Spa travellers!!!

    Beleive it or not, off to my first Spa GP this month and just planning the trip. Done a number before but traditionally do a package rather than build your own. Now booked a hotel in Liege and tickets separately and just wondering the best way to transfer to the track. Have read a few comments on here saying don’t drive but really fancing booking a parking slot and driving in….

    Any thoughts / comments / tips folks?

  386. We stayed at the Ramada in Liege last year, took a taxi to the Central Station, then a bus to the track. It was a pain! We wished we stayed in Verviers instead. Can’t offer much advice on driving.

  387. @ Jenny B – We were in Gold 2 last year, the same grandstands as you. There are good waffles, sausage, Leffe & Jupiler beer in cans. Service was quick. Weather is cold, I wished I dressed warmer.

  388. Andrew – Last year I stayed in Liege and drove to the track every day. I had no problems with traffic, it took about half an hour with a small queue coming off the motorway and parking was easy. There is no need to book parking as there are loads of fields/gardens close to the track that people charge €10 for the day.

    I’m doing the same again this year, can’t wait!

  389. Hi all

    Looking forward to my 1st Spa experience in a couple of weeks!

    We’re camping down in Bastogne from the 23rd to the 30th, has anyone had any experience driving in on raceday from the South? (seems like most people on here stay either in the immediate vicinity or Liege!)

    Played it safe and bought official parking (red zone) when I bought my bronze general admission ticket, only 16 euros, so not too more than people have paid previously to park in people’s fields etc.

    Does anyone know if it’s correct that you can get into grandstands with bronze tickets on the Friday?

  390. Got my camping booked @ The Elephant after reading the recommendations on here.

    Would anyone be willing to answer some questions over email for me?

    It’s our first F1, and first Europe driving trip so a little daunting!


    1. Hi Dave

      Been going to spa since 88 so any questions fire away!


  391. hi to all iv not used this forum before ! iv been reading about a camp site called the elephant site can anyone tell me how much it is to camp there ? i have a camper van and 4 people for 4 nights . thankyou all vmuch stu

  392. Hi guys and girls.

    OK, the days are ticking down and I need some help… pronto!

    Reside in Milan at the moment and looking to drive up from here to take in Spa next weekend.

    Need to do this on the cheap as already blew a heap going to Monaco and have tickets for Monza.

    So, camping with a small tent and general admission tickets – what to get?

    Elephant sounds like a good idea….. anyone any knowledge of price for small parking small car and pitch for tiny tent for Fri and Sat?

    Additionally, how far is it to walk to closest entry point to circuit, where should I park my butt for the Sat and Sun for best spectating with GA tickets?

    And finally, can I buy GA bronze tickets at the gate on Saturday morning, or can anyone suggest a better idea?

    Really appreciate anyone’s help.

    Mad Scotsman with unhealthy passion for F1

  393. Hi Guys,

    Check here for camping prices @ The Elephant:

    To reserve:

    I understand there is a shuttle from the camp-site to the track. We are buying general admission tickets at the gate as best price/least hassle apparently.


    1. Thanks Dave. I’m actually speaking to Michael at The Elephant just now. Considering just parking the car there and sleeping in it overnight to cut costs ;-)

      There is no danger of getting to the track and finding no tickets for sale is there? How much are they quoting you for buying tickets at the gate? I assume you’re talking about Bronze tickets?


  394. Yes, we are getting Bronze at the gate, approx 180 euros for the weekend or 160 euros for Sunday only.

    We will probably be at the Nurburgring on Saturday hoping it to be a bit quieter with people at the qualifying

  395. Hi All, I’m thinking of going to Spa next weekend and was wondering if you can definitely get Bronze tickets on the gate? I really don’t want to go all that way and not be able to get in…

    1. Hello
      In my experience they never sell out of bronze tickets and was actually told that by the ticket office last year.
      Such a big track they never sell out!

  396. I hope so Paul, haven’t bought any following recommendations on here and would be rubbish if we couldn’t get in.

    Is there any issue buying on race day if we can’t get to the track before then?


  397. I emailed the circuit today and they said similar, that they would not sell out of Bronze. Buy at the gate, which opens at 7am on Saturday.

    Struggling to get a response from Michael @The Elephant today to book up a space.

    Thinking of just roughing it and kipping in the car instead of tent, as local laws dictate a minimum charge of €40 per day to camp.

  398. Hi Dave
    Honestly you will have no problems as far as bronze tickets go.
    As for the camping roars we paid about 200 euro for 3 of us for five days…


    1. Where was that Paul? The Elephant?

      1. Hi Roars,

        One of my mates has pulled out at last minute so I may have a spare parking space @ The Elephant. Also would come with toilet/shower service and shuttle to course. Instead of trying to get a refund with Micheal would you like it at what it cost me?

        Let me know, davegowenlock [at] gmail [dot] com


  399. No mate at parc des sources near spa itself


  400. I am heading to Spa for my 1st F1 experience next weekend. I have heard that on the Thursday there is a free afternoon pitwalk between 3.30pm-5.30pm and drivers’ autograph signing is offered for weekend ticket holders.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Hi Richard

      I received a email from the track the other day saying the pit walk this year is from 4.30 till 6 on the thursday.


  401. Hi all,

    okay, had a mad moment this morning and booked Eurotunnel to France with the intention of driving down for the race!

    Current plan is driving down first thing saturday, do some sightseeing on the way (Bruges maybe) then turn up late afternoon Saturday.

    I have several important questions which I’ve been unable to get clear answers on from reading through these pages. Would really appreciate help from regulars:

    1/ Am I best to buy GA tickets when I arrive on Saturday? What time do they stop selling on the saturday? What time do the start selling on sunday?

    2/ Parking / camping: About to email Michael – any idea if there is space at Elephant on Saturday night only? can I get to the camp without special access badges (read something about that on the thread somewhere)

    3/ Shuttle: What time does the shuttle go on sunday morning? Or is it best to walk? How long/far is the walk? I assume also walk back after the race as the roads are closed?

    4/ Where do you regulars usually watch from? Where is Elephant camping nearest in terms of good watching spots for GA?

    5/ We aren’t booked on the tunnel til late night, anything cool to do immediately after the race? Do people walk onto the track for the podium celebration etc?

    6/ What are the 5 most important tips/things to take into the circuit for the raceday?

    THANK YOU!!!! And hope to see some of you on Sat/Sun.


  402. I’m kidnapping my F1 nut of a brother for his 37th birthday in about 12 hours time. My only concern is getting back to the airport in time for check in on Sunday. I calculated that the trip would take us a cool three hours. Are there any inside trips where to park for Sundays GP?

  403. I’m kidnapping my F1 nut of a brother for his 37th birthday in about 12 hours time. My only concern is getting back to the airport in time for check in on Sunday. I calculated that the trip would take us a cool three hours. Are there any inside tips where to park for Sundays GP?

  404. Awesome weekend. Made all the better by the fantastic race and perfect victory for Lewis.

    Special mention to all the guys at the Elephant campsite and to Richard, Sue and Max who I met and sat with at the Bus Stop on Saturday and Sunday. Was great meeting you.

    My first but most certainly not my last visit to Spa.

    Roll on Monza!!

  405. Well, we had a great weekend even though we only just arrived in time to make qualifying on Saturday. On Sunday we watched the race at Pouhon corner with people from the camping field across the road. A great experience.

    However, the weekend has been really tarnished by our experience with Elephant camping. When I booked I originally asked for for just Saturday night but quickly decided we might stay Sunday, so I emailed Michael to ask if this was OK and could he send me a revised bill. He did not reply so being nervous about missing our booking as we booked very late I overpaid by €52 and explained via email and Paypal comments that it was for Sunday evening in case we decided to stay. On the way there we decided that we would actually rather not stay Sunday due to the weather and my wife already missing the kids (our first ever overnight away from them – they are aged 3 and 1 years old). On arrival we saw Michael and he told me to come to the office tent during Saturday evening to sort out a refund of the overpayment. I went to the tent a few times during early evening but each time Michael was absent and the guys in the tent said try later. We were a bit boring and went to bed early as we were getting up very early so I decided we would sort it out on departure. After the race on Sunday we hiked back to the campsite as quickly as we could and packed up in the rain. We wanted to get away asap because of traffic, we had a long drive back to Paris and my wife wanted to get back to the kids. So after our efforts to get back and packed up quickly, my wife was waiting in the car when I went to the office tent to collect the deposit and refund. There were 3 guys already waiting for deposits and all the staff were busy somewhere. A couple of others arrived too. One of them was a very loud German guy who saw Dominique across the campsite and shouted to him to hurry up as a few were waiting. He shrugged apologetically and said he was already busy with someone. I waited a few more minutes and then decided, sod it, every minute is precious and Michael seems to be a good guy so I’ll email him afterwards to sort this out. So on return I emailed him to explain all this and to ask him if he could perhaps repay the deposit and overpayment, €72, via a Paypal refund. A week went by with no response so I politely reminded him that I was waiting. His response was to ask me if I was sure about what I had written. My response was yes, 100%, since its exactly what happened. He then responded quite aggressively telling me to stop accusing his staff of being liars, that Dominique had repaid me the €52 and had marked this in the records, that my story about waiting around for the deposit on departure could not be true as he does not run his business like that and further he could not believe that I would rather leave to join a traffic jam than collect my deposit.
    Fantastic. So Michael who everyone seems to worship has €72 of my money, has called me a liar (I’m still in a state of shock over that one) and believes I am trying to cheat money out of him. How would you feel in my shoes? A little bit annoyed perhaps?? Seems to be nothing I can do except never return to his campsite and recommend that people are more careful and less trusting than I was with money matters with Michael and Dominique. And sorry for the negative post.

    1. Sorry to hear this Dave. This was my first trip to this campsite on the recommendation of several folks on here and I know a few I spoke to on site that said they had been coming back to this same site several times because it is one of the best sites near the circuit and Michael is a good chap who makes an extra effort to ensure everyone is happy.

      I had a really good stay barring the weather and the cracking lightening which I cannot blame Michael for! The baker coming every morning was really helpful. The only small problem I had was that I and several others also had to wait for the deposit as they had run out of cash on Monday morning. We had a late train back across the Channel so it wasn’t a problem but I could see the others eager to get going.

      With so many people coming and going I can understand Michael has to go with what his staff put on the books on what has been paid etc but hopefully he will recheck the finances and realise he has €72 too much somewhere.

      1. I don’t think he’s interested in checking anything as he has decided I’m a thief and a liar. I’m actually a UK chartered accountant (ICAEW) and started my career preparing accounts for small businesses like his, including a good few farms. I’ve also worked as a forensic accountant for one of the big firms for fraud cases. If he let me loose on his books for a few hours I’m sure all would become very clear indeed.

    2. Was this ever sorted out? I was tempted to go to the elephant camping next year and wouldn’t want to really stay there if that is the treatment the campsite has given you.

  406. one question…..

    when you go to silverstone and get certain seats, you get a roving ticket and can travel about the different stands…

    can you do this at spa?

    1. I went to gold 8 this year, a gr8 view. On the Saturday i was allowed a roving entry into silver grandstands only.Gold 8 had the pits n the straight in view.At the end of the race we gained entry by our grandstand, and got to the podium for the presentations.A gr8 weekend.

  407. I had a great week-end in Spa, in which my kids (all F1 crazy) really enjoyed and even the Mrs (not F1 crazy)didn’t mind. In fact they all want to go back again next year, but the big let down was getting out of the car park. It took 1hr 50mins to move about a mile from the Blanchimont car park. Are the other car parks just as bad? Considering there were less spectators than normal, I don’t think the police had the traffic control right.

  408. Hi all, i was wandering if any of you guys could reccomend a campsite that has washing facilities and is really close to the track so i can walk.Cheers Ross

    1. Hi Ross, we stayed in the campsite in Francorchamps. It was behind the hotel racing, it was 250 euros for thursday to monday.The advantage being only a two minute walk to the track.It was very lively with a dico in the evenings, there was a shower room and toilets,although the mens toilets stank, we always used the ladies which were nicer. The website is

  409. Anyone going from Yorkshire this year?

  410. Yep, staying in a hotel (somewhere)

  411. The easiest way give to determine the benefit of an antique piece of furniture is to do homework about antique furniture.

  412. Does anyone know if it is possible to rent scooters in or near Spa/Francorchamps/Malmedy/etc?

    I’m going to the race this year and am looking for a cheap/fun way to get to and from the track.

    This page has been a great help already, thanks for taking the time to post for others information.

  413. Anyone sat in gold or silver just after the first corner ?
    Which is the better

  414. Hi guys,i am planning on attending Spa this August. I did silverstone last year and had grandstand tickets but ended up sitting with the general admission peeps. Are there lots of good spots to watch from with a general admission ticket at Spa. I would appreciate peoples views and advice before I go ahead and book a ticket. Also is there a lively camp site that is actually at the circuit?

    everyones reviews have really spurred me on and I am getting very excited already.

  415. I stayed at hotel racing in Francorchamps, which is 3 mins from grandstand 8 on the 1st corner.It had a disco till 4 am everyday, camping was 250 euros,can be found on the hotels website.Lots of good restaurants in the village.Best general admission viewing, probably opposite silver 3, where hamilton came off last year n brushed the tyre wall.The circuit does have camping for 175 euro but not stayed there so can’t is the best tkt site and the camping is availiable from here as well.Enjoy ur trip.

  416. Hi all,
    As I Belgian F1 fan, I have visited the Spa GP already 5 times. Seated once at Silver2 (straight leading to Eau Rouge), Gold 1 (opposite pit), Gold 8 (La Source) and Gold 3 (Eau Rouge). In my view, G8 and G3 have been the best, as you see the cars approaching directly to you – minimal chance of standing persons blocking your view…
    Both G8 and G3 views are fantastic with respect to the speed of the cars. This year, I have a seat in the G4 stand, to see what the view is when they go up the hill to Raidillon.
    If you are not staying in a camping nearby, best is to arrive as early as possible, to avoid the traffic jams (start already early!) and to find a parking spot close-by. And you can enjoy the early morning atmosphere, definitely when it is not raining (and it almost never does at Spa :-)).
    And yes, at all sides of the track, leaving on Sunday takes a long time, but just take a few beer cans in the car…
    Maybe a tip: 2 years ago, when entering the circuit on Sundays, they searched my backpack, and I had to throw away the beer cans I brought (as the beer is good but expensive on track). So hide them well, just in case… And the food is greasy, simple and expensive, so you should also bring some personal stuff (cookies, bread).
    Extra tip for those who are interested, and didn’t know: “Eau Rouge” is French for Red Water. This is actually the name of the river that runs underneath the circuit at its lowest point (the name was given by the Romans). So when referring to the Eau Rouge part of the circuit, it only refers to the bottom part of the corner combination. At that point, the cars start the steep uphill to the top, which is called Raidillon. So what most drivers call the best corner in the world, is the combination of Eau Rouge + Raidillon
    To all: enjoy the incredible Spa Francorchamps atmosphere!

  417. stephanie isherwood
    20th April 2011, 21:11

    Went to Spa in 2009 and sat in Silver at the bottom of Eau Rouge. Looking to go again this year but am wondering where to sit. I will be on my own so looking for a grandstand but any tips? Part of me is thinking opposite the pits so I can see the podium etc but then it’s so much more expensive. Have been looking at the top of Eau Rouge also. Would welcome your opinions

    1. Have sat in these grandstands opposite pits as you say a lot of money, good for build up of race, but once under way you do not see a lot as the cars are flashing pass. This year I am going to gold 6 or gold 3, still expensive but I think it could be better viewing.

      1. i once bought tickets for the pit straight in Magny Cours. Never Again, doesn’t matter which track. Those seat are the most expansive, but no fun. Well they are fun when you first arrive and at the start of the race after that they are crap.

        In Spa i would opt for G8, terrific view in my opinion. Just look it up on youtube. I sat in G4 once, but didn’t find it very good. Half way through the race we started to hang around the end of Kemmel. BTW i also noticed other people leaving there seats at G4.

  418. James Howard
    9th May 2011, 10:11


    Why didn’t you use to book your tickets, as they are the official promotor? have you had bad experiences?

    1. Not only is the official promotor, they are also the cheapest. I use them since 2005, never had any problems !

  419. Hi all

    I will be attending spa for the first time this year with a friend. We will arriving by train and purchasing GA tickets for the weekend. Camping at the track is kind of expensive, so i am wondering if anyone knows of a less expensive camping area/hostel within a few km. Also, what are the suggested GA areas to sit at and how early should we be there to secure a good spot.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. I am looking of camping at Camping F1 site, Check out there web site!

  420. I’m camping at the track in the ‘red zone’, booked it with the tickets. Has anyone else had any experiences with this? I’ve read through most posts but a lot are from people staying with places like Elephant… It would be good to get some feedback!

  421. *Green zone not Red!

    1. I camped there last year. My advice: take earplugs. Not for the cars, but for the constant euro house music that doesn’t stop til 4am (especially as you’ll probably want to get up at 6/7am to get to the track nice and early). Camping is great though, nice and close to the track. Getting ready in the morning when you can hear the lower formula practice sessions starting is a real buzz. I’d also advise buying beers etc before you get to the circuit, they’ll come in handy when you want a beer after a good days walking the track. Make sure to take some fold out seats and get a cheap gazebo thing – if it rains like it did last year, you’ll thank me for that advice!

      My mate and I drove over from London in my (now sold) VW Lupo. The weekend is a treasured memory, you won’t regret it.

  422. Hi all,

    Im coming over for Spa 2011 with a mate from Australia.
    I’ve been looking at the CampingF1 website (, it looks pretty good as we will have a car or motorhome and not much else (pickup in Frankfurt), but I can only find a few user opinions. Has anyone else had any experience good or bad with CampingF1 at Spa? What is the vibe like? We are not complete party animals but don’t want to go to bed at 10pm either.

    1. Hello Sanjo,

      please have a look to this F1 Campinf:

      The Circuit you will find in Francorchamps

      Greetings from Francorchamps.

    2. I stayed at Camping F1 in 2009. Only negetive point is the distance to the track.By the time you drive, park, walk it can take 45 – 60 mins for a journey of 7km.
      If I stayed there again I may use the shuttle bus as I think that drops at the gate.
      Otherwise it is great, beer tent is cool with a band playing most nights. Normally the site quites down about midnight or 1am at the latest.

  423. Hi there,
    I am taking my F1 mad son to Spa for his 18th this year and would value a recommendation as to the best stand to watch the race; we are leaning toward G8?
    Also as are out of tickets for G8 can anybody recommend an alternative vendor?
    Many thanks

  424. Hi all,
    I am after some advice regarding travel to Stavelot on Thursday evening. We have booked into a campsite but our flight doesn’t get into Belgium until 18.30. I have tried to do some travel research and it looks as though we can get a train from near the airport and then a bus/shuttle to Stavelot. Has anyone used these before?

    This is our first trip to Spa, (normally Silverstone dwellers) we have tickets on Gold 3, any advice will be gratefully received!! Aly

  425. congealedmeat
    7th June 2011, 3:23

    Hi everyone, I just have a question about getting to the actual track if one doesn’t have a vehicle.

    I’ll be staying in Liege and catching a train into Spa each day. Are there buses or ferrys of some sort? I was thinking at worst I could rent a bike or hitchhike :D The track is a good hike from Spa!

    I can only assume people will be as friendly as they were in Montreal last year.

  426. does anybody know what support races will be on during the F1 weekend there at Spa?

  427. My Dad and I went to the Belgium Grand Prix in 2009. A VERY early alarm on Saturday morning enabled us to make the journey just in time to catch the end of Practice 3 and I highly recommend taking the journey by car as the roads around the circuit are fantastic fun!

    We were sitting on the 2nd straight immediately after La Source (Turn 1) and this gave us a brilliant view of the cars tackling La Source and the famous Eau Rouge. We also had a great view of the support race pits and could see the GP2 and Porsche Supercup mechanics busily working away on their cars before their sessions. Behind our grandstand were all manner of food outlets with everything from waffles to enormous hot dogs, although these were a bit pricey.

    Spa is a fantastic place to go and watch a Formula 1 race. Brilliant views, brilliant fans and brilliant racing guaranteed! And spectators are free to roam the track after the racing on Sunday, Bonus!

    Pictures here –

  428. hi guys, looking for some advice!!

    im wondering if anyone has any experience of taking a mototrhome to The Elephant campsite for the 2012 Spa GP. I am looking for advice about anything that will make the journey and the stay better and specifically looking for estimated costs of staying there from the Wednesday night to the Monday after the race.

    there will be 5 adults if that has any bearing on the costs.

    I have already contacted Michael but he does not have 2012 price list yet so is unable to provide a quote.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I have booked the camping for the full weekend but i’m really struggling to decide on a Grandstand for the Sunday.
      Its between Gold 2 and Gold 3.

      From what i can see Gold 2 will give a longer view from le source onto the kemmel strait, also closer to the track and opposite the GP2 pits

      Everyone talks about the experience of Eau Rouge but you seem a long way from the track and you area watching them travel towards you until they disapear round the left hander.

      Also i will be taking photos with a 100-400 lense so overall which is the best bet?



    2. Brent patterson
      10th July 2011, 20:04

      Were is the elephant campsite ? I’m looking to take a motorhome but am struggling to find some were close to the circuit and not good press on the F1 campsites, ant help appreciated
      Thanks Brent

      1. Hello Brent,

        have a look here:

        all informations you will find.


  429. congealedmeat
    10th July 2011, 23:20

    I am going to be taking the train in from Liege each day. Is there public transport out to the track from Spa?

    For anybody interested I have an extra ticket in grandstand Gold 3. Block D Row 20 Seat 010.

    A friend of mine can no longer go to the race, so he’s just hoping to get what he paid for them, 455 euros

    1. Hi congealedmeat,

      from Liege to Verviers. From Verviers to FRANCORCHAMPS. If you go to Spa you need to walk around 14 km more.
      Have a look to – there you find also informations for piblic transport.

      Greetings from Francorchamps

      1. congealedmeat
        10th July 2011, 23:32

        Thanks very much for the reply Michael, I will have a look at the website.

        I cannot wait to see F1 at Eau Rouge!

  430. Hi all,

    I’ve been browsing this topic through, and most people seem to favor camp sites around Spa-Francorchamps. I have booked a room from Malmedy Youth Hostel, which is located (according to Google Maps) around 10km from the track. I booked it well in advance, costing me 49€ per night during the 2011 F1 weekend. As this is relatively cheap, I’m amazed no one has not mentioned this before in this topic :S

    Anyway, my question is, has anybody got any experience on this hostel? What would be the easiest way to get to the track? How about local buses, any lines going from Francorchamps towards Malmedy? As it seems to take for a car to get 2 hours out of the parking area (after the race), I figured I could easily walk this 10km in such time.

  431. Hi all

    Wonder if any of you could help with a few queries I have?

    Last time I went to Spa was in 2008, when I stayed in Brussels, this time I will be camping in a motorhome at the Elephant site. So can anyone confirm:-

    – I can get to the campsite with said motohome which is pretty big (about the height of a coach but not as long. I’m worried about tree canopy’s over hanging the tight country lanes. It sleeps 8 so is big, its my dads pride and joy and he’s let me loose in it for the weekend (what is he thinking?!). I’m trying to avoid any damage to the top half of it…

    – Is it true that you are not allowed to take alcohol in to the circuit? If so, how much are beers in there?

    – What are the best pubs to go to (near the elephant/eau rouge/la souce

    – How do you get over to pouhan and that side of the circuit (from la souce)

    – Ive allowed about 3.5hrs from calais, will this be enough (on Thursday morning)

    Thanks everyone


    1. Hi Martyn, i went to the 2010 race and had a great time, even allowing for the rain.I took beers in with me in my rucksack last year.In the evening you could walk towards the track and turn right into the village of Spa Francorchamps, it will take about 15 mins from the elephant. The racing hotel here has bars outside and very loud music which goes till about 4 am everyday during race week.When you enter the circuit, at Ster the main entrance. You are in the F1 village, walk through and bear left.You will find a tunnel, walk through and take the path left and walk through the woods and you will come to pouhon, hope this helps,Gary

  432. Thanks Gary thats all good info! Are you going again this year?

    When you say “When you enter the circuit, at Ster the main entrance. You are in the F1 village, walk through and bear left.You will find a tunnel”, is that the tunnel by the pits/bus stop or the bottom of Eau Rouge? I saw the tunnel by the bus stop but assumed that was for F1 personel only?

    Also, how far can you wonder round Blanchmount from the Bus Stop? Last time I went was vis coach, so at the end of each day we had to get back to the coach or we got left behind, this really comprimised our exploring (hence the camping this time!)


    1. The tunnel is at the bottom of Eau Rouge, the path left takes you to Pouhon and if you didnt turn left you would arrive at Blanchmount, i cant comment on the bus stop as i dont know where that is.Hotel racing is about 300 metres from la source and they open up the circuit at la source. We sat here and the view was awesome, saw the straight and the pits plus the first corner, best seats in the house.We ran down the straight and were at the podium for the presentations, hope this helps, Gary

  433. Hi,

    We are off to Spa and have grandstand tickets at Eau Rouge, does anyone have any information on how to meet any of the drivers at this track?


    1. Hi,

      only on Thursday you can access the pitlane and meet the drivers.

  434. Hi all,
    the preliminary timetable for the Spa race is available on: (check the left column the shell advertisement)

  435. Hey guys,

    Had a blast in Montreal a month ago and going to Spa for my birthday. Got Bronze tickets and will be driving really early form Brussels. Got red parking but hard to figure out how to get there from the E42 from Google Maps. Any tips? First time driving in Europe.


    1. Hello Juan,

      have a look to my web site (click on my name). You find also maps and description.

      Greetings from Francorchamps

  436. Hi,

    electric hook is fully booked.

    Greetings freom Francorchamps

  437. Hi guys,

    My partner and I will be staying in a hotel in Commanster about 35 minutes south of the circuit, I’ve got bronze tickets for the three days and a red zone parking ticket.

    My question is how easy is access from Commanster to the circuit and how easy is it to get into the red parking zone from that direction ?

    The other thing is we are driving from Calais on the Thursday and hopefully we’ll have enough time to attend the pitwalk – what time will that be on exactly?

    Many thanks for answering any of these questions :)

  438. Hi

    Im looking for someone who would share a camping spot in the green or yellow zone near track. We are two, one small tent, no car. We dont need whole 40m2 for one tent and that is the way how to reduce costs ;)If you are interested, pls mail to

  439. Hi Turner,
    this don’t works. Car and tend have to pay a space. The maximum will be 40 m2.
    Means, if it is a big tent more than 40 m2 – have to take a 2nd. space.
    The rules are made by the community of Francorchamps and and are beyond control the owners.

  440. Michael, does the 40 m2 pitch size need to house both the tent and car or do you have up to 40 m2 just for the tent with car parking separate? 

  441. Hi Superted666.
    both together. If you bock at the elephant – I don’t care. It’s not me who walk with a measuring tape and take care that my guest use not more than 40 m2 … tztztz ….

  442. Hey Michael, I already found someone to share the spot. We will have no car at all. Just two tents together. I think 40m2 is enough to contain two tents. My tent has about 4m2. In rules they said it can be several persons on the spot. So this is legal in my opinion

    1. Hi Turner,

      if you book at The Elephant® will count 1 car and 1 tent.


  443. Hi all,

    We are off to Spa grand prix in a few weeks time. The closest we managed to get a hotel is in Liege. I would really love some feedback on the best way to get from Liege to the circuit, as quickly/cheaply as possible. Hope someone can help?!


  444. In addition to my post above, does anyone know if the shuttle bus for the ‘weekend’ is provided for the whole grand prix weekend including thursday and friday? I have read many times about the Thursday pit walk, is anyone else doing this or does anyone have any more information on Thursdays activities?


  445. I have a question about the Gold 2 grandstand. I am seated towards the top of the La Source end of the stand. There is a white tent/tower directly next to the stand at that end. Does anyone know if this blocks the view down to La Source??? Thanks for your help.

    1. i wouldn’t know, but have a look at these vids made from gold 2, maybe they can help you:

  446. Hi fellow fanatics! Im looking to go to spa with the girlfriend. I would prefer to camp walking distance to the track if possible so we can get there easy and hear the cars, feel the atmosphere, the partying doesn’t bother us too much. Any suggestions welcome!

    1. There are two camps just next to the track. But its expensive (160e weekend). You will get info via page But if you prefere short distance to the track (espicially if you got bronze ticket) and you dont bother with noise and partying, its a good choice :)

      1. Thanks so much for the tip. Its cheaper than another one I found near the track I think that one was 210 euros. Only isssue is I wanted to arrive on the Thursday and do the pit walk but the one you suggested is only from Friday-Sunday do these campsite get booked up all in advance or can you arrive on the Thursday morning/afternoon and still find somewhere? I was also looking to ge GA tickets on the door.

  447. Hey guys, my friend and I will be driving from Amsterdam and hoping to arrive in time for qualifying on saturday and then drive to Brussels on sunday night after the race. Obviously we are looking for a campsite to stay on saturday night. We are most likely going to sleep in our hired car and don’t need a tent. We are going to book GA Bronze tickets. Our three options so far seem to be:

    1) The track: camp in the green zone which I assume we’d only need to buy a green camping ticket for saturday and have a green parking only ticket for sunday. I’ve read some posts about the green zone area and it doesn’t seem too desirable considering the atmosphere and hygiene. A partying night scene is fun. However, is it groups doing their own thing? Or is there like an organised section where everyone is welcome to party?

    2) CampingF1 ( looks like a well organised campsite with good facilities and entertainment (they will have Jake Humphries as a guest on saturday night). They also provide coaches going to and from the track which I assume is included in the pricing. This means we can leave our car at the campsite. But we will still have to buy a green parking only ticket for saturday.

    3) The Elephant: a lot of positive feedback about this site. Why exactly? The website is very hard to navigate for english reading people. Apparently this site is a 20min walk from the track? That is convenient.


    One last thing.. Carol (or whoever can help), I read earlier that you confirmed with the track that you can purchase GA Bronze tickets at the gate on the day for 50EUR. If this is indeed possible, I assume it would be cheaper for us to do this instead of prepurchasing the weekend GA ticket at ~160-170EUR considering that we’re not even going to be there for the friday session.

  448. I have the following question:

    Is it possible to walk around the whole circuit on friday if you have gold tickets? Or are you restricted to the gold area?

    1. The stewards only allow you to walk the main straight and the pit lane. I went last year and it got very busy.After the race we were allowed to walk the circuit and got plenty of race souveniers.

  449. Hello Michael & The rest,

    I have mailed you through your booking service (the elephant).
    Have you still got any free pitches available?
    I know I’m pretty late for booking a camp space.
    Do you know if it is allowed to check in to the race track with a camping backpack ? I mean really big one, there must be some way to either left in a locker or get in with it?
    About those little radio transmitter (to get the BBC live commentary) how do I get one, how much does it cost ?
    and last but not least is it possible to rent one of this folding camping chairs from somewhere around ?

    Thanks and BR
    Ognyan Istatkov

  450. Could anyone comment on what the parking situation is in the town of Spa during the weekend? I know we would like to spend some time there after the racing. Thanks.

    1. Hi
      Parking in Spa itself is ok during the evenings of the race weekend we go down there every night from our campsite for a drink or 2!


  451. Tickets arrived this morning, gold 9 block c row 11. Anyone had experience of gold 9? So excited now can barely contain myself. Just about to book the train from Brussels to Trois-ponts and the bus from there to Stavelot. Anyone else staying at L’eau Rouge campsite? We would love to meet up with other fans whilst we’re there.

    Aly :o)

  452. Hey guys,

    I’m heading to Spa this year. It’s my first ever race and I’m going alone.
    Sadly I’m going to miss Friday’s action as I fly out that morning and wouldn’t make it to the track in time for anything. But I will be there for Saturday and Sunday :D I have a Gold 4 ticket at Eau Rouge so I really hope I’m not too low down and that I can get a good view. Does anyone know if seats are numbered or first come first served?
    Any advice for someone like myself who is going alone? I’m sure I’ll make friends anyway. But is there anything you recommend I should or shouldn’t do while I’m there?

    I’m staying at the Aris Grand Palace hotel in Brussels, over an hour bus ride from the track and I must take a specific bus organized for me everyday (it only runs once). For anyone who’s done that sort of thing before any advice would be great. I just hope they let us stay at the track for most of the day. The last thing I want is being back in the hotel at 5pm missing out on all the fun at the track.

    1. Hi Des,

      No experience with the bus fun…
      The seats are indeed are numbered (is indicated on the tickets). I myself also will be sitting in Gold4. For the first time since 2005 in a non-covered GS. But in Spa it never rains :-)

      Note: depending on the time you ordered your ticket, you can ask (to some degree) for a specific seat. I also asked to be as high up as possible – ended up somewhere in row 20.
      Perhaps see you there !

      1. Hi Stephen,

        Well the bus I’ll be on is organized especially for everyone who booked through the travel agency. I cant see why it would or wouldn’t be fun though? – It’s just a bus journey.

        Is there anywhere online that you can get a seating plan for the grandstands? The last thing I want is to be stuck at the front row in front of the fence!

        1. Hi

          maybe this link helps

          well it’s more an indication of the blocks, but i think if you are on row 15 or up it will be ok regarding the fence.

          Anyway 2 years ago i sat at gold 3, didn’t really like the seats though. However i think gold 4 is better positioned only thing is no roof for when it rains.

          Have fun though anf that shouldn’t be a problem, since it’s F1

          1. Hi Des/Mlracing,
            that link is indeed the correct one.
            This is the home page with all grandstands, timetable, etc:
            When you reserve a ticket on this site, you can ask for a specific seat location, they will try to handle your request. The sooner you reserve, the more chance you will succeed.
            I reserved my ticket already in October 2010 – extra benefit: you get 20% reduction!
            You also find info about the bus travel hours on the site.

  453. Hey everyone, nearly time for One of the best races of the season :)
    I have a question, what kind of view can you get for general admission? I’m camping on-site, can you get pretty close to the track in places?

  454. I have booked a coach trip incuding hotel though I think we are staying in France it’ss that far from the circuit! The tickes included are general access, only way I could go as none of my friends will pay to see F1 (yes they are all stupid) and I got sick of not going so have ben doing them alone, as I don’t drive only way I thought I could get to Spa. Anyway all the tips on here on where to stand has really helped also money for Toilets ( i’d forgot they may charge) remebering to pack my BBQ and beer to help integrate with the locals My rain gear (of oucrse it will rain) and seat (I never thought of taking a folding chair) I just hope we mkae it before the start of qually and the race. So if you find a lost english girl with all the above wearing a Ferrari dress it’s prob me..

    1. Claire & Rob Neal
      12th August 2011, 11:05

      Hi Jo
      Can i suggest that you also think about getting a ‘shewee’ as the queue for the toilets is sometimes horrendus! I was caught out once or twice and was able to nip into the forest when i was caught short due to my trusted shewee :)….You will have a fanstastic time, everyone is very friendly and ever so helpful.

    2. Hi Jo

      You are more than welcome to come and join us, we are 3 brits with GA and camping green, we are rounding up a party to pitch somewhere together and save each others spaces (for loo breaks etc) and enjoy the action together. We too will be stocked up with BBQ, beer and umbrellas. Let me know and we can exchange details.

  455. Has anyone got recommendations of places to eat, drink, visit near to the circuit? Thanks

    1. Hi Adam, if you leave the circuit at the exit near gold 8, the first corner you can walk 200 metres up the road and the hotel racing has large umbrellas up next to the road.They have many bars and music there.If you continue up the hill to the left past the hotel, there are restaurants and a pizza restaurant and takeaway. Last year the entire Ferrari crew went here for their after race meal, hope this helps

  456. My experiences? It wasn’t an F1 day at all. It was something better, something that I have never done before. My brother went with his own car onto the track at a trackday. Eau Rouge was so damn greasy. You get slinged to right side while you get pushed into your seat, then you get slinged to the left side while still going up and finally you’ll get a lil lift while you get slinged to the right side again.

    We didn’t even reached a full G-force and I needed to vomit already after 3 rounds, I wasn’t so smart to ate before I went onto the track :p.

    Result: I now know and can feel a bit what’s on a drivers mind. How he needs to steer and how he needs to brake. For some more info, please visit my reply at the infothread of the Belgium GP