F1 book reviews

TitleAuthorYearScoreMain subject
The Art of WarAdam Parr20124F1 history
How to Build a CarAdrian Newey20175Adrian Newey
Life in the Fast Lane: An AutobiographyAlain Prost19881Alain Prost
Ferrari: The Grand Prix CarsAlan Henry19894Ferrari
The Top 100 F1 Drivers of All TimeAlan Henry20083F1 history
My StoryAlex Zanardi20044Alex Zanardi
Meet Sebastian VettelAndrea Cremonesi and Marco Degl’Innocenti20111Sebastian Vettel
Lotus 79 Owners’ Workshop ManualAndrew Cotton20164Lotus 79
The Ford Coswrth DFVAndrew Noakes20073Cosworth
Lewis Hamilton: A Portrait of Britain’s New F1 HeroAndrew van de Burgt20073Lewis Hamilton
Brabham BT52 Owners’ Workshop ManualAndrew van de Burgt20164Brabham
Legendary Race CarsBasem Wasef20093F1 technology
The Pits: The Real World of Formula 1Beverley Turner20042F1 history
Brooklands Giants: Brave Men and their Great CarsBill Boddy20063Brooklands
Conspiracy of SecretsBobbie Neate20123Louis Stanley
Lewis Hamilton: A Dream Come TrueBrian Belton20072Lewis Hamilton
Formula One: The Real Score?Brian Garvey20173F1 history
Lewis Hamilton: The People’s ChampionBruce Jones20072Lewis Hamilton
Bruce McLaren: From the Cockpit (reissue)Bruce McLaren20164
If you come second you have lostCedric Selzer20184Jim Clark
Brands HatchChas Parker20084Brands Hatch
Silverstone: The Home of British Motor RacingChas Parker20134Silverstone
Memories of James HuntChristopher Hilton20063James Hunt
Ayrton Senna: The Whole StoryChristopher Hilton20043Ayrton Senna
Grand Prix CenturyChristopher Hilton20053F1 history
Michael Schumacher: The Whole StoryChristopher Hilton20061Michael Schumacher
NuvolariChristopher Hilton20032Tazio Nuvolari
Ayrton Senna: As Time Goes ByChristopher Hilton19993Ayrton Senna
1982: The Inside Story of the Sensational Grand Prix SeasonChristopher Hilton200731982 F1 season
Michael Schumacher: The Definitive RecordChristopher Hilton20072Michael Schumacher
Regga: The Extraordinary Two Lives of Clay RegazzoniChristopher Hilton20084
Ayrton Senna: An interactive voyageChristopher Hilton20093Ayrton Senna
The Brawn StoryChristopher Hilton20093Brawn
Watching the Wheels: My AutobiographyDamon Hill20165Damon Hill
Grand Prix YearDamon Hill and Maurice Hamilton19943Damon Hill
It Is What It Is: The AutobiographyDavid Coulthard20074David Coulthard
Formula One: The KnowledgeDavid Hayhoe20165F1 statistics
Hobbo: Motor racer, motor mouth – The autobiography of David HobbsDavid Hobbs and Andrew Marriot20184
Pironi: The Champion that Never WasDavid Sedgwick20184
The Power and the Glory: Senna, Prost and F1’s Golden EraDavid Sedgwick20182Ayrton Senna
The Lost GenerationDavid Tremayne20065F1 history
Rubens BarrichelloDavid Tremayne20053Rubens Barrichello
The Science of Formula One DesignDavid Tremayne20094F1 technology
McLaren: The WinsDavid Tremayne20124McLaren
McLaren: The DriversDavid Tremayne20135McLaren
Jim Clark:The Best of the BestDavid Tremayne20185Jim Clark
Brooklands: The Official Centenary HistoryDavid Venables20074Brooklands
Race to win: How to become a complete champion driverDerek Daly20062F1 history
I Just Made the TeaDi Spires20124F1 history
BRM: A Mechanic’s TaleDick Salmon20174BRM
Hitler’s Motor Racing BattlesEberhard Reuss20085F1 history
Eddie Jordan: An Independent Man – The AutobiographyEddie Jordan20073Eddie Jordan
Memories of The BearEoin Young20075Denny Hulme
James Hunt: Against all OddsEoin Young and James Hunt19773James Hunt
Motor Racing’s Strangest BattlesGeoff Tibbals20013F1 history
Villeneuve: The Life of the Legendary Racing DriverGerald Donaldson20035Gilles Villeneuve
James Hunt: The BiographyGerald Donaldson20034James Hunt
Fangio: The Life Behind the LegendGerald Donaldson20035Juan Manuel Fangio
Formula One Technical Analysis 2014/15Giorgio Piola20154F1 technology
Mario Andretti: A Driving PassionGordon Kirby20015Mario Andretti
Jim McGee: Crew Chief of ChampionsGordon Kirby20144IndyCar
Stephen South: The Way It WasGraham Banks20174
From the fells to Ferrari: The official biography of Cliff AllisonGraham Gauld20083
Lewis Hamilton: New Kid on the GridIan Stafford20071Lewis Hamilton
Lotus 72 Owners’ Workshop ManualIan Wagstaff20124Lotus 72
Tony Robinson: Race MechanicIan Wagstaff20123Tony Robinson
McLaren M23 Owners’ Workship ManualIan Wagstaff20134McLaren M23
Lotus 18: The autobiography of Moss’s ‘912’ Ian Wagstaff20174Lotus
Winning is Not Enough: The AutobiographyJackie Stewart20075Jackie Stewart
The Inside TrackJake Humphrey20122F1 history
Michael Schumacher: The edge of greatnessJames Allen20074Michael Schumacher
My championship yearJenson Button20093Jenson Button
Life to the LimitJenson Button20173Jenson Button
The Grand Prix SaboteursJoe Saward20065F1 history
Grand Prix: The Killer YearsJohn Matthews20142F1 history
What Doesn’t Kill You…Johnny Herbert20164Johnny Herbert
Inside FerrariJon Nicholson and Maurice Hamilton20063Ferrari
The Unknown Kimi RaikkonenKari Hotakainen20181Kimi Raikkonen
Gilles Villeneuve: His Untold Life from Berthierville to ZolderKaroly Mehes20143Gilles Villeneuve
Driven: The Men who Made Formula 1Kevin Eason20185F1 history
Formula 1 FanaticKoen Vergeer20034F1 history
Lewis Hamilton: My StoryLewis Hamilton20072Lewis Hamilton
Senna versus ProstMalcolm Folley20093Ayrton Senna
Monaco: Inside F1’s greatest raceMalcolm Folley20183Monaco Grand Prix
The MechanicMarc Priestley20175McLaren
Mario Andretti World ChampionMario Andretti and Nigel Roebuck19794Mario Andretti
Lewis Hamilton: The Full StoryMark Hughes20073Lewis Hamilton
Aussie Grit: My Formula One JourneyMark Webber20155Mark Webber
One-and-a-half-litre Grand Prix Racing 1961-65Mark Whitelock20064F1 history
Working the WheelMartin Brundle20044Circuits
Martin Brundle ScrapbookMartin Brundle and Philip Porter20134Martin Brundle
27: Patrick Tambay – The Ferrari YearsMassimo Burbi20164Patrick Tambay
Ken TyrrellMaurice Hamilton20024Ken Tyrrell
Race without endMaurice Hamilton19944Jordan
Chequered Conflict: The Inside Story on Two Explosive F1 World ChampionshipsMaurice Hamilton200832007 F1 season
WilliamsMaurice Hamilton20095Williams
McLaren: The Art of RacingMaurice Hamilton20123McLaren
Lunches with LegendsMaurice Hamilton20124F1 history
Ayrton Senna – McLarenMaurice Hamilton20144Ayrton Senna
Alain Prost – McLarenMaurice Hamilton20154Alain Prost
Formula 1: The Pursuit of SpeedMaurice Hamilton20173F1 history
Max Mosley: The AutobiographyMax Mosley20154Max Mosley
Formula One at Watkins GlenMichael Argetsinger20113Watkins Glen
The Limit: Life and Death in Formula One’s Most Dangerous EraMichael Cannell201141961 F1 season
Unless I’m very much mistakenMurray Walker20023Murray Walker
Ferrari 312T Owners’ Workshop ManualNick Garton20164Ferrari
The Perfect CarNick Skeens20185John Barnard
Staying on Track: The AutobiographyNigel Mansell20153Nigel Mansell
Inside Formula 1Nigel Roebuck19895F1 history
Chasing the titleNigel Roebuck19994F1 history
To Hell and BackNiki Lauda19854Niki Lauda
First Principles: The Official Biography of Keith Duckworth OBENorman Burr20154Keith Duckworth
Formula 1 in Camera: 1970-79Paul Parker20034F1 history
Formula 1 in Camera: 1950-59Paul Parker20064F1 history
Formula 1 in Camera: 1960-69Paul Parker20064F1 history
Formula 1 in Camera: 1970-79 Volume 2Paul Parker20124F1 history
Formula 1 in Camera: 1960-69 Volume 2Paul Parker20154F1 history
Flat Out Flat Broke: Formula One The Hard WayPerry McCarthy20024Perry McCarthy
Riverside International RacewayPete Lyons20154Riverside
Formula 1 Car by Car 1960-69Peter Higham20175F1 history
Formula 1 Car-By-Car 1970-79Peter Higham20185F1 history
Formula 1 Car by Car 1980-89Peter Higham20185F1 history
Team Lotus: My View from the Pit WallPeter Warr20125Lotus
Graham Hill Scrapbook 1929 – 1966Philip Porter20074Graham Hill
The Little Book of Grand Prix LegendsPhilip Raby20072F1 history
Formula 1 in Camera: 1980-89Quentin Spurring20054F1 history
Ronnie Peterson: A Photographic PortraitQuentin Spurring and Alan Henry20084Ronnie Peterson
Ayrton Senna: Messiah of Motor RacingRichard Craig20121Ayrton Senna
Classic Motorsport RoutesRichard Meaden20074Circuits
Enzo Ferrari: A LifeRichard Williams20015Enzo Ferrari
The Last Road RaceRichard Williams20044Pescara Grand Prix
The Death of Ayrton SennaRichard Williams19994Ayrton Senna
RacersRichard Williams19974F1 history
The Cruel SportRobert Daley19635F1 history
Cars at SpeedRobert Daley19614F1 history
Stirling Moss: The Authorised BiographyRobert Edwards20054Stirling Moss
Motor Racing HeroesRobert Newman20144F1 history
Analysing Formula 1Roger Smith20084F1 statistics
Formula 1: All the racesRoger Smith20124F1 history
Total CompetitionRoss Brawn and Adam Parr20165F1 history
The Playboy and The RatRoy Calley20132James Hunt and Niki Lauda
Michael Schumacher: Driving Force (The Official Inside Story of the Formula One Icon)Sabine Kehm20031Michael Schumacher
Unraced… Formula One’s Lost CarsSam Collins20074Cars
Autodrome: The Lost Race Circuits of EuropeSam Collins and Gavin Ireland20074Circuits
Life at the LimitSid Watkins19963F1 history
Beyond the limitSid Watkins20013F1 history
Motor Sport Greats …in ConversationSimon Taylor20135F1 history
Forza Minardi!Simon Vigar20083Minardi
Lotus 98T Owners’ Workshop ManualStephen Slater20163Lotus
The Mechanic’s TaleSteve Matchett19993F1 history
Life in the Fast Lane: The inside story of Benetton’s first world championshipSteve Matchett19954Benetton
The Chariot MakersSteve Matchett20054F1 technology
Red Bull Racing F1 2010 (RB6) Owners’ Workshop ManualSteve Rendle20113Red Bull
Williams FW14B Owners’ Workshop ManualSteve Rendle20164Williams
Steve Rider: My Chequered CareerSteve Rider20123F1 history
Grand Prix Who’s Who (Fourth Edition)Steve Small20125F1 history
Rapid ResponseSteven Olvey20064IndyCar
All My RaceStirling Moss and Alan Henry20094Stirling Moss
My Cars, My CareerStirling Moss with Doug Nye20075Stirling Moss
Art of the Formula 1 CarStuart Codling20124F1 technology
Bernie: The biography of Bernie EcclestoneSusan Watkins20104
Bernie’s GameTerry Lovell20044
Bernie Ecclestone: King of SportTerry Lovell20082
Tiff GearTiff Needell20114
Team SchumacherTimothy Collings20054Michael Schumacher
Schumacher: The Life of the New Formula 1 ChampionTimothy Collings19944Michael Schumacher
The Piranha Club: Power and influence in Formula 1Timothy Collings20014F1 history
Eddie Jordan: The biographyTimothy Collings20023Eddie Jordan
No Angel: The Secret Life of Bernie EcclestoneTom Bower20114
Crashed and ByrnedTommy Byrne and Mark Hughes20084
Poetry in MotionTony Brooks20125
Ayrton Senna: All His RacesTony Dodgins20145Ayrton Senna