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2012 Clipsal 500

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    March 1-4, Adelaide, South Australia

    This years Clipsal 500 is shaping up to be the best yet:

    – 7 race categories including (V8 Supercars, Formula 3, V8 Utes, Australian GT, Aussie Racing Cars and Carerra Cup)
    – Alan Jones 1980 Championship Winning Williams FW07B will do laps of the cirucit on all 4 days.
    – Drag Racing Demos, Top Fuel and Top Doorslammer drag cars will do demonstrations on the Friday and Saturday of the event.
    – 4 nights of concerts, head lined on the Sunday by Good Charlotte, The Living End and Sneaky Sound System.

    PLUS, most importantly…

    – Full Strength COOPERS Beer will be sold at the event (I’m rather keen for this ;) )

    Is anyone going? If so what days? Are you in a grandstand? General Admission?

    At this stage I’m planning to go on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Ill be in General Admission. Best GA viewing spot in my opinion, Exit of turn 7 in the GA stands. Get there early and grab yourself a spot and dont move. There’s a screen so you can see what happening around the track while watching the cars run down Bartels Road. And you get to hear the lovely backfire as the cars race away from you. AWESOME!


    Won a 4 day pass through work. So might go. Love the Australian GT cars.
    Heard that from next year, they might even try having the Saturday race at night. That will be interesting! Not sure how they are going to set up all that lighting.
    If they pull it off, bring the dam F1 back!!!!!

    Stephen Jones

    It’s going to be on Channel 7 this afternoon if anyone’s interested! F3 is always fun

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Grid for tomorrow’s race:

    Lowndes on pole, ahead of Tander, Davison and Webb (in the V8 rental car). Whincup fifth.


    Wanna watch this but it seems @MotorsTV are only showing highlights next weekend.

    Anyone know where I can catch it live in the UK? I’m only interested if it’s legal, not fussed about streaming illegally.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @andrewtanner – The only international braodcast deal that I know of is with SPEED in the USA. They show all the races, but usually only a week after they have been run. I’m afraid I have no idea if you can watch it live in Europe, much less how you would go about doing it.

    You’ve still got six hours until the race begins, so there’s still time. Maybe you’ll get lucky.


    I live just around the corner from the track, can hear the cars from my house. Looks like it’s going to be a fantastic day for it. There has been lots of red and blue walking past my house. No need to give tickets away like the Melbourne GP. Going to be a good couple of days of racing that’s for sure. :)

    Stephen Jones

    I feel as if they should rename the track “Adelaide, featuring Turn 8”. seriously, it’s a complete car killer!

    been a good race though! there was a particularly hectic moment about 11 laps in with 6 cars battling

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m massively disappointed for Will Davison.

    Still, Garth Tander didn’t win, so I can’t say I’m totally unhappy.

    Captain Soviet

    That was a bloody good drive by Whincup, really shows why he’s been champion for the three of the past four years.

    As for streaming the races, the official website has a live stream of the Channel 7 broadcast, and it’s not location-restricted. I just watched the whole race here in Canada, quality is a bit dodgy for what they call a “high-quality” stream, but definitely watchable.

    Watch here

    It does ask you to register, but it’s quick and painless.


    I’m a bit the same as PM, would have been nice to see Will Davison win… maybe tomorrow.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    If there is one positive to take from Davison’s defeat, it’s the knowledge that FPR have finally managed to hit the ground running. Year after year, they take two or three rounds to get up to speed, and by the time they’re finally competitive, someone else – usually Whincup – has too big a points lead to reel in by the end of the season. But this year, they’ve been competitive out of the gate, and if David Reynolds had crashed out a few laps later than he did, they probably would have had a one-two finish. Hopefully both Davison and Winterbottom can fight for the title this year. Holden is just getting a little bit too comfortable out the front. I would dearly like to see that self-satisfied smirk wiped off Simon McNamara’s face.


    This will you inform you if you dont know about the clipsal 500.


    This should be a cracking year, it’s great that the 8 best drivers, well, 8 or the 9 best drivers (Rick excluded) are in the 8 best cars and all have a genuine chance of the title. Whincup drove fantastically today but hopefully he doesn’t win another title this year. FPR look as strong as ever and so does Lowndes and Courtney will be more competitive this year. Should be a good race tomorrow.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Murphy is out of Clipsal race 2 after a heavy crash with Jonathon Webb in qualifying:

    Apparently Webb was looking for a gap to start his flying lap when Murphy came around the final corner at race speed and ploghed into the back of him.

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