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    I’m sure many of you will have heard that Jason Richards succumbed to his battle with cancer last night. It came as an enormous shock to me as I refused to believe it was terminal and that there had to be a way to defeat it.

    This is devastating news to the motorsports community after what has already been a truly awful year. Jason was one of the genuine nice guys. Always smiling, always accessible, and great with the fans. There was no sense of elitism about him and he seemed to be one of the nicest people in the paddock. You probably couldn’t find a more likeable bloke in the V8 Supercar paddock, in fact. He came to my primary school once and talked about his massive crash at Queensland Raceway, and I even got his autograph!

    I’ve seen a few tweets from people that met him personally and they can only speak fondly of him. He will be sorely missed, but always remembered as a legend. Rest in peace, Jason.


    It was a huge shock when I found out as well. It is truly horrible news. You’ve said it all Damon

    Jason was both a fantastic man and a fantastic racer. I too always refused to believe the severity of his condition, but to see the support the motosport community gave and will continue to give him and his family was great.

    All of us in the motorsport community wish his family the very best and offer our full support. He will be sorely missed. RIP Jason Richards 1976-2011


    I didn’t want to believe it either. I certainly wasn’t expecting to wake up today to the news of his death. I must say i’m quite jealous Damon, I remember that crash well, and i’ve always liked him. Usually I wouldn’t get that excited about meeting drivers, I think it would feel a bit contrived and superficial, but he is someone I wish I had have met, and I only realise now how much I respected his positive attitude. Rest in peace JR.


    Sad news indeed. I never had the opportunity to meet the bloke but seeing him on TV gave me the impression he was a really nice guy (as Im sure he was). We need more people like him in this sport.
    Condolences to his family.


    What a true stand-up guy. Very upsetting news for his family and the entire Australian motorsport community. I feel honoured to have been able to witness his last win in the Fujitsu Series at the Clipsal this year.


    Devastating news. The world is a little bit of a darker place today.

    Toro Stevo

    Absolutely gutted when I heard the news this afternoon. When he first pulled out of the last few races last year, I didn’t want to believe it was anything more than a trivial matter and that he’d be back quickly. It was only when I saw his interview a few months back at Sandown that I realised how serious it was.
    A quick driver and a top bloke. Condolences to his young family, and hopefully they continue to be supported by the V8 Supercars community.


    I can’t wait for this year to be over. 2011 is getting worse every second for me. Truly terrible news. After so many cancer cases in my family, I always get sad when hear something like this.

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