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V8 Supercars drops the 'V8'

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    Australia’s V8 Supercars championship will be just plain ‘Supercars’ from July on following a name change:

    A new era for Supercars

    From next year manufacturers will be able to race four- or six-cylinder engines in the series, which has carried the ‘V8’ moniker since 1997.

    The championship also announced a new title sponsor, airline Virgin Australia.


    The 4 & 6 cylinder engines are also allowed to be turbo charged.

    They are also able to switch to a two door coupe body shell if they wish, i.e Nissan could put in a GTR

    It still has to be a front engine, rear wheel drive configuration though.

    The control chassis will stay the same for all cars though.




    Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. Totally hate it as it takes away alot of the character of the sport in itself. The sport needs V8 in its title to continue attracting new fans, especially those overseas to appeal to these people.


    I don’t agree, the V8 did nothing for DTM for example, they used V6 20 years ago which had a great sound. They spoiled it by focussing too much on aerodynamic. Looking at Supercars I still can see cool cars with great sound and close racing, even w/o an V8 engine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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