British Touring Car Championship

Five-way title showdown at Brands Hatch GP

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    I must admit I got seriously excited for this – too bad I’m working during the weekend and there’s Bathurst as well.

    But I’ll definitely watch the races later on next week. I guess I’ll just unfollow BTCC on Twitter until then – and try to steer clear of Autosport as well.

    Who else is pumped up and who do you root for?

    EDIT: I’m so happy that my first topic in ages went online by itself that I simply must give a shoutout to @keithcollantine here for – apparently – resolving my long-standing forum issue.

    Bradley Downton

    Ecstatic for this too! I’m actually heading to Brands Hatch though! :D

    Second BTCC final, first time ever at Brands, any tips on where to watch from? We don’t have grandstand tickets.

    Hoping it’ll be a good win, and anyone will be a worthy winner. Except Plato, I don’t like him.


    Aww, man, I envy you, lol. :)

    I live in Hungary and with it have next to no chance of making it into Brands, like, ever – at least not in the foreseeable future so I have no tangible advice to give you.

    Still, without grandstand tickets I’d definitely try to camp on the outside of Druids as that’s where most of the action takes place – and you could also get that wonderful view of the ‘wall’ that Paddock Hill Bend looks like from there.

    Yeah, I’m mainly for a good hard battle as well although I do have a sweet spot for Shedden – so things look bright for me pre-race.

    Plato is usually good in Brands Hatch as I recall though and the VWs will surely be great on the GP layout, I guess.

    I wonder what will Menu be able to achieve with him finally getting a top car again after all those years – I guess not much without proper preparation, but still. (I liked him as well in the late 1990s, early 2000s.

    Malcolm Tucker

    Can’t wait! I usually go with my brother for my birthday but he’s working for a team in the GT Cup at Oulton Park so I won’t be there this year unfortunately :(

    My favourite spectator point is on the outside of Paddock Hill, they look amazing going down there and if you’re lucky to find a good spot, you’ll be able to see the whole approach to Druids, Graham Hill and Surtees/Mclaren in the distance. Druids is a nice spot but visibility is limited; lots of trees and a bridge block out most of the track, and the cars disappear as they go into the dip at the bottom of Paddock Hill. If you’re returning for the season start on the Indy circuit, get yourself a Paddock Hill grandstand ticket and you’ll be able to see the whole track (Tip: book it on the phone so you can choose your seat number, higher numbers mean more track to see!).

    I think it’s safe to say it’s between Shedden and Plato this year but it’s all down to who does the best job tomorrow. Plato is on the soft tyres for race 1 so I’m expecting some tactics to come into play, I guess his gameplan will depend on how well he qualifies today. I think Shedden has got the upper hand and I hope he can hold on and take the crown


    Phew, what a finale! Just catched it on

    I have to say Shedden has done it in style, no ballast weight or not, he practically had the drive of his life – just ask his red hot glowing front brakes; he was absolutely on the limit lap in lap out. Fabulous drive indeed.

    Poor Plato lost his 8th title battle (won ‘just’ two), but he also drove perfectly well – took all his opportunities, don’t forget his race one ‘antics’, that tense back up of Flash and Neal, maxing out race three, it was just simply not enough against Shedden on the day.

    But what a duel, what an exciting finish and what a fine racing product that was on display last Sunday. It was absolutely worth watching, and if colour commentator Tim Harvey – who I think was also on the very top of his game that day with spot on and meaningful insights delivered right on time – says this was an historic event for BTCC, I can surely believe it.

    I can only recommend catching up with all the action for everyone loving close-quarters racing, drivers visibly driving absolutely on the edge and dramatic twists for the biggest prize.

    What a race.

    I hope you had a hell of a good time, just counting lap by lap where Shedden is in race three.

    Bradley Downton

    @atticus-2 – That was exactly how it was, kept shouting to dad Shedden’s position as they went past, we watching from the start/finish straight, was incredible the noise as he crossed the line!

    Was absolutely brilliant.

    On another note, Plato was booed massively on the podium for race three, which I thought was harsh at the time. But having later seen his comments about Smith, I understand it now.


    Haha, awesome. (I mean the experience, not the boos.)

    Here’s hoping for another remarkable season in 2016. :)

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