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James Thompson to return at Silverstone final

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    Keith Collantine

    Good to see James Thompson will be making a one-off return at the wheel of Michael Caine’s Ford Focus:

    Somebody please give him a full-time drive for 2012. And Colin Turkington, for that matter.

    Dan Thorn

    This is good stuff. When he did a few drives in 2009 it showed he’d lost none of his speed. Stick him in Alex MacDowall’s seat at RML, though I guess Plato would have something to say about that..

    Turkington was always my favourite and I’d love to see him back more than anyone. It’s a shame that most teams seem to hire mediocre pay drivers alongside their number one’s, but I guess that’s a sign of the times.

    Keith Collantine

    Stick him in Alex MacDowall’s seat at RML

    Great idea. Or a third Chevrolet, for that matter.


    Plato doesnt like a quick team mate,
    this is why Rob Huff was never re-signed apparently, and how MacDowall is still there


    This is an interesting development. I’d have thought Chevrolet would’ve made more sense considering his WTCC time with them, but then I’m still fairly new to the way BTCC works and the politics involved.


    so who’s favourite for the championship this weekend?

    Bradley Downton

    Great to have Thommo back, agreed with the calls for a full drive next year

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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