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New Parity Testing

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    Don Mateo

    TOCA have started testing all engines competing in the season to try to ensure parity:

    I wonder if this’ll shut Jason Plato up …


    I thought the idea was to have everyone running a NGTC engine and chassis eventually anyway. If JP was so worried, why didn’t he use his considerable clout and get Chevrolet to slap the NGTC engine in there?


    @Don_Mateo “I wonder if this’ll shut Jason Plato up”

    I will bet you the princely sum of ten English pounds, right here, right now, that Plato is whinging about something else within the first two meetings of the 2012 season. :)

    @ajokay they are, by 2013. the best comment I heard was from Dan Thorney, when Jason said it costs a £1m to develop a NGTC turbo engine – he said he bought his engine for £250,000 and that he’d flog Jason four for that price!


    I don’t know where Plato got £1m from, buying the Swindon NGTC unit costs £20k and developing a single engine in house costs just a bit less than that. This is information supplied in the BTCC’s NGTC overview.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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