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NGTC Honda Civics for Andrew Jordan and Jeff Smith in 2012

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    Keith Collantine

    According to Inside BTCC, Team Pirtek will run NGTC Honda Civics for Andrew Jordan and Jeff Smith, presumably ex-Team Dynamics.!/InsideBTCC/statuses/121852372766044160

    A good move I say, especially as Vauxhall Vectras haven’t been on sale in Britain for a while now.


    Have they not? Did the Insignia replace the Vectra then? I thought it was the next size up from the Vectra.

    Anyway, that’s good news. The Civic will look brilliant in the bright blue and fluro orange and yellow Pirtek paint job. Obviously it’ll go like the clappers too.

    Are Chevrolet planning on running the NGTC engine next year? They’d be silly not to. Although then when Plato loses he’ll have nothing else to blame, which probably won’t suit him.

    Don Mateo

    I believe that rather than being Team Dynamics cast-offs, the cars will be the same all-new ones that Dynamics themselves will be racing, making Pirtek effectively a satellite works team:


    I hope they can get some good succes from it, Jordan has had some awul luck this season,


    Can I be a n00b and ask for someone to explain the new NGTC rules for me? I’m still pretty new to this series.

    I understand they’re a different ‘class’ of Touring Car that presumably have some engine or horsepower restrictions, but what does that mean in terms of competition?

    Oli Peacock

    NGTC(Next Generation Touring Car) is a low-budget way of touring car racing. The difference between a S2000 and a NGTC is that the NGTC has a turbo engine, wider tyres and bigger brakes

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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