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Silverstone finale: Who will be champion?

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    Heading into the last round at Silverstone five drivers are in contention for the title. Who will come out on top?

    The current standings are:

    Matt Neal: 225
    Jason Plato: 220
    Gordon Shedden: 220
    Mat Jackson: 189
    James Nash: 181

    I’m going with Gordon Shedden. The Hondas are surely going to be the cars to beat at Silverstone and he’ll have the benefit of qualifying with less weight.


    I’ll be cheering on Mat Jackson, but I agree that Shedden is in a very good postition and is most likely to take the title.


    I’d like Sheddon to win it, he hasnt moaned (as much) as Neal or Plato about the parity rules. Idealy Mat Jackson but I feel he is just too far behind, Knockhill and Rockingham ruined his chances.
    but I think Neal will claim another title

    Don Mateo

    I’d like Shedden to win it, but I’ve a feeling that Neal will. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if the Hondas end up running together on the track at any point.


    Neal’ll end up winning it. Which circuit are they using? Are they still on the National circuit for this year. Rocking it old-skool for one last time?


    I’d like it to be Shedden, but I think Neal will probably take it in the end. as long as the racing’s good at Silverstone I don’t really mind!

    Bradley Downton

    I’ll be honest, i want Nash to win, although i really highly doubt it will happen, so backing my next favourite, Neal :D

    Dan Thorn

    I can see Neal and Plato having a coming together at some point, allowing Shedden to take it.


    I would love Flash or Mat Jackson to do it, but I suspect Neal will take it, especially from Pole.


    Neal and Plato on track action should be intersting, but hopefully it will give Sheddon the chance to take it.
    I saw Plato be rude to a 12 year old at Snetterton a few years ago and there was no need, he went down in my estimation as a person somewhat.


    @Helen He seems to have that effect on people.


    I haven’t been following it very closely. I didn’t even remember what was happening at Silverstone this weekend. But yesterday, my girlfriend flew me once around Silverstone as a birthday present. It is amazing seeing the track from the air. I could see a lot of support trucks and other stuff inside the National circuit but there were cars (really couldn’t tell what they were) travelling (didn’t appear to be racing) around the International circuit while bikes were racing on the Stowe circuit. It was about 13:00 to 13:30, so looking at the timetable i can’t work out what I saw unless it was just a half-circuit tour for 5 minutes in a gap between events. Didn’t even realise it was the BTCC event till I looked it up yesterday evening.


    Well the final race is about to start, join us here for live comments throughout:


    I’m glad Neal won, I’ve liked him since his very early days though did dislike him when he joined Vauxhall and slowed Plato in hi last Honda race to help Giovannadi win the title.
    and then his tactics to help Gio in 2009 which failed (thankfully) but it does show he’s a team player and wil do anything to help the team win.

    and after all this year really glad Jason Parity didnt win!

    Don Mateo

    Not disappointed that Neal won, after all he did what he had to do and scored more points than his teammate in the final round. I’d have liked Shedden to win but, a bit like Vettel/Webber, I have a sense of inevitability about what happened in the end.

    As predicted, Plato moaned about the lack of parity not giving him a chance.

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