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Ekstrom stripped of win for water violation

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    Mattias Ekstrom has been stripped of his victory in today’s DTM race at the Norising after stewards ruled he was illegally given water after the race.

    According to the DTM website Ekstrom was excluded for “illegitimately having water poured into the pockets of his race suit in parc ferme”.

    Audi lost what would have been their first win at the track since 2002. Robert Wickens was promoted to first place and his first DTM victory, leading a Mercedes one-two-three with Christian Vietoris and Daniel Juncadella.


    I´m sorry. I don´t get it… it is just me?


    Audi say they will appeal:

    Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline has announced it will appeal the exclusion of winner Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM). Thus, the results of the Norisring race are provisional.

    Due to an alleged violation of Section 44 of the DTM Sporting Regulations (‘Parc fermé rules’) Mattias Ekström was excluded from the race results on Sunday night. Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline immediately announced it would appeal the decision of the stewards. A sport tribunal will decide whether or not Mattias Ekström will regain his Norisring victory.


    Not saying that I agree, however the rule is there to ensure weight isn’t added after the race.


    So already this weekend we’ve seen a plethora of penalties seriously affecting the results of AutoGP, F3 and IndyCar off the track. Drivers failing scrutineering and post-race penalties costing drivers places and in most cases the win, only for some of the drivers to have their position reinstated later on. And now a DTM driver loses his win because he had water thrown on him.

    It’s been a bizarre weekend in the world of motorsports.


    First DTM race I’ve watched in a while, is the English commentary always this bad? Both comm’s didn’t have a clue about the different strategies that were playing out, constantly missed things happening right in front of them, failed to register Paffet’s jump start completely and sounded asleep during restarts.


    It’s obviously this rule in the 2013 DTM sporting regulations they’re talking about:

    44.1 From the moment the race leader receives the end-of-race signal, all classified cars are subject to Parc Fermé rules which apply on the whole area of the circuit. Any technical intervention on the cars is prohibited.
    It is prohibited to remove or add material or substances from or to the cars on their way from the track to the Parc Fermé.


    Here’s a (rather poor) video of the moment in question:


    Hard to know what to make of it. It does look like it might have been done in an underhand fashion, but the guy doing the pouring might just have been innocently dousing him with water on a hot day.


    @KeithCollantine The guy, who did the pouring was Ekstrom’s father but it’s really a strange way to refresh oneself, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pouring water in his pockets to cool down.


    I’ve seen suggestions of Ekstrom ‘not knowing’ he was having water poured in his suit on some forums. This is starting to become quite a funny ordeal online.

    With the recent news of Di Resta losing his Qualifying position due to being underweight, I guess Ekstrom took a chance. I do wonder why, though, as I haven’t heard any indication of him being at risk of being underweight.


    @Girts Why though? I don’t understand.

    When I first saw the video my first thoughts were that it was someone else (outside of Audi) doing the pouring, to result in a DSQ


    Watergate shocks DTM

    Joe Papp

    Watching that video, it’s OBVIOUS that the water being added DIRECTLY to the POCKET is for one of two things:

    1) to cool or moisten driver’s Johnson
    2) to illegally add weight – ie, cheating

    Take it from an expert at cheating at the high end of professional sport – that’s either a d!ck joke or a lame attempt at cheating. And I go w/ the latter…

    Of course, maybe it’s someone trying to get the driver Dq’d but I doubt he (Driver) would’ve just stood there and let that shiza go down! Normal reaction would’ve been to punch in the face the unknown water weenie!

    R.J. O’Connell

    Why did the team opt to put water bottles in his pockets, instead of taking advantage of their primary sponsorship and using 500mL cans of Red Bull instead?


    @rjoconnell They would need to acquire sponsorship from a laundry detergent as well, because that stuff will not come out of your overalls easily.

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