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Daytona 24 Hours – will you be watching?

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    @deanmachine: Bradley is probably confined to pitlane reporting and shock announcements of drivers retiring. :)) Don’t forget Paul Truswell and Jeremy Shaw, the gods of endurance racing live statistics.


    @victor_ro Like when Stirling Moss announced his retirement to him? He hasn’t shut up about that either xD

    I’ll definitely be watching this though, the Corvette prototype actually looks nice compared to the other fat proportioned Daytona Prototypes you normally see.


    Exactly like that moment.

    Also, just been listening through some RLM archives, and apparently nobody in the ALMS paddock wanted to talk to Bradley for a full season during races, since every time he interviewed someone from a team that team’s car would inevitable crash/fall apart/whatever… I wonder if he’s back to his jinxing ways for this race. :D


    Will be watching for the first time this year. Just wondering if there will be a live page for the event or is there not enough interest.


    I guess its not enough people in to do a live blog for the whole 24h @keithcollantine?


    Been listening for 3 hours so far, and watching on and off. Some good racing and an interesting, if limited set of cars. Some world-class drivers too.

    These Chevrolet prototypes look beautiful though, and I’m glad they’ve given the Rileys a facelift, they were rather ugly in the previous incarnation.


    Been watching since it started save a one or two hours and i’m enjoying it. Watched some last year up until the end, but with all the different types of cars and high profile drivers participating this year it may surpass the ALMS if they keep it up a few more years.

    @ajokay My jaw dropped when I saw those Corvette DPs, I knew nothing about them until the start of the race! Hopefully the rest of them will keep getting better looking!


    just over 10 hours in, great endurance race! you could hardly ask for more star drivers and dignitaries to come to the 50th. if only all the series could unite…


    Wow, if you don’t have sky search ‘Daytona 24 hours stream’ you can access Speed’s coverage through their site even if you’re outside Australia. Does take several minutes to load so give it time, which I didn’t do last night and is why I’ve missed most of the race.


    @bascb Not this time.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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