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World Endurance Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours coverage

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    A couple of readers have queried the reduction in coverage of the Le Mans 24 Hours. As this race is part of the World Endurance Championship, I feel strongly that it wouldn’t be right to cover it yet ignore the rest of the series. We have covered the WEC previously on the site but after reviewing our commitments I felt we couldn’t put sufficient resource into in order to cover it as comprehensively as I would like to. Particularly as, in the case of Le Mans, we’re talking about 50-odd cars and well over 100 drivers – a very significant undertaking. And as we’ve become increasingly focused on single-seater racing – and broadened our scope to do more coverage of IndyCar, Formula 3 and W Series this year – it’s not as if we aren’t already doing a lot more elsewhere (i.e., this isn’t a straightforward ‘either/or’ trade-off.)

    I know a lot of our readers are passionate about it, but I hope you appreciate why given the choice between not covering it, or doing a very compromised job, I decided against the latter. Of course this doesn’t mean the door is closed to us covering WEC or other series in future.

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