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    Keith Collantine

    One feature I have had a few requests for is a facility to edit comments.

    I’ve not found a solution for this I’m fully satisfied with yet but I am aware it is a feature some people would like to see.


    I’m not entirely sure it would be beneficial, because I’m sure there’d be the odd person that would edit their comment to make the replies nonsensical or seem as though they’re stating incorrect facts. I’ve found that if there’s something that’s desperately needed editing, I can reply to my own comment with the amendments.


    Some forums have a function to allow readers to see peoples comments before it was edited. That would remove the possibility of the event mentioned above occurring.


    Maybe a feature that allows someone to add an amendment at the bottom of their post? But that could easily get out of hand.

    But I agree with damon, it’s not really that needed I think. And I can’t see how it can benefit the site.


    I agree with Toby. An alternate is to allow only 5 minutes to edit your post to allow for spelling/grammar errors.


    Why not allowing people to add to their comments, which will then show up as EDIT?

    For example:

    Original post:
    “I like apples!”

    Edited post:
    “I like apples!

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant grapes”


    If we are talking about the evident problem of making mistakes in spelling, would it be feasible to put a spell check function into the commenting system @keithcollantine?

    And it would be lovely if the @ mentions could be checked against existing user accounts, but I guess that is something that would bog down the site quite a bit.

    I know that moment full of shame, when seeing how you leave a stupid spelling mistake in a comment and not being able to do much about it. But I am not that much of a fan of comment editing in wide discussion.



    As a long-time Firefox user, the browser already has spell-check built in. Not terribly familiar with other browsers but surely they have something similar.

    Not sure if this is the same on mobile browsers, however.


    No Kidding @xxiinophobia! I will try that one, never even knew that actually worked. The ignorance of us internet users ;-)


    Sorry to revive an old thread, but is the edit feature meant to be working now? I have tried editing my posts on three different browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE – and all I get is a blank space beneath “Edit: [thread title] (n posts)” on the page I am sent to by clicking the “edit” button.

    Keith Collantine

    There is no comment editing facility on the main site.


    The main site, as opposed to these forums? I meant the forums. Otherwise, how would I have found an “edit” button to click in the first place? :)


    Yes, it works for the forums, but nothing on the comments yet.


    Right. So why doesn’t it work for me? That’s what I’m wondering.

    Keith Collantine

    Some further information on this:

    This is not just a question of solving the problem from a technical point of view, but the added complication of moderating comments when they can be edited and re-submitted.

    As you can appreciate, allowing comment editing would mean a comment might need to be checked multiple times, and with thousands of comments being added each day this is not feasible at present.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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