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    Just a note on the form guide. When adding the qualifying head to head between team-mates it would be much more beneficial to compile it before penalties are added. You don’t really see who is winning the battle on quicker over one lap when penalties are added which makes it not really a true form guide.


    There should definitely be a ‘headline’ system, almost like newspapers do. So a certain story almost gets pinned up at the top, the round-up for that particular day maybe at the side, and so on. There’s often times where I’ll have not viewed the site or had access to the internet for the day, and I feel as if I’ve already missed the good stuff which disappears to the bottom or goes on the next page. More often than not during the race weekend.


    Thanks for the freedback so far everyone though for the most part it seems to be on technical stuff rather than the articles themselves. All useful though.


    I’ve been asked about a podcast before and while I’d like to do one, the cost involving in producing one to a worthwhile standard would be high and it would be difficult to raise revenue from it. Most likely it would require sponsorship. Without that I can’t see it happening I’m afraid.

    Points atken about the quizzes, I’ll bear it in mind for future ones.

    @verstappen @daniel-chico @Electrolite

    Some useful points from all of you, particularly on how to make it easier for readers to make sure they haven’t missed anything.


    The ‘lap 1 positions gained/lost’ table went because I needed to reduce the amount of time spent on post-race analysis (see here: Race weekend articles on F1 Fanatic in 2012) and it basically duplicates information that’s already in the lap chart.

    The yearly average lap one position change is available in statistics, I may look into adding race-by-race data there:

    Position change on lap one

    @brad-ferrari There are next/previous image options underneath every picture. See here:



    One thing that gets me every time on the round-ups – the quotes from the articles you use are frequently nothing to do with the headlines of those articles.

    A fair point, though that’s because I sometimes consider the quote I’ve used to be more interesting than what the sub-editor for the publication in question has highlighted in the headline. I’ll have a think about a more elegant way of doing this.

    @snowman Yes we definitely need a clear distinction between ‘qualifying results’ and ‘starting order’.


    I’d like to see more ‘Changing Tracks’ was it..? The feature about how tracks have changed over the years. Mega enjoyed them.

    Also Keith, not sure if it’d help at all but i’m happy to discuss any ideas for a podcast if you needed a hand?



    @ECWDanSelby I’ll keep you in mind if it ever happens but without a sponsor it’s not going to.

    James A


    I would like to see more Technical Analysis, Why things are designed that way rather than an alternative way, more diagrams with arrows of before and after pictures…

    Also what is used to do all the illustrations ?


    Perhaps a section of F1 supporting races (GP2, GP3) could be implemented or at least an article referring to the action besides the glitter of F1…


    The only thing I would say, is I find the after-race reporting a little too segmented. For example, the bottom 3 articles on page 3 of the news articles are currently:
    2012 Hungarian Grand Prix fastest laps
    2012 Hungarian Grand Prix lap chart
    2012 Hungarian Grand Prix tyre strategies and pit stops

    While they are valid topics, they are also all inextricably linked to one another to the point where sometimes I am expecting information in one article that then seems to be kind of artificially left out because it does not strictly speaking come under the nominal header. It also leaves the associated comments strangely disconnected at times and me with trouble deciding where to leave certain comments I would like to make.

    I am not sure if you do this because it is easier to reference later on this way, or for performance issues, so I don’t know if this is something that you could viably address if you even wanted to. It is entirely possible that all of this is purely in my head, so feel free to take this with as much salt is you see fit :)


    I recognize part of what @ral mentions here. It would be nice to have an easier way of somehow grouping these race analyses pages in the articles overview, like having a tab for last race and be able to select an overview of all pre race, or race analyses articles for a given race in the season as that would make it easier to keep an overview of whats there and enjoy absorbing all that great information.


    @dimitris-1395 I do remarks on the GP2 races in the forum if I can find time (see here). But articles and features on non-F1 races on the site tend to perform much less well. There’s only a limited amount of work I can do, especially on race weekends, and F1 has to come first.

    This doesn’t mean I won’t do any – we had one last week – but committing to an increase would simply not be cost-effective.


    @keithcollantine Have you ever considered letting people have signatures?


    Oh, please don’t do the signatures thing. Pretty please with all the cherries in the world on top and just liters and liters of whipped cream.


    Yeah I second Ral.


    Agreed, no signatures please.


    @Ral I’m not 100% happy with how this works at the moment either. It an unsatisfactory compromise between offering the information in a useful form immediately after the race and in the archive. It was changed for this year and I expect I’ll change it again for next year. If anyone has suggestions on how then please share them!

    @mrjames12 The technical analysis articles and illustrations are done by @jonh-beamer

    @ECWDanSelby I think we’ve now got those for all the current tracks where significant changes have taken place. There’s also this earlier series:

    F1 circuits history part 1: 1950
    F1 circuits history part 2: 1951-3
    F1 circuits history part 3: 1954-7
    F1 circuits history part 4: 1958-60
    F1 circuits history part 5: 1961-6
    F1 circuits history part 6: 1967-70
    F1 circuits history part 7: 1971-4
    F1 circuits history part 8: 1975-8
    F1 circuits history part 9: 1979-84
    F1 circuits history part 10: 1985-9
    F1 circuits history part 11: 1990-3
    F1 circuits history part 12: 1994
    F1 circuits history part 13: 1995-8
    F1 circuits history part 14: 1999-2002
    F1 circuits history part 15: 2003-2007
    F1 circuits history part 16: 2008 and beyond

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