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    Hey @keithcollantine

    I know this has been a long standing idea of many users but is there actually a reason why we cannot:

    -Delete comments
    -Edit comments
    -Directly quote others (instead of reply and then copy pasting)
    -Ignore other users (I’d really love this one)

    Potential others
    -Like comments (which are then moved up in the comment section)
    -Dislike comments

    I think this would really be a valuable step in having a good working forum too.

    Ben Needham

    I could offer a potential reason for the first two. Deleting/editing comments leaves a thread at risk of not making sense or looking ridiculous. For example, if I make a comment saying “Ricciardo is good at overtaking” and receive several replies with the usual “+1” or “Great comment”… I could then edit my comment to read “Pastor Maldonado is the best driver since Senna”… leaving the positive comments below which no longer reflect their opinion of the original comment… does that make sense!?

    I don’t see why you’d want to be able to ignore other users. Part of the fun is debating with those who don’t share you’re opinion. There are a few users on here who I often “come to blows” with, but we respect each other and debate politely. I wouldn’t want to hide them.

    Likes/Dislikes would be good fun and useful… potentially giving a quantifiable Comment of the Day… though I like it currently as the editors choice.

    Just a few thoughts! :-)


    @Flatsix In short, the first two make moderating comments too time-intensive. The third, fourth and fifth are all possible but I’m not convinced are conducive to healthy debate. Filtering out people you don’t agree with, turning discussions into simplistic popularity contests, it all seems a bit crude to me. I do like the idea of giving readers input into Comment of the Day selections though, and making the commenting section more interactive.


    @keithcollantine, I understand, though I think you’re fearing the worst here whilst in reality I don’t think users will be drastically changing topics in their comics or go to insults after a couple of ‘+1s’ as exampled above. Most of the time I see people wanting to change a phrasing or spelling mistake. Then again you could wonder whether that warrants development too, so I understand that.

    Why I’m so keen on filtering certain users out is mainly personal. I do like a healthy discussion but sometimes they go about nothing but me as a person with nothing but passive aggressive statements. It’s not like I’m about to ignore everyone who doesn’t like driver A (A being my favourite) and I don’t think other users would do that either. The thing is now I do that for myself already, I know these users, and whenever they respond to my comments I usually ignore them. If a discussion starts with ‘well, all your arguments are stupid and you’re insane’, I don’t care to have that discussion, every single week. Then there’s the bunch of people who always assume I’m saying X because it did or did not benefit driver A and you get the immediate slander. You come to a point where the importance is fighting rather than coming (or trying to) get to a consensus. At the same time I don’t want to be rude and not respond.

    Regarding the liking and disliking, I actually tend to follow Ben’s opinion. I do like it that you choose it to create an actual topic. I could see it happening if it were just the likes deciding it we’d get one line comments about nothing as COTD.


    In general the comments here are pretty good but an ignore button would be nice for the occasional poster who just repeats the same thing. Another site I use lets you edit within 2 minutes which works well.

    I’ve nothing against ‘likes’ but I think downvotes set the wrong tone and lead to abuse.


    Edit button and like/dislike button like on many other websites. The former at least. Nothing else really needed.


    Editing and deleting comments are basic functionalities all over the Web. (Social media, forums etc.) Does it really make any difference for moderating tasks? It might increase mods’ workload a bit, yes, but if it was so time-consuming for the mods to deal with I think less sites and platforms would allow editing and deleting comments. I don’t see it as a big problem and it would be handy to be able to fix typos easily without spamming the comment section with messages about the typos or wrong choice of words.

    I really dislike the idea about “+1’s” or “likes” or whatever. The comment section would immediately turn into a popularity contest with cheap jokes being repeated over and over again. The Internet is full of examples of that. I think the system we have here is oustandingly refreshing compared to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Reddit etc. If you want to have your celebratory moment with your “funny” or “clever” joke then go and post it elsewhere.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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