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    @keithcollantine, I have to agree with the above comments. The only way I read your articles is through the RSS feed, and with that gone I will probably have to start getting my information from other sources. The only time I have to read articles is when I’m offline on the tube.

    Please bring back the full RSS feed, and build a permanent solution to the problem (e.g. an offline-supported app etc.), rather than erecting a wall around your content.


    @freedo50 There is no “wall” around any content – the entire site remains free for everyone to view.

    All that has been removed is the facility for people to read entire articles via RSS which, as explained above, was being widely abused in a manner which was to the detriment of the site. It had to go.


    Apologies Keith, my comment was poorly phrased.

    What I meant is that by removing the full-article RSS feed, you’ve effectively removed a method of access to the site’s content which provided some unique advantages (offline-reading and aggregation with other sources) that cannot be replaced at this time.

    Are there any ways you could include full-article RSS for F1F Supporters?


    @freedo50 That could be an idea, I’ll have a look into that.


    I also just noticed the summary-only RSS feeds. I’ve seen with other sites which have done similar, that either I’m either less likely to click-through to read articles/read the comments, or I just stop reading the site entirely.

    I was going to suggest that there could be a unique RSS URL for logged-in users, or for those that have paid for ad-free. But then I saw the suggestion had just been made, so put me down as another one interested in full RSS access for logged-in/paid users :)


    I’m another user who used the RSS feed a lot. A decent RSS feed was one of the reasons why I preferred to use this site over others. Without it, I’ll probably visit here less often.


    Disapponted to not have a full text rss feed, I would subscribe to F1 Fanatic if a full text feed was available to subscribers.


    As mentioned by other users already, the loss of the full RSS feed is sad and vastly impacts my interaction with the site.
    That said, it’s understandable as well the impact that pirates have so I would fully support a full RSS feed for supporters.
    This site is pretty much my the first feed I check on my commute and would be more than happy to support it.


    @ToriLia Thanks for understanding!


    Hi Keith,

    I just had an idea on the lap time charts that I’d like to share.
    The current functionality is great, being able to select individual drivers and so on, it’s brilliant.

    It get’s challenging when a Safety car (or VSC) is bought into the race as you always have a huge spike in the middle of the chart, and it makes it hard to see the normal lap-times in green-flag conditions.

    I thought it may be possible to have some sort of drag-drop function that resets, or manually selects the largest value represented on the graph?
    This would help us ignore the irregular lap speeds and better display the lap times between selected drivers through the race.

    Perhaps we can right-click or have a button to reset the axis back to it’s default setting if we want to…


Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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