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Race weekend articles on F1 Fanatic in 2012


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    With a new year comes a chance to look over what’s working, what’s not, and where my time is best invested.

    The latter is particularly important on a race weekend when time is short. So this year there will be a few changes to the regular race weekend content:

    The Friday practice analysis will be combined into a single article and the ‘qualifying analysis’ and ‘pre-race analysis’ articles will also be merged.

    The post-race analysis will be split into a series of different posts. These will appear as articles rather than being built on separate pages elsewhere on the site – an unsuccessful experiment I tried late last year.

    Previously we had individual race reviews for every team. This year we won’t be covering every team in that detail at every race weekend, but instead focusing on the most interesting cases that come up in each race. The same data will still be available through the statistics pages.

    This will also allow the Driver of the Weekend polls to be published sooner after the race.

    The ‘programme’ and ‘complete review’ articles will be scrapped and the content that was in them moved into other articles such as the race preview.

    Most of the regular features will continue as before: we’ll still have Rate the Race after each Grand Prix, Facts and Stats on Monday and the Predictions Championship results on Tuesday.

    There will be other minor tweaks and changes. If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please post them below.


    A bit of a shame to see the team-by-team reviews go, as they were great. But I’m glad by favourite two, pre-race analysis and Facts&Stats are staying.

    All in all it seems like a good change, time conserving but keeping the quality of the content and keeping the important parts.


    @enigma @keithcollantine Yeah, a shame that all the teams won’t get the same treatment as last year but totally understandable. Some of those articles got very few comments and I guess views. I guess that any discussion people want can always be flagged up in the forum easily enough?

    Sounds good though. It’s great that you consider our opinion and you apply so much thought to your work!


    I’m not actually fussed by the loss of the team reviews, as they were probably the only articles I didn’t read! I felt they bumped more important articles down too quickly as well, and I thought perhaps having all the team reviews in one article would solve that issue, but I suppose we’d end up with a 10 000 word article at the end of each race!

    I hope this is a step in the right direction!


    Sounding good. It’ll be a shame to see the team-by-team reviews going, but you can only stretch “ran in the midfield all race” so far, and it could probably all be condensed into a single article. Also glad to hear the Driver of the Weekend poll being moved forward, as I often find I make better judgements in the immediate aftermath.

    Looking forward to this season’s coverage, F1 Fanatic is always my first port of call after the race, and I don’t see that changing at all this year. Good job Keith!


    ‘Rate the Race after each Grand Prix, Facts and Stats on Monday and the Predictions Championship results on Tuesday.’
    shame the pre-race analysis is being merged tho…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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