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    This site is on my Adblock whitelist, and I have to say that the ads I am seeing today look much better than ones I have seen recently, including annoying “You are the 1,000,000th visitor to this website!” types.

    Keith, would you consider disabling adverts for people who make a donation above a minimum threshold? I’m not just saying that because I’ve already donated – I’d be happy to do so again, and do so on a regular basis, so this site can continue, and having a perk like that might encourage more people to do so.


    I second @Estesark. People got used to everything being free on internet, which is a business model difficult to sustain. Coincidentaly I was watching an interview with Walter Isaacson on TV yesterday where one of the talking points was this.
    I would be happy to pay for a “subscription” to the site. Of course it should be difficult to strike a balance as probably the majority of people won’t be happy to pay. So Estesark’s idea make sense, its perhaps a way of reaching to both types of people.


    I’ve updated this page and added details on what kind of ads are and aren’t acceptable, and how you can help us weed out the ones that aren’t:


    @estesark @vinicius-jlantunes This is something I would like to offer and am considering for the future.


    The campaign with the new ad format will be for a major online auction site (I’ll leave you to work out which one) and should be on the site within the next few days.


    I also agree with the ideas regarding a semi subscription model, obviously nothing that changes the access to content. But I also would seriously consider subscribing to get rid of the ads provided of course that that method didn’t negatively impact your revenue stream.


    The ad campaign will begin later on today.


    I saw it, the full-screen video advert from eBay. I can’t get it to show again, so I’m presuming there’s a limit on how often it is shown. Is that right, Keith?


    @estesark Yep it’s once per 24 hour period. Thanks for the feedback.


    @keithcollantine Is it definitely once every 24 hours? Because I’ve just had it 3 times in about 5 minutes lol :).


    @f1alex It should be but if that’s not happening for you then something’s not working right. I’ll look into it.



    Have you considered a subscription model?, I would pay to have ads removed and maybe to have some special member only content?


    I would happily subscribe to this site.

    At the moment, the ads from adnxs.com are trying to use XSS (cross site scripting) which my browser is blocking and is potentially dangerous. Also the ads from mgid.com are somewhat suspect – “10 girls you need to see before you get married” and “Don’t fall off your chair when you see this pic” to name but several. Whether or not they are deemed suitable for the site is one thing, but I doubt they will bring in much revenue as I can’t see many people clicking them as they look so dodgy!

    I have had lots of experience with adnxs.com before (mostly blocking it from corporate and government networks) as it is notoriously bad when it comes to security and has a somewhat chequered history to put it mildly.


    If the site is costly to run, I would definitely encourage trying to move to a subscription model for extra features. I would be happy to help with hosting should the need arise. :)


    Based on how much traffic the site gets, and how much is hosted on it (particularly images), I can image how costly it might be to run, and like it or not ads are a major way of making money. I’m glad that you have such tight restrictions on adverts though. I do run an adblocker, but by policy whitelist any site I use often, unless I get annoying adverts everywhere. Believe me, if everyone was like you then AdBlock Plus would have no market.

    You might be interested to know that Wladimir Palant has said that future versions of ABP will contain a whitelist of “acceptable” adds pre-installed. Surely good news for sites like this.


    @chrisglew I know the ads you mean and we are having those removed.


    @chrisglew …and they’re gone.

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