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Trialling a new ad format


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    The ads I’m getting are really distracting..like ”you have new messages” and ”how many Iphones are flying?”-then there are like 8 phones flying about the place..


    That shouldn’t happen. If you can supply further details, please do so via the contact form and I’ll look into it.


    @keithcollantine, the flashing ad I gave you some details on yesterday now stopped flashing (it does appear as an ad, but only a normal one).

    Andy Redden

    If it means the site continuing, destroy it with ads (not literally) but I;m sure every F1 Fanatic would rather see a site with ads, than no site at all.


    @keithcollantine These ads are still here for me most of the time.. I filled up a contact form about a week ago.. I know you are busy so I dont want to put pressure on you..I’ll live with it :)


    Not at all, drop me a line again, remember I can’t see every ad in every region so if there’s an ad up there that shouldn’t be I may not be able to see it.


    @keithcollantine do you get money each time someone clicks on an ad? Will happily click through every so often if it helps!


    @mattb At the moment I do on a minority of ads. However, much as I appreciate the offer, don’t think you can game the system by clicking them all the time – they have pretty sophisticated ways of tracking that!


    All the ads I see are related to my browsing history. They are often relevant to me, and in fact I’ve looked at a few flats recently which I saw advertised on here. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a ‘spam’ like advert on the site. I’ve never seen an advert with sound.

    I’m in the UK and have visited the site since 2009.

    I’d probably pay for a subscription, but probably not more than £10 a year.

    I’d also been happy to see more prominent adverts if required. Some sites insert the odd advert when scrolling through photo galleries or before videos play. That’s acceptable to me, people need to get paid for their work after all.


    Another vote for a donation/subscription based model here.

    Have you also considered something akin to Joe Saward’s GP+ magazine? Where he has his blog (and The Mole) which he maintains for free, but after every race he releases an e-magazine for subscribers only. It only costs £30 a year, and it’s full of interesting content so I’ve been more than happy to subscribe. I’m sure you could pull off something similar.

    I also suspect that he hasn’t really tapped into the ‘App’ market, and I’m sure there’s a LOT of potential for releasing a magazine straight to Ipad/Android/Kindle, which could rake in some considerable money. I downloaded GP+ to my tablet, and it is a great medium on which to consume that sort of content.
    With the wide reach this site affords you, it would be easy to generate publicity for it.


    An iPad F1 Fanatic magazine would be amazing. I swap my F1 Racing subscription for that any day!


    @estesark @vinicius-jlantunes @Jarred-Walmsley @arowan @chrisglew @SirCoolbeans @marcusbreese I’ve finished development on the ‘ad free subscription’ version and it should be launched later today.


    Apologies, have had to temporarily remove the ad-free option due to a technical problem. It should be back soon though it may take a couple of days. This is extremely frustrating, the problem never occurred once during development.


    Call me ignorant but I never realised that having an adblocker hurt your revenue. Welcome to my white-list.


    @keithcollantine, I think a pound a month (that’s what you had in the article yesterday right?) is a fair price I am willing to pay, not much to get rid of the ads but more to recognize the work that is done in this site. Hope you get this working soon.
    A side note, I mostly access the site from my company PC during mental breaks, and I believe they’ve got some sort of ad-blocker in a higher layer of the network I have no control of. So the option of payment will also make justice to that.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 53 total)
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