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2012 F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship (Season 2)

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    @bradley13 Its okay. I have put my hand up when I’ve done something wrong in this league, but this time I must say that I dont agree with you. We will agree to disagree. I’ll serve my penalty this Sunday and then get on with the racing. There’s a runner-up spot for grabs in the championship and I’ve got my eyes on it ;)


    Can I guest this weekend please? Nowt to do with that calado36 bloke, of course..

    Bradley Downton

    @alfie – We’ll see, it depends on spaces and stuff, blimey… why is everyone so interested all of a sudden? ;)
    Have I suddenly just become like, mega popular? ;) haha
    Anyway, it’s not guaranteed… There’s just a chance.. :P


    blimey… why is everyone so interested all of a sudden? ;) Have I suddenly just become like, mega popular? ;) haha

    I think its because its the first league race we will do on F1 2012 ;)


    I’m only interested in guesting because I want to see if I’m better on the new game than the old one, and I can’t do a full series anymore, to be honest Alfie, you do have the F2 race don’t you?


    Yes, I have F2 to do. But really, I was going to ask because I am seriously interested in gaining Sauber points. I didn’t even notice Calado until JF got excited.


    I am seriously interested in gaining Sauber points

    Yeahh man!

    Bradley Downton

    1. John Brookfield ( @BROOKSY007)
    5. Moussa Awada ( @MoSs-611)

    4. Bradley Downton
    9. Jamie Franklin ( @jamiefranklinf1)

    6. Ben Moody ( @f199player)
    10. Ashley Blakeley ( @shyguy1992)

    Red Bull
    12. Nic Morley ( @RoboCAT)
    17. David Adeoye ( @david-a)

    Force India
    16. Shane Butler ( @shaneb12345678910)
    20. George Angus ( @abboracing)

    18. Luke Pickering ( @electrolite)

    Guys, race tomorrow! Hockenheim – 50% I’m afraid!


    “Jamie, there’s four races to go in the Championship, and with the newly revised cars and Pirellis once again spicing things up as the season comes to a close, how are you feeling?”
    “Well, the pace has been pretty good in the last two races, and I was able to achieve my first two podiums of the season. Obviously the tyres and cars being updated is going to change things a little, but I’m hoping that I can carry the momentum through and score some big points in the final races. Maybe I can even challenge for a win,”
    “You’ve competed in five of the thirteen races so far, after being promoted back up to F1. You’re 7th in the Championship, with half of your team mates points, whilst Lotus lie second in the Constructor’s. What are your main aims for the end of the season, and have you and the team discussed how you will go about achieving these goals?”
    “Well…I think the main aim, as per usual is to score as many points as possible. Obviously, as a team, we want to hold onto our second place, and that will be tougher considering that Force India were able to close up quite a lot in Belgium after securing a 1-2. McLaren are obviously out of reach, and will probably continue to be the strongest contenders for the remaining Grand Prix’. Failing any bad luck, I think we can possibly challenge for some more podiums, and with some real effort, both I and Bradley can have a great end to the season!”
    “If we go back to Bradley for a second. He’s obviously a lot higher up in the Championship, having had some great races, and completed eight more GP’s than you. Both he and Shane are fighting hard to take 3rd in the Championship, despite Shane opening the gap by another 25 points in Belgium. Have the team sat down with you both and discussed possible team orders for races to maximise points for Bradley’s races?”
    “I have talked with Bradley, but it’s not really a situation that is easy to discuss. In the final races, if it’s possible to help Bradley take 3rd, then we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, but it’s hard to impose team orders, and switch places when everyone on the grid is fighting so hard. I think first and foremost we need to secure good points for the team, and then go from there,”
    “So, you won’t swap places if you are straight in front of Bradley at the end of the race?”
    “Like I said, it’s not as simple as that. In the race, someone might be fighting Bradley for his position, so would it be more or less beneficial to relinquish my place to Bradley, when I might lose two or even three places? It’s a tricky situation, and for now I want to concentrate on getting the most out of the car and go from there,”

    Hockenheim, here we come! :D


    First of all, I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed this race. Possibly one of the best for a long time, and not just for the result, but for the maturity and general racing ability on track.

    Qualifying – 2nd:
    After loading my setup, I shot straight out, with the options on. I had no idea how quick I’d be compared to the usual top guys. I set an okay lap, though I knew that I hadn’t maximised the pace of the car, and set a time of 1:15.2xx. I came back into the pits and sat waiting, whilst the others tried to set times of their own. Moss narrowly missed beating my time by about half a tenth, with Electrolite in third two tenths off my time. These two seemed to be the biggest contenders for pole, with Shane retiring at the start and both Bradley and Brooksy a little way off the pace.
    I was surprised to see that with just over three minutes to go, I was still on provisional pole, but I didn’t want to risk it. I put on a new set of option tyres and raced onto the track. On my first flying lap, I took a little too much into the first corner, and launched the car, and was lucky not to destroy my car then and there. I had to race round just to get another lap in.
    Again, it was a decent lap, but I made a slight mistake in sector 3, and lost pole to Moss by 0.073 despite improving my time by 2 tenths.

    Race: 2nd
    I was determined to avoid any incidents in the first few corners, even if it meant losing a place. It was the first time that I had even been close to Moss on raw pace, and even if he had made a mistake, I felt that I had a genuine shot at the win.
    Everyone seemed to get equal starts, apart from Bradley, who shot from 5th I think, up to second, but carried too much speed into the corner and went very wide, handing me second place back. For the first lap (possibly two), I was under a little pressure from Electrolite, but soon started to drop him, whilst keeping pace with Moss. I could see that I was a little quicker at the hairpin and some of sector 3.
    I narrowly missed getting DRS on the first time out, but on the next lap, I closed up a little and slip-streamed him, but ended up braking early into the hairpin. I didn’t want to make a half-assed moved that would take us both out.
    Having closed up, I was a bit closer on the next lap, and was very close into the hairpin. I had a better corner than him, and managed to out-drag him out of the corner, but for some reason or another (Probably lag) I spun out of control and slipped down to 4th. I’m not sure how much time Moss lost, but I was about 5 seconds behind him, with a lot of gravel on my tyres, and I could feel that the spin had taken some much needed life out of the tyres.
    Over the next few laps, I was again keeping pace with Moss, with him pulling a tenth or two here and there, and Electrolite pitted on lap 6 or 7 I think. It was a bit odd, considering that the tyres could last a bit longer than that, so I assumed he was two stopping.
    Moss eventually caught up to Shane, and by this point, I was starting to set a few fastest laps, as I set about catching the two of them. I wasn’t sure if they were going to have a coming together, but I was going to make sure that I could maximise any mistake that either of them made.
    Shane came into the pits around lap 12/13, coming in for a set of primes, as my options were starting to go off. I set the fuel mix to 1, and tried to keep the tyres alive until lap 16, when I came into pit, losing second to Shane, and then changing the fuel mix to standard.
    To be honest, I think I was a bit more comfortable on the primes after the out lap, and was starting to catch Shane. Moss came in a lap or two later, and came out just in front of Shane.

    I eventually caught Shane, but underestimated how much front end grip I would lose, and spun the car in the penultimate corner. This happened again at a different corner a few laps later, and eventually I was behind him again, with just three laps to go.
    I got the DRS and overtook Shane at the hairpin. I’m not sure if he turned up the fuel mix or not, but he was a bit quicker after that point, and was able to get DRS on me on lap 33. I took the defensive line, and thankfully this worked, otherwise I think I would have had to settle for third. My exit was a little slower than usual, but I was able to pull enough of a gap to allow me to cruise on the last lap, finishing 7 seconds behind Moss.

    Great win for Moss, and he has to be my driver of the day. Pole and the win, you can’t argue with that. I think I had the pace to challenge, but made a few too many mistakes in qualifying and the race.


    With a new game and a generally scrappy season I was ready to have a incident-free race with no mistakes, at a track where I knew my pace was good.

    Qualifying was okay – not as fast as I could have gone but I wasn’t going to complain with 3rd on the grid.

    In the race I remained in my starting position and lost a bit of ground to JF and moss. They had a collision and I led for 3-4 laps before coming into the pits.

    I then disconnected after a few laps into what would have been a very long stint. Ah well :(


    Quali: 6th
    I retired straight away due to a penalty I had been issued in Spa.

    Race: 3rd
    Looking at my setup before the race, I was horrified to see that it was default as I did not load my setup in quali. So I was pondering whether to start on primes, but since there was a 22% chance of rain I decided to start on options due to the probability of rain later in the race. I knew that the first few corners are quite hectic so I was expecting some contact ahead. @bradley13‘s start was unreal and I got a good view of it. I think some cars ran wide after the first and second corners so I gained some positions.

    Bradley and @BROOKSY007 ran into each other I think behind me which took some pressure off as Brooksy was looking quick. Then @jamiefranklinf1 and @MoSs-611 made contact which meant I was up to second behind @electrolite. I was close behind him and then he pitted very early on lap 5 so I presume he was going to do a two stopper. So I was in the lead and I knew I had to keep up my pace if I wanted to get ahead of electrolite when I pitted. Moss was behind me and slowly closing the gap every lap. I pitted on lap 12 for primes and got out in clean air. I rejoined just ahead of Electrolite but he disconnected on the long straight. Moss was still out and had not pitted. He eventually did on lap 16 and rejoined just ahead of me. I was very close behind him and even with DRS I could not pass him as I was hitting the rev limiter at 309kmh due to my setup. I was within a second of him for several laps but then I lost pace as the fuel load went down. Jamie was quickly catching me behind and he passed me with DRS on the penultimate lap.

    Im quite happy with that race and had some close battles. Thanks for the race everyone.


    Q1st: on my first 2 runs I was just going around to post a decent lap. My 3 run I was doing great on the first 2 sectors then I spun out and broke my wing so I pitted to give it a one more try. I was flying on 1st sector posting a 16.0 my second sector was just as good and I think I got a 51.3 or 51.2 5 tenths faster then JF then on the last sector I locked my rear brakes I did hold it but cautiously made the last corner and beat JF by 3 tenths. I think a 1.14,5 is possible if I did a perfect lap.

    Race 1st:
    My start was really good, pulled away from JF (he lost 2nd) to electro I think.
    I pulled a gap on L1 but then I made a mistake on L2 locking the rear brakes, electro got closer to me and he was keeping up for a good 2 laps until JF overtook him.
    JF started closing up to me, I was making mistakes on brake points so I started being more cautious, JF stayed right behind me for a couple of laps, I was losing allot of time in the hair pin, my car wouldn’t turn any better, and if I tryed I had so much understeer. I was really fast every where else but if I had 1 second gap, I would lose it on t4.

    So JF tryed overtaking me on drs zone but didn’t make it, he had a good drag after t4, we were side by side before the fast right hander, I Was on the outside with JF a nose head of me, he slightly push me into the grass lost the balance of the car and my car went almost to the other side of the track, my car immediately restored. Rejoined 3rd behind electro and shane, my front wing was slightly broken with 5 seconds to catch up. I shrinked the gap to 3 seconds, but couldn’t manage to do more bcuz the car had no aero on high speed right turns.

    Pitted lap 18 and got out just ahead of Shane. We had a fight until I felt confident with the tires and I started pushing hard. Until lite rain started and using no assist (not sure if the others were assisted) my car was sliding bad on sector 1 and 3.

    Rain stopped on lap 33 and I survived with p1. Great race guys. Looking forward to next race

    Bradley Downton

    Qualifying: 5th
    I hadn’t driven this circuit, or done any practice, and boy did it show. I was so slow and far off off the pace. I decided just to use Primes in Quali, to be different, and knowing that during the race I’d get quicker as it progressed as I’d learn a bit more. I knew I was losing at least a second or two over the lap, but every lap I would make at least 3 mistakes, costing me a ton of time. I would not have troubled the top three however.

    Race: 4th
    Jamie text me before the race, asying he was worried he would be taken out at turn 1, I text back saying ‘By me :L’, and it very nearly came true! Sat on the grid, the lights went out, and I think someone stuck a rocket, (or 7!) to my car! I just flew up the grid and was so surprised, I missed my braking point. I then tried to avoid Jamie and so took a lot of inside kerb, and took off, rejoining into the side of Electro, and throwing myself off again. I had a good few laps fight with Shane, until lap 3. He passed using DRS, I was inside at the hairpin, but braked too late. Ran wide, and Brooksy went through as well. I cut back to get the inside for the fast right and got alongside coming into the braking zone for the left. But then Brooksy edged over and I didn’t want to back out as I had more momentum. I tried to keep my foot in, but as Brooksy came over, I went onto the grass, and lost the car, spinning back onto the track, and hitting Brooksy into a spin. I’m very sorry mate, but I really wasn’t trying to take you out. I also broke my front wing a bit.

    From there I was kinda screwed so I just waited for my pitstop window to put the options on. Just before this though, I was told rain was coming. I thought about holding out on the Primes, but didn’t feel they’d last, so pitted on lap 16. From there I kept spinning and breaking my wing, so decided instead of fighting for places, to try and get fastest lap. I achieved this by putting on new sets of options, just to prove to myself I had some pace. Was pleased with fastest lap, but very disappointed by my performance.

    Bradley Downton

    Championship Standings:
    Moussa Awada – 229
    Shane Butler – 178
    John Brookfield – 157
    Bradley Downton – 144
    Jamie Franklin – 96
    David Adeoye – 93
    Luke Pickering – 85
    George Angus – 79
    etc etc

    Constructors Championship
    McLaren – 398
    Lotus – 296
    Force India – 245
    etc etc

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