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2012 F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship (Season 2)

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    Canada report:

    Hadn’t done any practice for either of the two races today, but I was fairly confident in my ability to qualify on the front row, which was definitely needed, considering what usually happens at turn 1 in Montreal. I set out on primes, to get a banker in, and maybe switch to options if necessary. I seemed to have plenty of grip though, and gained provisional pole.
    Shane quickly beat my time, though I didn’t know what tyres he, nor anyone else was on, so I waited until near the end of the session, put some fresh primes on and set out for 2 more attempts. I missed out on pole by 0.241 or something like that.

    To my surprise, when I saw everyone on the grid, they were all on options (which after looking at the weather forecast, I really should have done as well), so only being 2 tenths off of pole was fantastic.
    I got a great start, overtaking Shane before the first corner, trying to leave plenty of room on the inside. Brooksy was up into second, and I was confident that I was faster than him, even on primes. A few laps in and I had a gap of 3-4 seconds. Rain was due soon, but I ended up making a crucial error, spinning in the final chicane and breaking my front wing. I crawled back to the pits, put on a set of options and set about catching the leaders.
    I’m not sure if Shane made a mistake or not, but I caught him fairly quickly, and eventually was up to second as the rain came down. I think I then came into the pits at the same time as Brooksy for inters, though he was something along the lines of 10 seconds down the road at this point.
    I can’t remember exactly what happened during this stint, I think it was a mix of me catching Brooksy and making a couple of little errors (though that could have been in the wet stint).
    I pitted a lap later than Brooksy for wets, which was a huge mistake, he left the pits right in front of me and I could see how much more grip he had in comparison. He gained about 2 seconds on me on that lap alone, leaving me 12 seconds behind as I re-joined with full wets.

    Our pace was relatively equal during this stint, so I found it very hard to catch him. At one point (be it during the inters or wets phase), I remember being really close to him, but then falling back again.

    Anyway, it eventually went back to inters, and a dry line was emerging. It was going to be a gamble for anyone to switch to slicks, and I made a last minute call to dive into the pits, narrowly avoiding Bradley as he shot in ahead of me. Luckily though, my pit crew decided to service me first, given that I was a lap ahead.
    The track was very greasy, and I found it hard to put the power down in some corners. But I seemed to have a lot more grip than Brooksy. 7 laps left and I was catching him, it was going to be a nail-biting finish.
    Lap after lap I gained more confidence in my car and the grip on the track, and Brooksy was growing nearer to me, until lap 33, when I was pretty much right with him. I had a good slip stream on him going into the hairpin, but didn’t dare to try and pass, as there wouldn’t be much grip off line. Brooksy, however, went defensive, and shot passed the corner. I thought he was going to try and come back at me in the DRS zone, but it wasn’t the case.
    Somehow, after losing 20 odd seconds at the start, and damaging my front (and apparently rear) wing coming out of the pits on wets, I had passed Brooksy for the lead.

    1. Me
    2. Brooksy
    3. Shane
    4. Bradley

    (I’ll do my Abu Dhabi one later)


    Abu Dhabi:

    My plan for quali was pretty much the same as in Canada. I was tempted to go out on options, but never did in the end. Unfortunately though, my pace relative to other’s wasn’t quite as good. I was still able to take 2nd, but I was 8 tenths off of Shane, who was on primes as well this time…

    The start was almost a carbon copy of in Canada. I managed to get a better start than Shane and took the lead into the first corner, though I was quite weary of Shane sweeping round to take the usual line and have us collide, but luckily this wasn’t the case.
    I felt even better when I saw Bradley behind me. His pace in quali hadn’t been quite as good as mine, so I was pretty sure that I’d be faster in the race, and that he might provide a nice little buffer for me, and give me a head start on both Shane and Brooksy (Not intentionally of course). What I definitely did not expect was to have the Lotus hit into the back of me in the chicane before the hairpin, spinning me around, allowing both Shane and Brooksy through in the process. I think it’s fair to say that I was pretty annoyed by this. My choice of phrase was something similar to Button’s radio message when he and Hamilton collided in Canada 2011. Without a pace advantage, and a gap of around 15-20 seconds by this point to the lead, I was sure that the victory was well out of my grasp. My only hope was that Shane, somewhere along the line might have made a fatal error.

    This left me and Bradley scrapping over third (Which turned into 2nd soon after, with Brooksy going off somewhere, not sure what happened, and eventually retiring in the first 6-7 laps). Behind him, I had no grip in the corners. I had never experienced turbulence this bad before, and for some odd reason had a lot of trouble braking into the corners, even when ahead.

    Anyway, I’m not sure why but Bradley let me through soon after Brooksy retired, and I think he made 1-2 mistakes after that, which I think cost him a lot of time. My pace was nowhere near Shane’s, and it only really improved when I put the options on, but by this time, Shane was closing in on bridging the gap at 40 seconds ahead.

    On the third from last lap, I pitted again for options. I didn’t need to, but I thought with 2nd secured nicely, I might as well go for the fastest lap. I came out of the pits just ahead of Bradley (he’d been lapped) and set about preparing to go for the fastest lap on the last lap. Bradley got the DRS on the back straight, so I left all the room on the inside for him to shoot passed me, since there was no point in being defensive. He explained that he thought I was going to go defensive, but it didn’t happen, he tried to go on the outside (where there was no room) and hit me, which spun me into the wall and damaged my front wing.

    I tried to go for the fastest lap thereon after, but I had too much understeer to get near Shane’s time.

    Congrats to Shane for the victory, it was thoroughly deserved, though I wish I could have made it harder for him. I believe this also makes him Champion, which again I will congratulate him for, he’s driven a great end to the season.

    Overall, I’m very happy with my season, especially since I’ve been on the podium every race since Spa, which included two victories. Had I been here for the whole season, I definitely think I could have challenged for the title, considering I missed 8 races, and even a 5th in each of those would have given me 80 points, putting me at a total of 244, or something like that. But anyway, that’s just ifs, buts and maybes. It’s been a good season, with some highs and lows. Definitely looking forward to the Winter series now.



    Quali: 1st
    I went out from the pits but did not want to be on options so that was a mistake straight away. Nevertheless I decided to do a lap which was decent. Went back in for primes but could not improve.

    Race: 3rd
    Starting on pole, I looked behind and saw @BROOKSY007 jumping up and down a bit so I knew lag would be a bit mental. Got a poor start as always with no traction control and coming into turn 1 I was on the inside and @bradley13 turned in for the corner safely ahead of me. But I saw him spin so it must have been sync issues once again. I was then stuck behind brooksy who was lagging. Coming out of turn 2 I saw him spin to the right, possibly getting on the power too early or maybe contact due to lag. He spun to the right a bit, I ran into him getting a 10 second penalty, but then he magically straighted up as if he had not spun at all. Really weird :/ Losing loads of time, I pitted on lap 4 for primes to get some clean air as I was losing loads of time. When I came out, it was raining lightly. I waited and then pitted for wets. Hard to remember what happend after that but I spun a couple of times, losing my front wing on one occasion. There was a big gap to bradley behind me and Brooksy and @jamiefranklinf1 ahead. So it was just a case of not crashing the car and bringing it home. As it dried out near the end, I stuck on options and was flying, setting something like four fastest laps in a row. I was closing in on brooksy and the 22 second gap had gone down to 12 or so. But time was up and I had a 10 second penalty anyway. Lots of lag from my end, so apologies if any contact was made. I must say that I certainly did not run into anyone from my screen. Abu Dhabi was better connection wise, and I’ll post my race report later on tonight. Well done on the win Jamie.

    Bradley Downton

    Qualifying (4th):
    Had done no practice, and couldn’t get a clean lap. Last.
    Race (4th):
    Great start, turned round by Shane at turn 1, after that, shocking race, no practice at the track, just didn’t happen.

    Abu Dhabi:
    Qualifying (4th):
    Race (3rd):
    Got a good start, into second behind Jamie. Hit him at turn 6 when I locked my brakes down the inside. Sorry buddy. We both spun, and collected Brooksy, who lost his front wing. From there had a good fight with Jamie, hit him a few times (sorry), then got elated when Brooksy retired. I needed 4 points more than him to secure 3rd in the Championship and so when he dropped to 4th, Jamie tried to keep behind me to give me the points I needed. When Brooksy dropped out I knew I just needed to finish, so let Jamie go and then just kept messing up, spinning, going off, etc. Then, come the final lap, we both tried to set the fastest lap. I got DRS in the first zone, tried to pass on the outside, but Jamie pulled over as he thought I’d try the inside, and we came together, both losing front wings. So our plan for fastest lap didn’t work.

    Anyway ( @KeithCollantine – If you could maybe put a small thing in the round-up for this?), Congratulations to @shaneb12345678910 on claiming his first ever Championship win.

    Commiserations to @MoSs-611 who never got the chance to fight for it after the patch wasn’t updated in America :/


    Abu Dhabi

    Quali: 1st
    Never been so happy with a setup. Took pole by 8 tenths over @jamiefranklinf1.

    Race: 1st
    Poor start as usual. I left space for jamie and @bradley13 who got past. Managed to keep @BROOKSY007 behind me after we were close through turn 2 and 3. Jamie and Bradley collided and I went through the corner, with nowhere to go, ran straight into one of them who was sideways. Got a 10 second penalty for that and was lucky to escape with no damage. I then was in the lead and stayed there for the rest of the race. So so happy with how I drove in that race, making no mistakes when I needed the win.

    @bradley13 Basically, this is a really important year for me in school. I need to work hard if I’m to get into the course I want next year in college. This year so far I have struggled with concentration and have lost focus in my studies. I need to get rid of a lot of distractions and the PS3 is one of them. I mean, staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning playing call of duty, sometimes even during school days, is not ideal and quite frankly, I am sick of it. Things need to change and unfortunately, I will not be racing with you guys for a long time. I will be packing up the PS3 until the school year is over which will be around June I think.

    I must say thank you to everyone who I have raced with. I have always tried to race cleanly with you guys and I hope you all realise this. There is no worse feeling than being involved in an incident and ruining someone’s race. I always get super nervous before every race, incase I tangle with someone. So I guess it is a relief in a way to leave an F1 league as I wont feel that way for a while. Lag and sync issues may have been a factor with me when racing, and that is unfortunate. But it is out of my control. I have learnt a lot from joining the last winter series and indeed doing this season. It has teached me all the different things about racing online and racing fairly. I have carried this through to the other leagues I have been in aswell – ARL, Race department, etc. But I’m going to have to give up my virtual driving gloves for a while :)

    I’ve put my hand up when I have been at fault, colliding with Electrolite at Monza and Jamie at Brazil for example, have thought me to be more cautious and patient. It has indeed been frustrating at times, especially with all of the lag but nevertheless, its been great fun. There is nothing more satisfying than being involved in a great battle with someone, and I am going to miss that.

    Bradley I hope you can appreciate my dedication to this league and I have tried to be at every race. It is dissapointing that the league has fizzled out in the end which has made the championship battle become an anti-climax, especially with the patch not being released in america and not allowing Moss to take part in the later stages, which is downright ridiculous from codemasters part. My objective before the season was to finish ahead of you Bradley as I think we were pretty close. So I’m really glad to have acheived that and even better, win the league, even though I have mixed feelings about it as it hasnt really been fair on Moss.

    Of course I’ll still be active on F1F. I might pop in and out of here to keep in touch. I hope to be back over the summer but I can never be fully sure whether that will happen. Going into college next year, I dont know whether I will even have time to be on the PS3 then. So we will have to wait and see.

    Lots of high’s and lows and going through the last lap at Abu Dhabi made me reflect on them. It really has been great. Getting up early on Sunday mornings and participating in your league Brad, is something which I wont forget for a long while :)

    Best of luck! Hope the winter series is succesful for you lot. I’ll talk to you later :)


    @Shaneb12345678910 – I have to say that I really respect you for the decision you’re making. It’s always tough to give up some of the things you enjoy doing, and so I wish you the best of luck with your next year, and I hope you can achieve the results that you’re looking for. ‘For sure’ if you show the same dedication to your work as you’ve done here, then I have no doubt you can do very well. (Oh dear, I sound like my dad…)

    Again, congrats on the win and it’s been fantastic racing with you for the most part. Keep in touch!


    Good luck Shane – its been nice driving with you.

    Canada – qualied with a wet setup thinking we had parcferm.
    Race – it was a nail bitter at the end, i had fuel to burn and was just waiting for the straight to use it!!! JF caught right up to me and at the hairpin and i covered the middle of the track off the racing line!!! What a mistake that was!!! no grip at all!!!! Couldn’t catch him at all – i think the track went away from my setup at the end. – Nice driving mate.

    Abu dhabi – Got off slowly and at turn 567 came across a 3 car crash, with nowhere to go – i lost my front wing!! just entered the pits as p 3 & 4 passed me. I was miles behind and to be honest my eyes were struggling to focus on the TV as it was after 10 pm here. So i made a massive mistake and stuffed the pooch!!

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