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2012/13 F1F Formula One PS3 Winter World Championship (Season 3)

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    Bradley Downton

    I am now going to start the process for the new Winter Series Championship.
    They consistent racers from last year’s Championship will be invited, as will new people who I believe will be good additions to the series.

    1. Moussa Awada – Ferrari
    3. John Brookfield – Ferrari
    4. George Angus – Ferrari/McLaren/Lotus
    5. Nic Morley – Ferrari/Red Bull/Lotus
    6. Andrew Angus – Ferrari/Lotus/Red Bull
    7. Jamie Franklin – Lotus/McLaren/Ferrari
    8. Bradley Downton – Lotus/McLaren/Caterham
    9. Ben Moody – Williams
    10. Oli Peacock – Caterham/McLaren/Williams
    11. David Adeoye – Mercedes/Red Bull/Ferrari
    12. Kaz Armos – Sauber/Campos/Lotus
    13. Shane Butler – Campos/Sauber/Mercedes
    14. Alfie Widger – Sauber/McLaren/Williams
    15. Téa Kirkham – Caterham/Williams/Campos
    16. Tom Robson – Lotus/Sauber/McLaren/Ferrari/Mercedes
    17. Ashley Blakeley – Williams/Sauber/Red Bull

    If you will be competing, please post your top three car choices as my example below shows:
    Choice 1: Lotus
    Choice 2: McLaren
    Choice 3: Caterham

    For you information, any team can be selected except HRT and Toro Rosso, however once 8 teams have been chosen, no other teams can be.
    I hope to see you all join so we can have a full thriving grid! :D


    Evening. I think I’ll put myself up for this.

    Choice 1: Sauber
    Choice 2: McLaren
    Choice 3: Williams

    Wait, am I allowed to? Being a new entry.


    @bradley13 why oh why cant we pick the HRT? Cant you not make every car available? Or can we at least swap the Force India for the HRT?


    @bradley13 when does this series start? I’d love to be in it but if you have read the F2 forum you’ll know about my Ps3 :/ saving up for a new one (:


    Yeah Im up for this.

    Choice 1: HRT
    Choice 2: Sauber
    Choice 3: Mercedes

    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – I’m not including HRT, because they’re not a proper team. They’re rubbish and an acronym, which I don’t like the look of on my entry list. So no. :)
    @tayzz94 – It starts when the F1 season finishes


    You know I’m definitely up for this! :D

    My choices shall be:
    1. Lotus
    2. McLaren
    3. Ferrari

    Basically, I’ll just be Bradley’s team mate, if he still wants me. I think we make a damn good team. Though I will say that if HRT is in demand, then I don’t see why it can’t be added. I understand Toro Rosso, because of its similar looks to the Red Bull.


    1- Caterham
    2- Williams
    3- Red Bull
    I think I should have a new Ps3 and F1 2012 by the end of October (:


    I’m up for it!
    1: Sauber
    2: Lotus
    3: Force India
    If HRT was available it would be my 2nd choice.

    Oli Peacock


    Is the wiki up for this yet?


    I presume the teams are going to be chosen in finishing order of the last winter series and I have 12th choice.


    I’ll be up for it
    1 Williams
    2 Williams
    3 Williams



    I’m not including HRT, because they’re not a proper team. They’re rubbish and an acronym, which I don’t like the look of on my entry list. So no. :)

    No offence but I think thats mental. I think every car should be available so that each driver can chose any one that they want. Just because you dont want HRT in the league doesnt mean that it should be excluded. Who cares if they are rubbish lol? Every car is equal so it doesnt make a difference..


    1. Lotus
    2. Sauber
    3. McLaren

    I’d forgotten there was a winter series, what a nice surprise!

    EDIT: Just noticed that a lot of people have posted to be in the cars I posted, lol. If they aren’t available I’ll be fine in a Ferrari or Mercedes.

    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – If you let me put them on the entry list as Campos, deal.
    But I’m still not including Toro Rosso because of the similarities to Red Bull.
    The first 8 teams to be chosen rule still counts though.
    @olliekart – I’m going to start up a Wiki page tonight, but I’m waiting for @MoSs-611 to start the ball rolling by choosing his team, seeing as he’s the reigning Champion.
    I’ve also realised @ed24f1 won’t be able to compete, so I will extend an invite to @shyguy1992

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