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2013 F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship (Season 3)

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    Harry Westwood

    But I will be late haha as always my parents didn’t get me up


    Hurry up Harry :) We’re starting soon!

    Harry Westwood

    Sorry trying to be quick, woulda been 5-10 mins quicker if dad hadn’t nicked the shower :(

    Bradley Downton

    Sorry @sirspuddington – We waited 10 minutes and as you know I sent you an invite and everything, just a shame it didn’t work.

    Qualifying – 2nd
    Having done minimalistic practiced I found my fastest time would be around a 1:40.8xx, so my first lap of a 1:41.1 was slightly disappointing. @shaneb12345678910 then posted a 1:40.9xx so I knew I had to do a perfect lap to take it. I nailed the first two sectors but slightly scuffed the first bit of the final sector. I kept my foot in however and crossed the line with a 1:40.8xx… on to see Shane had done a 1:40.2xx… oh well.

    Race – 1st
    A great start – coupled with a poor one from Shane – gave me the lead into turn one from @JamieFranklinF1, which is exactly what I needed to happen. I was able to open up a four second-ish gap to Jamie before Shane found a way past him on lap three. I was expecting the Options to last seven laps, and was going to try and take them eight to do a 2-stop strategy, but they rapidly degraded on lap 5 and I should have pitted – but held out until the end of lap 6 when the tyres had gone completely and Shane had passed.

    He held a slender 3 second advantage but made a mistake on the pit exit in the tunnel. I made to pass him going up the hill but he blocked me and we came out side by side with Jamie. I made to overtake Shane into the chicane but braked too late – and passed Jamie as well – managing to – somehow – turn it in for the corner, taking two positions in one, albeit with a slight bump to my teammate.

    I then set about opening another gap over Jamie that became roughly six seconds before Shane passed and started to catch me. I’d already decided to do two stints on Primes – 8 laps a piece – and then a final stint on Options of six laps, and save my fuel for the final sprint. I kept the lead until my pit stop and Shane pitted a lap later. This helped me regain the lead and in fact extend the advantage to five seconds.

    I set about the next eight laps but by the end Shane – on his one lap fresher tyres – had closed the gap to nothing. I pitted for my Options and just floored it from the pit exit, fuel on rich. I took two seconds out of him on the lap and was shocked to see he hadn’t pitted, especially as there were now only five laps to go, and I’d already gained back enough time to make the undercut work – barring any mistakes.

    It then dawned on me – Shane wasn’t going to pit again! I knuckled down and started reeling off fastest laps, cutting the margin by between 1 and 2 seconds per lap, but it wasn’t enough. With 3 to go he still held a lead of 10 seconds and I thought it was over, but refused to give in. I was desperate for a win and – knowing his tyres would just get worse and worse – made the final few laps of the last race really count.

    With 2 to go the gap was eight seconds but I suddenly cut it down to five – almost all the time being gained in the last sector – which made me realise his tyres had gone. I gained two seconds in the first sector and by the end of the second was on the back of his Ferrari. He squirrelled through the chicane – running slightly wide on the exit – and I nipped through. My tyres weren’t in the best condition themselves so I tried to calm myself down and carefully took the final few corners – taking seconds out of Shane per corner as his tyres were now practically non-existent – to take a hugely satisfying first ever win.

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable race and we were both flat out the whole race. Kudos to you Shane – a fantastic effort to make the tyres last so long – and it very very nearly paid off!


    Qualifying was more just practice for me, as I had forgotten the race was on. Coupled with a 6 day week, including overtime (unpaid that is), I had no time to practice. I was quite relieved to get 3rd, but the setup was poor. I had so much oversteer in slow corners that I had no confidence through the second and third sectors.

    The race was much of the same. I was able to get into second in the first corner, and knew that I may as well do my best to keep Shane behind, as there was no realistic chance of a win anyway. Just as in quali, my car was oversteering going into the corners. I tried to correct this, but it was either oversteer going in, or understeer coming out…sometimes both. To top it off, for some reason the extra fuel was playing havoc with my brakes. The car just didn’t want to slow down, and felt as though I was locking into every corner. Not to mention the poor traction I was getting out of the hairpin, allowing Shane to get close to me no matter what I did…inevitably leading him to an easy pass when the DRS came into effect.

    The car was just utterly horrible. How anyone can drive a car like that is beyond me. I don’t mind understeer, so long as it allows me to roll the car through the corner, but it was just one extreme or the other.

    Pitted on lap 5, because my tyres were gone, and thought I’d try the undercut, not knowing how long the primes would last. It actually worked far better than I thought (the car was starting to feel a lot better), and came out side by side with Shane, but was able to get the better of him. Bradley then threw it down the inside, which I thought was a little too much at the time, but oh well. A couple of laps later, I made a mistake, going too wide in the last corner, allowing Shane through.

    After that I kind of just gave up. My pace was once again really bad, and the car fell away from me again. I don’t know if it was the temperatures…or…I don’t know. Oversteer finally got the better of me and took off my front wing, so I had to do 4 stops in total, with the final on options, securing the fastest lap, which was little consolation.

    Congrats to Brad, I’m sure the race was interesting from his and Shane’s perspective, but for me it just felt lonely and pointless lol. In all honestly, I think that with the new generation of consoles, and the lack of racers we are getting, something needs to be changed, because 4 people racing just isn’t that exciting.


    I’ll post my race report tomorrow guys, plus a video showing the bits of action from the first 10 laps.


    I have my video edited, but when I go to play it it’s a black screen with audio only.. ugh


    @bradley13 @jamiefranklinf1 @david-a

    Quali: 1st

    Did no practice, had no setup, didn’t do a single lap on this circuit on F1 2013 before and only had 3-4 hours sleep so my preparation wasn’t that good to be honest! My quickest lap was pretty good, except the final sector where I bounced off some wall and lost time.

    Race: 2nd


    Two places where the victory was lost for me. My horrendous start and my mistake on the pit exit (although if the game didn’t auto teleport me to sitting in the middle of the track then I would probably have bounced off the wall and not have lost too much time) , but anyway, the lead was lost and I was back to square one again. When Bradley pitted I just decided to stay out, to see if this would work as I figured that perhaps he would make mistakes pushing to catch me. Halfway through the last lap, he had caught up as my tyres took a massive turn for the worst on the last lap, meaning that when I touched the throttle, it was automatic wheelspin. So he strolled past and this is the second time this season that I’ve lost the victory on the last lap, but it was a fun race. Considering that we only had four people show up, it was great. It would be way better if we had a larger grid, but as always it was good fun racing against you three – David, Jamie and Bradley, and I look forward to the Winter series which I’ll definately be available for!

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