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2013/14 F1F Formula One Playstation Winter World Championship

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    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – I have planned for both to be there, yes. It’s only an extra fiver, when it was a tenner, I was debating it or not, but since the price has come down I don’t really see the difference. A fiver extra for two more online tracks to make for an even better online Championship.


    P.S – Can you all please take the ‘More information coming soon…’ with a pinch of salt. You all know me by now, ‘soon’ probably means within the next month.

    If you’re lucky.


    I haven’t checked the price of F1 2013 Classic edition down in the nearest game store, I will do when I’m in town later this week.. if I’ve heard correctly, and I maybe wrong, but the standard edition is 50 euro and the Classic is 70? That’s touch and go for me to be honest.. The thought of spending 70 euro on a codemasters F1 game is just crazy lol.. especially with the amount of problem’s that their F1 games have had before.


    i hope we can get as many players as last year’s comp received, looking for a good, competitive field on F1 2013

    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – The price difference was extortionate but it has since come down.


    @Shaneb12345678910 – I managed to get my classic edition for £44.99, so it was really not that much more expensive, and is totally worth it just for Imola in my opinion…and maybe the ’96 Williams. I love that car.

    Harry Westwood

    It may be an extra fiver but it is certainly a “bang for your buck” as they say. The williams FW14B, FW18 and the one from 99, and I think 3 ferraris too… Abd Imola and Estoril… I’m waiting to see if the game cones dowb again, but I highly doubt that it will

    Bradley Downton

    I’ve mainly got it for Imola too, it was only an extra fiver here, so totally worth it

    Bradley Downton

    BREAKING NEWS: Provisional Calendar Released
    A provisional calendar for the upcoming 2013/14 F1F Formula One Playstation Winter World Championship has been revealed this evening.

    As expected the series will race every other week to coincide with the Collantine Cup so participants wishing to compete in both may do so. It has also been confirmed – after weeks of speculation – that the calendar will contain all of the classic content tracks.

    The calendar remains provisional as series coordinator Bradley Downton is still in discussions with @Magnificent-Geoffrey over some of the dates.

    The Calendar is as follows:
    Round 1: Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne) – 8th December 2013
    Round 2: Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal) – 22nd December 2013
    Round 3: Portuguese Grand Prix (Estoril) – 29th December 2013
    Round 4: Spanish Grand Prix (Jerez) – 12th January 2014
    Round 5: British Grand Prix (Brands Hatch) – 26th January 2014
    Round 6: Monaco Grand Prix (Monte-Carlo) – 9th February 2014
    Round 7: San Marino Grand Prix (Imola) – 23rd February 2014
    Round 8: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina) – 9th March 2014

    The teams competing in the Championship have also been confirmed – albeit provisionally baring any huge differences between the speed of cars:


    @bradley13 can you make the British GP at Brands Hatch on my birthday? (25th of Jan instead of Australia Day (26th of Jan))
    also will the drivers seats be determined by the results of the current PS3 championship?

    Harry Westwood

    I can’t make the race if it’s on saturday :/

    Harry Westwood

    @pezlo2013 cars are picked in order of last WS. So as it stands with the signups, we would get:
    1st Pick – Jamie
    2nd Pick – Tom
    3rd Pick – Me
    4th Pick – Bradley
    5th Pick – David
    6th Pick – Shane
    7th Pick – Dylan

    Damn there are a load of drivers from last year who haven’t come back.
    Here are the full standings of last time @bradley13 @jamiefranklinf1


    As Harry said, if the race is on Saturday, then I can’t make it, as I work.


    @sirspuddington Wow didn’t realise so many people had left! Thought it was odd that I was second pick :S

    Bradley Downton

    Races will remain, as ever, on a Sunday unless the entire field agrees to a date change.


    @bradley13 daylight savings will make it difficult for me to get to a all races here and the last 2 or 3 in the other comp, a 7pm Sunday Start would become 9pm, too late according to my parents

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